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156 | Breaking The Case: Heidi Broussard


I keep suitable plausible reason. Why other than she's abducted or something else is so reading between the lines? It didn't sound to me like he was a suspect. We got a newborn child missing and she dropped off her son at school. And that's the last time she sees hello. Welcome to best case worst case this. Is your host Francey. Nancy Hague's former state and federal prosecutor. y'All I'm really excited today. We're trying out a new concept. We're calling breaking the case and it's where Jimmy take some of our ECS g productions experts are former and current law enforcement colleagues and friends. And we talk about cases that are in the news. We take you you behind police. Lines of what's going on with these cases that we know you wallow reading about in seeing but you might not know exactly what's going on behind the scenes. Some very are excited today. Jim is off on assignment so I have today for our. Xt Team on breaking the case. I Maureen O'CONNELL retired. FBI agent. Tim Clemente BERTA four police officer antastic. Our listeners love it when the two of you are on they always right in on facebook and twitter and my instagram page. Talk about how much they love you. Both and how they wish we would have you back more often so here we are together today. Well we love them to write your hair and we're here. We have a grim case is to talk about today guys and I actually when I first heard about this case yesterday. This is the first thing I thought up was doing an episode of breaking the case with you wall wall man. Just you all know we why Bobby Count. He's also on assignment but the this is going to be sort of the five core team. The three of us and Bobby and Jim are going to be our core breaking the case team where we're going to bring you breaking news and we're going to break down the cases that are in the news at the moment and what's going on and bring you updates as things change so let's talk about this grim case I read about yesterday. This one comes from Austin Texas and Maureen. I know that you were actually on. CNN's headline news news today talking about this very case. So let's give our listeners a little bit of a summary for those who haven't heard about it. There's a missing mom and this. This just puts chills through my veins. There's a thirty year old mom name. Heidi Broussard who is missing along with her three week. Old Daughter. Her May Margo Kerrie. Yes yes Heidi and Margot have been missing since Thursday so. It's now almost a week. By the time this episode drops it will have been one week. So they've been missing for just about a week. Maureen what else do we know. Abou- Heidi were Chard. And Margo care. While we know that Heidi and Margaux were last last seen dropping off Margot's older sibling at school that day at about eight fifteen in the morning and the photo the surveillance photo from that instance shows shows a mom who's very happy and does not look distressed at all doesn't look like she just has been involved in a fight or anything with her husband or boyfriend I mean and she just looks like a very pleasant person dropping her child at school and Tim. I think one of the most distressing things about this. We've got a newborn child who can't weigh more within ten ISH pounds missing and she dropped off her Sunday school and that's the last time she seen but Tim. I think it's significant deficient that the police don't get called until about seven thirty. That night sounds suspiciously. You're saying she lives with the boyfriend. His name is Shane Kerry and the boyfriend At work all day until seventeen months to circumstance that the seven. PM Call Time happens. The boyfriend comes home at about two thirty in the afternoon. He sees his girlfriend's and car. He goes upstairs and realizes that they're not home. He assumes initially that she like many other afternoons has taken the baby and gone over over to another apartment. Within the complex to visit with some of her friends appeared of time passes any says that's weird. He goes down to the car. Sees it a person in there and money is in there everything. The doors unlocked which is extremely rare according to the husband earlier that day after she dropped their child off at school will. The boyfriend tries to call. Heidi the mom in her phone is off. He realizes her phone is turned off from about eight forty. Am I believe. Let me ask you this. That seems suspicious. What brand new mom with a one young son it'll amount? I've just learned. I've immediately immediately suspicious to the boyfriend. I'd often because first of all you look at the person closest to a victim in most cases of violence. That's just a reality. It's a sad reality today. Domestic violence is the greatest cause of death for women in America and this is a situation where he just had a child with this woman. Weeks ago she's vulnerable the Child L. is obviously extremely vulnerable. Where's his concern for them if he's waiting hours before contacting police if he sees the car there and that's unusual sees the person on the car and that's unusual? What did he do investigate? Did he check every apartment in the in the building. Where did he go? Did he notify the police. Family members what HAP and if something it didn't happen significant in those first few minutes not the first several hours but in the first few minutes were that concern was expressed to others than a didn't exist in in my mind and if he's not concerned for her whereabouts and he's not concerned for her. Then chances are he's a good suspect for whatever this is whether this is the appearance disappearance a kidnapping murder. I don't know on a multiple homicide. You know if killed his own child. I don't know I'm not saying he's guilty. I'm saying it's very suspicious. Well he did do he. Did he looked all the dumpsters for the mother's car keys. He said he called all of her friends. He made contact with a lot of people but not the police ace until later but I think that that difference in time Francey between him coming home from work at about two thirty in the afternoon until calling the police at seven thirty. That timeframe is very strange to me because if in fact it was so strange as he himself said for the car to be unlocked and for her purse to to be in there and for her friend that lives in apartment complex not to know where she is at what point do get really rattled and call. The police will in Tim. You and I just looked at each other as Maureen was saying that he was looking for her keys to her car in a dumpster. Why is he looking at a dumpster? I think this case smell so much reminds. Find me so much of the Chris Watts case where he was initially reported his wife Shannon and their two daughters missing and of course it turned out he murdered all three of them in horrific ways and gave crocodile tears on his media interviews which is to me. Exactly what the Shane Carry. Harry appears to be doing but significant things here to me Maureen and you guys are trained. Investigators who want to talk about each thing i. He says he's will. Let's just back up and talk about I statements. I tell me what his statements mean and how the police are are using those statements and they're investigating. I remembered. Throw a question out first so in that you say. He found a car two thirty in the afternoon when he gets home and he immediately looks for the keys. What I'm looking for my wife? I'm looking for for my child. I'M GONNA check the school to make sure that the older child is in school. That child is safe so that means the mother got the child school. Okay I'm verifying that little piece of information then I'm going to try and find out. Where is my girlfriend? My wife whatever the relationship is. And where's my other child. I don't care about the keys. What are the keys mean? They mean nothing say he. He found keys in a dumpster. What does that tell you? I have no idea what he's thinking and maybe he's not think well. I don't think he's thinking I think he's setting himself up as saying oh I was searching and so he's buying time probably because something happened to her which she's aware of and he's trying to buy time to protect and create an alibi also. I believe I believe it's really suspicious that he thinks it's why would she leave the personal car. He's trying to think now I'm trying to think what is the plausible reason at a woman leaves her car at home and she's not at home leaves her purse in the car. Unlock and she's somewhere else. I can't think of a plausible reason. Why other than she's he's adopted or something else has happened? Emergency right there where she's putting. She's about the put child in the baby car seat in the back seat something happens. She gets kidnapped. The Way I'm Starts Choking and she calls an ambulance often your goes name or something like that happens and it doesn't seem like he's looking at any of those scenarios that's very interesting but in in in reality you are a salty seasoned investigator who that is way assaulting I think she insulted Low Salt Salty's much sabre's the way to go but anyway this this episode is getting better and better but I just think that I always try to temper my own thoughts because I've been in this swirled Whatever but I do agree with you I I do agree with you here? I will say that in carefully watching his press conference instead he gave with his father rubbing his back the whole time. I will tell you that I didn't see the normal signs of being deceitful that I normally did but there's something strange strange about him saying I'm looking for the keys in the dumpster and the reason I say that is because oftentimes way we look back on offenders when they were speaking before they were even considered offenders. They mentioned things they shouldn't mention and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this evidence. Hopefully nothing bad happens to either the mother or or the child but if it does we find something in a dumpster. Why would you be looking for the keys? Why there's no reason at all unless your wife is standing there your girlfriend Princeton there? I lost my keys. Now Look for my wife's keys if my wife is missing possibly with those keys I don't care about the keys. Why would you care at same same reason? As if if her car was gone I would not be looking for her car. I would be looking for her. I would be concerned for my wife and my child not not for the whereabouts in my car. Now if I lost all three the wife the child in the car. The car's the last thing I'm GonNa care about and I think it's very suspicious but agreed great piece of evidence nonetheless in. You're going to put out an inaugural want people to think that we don't think it's important. Never know what I'm saying evidentiary I'm talking relationship wise about a man in a woman and their child and he's looking for keys. There's no logical explanation for that. No and so we. We're all suspicious at worried about Heidi and Margo obviously especially. Because it's been a week and a young mother brings to mind Lacy Peterson I mean you just have to think. Think to yourself. Young mothers with three gold babies. I'd like to know how often they just disappear Voluntarily I suspect the answer is almost nearly never. But so let's talk about the investigations. Were what is happening behind the scenes so this Shane Kerry caused the police at seven. Thirty Austin Texas. He calls the police at least at seven thirty. He says my girlfriend and my three week old baby to are missing time. You're right to ignore the time as Athl- right my babe newborn baby. The and my girlfriend are missing. What is the first thing that police do what? What is the first thing that can be expected to happen in the investigation and response to that nine? One one call Maureen Marine. Well the first thing they're going to do is interview him look at his body language. Ask them a bunch of questions ask him questions you already know the answers to and then put that against against answers that you don't know the answers to initially you're going to find. Look at his phone. You're GonNa look at her phone. You're GonNa see if that last period of time before her phone was turned off. Where was his phone in relation to that was paying off the same cell towers or not and when after her phone went dead from that moment forward? What was his phone doing? Where was he going? And what was he saying. You'RE GONNA look to try to fine texts between them to determine the type of relationship they had. If there's Eddie consternation that has come up within the last week or so. So you've got electronic evidence that I think is really significant in that you know. Twenty years ago we didn't have and now you almost must have a while to real digital footprint will have on social media their phone hanging on towers location information searches. That people are doing online. All these things are possible possible so as investigators. I think it's hard for the public to understand that. These investigations are bifurcated or try for cater even more than that so oh someone responds to the house to interview him. Probably take some initial information. But that's the only thing police are doing. I I agree with everything Maureen said on our dads add to that I would be talking to all the neighbor's apartment. All of the wives or girlfriends friends find out. was she here. Have you seen her. When was the last thing he talked to? What was her state of mind? What was was the state of the relationship between her husband? Yours often a lot of tension around the birth or pregnancy of child. When a woman gets pregnant there's hormones so that changes the way she behaves that affects her relationship so that happens early in a pregnancy and it also happens post pregnancy? There's postpartum depression. There's a lot of the things to take into consideration to her state of mind now. Her state of mind may affect his state of mind so as a couple. Those are things I wanNA find out about. I will ask him mm-hmm I will ask her parents. His parents any relatives or friends that are around them all he goes to visit. Aarp complex and who did he go to see. So I would want to verify who did did you talk to. Who did you go ask about her whereabouts? Did you go to this apartment. Did you go to that APARNA. So I'm going to confirm that. What time did he come here? And what was his state of mind and what you have historians historians critically important so when amuse ranger in a situation like this which all these people are. When you're a law enforcement officer and you ask them fifteen questions justice tim mm said you go out and verifier disprove each and every one because it gives you a barometer to their level of credibility or truthfulness and the fact that he says he's dumpster Mr Diving? Is he dumpster diving because he has dropped some evidence or perhaps God forbid a body in gumption. He's making sure the dumpsters now empty before he calls the the police is that what happened. You know so. Maybe at four thirty five o'clock in the afternoon he's checking to make sure that dumpsters been emptied and then he says I went there to look for the keys because maybe he knows does that. Old Lady looked at her apartment window and saw him looking into the dumpster exit so building an alibi around his guilt. You know and so I'm GONNA check okay. You check the dumpster what you find. Oh it was empty okay. That's key key point now me to look. Where was that dumpster earlier in the day? And where's the trash that contained earlier. Today let's talk about surveillance cameras. There's a couple of things here that are interesting to me. With respect to digital evidence one has to do with his devices and laptops and all the things that he might have in his house. We'll talk about that in a second. But the other is surveillance Maureen earlier. You mentioned that Heidi was caught on school or some surveillance camera near the school dropping off their older son for school. Also we know she was seeing there. What is the actual mechanism? I think this is something people might not know because they don't ever show it on television. What's the mechanism by which police or the FBI and we've heard the FBI in Texas Rangers are involved in this case that they gather this surveillance camera footage? How do they do it? I mean are you allowed to literally literally walk up to an apartment complex manager and say give me your surveillance footage tummy how that works. Well it's as rudimentary as that or driving down the street or the path which hugh believe they took and they're probably already. They already looked at where the phone was paying or just from the school to home drive by look for cameras. Go in and ask him and you can. You don't have to always have subpoena or administrative or or court subpoena to get those records you can ask and they can be voluntarily. Give it to you if there's a seven eleven store that's got a camera on the door and you just walk you can say. Hey there's a woman missing thinks she was kidnapped. Can I see your footage. They can say here. Was the baby right now. There are going to be very likely to do that when it's a woman. Vulnerable Boehner Kobe but you're not asking somebody who could possibly be implicated in that crime. They they can be a potential witness and providing valuable evidence in saving someone's light. What's not hesitant to do that? What's interesting about this too? I think is if you look at the Jesse small. At case Y'all remember the Jussie small case who the justice smell the gun murat marine from Chicago. She knows if you look at that case and what we learned about it after the fact is how many man hours hundreds how many men hours went in to tracking Jesse small. Its journey from that subway sandwich shop to the hotel. He was staying to see what had happened to him. And who was involved. Well and here when you're talking about a journey from an apartment complex which may have multiple surveillance cameras and I suspect probably. Does they almost all do today. All the way to the child's school and back again. I suspect there are potentially hundreds of man hours that are being put in right now because it's not like you can literally do a search coach. You know a word search for Heidi Bazaar. She doesn't come up you. Somebody has to watch second by second hours. Potentially worth of footage talking about separate systems. That aren't connected. That have no way to communicate with each other. It's not like Google like you said each one is a standalone separate system That the only thing that's really connected to now is phones. But your point about there being surveillance at this apartment complex we haven't seen anything thus far and the and now they've gone a week so I don't think they have any there. Maybe if you ring doorbells but for those of us on the nextdoor APP and see this kind of thing regularly. There are a lot of apartment complexes who do not allow you to have a ring doorbell because you're bitter because it has to be fixed. It's probably something similar like you can't hang a satellite dish without permission action because it involves screwing something onto a door that doesn't belong to you. Hoa's Russian I. I think that's very important questions. What is this guy's employment boyfriends implant? As as you work by himself is he a repairman or something is he out on his own during the day. Because I would want to corroborate where he was from the moment she drop that child off daycare until the moment he returns says he returned from work and started searching dumpsters for keys hundred percent. Where was he what was he doing? And that is going to be something that I think. The Elise will concentrate. 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THAT'S SALSA DASH BASKET DOT COM Promo Code best case to get fifteen percent off any order over thirty five dollars. Excuse will right because we do know where she was. We know she was at the school. We know she was alive when she dropped off her son dirty. The more that's right we know that's take thirty. AM where was he eight thirty am and where we see for the next few hours. Maureen absolutely right that his cell phone data his location tower data. Or can I just say the data that might not exist if his phone was turned off. You know if he's forensically sophisticated again. We don't know what happened. I'm not accusing. It could come to leaving the cell phone home and upbringing with you but if he has a job where he's in office and there's a hundred other people around him watching watching him every minute of the day and he went out to a sandwich shop for launch. He was only gone for eight minutes. Okay that's a very good alibi. If in fact he's a cable repair guy. He gets into a van by himself and he goes off for eight hours a day and returns at the end of the day. We don't know where you watch right if we move forward to the presser this afternoon from law enforcement from Austin PD where they talked about the cooperation that they're receiving right now from the Texas Rangers and the FBI the FBI card team which is a child. Abduction Response Response Group. The police talked a lot about not mentioning anyone even as a person of interest. They say that they're still really actively looking. They asked everyone in the public to help them find this mother and child. They say they have good information that the mother and child did in fact return to the apartment in complex so maybe someone did see them and surveillance capture them entering or leaving on street camp surveillance who knows right but they also reading between the lines. It didn't sound to me like he was a suspect. It sounded to me like over this last week. They have verified a lot of what he said and found. It may be to to be true or they at least can't disprove it yet. Twenty as possible. She there's no question that while it is unlikely it is possible that vulnerable woman and her brand new baby. We were kidnapped that she returned home. She opened her car door. And something terrible happened to her that a stranger perpetrated and we've seen were. There's another the possibility in that. Is that she fled. She left the car. There left the first day and she is do think that's another thing that likely sexually said that there is a chance that she may have left voluntarily. I I do think that's the least likely option. Only because she had another son. That was her only child but one of the things that Jim I've talked about before. On best case worst case is this idea of women who kill other women to get newborn children or to get unborn. That's exactly what I was going to say next or not. Just women Someone that wanted to kidnap that baby in one of those famous cases would was a case that we covered very recently. When you and I might have talked about it on best case worst case there there was a woman in her daughter who told a woman that they had a pregnant woman that they had close together? She went to their house. They murdered her. They took the baby out of the womb. CUT It out of the womb and then took that baby to the hospital claiming as their own where the baby was treated for. Several weeks makes no one asked any questions even knew right away that the woman who brought the baby was clearly not a mother. She hadn't given birth it any at all. Recently sadly that child it did not survive that crime and those people are being prosecuted for murder but it does make me wonder and I'm certain the police are looking at all possibilities but yes they have verified thousands story. IFFY has some sort of iron clad alibi than to me. The most likely next suspect is someone who might have been casing the place ace. Who Live in the apartment complex with them who knew she was pregnant and had just had a baby and has taken her for the baby and then I fear for her life one one who someone who had a child and the baby passed away and they just snapped and felt like they needed? They wanted to replace the child and they had to do it within a very a short window for that child to be able to use this certificate but I still go back to. Why goes the boyfriend search for keys and why does he wait? Eight twelve hours almost before calling the police. That doesn't make sense when you've got a two week old baby and a mom who didn't buy two o'clock in the afternoon or two thirty thirty. She he knows that the mom didn't pick up the sun for so called and let her know that the sun had not been picked up that right there would have been the red flag right so he knew you even. She's out wandering around without her car. Without her purse she also now has not made contact with him has not gone to the school to pick up her son and has been missing thing for at least several hours and yet he waited another five hours before concrete tunnels that is very significant. Pass that and I think based on what you said Maureen about the law enforcement presser that they didn't talk like there was a person of interest in the case yet or a suspect developed. That may be to leave him with enough row rope to hang himself in that if she if they believe that God forbid the the woman undersell they're already dead based on this guy's crime being committed than it it might be that there's no real exits to do anything other than build the case against him and so you leave him with the opportunity to try and coverage tracks and in so doing. I'm real close eye on 'em Casey decides around title three a pen register at his work at home every place. He goes physical surveillance watching him. Does he other girlfriends somewhere or they looking at her now. These are the things that I think are happening here. You're right in that morning. That could be very well why they had a press conference that at least in your mind appeared to potentially exculpate him or at least not mentioned him as a suspect thereby making him feel like he's in the clear and can do the things that are then incriminatory that he will do when they're building their case but promised earlier we would talk about this last thing and that is digital evidence so it it makes sense. You guys have all talked about how police would be looking at surveillance cameras and phone location data and all that to try to find her and track his in her last movements the relevant time period. You know that day in the time immediately preceding her disappearance but they'll also be doing is what I did as a prosecutor and that is looking at computer information nation which is also by the way your phone. Of course. Everyone's phone is a computer sometimes even more powerful than people's laptops these days so they will be doing. We'll have already done. which is maybe they would be? I could be helping with in getting subpoenas to Internet service providers to find out what were searched arm so not just text messages and emails but searches what are the people in that household or specifically husband or the wife do by the way Heidi. What are they searching for is looking for how to disappear how to escape a terrible marriage how to get away from a white dispose of bodies exactly see looking for you know how to hide cash how to you never know what would cause somebody to do something like this what they think think get out of it? Is there a life insurance policy research life insurance policies recently for beneficiary being a girlfriend not a wife can still get the benefits. Who knows? The rebels are all things that they're digging into right now and they all take time. That's the frustrating thing about this and I think the thing that I wanna make sure that our listeners know and why hi. It's so great to have y'all's experience here because we really are taking them. A high police lines of Disney'll tation. y'All two months she's on her way back to Atlanta's while Yeah Ya but it is the time that it takes the manpower involved. You're talking about Texas Rangers. FBI AN AUSTIN PD are all Tra are all moving heaven and earth because because all of them care all of them WanNa Find Heidi and her daughter alive. That's the goal. But if they think she's not their goal is to find the person Russian responsible and put them away and let's forget one thing that I think is pertinent to another very big story. That's in the news today. And that's the story about the FBI defies abuses so those were shortcuts cuts taken for. Were they political reasons. We don't know we know. What I G Horowitz said about the the investigation but we know there were at least seventeen? Mistakes make May when you're applying for a title. Three an affidavit has divider tap guys assange wrap your to tap the phone of the boyfriend of you know maybe the girlfriend had another boyfriend a friend. You're GONNA tap his from whatever it is that takes time. You have to write out affidavits. I've had to sit down and judge's chambers and write a sixty seven page. Handwritten Affidavit David before he would issue a warrant right. I'd another time where a judge said I'll issue the warrant and you're leaving your till the affidavits dot. Sorry for three weeks. You're not leaving my office. So that's all being done so when you talk about the time and the man hours there's man hours being spent right now to remain administratively pure in that process because not everybody. Buddy gets sloppy and lazy like imbeciles at the FBI and DOJ that were part of what hurricane what the heck was across our crossfire hurricane. Yes so those jerks folks have have made it much more difficult so I guarantee you judges right now. In Austin Texas are holding the state local and federal authorities parties holding their feet to the fire to get the facts correct. They are not going to allow warrant to be issued to tap this guy's phone or anybody else's phone or look for for video surveillance or anything else on every T.. Is crossed in every I is dotted. And that's the way it should be right because those those people whether they're guilty or not steal have constitutional protections that we as law enforcement or all supposed to protect. WE'LL TRY TIM. I would call this the grim ripple effect this because when you're talking about you're talking about having dropped a a bomb in the legal community throughout this entire country every judge in the nation is going to be very cognizant of fact that there have been accusations that have now been supported supported by the inspector general that there was material emissions. Let's just that way it's abuse emissions in the application process and so every judge including in an emergent case like this one where you've got a mother and child missing and potentially in dire danger the judges may very well still hesitate because they WANNA make sure that they're not put. In the position defies a court was put. I knew and you could imagine yourself as as a somebody from the DOJ Ajay as a prosecutor as a lawyer you can imagine being now put on the stand. Where a cop saying would your honor is three week? Old Child is out there somewhere. We have two fighter later. I understand that I understand that completely empathize with the victims here. But I don't WanNA create other victims. I don't WanNa make an innocent person of victim of this process. Awesome because you're in a hurry to get a war and the reality is it should be that standard but it under exigent circumstances. There's also a little bit more Leeway Way Given Burger where your honor I don't have one hundred percent but it's a hunch. Will you know this is what we want to do all we want to do is we just WanNa look and see if there's this communication to this person right if there is that's all then we'll come back with additional information for a further Warren and the Jodi La Pen say imagine often say you know what roaring. I'm willing to do that but first I'd like you to freshen up this location. Meaning make sure they're in that house or whatever and then come back to me tomorrow so we have to sit on the house all night. Come back the next day and he didn't show up and he did leave in the morning. It's his house and maybe you get a pen register instead of title. Three and a pen register for the listeners is where you're analyzing phone data seeing phone numbers that somebody's calling you're not seeing the content of recall and that's a level below a title three which is listening to calls and even when you're listening to calls if we're if we get authorization the authorization for a title three it's limited it it and it's limited in that we're looking for information that might lead to evidence of a kidnapping or a murder here. We can't be listening if he has another girlfriend or he has has a boyfriend or he has some other relationship. We can't be listening to the calls with his mother talking about anything because we have to minimize we have to say that's not related to the crime we're trying to investigate. So there are these protections that again were just thrown out the window with the baby and the bathwater in the F. B. I.. Five cases well and that's and that's what's so dangerous rangers about government misconduct. And that's why we have to take government misconduct so seriously and I hope and pray that that misconduct has not had such a grim ripple effect effect on the Heidi case that it has handcuffed law enforcement's ability to actually find her child still alive. But that's what we hope is having they they are we do Maureen Tim. Thank you so much this has been a great breaking the case. I really appreciate it. Everybody way in let us know what you think about this new concept except breaking the case let us know what you think about the Heidi Retard case and maybe by the time this episode drops this week Shane Carey will have Heidi resort and their daughter Margot back safe and sound and there'll be a very logical explanation for what happened. We certainly in the meantime. 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