Jessica Alba Reveals One of Their Kids Walked In on Them While Being Intimate


Harry styles mellon sugar fm. So i don't know where this goes. Britannia said have we ever we as adults have we ever walked in on our parents intimacy. Yes i'm gonna. I'm gonna hold that. But why are you asking us. Because this celebrity couple had one of their kids walk in on them. Yeah not great to it. Happened to me as child. And i'll never forget it. I think i was eight or nine years old and as a parent as it happened no has not happened. No no no but as a kit it has happened in. I'm an adult in my mid thirties. And i still. I will not forget them. Yelling at me saying get out. Get out and i didn't see anything but it was. That was that was all it was. It was nighttime broker and a tendency to get up and go from there. When i was still very much old enough to knock doing that. Don't do it after ten. Are tiny tell us more okay. The topic literally makes me. I would literally crawl out of my skin and just pass out of the thought of doing this to my parents walking in on my parents but it happened to jessica alba and cash warren and we were just talking about them how much we love them and they were on her youtube show getting honest and they were talking about the awkward moment that they're nine and a half year old haven walked in on them having intimate moment in the bedroom he said it was the worst. We spent five minutes in our bedroom laughing and being like. I can't believe we just ruined our daughter. We just ruined our daughter. And i say this because they basically said now. She doesn't walk into the room without knocking so she'll knock scarred for life. Yeah but i mean mainly. I is knee and patty. I was gonna ask as a parent. How do you prevent this from happening. Because i mean they tell you not to lock your door right. Remember that say. Remember the club. You spit on your steering wheel back in the day that put that on the door is the. What's the solution city We locked the door. So yeah i. I'm not taking any chances that so happens. You just say like hold on to lock the door. Yeah yeah soon as it starts getting. Don't you want door tanya. no. I don't even have locks on my doors. Oh my gosh my my parents may show up anytime you never know. You may knock on the door to. I'm watching something. We're not watching something and hey we're here so yeah always forget. What if you're in the mood and don't when you have kids you don't forget an automobile kids will tell you that i do not just like get in the mood and not secure everything in the house. Turn lights on. I'm very unromantic in that moment. Oh totally you can have like the back door to the backyard. Check out the burt in your brain in a fine. It's responsible all right. Listen coming up next eight. Two hundred fifty dollars. Cash card from live with kelly and ryan next kiss.

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