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Just. To go back to ask was I like to a want athletes to be able to patterning all nasal breathing at rest during the day the mice. Then what biomechanically breath. Issued yes, Savelli should roy followed by the chest. Then you're in exile should let go so if you listen to what you hear. So that was breath was in through my nose Outta my mets Ashley Inhales through the nose my daily rose than lay just froze as I. It was just recoiled just. Out of my mouth was an open jaw. Be Amazed deemed of tweets. That was performance coach and breathing specialists. The Orion you're listening to the dislike performance podcast. Thanks for being here today. So breathing is one of those things that critically important. You have to do it to live you do it a lot twenty, thousand breath today. It just might not be one of those things that especially for those of you listening and many are who are very attuned to speed and power outcomes reactively outcomes and and things that we see on that end of things on the field of play. It may not be quite as a quantitative thing. As you put five inches on your vertical by doing a French contrast program were you increase your speed through isometrics? These things it's in that sense it maybe a little more subtle. From an energetic perspective and a mental clarity perspective, it is a very big rock vary apparent and breathing has the op the ability to massively impact these areas. That's what the show's all about. Every can't. It's hard to really do justice to athletic body human performance. If we don't cover the full spectrum, breathing is a topic that I haven't dove into nearly enough and it controls so many things from recovery between bouts and sets of sprints or sprint endurance. or or game the gay movements and recovering our energy to recovering from training session to training session, how our body adapts and what type of state we're in recovery state how well are we putting energy back in the cell to our mental state and which there is a profound impact between breathing and mental state and performance state, and I wanted to do a podcast that really. For. Me I. I like just like just hearing things I. I'm always intrigued people running with their mouths taped or I've done lots of breathing different breathing techniques myself but I want to know more about the why the mechanics and hear about it from someone who's been through it all and his synthesized. The the common themes of each technique and what are we doing and what's going on here Again breathing. It can really transform your training recovery and mental state mental clarity and that means it's important not to athletics but health and life itself in is those intersections that I just love talking about. So our guest is Leo Ryan Leo is the founder of innate strength DOT COM. His achieved a prolific amount of education, human performance and breath work. He's studied from I believe more than seventy breathing techniques. Such. As the Wim Hof Batelco method, oxygen advantage, and clearly tons of others he's been a coach and mentor. To many elite athletes and has worked with coaches to Olympians, UFC fighters, and world champions. So he he is a Leo, is not only A. So leo is both breathing doctor and physical performance coach working with a wide range of clients. Today's show today show was a little bit longer than average largely because one I just don't know that much. Really. holistically about the breath breathing. So I had a ton of questions for Leo, but it was really cool because we were really able to get into a lot of really important elements. So we start with a fun story of Leo's Marathon Zero run training just. Founding the pace on the breath so he'll get into that but some of the big rocks that we cover in the show. Are Different. Categories and classifications of breathing nose breathing versus mouth breathing and different levels of that depending on what your athletic goal is. We get into breathing as readiness assessment and using that prior to accession performance breathing versus recovery breathing breathing's impact on the mental state and how to manage that through different techniques, diaphragm released techniques, and much more. This is super comprehensive. It's a really important topic and breathing is becoming more popular now for good reason although it's been around for. Breath trainings for thousands of years, the martial arts and everything but as it's becoming more apparent in athletic performance space and as was the general health space, I wanted to do a show that really gets to the. That really gets to they're really covers this and I hope to do a lot more of these. So I'm super thankful that I had the opportunity to talk with Leo Today. We're going to get to this. It's GonNa be an awesome show and really expansive. So here we go episode to Nineteen With Leo Ryan. So. Leo I heard you ran a marathon with no like running or formal training for it. Can you tell me a little bit more about that story? Sure it was. Back in twenty seventeen and I always wanted to run a marathon. I'll be honest with in clear busy and I just never really put him on mine to dedicate myself to train them on my also well, migrant I just a lot all. Decisions easy in the training programs for marathon. So, Kinda came to ahead where the test my ideas on on training I'm Jewish down to time as well. So I handle running the Dolan Marsden in two thousand, seventeen decided I haven't round in. Seven years a known during training. Know, by seeing those winning. No, ruining it all on. I didn't do any running in this training program for the Mirror. I, what I that I would do is I will get tested I. do some two Max testing a gentleman here Arnold. And did that and I'm not of started a blow in the doors for me in terms of what was happening with breathing on. On what was happening in the resurgent system? Began to understand more the relationship between. Breathing and fatigue radio was a battle. As who around the first one? At the start of the program. Iran, a mobile he found interesting was my. A Fractional extraction of auction. Co Two. over seven percent and they've even set on percent and he's all that was absolutely phenomenal. I was like, okay, am. You've is white noted go off like you're telling me everything here that I needed to go. So what will happen in the necess-. Was I decided for the test I wanted to test the difference between all nasal breathing. Which I call level womb knows meant breathing which called level too on the nose breathing which I would refer level three right. So as we went through the to access the Soames oh for the exact moment. Swish. When I switched ventilation and? For that were. So. Young and he would write down on the test than he was marking on the test where Holland on the test. So what we found interesting was the relationship between switching from. All nasal breathing to into the nose. On the DOT was within ten seconds all the special on that for me was way more important was like wall. Of the doorway for me. To how I was actually room this Meyerson because without a rolling, I had no idea how to pace myself on how is GonNa last out a distance. So, embarking a training program base around breath work and not enough. My join second did a lot of of Rehab Style and train, and for for the joins to make sure that a system at least was. I wasn't GonNa do myself sesame long-term injury by seven on the for Twenty six point two miles fat. Good to the train, it was all based around the breathing. and. We did another test four again at that relationships. Stay there. So really between the ad on the switching breathing vents on that's what I made the decision that I would actually tell you my. American as well. So I would only nasal burris for the whole Meyerson on. The reason for that is, is if you think of it as if you develop a larger over base or you can Continue Commotion Injury Sells for the Duration of American within you know where where does. Down to. Neuro muscular fatigue as opposed to General TV. From. Carbon dioxide or wrong draining the. System as well. So. That was my only gauge off. Takes over the running with. All nasal reading. I wonder if you would have just kept going how long you you know you're saying if you have the pace that you're you're you're always going to have oxygen in your cells then it comes on the joints probably either your joint cigarette break or is GonNa go or like you said neuro muscular fatigue I I, Kinda just kept going. Easier rain moving because the pain of the localized pain in the muscles. And, your brain can play games like brought in all the other the mind games at an wouldn't bring in to help them to keep going on this morning because there's a one point in the racing. Maybe my eighteen or nineteen. and. Actually in my mind. All these mind games early loaded wholesale. I don't work at. A hold on legal me misfire. Maybe have anymore in the bag nine continued to use and continue to play with. What? Is, an interesting question is how far any push the human body and this is where ultra endurance Ronan as fascinating to to me as loud that role in find their find original on their face much face to the to the natural rhythms of one. Yeah it's really fascinating stuff. I think for me my a lot of my. While I was GonNa say to how many mental chain techniques have probably been come up come up with by people who are running like marathons or in the middle of altered you'd like you got you got all that time to practice. So I'm sure when. A whole lot of pain as a motivation to. I was GONNA say as well I. I just think it's funny. How many other people probably have their mouths taped during that sure zero right or? Two thousand seventeen. was wasn't read on like if you think be auctioned nine digital is well. The method does most associated with meditating in the word in the West, which is built John. Method. So the. Lease way looking. Like, I'm doing it for masks whatever ten fifteen years I I I would play with meditating in sports and all the rest on experiment without Selah clients will nobody was your Nell. You'll see a quieter museum people every Myers. At the metal it really. Doesn't make sense it was. I was doing it for a purpose, right? If I really wanted to perform an. American. Wanted a hit a PB train for shortly would meditate. And because I would want to drop into an anaerobic state, I want push my body so hard that has to reuse lactated fuel source. You WanNa push to vary engineer performance maybe not when you're halfway through. Would certainly towards the promotion sage the race you would want to be reading pushed. Area Right. Like rip the tape author like a couple of miles to go or something. Right. Exactly it's like it's like you see informative. They change your tires with. Twenty thirty lakhs ago and you go okay. Now now is the business end of the season here, right? Yeah. That makes sense that would level I know we'll get into all this stuff too because I I was thinking about the level one two and three and what you're talking about when you first started that's okay. Now now, this makes sense to. Me Because I was just thinking, yeah I'm gonNA run. If I'm going to try for the four hundred meters and I'm running some three hundred repeats or something like four three hundreds fast and I ran the all with only knows breathing. Then I'm not going to get into those not GonNa let me into those lactate systems as a lobby a rough life. A roughly. It is. Interesting because when when I did. When I did those youtube access. Nobody, I heard anybody in the world at the time. told him I is. Speaking with Brian Mackenzie. From orig-. Piracy endurance shoot up. The like he was toying at the same time as I was Kinda. We need. So introduced me to the. Win Hof Element. On the performance of breeding where he Believed more start, and then I show him more of the auction booty joe in the nose breathing endings and from there we developed very very similarly across the board both with ourselves on our own. Our own athletes in a room clients. When I did that when I run. A marathon, this is oscillating with us just me. To finish. When when when I finished the Mars and just a show of sex on teague is is my wife is there at the end line and she was year. Refresh. Fresh, what's going on US joining us? He'll refresh my most now from life or my ribs down her destroyed. Yelling my roommate went to pot so that it would. Sell re good overall in terms of energy. Wise. It it's funny because I got my started. Already shoes, all Saas, all sorts of massage feeds. Around the chose to bring some movements underwriting movement into my body. Within three days, I was fully recovered from the event while. He recovered where I went. Okay. My main sport at the time was actually do. Competing I second I on competing in the. All Ireland in the masters of Anzio Research Event, which is the following week. Because the nine hundred. Train what it was doing. The injury so the Wednesday was feeling pretty task as. I did a full training session Thursday initial. Awesome. Amazing computer following Sunday, which is a we later Bob. And I ended up getting bronze medal and the whole event. Again, the effects of all, Meyerson the mileage of just funny six miles. No long term effects in La it's amazing. It makes you really think. People do generally Marissa and real frank. Your training could be improved so much. Yeah, as you said, I was just thinking about the implications for just recovering from trading in general because I like us I was thinking. More of a speed power athlete myself I know a lot of people listen to podcasts are, but if you can use that breath work, then recover from a marathon like that because that's One of many things that I'm interested in is. Recover Energy and recovery potential. It also leads me to think well, why do we get sore and and joints everything get destroyed? And everything going back a big part of going back to like you said energy in the cell and. Fatigue and where's the start you know? That's your number. One asset to I was so fascinated by coca. Is Training A. Amateur Sport over here in Ireland it's IT'S A. Training, are they pretty told? Debbie, almost at a semi pro level and they'd be very dedicated being team for. The previous sad was been to two years So I said, okay, I went to my for all of the Rio to maximum intended them to uncover Through the same protocol from the real to access. And All of them got similar results me which lawless as they hit their un-rolex threshold within ten to fifteen satins. They all change their reading from all nasal to knows medicine. So for me again, this old. Okay. This is dig implications for and Energy Management on your energy systems training going forward. On the time, there is little to no research on energy systems training on the way you read. Back, then like no, we know for example was. We no freezing. So pure mouth breathing will burn more sugar than nasal reading. So, you're using more sugar in your system and then you're depleting stores. Of Glucose, standard Again, if you're looking insurance across the in my mind, the Siri him of the goes that you start reusing lactate as well as an energy source quicker than is your father endurance for your doctors on where your Ram. Where you're breathing. Yeah. Those one of the things that I was I think of as you're talking about. Just different contexts like if I'm if I am training more of a like repeated sprint ability short sprint ability I, think the easiest thing well, actually asked us. But that I do WANNA get to my next question I. Love Holidays is so conversational because you just right off the bat that marathon thing just sparked like you know ten questions on me so. I think it's very easy to. Structure. I'll I'll go at this one in the venture maybe I'll get to ex- question. So but I think it's very easy for any condition just to say, okay, tape the mouth nose only and and more aerobic. Mouth Open burning. But if it's more of like a quick repeated bursts like you'd what that sugar to as the fuel source right too wouldn't you like to be able to have more for some of the power base bursts or how does that work? There is a playoff. Between the two obviously I would agree with that. From my own experience coalition, but also from from seeking with. Different doctors and sports medicine people in coaches as well. You are essentially unless you're Schumer Howarth four as like a Olympic weightlifting powerlifting. Titus Fort. You do want a decent aerobic base to yet. So on to even though you want to be hitting more creating earlier on anyway. So we which is a media on the relationships between a creating phosphate usage on reading. Your reading level was certainly in terms of you WANNA be stations for as long as you can if you're a anatomies bills that you get enough air through the systems and descend more. So to southern of carbon dioxide than why wouldn't you want to spare your CA- jin? Resources onto you absolutely need, for example, in the last ten, twenty, thirty meters of streams instead of through all engine fifty meters of a two hundred sprint, right Now, that you've been reduced the same force because you've trained force through your at your physical training, your your spring training will then why wouldn't you want to spare? Fishing hostile in spare for as long as you. Know that's that's the the helps me out extra X.'s and the cellular metabolism all these energy systems if I had to say like all these areas in my weakness, that's definitely my weakness. That's where my kind of like little bit add nece and. Extras. College courses comes out of it, but this is the way I learned like if it's like applied and breathing this reminds me a little bit too. I did a podcast with Aaron Davidson Evan Pike on on the Moxie Monitor which measures you put on your muscle and he measures blood oxygen as your training and once you get to a certain level saturation where there's not much oxygen left in the cell that's were training recovery gets prolonged and so everything lights up for me I'm like Oh wait like that like just just in terms of day to day training and that's the aerobic base to people talk I think it's easy to say oh We don't need to train the aerobics. If you know the how are you going to recover and and it's easy to get in the market where you're going to have prolonged recovery periods to if you are like more of a regular like like. More of more on the power side of things not Olympic. I'm I trying to judo Indians? Current. On. The benefits of Breast Rain Is all about recovery duck does whereas threes enhanced performance bulletin for the majority it has to do. With Corey both recovery injury a shield Ford Fleet. So it's recovery English weaned sprints is phenomenal phenomenal powerful through reading through breathing methods. then. Also posted. Then recovery preparation for the next day is it is it is the main for me is the main recovery modality. is where it all starts. That's awesome. Maybe that's. For that for that Spring, athlete their ability to use their nose during an all would sprint will be determined at wiping through their enemy. Do they have are there? So I grew wool? With chronic childhood snuck on. If you look into research, the associations between a nose grieving on jolt commended development on cheese the law evidence behind that in a few local structures very. Very narrow knows very long knows very. Very. Narrow jaw line on pointed Jolla line. It's difficult for me actually my nose is. Very, small initials are quite small and so mightily to strange all with knows only breathing is much more difficult than say for example A. Stranger with a very strong jaw huge be nostrils roller. They're basically they're probably getting in one nostril what you're getting into your. So. Yeah. So all this I mean, you've you kind of answered it on some level, but my next question was I mean breathing it's really important obviously. But why why is it so under appreciated I? Think we're starting to get to a little bit more but why do you? Why do you think this is something that we don't really it isn't in like every training method like why? Why do you think it's kind of underappreciated. Yeah, even I said it's important. What is suppose for for people when I like to do is because From the from a broader. Scope where I'm GonNa. Wise important. It's important only for recovery, but if you think of where you're breathing system. Lies is a mess say breathing system but as more than just research, you're talking about the almost Glarus dollar you're talking about, yes. You're talking about the while breathing can do for as strengthened and the detention Connecticut Shane as well. So it has. Firmly robos goes in terms of metrics of movement the Communists. Also then in terms of your physiology so highly you get Austin to the cell. For example, you focused on A. Equipment they're using terms of upload level. You don't necessarily warm-ups. Auction just in the mood you want action in the south. To. Get auction into salads is a different. Story than just awesome might go into a little. Would add you've got a role to play in terms of getting into the cell. Then you also have roles to play in terms of your ability to put attention online, keep your concentration. So there are m psychological aspects to reading as well uninsured because of his position germs. Anatomy in terms of were billed as human beings. That's why so important. overlooked. Mina. When you put that connection with? How do I even think of this I don't want my own sought is is cultural and that most breeding techniques have come from the east with eastern philosophy. More. Qualitative. It's more difficult to quantify at the breath. In fact, there is no definition on wall. A group breath is there are a lot of 'em. Let's say colonists there. There are a lot of things that indicate a high-quality Nodia said nobody's been Saran say DC's a graph in this a good brass in the insult riot. We are getting to that stage. Now as researchers are beginning to great of this psychologist coming together with a neurophysiologist at blam mechanics under under beginning to go reading from a multidimensional Africa. And I wanted to take a quick break from the show to share with you a little bit about what our spots are simply faster. Dot Com now has available in their store. You heard me mentioning the out of the show all the time about the free APP timing system in the K. box which I have and use regularly. But today wanted to share a little bit more about the bar speed monitoring units that simply faster house, which is the gym wear and the new portable flex unit. So let me start with the gym where I mentioned it regularly on the show. It's been referred to as the Cadillac of speed monitors, Carl. Valley calls it a lab inside a lunchbox as the readings you get out of the gym work, go well beyond typical concentric or just up the up phase of the lift velocities. Rather you can measure the entire shape of the barbell lift in terms of east central velocity range of motion, total work done total work being awesome by the way especially like comparing a long arm bench presser or six ten squatter versus a five eleven point guard. So you're getting all these extra metrics that you're not getting on other units. Perfect for teams wanting to match the weight room and the data synchronizes to software platforms such as coaching plus team builder an athlete monitoring. So new to the store is the flex, which is the ultra portable and lower price travel version of the coach's favorite Jim more. So just like the gym where the flex measures, the shape of each rep range of motion total work done East Cedric. So for this and the gym aware this is the advantage that a force plate would have over just knowing how high up you're getting many other metrics and information that go into this unit work compared to similar portable bar speed monitors. This unit gets the entire up rather than a fraction. So you have here to awesome tools, and if you're interested in upping your game in the velocity based training in speed world, I would definitely recommend heading to the store at simply faster dot com and checking into these two units. All right. Let's get back to the show. Yeah that-that's. When you said that that's more subtle as yet. That's it because I think in strength and conditioning particularly athletic performance it's so. It's so quantitative. You know like give me a number behind this and I'm sure you can get numbers. It's just not and it's I. Think it's with your recovery to it's almost more of a subtle effect like how do you gauge like if I'm training and I did a set of like adept jump workout apply metric workout in my vertical up Oh wow i. Could definitely see that that was why I imagine with breathing. You can start noting improve recovery, but I imagine it's potentially outside the like you said, the vast potential and endurance sports where you're gonNA notice it like marathons endurance. Perhaps the recovery element may be more subtle or the mental effects maybe slightly more subtle for many people would you say or or Kennedy a big? Name. With lots going on but for me breathing is more sensitive than is a measurement general. and. That's what I found my trial I used to use Hov. was with clients and I only use Haizhu Rena with people who are not into the breast. And people aren't aware I'll waterway. Directory six of equality breath and the efficiency. There are no Soom. messes. Quantify the physiological aspects of breathing. So for example, a stall to children's and so that the deluca measuring the these two tolerance level of her system and that started originally with a potato back in the nineteen fifties, he was the first one to quantify. The breasts Shoda quality breath and should have from a physiological perspective. It's Dark Blue. And that's why power to it is different than at. Most of the reading techniques came from Yoga or meditation or. Or? Yeah. So so you're talking about the. Those qualitative elements of breathing verses HR V.. So how do you? How do you assess the breath like in that manner? I because I think HIV is pretty popular in those assessment and readiness meters, and also this old makes me think to just I think about that. When I every time I, go into coach I do think about how is this an art form like how is this something that I can say after three years of work I've definitively become ten times better than I was when I first started I think with. A piece of I mean technology is great but you know if I'm just relying on a number a machine to tell me a number every single time I feel like there's not I can't see that I grew as much as a practitioner just rely a versus those you have to pick up those little subtle. These same way an athlete has to pick up on you know thousands or tens of thousands of different little pieces of information you know what I'm saying like. So I think that's interesting. That's why I wanted to ask you. How you what are you seeing there? Okay. So originally, I would've used A. Message Which, is what the auction advantage is built on. So the doctor was a was Russian doctor. And He, threw his own. He actually was diagnosed with a fine. It was a fatal diagnosis of hydro pressure on heart disease. So he's given. Six months to live. And Medication couldn't save that forum back in the day and he did the story goes. He he was also observing by the way in practice I observe observing people who are on their deathbeds. Any notice of the closer they got to John Deep Breathing God, and they're more distorted reading between. So the idea of reducing the grass and all breath colon on within an instant notice a difference to you felt at pains in his in his kidneys in his body and headaches all started disappeared. This is fascinating. So he embarked on a ten year journey all discovery. Primarily around the borough and Carbon Dioxide side has a huge role to play in getting auction into the cells from the blood stream to the cells. And then he went on Russia to promote the message. To teach in the masjid on he was known you'll have jury many many diseases known I secure on all people shy away from that word pure simply means if you look at the extremes to get rid of all symbols also not only context I'm using that word in. Okay. Just. In case you get ourselves in trouble here. So. When He the whole nation scale to his method we he said related Karnak's intolerance. Curls to your health status. In terms of dysfunctional grieving and. Related. Disease Effects Depending on your S. On is you improved? Your sealed tolerance as you build Donald donal within your symptoms on disease decrease in decrease decrease in. Decrees until they became. Awesome Muscle. Symptoms at all. On this is associated with a Dacosta Syndrome over pretty much every inflammatory disease or disease when you're over fifty different diseases, what they look. Qualified this in that since documentation castaway. Ninety two thousands. There hasn't. So he did not by the way on some twinkles which showed a great effectiveness mass nuts amber team. That's the one that they went after because it's a respiratory disease. At his theory has been proven since. That seal to tolerance itself is responsible. They actually now modern research is located seem to than security, which is your chemo receptor response all carbon dioxide, and or have quickly your rain to soak steel to your system. At A. Powerful. Influence on. Resilience of your research system on then because its importance in your a surge system than related calls to other diseases. Make sense yet so That was the the measurements on that I used a law was his controllable all skating. Okay. As you. So you take a exactly what normal breath in and out of the nose. An op your excellent attention holding O.'s. On you release your first urges to debris. Nicer, doing it there I I love. Your first sensation to breed you release on you find that breath hold what you. Know now more as the bull score in the auction eventually gets the same thing. The same thing. So as you used to Jagan. Improve full score unimproved on improvement yours get in of hanging in the body of fatigue in the body because of the role of your sergiy system in all of these things. And because you're taking it every morning, you're able to shacking interning with your system. Every single morning on a no, it's know how it feeling know how cutting all. So it's a great gateway into how are you feeling I'm what is your resiliency level light? And then from there like it becomes very simple to qualitatively check in and see what it's like. I'm from Hazer Regis. was less sensitive to us all I'm not nothing. Hey Cherie any sense that same dot is held a lot of my clients were completely unaware. It gives you. A A a measurement to grab a hold on as a coach. The team is very handy because I can just check in with those numbers across the board. Over so many who is entrenched with their body. while. Shaved in. Feeling than did reading is far more. Interesting I. Love. The body is always going to tell you I was gonna ask to because I. DO occasionally I do Wim Hof breathing in the mornings. I like the mental state and and I, always I, I like challenges to you hold your breath at the Dick Thirty big breaths and then you hold for how long you can go and I always like just kind of seeing where I'm at too. So we reality ensemble I'm sure they're not clearly not the same but that can you tell me get what? What, how, long you can hold your breath because I've seen this in just general health assessments to hold your breath right now how long can you go and if it's like twenty seconds, you're not you're. In a nutshell what does that say if you cannot hold your breath for very long just? Stay what does that say about physiology? HIV. Okay. So Let's solve the world. We're going to dive in this metabolism a little bit of that's okay. Albert. Cells produce AGP right. We know that the way healthy selfridge's as he is you have enough auction getting into the selling nutrients coming from your in your digestive system. While, combs with a TV in early energy in Anaerobic at working system is carbon dioxide. Heat lactase on hydrogen. That's what with A. K. When What while the main according to the BOHR effect which was in Nineteen, oh four discovered in nineteen. Oh, four while. Effect essentially says it is the level of carbon dioxide was determines how much I quickly auction gets into yourself. So if you're very sensitive carbon awesome words if soon as your rains senses seal tuner system, Roy's and Co tuner system will then you'll begin to hyperventilate. I'm blow it off as you're very sensitive. So. If you are less sensitive higher co two tolerance to it if you build a little. Rain doesn't freak out the first sign of. Well then you will be able to get more auctions yoursel sell your cells will function that Okay. So a better function sell means better. Regulation of your energy throat a body right more. More aerobic system. Working, better? The other side of the coin is as well. Seal to. Is One of the few things that houses the Bloomberg buyer. Gas Pasta Blood Brain, barrier. So the reason you breathe is nothing to do with Australia. I. See. Okay and a healthy person. The reasoning breathe is first of all to exile carbon dioxide to get rid of an ability of metabolic waste. Okay. Buddha's you're highly sensitive to because you powder the IN A. Reading or a big breathing, Qatar over many years. So if you're a very sensitive to then the rain gets very sensitive to co two, which means it automatically elicits a fight or flight response. So we'll start pull adrenaline through the body. Dot adrenaline doesn't get used continuing to anxiety and panic attacks. So. For example Doctor Feldman over there in the states don't a lot of research into. Carbon dioxide. A metabolic stress. Molecule. Which means that? For example, one one. One piece of research while as he does a very rare disease and this was them said, recently, James breath is very rare disease which she midland brain don't develop which is. Where we get our share response from what psychiatrists? So this. Lady years. Ten years to elicit a response in her. Couldn't elicit any response in our Oiseaux ever? So DONTRELLE INMAN? Allowed in on it. Okay. We're GONNA administer. You now votes dose of Carbon Dioxide and you know you might get panicky. Stay stay relaxed on. To Mass on our wound breath thirty percent carbon. And she flips. Mousa. Walter. Sure hyperventilation. Don't get out she wouldn't even finish the rest of the test. while. So we know that there is a huge role for seal to play in anxiety, performance, anxiety and. Panic and fear. Yeah that's I think that it's really amazing If you look at like the Totem Pole I think I remember like Paul, checks, totem pole and it's like That all the way up at the top. It's it's such a critical function so it just makes perfect sense that. This is goes so far beyond recovery, but just goes so far beyond recovery too and I. think that's why it's so important. I need to ask before I get because I'm just gonNA keep having follow ups because this will be my but so you mentioned you mentioned you had asthma earlier is that what got you in Nebraska? Just curious what got you into this and what? I was blessed Osma. is how I will put it in. I read about I was a kid. Like to the point of where I would have. GP's woman to my house in the middle of the night to administer extra medication to me. Because in breed them with system was shooting down. Also, in several occasions on one of his Gouda was good. You know what I lost for a lot of games every as union. and. This asthma just kept on coming back. By. The book so to speak. Had where where would it was also as it was nearing? Ideas and dreams of play in their county, which would be the elite of games. but ended teenage years. This is just getting worse and worse and worse so I would be. nineteen I spent a total of six months in bed with because of asthma attacks on the respiratory infections. Blown the. Osma tax. I had over fourteen hundred dollars over four hundred steroid tablets three inhalers three times a day Onda further tablet to Mench miasma symptoms. Doctors Gave Me Noble The Lychee my GP settle against you an appointment with the when the talk consultants recruited to consoles in. Ireland. That's GonNa take a while because that's our healthcare system. In the meantime you know the normal we can do. I really WANNA. Be a trainer. That's what I'd like to go into. And A. Genuine. Me Laugh at me. As we wrap, you'll been immobile and away to twenty we don't alter. We know what? We're doing every mechanical is no solution here. After I. Left his office in. Window for normal to lamb mom and me and she said, look, there's this guy this guy went over to Russia nerd Tako methods name is patrolling kiln. E here begun teaching workshops you WANNA get on a workshop. Next week city. Let's go. And the Brought over D I was in one of his first cohort Horta workshops this Muslim back in two thousand, three, I think he started teaching those onto. and. So in learn you take your method learn the physiology of however works and got to work training three times a day every day. But at the time I had seen the research you consolingly year later was completely symptom free. Reduce. All of Mali Respiratory Infections as the gap between them kept on growing larger and larger larger houses symptoms were disappear. And he gave him the altar moment medication. On was so eighteen months of training where it became symptom medication free. Then from there I did what I said. Do I went in I went into a coma trainer. Athletics and Sport isn't that they aren't. We don't have that many fulltime athletes or not local as as you guys over his State so. I went into the general areas are working with people with no initially was weight loss. In particular at for every received a habit disease behind them. I noticed that our new England in power Tauro nutrition on them all the while I was thinking Geez, missing something here are missing something here. It was available decision. Listen about seven years ago I, turn out I know I gotta go back and Suny the breathing techniques and bring these two people to tell. That's what went on the journey. was back to. Take your qualifications. That's what I heard to win Hof mastodons like wall. was. The with. Big Breezing he's. Not. into. It anyway, you can follow the methods and tell you no no no, it's all knows greasing. It's Kabri reasoning elax breathing brand. Once I have my eyes open to that I was going. Well, what on Earth Ellison's there you know what? What are other people teach once once yoga breathing wants A. Russian martial arts breathing. Japanese. Martial arts spree. At. Vimy of read I just starts to peel back every single technique. Of note that over hundred techniques now. thrown many many different methods backgrounds. On what will have been doing for the last? Five years ever anti more decent Samaritan especially since then is Milton tried to find as much research as possibly come from whatever area they're psychiatry or physiology or. Wall, nurses going on with breathing in around how it affects people. You're listening to the just live performance podcast brought to you by simply faster. Yet. Yeah. That was something I was really looking forward to talk with you about because I think it's very easy. Just to say, okay just just read this way like just belly breathe or just tape your mouth shut or just out that. Those are bad I. Mean it's it's certainly a huge huge step separate there. Even the simplest means can usually be extremely effective, but I in all these different things on how to be that I. my first learning was just just breath your belly. Stress you out and then it's like, oh, well, your belly and your should rise this much in your chest this much and. It's like well, what and then be thinking about Wim Hof to this coaching athletics is like you can't at some point you can't over coach the person through Sunday to do naturally at the end of the day like if I'm coaching. So, go ahead. Yeah. I was GONNA say after one dollars dismiss shutdown why don't they can't get access those multiples that are supposed to do the work like you can. You can share them. So valley read the put blocks and kettlebells and hands on and give them all the kinesthetic awareness that you one one of they just can't do it with because they're diaphragm is rich F- rafted inches of perhaps it was because of injury perhaps was because of a mode at a long term emotional stress perhaps because they need food to their body doesn't like and so. Did, the did the showdown in count work as well. So. This is where you got look at the breathing system as a whole. Okay. When this mechanical aspects that we have to restore and zinc like any other rehab program, you've got to be able to innovate those muscles and Allow, enable them to do their work for them to do the work. Then for Media Dem's business of training. You're. Honest I don't know anybody else who use up term breath training I kind of in my own mind I came up with A. Trainer and I've I've been dreaming essence seaward for so long that's how I seemed to all developing. The human body is every everything is training. and which means that it's not Oh, this technique again, I got some result so. Happy days for me because. Yes that worked for you. What else are even on the table though You know and then there's even people who try and breathing technique For them and they're like. Breathing me at all like I'm not go near that. So festival to HRUBESCH. So I can look at a period system of Brett streaming on. The scene with an the conditioning of an athlete as well and forgiven purpose see how to restore the mechanics like any other movement gem. At newnham practic- sound blind mechanics. then. You have to strain the physiology physiological component. We, what we're talking earlier on is improve your tolerance to carbon dioxide, and then you have to be able to use the breathing for her as well. The last four and generating power, strengthen our through the Connecticut chain or whether that's for efficiency in American. And the object shoes while works for you in that moment untrained, that's the that then becomes. And your diesel pattern and subconscious that you don't even. That that fits way what I like to bring things back to training someone in a sport movement because I think a lot of people seem to really resonate with that and. A saying I like it's really could be two things that strength are structured dictates the function like I can't coach athlete into a particular position. That is quote unquote biomechanically correct. If they don't have the structure, the structural links, the strength to get them there fluidly and naturally, and organically otherwise I'm just manufacturing something and so I, I'm glad you brought that up with the breathing because I think it's very easy just to say you breed this way. So could you actually get in detail then like what like an if an athlete the what are some some limitations? Some structural limitations that's GONNA keep. You met you'd mentioned about how would you approach these things? These structural limitations that an athlete might have that it's just keep them from having a good breadth of general before we even get to the technique because a lot of time I think with coaching athletes. I mean I think one of the beauty of beautiful things of being a physical prep coach if you will, and sometimes there is a skill divide in terms of what you can get to in a skill, but you can set the groundwork for these things that can become lots of things. So what what's the groundwork what should people have in place to be able to get these proper breath? Okay so You should be able unless unless got a broken nose on deviated Septum, you should be able to. Deviated. So badly that you can physically read your nose even for a minute. Will. Then you should have the in. Nose breathing at rest. Okay So. Your nose to inhale on to assail arrest and be your daily breathing. Hot, no more than any were at you will have a higher as drive. And you'll have. Again Hob. The facts of having higher sympathetic Eddie versus the two. Oh yes. Of course. I sorry I if your mouth breathing day, sure that's not going to be very good for the pair sympathetic tone all this carbon dioxide experiments. Yeah. Go breathe through your mouth for the next hour and then tell you feel like after. I mean one of the greatest books written in my opinion breathing is the most latest was built by James Nestor breath because here's a journalists, not a breathing easier writer. So he writes beautifully explains a story beautifully and he goes into the anatomy goes into the biomechanical goes into and the impassive co two he didn't experiment. Where he himself in his dream wouldn't blocked join the Stanford and blocked Knowles for ten days so that they couldn't. Breathe through their nose, and this is an experiment by a horrible back in the seventies on monkeys reserves. I know has never done on humans. So that? One day his A. Province of snoring increased by over three hundred percent while with one day. By the end of the ten days, he was developing sleep apnea. Should gain has huge consequences for hunting Alaska disease diabetes, even some cancers as well. Right? To judge so. Back to ask was I like to a want athletes to be able to patterning all nasal breeze now rests during the day in the mice. Then what by mechanically the breath smoke issuing? Yes. Savelli should roy followed by the chest. Then you're in exile should let go. So if you listen to what you hear Sh. Sh. So that was breath that was in through my nose and out on my mets as ane hails through the nose daily rose than late just froze as exile it was just recoiled the just. Out of my mouth was open Joel. And you will be amazed demand athletes who do that. Amazed. Me Is your unable to do that within you were to do on your mechanic suburban. But. What? What So what are some things that happened in? I really like when you say recoil I like that because I'm always about us. Recoil. Elastic component of the breath. The load and unload. Always, even have that. So, what are so breathing in the first bit through the belly last than the chest comes in then recoils some things that are happening. Instead I mean I'm assuming probably saw chest breathing being one. But what are some some dysfunctional? Suggests any of your listeners lie on the floor on your back, bend your knees and try video yourself doing because here's the funniest thing is most people don't base thinks their values Ryan's. Rosen and When you look done a video be like. Oh Oh that's doesn't even why isn't that? The House. So people are reverse readers. This means they only Know Miller Rim lower rid movement at all and no die from excursion and all other people can actually breathe into the lower aspects of the ribs and into the delayed bullish on new their Mitchell Jess at all. UNIN. Some people hold the rest of the top. And then they also console the resin the way. I think I do that as in default breathing. So. They're the type of source that I look for is okay. When they're inhaling is the body I mean that is a representation it's not you're not pushing the valley will. Not is due to the lower rims move. Me Move Move. All words or does it move out to the side? Can you access that data from? So second part that. I was so teaching only belly breathing I mean that would be good for who couldn't move their belly maybe but beyond that like it is a is a week technique in my opinion. Can work with can take an awful lot of time to ingrain a giant from brass by saying Sonny breeze or pacing blocks on there there's. Am I'll use use kinesthetic awareness with the fingers in the hands I use a different diaphragm release techniques which. Are Far. More potent than it. They can change some breathing within a session. And they're just pretty good. I just went experts in their fields and found out what they do and family were pretty well. Then help people who you free over the diaphragm and that's working fine when they can't get full access to jess muscles to the to the Interpol the most can inflate the justice at all. So there over is, I. Know You can see this. In around your logo using your chest. Kind of access. The rest. All on. So the recipe book. You of it from a from a athletes perspective. Kanthi. Your loans air. You're leaving James from the table when it comes to training your energy systems. Because, you're not taking a full vacuum in all of our life you're often tieger. or it's going to take long warm up, which is the other side of the coin. So speaking of warm-ups when someone comes in training I'm sure it's completely there's a lot of individual factors but how long do you spend at the front end of a training session or the back end I mean I think that's the comment on is just all right. We're GONNA breathing to warm up. Cool down to get parasitic. What is the the training session of yours look like like like how does that integrate in and how are you working within the session like just? Stand no problem for me initially. There's not much I would allow people do physical training 'em. Either can come into the in this four for years, right They're to me because. Either they they. Really. WanNa develop was me or specifically for for breath breath they WANNA. Do so mind when I go to restore mechanic. So. Check me like Oh, do the second that will drop you into a sympathetic to do for example use. So use a Wynhoff message. Gives you. Overture, dreading flown and get you all I'm doing ready to your recession I. Don't do that. Because I think for me that's. Is You're relying on your manipulating the breast shoe. Make you feel better to produce performance on the other side of the coin is as well wanted if breathing's your weakness than, why would you want to Bypass Casa? Why wouldn't you want a cheese? By utilizing specific technique. For me, I want to Rehab Breath I want to restore. That's when I go. I'm was. So once once I have their system trained you ask will what, what does it incorporate a? So for research you up. In the General Wolfe's Movement or skills training I will have I will bring rattled in into the general warm face of Rian between four and six very strong breath holds. So for me, I, like it through the nose and I like holding the nose during the breath hold because. A lot of benefits in terms of? Of, the nose for your system as well sewer, they won't breeding. They will read that the nose pigeonholed or nose and then they they might move. We're not to generate higher. And Metabolic Load Salt Lake since. You Know Wolfe's then the wall from the older power framing doodoo older still streaming at or face. To finish, warmer. Pre Competition I would get them to hyperventilate I, call it a suit and Brown ventilation. So read more than normally doesn't have a negative connotation to. Advance in the person between five and maybe. Ten fifteen to dome. To editor system. So now there are more fresh and ready to go from the first whistle or. Does that make sense yet that's and that's something I actually had won some clarification because I think that. I mean, this could be whole talk in it of itself but I do realize that we talk about mental clarity and the same pair sympathetic need for mental clarity. But what if your job is just you have to amp your body up to like you have to have some adrenaline going to compete. Just avoid yourself those things and I think it's maybe slightly different for a team sport with more openness to it where there's more things going on versus the tunneling like I worked with the swimmer who set an American record. Doing a Wim Hof style breathing before as racist because he's like, yes, you know oxygen This is this is an it's. It's not like you have lots of things to be aware of you are tunneled in on one feet to do basic was swimming. You gotta turn kick and then, but you know what I'm saying. So that's a question I'd always I, I love by the way how you said. Breathe more than versus I was actually thinking to my own mind. Okay. What can I call this for? Because if say hyperventilating it's like, what are you? What am I doing I'm this is. So. Just means more than more than your metabolic needs bought. It has a negative connotation because of the because of them it comes from. The medical industry and what it comes from mainstream in the end that it's related to a disease and dysfunction Roy whereas this assisting supermax loading. That's where I got the idea writer super maximum loading more than all. Of Your list. So that's exactly what I'm doing I. don't care whether it's faster orders whether. Or whether it's Depends on the person will prepare the different styles. So again, damage Soubra maximally than delays. Yeah I was thinking too. So you mentioned adrenaline because I I don't really I, always want to be able to take back to talk about now nuts and bolts in. My mind to just go and I want to make sure I, bring it back but you've mentioned adrenaline I Christian Tibo Canadian strength coach has been on the show a few times, and in a recent episode, you is talking about how if you have too much adrenaline system it's GonNa take that's going to prolong recovery times from the word. So I was just thinking to myself. Okay. Well, we want there's this balance right? Like if it's an important competition and it's it's a really fast, it's four hundred. And I do the tunnel or even maybe a big lift I'd imagine there's probably some of that before a big even a power. Endurance. Probably is adrenaline in various things. Perhaps, I'm not one hundred percent. Sure. You know necessarily see like Olympic lifters doing that before. It's allowed. There's there's always a calm state for sure. So there's play a trade off between what's happening aerobically and then the mind and. What do you think about that? One, one of the pathways to secreting adrenaline is by breathing. So. When you? Breathe more than your metabolic demands of You blow off carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide across the blueberry. Mary. On Your brain registers that you're no reading more than arrest on your brain automobiles. This is flatter. Flight Navy. This is this is this is the pathway that leads to fighter flights. Been Gaming being we get. So we'd automatically starts to generate. And overnight. Now. There is a difference between Jalen in in my opinion, this is just a I'm not. I'm not a scientist himself a normal life. Necessarily toll the inner workings of the body because I'm not an expert in right. In my mind, there's a difference between a a conscious. Effort on and on regulated. So conscious effort, for example, Okay. Let's say a default breeding hotter and of mine is to 'em read heavy when I get stressed. Okay. If like read heavy. Four for covenant. That is a conscious control from doing an purpose. So it's almost like, I'm on I'm. On my nervous system on while I want to achieve. Verses. I drink a county Munster yet on a whole hose although. Almost, all my inner working stars go crazy. Am I can't contain the m the hormones I can't contain the. In on my body because she'll shows. Is consciously regulated does constellations the way I think about it is I. I always think about this like the human body is a miracle in its natural state how much extra conscious for brain manufactured substitute really be put at the today none right like you shouldn't have to do. You. This is more philosophical but I don't think it's like I don't think Lebron James are make basketball's or am I know Michael Jordan I don't think they were doing all this extra conscious stuff. You know I mean I knew the mentally I mean sure mentally like the mental mindset mastery and those things. But physiologically doubt, you know the the body in its own state as an elite athletes. oftentimes I think are doing things that they're not even conscious of its just took. Yes exactly. Exactly. I DIDN'T DO A. Lot? Of. His mind. Games that he does a lot of were probably came out of competition and the like you know there's nothing better than than having life as a teacher. Yes. Whereas we're what we're trying to do is pick those processes. Feels that they can use their life isn't presenting them windass circumstances to develop them themselves like for me I don't think I don't think caveman needed to wrestling. Think because their environment was lose inline. Wendy's human assist them in other words there their food was organic grass said their their air was clean and. because. No Industry Day they got plenty of movement in through the day. They like a log I'm night they went dead with the with Like went. So the need for. Kind of restoring in reenacting body is minimal as so benefits wear those is just to get that extra performance. With the problem arose nowadays. Most are coming from a dysfunctional place in some parts of her body readers dot system with specialized techniques. Or, we need. Training. I. I would agree we're oftentimes reaching for the top of the pyramid when that bottom is mess is shaky and there's a lot of bricks missing because of our modern lifestyles and just everything that kind of goes into. US now versus being a caveman like you said. So you started session with the you mentioned the no, the nose reading breath. and then that's for the purpose of like I a diagnostic and then also So what does that giving her the session as well? The just that element. If it's just a typical Jim session, your strength typical qualities you'd get in the gym. You're asking. People. were. Just clarifying out outside of being a diagnostic you've mentioned that. Typical activity. I do like know what you said I I I like for this talk to be more about restoring than hacks like you said. But what does that? Outside of the. Gym. On four three, that is a very. Open question is because of the emotional states of people people don't realize that reading has a critical role to play in emotional Mallon's processing emotions as well. So for example, B believe you said draft lead into. Before Before the event. Visit worked for them and just right right technique for the right person. Would there's some people out should not? That message and go near with a whole because most me will imbalance smoke and then there's other people that's kind of the wind law from will end where be be breathing and being rhythmical breathing combined wrestling uneven, and you do have to take it where it is breath holding some people don't like that either. which is the nasty things so. While I will do people who've you're asked me if somebody came in. So many just Leo, a runoff session, Gimme a flavor of what you do what you do. In. Terms of how would I integrate breathing into this session? I would first of all, give them some biomechanical breathing. So get do now breath wave I'm practicing. I might send a minute or Ju- trying to restore that as needed to. Then they go off and do the normal warm offs if it's a waste session, then I ll to somehow to. Use Arrests tension through connection. So in other words as strong person, etc.. Yeah. I would use. Within towards the end, you do like to bringing the breath holding towards the end because one, it helps to resettlement to a more para sympathetic state. On, a helps to calm them down after reading sessions towards the end in adds to conditioning. Without needing to flog the muscles if that makes sense. And it also helps them to if he graduated down and helps them to. Finish. A session. Feel fresh. Accents. based. Based on your marathon experience. Absolutely. You said something about creating tension because that's something that's been interesting to me I actually like I had to costed left way but they keep adding on the hopefully i. It's just like you take. It back I mean not being a negative thing is this thing I just keep thinking about? So that's something I've been thinking about allies using the breath to create tension through the Connecticut chain I was just I spoke at A. Virtual now in a CA. Nestle string condensing regional seminar where they were talking about just that and and breath techniques to if you look at like elite athletes faces when they're doing a job, you see the cheeks out you see all this this pressure intention that's through the chain. I was just watching dairy bar, a bio mechanics and many things athletics mentor to me was. Showing video recently with it was Carson Wall wore home who recently set i? Think the world number two all time in the four hundred hurdles but it showed every time he would take a hurdle compared to its competitors. You could see even because he's a much more pale complex So maybe that's you could see it more but like you could just see this the pressure through his system every time he would in his thorax every time you would take off over a hurdle. So what? Can you just tell me a little bit about that like teaching people to create tension because that's I. Think pressurization I think. So often not looked at as one of these methods of creating power. Could you expand on that a little bit? Yeah. I. Mean Martin Martial Arts have known for centuries, thousands of years right in them to do that also vocalized as well, which creates even more tension. When you need it and I love to be able to create that not. Tension through Shane at you have to be access the muzzle some game going back to restoring those breeding kind. Okay. Because if you if your diaphragm isn't newlyweds. On moving well, then your ability to clean strikes on news, the Schroer is reduced as well. And moves it all works together. As. We all know that injured on the impression that cylinder works together and also works with the CONNEC chains of the body. So if you look. The diaphragm is an external thing during the sophist, Ryan as over the for the mouths down into the throat down into the stomach accessing external saying, which means as diaphragm 'em. Sweetie squeezes in on the esophagus to prevent. Food passing into the stomach Odalis well and winning when it's. When the diaphragm when you were in hand with the diaphragm open was well to allow more food pass through the ESOPHAGUS. Around. Is. The only single most solicits Tara Zonta the whole body. So every vertical column of the kinetic chain passes through whether you're GonNa Thomas Myers whether you're looking at all the superficial nightline feedback lying as supervision, Detroit lions, or any of the spiral lines our line they pass through the diaphragm at some level. So think of them as columns kinetic chain. So other diaphragm. As you inhale Lenexa, you're either from the top down approach creating more tension through the chain or you're releasing tension like a corkscrew reader timing in. In increasing tensions between the diaphragm and the cease or you're you're you're loosing allowing some of that tension to disobeys. With those power to disagree. Okay. So once you can ask the die from, you can then use to create more tension. Dr John Duty. Yard was. accused. Quite. Well not not known I, well, he wrote a book, the Ninety S at on medicine in nose breathing as well. You even. Though the elite tennis players. I don't forward was like belief Jean King. Train Martinez Naronha was very famous tennis player in the she in fact, she's When, the longest-serving professionals on think she wanted to won the highest amount of. All Major. One of Meta word in tennis. Right? What he trainer Autumn League translates in humans say. You should this no matter, the nine, hundred, ninety Jesus that you. You should have an alternate step region potter. So. For example, when we swimming when swimmers are training you. Greg me. Wrong You're swimming code photo from basically the swimming. You don't want so many taking a a unilateral grass as stroke and every day of training at for swimming because they're gonNA overdo up some Walsall's on one side and about dealing with the acronym I was actually the coach for similar. So I can't. I but that sounds right though yeah that sounds sounds sounds appropriate. Insuring your ahead to get in the water, you're going to rotate more. Let's say you're turn your head to the you're going to rotate more through the right side of your body. You'RE GONNA have a higher elbow list in order to get a from fall. So you'll end if you only turn to the right in the whole time is, is a recreational swimmers, is that they develop name balance? Swimming. Stroke. Okay. Through the same can happen with ruining. If you inhale only as your left foot hits the floor every single time new gray more tensions from the left side and. Through the rights to the kinetic chain. Incorporating Dr Duty Harder you will. Increase the likelihood of injury all the way through that less. And the he saw a lot of them lot of knee injuries in hip injuries as a result. Really interesting. So. Yeah. I wouldn't also in terms of. The connection both in terms of maximal loading will county use your ex sales for strength. Whether it's cliched where the WANNA go. Produce forest or is whether it's a strange where you want to generate maximal force with whizzes many strides as you can wear your hair in your exile with your full strength. So. So with that, that's really interesting with the the single leg thing the landing breath on every leg that actually makes me appreciate I was just thinking about like bounding exercises I appreciate that. You can't really without doing it every step. So maybe there's something pressure wise there I hadn't really thought of. What. So what do you do with that importance? They're like a mindful element that you're using people are doing like like a lunch or even running that you're like that is in the the putting their mindset tabby aware of in that context and obviously the martial arts. Absolutely like through. Martial arts and becomes a need in the martial arts. Is Tall. Maybe, not openly as much as I talk about. The power of Reading for a long long time vs surprised you had or Costa wasn't aware that you use breathing to create and generate our. will be a more. The celebrities will four for general population for athletes. Running is a great way salon get them starting walking. Get them. Every time they take a stab you know initially on getting Sayeret, just like swimming, you say, okay, every third stroke, every fifth stroke, every seven strokes reminded extend the length of time of one breast Mash Chew. These ray to develop that are endurance and fitness qualities. You would have a more efficient breathing system with any. If I was a sprinter, I would almost want to be you almost use your for for power. By Using a short arrest every maybe three footfalls. Amazon. On it's just a matter of of the rhythm. So literally when you're Walkin you. Hit your song as you want to inhale on, assign an alternate a line slot with a right. And that's how I came to power into people and they won't say that rhythm like Jozy once they got rhythm these. Joy Integrated into a jaw into a role into a syringe. Until. Send me cones conscious nature the. Interesting at this thing that's so cool. How those things that are in the weirdness field I'm so last question says our times drawing short. I I wanted to just get a just a couple methods on restoring like you said not to have to rely on hacks shortcuts not that I think those things are bad Babbitt obviously WanNa, we got to get to that database of it. All right. So just a couple. Like you mentioned getting the diaphragm working properly techniques like what are just a couple of things that to be aware of in terms of restoring the I know there's obviously a lot of them and we have our podcast just a couple of things that can be really for that restoration. Okay, even trying to back and Research Dr Larry Simple breathing technique is four six freezing breeding for four seconds exile for six seconds. To minutes Oh, inhale two, three, four, axle two, three, four, five, six. You can repeat that for two minutes as been shown to. Set You more into A. Essays together Lashawn Stress State an also opened the frontal lobe in the brain so that you can think more clearly because when your stress from below shows infected being still Sam That's beautiful. Beautiful technique for for helping people to drop into that space. From their boss breathing would. You call it an advancement of that technique, which is beautiful. People use the both I like an adopted genyk technique so it can be used to help help you focus on. Economic energized for one of the word on also too common relaxed depending on who you are and how you're using. So off freezing comes remain seals you're looking at A. Box because you have an even. Between Inhale, hold on the talk. Sales. Hold of the Bulb you pick a base number let's say four seconds in for four, four, four, four hold for four un-european off cycle game two minutes is Clinton appears to be a minimum racial would've your e-enjoying redraw into deeper states then at maintain them three, not ten minutes. Find four seconds easy. They needed started shouting your cell phone progress yourself moved five, six, seven, eight, eight sacking the box find in seven seconds you can get to seven seconds and then I tend to advance another technique again. WanNa do it also helps you to? At little bit of Co two tolerance at. Breath holes on the controlling the assault highlander also helps you to do that your Positi Abbas as you go all those base numbers. You're your Iran's will begin to open more. More, air in order to. Older. Timber Old. Search. Youthful techniques that I use a on help us people particularly at four, six US in recovery. Boss breathing on using the as a nice cam laid yet somebody told us. Four six again on us at to sleep better. Whereas at boss breeding us more in the morning time as again to get them just more set for the day on. Awesome. So that yeah. That gets me thinking that the box breathing or more the breathing and the focus type element 'cause I know I think that doesn't that help accuracy like shooting accuracy like focus like those types of things Absolutely and. Again, this is why breathing become so popular computer. The All Blacks Ruby team if you look at. Cristiano Renaldo who wouldn't be one of the most famous soccer players in the world low and see what they're doing. You don't get A. Tennis greater is known for using the Wynhoff method you UTICA Roger. Federer written our. Read on recently in terms of the way, he uses his nose read. remains. A lot of people whether. Or? From other means they. They know that breeding help to hand them down and to help focus mess now been shown in science where you haven't connection between your breathing rhythms. Attention. The brain as shown in the lowest Kariya's of the of the rain. From, a heart rate plan you your heart sees into the diaphragm. There's no between the heart and the diaphragm. There's no gapped. The Party of the heart actually attach is onto the diaphragm and spreads over the top from. So as you grieve faster your heart rate faster as you read slower your heart rate. Slower. Your your brain senses dot. It automatically then comes down of you're thinking brain enables you to focus unplaced your attention of things for a longer period is. I love that I love how allow integrated is like the heart is right there Okay. So last question just quickly like release techniques like you've mentioned like manual therapy, I think just rubbing around the the ribs diaphragm areas pretty people this different techniques but is there one that you'd find any any that you find particularly effective earth things people can do I know like are reactivated. There's there's that people with that type of thing, any anything that you find helpful or particularly useful for the different types of restoration. I would say get your hands and feeling feeling you're. So underneath the rooms and bridge nice and calmly and light and lightly as you. Should be able to hold your so simple to test DIADEMA's retractable. Especially, lie down is when you exile coming, can you hope those fingers or your diaphragm and all those road the inside? This nothing was how in your body you have on you you shouldn't be able to the tissue licensed so at you show able to feel under their. Tents or highly addictive like is it? Is it is a rare is like a rare state is the cordray or? Full. Hired for tonight's and simple. That's That's a PC. Kyushu he'll sell I, like to use that. Hard. Means ways to bring awareness into it. Like to reason, Icing County and just play around and there is an is easy shrine. Manually just match issue in there. Or. Yours is fantastic. Use IT and a lot of techniques same with. A few. Different. Ones. Yoga. More. Lonesome. Yeah Awesome Yeah ask the I've I've done the be activated and then the and Kt. So I just curious on European I laugh. Okay. So last quick question because you got this is for me personally selfish as you were talking about the things that are Deficiencies or whatever, and I I do think when I catch myself sometimes holding and how does this differ from box breathing because they're very good at the box reading type stuff great control there. But I'm a person who a hold my breath of the top I think I have a lot of tension I think I don't think I. Let it fall out very well. So the difference basically between a box breathing like you're teaching box breathing but also for someone who might be a breath holder and not just let it fall and that relax down what are some thoughts there. This is where coal and creating a specialized technique. You're doing it on purpose for a reason and verses your at subconscious natural wrap rhythm if you're holding your natural breathing rhythm. So we inhale either through the moment, MEMPHIS you inhale. Any hold of the top. And then let go org you inhale. Kinda purse your lips or you constrict your throat to console her exile I have found that that has very. Very serious emotional. Emotional health consequences as sonos words is representative of you controlling your life right if you're controlling something and contracting something that should be a recoil. She'll be just let. Oh Out on fair to the rest of your life as well. Right and are you the person that you know what happens when control is taken out of your ability right? If, that's ingrained into your breath, that is the most basic process you have. So you will drop into. I found anyways appeal into anxiety tolerance. Very quickly. Those types of. Are. In Controlled exile or bristled will drop in. Putting, conerns at very quickly win control is taken from them in life or when become disorganized Whereas if you can even enter that person inclined as you can retire Nebraska. Right. When you lose control life lifer when life throws you a curve ball. Simply richer breath. To help to senator you to then be able to think clearly make a plan. Doesn't make sense. For me, the by mechanics them the physiology, your body dictates while of in the mind and when. when the storm comes or when when when chaos ensues, right? Yes, trying to as you're talking, this is great. I got this. Ever knows more about me now since they are since, I've explaining my my breathing never that motion come from. So I, I will be working on that and. I love that. Well, I think that's about I would love to. There's this is such a huge topic. Dowse tons of questions, but I think that's the end of our time together and Manlio thank you so much. I have a lot of things to work on I'm sure all of us listening do as well and I'm except for the next time we get to talk shelby I'll be following what you're doing. So where can people find you if they WANNA learn more about all this? Yes sure. My on on instagram handle is. Leo. Daniel, I've a website called innate strength dot com that's a dash strength dot com and you'll find and Derek. Mainly my breathing is I do online. So I how the, for example, the twelve week project. Which is a groom training program takes people through that restorative as into s phase of training breathing and teaches them how to apply to sport at. A variety of sports our to endurance in there, and then between apple through the through the webinars co chew at live. Haven't you apply chain her apply breathing to sport, and then I have one coaching in online to. Awesome. Well, thank you so much. I really appreciate your time. I have so much to think about that until next time having a man. Sleeping all thank you for having me. A. Man That was such an expansive show. Thanks for tuning in and I know my knowledge game on breathing and breath was definitely up there and I hope yours was to I'm sure it was. There's so much great stuff on that night lots of stuff for me to continue on my own education coaching journey with. So before I get out of here, if you enjoyed the show could leave us. A rating or review on itunes or stitcher whatever you're listening to I'd really appreciate that and it really helps us out just spreading the message this show to those people that would find it useful. Also wanted to give a shout out to our sponsor simply fast dot com. They'd been a longtime sponsor of this show and we really appreciate that. All right. We'll see you guys next week.

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