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Now that the nfl draft is here you need to subscribe to the sp nation nfl. Show our team of national and local experts at the nfl draft covered from every angle. Plus we're bringing in big name guests leaving mind from around. The industry subscribe to the espy nation. Nfl show wherever you get your podcast for the best coverage of the nfl. Draft and beyond pittsburgh steeler fans. We are back second. Pick of the fourth round. Steelers are going linebacker buddy johnson back to back an picks who would just kind of interesting in itself stops the run of offensive players kind of interesting. Because i think there's some bigger names at linebacker that we're still available. I'm curious to see what the experts think on that. Pick but jeffrey. Just your initial reaction to the steelers foregoing getting a nickel corner and and getting a backer here in with their second fourth round. Pick that's interesting to me. It really is Although we've been saying we've been saying what we need is a more athletic events williams and you know who is a more athletic version of events williams buddy johnson from texas up. He's that guy he also texas and m. is sec. We're back to back taxes. Anthem here He's he's an explosive dude and he's he's run guy so I see them going that way. It kind of makes me question how much they value vince. Williams coming back and it really it to me. Drives the james pierre hype train right. That's that right now. That guys you're what your number three mortar. He'd be the three plus just lane is number three. I mean that's a chance but to me james pierrette. They're going this far. They're they're giving james a shot to play significant snaps next year and they're not invested highly in a backup for him so Yeah that's that's that's what it says to me is they. Think a lot of jean-pierre so from buddy johnson's pro day. He measured in at slightly over six foot tall. Two hundred thirty pounds ran a four five eight forty more that speedy type Doesn't look like he did He participated in the bench but looks like overall a fairly good athlete. Mattia what do you think about Buddy johnson i didn't mind him either. I guess in some of the mocks mean you guys know. How many billion mocks us someone that i was seeing a lot lighter on The steel is really like him. I think jeffrey hit the nail on the head around you know. Do we start seeing replacement. Vince williams. But that's the concern. That's why for me. I'm having you guys know how great a day to ahead. This is starting to make my day three of referendums that the draft crushes the draw flocks that i had on the on the board he but look you know we need to get younger that inside linebacker position does does give us a few options. I'm just surprised at one. Forty you know and and as you guys know very very hong cameron mcgrane a moped pedigree. Better better athlete at michigan there so the fact that he's still sitting on the board as well they must be saying these things on type and you know if they were. I don't know you you you'll following quite closely unite here that we potentially also ahead here. We sent out to texas for their pray. 'cause i'd be very interested to see what sort of have the background decisions in my day. Give drafted two guys in aurora now out of texas am. Yeah you know what. I'm not actually to certain on who they sent out there. I know for a fact it wasn't tolman or colbert. But it's one of those things. Pittsburgh steelers love taking guys from the same school this year. It's am last. Year was maryland so on so on and so forth. They do it a lot. Jeffrey i guess in this respect do you see the guy with any ability to come in and play right away or is he going to be someone that is more of a special teamer and then hopefully developed over the years because again at linebacker. You've got devin bush coming back into williams resign. And then you've got. Roberts blamed for another year actually actually found who went to texas. Am matt canada. An offensive line coach. Ray morgan interesting. No that makes sense with the the brown thick. The yeah dan. More not brown dan more peck But but buddy johnson. I looked up. His relative athletic score was a nine to one of the highest among inside linebackers. His explosiveness was elite. He jumped thirty eight and a half inches and his broad was over ten by ten foot. Eight inches so he's he's legit. They're a medic. So i wasn't said there's bit of a bit of a lag. Sorry jeffery bally's says well like he you know he's dropped ride. You're adding scenario six three. You know as good which leaves the landscape when that good backup could become Sort of level. I think fans should seek during hurricane. This is a god that they oversee believing they've since guys as you just said that. Jeffrey he's tested off the shots in if he can get off to that run as well. I mean that's where he's is going to be for us. I think he's gonna be a special teams guy visit. This is exactly the profile for special teams. guy he is just. He's an effort dude He's got good speed. he's got explosiveness. You said it down. Their special teams led him light people up and and you've let him learn. Let them show what he can do on the field. One of the big things that show up scouting reports though is something. We're seeing the last couple of years. A major focus on from steelers and that is leadership. This guy was the defensive team leader and he. He said he was a very vocal leader. He was instrumental leader and workouts So this is a guy again where you're looking at the steelers players with leadership qualities all across the board It's a big focus right now. Might tallinn's ever. I mean really ever since antonio brown left right ever since ever. Since james harrison had his meltdown followed by antonio brown and levy on bell. And all that mess as they're building this team and i think it's important to note that they're building the i for a future quarterback to come in and take over this team. They are putting leaders all over this roster and i think that's that's an important step. They lost a ton of voices in that locker room. And i think it does speak volumes to moses still being on the board and a few other guys still being on the board that they go that way now mattia. I'll kick this question you again. What does the inside linebacker depth chart look like to you right now. Yes so interesting obviously. Go to push back off the injury. You've got vince. Williams you've got spelane are seem slotting in there as well. I think he starts to come in in his fourth year. This linebacker it. You know in terms of the jets shot that again like Sub package steals applying to. This isn't necessarily a guy that needs to. he's not gonna even if we need him to start by one. he's to play as much day one as well. so i think that's interesting off as poor stats from him. That i thought were pretty interesting as well. You know. He had eighty five tackles loss g seven hoffer loss full sacks wanted deception. That's his best production through ten games and you know he played thirteen games in two thousand nine hundred which was sort of kuwait. Deploy unlocking those numbers. You know this this some decent numbers outta ten games as well sorry Let's say. I think jeffrey Verkuil later that was one of the big things coming out in terms of what he did. I mean if you've got someone into ladle at a k. position like that in a defense But we've had through covert unit from a decent school like texas and am. Let's read between the lines. He this might be more positive than what we think in know still probably many fans out there just like i am going. Excuse my favorite sitting on the board. Tried out dried up jeffrey with this. Of course now we know the steelers. They went inside linebacker. There next pick isn't until the sixth round. A six rounder is not going to be your primary backup outside linebacker. it's not gonna be. You're starting nickel i to me. James bearn camp center both still outside guys jeffrey. Do you expect these pittsburgh fuse to go out and try to sign a couple of players. And how how those spots filled from outside the organization not from the draft. I don't think so. I think we're looking at a situation. Where when we go nickel. You're gonna see. James p outside and cameron sutton inside. I think you're gonna see that. I think that that works with adding more speed at linebacker is say okay. We're going to lose some of our run defense. Were going to lose some of our blitzing at the at the slot. And i mean this is this is thinking. J. speier doesn't play. Slot pierre plays the slot. He can fill that role. He's not a blitzer as much as we haven't seen that from him but he's a really good run defender so he could be the slot they could be sitting there saying jeez can place light and we're going to plug him in there I think one of the interesting things right. Like a little conspiracy theory on this The steelers now are four deep inside linebacker there three deep outside linebacker and they are deep at defensive end and defensive tackle. We saw the steelers last year. Run their three. You know they're seven man front out there only the lineup in a four three. Look with cam heyward as a defensive end and either. Tj watt bud. Dupree rowlett's highsmith. Playing as an off ball linebacker. We could be looking at a team that says. Hey why not just roll out another inside linebacker there. We have robber. We have vince williams. We have this new kid. Doesn't bush is a perfect for three middle linebacker. He's that might that you want in that defense. We could be looking dealers to say okay. You know if we're gonna if we're going to kind of give. Tj watt and alex smith. Some some breathing room. We can do it by not putting one of them out there we can. We can just leave catches marsh on the bench and not rotated in and just go four three for while you know those snaps not have to worry about edge being out there so there's potential there's potential ways they can do this and that is something they were doing last season they just and they were doing it in two thousand nine hundred ninety where you'd have plays where vince williams w bush and mark barron were all on the field at the same time is a. We could see that coming back. We obviously didn't see it last year. With w bush being injured but we could see it. We could see that this year. So jeffrey says no to free agents. Mattie what do you think in. Could we see casey hayward or a richard sherman old man. Sherman try to come down and play slot. Or is this Is this going to be handled inside the organization. Yeah that's right. that's a great question. I think also. I mean necessarily flea bitten slot debit. Brian poole sitting out there in free agency is well. I great example. What you said that. Jeffrey and when you guys draw profile as well that's literally what they were saying. He has that three or four on that full through fit. So there's versatility here in perhaps that's up that board for the pittsburgh steelers on a slow corner. I mean by the man shown white still sitting that you know we're talking about a cornerbacks out of the ohio state. You're get a get him like when you go back to what we could handle within the. I think they're still going to have to bring in someone outside for me. I just i just think where the free agency or an undrafted guy. I mean jeffrey Type when i know that you talked. He was in the code and call this way to draw crush that went on draft that you had projected on drafted as he was pink out of pittsburgh you know his hey guy that we could fill in there at the slow corner i should. He could be that dude he. He is an interesting prospect just to rattle off some stats for buddy johnson. Here i know mattie got some of it but he had four sacks two forced fumbles a pick four pass breakups last season to go along with those six tackles. He mentioned ran of a four five seven Looking at some the his testing numbers and percentiles that he popped up when he was in like the ninety fifth or above percent. Telindus broad jump vertical jump and forty so he's a freak athlete. This guy is all over the field type of linebacker so that is definitely interesting. Unlike jeffrey mentioned before a leader on the locker room to me when you look at the steelers roster right now. I don't think devon bush's too much of that raw guy i know. He's the guy that gets hyped up. And he shreds michigan state's logo and he's mad and in college. I know cam heyward still the vocal guy. But he's not gonna gonna be around forever Do you think leadership office to jeffrey. I you think those leadership qualities put somewhat higher on the steelers draft board considering that really have as many kind of influential voices in the locker room. Yeah yeah i think so. I think we have seen a concerted effort Not just to have leadership at the top. Not just with bush you know not just not just with a nausea harris who those guys are both considered incredible leaders in their last two first round draft picks. We've taken but also as you go down the roster you're seeing guys who are consistently lauded as being team leaders and good guys and that makes sense because we just saw an antonio brown who has a six round pick your. He's not a future leader on the team. It doesn't matter. He's got character shirts. Okay but he can return punt for a touchdown so let's grab him and play him on special teams and he can be our number five wide receiver and then he turns into your number one ride receiver and all of a sudden. His leadership becomes an issue. And all of a sudden the you know. That's that's now an issue So to me it makes sense across the board. Just have guys who are good character guys. Who are these guys. So that when you do have someone upfront leading. You've got these guys behind him. That aren't just following but our leaders themselves are able to lead themselves and can keep it going. So i i really think it is a focus and yeah rightfully is moving people up the steelers draft board. Say what you want about already. Burned back in two thousand sixteen. But i would say that was the first draft when the steelers definitely kind of a transition into taking guys that were more likely to be good locker room guys. Good guys off the field since then basically all these draft picks one of the things you hear about all these guys a ton of is dare great off the field and in this draft class. Like we're seeing you hear that about all. These guys. Najji harasses as good as he is on the field. He's ten times that off the field for the community putting in work for people in need and just being a good dude funny dude in the locker and we've heard some of his interviews of course not that interview with the with the media yesterday which was a bit of a disaster but won't spend too much time on that as we do. Welcome in dave scofield into the conversation but it is it is something to kind of to kind of look at when it comes to the steelers tropics that they're taking good dudes i. I think that matters a lot to them. And i think you'll continue to see that as the rest of the draft unfolds but before we get to anything else don't ask. Btc co editor. Dave scofield his initial reactions on both thought. A both of the draft picks rather of dan moore and now buddy johnson. I have to say. I'm extremely disappointed. That i didn't get to catch this show from the beginning because i was having to do the audio podcasts. And everything else. 'cause i really wanted to hear matt ep. His reaction to the But buddy johnson right even getting get the name right. The right in the three hundred 's going to the steelers around fours of just wondered how that you guys. I just wanted to pop in and say this goes to show some people say it's important. Some people say it's not and i talk about this or not when you have a big gap in picks a draft because when you have that. Enormous gap of sixty plus picks. You get a player that you're like i don't know if he's going to be around the you know we really want him and we have such a long time to wait. Maybe this better be the place to get him. And i mean they have. What a dozen other linebackers other experts thought were better that they could have chosen and they went with this one so that does tell you that they really like him. They must really like him to take him out high. But it might have been one of those cases where he might have been more of their fifth round selection but they didn't have once they had to take him out. Yeah i can definitely see that like manny was saying earlier. He thinks the steelers might be wise for them to move back up into the fifth round here because of how much talent is still available. You agree with that. Dave i mean i mean what are you. Give up for it. Are you giving up your your six and you know and one of the seventh you. It might take. Everything laughed or something from next year to get into the fifth round. Pick left you know. That's the that's it question or they better off just saying. Hey we want three more players. There is the talent there i mean. This is the point of the draft. Where people won't sometimes have to say. Who because i mean especially with buddy johnson who had buddy johnson their radar. Anybody did you know anything about an at seven. I didn't like navy in his seventh. I mean so the billion mark drops and even then like if we didn't get growing in. I didn't necessarily see the fit. The way steals did sire on shock. I knew you would be sucked daddy. And that's like man. I wish i could catch that. I'll go back to make sure i watch it. But yeah that's that's the i didn't get. I didn't talk about the offensive. That's the typical pick in the typical spot for the steelers. When they have two guys that they believe are their starters that he's a guy that could be the next guy with some work. And i do like that. He was one of the few tackles in the in the draft that actually had long arms and it was also said that this wasn't such deep tap tackle class. He could have even gone in the second. I'm gonna kick this over to jeffrey benedict for the next question here. Just as a whole what do you feel. How do you feel about this. Entire draft class up to this point five guys now four straight offensive players and then johnson that i think we're all in agreement is a bit of a reach but someone steelers definitely had their eye on. Well i thought about the offense the offense it just makes sense to me as it's showing that they are. They're moving to matt canada's offense this is it's going to be interesting to me with this draft what we're seeing is. How does ben fit like. Is this situation where they're gonna build a roster for next year for for matt candidate in twenty twenty two and then twenty twenty one. Just be like. Yeah whatever. Whatever works with bands together for a year or is this team is going to be like. We're all in with canada. And ben you're gonna have to fit yourself to that It's very interesting because this is not. We are not drafting a team. That fits what ben rothlisberger wants to do. This is not a team. That's going to be running eleven personnel. You've got eric. Ebron iran an pat fire booth like. You're not running eleven personnel eighty five percent of the time. That's not going to work. You need to play those guys you know. You want both of them on the field. That's when you're gonna get the most value out of them so for me like i look at it saying that. That's what it says to me right now. Is the matt canada's in charge of this offense that's number one and number two. We're seeing some typical steeler trends leadership. We're seeing i mean. We just saw two guys from the same school and we're seeing a lot of athletes. we're seeing athleticism. Be a major focus. Obviously outside of offensive line tech's but we're seeing that a athletic linebacker lots of leadership. You know it's it's steelers. Big dave can. I jump in with just one thing he said about tight end. It's where he's right but it's we got something wrong in our minds and that is eric rose. That really tight end. I mean think about it last year when the steeler fan five wide they didn't do five wide receivers. It was four wide receivers. And eric hebron so this so although i do completely agree with jeffrey that they're going to runs more too tight end looks. I don't know that it's going to be broad necessarily as the typical tight end or is it going to allow them to try to get a different because the tight end. Get a different defensive package on the field that they could either. That attack the ron. If they're gonna go small thinking they're going to pass or attack with the pass if they go big And then they can get the mismatch is so it's he's exactly right. But you gotta also think of hebron is is tight end is your wide receiver and use it. To your advantage. Not your disadvantage. Yes even add on to that. I'd say eric ebron was really only brought in because the smoking deal. The steelers got on a year ago for just three million bucks for last season. I think i think that a huge reason obviously why they sign him. But i think from the beginning he was kind of a questionable fit Matt we've crossed over to four. Am there where you're at in australia. First of all how you holding up and what do you think about this draft all good. This is what banking's national steel fannies bank pumped up You know we're good and it's my turn. How many of you had to stay up over the last few days right. You know where attained we all together right. So you know we've practiced what about. What sort of the attitude is we want for the steelers. Were waiting to take it ourselves here at bay. Tsa so yeah. i'm good. I just i so much. Talent left on the board. I i just i us to just too much of a gap year for me. There's too much of a gap so to get back to to buddy johnson here for a minute. Geoffrey i'll ask you this i He's kind of cut from the same cloth as devin bush and like to me. I know our conversations on our wednesday night show We've talked a lot about how the steelers like the pair. Someone off like a kind of a different type of linebacker next to devin bush. Is she more of a devon bush backup or are they going to try to change their philosophy at inside linebacker. I think he them a player that can do a little bit of what devin bush does I would hesitate to call him the same. They're sizing athletic profile is similar But he's this guy. I don't see him as a coverage guy. A debit bush is going to be that dude buddy. Johnson's gonna be tasked with just attacking people He he's not the best at slipping blocks right now. But that's ham stuff. You can work on hand by you. Could work on that you can work pass. Rush moves But he's great taking people on and so. Hey that's that's where you fit. That's what you do like go. do it man go. hit people I like him there. And i think really. It's a case where he small for what he does right. He's a small athlete. So you think he's devon bush but you watch it when you you see what he does on the field in your like nice of williams. But he's not. The size is the size to be that guy. So he's kinda that twitter and i can work as long as the defensive line in front of him still kicking butt and taking names he's gonna be he's gonna be fine. Dave you talked a lot about in this offseason. How draft picks at a certain point in the draft. They don't really play as much get significant snaps here in the fourth round and considering steelers holes you think both dan moore and Buddy johnson could come in at any certain time of the season and takes him significant snaps. Or are we still looking at that philosophy. Where that you probably don't see them until you're too. I see them compete as they might not. They could be adjusted lane. They might not get a single snap based on how everything plays out. They're not going to have to play but if they're ready to play they could. That's kind of how i see. Both of these picks. I think it's wise. That's if you're gonna take these positions. I'm glad they took them here. Rather than than if that's the go to the philosophy anyway i could see a probably see johnson unless unless it was that. Why can't remember the more ends up being the jumbo tight end if you know what i mean. That's that's the only thing jerk one of the things. I've just seen as like two cohen graham goto a texas. Go to the falcons right. And i'm starting to say some of the different guys. You had like luke pharaoh early to the jacksonville. Jaguars brevin jordan's go into to buffalo. You'll starting to say a few of the To buffalo texas my bad. what is these but what. I'm starting to say as well that way. Now getting to that stage where different teams allowing different players based on how much tight they soar. They didn't say anything dive. You brought up a really good point earlier. In terms of the gap that exists the steelers and going up and getting that guy. But i think now we're going to look into that territory way when we look forward seeks twelve twenty four months time. This is where it's going to be like. That same is really high. They they made a mistake. People are gonna start taking Him down under him where people are going to be placed. So you're gonna start to say there. I think from the rest of the rounds. We're going to have a different place. We have those drop crushes on. But it's gonna come down to who's gonna who's gonna really fit and based on what people white Individuals teams really like on type. That might be very different to what the team next to the market thinking so we had a super chat here. I'll steamatic i know. You're the the prospect guber here. One guar- puts two dollars in the tip jar and says any chance of teams high. And ahmed brooks to me only brooks i can think of is what the former forty niner. That's like forty years old at this point. Is this the right name. Is this someone that this deals interested in is not on my right. All but on the pittsburgh steelers not none of my right off. So i if anyone can find that we'd love to answer that for you want or if If you meant another name to throw it in the chat will try to get up for you beyond that as we're kind of rounding out the show here a couple minutes left jeffrey. I guess i'll throw this to you. I are you happy with what the schools have done on this offseason. As a whole this draft in general we know the next couple picks sixth and seventh round often have a hard time of making the roster. So right now. I think we know the meat of the team. Are you happy with what they've done. I have we've addressed. Our major needs Quarterbacks the only one left really outside linebacker but those are backups. Those aren't we don't need someone to to come in and really compete right away. So i'm all right with that. I i wanna see how we address those those two spots left but for what they've gotten in this draft. I'm a fan deba. The same question to you or are you happy with the direction his team have they done enough to repeat as champions. Yeah i really liked what they've done and i've liked what they've done as we've gone on because i've actually liked the earlier picks more when you see what they've done with the ones later i was. You know you mentioned before. The whole acclamation issue. I was kind of buying into my own numbers too much. Oh man if they wait until the third round they're gonna you know they might have a guy that they can't relieve in us the first year and but what the steelers made that third round pick it just made me appreciate the first two pick so much more that they took them in that spot because they they had a guy they wanted. They knew where they needed to take them in order to get him and that's what they did so it was really. I really cow shaping. Up but jeffries right. They've got to me. You gotta adjust corner. I don't know that they will. I mean i think they should but if they don't. I think the bigger mistake would be to not address edge because you are still looking at a player. That's gonna come in and need to take some snaps off the guys that are out there so if you're talking about a sixth round bedrest them play possibly getting more playing time. The two guys they'd just took in the fourth round so the bengals just made the most bungles move the draft. They went kicker. Evan mcpherson to the cincinnati bengals. We'll see your any book is fine for them but mattia will ask for your thoughts. Your are you happy with this steelers kind of offseason so far or do you still want a little bit more to be done. Yeah i agree with you right there. We could be worse. Could be the bungles. Picking a kicker sorry That's just the fourth of the start of the fifth started events okay. He's making sure the i'm really happy. I mean i get back to the day one and day two that we had we got instantly the best running back in this draft consensus on our finish this in the poor said but we got the best taught in that was remotely going to be an off field of draw in know in a you. Wet pat framers Bane the best tight end in that draft whether round one would be wary would sit in that hypothetical draft who knows but and we've got a guy like kendrick grain here which as we all watch more type on black alex seismic white kevin dotson loss g. We will sit there and we get a little bit. this small gets bureau. Nature faces so unhappy. So you look at dan more necessarily i mean the thing is if you don't pick a guy in round one in dave's top this loss few weeks as well. They're not starting in wake one. You know the likelihood of them studying these soya boy. So there's nothing to lose their if they've got to god they think he's the biggest improve roll. The most coach -able automatically an advantage. And then you get a guy. Like buddy johnson who you know. Is jeffrey towards back into a bunch on special teams. He can do a bunch in three full three. You know we get visibility. There is dave said we've gone and get him gone and got him now because we don't wanna missing wider on really still bay there for ron inside. Linebackers happens when doing what we need to do. And then i go back to what a couple of you have said as well like we've got good people in that room we've got people but main business that are not heated created tikey attentional. The number one goal nets getting seven phone body. So yeah. I think we've gotten better and unhappy. Who we've gotten better with okay so closing thoughts time on buddy johnson. Jeff real start with you on this one. What are your thoughts on this pick. I like him. I like him. He's he reminds. Me of the steelers makes me. Think of a steelers linebacker. He's an athlete. he's a hard hitter. He's a leader. He's been on special teams and he's gonna find a role in the defence I liked to pick dave same question you i. It's so hard to get information on him. I just can't wait to see the film breakdown from jeffrey benedict coming up. That's really going to sway me more than anything to me at the biggest question i have to i have to ask is what would he have been there around six or seven other than that but if all it takes is one team and when you're rubbing elbows six feet apart you know i'm saying that now for this year with guys at pro days all it takes us. Oh wow the panthers really liked this guy. They think they might get him in the fifth if we want better get him in the fourth so they have a much better idea that so i'm not going to doubt where they had to take him in order to get him and really look forward to find out more about all right. Mattie i guess You can end us off here buddy. Johnson what do you think. I think we'll get. We'll walk him a lot. More is the wakes lowest. Oh by the analysis comes very We're just have to back the steals on this one. There's a bunch of town still on the board. Let's the nicer. That may they made the right pick and as for myself i think the steelers have built an outstanding special teams core. This offseason which is something. I think you're gonna hear lot talked about. But they've added a lot of bodies their their coverage team is going to be really good and who knows maybe they do at a big pun and they need some guys to fly down the field i know. Bts's co editor jeff hartmann. If he's listening even fired up for a punter pick especially in the six around annoyed loved that he might love a long snapper more But as we get to the top of the clock here. I want to thank you for tuning in for jeffrey benedict. Dave scofield and matt pepper. My name is michael back. We'll be back into to break down the rest of the picks as we go along here so we'll see you guys soon. Thanks for tuning in and make sure. You're clicking order behind the steel curtain dot com. Your one stop shop for all things pittsburgh steelers you're getting filmed breakdown analysis knee-jerk reaction everything on these picks mixture. Click over to the website. And if you're not following along on social media platforms make sure doing so so we'll talk to you guys soon. We'll see in a bit.

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