I am NOT Retiring... yet - WAN Show Jan 24, 2020


Welcome Ladies and gentlemen to the wind. Show we've got great topics is for you guys today there's the fifty six hundred x t launch debacle. There's the incredible news out of gamers nexus that some artiach the X.. Twenty sixty s are like forty seven percent faster than other ones in productivity benchmark. How does this keep happening with MD.? Well that was is Ben. This is both of them doing dumpster. Oh just. AMD bungling their launches well. We'll just really nice people. Random cards being way more powerful or some cards being flash. -able up to like well. That's that's in video. That's Oh yeah. So that's that's a whole other thing so we have this. These are two completely unrelated topics for for some reason have been combined in our doesn't make a lot of yes. Don't worry about it. It's all good literally no virtually every Lenovo thinkpad since two thousand seventeen has defective active. USB type seaports so that's pretty cool and Speaking of cool very cool. Thank you super cool. Thank you has has his own shirt. I news here for milestone. I am not retiring at least at this time. I think some people actually I know for a fact fact. Some people didn't make it all the way didn't watch the the street And so the rumors of my retirement have been grossly exaggerated. We also have some more news. Intel's reordering is there anything you want to highlight a big deal. Have you heard about this. Not We're definitely talking about Sonos filling landfills speakers basically and like. I'm mad. I think he should be. I have some I'm super uh-huh I actually didn't even pay for them and I'm still mad or are they going to be. We'll talk about that all right. Let's roll that intro. Roll it he's going to do it and thinking about rolling it. That was pretty good that I did in fact Bro. Go all right right. Let's jump into the show. Okay so the first thing I wanna do is a little bit of QNA because it seems like a lot of people have some and questions about what went down on Wednesday night when pretty much I sat down and I made a few notes and because I didn't know what to to say I just said everything. Do you have any questions. Not majorly okay. All right One thing I would I would note right now. Is that if we we don't actually have to really have a super-normal show but if we want you we're probably gonNA have to cap this at some point we'll ask questions for every will and they'll ask super dumb one. We're going to ignore all of those ones like no offense. It's just maybe that's why he's retiring. Time is limited come on time is limited ended. So if you've got nothing there's a couple of things I wanted to address right away. One of them is that honestly that video is the most uncomfortable I have felt about publishing the video ever. I actually sat there for about twenty minutes. Just like rechecking things that I already knew her as good as they were going to be because I was shooting on just like a the basic webcam with no lighting. Yeah and using just like an ancient Maude Mike on a not very good usb audio card because my thunderbolt connection died because thunderbolts a big piece of garbage which is why I wired up my house with fiber optics for those USB extensions your way every excuse for everything now should dot's why I'm retiring vulnerable sucks and that's why I'm retired so anyway. My thunder will thing wasn't working and that's what I use for my microphone and so I had to go get this like little tiny dinky. USB Combo Unit and like a breakout cable too. And so even for Mike It. It wasn't sounding as good as it should and there was like so we're all these little things that I kept just kind of tweaking and tuning in like I'll maybe I'm going to sit more like this and I play around with like the tilt on my Webcam and stuff I think I think a certain amount of that helped aid the like person ability of the video. It ended up being way worse than I expected. So it's funny only because I've been doing this for so long that I've become so numb to the numbers I uploaded video ago. I on about one point one million. That's okay I guess yes arm was a Banger that one did two million two million views like cool. But I don't really think because is most of the videos that we upload I guess don't connect with people on a personal level like don't really to But I had they don't. They're not the same. I had literally hundreds of people many of whom I haven't talked to in ages just like reach out to me every possible means. I apologize that I have not been able to reply all of them and in fact I probably won't be able to reply to all of them. The the video has like some stupid number. I think it has like twenty five thousand comments on it and I've actually read a significant chunk of them but not all of them. It gets a new comment on. It's still more than once a minute and I- streamed like thirty six hours ago or whatever so to currently at two point seven million interviews publicly and the really uncomfortable part is like I don't really I tend to keep the brand front facing tend to keep the person sort of behind the scenes and and the thing that I felt and this is I you know this is a. It's an analogy. I know it's not the same thing but honestly see I felt kind of like a like a pornographic actor like I felt leg exposed because when I was when when I was recording it I was in a room by myself and there was chat but I was actually not looking at it. I was I was specifically not looking at it. I was just looking at my notes. It's not just kind of trying to talk. You just kind of put it out there and and what I realized as people have been reaching out to me like with everything from from. Hey do you want to grab lunch or like you know. Hey if you just WanNa talk. Hey here's my life story. And here's how I you know tackle these things and everything and it's all like really positive. Actually shockingly positive and I've even seen comments from people just being positive about how positive our community and just being surprised fries because in general the Internet is such a Cesspool and what I realized is that there are people watching this that I wouldn't have shared these things with if I had specifically been in a room with them and that now I have to go and point having basically really effectively bawled my eyes out in front of them and this is probably going to be like a highly addressable topic for a while on that note. Though yeah I would ask. I think a lot of the times when you when you air something like this to not shareholders in the sense of like stocks but shareholders hold. Seiko share there. We go when when you do that to a certain degree it can feel like you finally lifted a a bunch of weight. Does that feel accurate. It'll I feel better. Yes I actually feel. I felt better coming in to work on Thursday morning than I have in a while. Yeah just like because I mean at least it's it's they're like there are people who knew already there's a person who already and there are people who had information like I think you and and I had a really good chat last year. Twenty twenty one thousand nine hundred. It wasn't a hundred percent on knows but it was like I think I think he had some ideas where my head space was that and So now it's just out there so it's like okay for better for worse you know. That's where I'm at and and most people at least here at the office have been really good about it and like you're fine right. I'm like yes cool. Yeah Yeah you know nobody. Some thought I saw one comment. It's funny how the negative ones really stand out to you. I saw one comment about how highly inappropriate. It was for an executive of a company. I need to talk about something like this. You know in front of their staff and I was like. Here's the thing you don't I know my staff you don't know me you don't know them. Group has become more corporate. But it's still very very far from that and it will never get a that is not my intention at all. The other thing is is that there seems to be some confusion around it the like people were lake. WTI exist when the OCULUS video went up like twelve hours later about about the question is just like me and Riley goofing around playing with like this Vr headset people are like WTO. Is this a such a total shift on you. Guys gotTa understand that when and I live stream that's happening now and when you watch a video that happened a while ago and to be fair fair you almost undoubtedly filmed videos the next day potentially the next morning probably yesterday upbeat. Yeah that's the thing is like most of the time filming videos. I wouldn't call it a persona but it's I'm definitely aware that I am an onscreen talent and my job is to perform. Do a good job of being an onscreen talent. Because if I don't I will get fired not by not in a literal sense but like I I will get fired by the audience. They'll be like well. This guy sucks so I'm GONNA go watch one of the other littoral hundreds of other tech content creators online. I don't need this guy. Screw it I'm out of here and people don't want at least this is my perception and maybe I'm wrong because I was watching the the series. That chain Dawson did with Jeffrey Star. As far as I could tell was like a six week promotion of the makeup launch that they were obviously planning before they ever started creating that content and I was just like trying to like I. It didn't end up being able to watch it. Unfortunately and like massive respect for those guys and the the teams like everyone involved aww massive respect to everyone involved with that for like the success that they've had financially influence wise fame wise all that good stuff. I don't get the content I just I don't understand it and that's fine not. I'm sure that they would watch what I do and go. Sorry what is this. Yeah I was GONNA say rather different categories. Yeah Yeah So. That's fine. But I was is just what I was about to say as my perception is people don't want to see like kind of Mopey Lake sorta down be stuff so I tend to try tip project that energy but you know there are parts of that that I was kind of skipping through that I was like you know. This is kind of a Downer but but it's like different prince strokes for different folks right. Yeah watching it. I did not actually get that vibe. Really I didn't get the Downer vibe with the the doesn't they know that I'm in the I don't really get that contact. Sorry I thought you were talking about your stream. Yeah Okay Yeah I felt like Komo you had you had like comments about situations where you were down but you are being open about it and I don't personally take at that as a downer. If that makes sense I wasn't like sad watching it at. I think at multiple points in time. I think I was actually quite happy right because I think there's things that I mean. I've seen like personal life wise. I've seen like your Novon relationship just from my angle. Seems extremely strong right now has seemed extremely strong for quite a while. Yeah we're good. I think that's really cool. And when you're like I want to spend more time with my wife and kids that doesn't make me sad right. That's like Oh that's cool because is like not to to your horn but I think you're really awesome dad so you being able to spend more time with your kids being awesome. Dad is like that's cool. Well thank you no problem but like yeah I I don't know didn't like yeah. I guess what I'm trying to say is in general. Don't be surprised and confused when the videos you watch that our production and not not just like me. Sharing my thoughts are designed for a broader audience. Even outside of design that you can like be having those thoughts and those introspective to like thinking sessions and stuff like that and then also you'll be excited. VR Yeah like you don't have to be one track mind all right and that's the other thing too is like I kind of expected. I expected the video to like do well in terms of the analytics. I didn't expect it to be closing in on like three million views. The thin like two days. I didn't expect to go home from work or excuse me come home from work the next day and have my in-laws like ask ask me about it. I didn't expect to get a message from my sister. That's like hey I'm sitting here. Saudi is out at my desk at work. Like are you alright. That wasn't the point. I will say I don't I don't think but like it didn't make me sad but I do think you made a lot of people cry but I don't think those things are necessarily the same okay. Well at any rate what do we got here. Uh comments now that you've seen like before we get into the Q. and A.. Is there anything you would want to add. Now that you've seen comments on the video because sometimes I feel that way but content honestly not really I really did like I do feel like there's a load off my chest. I really did say everything that I had to say so I just want to clarify that. No I'm not retiring. Yes it's because I still have work to do here but the main point is just that I. I'm GonNa do it because I want to do it. I'm not GonNa do it because I feel like I am. I am bound to it There I went through a period for a long time where I felt like I was doing this because I just had this ongoing responsibility to make sure that everyone under this roof keeps making their mortgage payments and that's still there. Obviously I think that any honest entrepreneur with half Seoul are excuse me entrepreneur. Any obvious like business owner. I guess that's sort of a synonym whatever. It doesn't matter any anyone with half a soul who who is responsible for a team of people should feel that way But I'm not GonNa let that dictate how why I'm doing it anymore. And so if if I were to ultimately make some kind of a decision like if I was to say okay look. I'm going to step back to part time or I'm going to whatever whatever it ends up looking like And I'm just going to make sure that I'm putting my work into equipping. The People here with the tools that they need to keep going and I think that It's the community's reaction has been really encouraging I've seen a lot of people just say like hey you're teams awesome. We love them so lake. Yeah do you do you and I'm we'll we'll make it work. I do think a lot of that is kind of like Hague's remember eggs people would write it in your your book. Oh yeah you know have a great summer. We should totally get together. It's totally meaningless number. Yeah that'll never happen. That's that's yeah that's not happening. And and the reality of it is our let's online or more eldred Mickley driven than ever before and in spite of many many of those people having the best intentions to keep up they wouldn't but it's still really nice to hear even if I know that a lot of it is And a lot of it probably is true. Just be very clear but a lot of it is not and not intentionally. I actually don't really see any. So who's your favorite cross code character. Oh it's gotta be you reference references. I know I came in with some amount of pre existing information but I at no point in time in that video. Thought you were like immediately bailing. Because I noticed the specific wording of the title title. I was very careful not to click. It got to be emily. I Love I love her. She's she's amazing. That's my favorite character. Uh Turning on June tweet cooperative after retiring I have no idea how cooperative is structured. I doubt it the cropper business model. What what is this is an alternate business model which responds to the needs? All stakeholders employees customers suppliers investor future generations as well as investors. That sounds like some pretty pie in the sky. bullcrap right there so no idea. Yeah Okay Do. People don't really seem to have a lot of questions. I think. Think like there was articles posted and stuff like that which were like clearly. Someone skimmed the video or who I am doesn't no wrote some stuff about like your stats and said you're retiring. But I think the community is a whole actually watched it and gets it and if you watch the whole thing it's fairly conclusive okay. I didn't really expect you're going to have additional comments. When asked about it? Cool all right. Well thank you so much guys you guys rock all right so let's move onto subject news. The Rx fifty six hundred x t launch was a bit of a fiasco. I actually clarified it a little bit on the M. I.. Retiring hiring or not. What's going on live stream? But I feel like I should do it more formally here because I did not cover it. Adequately in our launch video of the fifty six hundred x not and I did a very bad job of making the situation better on electric. Yeah so you know what I might watch eight both of those things after the livestream and with that context on it was just hilarious. Terrible terrible so amdi released the Rx fifty six hundred x t on Tuesday the twenty second and virtually everyone's been talking about nothing but the V. BIOS update from zero. So what went down is is we had intended to do are fifty six hundred x t content as like an over clocking experiment with the card. Because we'd Gotten Not in a wink and a nudge that there was a lot of over clocking headroom and I'm not going to say who the wink nudge came from. Because I don't know how much of this communication is indeed but we had like a shot in the ribs and that there was a lot of over probably headed this so we structured the entire video around that and then we like found out about about this vows update we got our card updated. Our numbers are fine. which was why I thought it was not a big deal because I got the sequence of events out of order? I didn't know how how last minute it was and effectively. We were still waiting on a response to find out like what's the deal here. Is this via BIOS. Update a one shot thing on just this one particular card like engineering sample. By the way we noticed that that over clocking headroom that was hinted at to us like well. This seems to take up a lot of it. So what's what So anyway we but we went ahead. We overclock the card we did end. We got better performance numbers with our over clocking testing. And because I didn't know what I didn't realize because I spaced out while Anthony was talking to me about the situation was that. AMD didn't have a coherent aren't plan. For updating some of the cards that would go to end users that were already updated like to me. It was nothing murder because I was like. Who Cares? We we get prelaunch. firmware updates all the time as long as they're available to the end user it doesn't matter because they will never see this pre launch date of the product but in this case ace because updating the BIOS of graphics card is a non trivial matter for most users. Some people were going to end up stuck with with it and so it was kind of a problem because they were GonNa Watch review like ours where we take this card. That's fast stock and even faster over clocked and it was going to be slower at stock doc. Even though it would theoretically have a bunch of clocking had lots of people don't overclock their graphics cards. I don't bother anymore mines. Aw I understand why most people wouldn't. I've just always really particularly enjoyed graphics card over clocking. I don't necessarily know why I also mostly played beat sabre. So he man you were talking about the like literally runs on a quest. We'll know because okay I was talking the how the pulling rates for the tracking which the higher I'll just saying like if there's a min maxing Taber player out there it's probably you. I'm actually really getting pretty good. There's reasonably popular songs that I'm getting close to cracking like top one hundred four I and by the way did Jaden have any response to my significantly tone I did oh I want him to know. Okay well now he. Yeah Yeah I know. Jaden one of Luke's colleagues at floatplane. Technically my colleague as well even does most of the work he he went out of his way to crap on my parade. At Luke's yeah I asked. I asked him if he could do it when I was trying to full Combo Supernova Donovan expert plus and Beats Sabor and anyway. He did it but he did it. Really sloppily quite frequently and my score is nearly fifty thousand in higher than his so And I have full Combo now so there you go. Didn't there's your challenge. Anyway I have I have a screen shot to have a proof screen shot so anthony was super upset about the situation with the fifty six hundred x t because fortunately he had been busy with something else for the two days prior to the via BIOS update otherwise he would have basically had to do is testing twice. Yeah and then because the communication around the situation was so terrible we. We weren't able to message it correctly in our video because they were still like. Hey Yeah let us look into this. What do you mean let you look into it? You know what you're doing now you have to no no now so you just tell us and this is just the kind of sloppy stuff. That is really frustrating for us where it's like just communicate Kate you have one job as pr of well press Wolfson's Y- one job to be there. They're one job is probably to mislead you in that moment. I don't think so what's the point it's GonNa blow up. Yeah but your initial video sounds more positive but my initial video doesn't have to be more or less positive it can just be informative. Yeah Hey hey by the way. There's a handful of cards out there that have this byles. Here's how you update it. I don't have years ago. Don't have a solution to have a solution. BIOS thing yeah they probably suspect most end users even with your video from forever ago. Aren't it can be able to do it. So yeah and upgrading. Viruses skirts is kind of scary. It is realistically you should have A. UPS Most people they have a ups. So that's what happened. I'm sorry I screwed it up. It was not Anthony's fault. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA throw. MD under the bus a little bit here but not directly necessarily meanwhile on team Green Bay launched the art twenty sixty Ko for three hundred dollars just prior to the embargo leftovers fifty five hundred x t at the time. It seemed like A. Hey look at me. We've got a low price twenty six to be Egypt but gamers next is quickly discovered something interesting about it. Unlike previous are twenty sixty s which used the t you one one oh six which is a smaller actual diets a completely different. GPU The our tax twenty six Ko from Vga the specific card used a t you one four derived GPU so this is a bigger ship. It's an entirely different processors. The same aim one. That's in the next twenty eighty and then it's just got some Khuda course. That are fused off in order to hack it back down to artifacts twenty sixty levels of performance and it kind of sounds like bidding which it kind of is these might have been. You know bad to you. Yeah however it has performance implications for applications like blender where improvements are of up to forty seven percent are possible because architecturally. The chip is actually quite different. So it's unknown known whether that GP will make its way onto other sort of bargain basement twenty sixty cards evey. Jay was apparently not aware that they were receiving different. GPS FOR THE KO. But I find that a little bit hard to believe what. How could you possibly not know? That is a pretty engineering engineering centric company. A lot of people think that is one of those like slap a slap our label on it and resell it type of company. Because this in the early days they were more like that. So you know back when I'm talking back when it was like beat F G Vija Asia and I'm trying to remember who the heck else even gene. But the reason why misbehaved G. is entirely why they're taking advantage of their lifetime warranty on Sir. They offered it. I mean it's not my fault. Yeah they were anyway so the point is way back then. It was pretty common for are up just brandon companies to take graphics cards that were made by actual engineering companies. And then figure out some other way to to add value to it whether it was through through game bundles that they negotiated or t shirts that they put in the sticker. A poster in a game or great customer service. Whatever whatever the case may be but over the years I mean if I recall correctly they bought chain tax motherboard? Or was it. I can't remember. They bought epochs parks. It was either epochs are chain tech. They bought one one of them when not motherboard company like ditch there enthusiast division or something like that but they have actual engineers on staff. Now I find it very very hard to believe. Leave that given how deeply involved in the hardware and firmware engineering and like over clocking tools. I find it very hard to believe. They accidentally put the wrong chip or like didn't realize it was a completely different chip on their on their cards because they don't look the same so here hold on a second. That's what I was GONNA say. He's like visually different. Yeah it's not care. Let's find a die shot of a not one of four. Hopefully my screamers here okay. So here's a to you WANNA for. Unfortunately I can't see Douai size. I wish I could To you know six die size so anyway. That's that's the die so to you. WanNa sex is has four hundred and forty five millimeter square to you on. Oh four I size. Five hundred and forty five millimeter square. They are physically different sides. Yeah like if you just like look at them they look different. One of them is bigger. I just I find it very very hard to believe. You're cooler would almost certainly change. I'm not necessarily but the would have to change. It's a different chip hip. So they're more power delivery so one of the things that I think Emerson X.. Is still working on you. Guys should definitely check out his follow up. Coverage of this is whether the six based ones might have more over clocking headroom because it's less power-hungry chip so you might end up being a trade off no one saying saying like don't don't buy dough by it or anything because you know it's like they're both fine. If all you're doing is gaming you probably would would never notice the difference. But if you're interested in productivity you might want to go to you for Baseman and if you're more interested in like I wanNA squeeze the maximum amount of over clocking potential out of this thing might might be less likely to hit a power limitation on to sex not confirmed yet to my knowledge. All right what else we got for. Oh actually what we need to jump right. INTO TO OUR SPONSOR MOSS MOSS organizer is in the business of keeping you. Here we go there. It is luke sized one in the business of keeping you protected Organiz but simple products. 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There's definitely wins in that department. There was two losses but there was many wins. So okay okay. So check over ELENITA G G slash vulture win got that linked down below. Oh Oh holy crap okay. Sorry sorry I'm going to have to Schill for one second here. Hold on what's it going to be about. Oh yeah guys. We have a commemorative ten million subscribers shirt. So if you WANNA oh. It's sold as a preorder. All shirts will be printed and shipped within three weeks. Apparently so there you go. It's in our regular sizing it's it's Regular type of shirt. Unlike Bill Floatplane Beta squadron run which was on all cotton. I forget what the reason for. That was This one is on an American apparel blended one so the plea normal shirt except it has this design on it so we're just going to sell it for a limited period of time and then it's gone on. It's a pickaxe which a lot of people have asked about because diamond because ten million dollars picks. Well no they've asked why it has a pickaxe on in it and it was just like I don't know eight looks kind of cool. Yeah and they were like what minecraft I'm like. It doesn't look like a Mike Catt. It looks like like a regular pick. These are not minecraft diamonds. Diamonds aren't even valuable in minecraft. You'll hurt him to get a diamond play. Button diamonds are pretty valuable. Are they thought they weren't at that valuable. Compared to like rubies. Their sue symptoms. I will okay. What's more valuable than diamonds in minecraft? Yeah I'm not a micro veteran enough okay but but there's there's probably some stuff I don't know I thought diamonds were just like kind of crap definitely not kind of crap. I know that we are finally getting somewhat close to the minecraft server launch. We'll I'll say we had a little thing. The other day alter has one button setup for that they don't have a one button setup for like a video streaming so so you know what I was just GonNa say I've actually come up with what I think is a very clever new nickname for the lead on that project. I'M GONNA call them floatplane. Jake not bad. I remember when he told me it was going to launch in December. Okay so so I'm not trying to dig what is the holdup. It's like actually on a completely absolutely different level from what we initially set up. I'm sure else. It would have been up in a day. 'CAUSE I've seen him put up my craft service before so like I know there's stuff going on because I have played on. Jacob bears like all these like game mode like this hub that you'll land in and it's like a whole giant thing and there's like really going to town all this load balancing between multiple instances and crap like that server that we built to be the ultimate minecraft so it's completely dismantled. We're we're we're hosting get out of data center. We may end up reassembling that and there's a data center that we might be able to send it to okay so we could just so that we could claim the moral victory is technically involved of that. Some of our players are actually playing on it. But but no it's it's apparently and I I have seen some stuff. It looks really legit. It's like not just minecraft server okay. It's like pretty cool. The bad news. This is that it has actually taken a significant amount of resources so while our initial intent was for it to just be like. Ll everyone on. We're GONNA GONNA have donations and stuff. That's why I've been. Confused is because I remember when it was like. Oh Yeah it's live everyone's playing on it we're GONNA make some tiny tweaks it can be done on Monday. No I've had this experience a lot at floatplane. Yeah so I get it. So the scope of the project project quite dramatically and really without my explicit approval. kind of like how the whole thing. Things started without my explicit approval lake. I like I said Yeah. You know like let's okay. Here's where I run into trouble. I I said Yeah. Let's do it upright and Jake took that to mean let's do it up the right test. Let's dude perfect. Yeah so what I really meant. was you know. Hey I want to make sure that you know people come on Eh. are going to be like yeah. This is not total crap. It's pretty sweet avenue new minecraft home. Yeah Yeah not even that like. I just WANNA chill with like other indefinitely. I know they are like tech. And we're going to build video cards in minecraft or whatever like I just wanted to be like minecraft server. He's trying to build the the minecraft server he wants it to be people's new homes and I'm like okay. Sure he's been pitching US getting into like game server hosting basically since he started he's super passionate about it and my whole thing is that like I tell people. Hey if you have a passion project I want to do my best to support it and so every once in a while somebody asks me to put up and you're like oh I'm like well Jake has ended up writing Two videos in the last eight weeks or something like that because he has been actually hammering away at this or should I say pickaxe Ghanem Oh boy so yeah we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA do. We're going to do our best anyway when I wanted to film. UCF F. is going on with that. That video series that I did yes yes. I had extremely low production for very long time to watch those recently and I'm still pretty proud of them so that's cool good. I had to pick up a lot of slack for a little bit. Happy happy to do it so anyway. It has an axle Aksa. Skiing accident has a tax on. It is nothing to do with minecraft. We do have minecraft server coming totally unrelated by the way this is ten million in binary which I I which I think is cute. I think it's cool. It's you know which is cool. But it's really misleading at the beginning. But do you think it's what do you think it is. I didn't know well it's it's not misleading. It just doesn't lead anywhere sure doesn't lead you down the wrong path or does it. Did you think it was like well. No I just yeah so I guess yes. You're right because I was just like. Yeah one thing is that this picture is not exactly no so. It's kind of got like a weathered. Look like it does is in on our shirts which is actually kind of hard to see on camera So yeah there's kind of like some holes in the print. It's not yeah. It's not not really intense weathering but it's enough that it looks like it's kind of rough hewn yet like you went out and you got that yourself your pickaxes worn now. Yeah but you didn't didn't. Yeah because it's hard unless I don't know like PD pies watching language. He's not so vacation. Yeah all all right so let's move on to more tactile. Packs interns like random news articles. Saying you retired it just felt extremely. PD Pie yeah. So if you defy once he quit. He didn't quit quit. No I mean in fairness to them he does like actually play that the big game and his mislead me leaving my whole channel. You know like that kind of thing. This is rough so technically this is supposed to buy Spiderman sixty four on the forum virtually every Lenovo thinkpad since two thousand seventeen apparently has defective. USB Ports Nice Ace so there's an official INOVA support page outlining at least three dozen affected models and symptoms include the port simply not working the thunderbolt controller disappearing hearing from device manager Hd. My output failure even hanging during Post said to occur within six to twelve months of typical usage. There's a preventive driver update for affected models. But there's no word on what what that entails exactly for performance and power delivery once per issue presents itself only a motherboards fix it that is pretty rough especially for a brand that is known for building tanks that are designed disguised as computers. Yup GotTA gotTa give Lenovo a little bit of a show for consistently giving US news topics. Thank you guys on the board. Having spyware built into them to use be not not working I appreciate EU and Google proposed ban on facial recognition US considering a new law that would prevent private and and public actors from using facial recognition in public spaces for a definitive period. Three to five years. Microsoft says. It's bad because they're served developing facial recognition. You don't say they say you don't ban it if you actually believe. There's a reasonable alternative. That will enable us to say address. This problem with a scalpel instead of a meat cleaver said Brad Smith President. Google supports the move which is interesting to me just shocking. Yeah I think it's important that governments and regulators tackle it sooner rather rather than later and give a framework for it. Although in light of some of the recent finds that they've received some of which have actually been more than a slap on the wrist. Like the COPPA one. I can see why Google might say. Well yeah okay fine. You're stupid ground rules. And then we'll go in like innovate a bunch of stuff. We'll we'll wait instead of the other way around. Yeah yeah no that does make sense from their angle. I think it's Oh man I'm torn actually so this is this. This is private and public. Does this include government because I know. UK is like super well known for just having cameras. Everywhere yeah this would be in public spaces. Yes okay yes so you'd still be able to develop it and test it just not in public spaces in your store. Alex apparently put some of his own thoughts in here. Says this is a really good idea. but counter intuitively the accuracy of facial recognition. Apparently drops as you add more faces Acess to the pool but that would also get better as the algorithms continued to learn. Yeah when you add more of one face but it doesn't get better when you had more of have a bunch of faces that make sense So yeah there's a lot of issues with facial recognition. Here's a fun example example at the Notting Hill Carnival where two million people attended. The police used facial recognition to try to find wanted criminals. Ninety six people were flagged and only only one was actually wanted and had already been arrested. So it's obvious there's a lot of work to be done but my sort of flipside argument to this and take this as someone who who is already completely given up their privacy and shares their innermost thoughts on the Internet. So like you know for me. It's like not only. Has the ship sails came back back and then sailed again and came bates a ferry. You know it's like Italy daily trips. Yeah from my point of view surprising goes in the audience is actually in a similar space. Considering the things that the US I'd love for it to just be better but the flip side of that is that it. I don't live somewhere. My government is oppressing me with that said no government that is gonNA use facial recognition to oppress. Its citizens is going to even consider accepting this band anyway. So it's a completely academic conversation in that case get real China's going to be like yellow bad public spaces there's there's a large variety of different types of oppression. I think people take I Dunno where I'm going sent. Its but I think people might go against that. They could intends to use it for repression is going to ban. Its use in public spaces to you. You said or maybe you didn't say this I thought you said Repression in general not just this form. Oh just repression in general. Yeah so like. But there's like different kinds so they might be like yeah okay. Let's not use facial recognition. But we're still going to get. I mean I live somewhere where I get to enjoy a very high level of personal freedom. Yeah so I you know for me. It's very easy to say like. Yeah I just want to get better. So that in the event that they are looking for someone who is running around with a meat cleaver mind children that they can catch them real fast. They should add meat cleaver recognition. I don't think anyone's necessarily I don't think anyone's necessarily gonNA stop developing this in the background. Though no no use might halt. Yeah and I think it will stall development probably because it's a little bit harder to test wide-scale it'll make it more difficult with that. Said I totally agree that if your development plan is to just use it on unwitting guinea pigs who are wandering around in the street. That's a bad plan. So you know what they're pays them pay some random citizens to come to walk doc around in like an arena mark down this day mark down. This Day. I changed my opinion between the start of a topic in the end. I already thought it was like good idea but I was like well. Here's this counterargument. I no longer have a counter argument. I like it. Let's just nuke it for a few years. Keep developing it sort of quietly in the background. I'm GONNA flip sites just to try to drag you back. You have got to be kidding me no no. I don't want to do this so somewhere that they don't bend this. Those those companies that operate out of those areas. We'll now have an advantage so you're saying like Chinese companies are GonNa immense advantage on like ai and machine gene learning facial recognition crap. So then is there like what are you actually really helping them. Because it's not going to be banned. I'm bad it's just. It's not even right now. Being proposed to be banned in the US. I'm back I'm back. Okay forget it you win you win twice. How's it feel awesome like it? You just waiting to do that. We're a little bit the whole time. Yeah we did bring up to the store and we did. It's all right. I don't remember if he said that they're really limited edition. I did and we have Blake Limited stock as well. We have limited stock. I didn't know that as much as wherever you know what I mean like. I have no idea what that means. These aren't going to last last forever and they will run out. Okay do do we just have like not that many blanks right now. We we did notice that. There's a preorder thing. Yes so so. Is there like their shirts. Yeah oh I thought we had lots of stock black the way they're being ordered right now. We're not going to have that much. Stock Flach oh I see we need to get more. Black shirts aren't any right so okay okay. So business talk. It's hard to get enough shirts in Canada. Basically so if anyone from American perils watching can you please fix that that would be great. Thanks because we really like your shirts but you're making it. Very hard for us is to use them there. That was my sincere call for help. Yeah full send your yeah. Yeah so we've been we've been working on a replacement and we had what we thought was a really promising in candidate. The actual like feel the material. The breathe ability seemed really good and then we got we got photos of the shop where they were being made and everything seemed on the up and up. We hadn't actually visited it yet. But we got another set of samples and I put it on like Kinda like one more time. I put it on one more time and I was like doing things I wouldn't normally do and I took the bottom of the shirt and I went like this and all the thread tour. All the thread broke and I was like well. I'm sure glad we caught that before we actually booked a plane ticket out there and went to look at the factory. Never once had that happen. That's there's something I'd do all the time but that's going to happen. It's going to get snagged on something. Whatever expect that we have to fix and I've had American apparel shirts break but she never that easily and I like went around the whole thing and I was like? They're just like breaking all the threat. I was like come on over here. Pull on this so he pulls on. It's like okay so it's there's more to building a decent shirt than you guys might probably realize Yeah we're working on it. So get one in his. They won't be here forever and these are the kind of and I've said this off camera to this is probably the kind of shirt I would grab because it's a cool commemorative kind of thing. Speaking of cool commemorative things sonos is created a commemorative pile of still working electronics. That don't work and they're in a landfill anyway. So That's pretty lame Some of their oldest devices are no longer going to receive updates as of May twenty twenty so so as a result they will eventually no longer work as services continue to change because they're not going to receive updates. They're not explicitly breaking them. They're just saying hey they might stop working at some point. They're offering two options for affected users. Option one continue using these legacy products recognizing that your system will no longer receive updates and new features including by the security updates which have been a big problem for Iot and connected device. General option number two trade trade up to a new SONOS product with a thirty percent credit for every legacy product. You replace which is all finding good except for one big problem. Sonos doesn't allow you to continue to use news or anyone to continue to use the still working device that you have. They actually push an update to it that brexit. I believe in thirty days I forget what exactly the time period is. Yeah I think this sucks basically like I understand why you don't want to support a product forever forever but a speaker is something that I kinda felt like was different in the sense that yeah go ahead. Speakers and sound equipment in general are kind of that thing. Where like if you if your dad inherited from his dad and then like gave it to you when he bought a new set or something like that? You kind of expected to still work and they're probably still really nice like sound equipment does kind of stick around. So it's it's weird. Seeing them treated like a commodity and not just a commodity but like disposable even when they still work in the problem with these speakers. And it's really highlighting an issue with smart devices in general is that you have no control control over how long they still worked for. And once the company decides that they're not gonNA work anymore they have no purpose whatsoever because Sonos doesn't Have just like a regular like Jack in or RCA in so they actually do get completely useless. I remember criticizing being apple back when they launched the AMAC Five K.. For not having a monitor mode on it. What's up? Oh this is good so I just checked something so no. CEO Response to backlash. Oh this is great. How wonderful awful? That's a cool twist. We'll continue to update legacy products. So let's read this on android central recently announced it would be ending following backlash. They assures they won't be Britain. Tony Way also working on a way to split your system between old end current devices in the event that they do need to develop new features that rely on new hardware many of you have invested invested heavily. We intend to honor that investment for as long as possible while legacy sums products won't get new software features we pledged to keep them updated with bug fixes and security patches for as long as possible entirely the reasonable to me okay. We're talking alternative solution. It's something to the experience. We heard that you heard on the issued issued legacy products in modern products. Not being able to exist within your home Blah Blah Blah et Cetera et Cetera et CETERA. Okay well that's something I do. You wonder though if it's just kind of delaying the inevitable. I don't wonder I mean it seems like it's just delaying the inevitable. And it is very frustrating to see products designed in such a way that they're eventually going going to be worth nothing and useless even though they still function. I criticized apple over the five K.. Because they did away with a mode that existed on previous. I'm Max that allowed you to use it. As a monitoring once the hardware inside was too decrepit to this is awesome because the screen is awesome. I was like wow I love this this thing so great could I just like use it on my as a monitoring. Because I don't like I don't like Mac. Os and expensive. The answer was no and it was really frustrating for me because it basically just this means that that thing is e waste once you're done displays terrible like terrible. They're basically impossible to recycle in any meaningful way because of the way that all the layers are laminated together. I have an update. Yeah what can I do for you on the thing really still band or Yes oh I finally got a live chat with someone The call out on the the last one show as far as I can tell did effectively. Nothing but I finally got in a live chat with someone which was surprisingly difficult to do. He opens it up. Saying I understand you wish to appeal. Your suspension is this correct. I said yeah although even if that fails I really like just to understand what actually went wrong. Because 'cause I have no idea and talk about how my dad stuff he said looks like the suspension has already been upheld. We will not be able to discuss it any further. I was like okay. Ignore the appeal you. Can we just talk about like what actually happened. Because I still don't know chatting with this person live chat. I still don't know and I'd like to understand so I don't get band again in the future. He said we do not discuss that Info with players. I said I'm confused. He said again. We do not give any details beyond what is emailed to you. Those details can be be used to make you more. Undetectable I said I'm not trying to be. Undetectable he says cool. then you understand why we do not give any further details and cannot discuss this this further. was there any additional questions or concerns. I can take a look at before we part ways I said I don't really understand how to move forward Although I guess if that's that's all you can say we're done He said you're welcome to play on another account or access this one in six months. I said well I'm rather scared that we'll get Bantu he said if you fear that what you normally do in game we'll get you suspended then you may want to take a second. Look what you're doing in game. I said the email specifically said it's an external program. Not What I do in game. And then he said since since this is not something we are going to discuss any further and you have brought up no other issues. I must be on my way chat. It closed hands down viewers customer sport experience. I've ever had my life horrible double. What's completely horrible? What an asshole? Yeah pretty much. I still have the idea what happened and I love. How like they? Clearly don't care because I can play on another account officially officially. Yeah you're gonNA give them more money but like bright. It's just what the whole thing is just ridiculous because normally like and I'm not trying to remove this option but normally there's like Banha vision is a bad thing. Yeah Yeah like if you get banned temporarily or permanently off of the forum ban evasion is something we look into this very serious. Yeah and like Banha Vision on a temporary we ban can lead to a permanent band. Yes and they're like. Oh no no no. That's fine you can go ahead and play. You can go play some on a different account. That's no problem. Just not the one that we band and you're getting that one back in half a year this whole thing just none of it. I still have no idea what even happened. I don't know what program it was. I don't know if it was. VPN In for work. I don't know if it was some other program for work. Who knows I just thought yeah? Just throw that update out there. Burnt Bridge was possible. But that's fine. I just thought it was worth airing. Wow well thanks. Blizzard expense guys search Sir Super Awesome. You provided two topics for the wind. Show John DOE CAC says Luke hire lawyers and sue blizzard to force disclosure. You have got to be kidding. It's really doesn't work that way even if it did no. I'm not hiring a lawyer over that while account. Yeah I mean all we can really do is just say that. That's really stupid opinion. Ridiculous form of communication. I can't believe that yet. Blizzard account has been opened for an extremely long time. That wow account was from from the Beta of the original launch while I've been a customer of theirs for a long time bought basically blizzard product. Yeah I've played every game. They've released east and they are treating you like dog crap. Yeah it's it's crazy yup okay very very strongly about our four-plane floatplane customer support at this point T- GM says Luke just play the superior NFL final fantasy fourteen. No I just I don't really have an interest in any ammo outside of that. Wanted to be honest like it that one particularly brings my family together really nicely right so. That's a huge part. The draw there for me. All right I gotta go guys wife. Who has the Tummy Ache and needs to be driven home? So thank you guys is very much I will try to go through a couple of super chats all them but I really can't do all of them. There are far too many. Thanks rid splits thanks Cole. Await heard you talking about Microsoft teams. What are your thoughts on office? Three six five versus G. Suite. We actually do use both. They're both very different for different things. I don't know teams Kinda sucks. They actually they cover a lot of similar things. Ed Are you trying to send me a message or tell me something thing or thumbnail. You want me to approve a thumbnail can i. Can I see but a lot of the things that they cover that are similar. One of them is way better at one than the other. Thank you so it's still quite beneficial to have both like having word and Excel is actually quite useful even above Docs and sheets. There's things you can do an excel that you can't really do cheats. It's yeah and there's certain excel sheets that don't really translate well into Google sheets so having it's also really powerful but then g mail is like fantastic and Jason Carpool critics is coming back to floatplane. Don't worry it's all good. I already okay. So that's it thanks. Oh Yeah if you're looking looking for movie podcast to watch. Check Carpool critics. It's James Riley and David's baby. They feel very strongly that it. It is awesome and I actually listened to more episodes of Carpool critics than I have any other podcast ever combined. Because I listen to everyone and I don't really listen to podcasts. uh-huh so yeah go check it out. We could go was parasite The top three movies of the decade one has actually done really well. Seems like people are really into that one. My personal favorite so far was probably Terminator Dark Fate actually all they don't have joker up on here jokers up on flow plane. I don't know if they intend to. Actually release that one on Lipson Lipson but go check it out. It's on pretty much every podcast platform that matters so yeah so we all right guys. Thanks for tuning in week. Same the general up crap just chatswood sue just as unreal divorced and those the word they don't they don't they. Don't play what.

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