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The severe traffic is brought to you by Turbo Tax Turbo tax helps you do your taxes with confidence in ease with awesome tools. That make uploading W is easy is taking a picture. Just use your phone or tablet to snap a picture of UW to get a head start on your taxes. You can be sure your filing your taxes correctly while at the same time getting your best possible refund turbo tax all people the tax people on this week's interview show. We've got Dr Lisa Sue the CEO of AMD. We a chance to talk to you. I gotta say it's one of the most interesting interviews I've done in a while while she was really smart extremely focused as a very clear vision. And we're sticking we obviously talked about Andy's announcements including the new rising laptop ships have competition a petition with Intel for consumer laptops has going whether she's going to take on the high end of invidious sheep us. We also talked about something I've been doing more of which is when and where she actually gets work done. It's like my new favorite question on. It was a great conversation. I was really excited. Talk to her checking up Lisa Sue. You're the CEO Tamed. Welcome the broadcast. Thank you great to be here. I should actually not say well can you. I'm in your conference room your heating for the first year meeting for the first time. Thank Huber coming on our show. You were talking. This is the second time you've done it sort of a big press event at Cs last year you were here. Said twenty thousand nine hundred big year. You obviously had a press conference Saturday. The twenty twenty s and the bigger to tell us what. Yeah so we love the ES. It's a great way to start the year we get to see all of our customers and partners and impress all at one time and yes you know last year. We were keynote at. CAS this year. We did a a press conference yesterday and we do think think twenty twenty. There's going to be a great year and it's all about products for us so we're all about launching a new set of products and here at C. S. given that it's the consumer Moore Focus. We talked a lot about our products. And what we're bringing for both gamers and creators to the market in twenty twenty. So yeah. We're very excited about the year. So the big news obviously is the new rising four thousand series an athlete mobile chips for a laptop swap through this. Yeah so when you think about You know just a PC market. I mean it's over. Two hundred seventy five million units a year one hundred and eighty million Notebooks are are sold. And it's really about how. How do you make this form factor exciting and bring out your new and interesting capabilities and so We launched Yesterday rising four thousand series It's our or I. Seven nanometer product for the notebook form factor TSA I seven nanometer. X86 product for the notebook form factor. It packs a tremendous amount computing performance. So the idea is if you like the game or if you like to create or if you like to do anything productive on a PC you want more performance mints in smaller form factors and and that's what rising four thousand allows you to do. So let's talk about seven nanometer from. You're saying it's the first seven nanometer exit six EXPARC. There's obviously been a lot of moving the industry toward seven nanometer. Does it just get you more. Formative smaller factor get you more performance. Per Watt. How are you thinking about at that? Process Shift. Yeah so the idea with technology is you have to make choices you know three to five years in advance and it is What design choices you make? What manufacturing choices you make and seven nanometer is just the best manufacturing technology that's available in the Industry today so A and what that helps you with. Is You get to put a lot more transistors in a smaller space and that helps you with power efficiency that helps you with just overall raw performance that you can put but in You know given silicon area and what that translates into for the user is just more bang for your buck. So if you're going to buy you know thousand thousand dollar laptop you want it to have the most computing horsepower. You can have and um seven. Mary gives you more so that process shift is something. Obviously your competitor has Intel. Intel is not been able to do for some time. They run obviously integrated company where they do their own fabrication. Aimed is now fabulous company. Are you thinking about as a the core strategic advantage for MD that you're finding out manufacturing elsewhere are you working with ads closely to get to seven nanometer in that way well for us. It's really about knowing what we're really really good at. And our core competency is in design. And you know deciding great products whether you're talking about PC products or giving products or server products products We partner on the manufacturing. We actually think that's an advantage because if you think about it when you when you've used you know sort of a leading edge foundry. They're they're actually working for the industry. And so you know things like ramping yields and getting to the best cost points and you know really figuring out the kinks technology. We actually get to do it as an industry and so You know we have were early seven nanometer. We've had a lot of products you know We mentioned happened yesterday. Press conference that we have You know about twenty products both in production and development which is a lot for given technology node But it's going really well and so we're we're pleased with it so you on stage yesterday referred to the performance trump of the four thousand series disruptive performance which is a great phrase implies that I will suddenly use excel faster Everything's GonNa Change when I look box. But it's the graph you showed is a pretty huge trump. Ah Inside the fifty one envelope ships I think you quoted fifty nine percent and GP performances fifteen percent improvement. It's fashion ice. Lake up to fifty percent faster and some of the measures that you were quoting as the battery life when you're looking at performance trump. This way the battery life will be very very good. Yeah the Barry Life will be far the number one question. I LICEU our our goal is to make for that. You see it and You know as the Systems come out over the next number of weeks and you'll see some of those. Those systems measured better life yourself in our test systems very good and we call it all day battery life all day battery life. Meaning you know. We've seen cases up to eighteen hours now. Obviously you have to see it in your applications but we feel very good about the battery life so you announced on stage yesterday that Lenovo Yoga Slim seven which we got to cede. There's over one hundred laptops coming out with his pro processors this year. How is that conversation going in sort of the consumer laptop space? Yeah you no. It's a it's it's one of those things now we've been on a journey with You know the Reisen brand the rise in products in PC's if you look in the desktop For example We introduced the first generation. Reisen people were happy. You know second generation rising they felt You know you've been Better about the product with the third generation of rising and mobile We've just gotten tremendous traction in the desktop space and we're looking at something similar in the mobile space you which is You know our current are second generation. You know rise in mobile is is a very very good product and we've sold quite a bit of them we gain Nice share Throughout the last actually throughout the last seven eight quarters third generation rise in mobile is is a step function. I mean it's just a lot lot up better and so We're very excited to see. What twenty twenty brings it also means that our partnerships with the OEM have gotten deeper and so they're designing more for our product? And you know you saw that in Some of the Unique design that Zeus has done around are rising four thousand series. You you mentioned Lenovo Dell has a nice design there many Designs that'll come out over the next couple of months. So we're we're very excited about it and you know I think the partnerships with our OEM's are the best they've ever been. When do you make the sale of the chip? I guess he's like took a one question for the audience year announcing the chip now yes S.. Presumably all those partners already seen the chip designed you start about a year in advance. So you're when you say you're going to see more or the ramp is getting faster. You're not actually talking with the fourth generation. What we're talking about the rising four thousand sure okay? Yeah so what what. You're what you're seeing with sort of one hundred plus platforms arms. That all of that work was done. Sort of last year and You know it's what sampling with doing a lot of optimization. There's you know there's is a lot of work that's done to bring a new system to market so yeah we're pretty excited about what Twenty twenty has to offer so when you're out in the market particularly sort of on the premium laptop up end or Intel has just been dominant. And now you've got a big performance advantage. Are you seeing vendors. Say actually we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA make the change because you already know for the Sierra right we. We have seen a lot of good momentum and I'm excited about that momentum. You know when you when you look at it you know. It's it's really a dirty thirty about getting people familiar with what. AMD is capable of and you know. Technology is one of those things that you have to see and touch and feel so yes. Yes I feel very optimistic about What we can do in the notebook space and you know overall the way we view is you know if you look at the amd offerings today? We are you know sort of top to bottom and that's really really important. which is you have entry level capability which which is important and Because you re reaching a large number of users And then you also have you know the the premium level designs which are really important and that goes across consumer and commercial so our view is we believe we can address the large portion of the market and You know that's why this this is such an important lunch for us. Do you need to do consumer marketing to raise awareness and sort of that that zone of very popular entry level laptops where you have now better performance yes we certainly do need to do Consumer Marketing and we do that a lot through our partners and through the retailers and so you know partnerships ships with you know people like best buy jd dot com and Dixon's And I think You know the more you know. It's sort of like success. Begets success and so the you know the more sales are the more people know about the rising brand. The more people who are building systems with rising I think that That also promotes the brand in quite a bit. So this question straight from twitter shares are you committing to better support for the four thousand series with drivers for longer than in the past I would say longer than in the past is a is an open ended question but I think what you can definitely say is we are committed to very very strong ecosystem support so the drivers will be supported actually. Even last year we started offering our day. One drivers that we use for discrete graphics cards also for our notebook processors and that that is what the ecosystem wants they want. They want more access to the leading edge of the capabilities and so yes. We are very committed to doing that. You're talking a lot about consumer laptops for talking on a CPU performance and laptops is that you're taking shares market is growing for you or or is out of market. You think that this kind of persist long time sort of classic windows laptop you know. We think there's a huge market for windows laptops and slop owner as freaking out there like pulled over in their car and then they send me an email we support we support chrome and we support links and and so the there. It's not a matter of. We're not supporting the other operating systems. But there's a large market out there for windows and Our partnership with Microsoft has just gotten stronger over the last couple of years and hardware. Business help that we had on the show and he was an answering service. It is a great friend I do think the relationship with surface has been a key part of you know when you look across the MD relationship your show with Microsoft it goes across the xbox lineup now surface As well as the cloud azure and all the stuff with windows. And it's a very partnership so yes. We're very excited about that. Were excited about the work that we've done with surface and we think it will get better with time. Has that actually changed dynamic of sort of what you would classically call like the wintel ecosystem right where they are now making their hardware. They're running up against challenges. You are a formidable competitor. They can help them solve some of their design problems. His Ad actually provided entry point framed to come in and say. Hey we actually can do some stuff. Why does it window support this better and then the ecosystem the system can grow? I think again. It's back to this notion of success. you build on success and I think the fact that we have gained share the fact that the rising Reisen brand has gained share the fact that the products are really really good and and Microsoft also is so good at system design and integration that together we've been able to build Some very special things so that's the CPU side Well actually mark. How much longer do you think sort of the seven? Nanometer run is right. I mean this is like the big generational shift. We're seeing. It already happened in mobile. Your first out of the gate with x eighty six WCHS. How much longer do you think this? This particular run has well seven nanometers a big node. Yes so You know you can expect that we're going to be on seven nanometer for quite some time but we're always always looking at what's next as well so at the appropriate time we'll We'll transition to the next generation but seven nanometers big note With a lot of capability ability. So you're going to see it for a while so you think the future of sort of big performance. Drums is tied to process improvements. I think process improvements is a piece of it. It's not the biggest biggest piece of it but it's an important piece of it and so my view is with the process. No transition you WanNa be you know at sort of the leading edge like within. Can you know let's call it. You know six months or so and and that gives you the foundation to build on top of it and to build great design and great product and ingred systems on top of it and so You know I view it as important but not the determining factor so that is the side. You mentioned Microsoft xbox a little bit. You've obviously you're growing share in sort of the classic laptop chip with rising. You've got these really big sort of integrated wins with the PS five. We saw the logo yesterday. MAZING precedent to see the PS. Five logo I really enjoyed. It looks for the Peace Portland it they changed the four to five. You've got the X.. Box Walks onstage yesterday. showed off apple's Mac pro watch event you've got ships in there. Is there a crossover between how you designing those integrated products or working in innovative negated products. And what you're doing with the more traditional side feed off each other or are they totally separate no they're very integrated. I mean the way to think about it. Is You know we invest in the foundation and a graphics is a very very important foundation for us. you know under the radio on umbrella you know with our new architecture our DNA a That is going to be core to our business are discrete graphics. Sort of add in board business as well as to these big partnerships As if you stay with Microsoft and Sony and apple and others and You know I view it as just you know you can take that same technology and bring it across as you know many different markets. So we're we're very excited about graphics. Gaming is core to our heart and We're excited for the consoles that come out later this year and we're also excited for our own discrete graphics chips that will come out now yesterday. We launched the fifty six hundred X T for ten eighty P. And I know that You know I got a a few twitter comments about. Hey where's the big knobby And my comment is look navy's coming so we'll we'll have You know certainly a a the high end chip in the discrete graphics areas. Well and it's all part of the portfolio when I saw when I put out the call for questions number one question. Yeah well maybe not so specific but what all this focus on ten eighty P in four forty gaming at eight. KTV's everywhere you go you actually talked about AK and the district. Are you thinking about the high end of the graphics market. Wh why the focus on ten EP gaming right now well I think the way to think about it is when we put together roadmap we put it together in a very deliberate way and so I think we have a great roadmap around today p fourteen forty with our our Fifty five fifty six fifty seven hundred series and the gun very well. That was the first incarnation of our our D. N. A. Architecture sure and You know you should expect that things only get better with time and that's the way it was with our CPA roadmap and that's the way it will be with our GPO roadmap as well and so. Yeah you'll see you know large graphics capability from us as we go through the year. And we're excited about that. But let's say it's sort of the inverse of how you traditionally traditionally think about it. Right you traditionally start with the highest horsepower. Part and it comes down. You're talking. We're we're going to go up. I don't know if there's a traditionally in any particular particular in any particular market. I mean there are a lot of people who are still gaming. Ten Eighty Center making a huge mistake should be buying the graphics arts. Well I hope they do. It's all matter time it's all a matter of time on the side. You also announced racing premium. I actually really think variable refresh rate is. It's sort of an under appreciated technology on the gaming site people obviously like it and care about it but across sort of every display. I would like to see more available refresh rate what. What's your thought on the market? Is it going to become a more mainstream consumer offering that you're graphics enables it's something you see demand for. Is it something that it's is there. Yeah no IT'S A it's a great point I think I do agree with you. I think The display environment is under appreciated. I think we've been focused on free sync across us all price points for a while and We expect it to become even more prevalent so we have over a thousand displays now that support for sink and will continue to to build that ecosystem. Everybody Verge cast is you may have heard vox media studios an an epoch partnered with apple. TV plus to create a show called the Little America that tells eight unique stories about how people got to America from around the world. It was inspired by the extraordinary. True Stories. First reported in epic magazine from Syria to Uganda to Mexico Nigeria. The series brings to life the funny romantic heartfelt inspiring and surprising stories of immigrants. That's in America in the manager. Eleven year old Kabeer must learn to run a Utah Motel on his own when his parents are deported back to India and then Beatrice the only one for twenty two siblings to be set from Uganda to college. United States embarks on a journey towards the American dream by selling her chocolate chip cookies from a basket on her head. The show is produced by an array of glittering names including Eisenberg who worked on the office and Camille Nanjiani who's obviously from Silicon Valley and the big sick little America's must see is live now. Open the apple. TV APP on your iphone or connected TV to watch all the episodes upset or go straight to TV DOT APPLE DOT COM. That's TV DOT APPLE DOT COM and apple. TV plus subscription is required. I'm Jillian Weinberger. Who's the impact of podcast from? Vox about how powerful people affect the rest of us this season. We're looking at the big ideas from all the people running for president. In Twenty me twenty hit this opioid crisis head on public option. move away from Oslo fuel to energy efficiency and it's GonNa be Great Wall that is going to work. A lot of those ideas actually been tried before like that. Wall trump wants to build the gala Zona has had one on its border for decades. MM-HMM I don't understand why individual people have a right to have a fence and yet a country can't Senator Warren's proposal proposal to end the OPIOID crisis it's based on what we did to fight the AIDS epidemic. We would like to name it. The Ryan White Care Act and the green new deal. Germany tried something similar similar in two thousand this solution this season on the impact. We have those stories. The big ideas from twenty twenty candidates worked or didn't work in other places or at other times. These are the stories that will help us understand what might happen if these proposals get rolled out here in the next four years. Subscribe to the impact on Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP to get new episodes now back to that sort of high. GPA aside another very popular question. Russian got was NVIDIA has its high. ngop user used a lot for sort of off the shelf machine learning off the shelf. I you don't have that focus this quite as wi with as much emphasis I would say. Is that something you're thinking about as well or do you. Just don't have the parts yet so we have actually a number of machine learning during parts as well so You know last year. We launched what we call the fifty M I sixty I think it's fair to say that Our machine learning. Ai Efforts are more targeted at large cloud customers with the idea that they will bring that technology into the industry but for those who want to use them. I think there there's certainly Certainly important market and you'll see more parts from us in the future but flick the sort of ten flows in the world are not open Seattle right there. Well I actually you can run tensor flow on. AMD RADIO AND GPS. Today performance. I think the performances competitive I think the performance will get better her and you know again. I I think the the idea of sort of where we focus so we are very much on the Partnering During With Large Customers to get the technology out there. And you know that's our that's our our view in the data center. GPO space so if if you look at some of the The large wins that we've announced like for example Google Stadia is using a MDG pews and that's Very very much you know based on on some of our cloud gaming efforts you know we're also working As I said on tensor flow. We're working with some of the other large cloudplayer's as well with neighbouring are machine learning capabilities. Do you think that's market at the scale of the opportunity and concern about tops. Or in heightened gaming I do think it is a market that that will continue to grow over time and is one of the larger growth markets. I would say it's still you know relatively early. You know. Sort of in its incarnation but yes I do think it's a large market because when talk about MD and high performance competing. That's so often what people think about is massive machine learning deployments. Yes but it's not you don't think it's mature enough three guys center yet. No I wouldn't say that I would just say that our entry point is with large customers like for example. If you look at some of the large wins that we have for example. We're in the Oak Ridge National Labs Supercomputer so their next generation supercomputer that comes out in two thousand twenty anyone is using a combination of MDC amd jeep us that's as high performance computing. As you can get right from US supercomputing standpoint. I think the The the horsepower. There is is key. You're those are examples of sort of large investments that we've made they're not exactly consumer investments yet but they're examples of where we're taking sort of the best that we haven't seen in the best that we have in jeep us and putting them into a system system that Just has tremendous horsepower so Sort of on that note. Just take the long view here like these ships yesterday. There's GonNa be laptops tomorrow on the tenure Arc de you still think people are going to need this amount of local processing performance and their lives all GonNa live in a cloud like what is a vendor of chess. What keeps you up at night about where the instrument being so what's exciting for us is People will continually need more horsepower. And they will need it in both places they will need it in the cloud sort of in the back office Because there's a lot of processing that you can do there. But we are all inherently impatient patient people and We all like you know sort of our desk side support and if you really think about that What you need you know sort of you know whether you call call it the edge or whether whether you call it sort of you know sort of a local You want more capability because you know if the network is down if there's latency in the network work if there's ABC you you still want to have that computing capability You know personally as well and so I think you're going to see growth on both. Both sides were putting a huge focus into to the data center. Because we think that there's actually a lot of opportunity as the workloads change that you will see significantly vacantly new technology in the data center. But you know like I said you know this week is so we talked about on the consumer side but both sides are going to need a lot of computing. So so as a as a Tech Person I think there's plenty for us to do for the next ten years so that kind of brings who where consumers are now you we. We have not really talked about mobility and have laptops. Are you interested in making more mobile processors. Are you interested in doing smartphone ships. Have you ever thought about taking the arm license. Go for it yeah. Look we've certainly thought about all those things but one of the things that I'm I'm very clear about at. AMD is look. Let's be clear at what we're good at. We're just very very good at high-performance things and you know the more compute. You need the better our value proposition. We're not a smartphone company. We're not a SMARTPHONE company Other people who are who are better at that We do partner like for example we partner with Samsung on their mobile phones and they're using our graphics or their co developing. Some graphics are for the mobile phone market. But I don't think you're GONNA see. AMD chips in mobile phones anytime soon. And I think that's good you know we're we're we're we're into big things and we'll go from laptop to supercomputer. That's that's our range sketch out a scenario. Let's say there's like a dominant operating system in the world and it was tied to a single chip maker to kind of hit it performance ceiling and a challenger brand who'd come in with a better performance part. I worked a little bit better enabled new form factors that would seem like an opportunity for MD.. Just historically and right now you kind gotta have the exact same thing happening within injured qualcomm right. You don't see that as the same kind of opportunity you know I look at. There's a confluence of events that are important and You need the market to be good. No question and the market is important. And that's why we're so excited about our markets are markets it's whether you talk about. PC's or gaming data center. We think. Add that up. That's over. Seventy five billion dollars market so there's plenty of market to go after you add smartphones owns. That's another many many billion so there's a lot to go after but you also have to be you know. All technology is not created equal right so to make you know large large x eighty six chips that will do you know teraflops and exa flops of computing is different from you know doing an Iot chip or doing something like that and so I think you need both market and then you need you know sort of you know real technology expertise and Like I said we're very confident in our roadmap around high performance computing and there's plenty of market for us to go after. Yeah so on that side of things you have recently lied what I would call it a pretty furious sprint overtaken in performance. Especially how did you make the changes that company of accomplish that. I'm always interested in particularly to see us. It's about quite honestly how you manage change and manage goals like that so I think for us. It's really a couple of things I think it's mm clear. Focus on what we're trying to do. So we said on the performance side. We knew it would take us at least five years. Where did you say that Obviously obviously public but in what did you like have an all hands meeting with everybody. AMD and be like. Here's what we are now going to say together. Did you have a smaller meeting where you say. We're pivoting the company how do you. How do you implement a decision of vision? Like what's I think all of the above So you do it. In a small forms with cert- of the inner circle do it enlarge forms. You do it in board meetings. You do all kinds of forms but the key is to put your money where your mouth is right and And so the investments have to be very focused in our investments have been very focused on a CPA leadership and GP leadership and You know that And and people can see that and so and the other thing is you also have to realize that you know good technology takes time and so so you know Zen one was Very very important first step is into is amazing and we're extremely proud of whereas into you know sits it's in the market today And then we're working on then three and four and five and so it's it's a It's a journey chipmakers. I think are different from the companies as I usually talk to in that your lead times are way longer. Your bets are bigger. Your risks are higher. You have to work in a much longer timeframe. Where where do you sort of manage the risk? Where do you say we're actually going to go left instead of right and we we might get it wrong? We think we've we think over the course of the three years of this particular development that we're actually going to get it right where we think we have opportunities to enter it as we go. Yes they are definitely three to five year investments and we decided the way ahead of time. Hey when are we gonNA use seven nanometer. And what is the first ship. And what is the second trip in. What is the third and the fourth and the fifth and and those decisions are bets? And so you have to you have to be. You don't have to be right all the time but you have to be right. You know a good portion of the time I think for tech companies. It's you have to make long bets but then you have to check very often and make sure that you're still on track for what you said you were going to do and there are times that we have to make changes and make pivots you you know like hey that was a really good idea. But you know it's taking too long or it's costing too much area or we're not getting the performance and We have to pull back on that idea and that happens from time to time so we make really long road maps but we check very often. Where does that happen for you? The like of a problem with that scale gets to you. It's like uh-huh I'm assuming it's a big problem. Where the check sort of these big company? Where do you see the sort of invention the lower scales versus what comes to you? I I like to to believe that we're a big company but that we operate like a medium sized company that's GonNa lie and say your startup. No no big companies will be like we're start up to start up. We're not like huge and I gotTa tell you I do get frequent updates products folks as growing up and that's that's it should be and so do you think like when you're setting out the big goals are is that coming from sort of the mid tier of your engineering management is coming from you aching up one day and saying what we're doing in this way and we're just implementing it. How does that work? Yeah so we have. We have a group of people that includes. It's sort of our most senior technical people. So you know we call them a corporate fellows We have about Six of them and You know they're they're specialists in their areas. So it's people like you know Mike Clark who's our head of our our CPU architecture. Mike Mentor WHO's the head of our architecture. CONTEXTUAL SEM NAP singer who runs power and these are like really really smart guys and they sort of look at a lot of the employees of what's happening in the industry and what's happening in our roadmap and they make set of recommendations and then at You know with myself and some of our staff Jeff we really do look at the road maps. You know very often and make sure that we're making the right bets at the right time. So you're describing a people who make decisions How is sort of MD.? Broadly organized on stuff. Like I'm always interested in how companies are managed from that perspective. Yeah so again we have sort of you know long lead time. Ip Thinking that as the core CPU. I is a re run by our. CTO Mark Paper Master. Their goal in life is to make sure that for the next five plus years that roadmap is extraordinarily competitive and that is their goal in life Eh. There's there's you know thousands of people under the but there's no question that that's you know between mark and Mike and that team they have to do that and then on the GPO side We have Someone named David Wang. Who Does the same thing his job is to make sure that the GP roadmap is extremely competitive competitive and so those are the foundations and And then we have product people who decide. Okay well let me take you know. When do I take into into the products? Takes three you know. Yeah those types of things On the product side which of sides which which has an surprises my guess is the. GPO team has dealt with more surprises over the past few years in terms of where the market's growing versus team. But I think it is true that the GPO side has had the market moves a little bit quicker when you look at the the requirements that come in gaming whether you're talking about PC's or consoles or cloud or you're talking about machine learning. I think there's been just explosion of requirements on the GPO side. But that being the case. I think you know both both teams are are very clear on what their goals Are and they're very focused on what their goals are all right so last set of questions in my mind years resolution twenty twenty verge cast. I'm going to ask everybody. This question is is the hardest question. I don't have an answer for it. When do you actually do work? Hopefully someone can tell me and then I can do. I actually actually do work here here at CS. You've got ten thousand meetings. At some point you have to like sit down and write an email to me indicate or have to say I do quite a bit of work in the morning You know before like for example. This morning I was up at four. AM This is specific. Time I live in Austin it was easy to be up at four. AM But Yeah there's there's a lot of time you know. That's what planes four. That's what you know. Downtime is for. I was sold take for watching bad movies. No planes or for thinking okay plans for thinking. I'm very impressed. I cannot do anything on a plan to win. Maybe watching me. So you're you're basically finding in between times. Yes yes I think look we are. You know it's a very fast paced world that we live in and you know every minute of the day something changes but I have to say. That's what that's what makes it exciting. Yeah that's what makes it exciting. You're not one of these. CEO's like spend forty eight hours in complete silence before the issue world. Changing my mind. That is not me. I've met a lot of those having really. Yeah I think particularly software. CEO's they want to spend time just like walking and talking and they want to issue a memo about how he's GonNa take over the world or something now. I wake up every morning wondering hey what's what's in the news today. What's going on because we are in a very you know? Although we're talking about five year road maps a lot happens on a daily basis and It's all about you know making making sure that We are responsive and doing the right things and on the right path and every minute counts yourself is more. I mean that you're describing Bass's asks questions about something like very curious that people think of this stuff that is sort of a reactive usher but amy's obviously a sort of forward thinking company. How do you think about split? Yeah I don't I don't view it as reactive Divi view as responsive and now one of the things that I think is most important is that you don't I learned very early that if you're too inwardly hardly focused. That's where you lose because yes you can set out a five-year roadmap but if the world has changed you know it's not the right road map and so I think it is really you know about For me it's about technology it's about our customers about the market and ensuring that we're very responsive to You know what we see is happening on a daily basis. So you got your focus. You'd think of work work a lot of things a lot of people. Some people think of going to meetings is work. I mean like you're actually alone thinking like writing or reading. That's the morning for you. Yeah Yeah and and I do think workers meetings it's too. I'm not a heat. Transfer beatings no no but you realize that people need to formulate their thoughts and and so when you have the idea that you have people coming together and saying hey this is what we want to do. We actually spend time saying. Hey does that make sense and and so yes. There's there's a lot of alone time but there's also a lot of making sure that the team feels that you know we're in this together last question. You're obviously last question was the last question I want to end on. Amd Not just the the value of alone time okay. That's why that's why you want to get meeting. This meaning was over five minutes ago. No but in terms of amd broadly obviously a big concern. Pushier wh what do you think people should be looking for across the next five from Mt not big focuses beyond just iterating the generations of prostitutes. Now I think we are very focused on being a mover of the technology landscape. And I know that that sounds very lofty but the way I look at it is there are lots of decisions to be made in attack and we are big player in that and so the fact that you know. Let's call it were in high performance and high performance streep US and they can be in the largest supercomputers in the world. I think that's a place that we feel very good about and so we want to be driving that direction of technology over the next five years. Well thank you for taking the time. Take a great super thank you okay. My thanks to Lisa Sue. CEO of Amdi for being on the show. I love your feedback on these interviews. You can tweet at me at reckless. Tell me what what you WanNa hear about who you want me to talk to. That's always really good information for me to get. We'll see you later this week. Chat show again on Tuesday with the interview. Show back at twenty twenty year. Let's do it.

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