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The guy who ended up on a turtle. Adam curry john's devora thursday may twenty seven twenty twenty one award nation media fascination episode. Thirteen fifty is no agenda gaining function broadcasting live from opportunities own thirty three here the frontier austin texas capital of the drawing star statement. Everybody i'm adam curry either silicon valley where everyone's looking forward to their booster shots and jesse sure sure they are but wait. It's thursday do. We have a three by three we do. But it's kinda dull. But i'll go through hold on now. It's time a off by three. What have you noticed this morning zhong. Abc they're promoting a history channel special under on the uplifting very uplifting nineteen twenty one tulsa. Grace massacre black wall street was blowed up and it's very depressing and then of course there is no way why are they. Why are they focusing on that. We already had black history month. Been what are they doing. I don't know the trying to get to stir up a race right. I think that's abc. And then we go over to The cbs and they had a special on stopping asian. Hate christer reflect to asians like so. It'd be interesting to and And then nbc and this has been the theme of these these morning rundowns nbc always has what would always associate with abc which is some sort of a flaccid self promotion of some hollywood crap in this. This was a a an interview with the hosts of america's got talent though how they were how i was their live. They just had the the big finale which i would like to point out had twice the ratings of the billboard music awards which fell to an absolute all time low zero point seven rating ladies and gentlemen spend that money and that was that was it manager big three. Wow wow well. I'm glad people tuned into this show. Then get some content because overnight. We learned that breaking news victoria. The south east melbourne is locking down seven day mandatory like man twelve. New cases identified locking. Pluckily moly locking down. All of victoria people running away from their homes to get to sydney to get out of the victorian state. So they don't have to be black down like by anna's like dogs now so i mean if you look at the key and i understand. They're going into winter there and they're very worried and china is close to them and probably hating them all kinds of weird stuff. Maybe this is part of what china wants. I don't know i really don't know. But when i hear the victorian healthman week. It's obvious that they're doing it wrong but that vaccinations for everyone. That's eligible this effect saying that just keeps mutating even once. We're all fully vaccinated every expectation that we're going to have to keep up. Lose two shots. Well into the future until the this thing i mean. They've got the mutating vaccine. You didn't hear did you. I barely could hear. Listen again but that full. Vaccinations for everyone. That's eligible this effect thing. That just keeps mutating. They've got the mutating vaccine that goes into collections. Should not yes it does not to. I don't wanna drop off from where you're going with this but i do want to throw this in. Which is this is representative. Green from maryland green maryland and we have a reversal here. Second round comments. Just reiterating this issue about the origins of the vaccine. There are multiple articles coming out now that that make all sorts of implications. We need to get to the bottom of it. It's a shame. This committee has not addressed raymond. Well wait a minute. Wait a minute here that again. Second round of comments. Just reiterating this issue about the origins of the vaccine. There are multiple articles coming out. Now that make all sorts of implications. We need to get to the bottom of it. It's a shame this committee has not addressed it. Okay so what what. What am i hearing here. Just the opposite of what you played. We'll set the origin of the virus. Gosh it so you. Sometimes you don't even hear it the third time you will as crazy second round comments. Just reiterating. This issue about the origins of the vaccine. Oh my god we're trained. We're trained to do this. Imagine how much crap is just seeping into people's brains not here larry's Well about the origins of this horrible vaccine. Well let's let's stick with those origins and let's let's get Let's get everything started with a little bit of humor early in the morning. Now what i've been waiting for the entire week We saw fox news fox. News was all over the story and cnn and msnbc hesitant in new york. Times and i'm talking about is the possibility. My god the possibility that this might have come from a lab in wuhan boy. I find it interesting that this is by the way there's efforts going by. How do we have done. Mrs interesting uh-huh so we have. We have ten cars a moist his but his it's did is the eight car train without the without the mail car but it had the mail car and an ad on car another one. This is rare that we'd have so many within the same month some strange looking Dome car that came from. I don't know what railroad For people out there who it was silver with a red accents so ladies and gentlemen alert. Cnbc squawk box. We have zephyr economic report. We've got eight cars with a male car and a bonus card that means that bitcoin is bouncing back. Thirty nine thousand four hundred and fifty. My god bless so yes. Let me let me put you back on track racing. I find it interesting. I do have to clips about this. You went we'll go to those put their from. Npr where they're trying to avoid the topic but they can't this. This topic is now out of control. What's beautiful about the topic is first of all. I want to see. Everyone start to say. Oh yeah because you know something happened. And it's we know is it has to be related to the sudden change with the mask mandate the complete obliteration of bill gates. And everyone around him now. Something is going on these these these these feel very connected and so now that we have all the news networks when i say news networks including cnn and msnbc talking about this gain of function research. Now we need to also focus for maybe for us prior priority. Here is focus on the media. And how they're going to excuse themselves from just dismissing this as orange man bad stupid conspiracy theory Which is fantastic. Because they there's no way to say it other than well. Let's listen to a couple of examples. let's first go to the view. The view and rupee is interviewing there. I think it's the abc doctor lady and then We'll even get a little A little way in from joy behar. Let's just hear how the view ladies try to walk this one back. Do you think this pandemic hint in the way that it had thank. Everybody had an idea of where it came from but nobody knew for sure and no one was leading the science. Roll out to find out. Just no one. No one was leading. The cy is so good going to be stopping this. No one was leading the science. Roll out you see. No one is she. She means trump but she doesn't say came from. Nobody knew for sure and no one was leading the science rollout to find out. Do you think that might be a reason to find out. This is complete bullcrap so many different theories I do think that's partially it. I think also there was some there. Were people that had raised concerns early on a couple of years before saying that you know the safety precautions in this particular lab won't continue you know always followed and when that theory came that it could have come from a lab came out under the former administration and i think the messenger matters during when theory started to be told the messenger matters when it comes to science it was buried in an administration and a former president who often troch in Kind of racist whistles and so confused because all we heard was racist tropes and dog whistles and we were confused be like well. This can't be true because it's coming from the racist men buried the message that could have been actually reasonable but no one was going to hear it because it came from under trump's administration and the media at that time was used to what he rolled out and they were going to push back on that admitting it when round was march eight ron april last year. I think i did a whole segment outlining how this came from the lab. How debunked because of a letter to the editor at nature medicine magazine and this is again. Congratulations to all producers of the no agenda show because of the expertise that we have amongst our producers we. I think we're very healthy because we stayed very calm throughout all of this and we also throw in some humor but we we saw all of this and there was enough to feel calm. That all right. We're going to figure this out. This is bullcrap and here we are. And you're right all of this stuff. It started with phoning the phony charts and then the pcr test all of this. The hydroxy chloroquine pasco that that one still unraveling. We're still on right now in the middle of the scandal. But let's go back to. It's so good. The media at that time was used to what he doled out and they were going to push back on that. I think more investigation is needed. But i think there is whether the world health organization is the one to do it is debatable because again they seem to have some partnerships or china has undue influence on them. And i don't quite understand that. And i think collaborative international committee economies have been toppled over. Three million. people have died. We need people from all over the globe to come together and get in there because china has not been transparent about this right so what she's going on about without mentioning is that during this period trump pulled funding all funding from w. h. o. And said that they were a stooge of china but that that he's racist. It was just as normal xenophobic tropes. We don't pay no attention. The dog whistle dog whistle. Thank you he couldn't be right. You know we knew this. Where the media. What a failure. What a canard. Collaborative international committee economies have been toppled over. Three million. people have died. We need people from all over the globe to come together and get in there because china has not been transparent about this doors cleared of criticized pfau chief for not knowing the exact answer when everyone wanted it now. I mean you know this. Anti science crowd on the right with the with trump has been criticizing xiaojie from the giddy app. Kind of oracle of delphi. Instead of a scientist now the man gets the facts gets the information and then joust what he says to people would expect from him and you know trumpets was blaming the chinese from the beginning because he was using them as scapegoats. If it happens to be true that it comes from wuhan well. That was just a lucky break on his pipe. Because in my opinion by your the deep that level of deep seated hate people like joy behar. It's really humiliation to the network executives have put that show on their completely day allow. This is really toxic. This is talks. Materialists poisoning the public mindset. They are completely oblivious to what they're doing they are a- tone-deaf colorblind everything and it stems most of the stems from the new york times reporting maggie haberman and this will lead you into your npr clips because of how she talked this one. Let's see what she thinks about this. Do you think it's important to remember that part of the issue when this was first being reported on and discussed back a few months after the pandemic had begun was that then president trump and mike pompeo The secretary of state both suggested they had seen evidence that this was formed in a lab and they also suggested it was not released on purpose but they refused to release the evidence showing what it was and so because of that that made this instantly political. And there's no evidence now either but something changed. Something happened things coming down. Npr does take it from the perspective of the official official dumb. And i have two clips. Were they're trying to get out of. It actually may be nice to travel vaccine is whereas the one. I'm looking at a wuhan. Origins origins two clips wanted to try. Start with one today. President biden released a statement about the origins of the corona virus. In it he said that. Us intelligence agencies are unsure whether the virus developed naturally or was accidentally released from a lab separately on capitol hill's some of the nation's top scientists called for a more thorough investigation into the origins of the virus. Joining me now to discuss what this all means is npr science and security correspondent. Jeff brumfield hyrule high okay. So let's talk. What exactly did it say. Well it said. The intelligence community was divided over whether the coronavirus came from a natural source or whether it was the result of a laboratory accident now the majority of the nation's many intel agencies said they weren't sure but to agencies thought it was probably natural one thought it probably came from a lab. All three of those assessments are low to moderate confidence based on the data. They have so. So it's it's not a high competence assessment louis low to moderate confidence. That is not reassuring. What exactly does that mean. I mean the short answer is it means. They don't know low to moderate confidence could mean that they don't have a lot of sources of intelligence to draw on or that they don't trust the sources they do have such a scam to give this over to intelligence agencies. Are you kidding me completely to pin this kind of breathless reporting of all. What is that mean bill. Oh my god yes it just like. Oh it's horrible. It's terrible as the rest of this crap. And the fact we're seeing a split is a further indication that there's no clear answer from the intel. That's available. i mean. This isn't particularly unusual for the intelligence agencies. What is a little unusual is the fact that the president put out such a clear statement on the lack of clarity. That's interesting. why do you think biden did that. Well since the start of this pandemic there's been this theory going around that the virus by do come from a lab in the chinese city of wuhan this is the first known cases appeared and there is a lab there the wuhan institute of raji that works with bat corona viruses. So the idea would be that. There was some sort of accident at the laboratory. Somebody got sick and then they walked out into the city and they triggered this pandemic now. The trump administration pushed this theory extremely hard. They were trying really really hard to pin and on china and republicans in congress have kept that pressure up so today's statement seems to be in part intended as sort of a signal for more measured approach from the biden. Ministrations one Sh- story with you. Because i stumbled something that might relate to the intelligence agency so two weeks ago before this all came down. Let me see. The story is from may seventeenth. Cdc's deputy director. Dr anne shoot shot to retire from agency after three decades of public service. She says it's time to go. Smell some roses. Another senior official resigned. This is may seventh what agency. Cdc he's it from the cdc. Say okay senior. Cdc official who i warned if covid nineteen pandemic resigns dr nancy massoni as warning to prepare for pandemic and early twenty twenty drew fury from and president donald trump. Now these were senior people within the cdc. And i did something crazy. I've looked up in the book of knowledge. Nancy mess on ebay. Guess who her brother is. I'm guessing that it is something that's gonna go. Make a what rod rosenstein. Oh really no ago. What really expected all really me neither. How about that and she resigned. She was the first one to say. Pandemic is coming. It's rod rosenstein. Character is right up to the whole thing to his neck. That was he is he still. What is what is doing. not you mention it. Because it's for some of his name for a while. But i'm sure he's still got his hands into something or other. I believe because. I have a bunch of clips from this dr peter mccullagh. Yes yes yes. Was this thing on crowder. I was on crowd watch. I saw someone sent me a whole bunch of clips and then i saw a your clip. Some like john's got clips. So this gets around for an hour and forty minutes. I only have a few clips. But i wanna have some more clips coming up because the next show. But he's a this guy is the most i mean. There's no he's unassailable. As as a as an opinion. Dr opinion guy. Oh yeah he's got he's got so many degrees and he's got and he's a professor and he's ahead of a bunch of magazines and he's he's just too in do it to be and he's in cardiovascular which what you know the and he he is currently i hope avoiding hot tubs general aviation small mccafe. Shooting can't get him any other way that it would have to shoot him. But i don't think that's going to happen. I sure hope not. I was thinking of something else that i got off track there. You were talking about. Oh yeah rosenstein. I didn't know if you wanted to play mccullough are we. Stay with the that but when it's finished what you're doing our there was something you said that triggered a thought i'd lost the thought. Rod rosenstein road rod rosenstein relate the cdc sisters the cdc lady who. Here's what you you mentioned earlier. You what why is this. Why are these stories now. Coming out there was little hint of it. I think with the mccullough. He doesn't not mike clips. But i'll just mention it. I think that a there's three books ready to hit the market That are gonna blow the lid off of this stuff there. They're unassailable sore investigative. People that are gonna blow the lid off of this all this crap and it's kinda looked like some sort of a schema mccullough hints at. Do you know how do you know how do you know what's three because you mentioned three books. Oh okay that he knows about. And that's why no it's three could be tan. Still thinking about it should be about fifty but there is coming in other words the coming whatever the whatever it is the information is is is starting to come on. These guys are protection. These guys are doing these stories in advance of the any. You you mentioned it yourself. That they're back backtracking there on john. All of okay thank you. So that's what it is. Books are coming now now. We know what happened. Someone got word of what's happening. And that's when the mass had to stop. The china thing had to come in and bill gates is gone and something in one of these books may relate to all of that. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I having worked with new york publishers and having a few of them as friends. they're very gossipy. These books no book comes out is a big. No book comes out as the big secret. In fact we're usually comes out of stuff that was kept out of the book and its spread around like wildfire one. I didn't get to put this. Because legal lamb do it. Here's what it is and they talk about it there. So and these main shows like the view shows like data there all the time today and publisher tied to the publisher. They're all tighter these these guys so they know what's coming down at half this. How about this as a part of the damage control. Let's make sure that amazon dot com does not sell these books gift to give. Jeff bezos ten billion dollar contract for space outfit about that. It won't happen. No he has the ten billion dollar contract but just gave no way that the base was going to keep these books off this system to parent. What you just said. It's so obvious to you. I mean and it's the books. Come out yet. already see if you brand it. If you branded as trumpian conspiracy theory. No evidence factcheck false. What do you think you think. Well this is an interesting book. That's no you're you're you're i understand what you're saying but at the same time you what we're witnessing is evidence that's not happening okay. Because they're backtracking fair point. They're all freaked out to your point. I love it. Well not even backtracking actually worse and they threw the new the new the new kid under the bus at the at the at the white house a historic by the way at corinne jean-pierre who we know is that annoying from msnbc was on during the entire trump administration. Just now. she's now she's assistant spokes hole and its its groundbreaking because she is the first lesbian woman of color to hold this position and so she's very good at reading what she did. Msnbc and the question came up about. Hey you know what. What's up with china. What are we going to do if china started this and just i feel kind of bad for that. They gave her this assignment. Because this is the michael strahan thing or abc. The ball player all the gay stories. Right so she she. Gets the chinese stories. Mind think china would answer the questions that the us wants as early as the the covid. Nineteen pandemic has taken. I think one point three million lives globally. Six hundred thousand american lives about and it's imperative that we get to the bottom of just where the pandemic originated not just for the purposes of understanding this pandemic but the pandemic's dot com is. I've i've already kind of alluded to pandemics to comb. Pandemics tacoma as already alluded to. Oh we're the purposes of understanding this pandemic but the pandemic's tacoma's i've i've already kind of alluded to and so. This is something that we're going to continue to have conversations on. This is a global effort. It's not just united states alone as we're working with the who This is our process here with the ninety day That i just mentioned review. But we're just going to continue to work with. Who and and Whol is going to continue to to work with china on this. We wanted to get on. But why do we think the child would cooperate. You know this is. This is something that you have to ask detainees government. This is something that should be. It should matter to them to just go ask china dick this question for now. The president specifically asked for made this ask the president of china for their cooperation. In this i'm not going to go into Details private conversation that had with the with president. She all i can say today is that we're going to do this. Ninety day review ninety day this is. I mean wow what a kick the can down the road man. That's just nuts. Ninety day what is by the way you're seeing is ninety day review. They're pushing this. They got the flying saucer. Reported had was the same kind of thing. Let's push this on for set off yet ninety days we'll do ninety days. It the whole thing. I thank you very much For forgetting in the right mindset. What had happened. But it's i want to get to that real quick. Let me just to play this last one. Nbc kind of admitted that trump was right tonight with suspicion growing that cova nineteen emerged from this chinese lab president fives ordering us intelligence to redouble their efforts to report on the origins of the outbreak within ninety days. It's a dramatic shift for the white house. That just yesterday said any investigation should be run by the world health organization the president revealing that. Us intelligence is currently split over two possible scenarios both low or moderate confidence to agencies suspect give came from human contact with an infected animal and another leaning toward a laboratory accident. It comes after a. Us intelligence report found that three researchers from the wuhan institute of virology became sick with covid like symptoms and even went to the hospital right before the pandemic began former. President trump endorsed the league theory. More than a year ago when asked if he'd seen evidence giving them a high degree of confidence that the virus came from the last. Yes i have. And i think that the world health organization should be ashamed of themselves later joint study between the. Who in china. Dismiss the likelihood of a lab leak but recently dr fauci joined others now questioning china's claim that the virus came from nature. No i'm not convinced about that. I think that we should continue to investigate. What went on in china. Presen- biden suggested. The inquiry may have specific questions for china. Why do we think the child with this is something that you have to ask to chinese government right. This is something that should be important should should matter to them. But china's already been criticized for a lack of transparency in tonight. The white house will not say whether china would face consequences if they refuse to cooperate. All right so. I have a question. We have enough virologists Epitome allergists lab technicians. We've got a lot of people who understand this material in order to prove that it came from a lab. Isn't that as simple as looking at the damn thing and seeing that it was manufactured is that not the entire point is you can look at it and say this is different. This was probably spliced in with this we we discussed this on the show back in march april win. The french guy who everyone hates the nobel prize winning in medicine french guy looked at it. Will you look at it. But he looked at the data. He looked at the science. You look at the science. It looked at looked at what he knows. And he's very specific. Body says this is interesting. And he says this is a lab creation. And that's what he said. And that's where we. That's when i looked into the how how everyone started. Denying it and where that came from and this is old us. But it's so this is a year old to us this show. That's why i'm reiterating it. This is a i know. I'm just saying. I just want to remind people that this is not none of this new stability adamant i sit there and listen to these clips down. It's like oh that's the worst part. Everyone's running around outraged and we're like blase like we're very blase. 'cause thank you i could go back and find the cliffs. We did a year ago of the wants to do that. No need to. I mean we could cancel show. Just can't they just yeah can't they. Just get the. They decoded the thing so they have it. That's what we've been told although we've heard lots of reports they don't but they have it look at it. Tell me what the science says about. It hasn't been gained. Functioned has been amplified. Hasn't been in any way. What all the all. The intelligence community doesn't do this. Go to the lab and and cut that thing. The mike associates never happening. Because it's a lie. You can't have both ways. Something's ally one way or the other. They're trying to get out of the lie right now. We're witnessing as even peter even peterman colic. Which is i mean. He kind of he produced a paper. We can transition to little dry. Okay i like. It did a trait. Yeah it's very educational. He did a paper for a journal. American medicine association jama and with outlining the different kinds of treatments and it was all about treatments. And this was i think last year and he got a bunch of grief and they started pushed back on the grief that we put out in the show not the covid nineteen home treatment guide and he he became when he did this This interview which was an hour and forty minutes and it was just a couple days ago. He was baffled by a bunch of the and only have some clips. He was baffled by a lot of the way. It's been coming down and he's very suspicious and he gets to the point where it's border line you know crazy conspiracy theories about one world government and but he. He does a pretty good job of soft-pedaling at he doesn't sound like a complete nut case but is paranoia creeps in here and there. Let's listen to i can talk about it. I got to global one and two. But i want to go through these long clips. Which is how the process of getting published getting the truth. Outturn medical journals. Okay good does end and this will also reveal the books that are coming. I don't know if you mentioned the books in here or not. He does mention authors. There's way too much. I mean i can't i can only get what i thought was pertinent for. Today this is mccullough getting published. One was published the first paper in the american journal of medicine. Talk doctors how to treat covid nineteen now could have been somebody else. If doctors linko had the publication power. He could have done it or dr. Proctor could have done it. Dr riyadh could have done it or brian freed abroad brian tyson or george. It turned out that i was the person who had sufficient academic authority to do this. Okay and i have authority. I take complete responsibility for doing this. I did uniquely the only person in the world to do this. Others actually may have been trained and those papers may have been suppressed by editors. They probably work. Because we've found suppression of early treatment literature all over. It became impossible to publish papers. It was really hard. I may have just been the strongest and the most courageous doctor in the world to do that. But i did it. And the feedback. I was getting was tremendous. Of course this makes sense. I'm so glad this this got into the. The literature came out in the electric print in august and then it came into hard print in january when it hit january landed and all the medical libraries in the world. That's when things really heated up. And i do have to tell you that i got letters to the editor. That came into the american journal of medicine and joe. Dr joe alpert out of arizona editor. Joe let everyone of those letters come to me for response. The tenor of the letters is quite interesting. And they've come from duke university They've come from mcgill from monache university in australia. They've come from brazil. The tenor of the letters is dr mccullough. You can't do this. You can't treat covid nineteen patients. That's right is illegal. Can't can't use under that part too. But i find it defected. He named those names. Those are the names. That should be our blacklist are. I'm sorry are not whatever we call and pritam list. Yes that's the duke university. School of medicine. He's talking about And mcgill candidates talking about them. These people are this is corrupt is what we're what he doesn't say but that's what i got out of it. How about this. The book one of the books coming out ties the entire security state together with the gates foundation. The nih with the money and china ties it. All together could be could be because he does name not in these who would lead the gates foundation as well as the bad actors. Who would it has to be an author or a journalist of great esteem. Like bob woodward think about it think about it. What a comeback woodward book. What a comeback. For bob woodward is that we never happen mattei e be. No one will care. You know what i'm saying. The i think he's burn burn bridges. And now we'll see. He named in their names mo. And you got to throw some epstein in there just for good measure epstein. Yeah how 'bout how. 'bout matt lauer writes the book. Oh my god. I can dream forever. Okay was it should be an agent. Yes part too. And it's the most interesting my responses doctor. Please have courage. Let's let's let's do away with therapeutic nielsen. Let's join together and treat covid. Nineteen patients compassionately to reduce hospitalization and death. And we can do this. And i can do it. And we even have more supportive data so every time they say. Oh this doesn't work. And i say well here's five. More studies do hydroxy corcoran. We're up to hundreds of studies shows that it works. I've ever met and hundreds of studies. Steroids antiquated at least a dozen studies. We are so well supported in the concepts of treating covid nineteen th every time one of these letters comes in. I have a little fun with it. Because the position of strength is enormous. My thoughts in my positions and my statements overtime are becoming progressively stronger and progressively more powerful and the detractors. Sense that this. The the feeling of fear. Intellectual fear from my adversaries is palpable. I feel it every day and when that first paper came out in the american journal of medicine. My daughter's daddy wants to make a youtube video. I said i don't want to do social media for kids i just. I don't have time for this. She taught me how to do it. It was powerpoint. I literally just recorded my face down the lower corner war tie four slides santa's americans it's talion. We looked at safety looked enough. Ac- we looked at all the available data. We think this is the best way to put together the drugs. We had four slides on this got up in youtube. it went viral when absolutely viral and Then i got a message. You violated terms of the community and it was struck down then. I got a call from the us senate. So i told you. I knew something was going on because you. I'd never been called by the white house before. I've never been called by the senate before people in washington were following this. They were stakeholders in washington. Who innocence knew that. Something is going wrong here that this this viral infection could be treated but they were kind of waiting for someone in academic community step forward in literally say it can be treated. Oh yeah this is going to be so good it if it comes out in one cute little bundle be so abby the We had to again. I don't wanna keep patting ourselves on the back but you had a clip and it was very early days. It could have been a march of last year. And i refer to this tip every so often. It's about the actor that was on hawaii. Five o Who got cove nineteen early on and we anyways it was a clip of him talking about. He's yeah my doctor gave me a combination. Heidrick cook roxie chloroquine and zinc hair and the other drug curtis actor daniel day. Kim here is a treatment protocol. I followed as prescribed by my amazing doctor. It was what's called a drug cocktail which means it's a combination of different drugs. They consisted of tamiflu. Which is an antiviral. Are the antibiotic as mice. More commonly known as e. Pack a glycogen relate inhaler and that was used to. He's breathing and the inflammation that's commonly associated with covert and. Here's what i consider to be the secret weapon drowsy chloroquine. This is a common anti-malarial drug that has been used with great success in career in their fight against the corona virus. And yes this is the drug that the president mentioned the other day. It is also the drug the dr anthony fauci cautious about. He said that evidence that the drug was promising is anecdotal and that is correct. It means it was a study and it's only based on personal accounts. Add my name to those personal accounts. Because i m feeling better on march twenty six twenty twenty march twenty six. We played that clip and i referred to this clip a number of times in the last year and now a year over white remain. None of my now that we remember. The actor's name can actually find the when he referred to dan. You got you okay. Let's go to part three of this guy Part three and so. I ended up contracting covid. Nineteen myself in october. My wife came home with it. He got sick before you know it got sick got into my lungs. I was in approved. Protocols I quickly got into a protocol is hard but i was able to find protocol. I was on hydroxy. Corcoran is at their mice in a new nutraceutical bundle per protocol laid around needed steroids because lung involvement. But i wanted to show america that you could get covid. Nineteen and heffer medical problems which i do and be able to get through it without being hospitalized so on treatment day six Illness day eight beautiful sunny day in dallas texas. I went out far away from anybody else. And i went jogging and i was really short of breath until you al. Pretty strong runner. I was sure breath because of the covert involvement my lungs. But i ran all the way to a park. I made a video in the park. And then i made it all the way home and i had fun with it. I in fact. I played that eminem Music that said The recovery video. Any of you watch eminem. And i said i'm not afraid and just you know video of myself. I'm not afraid of covid nineteen video. That video was struck down and then ultimately had to get restored. Now wait a minute. Youtube is playing a role here. In addition to all the other stakeholders in suppressing any early treatment in fact the early treatment doctors started to become scrubbed from twitter from youtube from social media and then ultimately youtube with a very clear message. They said listen. We are only going to have information that that is in line with the cdc and h and fda nothing and everything else is going to be considered misleading and were making the judgment. It's our call on what's misleading. And what's not but if it's it's pretty easy to be in line with the cdc and fda because they say to do nothing so if the social media platform is to do nothing for early treatment and suppress early treatment which it is. The major media is to suppress early treatment Who nothing this is so deep. It's this one. This one issue is really is fascinating because it does involve all the players. The medical field right down to the the doctors quaking in their boots for not following orders at to course the wuhan lab to the vaccine companies to the media. I mean do you think maybe trump has something can you. Here's what i'm seeing. The two things that popped up which i think were countermeasures. One is this ball grand jury against trump. And we already looked into this. It's in essence based upon his former lawyer. Michael was the. What's the greasy guy. michael cohen. he He said oh well trump undervalued properties when it was tax time overvalue when he was going to borrow money. He's a liar so we need to investigate that too. Okay well we heard that a long time ago so that seems like a smokescreen on the other hand. You got the covid. Nineteen hate bill which is to stop. People say it. It was based on trump's and china and that was hurtful and asians got beat up by kkk guys. Of course it's not true but that's what they wanna make you believe so. Do you think that these two things are thrown. Up is so bad. They're they're just like throwing anything. Overboard that can be used as an anchor. Yeah tastic detroit and stuff overboard so fast as it in the next couple of winston head's going to spin it's going to be so crazy. I think you're right okay. Here we go not he'd matches in another study. This is kind of interesting to this. Part or of the getting published series. So i still go back and say who's responsible. I'd say the government agencies in this period of crisis if we're going to revert to government agencies in our task force and if our president can't be wise enough to even choose doctors who have ever even seen patient and know how to treat it if they're not wise enough to pick doctors who treat covid nineteen. We'll never have agencies that say we can treat covid nineteen and if we don't have agencies do that the nothing else is going to follow if the doctors and people we pick have never seen covid nineteen. They're scared of it. They don't know how to treat it. And the own can commandant on is wearing masks and social distancing vaccination. That's all that america's gonna have so america's response to covid nineteen official response has basically been to well. People wear masks clean. Best needed and america's offered nothing to the sick person when they get in the hospital. We haven't seen much feature on that. The drugs are pretty weak. Remdesivir convalescent plasma totalism. Ab steroids anticoagulant. You don't hear much about it and it's honestly too late Recently harvard group. The stop cova group has published those thick enough to get in the icu. The twenty eight day mortalities thirty eight percent unacceptably high going into hospitals a nightmare. I get desperate calls from all over the united states. Thank goodness for the major telemedicine regional. Thomas not basically have taken over there. The real heroes of the covid nineteen pandemic hospitals empty now hospitals here in dallas used to two hundred hundred patients at a time. Now they've got five the other day texas. We hit zero deaths. Zero early treatment is going to be one of the great great stories that historians and they'll reach out to ben marble. Who started my free. Dr dot com ben marble. That that whole telemedicine is run. Strictly by charity people donate money and they get patients their drugs. They prescribe hydroxy corker ivermectin steroids and other drugs put them in combination. They followed protocols terrific. They're seen thousands of patients by telemedicine everyday. Do you mind if i move towards Today based upon what he's saying here but well let me get to. I think it'd be better to get this other way. Because i think you can transition very easily. I'm done by the. He mentioned some operations. Think of the cote. Cobb nineteen group or something. You look these up online. And there's these doctors all over the country that'll do telemedicine. Yes you yeah and tell you what to do and tell you where to get it and give it. Give your prescriptions. Yeah short clips and then get into his little to comments about the global aspect of this. Because that's the frightening part. But i want to play these two short. He's including one he. I guess he's a doctor to a major black pastor in the dallas area who got got covid nineteen and then they got over it because they went through one of these protocols it was. That's a long part of the story like just cut. That is one to play the eighteenth second part of the end here were the black doctor or i'm sorry. The black preacher asking to do a webinar two black churches little clip here and so he became activates doctor mcculloch. Can you do a webinar. For african american churches nationwide. I did a webinar. And i presented my approach. And you know what. The comments were said dr mccullough. We knew we knew the government was lying to us. We knew this treatable. We knew it all along. People know this yes. Of course yeah interesting. And then i wanted to play this game which is a good intro to global clips and this is about a pregnant women getting vaccinated before a vaccine is ever been injected into pregnant woman. That's probably been tested for decades before we try to. We would never out of the box. Take a brand new technology. That's never been tested before. And we know that. The tech vaccine technology produces the dangerous spike protein. It produced the wuhan spike protein. The spin on the ball of the virus itself which damaged his blood vessels and causes blood. Clotting an all of them do. We would never unleash that into a pregnant woman's body america's under have to understand something is very wrong. What's going on what's going on now in the world. These are examples are clear cut examples of wrongdoing. That is at such a high level. The group is in the wrong direction in such a consistent an overwhelming way that people are being harmed in extraordinary fashion. who who thought that was a nice clip. Yeah well since he again and some of this is repetitive from his tucker carlson interviews or at least he's consistent and he's also consistent in not mentioning phaser moderna johnson johnson astrazeneca anything ever. He does not mention pharmaceuticals. He doesn't this all right. I didn't clip it. I was gonna put it on sunday but d- mansions each and every company. He says that there's a conspiracy between pfizer modern astrazeneca johnson and johnson the w. h. o. The bill gates foundation and the one of the health institute epstein. Just throw it in. Just throw it in always tucker carlson. So no he. He did in this. He didn't of course it was on v. Mio it's not on me fox. No of course not all right. Well let's listen to global one commentary the biggest and best trial and all of covid nineteen is co corona mentioned coaches shockingly coal corona the best trial four thousand patients double blind randomized placebo controlled trial the best quality that exists rejected by new england journal. Medicine rejected by jammeh rejected. By lancet. there is a global suppression on any early treatment. I want the listeners. How global is if we were to go north into canada. Doctors are threatened that their licenses will be examined or take away if they attempt to treat outpatient with covid nineteen. They are told this in. Canada in Northern e you. The same is true. Dr deora result Who is trying to innovate with hydroxy corcoran. Is that the mice. In france imperial times has been under degrees of a threat of arrest or partial or house. Arrest okay almost is. If we're back in the dark ages in australia in april they put on the books and queenland's australia a doctor who tries to help a patient with hydroxy corcoran could be penalized up into the point of going into jail for six months for helping to south africa. They put some doctors in jail for trying to help patients with ivermectin and the slaves go. Ooh trust the science. It's unbelievable Finish it off at the last clip right color globally to listen listen the powers that are out there that want to suppress early treatment and cause as much fear suffering hospitalization and death are not by happenstance. These are powerful forces that have created such fear among doctors. People are fearful. They're gonna lose their careers their livelihood. Their medical license people are afraid of going to jail in just helping their fellow. Man get through covid nineteen. This is extraordinary. Historians should go look through the course of time. The very first doctor who tried to help a polio patients survived polio with the iron lung machine which became really a stable. Icu device with thrown off medical staff thrown off staff. Well that goes back to the history of the homeopaths and the The aloe paths which the allopathic got all the funding osteopath. Your story right. But the aloe pass and i think that came. I know the pass came last. Nobody the yellow patches. Today's modern correct. They're the ones that got all the money. And then yeah so they got. The best results is probably the reason at the time. I think there certainly will would have gotten a lot of good results absolutely but it went a little too far now. It's just obvious that there's a majority now. There's a large group of doctors who either have been taught that you can't really do stuff like this. It's like diagnosed precise. Here's the weird irony to this. Is that these. Doctors are like you said they're just they look at some you'd kind of outlined it pretty well two shows backwards said they look. Here's a pill it here's a pill right in this situation worse. Here's the pill part right and it's so bad no treatment. Don't do anything for the i. Let him suffer and then been pushed as celie dead. We better get a vaccine out. Is it possible. I mean it seems impossible but actually i think the so much so much money flowing through the the medical system down to doctors a lot and people who work a people who buy for hospitals and then like my goodness man. We saw the hospitals and now buying up all the smaller change because they took all they took all the money by labeling everybody covid so this is a very powerful powerful institution and we had. We had a clip. If you recall the frontline doctors woman the one who heads it. brazil hysterical. But she's very good yep saying that she was treating patients One of the hospital. She works out of and they told her to stop. Here's a the premier of manitoba brian pallister. Now he's doing a cuomo type call in show. Everybody's my show here i'm i'm the premier premiere podcast. I'm gonna talk to y'all answer your questions and then this one came in and so for fighting this disease from you know from the time from land and from the sea so to speak. They're also things to be another kind of hesitancy. And i'm speaking about Treatment because the hesitancy to talk about ivermectin. There's the hesitancy to to try it. Seems and maybe you know something more about what our health system is doing but it was certainly news that i mean dr allesandro turned him. I'll call it just working at yale. Believes that i've mentioned could be very effective. He's tried it and of course he's not the only it's apparently drunk that does no harm in particular not but a big risk to try but it has helped many many people. Are we doing anything with that. And if not why not. We're pursuing domestic research that we hope can lead to a better vaccine availability in the future. Perhaps not during this Wave but when we need a boosters and coming years or there's another to have canadian research available and we have production of course in manitoba's are leading industry. He just goes on and on and on and they've never addresses the question. Guys that douchebag. What's wrong with you up there in manitoba people. Well if they're arresting or threatening to find or arrest doctors then he knows he knows why he's read in somehow and he's reading he has to be and complicit in all of this in all of this nonsense is the so called social media which is just uh honey trapping everybody into Giving you there you there your data and and consuming more crap more ads now. I'm not a big fan of veritas. Because they always have horrible sound in this case have a whistle blower from facebook who drops documents on them How facebook was running. Algorithms to vaccine hesitancy based comments are first facebook. insider is a data center. Technician does multiple internal documents detailing an algorithm tests. Being run on one point. Five percent of facebook instagram's nearly three point eight billion users worldwide. The goal to quote drastically reduce user exposure to vaccine hesitancy in common. You see a lot of this difference in their public policy versus the practice. The public policy is very vague. Very ambiguous designs to be questioned designed to be easily defended. But then if you look at the policy it's much more clear much more specific because they're trying to make you can't hear it well here no. You can't well you know. I've familiar with the kinda year that you can get alter voices. I know totally shit shit production. I'm not gonna play anymore because it irritates me too but the bottom line is there is. There is good gear now. This sucks now. They can make me sound like a like a pretty girl. Well is just sucks bottom line that he has the documents the show. They had a v. H. score and so if someone said well you know I i'm not. I'm not sure if i'm gonna take then. That comment would get a v. h. Score of whatever the score is and then everything above a certain number was just summarily suppressed or deleted or or or or dusted away so they're complicit but nothing quite like what comes out of france. This was now we've been tracking the pfizer marketing for several weeks. Now actually probably longer that. We've we've named six months but we've named really only named it recently And pfizer spent a lot of money on on tiktok and influencers on instagram. we had just. oh i got had from broadway songs to To people with the just pure euphoria and it's vacs day. I can't wait to get out. All of it. Paid all paid for and now this story from france twenty four. It's a common marketing practice. Businesses tap into the power of social media influences to try and promote their products in partnership deals but when it involves a smear campaign against the particular product it takes a different meaning. They'll say who runs a popular. Youtube channel is among the number of social media. Influences who recently got a mysterious email. It's strange by received the partnership proposal which consists of denigrating pfizer. Vaccine in a video. Grisafe said he turned down. The two thousand euro deal which instructed him to say the deadly among vaccinated by pfizer is almost three times higher than among the vaccinated by astrazeneca off not to reveal he. Was airing an art or sponsored video. The youtuber said he tracked the marketing agency. Claiming throughout for an anonymous client two laser treatment center in london is a classic method. Used by fake news spreaders. According to one specialist bondra feeds on this information and more importantly on people's distrust side with us what's driving this rhetoric tried to accentuate the public's mistrust with regards to what scientists and politicians say. There are some signs that suggest people with links to russia could be behind the mysterious campaign. Investigate gall process health minister on the. Va home has called dangerous and responsible. Okay so what. I think this is intended to do is to try and make it sound like astrazeneca has been buying influencers to say bad things about pfizer. However the music bed used the sinister music. I told her. I know what you're gonna say. And i'm in complete agreement. This is fine eiser with a preeminence strike. Because they know someone's going to talk. I empty free him camp Minute its preeminent to have one of those clips by. He says something like that. That's why there's two of us this preemptive preemptive strike which is getting a little vitality to and specifically mentioning astra zeneca. Because that's exactly what they're doing. Khuzestan yourself to the health. Exactly what they're doing is like. Oh no we don't want people thinking that we're doing that. No no you know what. Maybe this podcast is responsible for it. Since we've been tracking it. Someone finally caught onto it. Those those got us figured out man will they can figure out all they want like an stop us. We're too far ahead of that. Yeah i think so. I think so. Now let's talk about the we got to talk about the vaccine and how it's being reported on because now it's being rolled out to children and there are some a disturbing results that are being reported. Scientists at the cdc are investigating this morning after more than a dozen people who got the corona virus vaccine have come down with myocarditis an inflammation of the heart. The number of cases isn't any more than what held expect to see among the same millions of people who haven't been vaccinated but investigators at the cdc's say they still need to look into this. Let's see her and emphasis notice out of an abundance. Fashion air trying to investigate you see fair related at all to the vaccine. At this point there is no relationship. Ruben gulisano teens young adults and for some reason men more than women usually four days after the second dose of the vaccine and the condition usually went away on its own. The us department of defense is already looking into fourteen cases in service members who took the pfizer or modern vaccine's by the way this is All abc all good morning. Been our friend. Dr richard besser. Co the robert wood johnson foundation rich. Thanks for joining us again this morning. So let's talk about these cases very few of them overall. No link proven to the vaccine. So how concerned are you. What's interesting is in both reports. it's the reporter not the doctor the reporter who says in the intro. No linked to the vaccine. No link whatsoever. Now let's talk about it. Oh that's a good catch because that's That's a really good catch because that's not what you should be doing. Let's listen to the previous report again. Scientists at the are investigating this morning after more than a dozen people who got the corona virus vaccine have come down with myocarditis an inflammation of the heart. The number of cases isn't any more than what health officials would expect to see among the same millions of people who haven't been vaccinated. he's he's just. This is not the scientists telling him that this is just his statement but investigators at the cdc say they still need to look into the ceo. The robert wood johnson foundation. Thanks for joining us again this morning. So let's talk about these hard cases very few of them all no link proven to the vaccine so how concerned argue instead of. Hey what's going on with this since there's no link or anything since it's all plain. Can you explain this to me. No bout says it. Says he's the expert has since it is. This is literally how he starts this indepth interview since there's no link in its complete bunk given concerns georgia. It tells me is working here. There's a a an independent safety committee that reviews data every single week to look for any particular signals that they could raise concern and so when they saw cases of myocarditis even though it's not more than they would normally see they say let's investigate this. Make sure there's no connection because we do know that myocarditis occur and it can occur magic a viral infection. So the question they want to see is are they are they certain. There's no connection here and so far there's no signals that they're saying they're raised that alarm. Okay with no singles including the four days afterwards. Everyone has guest all of a sudden has this condition with no evidence before not not a signal. It's not a signal the signal then hard when you hear that then you know there's the link otherwise is no links Continue here and what do we tell the parents you know it was like you. Should they be vaccinate. Their kid hint hint. You know the answer. So what do you say to parents who want to take a wait and see approach to the vaccine until the investigations are done. Yeah you know. I think every parent has to make their own decision. As a as a pediatrician. Wh what i would say is at this point. There's nothing to raise concern. This is telling me that the system is working. We do know this system is. This is telling me this what we're hearing here. This myocarditis tells me the system is working at this point. There's nothing to raise concern. This is telling me that the system is working and we do know that covert infection itself can be very serious. Lost hundreds of hundreds of children. There have been thousands who've been hospitalized. Treat it who developed an inflammatory syndrome. One of the pieces of that can be car datus. And so what i would say is from my perspective. The risk of of cove is so much greater than any theoretical risk from the vaccine. I would say go heads. We can get our lives back to what we want them to be. Enriched it the vaccines really have helped us turn this corner. It's absolutely amazing. i have to pinch myself. George attention myself off pinch himself. It's so amazing. I realize that with this type of national news coverage and the complete control of what people think. The internet people think is information i e anything that is located in silicon valley unlike any of the multitude of places you can go online that At least you have a shot of getting some different information. Local news isn't quite as hampered by The advertisers by because it's local story when someone dies local story you can do the story. You can do one at night whether someone hit by a car a homeless person. Od whatever it is. It's a local story and the search for Sent me a link. And i've chopped this down to a minute thirty. This is a super cut of sorts. Now there's music under it so sorry bear with me. A super cut of local stories about vaccine incidents painted orange county. An x ray technician has died after getting his second dose of the pfizer. Vaccines learning more tonight about the mysterious death of a man who died just hours after getting the covid nineteen vaccine. Her mother died two days ago. After receiving the johnson and johnson vaccine state health officials are investigating after an elderly man die shortly after receiving a covid vaccine last month at tennessee. One was left paralyzed after getting her. Second dose of the pfizer vaccine is often walking again. Village jotted colours offices investigating the death of a woman who passed away several days after getting her second dern a vaccine to begin that i go with a west michigan. Mother's death eleven days after receiving a johnson. Johnson backs says around. The safety of the astra zeneca vaccine have been realized here in australia with medical experts confirming the death of essential coast. Woman is likely linked to the jab. Didn't have died in india. We didn't want to after getting the jobs. The sun davos former detroit anchor in media. Executive prompt loved ones and colleagues together. Today the detroit media icon was found dead at her home last tuesday by her husband. Just one day after taking the kobe. Nineteen vaccine but their official cause of her death is still unknown. The volunteer in the trial of the covid nineteen vaccines being developed by astra zeneca an upset university. Has donna brazile. We are investigating the death of south florida. Dr who passed away two weeks avenue getting his shot had lost all the wrong reasons student into the thirties. And no power investigating the deaths of at least thirty. Three hillbilly norwegians received vases covid nineteen vaccine doubt. A blow to community confidence with concerns raised around the vaccine safety. I hate them in the music's under there but that's that's the kind of local reports you can get. Yeah well that's one of the flaws in the it would have some sort of a globalist scam. Then we're just. I think it's test run. I think this attend the toll thing i've ever gonna go nutty. Well okay all right. Hold on g. You're going to like this is if it's a test run. Then let's go to one of the one of the head honchos shakedown cruise. Let's go to one of the head. Honchos of the globalist system. Now he's not running anything and no. It's not klaus schwab they. We haven't checked in with him for a while but listen to the words he's using and what he is telling us is coming next because he is after all mr science dr tendrils reminder that human how the funds on the hell of the planet that sustains us covid nineteen has now killed more than three million people. Air pollution kills more than double that number seven million people every single year despite important improvements in air quality last year. The result of so-called lockdown by september air pollution hard return to pre pandemic levels globally c. o. two emissions only decrease by less than six percent last year but by december they had rebounded to their previous levels the hell outta given for climate action is crystal-clear the same unsustainable choices that are killing our planet on killing people that he's no vaccine for climate change lockdowns no vaccine for climate change. That's the planet. Yeah well good luck. Hey people seem willing. I'm more concerned about this being a test. Run for these phony bologna new. Pandemics me if you're not going to treat anybody for some for something or other. Licencee insert was the flu Yeah you're gonna have this high death rate. I think there's a element of that. But they keep talking about the next pandemic yes pandemics. Have you witnessed in your life. That have any that. Are anything like what you just went through in the last year. Your whole life none. Of course none could there be another one around the corner. you know. i think you're right. They're even training. The new news models. Chris hayes was out and they had a new. A new person in there Zelina maxwell and every single person she had on was just on your remote either on the street or in another studio. This is how she ended the the little bit haley birdwell. Thank you so much being here and please stay safe. Congressman adam schiff. Thank you so much for being here tonight and please stay safe. Colorado secretary of state jennifer as well. Thank you so much for being here tonight. Please stay safe. Nbc news correspondent. Priscilla thomson thank you so much for being here tonight and please stay safe lemur. Thank you so much for your time tonight. Please stay safe timothy. O'brien thank you so much for being here tonight. Please stay safe. State representative jeremy gray. I wanna thank you for your time tonight and please stay safe. This is like hitler at the in the morning. I'll hitler believable. I feel bad for jimmy door. Who when all in He's still and i'm laughing not laughing. I'm laughing. I feel bad for him because he does it. Hurt still and he has issues and has been five or six weeks. But here's what's happening in his world. I can't get over the lack of intellectual curiosity that is allowed in journalism today. Anybody who has a question that that questions any establishment narrative. You are mmediately branded a kook and a crazy like i was telling people all i did was shared the effects that i'd gotten from my second backs i've gotten both the taxes and so i shared the side effects that i'm having and people called me teabags complaining about the side effects and thus an anti vaccine. It's fantastic so he got the vacs and they call anti vaccine because he was complaining that it hurt because he was good blaming. Wow well i wanna get to this before we we. We've been just a common thing on the show we've been talking about the incentives Oh yeah trying to incentivize everybody'll here we'll give you a free. Here's a free lottery ticket. We had the scr we had the the vaccine vaccine vaccine millionaire scratch vaccine win in ohio then back scratch in new york which get you some fries. What else do we have. I think there's a free ab french fries and a free burger but also shake shack but multiple. You know there's state and but also countrywide lotteries. I think the netherlands is also planning on doing a lottery Winning thing for people getting vaccinated. Here's the latest new ones is more vaccine senators from. Npr got more of london. I got sentenced programs are quickly spreading. Ohio has its vaccine million state lottery. New jersey offers free glasses of wine and some employers are paying people to get a shot. Chuck hornbach of member station. W. you wm milwaukee reports on a major league baseball team trying to convert vaccination in free ticket in milwaukee the number of people already vaccinated. It is about seven percentage points below the national average city health. Commissioner kirstin johnson uses baseball to describe the challenge and we do want people to step up to the plate and we want to knock it out of the park if you will. I mean we want to get off. Johnson is especially trying to younger people at places they gather and in milwaukee. That's the ballpark. Where the brewers play. At two games this week unvaccinated people can come to a nearby building and get a shot minutes later. They'll get two tickets to attend that. Days brewers game in the sprawling parking lot health rules limit tailgating to small groups while chatting with a few friends before last night's game mike. Huntsman says the ticket offer convinced him to make time to get his shot. assure why not absolutely. I'm almost not saying ashamed. I haven't gotten to yet. But i just missed appointments and opportunities to get it. Some other tailgaters say they've already been vaccinated but like the teams plan. Because they want to be part of big crowds again but devoted an unvaccinated fan. Marco martinez says the ticket. Giveaway isn't winning him. Over they offer meals. Zillion different baseball jerseys to get the vaccine. I'll definitely be onboard. I get a new jersey every week. You can ask my wife new jersey every hurting on the brewers facebook page have attacked the team for straying into a healthcare controversy after all. This is politically divided wisconsin where republican politicians fought mask mandates with some even questioning the need to be immunized take those bastards republicans a reminder that the initial vaccine hesitancy came when Former president trump. All of a sudden said operation warp speed. We'll have this thing crank and by the end of the year everybody including your current vice president kamala harris said. I'm not taking that vaccine. If trump said i'm not taking it trump axing this was an interruption of the operation and we may turn out to be very lucky because of it the also because the vaccine is not is not the point. I think the. I think the total if there was no vaccine we would be locked down and under restriction for four years. At least will there. You had to remember. Bill gates advocate member bill. Gates's that early advocation was all guy. We should be locked down the whole year. Yeah oh yeah so That intervention sean. So what you're saying. Is that the trump warp speed thing to get this thing out of there because we're gonna be screwed. Royle was to was to save the majority of the country. Interesting theory like it. S like people may die from this horrible vaccine. Whatever they're going to do that at least we're right were not. Can you imagine if we were still to this day. Locked up by the way. It's been so nice going out everywhere we went to Selling at we do sold A stepdaughters kark. She moved to new york. And we actually sold it to the by the way so to the dealer. Twenty fifteen mazda. Three not had low mileage. But i expected maybe eight grand. Take the eleven. They're so desperate for cars as no way. That car was worth Had specie hit a pole all kinds of stuff anyway so we go in and it's like you know mask mask Required what are we just. Walk is not gonna do it anymore. And i'd say well you know like everybody was pretty much messed up a lot of people in a car dealership but they'd be over there in their office where the thing hanging off their ear under their chin and no-one no-one cares no one gives a shit. They don't look at you weird. They're there. i'm here so when he may not. It's not the same way here. I know but it's but i'm but i'm also pushing myself past the point because i'm i look at the scene like me. I don't wanna make trouble. i'm fucking. I'm just not gonna do it and what you notice is no one pushes back. They don't care. But now. I want i don't have three left for this whole segment. Which is the try which is a this is another. Npr propaganda piece of card. This goes right into Might last clips on this great. Okay she let me do mine. I yeah please please okay. So this is the disobeyed the baseline. This is npr. And how they're handling it. They're and my opinion listening. This is they're all in. They think it's a great idea. 'cause it's get because the card will give us the freedom. Freedom passport is what we call this ejike. Freedom is freedom passer will give us freedom that we already have but somehow away from us and we're not doing get more freedoms you don't get a free four more freedoms you got free sex. I don't get it but okay here. We go traveling guard. Report towards reopening their borders this summer to vaccinate travellers while tourists and elsewhere. We'll have to show vaccination proof. It's not clear yet how they will do that and is. Npr's david schaper reports chicago that is leading to a lot of confusion. Among those eager to travel abroad own troubling tours this is kendra. It's a cell phone. So we can't really say it's ringing off the hook travel adviser kendra. Thornton is busier now than she's been in fifteen months a what we're seeing. It's just been an upward trajectory as more and more people get vaccinated. We just have more people being comfortable with booking travel and planning travel or runs royal travel and tours at chicago's northern suburbs and says most of our clients have been booking vacations to florida's beaches hawaii and other domestic destinations but with much of europe opening up soon summer eager to go abroad. We definitely have clients that the second news came out. We're like okay. I want to go to portugal. I want to go to greece. I wanna go to italy. Those travelers will likely have to prove that they've been vaccinated and as of now problem. It's very confusing. And it's changing every minute right now. Well travelers can self report their vaccination status by showing their covid nineteen vaccination card. Can you imagine the airport lines. Plus there is no standard vaccination card. They could easily lost damaged or even forge says leonard marcus head of the aviation public health initiative at harvard university where basically counting on trust when the country is facing a trust deficit just the even though she corrected it later on the i'm tracking the european union green passports and in the netherlands. Once again the the serious newspaper Is now saying well. Actually i'll tell you what they're saying later but the bottom line is or a test. A negative test is always or a negative test. It's not just proof of vaccination. It's this or a negative test. It's only it's below. The fold story is below the fold. They can't pull decant dude the I have mixed feelings about what they're trying to accomplish with this either or mechanism and the way they're implementing it but with this continue so there's no way to verify that someone is in fact actually vaccinated. It's only their word that i'm vaccinated. Marcus says there needs to be a better way. there's should be either government systems or private sector systems. That are reliable that i can use to show to an airline that i've been vaccinated but there is no federal database tracking who's been vaccinated and a biden administration says it will not be issuing what some have dubbed vaccine passports considering them. New york already has the voluntary excelsior pass but nearly a dozen other states controlled by republicans are moving in the opposite direction public restricting the use of any sort of vaccines verification system. Again leonard. Marcus this has become so politicized issue that it's very difficult for us as a country to do the right thing. Nonetheless majority of americans support the concept according to meg. Brennan of the gallup poll fifty seven percent of americans said that in order to travel by airplane they would favor businesses requiring people to show proof that they were vaccinated. That's the thing that gets me too. It's like what are you talking about. We so we did the mask thing. We still do that. That's a federal law but now you want to have the people vaccinated as well as masked and strapped down and maybe just a a feeding tube. Well the number that they came on this gallup she says gallup poll indicates that of course they way they couch. These things could be nonsense. But i kind of believe. I kind of believe it because the punishment so brainwashed by the mainstream media and the fear and all the rest of that we counter on this show that i believe is possible at fifty seven percent of them any all americans think that you should have proof. It's interesting vaccination. If you're gonna be on the airplane the two places where we really had relatively few if any at all reportings of people contracting covid or being a superspreader event is on an airplane and in a restaurant not restaurant closed maybe one somewhere out of no abundant apps. The sure that you just guessing that. No i say i'm sure you can find a report somewhere. But that's none of it occurred there. None of it was no outbreaks in airplanes and restaurants yet. That's focus on him. It's fear based it's porn man's fear porn. It's sickening third one. Yeah with no uniform way. For travelers to prove to foreign governments that they've been vaccinated. Some airlines are trying to step up a developed smartphone apps that will tell customers exactly what documentation they need to provide to enter the country. They're going to preston peterson of american airlines. Says they are. App is called faira fly to customer can submit their documentation have it verified and they receive a green checkmark or effectively and okay to travel status that we as an airline trust. The customer can trust and then they know they're ready to go other. Airlines are developing your own similar apps and the international air transport association has a more universal app called the travel pass. That's being tested by at least thirty airlines globally but it will likely take some time for travelers airlines and others to sort out exactly what will be accepted. Where as proof of vaccination okay all right. So here's the latest that i've been learning about the The green passport is the one most interesting because it's coordinated effort and as a government effort and So besides the fact that everywhere they still list or negative test It is being pushed as a vaccine passport. And here's how the headline works the headline and this is this also exposes the flaw. If you're vaccine information has not been registered you might miss the chance at your freedom passport that you see what they're doing. There is a lot of people get vaccinated. Didn't get registered anywhere properly that i still don't know if there is a place you can have it registered in the netherlands. So they're now making sure that. Hey all you want to register for this you you wanna sign up for it. And they're giving a sense of urgency as if that's the only way to go now the The southern european states have opened up for travel. I believe that is still a vaccine proof which they have no way to verify really or negative tasks test and. I think that i read this more. The keeper was reading to me. Let people having to have a vaccine. Even if you've had the vaccine and you have proof of that you still have to have a negative test which is even funnier. 'cause that's where it's going. That's what's ultimately going to happen. Since you right. They cannot track this. There's no way to do it. There's no central database. However if anyone's going to do anything scott gottlieb would know. He is the former director of the fda. He is now a board member of pfizer and he got another free speaking slot on cnbc about these freedom passports. What do you think. Don't leave about these ideas of global vaccine passport. So they likely are. They very hard really to establish and should they be besuited possible. Look i think. They're hard to establish. But i think we're going to see them in the travel sector right now. In the united states the impediment is that many people can't get access to their vaccine status and it digitally verifiable way that data's owned by these jurisdictions these jurisdictions and not every state makes their websites accessible to consumers or to a third party app where consumers might wanna pull it into say apple healthful so we need someone to go around state-by-state negotiate with the state's mechanisms that allow people to pull this information into app so they can actually own it so if they wanna use it can you don't have to use it but if you want to use it Many people need to demonstrate vaccination status for certain kinds of settings. You should want to get access to that information. I think that might be domestic. Use that information right as well. There might be circumstances next win to win the virus flares again where for example nursing homes might restrict visitors unless you've been previously vaccinated or hospitals might restrict visitors unless you could demonstrate that you've been vaccinated so people gonna wanna way to demonstrate digitally in a verifiable way beyond just these cards they they've been vaccinated important but it's not gonna he basically said. Nah it's not gonna happen. You have to go clear all this stuff get it from everywhere have to change websites pin. You know next time around and apple health vault. I'm sure we'll be the ones to do. It be didn't drop sat one of them. Obviously he didn't drop that by accident. But here's gall agreed. Here's the galling part. All of this is completely unnecessary. Aviation has already solved. Threats quite effectively without additional. I mean it's sometimes a little annoying but it's such an easy way to see if you've got any kind of contraband explosives or anything on your person in your luggage coming in. And that's because they use dogs. We don't have to go through everybody's luggage. We don't have to see. Well they like to strip search you for their own jollies. But they'll have to because we got dogs dogs man's best friend. This is the solution. No passport needed. Let's get a dog. Dukes companies absolutely incredible sense of smell. Good up to three hundred fifty million cents receptors for humans. Got five million. What does this mean well means that can detect down to parts per trillion. Which sounds a bit strange. But if as a human you can detect a teaspoon of sugar and a couple not adult can actually detect a teaspoon of sugar and the volume of water to olympic sized. Swimming pools is quite incredible. And that's why they're so remarkable at detecting human disease by now. What we're not saying is we're going to replace. Pcr overlooking to replace pcr or lateral flow tests with wake dogs but dogs could work alongside those tests in particular environments so for example at airports stadia sporting events maybe theaters and even workplaces where lots of people have to be screened. Very very quickly. These dogs can do it remarkably quickly. Which dog could screen two hundred and fifty to three hundred people per hour. You heard the ceo of medical detection. Dogs this is the answer. This is the solution this is. This is a fantastic way to go kid trained enough dogs do this this job. Of course you. There's eighty million dogs in america. How hard can the dogs that are specific. They can learn. Yeah and they all smell well but jobs. Jobs does school records. The dog goof cuckoo man seriously. Well as dr that. We played their clips from earlier. mccullough man. She's already blown over. I which i've been thinking for some time. Now because this watched sars cov one you know sars. This sars thing didn't last nine months. It was came and went. And moore's was even shorter lived deteriorating. Whatever it is now. It's this whole thing. Now they're stretching it. I think this were getting themselves into trouble to get rid of the rest of the vaccine stretches. Baby pull back Keep the public buffalo there bunch of dummies. It just seems like they are. There's nothing we can do about it. Because the media's is really the problem they're the ones who convey information and they're all corrupt horrible people. I mean joy behar. How is that woman. Even on television she may just be a hologram. I dunno if she's real anymore and she's a dummy which size a standup comic me. What science background. And she's had all science science we get trust the size that republicans hate science. When was that work. that doesn't make any sense. Well beside that. It's just a small part of the bigger thing. That's coming down and i do like the idea that it's a book Or three books. multiple books. Who is writing is going to really going to be what's important and who's publishing it but there's definitely Cover your ass going on. People are covering their asses. And i'm still looking at bill gates. I mean how if you wanna blame something. On antibody you could say bill gates responsible for the holocaust. Yes fucked that guy man. You could say anything right now. You could paint anything on him. Well you should. There's some new stuff coming out about billy's friends around him. Oh no oh this. The chief executive officer another new york times the new york times. Hello now the new york. Times report the chief executive officer of the bill and melinda gates investment corporation also known as cascade. Oh my god the turns out this guy has a horrible misogynistic a whole like Black employee said something about getting to work on time and he said well you know. You live in the ghetto. That's why you're always late now. This kind of stuff and then showing Everybody naked pictures of some chick on the on the internet and saying doesn't it look like our. Hr lady good kind of stuff and you know if for the chief gaffey top gabby be worked but this but this goes back and this goes back several years and there was a big investigation. A lot of people got paid off and then of course they signed agreements. They can't talk about it Melinda knew about it from from the new york times article states. So that's why that's why i keep the epstein on the edge but it's all about bill and taking him down and considering how intertwined he is in all of this. I mean he's definitely got his tittering with that. I'd like to thank you for your kurds essay in the morning to you with the man who put the sea in the coup poach ladies and gentlemen john c the money neo mr adam. Curiosity ammonia near the water out there in the morning to our trolls and the troll room. Hold on a second. Trolls hands up. Let me scrambling everywhere. Are trolls today. On this thursday one thousand six hundred and fifty five listening in at no agenda stream dot com go there. It's real simple web page. There's a little player. Click it you can listen to the live show and we have a lot of live shows including Podcast that play in between but everyone. Here's the same thing and you control along with it. Which makes it fun or just in there to hit somebody up day one date. I mean there's all kinds of stuff you can do. It is the troll room. No agenda stream dot com other places you can find The tribe is no agenda social dot com which you can no longer registered for but if you have a mastodon account you can follow adam at no agenda. Social dot com or at johnson could into social dot com. And you'll start to federate you start to see everything Coming through from from the main no agenda time line and we need more no agenda related instances we have atm slaves dot com gitmo dot life looking for more and in the morning to the artists. Who helped us with show album artwork for episode thirteen forty nine. We'd titled that one up and by the way After the show. I posted on twitter. I am proud to be a vp and turns out there's quite a vp community. John for some reason. This doesn't completely surprised me. I i have never gotten so many tweets from the netherlands. It's crazy how many people are happy and a lot of people really hate me even more than they already did why. What's what's it got to do with anything. Well it would be the equivalent of saying Your you know like saying vaccines don't work. And it came from china. And and joe biden is not real and he didn't win. If you say all those things together that would be the equivalent of a hobby. So that's how people equate people with that name but that monologue averages. If somebody has that opinion i'm just baskin theoretic. Who cares if somebody has that opinion. Oh this is what twitter. He hated people. I hate you for for the fact that you think these things. That's what twitter is four to get people wound up. It's it's a drug man. That's what it's for anyway in the morning to Mike riley who just blew us away blew us away with the one and done gravestone for Which was our marketing campaign. For the johnson and johnson vaccine. He takes direction very well. This young young. Mr riley doesn't he understands exactly what what it has to be. Let's see what else what else we had in the in the lineup. Although gosh we very much couple of things that we kinda liked but will the taunton nails vaccine scratch. You advocated for and i just thought the little needles in the In the scratch offs were just it was just too small. Could have done a different. You could Done a full on full-frontal something different. Yeah who had the same effect she didn't. It's too bad too bad and just didn't quite work. Um what else did we have. Jesus today to. I see Another one and don three grand prize lot of scratching vaccine scratch type stuff then eurovision. What else did we have was anything else. Once we once we set it on a riley. There wasn't a lot of debate. I think you're right. Now all riley riley mike riley. yeah yeah. I think that was well. It was fantastic and we really appreciate it. Mike and appreciate the work that all the artists do and as always a drip scott is rotating some of the other pieces of art working. He uses a lot of this art throughout all of our chapters. He creates our chapters for the show. Podcasting two point oh. Please tell your other favorite podcasts. To try to a new till their audience to try to new podcast. 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That's right vesta this mixer and vinyl set to be released on tuesdays at four twenty central gitmo time for your good vibes tribe enjoyment. I think she'll check in as well at the roundtable i would like. Cbd infused grapefruits shelters and apple with smoked pork shoulder. That's easy and please night me as sir What do we do with this. A one one. Oh o one sauce of the zunes of the zunes. Well what do you think this means. What am my spo. What do i to do. I do need do need to know how to pronounce it. Let's look at it So sure one. Oh wines or a one sauce i guess but it's a oh one one o-o-one sauce of the zunes. How about that so say zero zero zero one. One zero zero zero one sauce. Okay always ju jitsu on zuma's zuan cheese joon joon so on all right. I'm going to mess it up now. Genius she's no way you're gonna say sausages zones in end results and so on sausage zo on saas of zones as zero zero one. One zero zero zero one sauce of the zones jingles charlie rose sexuality and your dna trump aroused johnson. This is a scam and karma top for all of the no agenda talent producers and listeners cheers ever but by me about this sexuality. It's in your dna was hard to get it aroused and it is hard to get. It aroused dude. America kick hillary's ass and the democrats not the damn russians. Can you credit. Swing and johnson bro. Okay you've got probably assured aversion alex jones there might be viscount. It is next on the list for five and forty three dollars and twenty one cents parts unknown. How are you gentlemen. how are you gentlemen. please here with except my countdown. Donation of five four. Three two one. nice. I'm sad to report that i've recently been just a bit of a man overboard man overboard when i was catching up with the three missed episodes this week. I was surprised to hear. John's review of the v. Eight energy drink. That i happen to be imbibing at that very moment. Kono by the way it doesn't include thirty five percent fruit and vegetable juice. And why don't you just let me read it correctly. And by the way it does include thirty five percents fruit and vegetable juice. Adam exactly how he wrote. I can tell besides that besides that coincidence. I'm also convinced. I know where john purchased it and even what he paid. Which makes me realize. I absolutely needed to donate to the next show. The pricey at gross out grocery outlet of that fine product is typically three for a dollar or thirty three point. Thirty three three three three May i please have a coincidence. I think not followed by. Oh my god that is amazing. Thank you all the producers for your courage credit to viscount. Hey idiot jingles coincidence. I think not in. Oh my god. That's amazing as rates. That is thank you very much. So i'm thinking if i'm not mistaken if you buy that v. Eight juice and they ring it up as an item because as california state law there are some areas where he is his three for. You had to buy three really. That's there are parts. Yes run into that biden california. If you buy one and says three for a dollar they charge you. And i think they charge thirty three point thirty three. Which means you're you're buying individually. It will be ninety. Nine point ninety nine as opposed to a dollar. You save a penny fascinating. Anonymous is next four five six seven eight which is similar to five four. Three two one and he is in nature. I don't know where that is Keep me anonymous jingles. Just a very powerful jobs camera. Thanks for keeping us sane boo powerful jobs karma we need to roll out the powerful one then jobs jobs jobs jobs. Joe karma our jonathan keegan. Sure psychopath by cycle. I'm sure even though he may not be by charlotte north carolina. Three three three. Three three penny might come in handy. I have one i idea. And dave reg-. Could i please get some health karma as i prepare for my next race bicycle race. Jingles stopped the hammering and bill. Nye turn off the lights. Thanks serve psychopaths donation or johnson keegan's charlotte charlotte north carolina. The hammer rain and turn off the damn. Light's you've got karma matthew or voice but you prefer three thirty three from draper utah. In the morning. I was called out as douchebag brothers. Seth on sunday after years of freeloading. I figure it's time to start my path toward knighthood and get my long-awaited deducing. You spend your words. Biweekly have helped me. Keep a cool head when i have infuriating conversations with friends and co-workers even though i'm a millennial identifies gen-x upon reflection. That may be the most millennial thing about me asking for some promotion karma as i'm interviewing for an internal promotion of my at my job of almost six years for jingles. I'd like to hear obama no-no mariachi and manning jungle fever if you had them available Thanks for all you do to keep. I amid la shrunk might want to work on that for your job interview. Okay you know what no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no. I meant to make this announcement. Please forgive me for being so tardy and that's the wrong one. I'm sorry hold on. What do you want money show. I feel bad about it now. Sometimes it just go wrong. That's shown a money shop. Jesus money shot kidding conway. And here's the promotion karma one jungle fever. I don't know what he wanted. He's played to clips that were neither. When do the jungle fever. You'll have to take your way. You're so satisfied with the second clip. Completely wrong bluff is. You're bluffing. I work hard on it. Lady get over. Its next on the list from monroe washington and i didn't know there wasn't monroe in washington by three hundred thirty three dollars and it must be happy birthday to the best fiance in the university. Rt to karma you gave me for my competition work. The man who doesn't like attention on his birthday how about a biscuit and a credit towards knighthood from lady get over it. They always give me a biscuit on my birthday. Kelly kelly bernie on the list by the way but he get over. Kelly bernie is an austin. Apparently i said at three thirty three. I've been a monthly thirty three thirty three donor for several months. Now but i am overdue to deduce my loving smoking. Hot husband chris bernie bs shames me off and how he's still remains a douchebag. Do no more base because you know the couple that douches together stay together. Thank you guys makes a mess. Thank you guys for keeping thank you guys for keeping us saying over the past year of absolute insanity and thank you to my mommy marianne for introducing us to the best podcast in universe. Please send karma to all who need it. may god bless you both and the no agenda. Fam- ex kelly bernie. Ps john you are my spirit animal keith larson's next from long lake minnesota nuts. Two hundred and fifty dollars item john and adam. This week marks my one year anniversary since being hitting the mouth. I haven't missed a show since and i've enjoyed the information analysis and humor that you bring us twice every week. Batum ring your bell especially the emphatic. Multiple ging's i envision us sitting in a wheelchair fingering the bell like breakfast. A breakfast bads hector salamanca. What well this is where it started. Don't you remember the whole ringing. The bell started with breaking bad with that old coot who who was in the wheelchair and he would have is his bell ding. And then you started digging the bell on the show. And then i got a bill and then it was just from. There was all bell bell but it started with With victim hector whatever. His name was the old grandpa in breaking bad guy who's had ended up on a turtle. No no i. Didn't they blow him. I think they blew him up. Okay that was. That was a great seen by the. This brings me to a chuckle. And now i've planted that vision in the collective amid of your listeners. World thank you both. Yeah kind of a callback. Thank you both for your courage and keep up the great work. This is my fourth quarterly. Contribution bringing meet the coveted knighthood. I choose to be dubbed surly. Furious roundtable i request muppets. Muppets and bacon jingles. China is and that's true. China is asked how true we'll see at the round table then Source executive producer. Two hundred forty six eighty we have from zonda dom in the netherlands sir dom sir hugger of kitties defender of kronur gasfields eddie. Considering the last show great again. Maybe you've heard this before but advise check out the full movie from bbc. Earth super swarms from bbc earth super swarms mice in australia flowing. Like water not being crushed on the road and for john. Cicadas footage together with starving. Paint amazing pictures and bug burger eating. No kidding i've seen this documentary many times and we'll see it again. It is stunningly beautiful weird fascinating and gross just like the usa. He said he's talking about this documentary and he says. The documentary is stunningly beautiful. Weirdly fascinating and grossed gross just like the usa. That's an interesting thing. Usual pug more kitties regards hugger of kitties defender of the cloninger. Gasfields forgot to mention yes. I'm human as well although you forgot to. Mention jobs karma the f. Cancer walked karma did work. Our friend is out of the hospital after successful operation on militias cancer wishing her strength with coping with the removal of big intestine and another f karma is all the jingles. I request please. Of course we got that. For you karma over here in concord california for two hundred dollars to says we have lavish could be lash but it could be lavish so close to the night. I can taste it. thanks for all you do. I used to be. There's a birthday cook thing going on. I used to be a humble producer but thanks to the rabbit hole of the troll room. Nas two years of escalation. I have ended up on podcasts of my own. No which i'm proud to say can be found on the na stream this show is behind the shimshon seems behind the schemes with threes ease a hosted by blueberry and myself and every monday night at nine thirty central falling the great haag story with fletcher and caroline also live monday nights or action packed. These days monday. Football ratings are down. 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Fifty of no agenda aren't formula. Is this we go out. We had people in the mouth Soc- little austin news update. I haven't austin news clip to. Oh well why. Don't we play yours and make sure that we don't overlap. What you got the plane. Mind but it's really from npr. It's about the situation awesome and it comes to all the homelessness the homelessness and other issues and it is on mike. Lagat it here. Covert austin cove austin. Here we go about half of the. Us population fully vaccinated against covid nineteen and key to that figure is a surge in latinos in the us vaccine that group had been trailing the vaccination rate for white people in the us by nine percent and now that gap has been cut in half but the gains are spotty and there are places that still report big gaps between latino and white people npr member station reporters in texas and arizona. Are here now to tell us what they're seeing ashley lopez at k. Ut in austin and catherine davis young at k. j. z. in phoenix welcome either. Don't you tell us what's going on in austin right now so for weeks now. In austin about nineteen percent of the total number of city residents who've been vaccinated have been latino. They make up about a third of the population. And this is a worry. Because latinos have been more likely to be has and died from the virus they also make up a disproportionate share. Austin's frontline workers. This means they're less likely to get paid time off to get a vaccine or time to recover from side effects. Some folks work multiple jobs and simply don't have time to figure out where to get a vaccine and pulsa danica with the coalition. Told me about another issue about twenty percent of latinos. Here don't have access to wi fi or the internet early with a big issue because online to get an appointment for the vaccine. That is the most hilarious thing she said in the whole report. The the homeless all have wi fi in austin one of them has wifi people showing up refugees at the border have wifi shut up from k. J. z. z. Cages everybody get out of here. The liars liars we do have problems and It's being politicized i think. What have you moved to pflueger. Ville yet but i can. We're moving at the end of june if we get out alive continue thank goodness As soon as the governor signs it we can legally open and concealed carry everywhere. I'm going to be strapped. Weren't a gun. There's that well downtown. Since the eleventh of may decision and the vote which ended the Returned the camping ban back to its previous status from over two years ago it is only gotten worse as now entire city hall is surrounded by tents. I reported on this on the second street side. These are not homeless. People from austin. Were been here for a while. These are big fighting dudes. There's people walking around with machetes and this one to maybe and i'm sure that you know. They're puffing up and making a lot of noise but the gearing up there's going to be a conflict and all it's political it's one hundred percent. Political in austin is going. This is going to be the center of it fox news on the other side of this kid. Total hit piece on on mayor adler Completely appropriate but listen to how they re chopped him up so bad and all of the people you here in this except for adler are all latinos. So take that npr. This made the residents got their voice back when they voted and they landslide. Victory to reinstate trump. What does the city leadership join here. In austin city awesome lesson do whatever they want. Please do your drugs. Leader needles with on capsule kissed can find them and get hat as is ridiculous. You are harboring rocks to kerman these tents and we as a people in a citizens left first selves. You want that cleveland boston. One of the reasons. I don't like that images. Because i don't think it's true guys walking around outside of city hall with a machete breaking the law and then we're dealing with a challenge devoted to defend the police last year and reallocate money and as such officers are leaving at very high rates. I think the caller was our illness that is taking over. Our city is spelled. Lear show works. Walt looking told my police chief tells me that's not and fight. And if i know one thing is changes constant in we're gonna vote them how we could either escape. We could run from this or we can face it straight onto. You can make a positive change to go and as these members of the public can come up with some sort of solution absolutely as my summer. I'm sorry i think that might have been out of phase. I don't know if you could understand it. But they just they jacked adler in there. So i don't know that's not my. I don't think i don't see it that way. And adler is on the joe rogan show which i did not clip but i will tell you what he said he said. Two years ago they had only a small portion of austin On seventh street that had a homeless situation which was around the arch which is our homeless shelter. But people didn't wanna stay in it. They stay around it and he went to the mayors of san francisco. Los angeles portland. Any said don't tell me what to do. Tell me what you wish you would have done early on. So you're not at this point where you are today and the answer came back. We wouldn't have hidden it. We wouldn't have covered it up. We it needs to be made visible. And that is the exact reason adler gives. As as The impetus for dropping the camping ban to make it visible and he got exactly the same result. It's it's it's unbelievable to more on gut. Moron mayors like london breed of san francisco. Who does take credit for being the first person in the whole country to lock down their city when cova began. Wow awesome sauce. So what is the point of going to these people or build the blasi. Oh that guy. She asked him for advice. I know it's nuts and portland. That guy in portland is. He's the worst of the group pay. He went a lousy mayor. You went to some real winning cities. I can't even comment on that on that kind of thing. Yeah but there's gonna be a conflict going to be fighting. these hope so world worldcom was hurt. My friend has the spin studio right right at right there right across from the spread across the street. The if he's got good insurance he's in business but he doesn't want the head he doesn't want the crap it's horrible. That was the one place city hall was exempt. No camping whatsoever at city hall and and now that the whole thing has been turned back just become more encroached even more as we've gone crazy flu greville here. We come here. Bond slid irvan. Was i i. I've i've driven through pflueger ville. Of course everyone has on google maps and this nice little town i do it. This one last cova could just play together. Because i don't remember what it is. But i remembered by the fact that i named it. Bullshit covid pure bullshit. Oh and amy. Goodman i th. I can't remember remember this clips about but has got to be gold. Madera now says its vaccine is one hundred percent effective in children aged twelve to seventeen and we'll seek emergency use authorization from the food and drug administration earlier next month. The pfizer vaccine is already in use for those twelve and older. This comes as the white house announced another milestone in. It's vaccination drive tuesday. This is senior cova response and a slava. Today the us will hit. Fifty percent of adult americans that are fully vaccinated. This is a major milestone in our country's vaccination efforts meanwhile the centers for disease control warned unvaccinated americans heading into memorial day weekend that they remain risk need to continue wearing a mask and following other public health guidelines but bullcrap. Now i've listened to this with the bull-crap part of it was the whole thing but the one that caught my attention was modernised. One hundred percent activeness do remember when they first got past the wants. To trump was voted out. They started announcing their vaccines. Cause they wanna give him credit. I think it was during that. I wanted to to but this was what happened. One of the vaccine cups. I think it was murder. We have a vaccine is ninety six percent effective the next day. Five other guys advisor cave. I ninety seven ninety seven percents so now. Let's just start with one hundred ten. What are you gonna do one hundred one. You can't do it well affective at. What is the question. Affected is liquid. I don't know i really hope. It's just benign. I really do. I mean even. Mike cop is what's the what's the doctors name. We had no no no no the lady we. You had a couple of clips over and then something. Mike mike mike mike mike. It is something anyway. She saying that starting in about two years it will see people starting to drop the a lot of people say that. That's kinda scary. I'm not subscribing to that necessarily. That's going to screw up their whole their whole game. Yeah i think a test run. We're looking at states like texas florida. South dakota like real problematic because these guys never went along with the program. Their numbers are just as good. Or better rene listening to thinking about that mcconville. She's out the dr mika. That's that's how it was. And i was thinking about south dakota being kinda different than the rest of the country is that while. Republican female governor her Christie no no. No no and so. I got this report from npr It says that this shows me. How different south dakota is in the rest of the kinda storm report. This is a report a storm report. You won't hear a storm report like this. The national weather service confirms for tornadoes touchdown. Last sunday in western south dakota cleanup efforts are underway in perkins and custer counties houses and sheds received some damage. Some trees were uprooted as well. No human injuries or deaths are reported but one horse has died man. We could bring a lot of entertainment to To south dakota one horses died. But seriously. I mean that. That's not how you do a report. I'm surprised i mean digital sound effects. Here south dakota tells mark diet where was the horse. Where was the horse. Was the form. A dray. horse was racing horse horse. Stay safe that's how you do a report. Nt austin tremendous pure. Why do why don't whatever happened to people going in to the tv studio and hijacking it. Where are those good old days. I think they've they've put in countermeasures. You can't really do it too bad because those days were fine and we could go in this. Npr station and take over to get out of the way lady. You're boring killing us. But didn't nobody listens to gonna do that. Okay okay. I'm just trying to think of exit strategies. I did receive some information about You know we we Found out that pfizer is marketing viagra to twenty year. Old gamers through podcasts. Not ours we don't take any ads and so the question is why was going on and it has a name. It has a name. What's going on Porn induced erectile dysfunction. That's what it's called. Basically kids grow from one of our producers will visualize this so you got. These kids won't looking looking at porn and they looking looking looking looking all of a sudden the so uninteresting Bored with it. They can't get aroused so too but they wanna be aroused by the porn because they think that's what you're supposed to do instead of just being bored with it going and doing something productive kids so they take a boner pill and then they get aroused. I think this is. I don't understand why they don't think something's wrong with this. Well when you board your board be bored. It's not a beginner to take appeal to artificially not be bored. You dummies well. I think there's a little more to it This is what our producer rights. Basically kids growing up now with unlimited access to high definition corner having issues getting it up with real women as early as their twenties. Here's what it is. It's dopamine is the dopamine hit one gets every time they click to another picture or another video of a new naked person. Imagine years or decades of doing that and the phenomenon of edging edging right. We're getting terminology here. Edging when you click for hours while on the verge waiting for the perfect picture two jackie late to and when that happens when you're in bed with your girlfriend or wife and you can't click on a new person. No dopamine hit. Either they can't get hard at all or they can at first but their erection disappears. Coal communities are out there trying to fix themselves such as your brain. On porn dot com reboot nation dot org and no fat dot com. I think this is a real epidemic and also the nature of porn has become much more aggressive and violence. May i think this is a real problem. And there's pfizer on the way on the way out to get you everywhere. It was hard to get it. Aroused is hard to get it aroused but we got it aroused. Thank goodness with pfizer with now with pfizer. Sad sad man. Well whatever okay terrible terrible. I don't know what you do about it. Yeah exactly i mean. Porn used to be illegal. It was clinton gook open floodgates to porn by normalizing it but well. No i think it was either some laws that were changed during the i remember the era. This was during the bbs situation when you had all these bulletin boards. Have these massive that you have the internet to create these other Systems went so. If you wanted to look at porn he'd have to go to porn. Bbs and most of those many of those porn bbs were shut. Shut down as as porn. Yeah and Once the internet But clinton relaxed that it was liberals have more. What's interesting is we have in this country had this porn and we have pharmaceutical companies. Selling boehner pills to two young kids who clearly have you know psychological issues that need to be dealt with. This is not an age issue or a blood vessel issue or or prostate issue in the same country. We have this happening this morning. Growing outrage among students and parents at a high school near jacksonville. Florida over the way. Dozens of yearbook photos were digitally edited. And they have completely altered her photo. Chess look deformed disfigured and now other kids are commenting in her yearbook and writing about it and making comments jokes about it at least eighty three girls. Photos were reportedly altered in bartram trail high school's annual yearbook. Some photo seemed to have been edited by taking snippets of the girls. Shirts and pacing them over their chests to hide their cleavage. Sheri- spend a lotta money on to to not even have had to not even have another option was unacceptable ninth grader riley. O keefe says. Her picture was edited even though her shirt complied with the schools dress code. It's what is going on. You got porn and boehner pills in one hand and then oh we've got a photo photoshop's of cleavage in the yearbook terrible. We're confused confused. Bunch of people and photoshop jobs are bad. The worst part and the portions were so small. Kevin spacey is coming back to the big screen. John the s. I saw this. Yeah i saw it in the trades. Yes a did. Not i did. He's coming back and he will be Returned in the role of a detective investigating the case of a man wrongly suspected of pedophilia. Well he's only it's not a he's not the lead roles so there's that well yeah but still. It's kind of ironic. Wouldn't you say well i We'll see but that was. That's not the movie that's what they're saying. We'll see okay I think we need to talk about marjorie taylor. Green for a moment because margibi. She's in the news yes she's in. I have some clips. Actually as she is severely hated which always makes me pay attention like hey someone really hates her I thought when you first brought clips of her and it was her being. Do not like this woman sounded like a karen. But then i saw longer interview where she's actually trump cheese trump A little more coherent but the same outspokenness the same Commercial mind as in Like i think she has her own businesses. She also can she. Does it cross fit and she can lift one hundred and thirty three hundred pounds. Yeah i thought it was three fifty. Who cares at that point. Dog me and she is. She's pretty outspoken. And there's a lot of confusion about her being anti semitic which is great again one of these perfect to situations where the true antisemitism is happening on. The streets of america with people with palestinian flags. Being up jews causing a ruckus ed. But then. let's blame it on marjorie taylor green because of a statement. She may which i think is pulled completely out of context and if anything is not anti semitic let's listen to. Abc's good morning. america after days. Silence republican leaders are now speaking out against congresswoman marjorie tailored green after she compared a mask and vaccine mandate to how jews were treated during the holocaust when the top republican. In the house kevin mccarthy. He calls this absolutely appalling. He says that the holocaust was the greatest atrocity in history and the fact that needs be said is deeply troubling stevescalise. The number two republican in the house has office tells me that he condemns these words and sending minority leader. Mitch mcconnell calling. Her words absolutely outrageous the question now is what will republicans do about. Green is not backing down. She is not apologizing. She has already been stripped of her committee. Assignments after promoting violence against democrats. Some democrats do what her essentially or expelled. But republicans have stopped short of taking any action against all of this is playing out. They say that she was expelled. From from our committees after advocating for violence violence. I don't think all things something of a scam. That didn't actually happen did it. No it was because she entered articles of impeachment against joe biden. Adderley right away. This is interesting candidate story. They've they've they make up these new storylines sad. I don't know. I don't know how this is happening to this extreme. This is unbelievable out in green is not backing down. She is not apologizing. She has already been stripped of her committee. Assignments after promoting violence against democrats. Some democrats do want her censured or expelled. Republicans have stopped short taking any action against her. Of course all of this is playing out as we continue to see a rise in violence against jewish community georgia. She seems to revel in the criticism. she does. George you said she is not apologizing for any of this. She says she is apologizing. If some people are offended by her words but no clear apology for these clear outrageous in what you missed the last bit there if some people are offended by her words but no clear apology for these clear outrageous an anti-semitic remark stores for a couple of things one. She made a comparison between people being marked with masks similar to jews being marked with stars. Right now for for anyone to say. That's an outrageous comparison. It's no more or less outrageous than saying january. Six is was just as bad as nine eleven and therefore we need a one six commission to it's not anti semitic in fact it accentuates the atrocity committed against the jews. Or am i crazy. Oh you're dead. On this whole thing. I i've been watching this from the get go and it's like it's it's it's puzzling and especially after the four years we've got about about trump being hitler. Well that's that's you actually go one step further than i was in. I wanna do that after the third clip but yeah it's these comparisons and i mean i'm not deaf. I hear what you're saying. And they're i mean they're saying things would just make no sense. They really hate this woman. I think when he put the she put the impeachment thing in against by net would trigger the all. God this we've got to get rid of her. I mean not that. Green and maxine waters weren't putting this in against trump from the beginning today walked in office which is similar. But it's like something that she said or did or has the do with. Dave really wanna get rid of her. They gave her. I think it's because she has traction. She has traction. she's not. She doesn't toe the line. She doesn't tell the republican line either. Remember these these media outlets are not just pro democrat you know. They're they're also anti republican and republicans will jump on board if they can abuse to now. They're all listen to cnn. Jim acosta gives it his extra little bit of flair with appropriate. I rolls and size. Today there is growing outrage on capitol hill over. Gop lightning rod congressman marjorie taylor green and a remarks she made comparing mask mandates to the horrors of the holocaust but predictably and also shamefully. The georgia. republican is doubling down on her comments. Take a listen stand by all of my statements. I said nothing wrong. And i think any rational jewish person didn't like what happened in in nazi germany and then each rational jewish person doesn't like what's happening with overbearing mask mandates and overbearing back policies. You understand though why some would be upset and offended by the comments. Well do you understand how people feel about being forced to wear masks or being forced to have to take a vaccine or even have to say that whether they've taken it or not. These are just things that shouldn't be happening in america. This is a free country to be clear. There is no equivalence here but for reference here is greens original comment. You know we can look back. And then time in history where people were told to wear a gold star and they were definitely treated like second class citizens so much so that they were put in trains and take into gas chambers in nazi germany. And this is exactly the type of abuse that needs. Pelosi is talking about. Yeah exactly but the cake definitely went to cnn. This is What's the john bash. I think what his name doesn't matter. You'll hear we have new reporting this morning on evil lunacy status our republicans describe new statements from congresswoman marjorie tailored rain now. This is not only a historic. it's boring john. It is not only a historic is of hornets. Also apparently allowable under house minority leader kevin mccarthy who hasn't commented on it and refuse to punish green for past anti semitic statements. She made warringah amass compared to the murder of six million people. It's so far. Beyond the realm of decency. It could only possibly be made worse by comments for marjorie tailored stand by all of my statements. I said nothing wrong. And i think any any rational jewish person didn't like what happened in in nazi germany and then rational jewish person doesn't like what's happening with overbearing mass mandates any rational jewish person. I'm jewish. I'm not at all religious and thank god. My family made it to this country decades before the holocaust. But that's my heritage. And i promise you that congresswoman taylor green. She thinks i'm jewish so as a rational jewish person. Let me just say to marjorie tailored rain. Don't you dare speak for me. Not pair health measures or anything to the holocaust and a tweet last night. She said i'm sorry. If my words make people uncomfortable no they don't make me uncomfortable. They make me sick. And and so. Here's your point. What about that. Incessant trump is hitler. Trump is hitler. Trump is hitler. Trump is hitler. It's the same thing if you look. If from there from the way they just talk about it. Don't you dare compare that. I think if we went back we have even more sustain clips size trump. Is hitler that fall along. These same lines this is this is a somewhat baffling situation to me The hatred out of the blue at baldo. I think you may have kind of touched on it when you said she's trumpington Let's let's remind ourselves. Let's go back to the days of yesteryear with a super cut this week. Eighty two years ago kristallnacht happened. It was the dance. He's warning shot across the bow of our human civilization after four years of modern day assault on those same values by donald trump. I'm gonna use an extreme example Think about hitler's so many stunning parallels to what hitler was doing describing hitler's psychological profile. And this only pertains to adolf hitler. There is so much that has resonance of the third reich in this administration which many tendencies like adolf. Hitler does this look like germany. Nineteen thirty two. We're getting close. This only pertains to adolf hitler and pertains to nobody else. Ninety percent of what he says. I'm like this guy got to. If he read anything about the rise of the third reich and adolf hitler you will see the parallels true psychopath that sounds a lot like a certain leader that killed members of my family in about six million other jews. Hitler came to power. He came to power under fair free elections talking about adolf hitler. And that's all we're talking about here pay. I am half german. And you don't talk about hitler like that. Okay you're talking about hitler and trump was part german. It's the same shit man. But the thing that you play that that i mean that shows the duplicitous -ness of the mainstream media. It's the the this everything that we bitch about on. This show is always about the media. This is a horrible horrible operation as being. It's ruining the country. These people are dishonest. There diss honest. They're they're the liars. They're dishonest presenting us with bad information. They're trying to manipulate the public for what ends. I don't know to get a few extra dollars. I mean it's so bad. And this thing with marjorie taylor greenwood as a nut a i'm going to say it. It would be a nothing burger if it wasn't for these media douche bags who she said this yeah they make a big stink they to kick the out. We're going to have to figure out this jew thing though. Because i mean i've noticed an uptick in what i'm getting typically goes like this. Okay man you're gonna say. China china runs the media. You just you just hiding the fact that it's the jews so there's a lot of that i'm getting now. And meanwhile the actual anti semitism is literally their people. The people with palestinian flags and calling out jews and going after them on the streets of america. And then all of a sudden marjorie taylor. Green is the true is the true evil anti semite. What is going on. She's obviously distraction of the week. When it comes to anti-semitism yeah yeah unless you're lightning rod. They use the right word in that one report where they call her a lightning rod. Yeah well there you have it. Yeah yup that's gross disgusting. I didn't get any of those clips. But i was i been following it. I don't like it. I think it's quite entertaining. Personally i i can listen to it all day long. Well works. remain getting to the point. Where i'm very very grossed out all right then the final question is this actually two clips here this this action that Governor disentis took in In florida it seems it seems clear what this is four but i did want to. Just bring it up. Florida's governor has signed a bill taking aim at social media platforms law seeks to punish companies like facebook and twitter for removing the accounts of political candidates. And we'll find offenders up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a day. The governor accuses big tech of suppressing conservative views. But the new law may not be enforceable because federal law prevents internet companies for being sued for removing messages. So first props to laura luma. I think she probably instigated a lot of this. She was platform as a politician in florida. But this is clearly about trump. i would presume to who lives in florida. Yeah yeah he lives in florida so when when he starts running for something again. Isn't that what this is intended to do. Some feeble what is what is the point. I mean this worried sick. I don't think trump's gonna run again because he's too old now. I think you should run to santa's be the backup for santos is a good would be a good candidate. The governor from south dakota would be even better choice. She's tough she's a character and i like her she's like a tolsey but better and Trump scared to death. They really are scare afraid of trump. Because they're afraid of the american public seeing through all this stuff is voting in bunch of republicans are this is all damage control but the twenty twenty two because if they blow twenty twenty two they're gonna blow twenty twenty four so they've gotta keep the bullshit at a high level is lying to the public at large and most of the public as received by the fifty seven percent according to the gallup poll who want to have a vaccine Vaccine passport did you say you're about to say vaccine. I heard it. I was gonna say backs. Vacillating vaccine a vacillating passport. You're right so this is all this is going to get worse because they get to twenty twenty. Two elections are away your year off or year. My god to do this show for the next four next for the next four years just to see what happens but kenner writes itself not have a clue about the what what the bullshit is. All of us that just that everything comes to you. That's right that's right. It's a barrel is it gets very annoying. These people continue this and they're and they get they get a paycheck for doing it. Remember ladies and gentlemen do not attempt this at home we just make it look easy comedy. show us. Imagine all the people who could do well. Yeah that'd be. We do have a few people. Thank or show thirteen fifty you. Well yeah starting with lyndon vice in saskatoon. The one time peres candidate ninety nine ninety Simon lebeau suzki lipsky in karlstad north new jersey to robert of suv lead in holland pennsylvania. And he says he writes note found. She is a liar. Seventy eighty five from him. Gary blat seventy seven seventy seven from wayne pennsylvania Sir craig of northeast georgia viscounts. Counselor craig in atlanta six nine sixty nine david forbes. Shit copay shock copy jacoby shack apy six zero six in minnesota. Jose joe ziya hendrickson fifty five twenty seven got a birthday call out. I a bastard son number one. Okay sir joe photo. 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We cut off the notes so actually all reading at fifty for reasons of anonymity people like to do forty nine ninety nine and make sure the name ever gets read but we also have a lot of different subscriptions. You can join up. These sustaining donations. They help a lot Carry us through the The meagre times please consider signing up for one Eleven eleven thirty three thirty three. There's a ton of goto dot org slash gratuitous. Go with everybody today. you've got all right. Let's take a look at the list for today and first of all it needs. You wish a very happy birthday to serve g who turned fifty earlier in the week. Chris wilson and turn fifty six two day adam now thirty three today. Hendrickson says happy birthday to our bastard son number one twenty seven on the twenty. Seventh lavish celebrates on the twenty nights kylie thompson. Happy birthday to our smoking. hot void. Friendster andy control from terrible and lady get over. It says happy birthday do the best fiance in the universe. And we say happy birthday from everybody here at the best podcast in the universe. We do have Three nights to do so good. News got an interesting roundtable with some local beer. Heavier assure sick about the party and nicholas blogging fighter. Shot acres of keith larson. Gentlemen all three of you are about to become knights of the no agenda roundtable. I am here to pronounce the k. D. with some sir wags night of the martin steak class delta airspace sir as zero zero one one zero zero zero one sauce of zones and sir lead the furious gentlemen for you. We've got hookers and blow rent boys and chardonnay by request. Cbd infused grapefruit celtics and apple. Wood smoked pork shoulder. Muppets bacon also local beer and smoked. Brisket we got some ginger ale gerbils sparkling cider an escorts and bong hits in bourbon. Some breast milk pablum. And of course you've got the mutton in meat. It's a big favourite. hit the roundtable. Please three view after you're done with the feast head over to know agenda nation dot com slash rings and give erica. She'll all your details so that we can get that stuff off to you asap and thank you very much for supporting the no agenda. Show your best podcast in the universe. Couple of up reports south dakota talking about st. This is from april. We had another successful. Meet up in sunny. South dakota baron woody and barron michael were present and negotiations. Were immediately underway. Barron michael conceited. Blood run to barron. Woody and much celebrating. Commenced lacrosse was consumed. I've been corrected is not lacroix's lacrosse as we thought of john and snacks were shared other attendees included byron jennifer adam jordan family in the chester and human resource oscar. Was there as well after a wrong turn on his way to kansas city for the up soon. Sd area producers. And let's check in with denver wheeling up. This is tao jin at the city park. Meet up here in denver. This is jim from denver in the morning. Wow this thing's going around This is colin and wear masks or don't wear a mask or where to get a job or three. I don't know. Hey this mountain jay. Get your freedom card. Best interest rate three point. Three three percents sir mile high mark. I brought a small amila in a six. Pack of beer had a great time in the morning. John's goodhearted barred here sir. Veto i meet up since boulder and twenty sixteen the morning. Everybody good to see all and this is tech as glad to be back outdoors spin a great meet up than we have seen mike in kansas city. Quick meet up. Reports the first annual traditional latin mass underground church no agenda held at an undisclosed location near the quad cities in attendance. We had two nights. Or mike of mac makita night of all tradition and sir matt of makita night of the blessed virgin. Mary one dame dame black hammer on vacation but still doing a lot of work squire. Adam and rock island see mike from casey dude named ben and thirty four children with two who are on the way an awesome time was had by all even the kids were all well behaved. Tradition is the future. The masses definitely better in latin and in the end her immaculate heart will triumph truly party regards see mike in kansas city. Thank you see mike. Myrtle beach south carolina as our final report. This rusty jones from the myrtle beach salt air meet up. Were down here with six of our producers. Having a great old time in the morning agenda this is harrison having a great time. It's like a party harris's data sheet from southport north carolina. This is frankie. Had has and this is joe ho at the salty air. Meet up in. Myrtle beach south carolina in the morning. Coming up on the calendar if you go to know agenda dot com you'll see the following for today dame savage nashville were stop. You wanna catcher. If you can at martin's barbecue joint at six o'clock tomorrow. The santa ynez valley covid survivor support group. Six thirty three gino's pizza and bilton sir. Barrister her d. h. Slammer organizing that also on friday. K town knoxville tennessee. Throwdown schultz brow brewing. At six thirty on saturday houston raging fourth. Wave superspreader lunch in at noon at rodeo goat on saturday as well a very new england toast to freedom in rhode island three thirty three pm. You've gotta rsvp for details on that Bomb city meet up amarillo texas saturday. Six car. Pub and brewing. At five o'clock and brisbane local thirty-three meet up at three thirty eastern time at the bavarian. That will be on sunday. And we've got a lot of meet ups coming up in june. Please go take a look. This is the place where you can get together particularly important after this long year Coming up on a year and a half of bull crap. It's nice to be out with other people who are not gonna herash in fact fund chat in the laugh you meet children from other lands. That'd be completely different from you but we all have one thing in common. We are all citizens of gitmo nation. No agenda meet ups dot com. If there's one near you go ahead and start one. it's easy and it's just like a potty and with all day you won't be triggered on how they say jealousy. I have some isos too serious clips in one funny funny clip that you can play at the anti. He wanted to isos. I just so we don't mess up when i have none. No isos okay i have. I have a few but see. I have a lot actually see what. Let me see. What these are this fact saying. That just keeps mutating. That's no good. Have you lost your frigging mine up too long. They make me sick. Maybe there is no vaccine for climate change. How 'bout this evil lunacy. I think that's the one. Eva lunacy. I like i think that's the one okay gives us that all right mr funny clip funny man. I don't wanna do the funny. I gotta get these other clips out of the way. We talked about china morning. I want this clips done because the guy who's in stuck in this situation is begging for help. Okay and this is the guy that the guy from that was that bitch he keep posted. You know you guys in your lying tests or something on a tweet or something in china's under house you want. They want to grab him to. They picked him up and dubai's he's traveling. You know chinese citizen or american citizens. Chinese guy a dissident they call him and he's in dubai and this is and so they grabbed him from the airport. He's just pass through. It was just the stop to go to someplace else and this this report. This is dissident. Dubai won the united arab. Emirates is planning to extradite a nineteen year. Old chinese dissident back to china. The young man is on. The chinese regimes wanted list and he believes beijing is behind his arrest in the here. Are the details. The united arab emirates or ui is holding nineteen year old chinese dissident one jingyu captive and planning to send him back to china. The young dissident is on the chinese communist party or ccp's wanted lists because of his social media posts dubai at the dubai airport. Early april long was on his way from turkey to new york and had a layover in dubai. Wong's fan tweeted the information and is seeking help from the international community long confirmed to the epoch. Times himself that he is currently detained in dubai prison. He told the epoch times in an interview on thursday. This is one hundred percent linked to the chinese communist party. That's the first time he spoke with any media. Since his detention they say they will deport this person because he violates national security and so on they want to send me back to china no matter what they come up with all sorts of ridiculous reasons. Just hit me. Sent back to. China long has been on the ccp's wanted list since february. That's after he questioned chinese state-owned owned media's report on the border clash with india. Indian and chinese soldiers clashed along the border in june last year. India reported twenty deaths. Unconfirmed reports put the chinese death toll at as high as forty five eight months later. Beijing officially acknowledged four casualties for the first time. Two days after beijing finally broke the silence wong posted on social media. Why did you announce the death toll so late. What on earth are you hiding. Wong was not in china at the time but chinese police still charged him and six other people for as they called it defaming heroes and martyrs decode this well. This is again one of these reports from new tang dynasty. The ntd television let which is part and parcel. I think of epoch times. And i think this is just this is story. There's nobody's going gonna talk about. It's just china it we could. I think pompeo talked about in his last days. In the trump administration about china's sticking out their tentacles going everywhere. You get your your chinese and they mentioned this. The second clip. You can't say anything you say anything about us about us the c. and we're gonna rush him beat you and we're gonna Take your peculiar parents. Perhaps or a are just freaked out about any sort of criticism is it's almost like warrick or let's say you're promoting a movie and you mentioned that taiwan is a country. The gotta go gotta go on your knees and and suck the master that too. I mean that's that's just for that poor woman who won the academy award for best director and they cut her out. Good nothing more than say. I think china i think some of these government guys li- roofs. Hey could it be part of this. Let me just ask you. Could it be that the people that china has their tentacles so deepen everybody that they're threatening to pull out and something. That's what's got. Everyone freaked out threatening to do to pull out of what money out of anything anyone who doesn't do what they get so much money flying. Yeah there's an element to that. Don't think there's any doubt about it. That's why no wants to cover this stuff. But it's really pathetic but a story. If they gave us a couple million dollars. I'd shut up for not gonna do that. They're mostly interested in chinese. They don't really go. I mean they they tried to subvert people like i think there's good evidence that china's involved with the With the government of georgia georgia. Oh yeah with the governor even as governor and the secretary of state those two republicans. I think they're deep deep. They were anti-trumpers. Oh yeah a lot of anti-trump stuff comes from china. Of course he died. I would say he fisher marjorie taylor. Green is targeted. Trump does cornflakes where we go also detained his parents in china. Chinese police even publicized. His passport number on chinese media. Wong said the chinese regime has frozen all of his parents. Chinese bank accounts and taking away all their foreign currencies without any explanation chinese authorities also raided their home now the dubai police are only telling want to wait and the detention center offers only one meal a day. Workers from the chinese embassy in the uae have visited one at the detention center. They came to earth me to go back to. China was basically the case they promised i would be saving china and said i can't get anyways. Longs lawyers later discovered the chinese embassy. They're manipulated the case. That's because they want to extradite him to china. His lawyer found out that the dubai public prosecutor's office wrote off his case last week due to insufficient evidence but dubai. Police refuse to let him go and asked him to sign some documents in arabic long refused because he doesn't understand. The language and local police refused to explain even when he asked long calling on the international community to pay attention to his case. Communist uses its position as a big country to take advantage of diplomatic exchanges with other countries to ccp uses its roque diplomacy to deter these smaller countries and force them to do things long says he wants more people to know what's happening to him and to recognize the threat to ep poses. No that's never gonna on here. That's that's not gonna fly. What would happen if if all commerce just stopped with china. Tomorrow i do a change the world it'd be it'd be a positive thing. Unfortunately it's not possible. Because we would the chips cars it would take a year to reset the the it would take a year to reset the dependency. That's quite short actually a years. Not that long we can do it do it a year. I was gonna say if if if the right president said. Hey you know what these dick's over here look what they did. Look at how they got us by the balls. We're going to hunker down for a year. Drive that old clunker for another year. We're americans dan. We're not gonna take that chinese food. We always go to food. Freedom fries french fries. We gotta go to. I think the american public would unripe to media is against that the media would be promoting. Oh the president is gone nuts. The president needs to be impeached. Twenty-fifth said you know there was a mockery of this early on a date. The media's the enemy of the people and everybody got all bent out of shape when trump actually said the fake media after we after a year of covid and four years of the bull-crap with trump and mullah report and the rest of it. The media looks like it is the enemy of the people and that ladies and gentlemen is why. we're here why you didn't play my funny clip. Shit stop the show. I'm sorry i was already happy you. We're just a funny clip. I just wanna get discipline. Could we could put this off by now. This is an example of a reporter. I think is one of the fox. Affiliates mila nowhere davin a powerball. Everyone's gonna make a bunch of money. Let's pro to lottery. So they sent her out into the field to promote the lottery to everybody throws their money away on these government programs. And then she she starts a conversation up with some guy who's scratching off or writing down his his numbers or the powerball. Where here at the line where people are doing it the old fashioned way. They're filling out bubbles chair. I want to turn some of these people around and ask you guys sir. Can i ask you what your lucky numbers are. We'll pick up to twenty four to seven fifteen lucky numbers. Can i tell you. What do you know your chances of winning slim to none. Let me tell you. Out of two hundred and ninety two million. What do you think that your your numbers are lucky. Though can i ask you. If you want all the money what would you do with it. Won't hookers cocaine hoping where giverny answer not the answer that we're looking beautiful beautiful. That's america ladies and gentlemen. That's right you stick a camera in our face and we will give you hookers and blow in return camera. Ready good to go. Entertainment filled jam-packed come to america. Best country in the world although i do like hanging out and get mo nation and we return here on sunday before the episode of the best podcast in the universe before i move out to the splitter bond coming to you from opportunities zone thirty three here in the capital of the drone star state austin texas and i will remain in fema region number six in the morning everybody. I'm adam curry silicon valley where everybody's looking for their booster shots. But they're not here. And jesse davar act coming up next in the no agenda streams we have the rare encounter podcast and the four that india. Show mix from sir. Sco v just sequoia nelson neil jones. And i am. I my missile. Is billy bones. Back on sunday till then remembers a divorce. Dot org slash. Na until then audio small and such alabama roles in the the troll room trolls out books in the air took place are actually leading this yelling for the past four minutes or so. Many jono ballroom is just exploding off ever to it again. Woah morning. silence don't need crispy cream donuts live. I don't want to free jesse. I don't like ohio lottery tickets. You want me to tell you where to stick. It won't taking apple discentives. I decline through the rind. I don't like your shake shack fast. Food waste garbage. There he do. Tony tar isn't too early in the dating. This can be breakfast. I want you to look at this and think about some people love hamburger. Some don't really respect all ways of life. But if this is appealing to you just think of this when you think vaccination adult tom gary a very good feeling about vaccination thank you to randy rudy for sandy meyer to help us with recovery and the entire team. I've finished showing from entering second show. Everybody welcomes this is where we talk about this weaponized. Hey man turn it on harp again. Earthquake machine theories. Classic trees have seismic weaponry tin foil so that will help every defense authorization act discussed off. The show has always has an interesting space stuff in. There is in raptures because they've got the moonbase space man that's my favorite day designed to nipple concentrated on coast electromagnetic radiation in excess of one hundred times current level in the same way to to stop there to say how much the radiation is the same as directed energy weapon. I thought there was just some conspiracy theories that i talked about now. Heads are going to explode to the money. Person warming. And the person audio's mojo dot org slash evil lunacy.

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