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When Natasha and Daniel meet they're both at a crossroads in life. With just twenty four hours before her family is deported from the US Natasha wrestles between love and logic while the to spend the day together discovering, a magnetic chemistry fall in love at first sight with this modern love story, starring Yara Shahidi from TV's grown ish and Riverdale Charles Melton. Do you think you could fall in love and twenty four hours? The sun is also a star only in theaters may seventeenth fellow the internet and welcome to eighty one episode four guys production of high heart radio does the puck has retained dive into American share consciousness and say officially off the top thoughts. Coke industries and fuck fuck news. This Thursday may nine two thousand eighteen minutes. Jack, O'Brien AK king and his army of zyppah walk sold. And I'm thrilled to be joined by my co host Mr. miles toll. Toko with small in your and your. Smoke. Smooth. That is look I am. I am an arsenal fan. But I have to give it up Liverpool f c did something amazing on Tuesday beating Barcelona four nothing in the Champions League. So that all the liberal out there begrudgingly? But is that a beautiful song? Is that? Why? No, it's another guy from Liverpool. Something Jerry in the heart pacemakers. Yeah. Well, we're thrilled to be joined in our third by the hilarious and talented, a wreath wander said my name correctly. Yeah. Yeah. We're drilling dolphin. Thanks. We're thrilled to have you for having me. Thank you for having. Hello, everyone wars so miles Liverpool. And was that also in honor of the naming of young baby Archie, I don't we'll get into that later. We have what I don't know. I mean, the thing that I'm pissed about is. They were like the name will unify the US que they put a lot of pressure on that. She I don't know one American person named Archie. That is not a fictitious character. Right. There's the actual. Yeah. I don't know a bunch of British people thing. Thing. I know I was saying is the basketball player tiny Nate Archibald. Yeah. That's and those his lesson. That's his last name. Yeah. Even thought of Archie being short for anything, just blew my mind. And that's that's if that's his first name call child protective services because he will be bullied our name. Yeah. There's not a better way to short Archibald. Now Baldy now of all. Yeah. Exactly. She hates Chabad. Alright. Or we going to get to know better in a moment. First we're going to tell our listeners just a few of the things we're talking about. Of course, we're talking about baby bald we're talking about the watchman HBO series, which is looking pretty shoe pretty fucking chill, bro. Yeah. I mean, I I liked the graphic novel. So I was I loved the graphic. Now does not care for the movie. And this looks pretty dope. It looks like it goes away from the graphic novel. But we'll we'll get into a we're gonna talk about the Sultan of Brunei pulling a one eighty on his death penalty policy for holler sexuality. We're going to talk about the president Donald Trump's taxes his sporting taxes. He's either turns out a criminal or the worst businessman of all time or both or both. Yeah. Yeah. Either way even if he's a criminal. He's very bad at doing it 'cause it is even like white collar criminals, really Joe was not subtle. We're gonna talk about the president's claim of executive privilege over the Muller report. Good luck with that. What the fuck we're gonna ask. What the fuck is up with Zillow is up with everybody. You know? Yeah. Indeed. We're going to check back in with Stephen Moore. It would be easy to just let this dude off the and stop paying attention to him. But it is interesting to just get a kind of a look inside the conservative brain at this moment as. It's ugly and terrifying. But you know, some of those find that interesting. It's weird. Like, we're talking off Mike reason about how the same way we will try and rationalize our laziness and create just monumental mental. Gymnastic loops to jump through conservatives do that for things like racism, and such bro. It's nuts. Yeah. So in that sense. I'm like, wow. Yeah. We do have common ground. Wait, what we're both tricking ourselves to bring out the worst of us facts. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's like when people who were in colts taking intelligence tests. They always score really high because they're just good at convincing themselves of whatever crazy shit they want. That's what we do with our intelligence is convince ourselves of whatever we want. I convince myself when I was sixteen that was Sean John model. Told that lie. Nobody believes me. Wow. Anyway, that's actually very impressive. That's a metaphor. That's that's that's a new podcast call sheet. We told ourselves and high school is going to be depressing. I wanna hear that train of logic. How you ended up? I was y'all. So I look sidetrack. My had friends who are on the Disney channel growing up, and they were at a celebrity basketball charity game in Saint Louis. Joe Torry and the comedian guy Torry the Tory brothers from Saint Louis they every year to me Jalil white who plays urkel easing. Shiloh buff. My homie might g recipes tech from the real world Hawaii season. Oh, we're going around the city and people in Saint Louis new. There are a lot of people in town for the celebrity basketball tournaments like oh, there's technical. There's there's urkel whatever. And they're like, oh, that's not white boy from holes. And then at the closing like who are you? I was like, yeah. I'm auto for like, Sean, Sean John sweats velour suit on with the fucking headband locate check the check the technique from that year. And I was like, yeah. You know, we're Sean and the oh my God. That's so great. Well, I for a while I had to because then like, you know, like as a you're method about your life. I was method. And then slowly I was like, nah, maybe I am. I. I can't imagine the pressure of being young and having that many famous friend. I'd feel so like unemployed. We're going up in LA. You're just kinda like nam, and these are people who are gonna feed me, right? You're going gonna pay for these drinks. That's the. Sugar. Daddy. Yeah. And then I had enough self delusion tell myself, man, I'm better than these motherfuckers. Anyway, right amount of show. No, right. But I'm better. Yeah. Just wait. You're picking your spot. The egos are amazing. And the last store we're going to talk about is the story. I can't wait to talk about one of my favorite scams that I've heard about dude in Argentina is convincing people. He's a source her and what he's doing with that power is is evil evil, but very basic, very basic, but very basic scam, very effective hang on the lovelorn. But I we like to ask our guests. What is something from your search history? That's revealing about who you are. It's I look up a lot of furniture. Okay. Yeah. Whether it'd be like vintage or just rugs more I just like to make my house look nicer than everyone else. Aesthetic? What's the what you look? What are we talking? Okay. Like mid century modern because everything's tough did. So. Like deep Jim tone fabrics. Okay. Like, but lots of wood and marble got enough marvel to call me Persian. Yeah. You don't have any problems yet. No, God, no doubt. Now, that's a totally different genre mid century modern for love of God. No lions. No, no, no animals in my house alive. He's like a gold. Gold cheetah go play the Cheeto. No, I don't do like hands on the wall. I don't like anything like that. Mid-century? Yeah. Lots of lots of furniture where you buy you buy used you buy new actually I buy new 'cause I'm awful. But so my favorite place, I've been gives HD buttercup and. Yeah. So I I answer there. Hey, I'm gonna sorta gofundme us aren't getting Eames chair holiday the wall. What's your favorite piece of furniture that you have in your house? I'm going to say, it's my couch. It's it's an orange the mid century modern tufted couch, and it's like a giant rectangle. And I hate the legs on it. But I'll change those at some point changeable legs Italian changeable, not on people. Tell me that every time there. What is something you think is overrated overrated? Lou one direction. I said it I understand. And I'm sorry. Let's say wonder pug an overrated. I all right and the podcast. Miles who's booking these people? Right. All right. I mentioned. I got something to say just like, I don't know like a lot of. But it's most of these like contrived bands, like girl bands boy bands. Like, they're not the backstreet, boys. They're not the Spice Girls and call me old school. But it just not there. I'm like, where's the message because it's just falling in love. We've already heard that any something else. So how would you say one direction to make them that group? I don't know about depression. They're actually going through. Yeah. Because I don't really I'm like are we seriously going through this again thousand songs about those even more than a thousand every song is about bucking love. And I'm like can we have a song about my love for fro? Yeah. Right. Like or you thought you don't home rage. Yeah. Where's the student loan because that's the shit? I wanna hear about I would blast that show. I was just talking to somebody about I I saw Harry styles in the wild recently. And this person freaked out what happened. It's Harry styles. I'm like, I don't know what that means. He just any lesbian and west home. I was like the dude from Dunkirk, and then people got up then she got upset and told me about the fan culture around it like the people call Larry's who Louis, and Harry anything there's really long term relationship there. Right. And how motherfuckers go so as far as to like hack family, photos and shit to try and find the proof that these two are together. It's like, I don't have that much energy for anything. Right that much energy for like Zane. But he laughed that was only really hot one. I'm like, okay. The rest of you. I I could pass them on the Zan. Okay. To. I don't know. I think he's just attractive. Gramley dating Hadeed. I don't know. That's all I think anyone knows right. And he has some more tattoos. The most. It's a lot of weed. That's enough being attractive dating had. That's a joke. Rows too. Yeah. Yeah. But do you think I mean, do you think they're worse than the backstreet boys? Are you think we just already had a bag street, boys? We don't need this not that. We don't need anything else. I think there's always room for something more like I love. I'm a big believer in abundance like more and more and more but make it better and make it better. Like do it again, do it better. It's just like these remakes of movies, stop remaking movies that were already fucking good. Everyone's like hocus pocus. I'm like this. Hundred sixteen minutes here. Fucking gold. Even if it's not the original cast coming back for more. I don't want to see it. Jimmy better pull up in that book. I don't wanna see Casey musk grays like pretending. She's fucking. Jessica parker. That's gonna piss me off like Reese Witherspoon who would who would play. The bet. She's got a sharp Chen. She could be a witch easily. Jessica chastain. Who would Reese Witherspoon be is? She this just after the compactor. Okay. Just pretty enough. I love you. But I mean, like she's pretty look she's team training to be like a two witchy witch. Right. We'll have to be the county one. Right. What is something? You think is under rated. I'm gonna go ahead. I'm gonna keep it gay for you guys. I'm gonna say rupaul rupaul. The person is underrated. Yeah. Just because everybody loves to talk shit or drag him about the shitty. Says he or she says, I don't know where I'm going with these Elise. I don't care. I'm like, look, I'm imagining him in and out of drag Nevada. I think he's totally underrated. I think people really don't appreciate Rupa's podcast one. I have to shout that out. He started like a whole culture of like the community because drag used to be made fun of like, I was a drag Queen before I jumped the fence. Hello transgender woman here. I'm right. Hey, no. But I was driving for three and a half years, and it wasn't like a respected profession we'd make when he bucks a gig. Now, these bitches are pulling thousands, gigging flown all over the world. And it is it's like a respected Java yelich if you see a drag Queen out, you're like oh shit. That bitch is going. Work. It's not why is that guy in address? Meter J culture, the way a culture shifted and have a whole con- around like a drag John in both New York and LA. It's nuts. Like how the fuck? Did. You just shift toxic masculinity into everyone went on a fucking dress. And it's kinda working, right and international yet. Just yet we got checks for you all over the world. Exactly, exactly. Because they have like Thailand version too. But it's not just gay people watching this. Oh, and that's the gag because you can't have ninety million people watching a show, and it's all gays because guess what we would run the world at that point. Yes. So it's definitely bigger than that. So I think rupaul super fucking underrated. Yes. Changed the game. And the culture is way way better for you know. Yeah, I'm being a conduit between that culture mainstream cold, and it was one of those things too. Like when when Roo is still doing like doing cameos and things in films people like becoming more and more familiar than like, okay? What's that? And I remember that's when I was like, I forget what I was watching. But someone told me to. Parodies. Burdening? Okay. Well, yeah. When he teachers. Teachers. And then like my dad or someone's like, no you'd see Paris's burning flick is that and you're like, that's like the the the OG documented about ball, culture, and drag culture and all the fuck Mike Willi ninja. And then our voting took my life away. Yeah. Had to get man. Philip haven't seen these battles. Get ready. Fucking amazing. Yeah. We've talked before about how rupaul was part of the Athens. Georgia REM b fifty two's scene like in the eighty eight. And like, yeah. Just always a part of like after after a while when somebody is just a part of like a culture defining seen like multiple times. Like, maybe there's something special about that person. Right. Yeah. Exactly. There's a testament to you know, people who are just gay who are watching because one time I I saw kimchi. And I was like I got a fleet at one time with kimchi. Make up games from another planet kimchi, and she hilarious. She had a really great tweet actually tweet question. But she had a tweet, and it was like she goes, I'm so sick of white people talking about their bowel movements when someone's eating ethnic food. Like, oh, you having curry, oh, you're going to have to go to the bathroom after that. Oh, a burrito you're going to go the bathroom after that. And she said don't be mad at me 'cause you're sensitive. Ask stomach can't handle seasoning. I was such a good comeback. Think something like that. Genius the the whole culture shit. Thank you for the tweets. Thank you for all the queen's day because you're responsible for them essentially homeless slaying to so much slang slang, the best slang. What finally what is a myth? What some of the people think is true, you know, to be false or suspect to bomb something that people think is true. That I noted be false. That milk is good for you. Let's talk about that. I was going to go in when we got to craft services. But like, yeah milk is not fucking good for you adults adult humans are not supposed to drink milk. Like it is food for baby cows to turn into big cows. And so if you're defending Malik, I'm like, okay? Drink your milk, but I don't want. I don't want your titty pus from Kennedy. Fucking pass gusting are you in again, I'm a pesky vegan. So I know ever EV exactly know everyone that lives in LA like doesn't live in LA hates me right now listening to this fucking bitch. I'm like, whatever what's our pesky. Otherwise. Yeah. I do I do like seafood, but I don't do dairy. I don't do. We don't even do bread. I don't eat white food. You just eat tuna and tuna fish, okay? Anybody who does not have dairy in which is easy to come across. Yeah. Especially if you shop at trader Joe's everything's labeled now. Now, there's lots of vegan cheese super, easy, good. Yeah. I'm being string cheese. Emma. Good diet on the pizza though. Diocese on pieces. I can't do you. Gotta find your brand brands at whole foods. You gotta pay a little more. But right right around just right. Fucking god. Which is so funny though, too because like on one hand like some of the best vegan stuff is just so chemically like built in a lab to mimic the thing. And I'm like I like that too. Not not to drag it Doritos. Right. Not to say anything, we aren't. But but I like that how much science goes into making like vegan things. Yeah. Sort of seemingly like 'cause like we eat impossible burgers a lot. And we'd like I'm addicted to them because they're just so good. But I'm like, I'll thank you to all the scientists who put hours in the lab to try and make sure this thing is cooking up a little bit like the beef. Right. Just a full year since it's fun. I think it's a fun game. A flying progress the sixties head the moon landing and we have the impossible. But exactly right. All right, guys. Let's get into the story today of I mean, this is the this is the main story of the day thing. Megan and Harry's baby. Now has a name we have pictures. What is the name is Archie? Please div sorry with the full body talked about Archie is his name Archibald. His name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor. That is Anglo Saxon is no like overdoing. Where's Harrison from? I don't know. Probably harry. This is death. Like, literally, Harry's son. Yeah. Oh shit. Fringe orange William about no to. That's that's weird. But Archie, maybe Hayes real name is Harrison, it might be Harris. Oh shame. And what you've gotta take whatever. I mean. I wish I give a fuck about the name because I'm like I said Archie though, there's a black Archie. I hope he has red hair. What is he gonna do right here? Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor gonna join a country club. It is. Well, I don't know Megan's always been like he's going to grow up normal. I mean as normal as you can't be. With those rules like funny, if they're like look at Megan Prince, Harry and Archie, we're at Red Lobster again. It was like that. Then it'd be like, okay. Like over here. I wanna see them eat with their hands. I Red Lobster, right? What I want and then like Megan's like taking shit off other people's play off all the people tables to go. Cheddar biscuit. She's actually really I wanna know. I mean, I'm curious how you could. I mean conceivably raise a child normally given these circumstances where he will be black. So right. It's hard. It's hard to get any privileges. When you're there, but they're gonna straighten his hair and shit. Oh, God me and putting relaxer in or something. Oh god. I hope not. I hope not I wanted to. I have a feeling Bill read for they're gonna let they're going to let that shit fly. But I I just don't know. How you tell a kid is like look you're the fuck your seventh in line to the throne. Right. But a pickup your goddamn toys. I don't know. You know? Yeah. Where do they land? Because I know that they've insisted they wanna stay out of like the capital and just kind of keep it quiet because there that's how they do it. But we'll see are they moving to America. When that rumor at one point. Yeah. But look we get all of our racer from town. So now, I want that reality show if they are shoot. Want the valley living next door to Drake in in calabash? Oh shit hills out of suits. Right. Right. Right. And then I can finally do my buddy comedy with Harry. But like you'll get the same fucking birthday bro you ever smoke backwoods before. I don't like miles coming around so much hairy. He's a cool. He's a cool bloke? Gary CHU this name though. I mean after promising to unite the UK and America with a name, and then giving the child de most British name that I could possibly conceive of. I don't know. Is it the most what's the most British name? You think I mean if they if they put Fontell ROY in there? I would have I would say Harry Potter Harry got I would have got they even have a Harry in their Harry's relied more Harris Hogwarts Harrison Potter how warped Windsor. Yes. Dumbledore? I'm glad that I'm reducing all the things I know about the UK down to Harry Potter. Honestly, that's another movement. Crump? It would be from Trump alley is now it's really we're doing the stereotypical. What america? Crush it took you. Right. All right. Let's talk about something that highs to win about someone. We can't speak knowledgeable. Yes. Watchmen HBO series, looking solid. Yeah. I mean, we've seen a lot of montages where it's coming soon or this year glimpses. But now we have a full minute twenty teaser. I didn't know there's like an army of rohrschack. Yeah. And this thing, but the one things, you know, even if you're not a fan will local Jeremy Irons as elderly Ozzy, Mandy ass-. Yeah. Because it wasn't Ozzy Mandy kinda younger like thirty. But this is like he's apparently it was described as an older age or ladder day as he Mandy o or the character was his real name. So is this after the events of the graphic novel possibly it must be. Yeah. And I don't and I haven't looked into it enough to know how it actually relates to I because it's not a direct adaptation. But it has a lot of the stuff in it. Yeah. So I don't know. And Trent Resonator is doing the score. So that's that's good for about fifty percent. On your rotten tomato meter, you'll yet with Atticus because I mean, the the social network don't you? Remember that score the hell, yes. It was really good. That movie is. Marvel though this is neither neither. Wow. Okay. This is because if it was DC, it's guaranteed like rotten tomatoes. Okay. Let's let's not put all our eggs in this band. Wait a minute. We'll see a dude's name who wrote all those comics Frank Miller. Now, the the guy wrote watchmen is sorry. I almost all do that without like DC or marvel Alan more alum more. Yeah. Yeah. So this is my bad. It is DC is good luck. Watchman? You got a lot to live up to see. They're doing it. Right. Because they're like don't fucking make a movie out of this. What I'm sorry engineer. Dan is over here throwing his hands up in a nerd Ville across the way. Big mad at my factor. You can't look it up. I just doing it real time. But yeah, I mean, it's I think it would be tough to I don't know if they if they've fully fucked it up like Warner Brothers DC style. Well, Moore was all about like he didn't use any of the pre existing characters like he made up his own, right? Right. Like in. He would always you know, when he would rewrite something or write a series. It would always be like something that was in the public domain. He didn't wanna fuck with other people's properties. So like watchmen is basically all characters that he created unlike there's there's like the hour or some shit. That's like kind of like Batman. But not really God. Yeah. Night. Al. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, look, I always identify with doctor Manhattan. Yeah. Dr Manhattan's one of the great care. Just overly logical superman lost is humanity. Because he doesn't his his like, I don't understand. It's like superman and take into his logical extreme get where like he just can't think as a human being. Yeah. And also gives everybody cancer when he has sex with them. Yeah. And finally, the Brunei so George Clooney stuck his chest out. And was like, I'm not gonna have drinks at this dudes hotels, and yeah. Well, this alternate Brunei, you know, came out with some fuck in medieval punishment, basically saying that people who were, you know, found to be engaged in any kind of homosexual activity would be stoned to death. And. Yeah, that was when George Clooney I and like Elton, John they're all like, we're not dealing with any of their hotels because in LA like the Beverly Hills hotel, and what's other when the Bel Air hotel. I think are both owned by. This can't go on transgender Valencia is I'm just like, you know, that the ownership. All right. I'm going to be stoned. Yeah. This, but then on top of that actually J P Morgan and Deutsche Bank actually told their staff to not to completely cut ties from the the those banks doing business with those hotels in any capacity to get any change you have to hit people in the wall. That's the only color that really matters. No one's really racist. Because it'd be rich. No, one has a heart or morals. They just have a wallet. Exactly. That's really look like they said, what was it an Vanilla Sky? There's a quote, he's like my dad said they answered in ninety nine out of one hundred questions is money. Well, it's I love it. You can quote Vanilla Sky. That's that's one of the great pool. I can quote like Cameron Diaz. I'm like you came in me. We're in. That's trash. Yeah. Well, that's all. That's the only part. I remember actually and the soundtrack it was better than what I remembered. I think as I saw when I was like a teenager, and I was like damn this deep one of the most expensive shots in the history of movies is the shot at the beginning empty New York where he runs around through an empty New York. And that was like they had to go in like six in the morning empty out time square. Just so Tom Cruise could run around like a dalmatian. Yeah. Is even worth it. Yeah. Alright, tom. Yeah. Not for that now. But that's not to say that even despite the announcement though in Brunei like they're still like LGBT citizens in Brunei, still face all kinds of punish course. Like, it's never out of the woods. Like, I'm to start like a charity where I just pluck LGBT people from around the world and bring them to like an island. It sounds like a concentration camp. Only. There's there's a Tiki bar or like you want like fantasy island you ever gonna make it way radiator everyone's a designer, right? You know, it's it's going to the front going to solve itself. We're gonna take your gaze, and we're gonna make wherever we live better. Yeah. Gimme your sick. You're tired your gaze. Yes. Gimme your. That. All right. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. Hey miles. Are you in the mood for sport? God to the forces impacting your world. Let me stop right there. Jack, are you speaking about the economist e Kana missed business Smith, so weekly magazine that offers, oh, guess what? Insight and opinion on not just international news, but Bala chicks business, finance and science and technology. I still can't stop thinking about the September nine two thousand seven she coverage of facial recognition technology in China, it, Google my mind and scared. My foot right off my buddy, you got that. Right. For me. It had to be April six issue when they discussed the booming industrial cannabis industry. Also in soy, they've got you covered showing you could get a free copy of the economists just text it's like to ninety nine thousand nine nine zero zero zero that's right for your free copy of the economists Bex site guys. To nine nine zero zero zero the economists Opie your pie hole gets smart. And we're back and the New York Times has been digging. And they finally got some of Trump's tax returns. They got ten years in a row. So this is this is pretty important because we've had like one isolated one or a couple isolated ones in the air partial yet. Yeah, they got ten years straight. And it was the ten years when Trump was like, basically becoming famous for being a rich person in being a very successful businessperson. Right. So what's the late eighties to into the mid eighties? Mid ninety got you. And what they found is basically when he was becoming famous for being one of the richest people in the world, he was actually losing more money than any American way than any American on paper. Like he has he has the title in nine hundred ninety nine hundred ninety one he lost in excess of two hundred and fifty. Fifty million dollars which appears to be quote, more than double any other individual US tax payer in an annual IRS sampling. So he was twice as bad at making money as the second worst business person. So it's just yeah, he got famous for being the opposite of what he actually is. He's like the perfect example of fake it till you make it right? He hasn't really made it. But I'd like my mom taught me this when I was younger and being made fun of before I got popular. Yeah. Because I listened her. She said Honey people believe what you want them to believe if you start acting Colville, they'll think you're cool. And just you don't you will really just not care what they think. And then they'll just start thinking of you. And so that literally worked for Donald Trump like he's just I'm rich, I'm rich. And everyone's like, he's a rich. Are we just pair, right? Like fucking morons. Nobody thinks on their own or things to fact check anything these days. But luckily that we live in the age of the internet, and people are fact checking, and we are finding his taxes. Yeah. So luckily, we're. The truth. But how many people are going to listen to the truth? And it comes election time like the terrible with money and every day he's terrible with his own money. Why the fuck are we giving him our taxes? This is awful like just for him to give it away to other rich people. So I mean xactly he's he's helping the wealthy out. Maybe because he's he's always wanted to be one of them. And he's like, hey, you see what it did? Right. Maybe I'll be as rich. Now that is maybe not. I know you guys are still laughing me when I would steal dinner rolls, right? Right. Like that. But I mean, it really it does blow up the whole myth about him being a successful business person. I mean, the fact that you would lose what they said over this hope here is like a billion billion and a half dollars over a billion dollars. And then what's one Billy? So despite that, right. We're looking these tax returns dead in the fucking. I what the explanation is what I would says he's doing it for sport. So he wouldn't have to pay taxes basic. Okay. So on one hand, you're either admitting your job, right? Yeah. Fuck dollars fucking billion and a half dollars. Or you're saying I defrauded the government. So I didn't have to pay taxes, right? So bad at it would go with the the loss billion dollars thing. So I would have jail time. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Off I'm terrible, man. I'm the word absolutely garbage my gold toilet. Now. Now, we are saying that you know, we have this. We can look at it. Like, how does anybody deny this? How do his supporters like get their mind around? The fact that this person who they've just thought, you know, was Kim. Midas everything he touches turns to gold. How do they get their mind around the fact that he is a complete fuck up and bad at the exact thing they gave him credit for being good at we have a clip from Fox News. Yeah. Here we go. They realize he's a billionaire. He was campaigning on the trail with his plane behind it. That's as big as a delta jet with his name on it. It is we can't even fathom that kind of money. So I'm sure that they if you have that kind of money you look at tax laws, you you buy things to take a loss. So that you make more the next year. But that's not how most of us think. So I think it's interesting to read this article it's interesting to see that he had a twenty nine million dollar boat or that he had this big boat. Yeah. But I don't think it's going to sway anyone the poll. More actually these figures twenty and thirty years ago. I think you know, when you hear people in congress say we were trying to get ten years worth of his tax returns. It's the last ten years to figure out, you know, was there any involvement with anybody and eruptions any anything like that. How did he make his money? Did he pay any taxes? That's what a lot of people would wonder about. It is an interesting look, though, it how New York City real estate developers worked in the eighties in the nineteen thing you read this. And you're like, wow, it's pretty impressive all the things that he's done. It. But what most of us could ever so many people love white people. If he was Mexican or. Asian like I thought they knew they were good at math. It was the same. Hey, I'm thinking that joke. But hey, what are you gonna do? He's it's pretty impressive was was how they chose to make sense of that because he has big planes in big boat. That was there on opening gambit is we're so broke bright. We can't even understand what it means to lose a billion dollars. So that's not really a bad thing because they kept saying like, we'll never know. And then they posited this version where he like would lose money this year, presumably, so he could then make more money next. Sure. But we have ten years in a row. That's that's the problem with that theory. We're consistently losing money. Every year every year, he's losing more and more money than anybody else in the country. He is bad. But he's then he's gonna make more the next year. No. This is going down until the early nineties when he had to declare bankruptcy. I just don't understand how people like that stay afloat. Because if I lose I don't know my rent, really, I don't know how the hell did he have any place to Golic? If all of your is caught up in assets because he's clearly cash poor because you're in slick billion a billion dollars worth of debt. So it doesn't I don't understand how that still works for you. What I think that's where he's able to either. Some, you know, dark financial maneuvering is gonna say the thing is these are just the taxes that are reported. I like all the embezzlements that happened. Right. You to able to keep everything that you own. Let's really talk about that. Also, how'd you get onto that billion and a half dollar hole? Right. You know, like weird that that revenue from Dade? He has the apprentice wasn't that good? Well, you know, when you see him like selling, you know, mansions to Russians for like double the value and things like that. You're like, oh, very standard money laundering technique, right? Or if you see like, even just, you know, when we look at the the Trump Tower Moscow deal like that was the thing that would have been the biggest deal he's ever closed in his entire career entire life. And you look at someone who has been in the fucking toilet for a over probably decades really being real about it. Then you begin to see like what what the fuck is really going on this do it. It's a broke desperate, man. Trying to do whatever we can stay afloat. You can only imagine kind of dark shitty. Wandered into. Yeah. He has to be genuinely like delusional to like, I think he believes everything he saying because he's just going with it on. I would have had a minute breakdown. That's the same person. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we have most. But I guess when you're you know, when you're so used to being wealthy and like you have this privilege. I hope keeps you a float like it's easy to kind of keep brass lighting yourself into being like, yeah. If you inherited half a billion dollars. Then it's easy to lose a billion. And be like, you know, it's we keep moving moving sport. I did it for sport. I'm broke for sport. Right. The champion of broke nece all that all of that money, and his hair still looks like that. I know that's not the subject we're talking about. But you keep doing the voice, and I keep seeing the hair. I couldn't get you a great whig guy. Just amazing. Get the proper plugs or some shit rather than your some over you have the money. I don't understand why don't you care about? How you look you said looking so wealthy. But the wind is my greatest enemy as the wind and rain wind and rain, right? But yeah, I mean people are asking like I think the version of the hunt for Trump's tax returns is the way that it's being portrayed to conservatives is it's just like harassment and trying to embarrass him. And it's like, no embarrassed. Like first of all, you should be embarrassed. Because he hasn't been Lyman. But there's also the fact the things miles is talking about there's all sorts of shady business dealings. He there's an entire emoluments clause that's supposed to make it. So that the president of the United States doesn't have like financial ties to foreign powers. And this one has there's a lot of smoke saying he does. And it's weird that he won't he's the first president ever not to release his tax returns. Like, it's I don't know, man. This is the double standard is just while. It's nuts. Yeah. It's like any kid if you're innocent, and you have evidence that fully exonerates, you you would be fucking screaming from them yet. Look at my fucking tax returns. But there's ain't shit in there. Exactly. So just from a logic standpoint. Even try and be like, oh, it's this. Shame thing. They're trying to do. And he's just doesn't want to go into that. I think is absurd especially given. Now, all the things we've seen about the Muller report and back to your point that you said about just saying over and over and people were parroting it like for. The tax returns is like, I'm rich. But now when we go into the election interference aspect, he just kept saying collusion collusion collusion. And he did a very good job because we were pulled into or not against the reporting in the mainstream media just became about. Did they did was there collusion or no collusion? And now with how you know Trump is just basically claimed executive privilege over the entire Muller report. Right. The thing that quote unquote, fully exonerated him. He does not want to share with the public by any means. And I don't see how that's to anybody indicates that this person is innocent. And I don't buy like, oh, they just want to take another stab at it. And it's all bullshit. But again, I think the problem with even talking about the mother report in on Wednesday. The judiciary committee is like, you know, they're going to find Bill barring contempt of congress. That's fine. But it puts all the focus on Bill bar who's just a Patsy in all of this. And we're actually we're not actually talking about the bigger thing. Not even collusion is that the president of the United States worked with a. A foreign adversary to undermine an election now may not be collusion or whatever. But even in the Muller reported, mental caters repeated. Yeah, there's no criminal conspiracy. But repeatedly in the mother report says that they knew that they would benefit directly from this interference and still did nothing because they knew it would help them. Right. If that on its face isn't like y'all why isn't that the issue because you can act like you can point to that evidence. You don't have to talk about a criminal conspiracy. You can say you knew this was going on. You didn't say anything. Are you see this? You're running to be the president of the United States. And then we see all this other shit like he's on ninety minute phone calls with Putin and not warning him about interfering in this election. You just know it's like that on its face. Just stink to everybody. Right. This is the power celebrity. It's a really dangerous. Yeah. The fame monster furry, then like it is a monster. But people are so obsessed with the power celebrity and they love having a celebrity president because they want something to watch. Yeah. You know, it's always gonna be dramatic people are addicted to the fucking drama. And it's killing them because all these people are the ones voting for him and he's not looking for their best interests. And the thing that really concerns me about him having the tax returns out are is this going to make him eligible on the ballot in jersey where he was kind of voted off. He could not legally be on the ballot in jersey. They they put a Bill in the past or something. And because he they said unless he shows his tax returns he cannot appear on the chain of yet. That they were about to do that too in California. And so now, I'm like shit. So this on the ballot now like just because we saw it, but he still was working with. So I think it because they want to see the version that of the years that they believe are relevant because this is like a journalistic report all of them. Yeah. And now you have like Steve Mnuchin who was at the secretary of treasury saying like can't show you those? That's not even your call. Right. So at every level, we have people trying to defend this president. But again, putting the emphasis on these other people I think is a little bit it's misguided because at the heart of it you have the person who's sitting in the Oval Office is someone who had worked against the principles of this. You know, supposedly Representative democracy, we have everyone everyone around us getting criminally indicted, like I think they're all going to jail. They're all getting like getting fine time everything there is a heart around the like in the center of this body of so like can we cut the shit, look right cut the shit and get the? Heart out. It doesn't make any sense. It's it's all basic shit watch the right? This is basic man, we need Horatio. Yeah. In here has just fucking. What was the woman is doing his crossword puzzles? What was this thing was he he did the New York Times, crossword puzzle or snow? What's your ratio? See? I'm just talking about Horatio sunglasses. Sunglasses. Horatio David Crusoe. Yeah. Yeah. Career crews raining here in New York. No. I mean, you had that moment when he was like fuck you NYPD blue. I'm going to be a movie star right for glasses off. And I'm in Jade and could I come back. Okay. All right. Let's talk about Zillow real quick. You love Zillow I. Various points in my life. I've been addicted to Zillow is very interesting to track every houses like value around you. And but it turns out like somewhat that they're doing some things that suggest they have their eyes on a bigger prize. Yeah. Because right now, we have so many apps, right? It's all about ease vacation within five minutes all from your phone, right? Best price guaranteed a buy or sell a car and twenty minutes. You know, get a home loan in eight seconds, you know, shit like that. And the slowly we've made these processes much easier, which is great on some level. But you know, there are companies like open door which wanna make your house like make the process of selling your house, very easy, where it's like put your shit on our app, we can try and get you offer within four days or whatever she's cut the real estate agents out or whatever just do it through us, blah, blah, blah. And but they're looking at the more the sale end of the transaction and Zillow is looking more now at the purchasing side of the transaction which. Because before they have like the in the app, I know you can try and get a home loan and things like that. But they acquired last year mortgage lenders of America. So now, they are going to begin also being the people who are financing the purchase of home on their app. Now dangerous now all seems easy. Right. Like, there's there's something about like the process of buying a home. That's very like laborious and makes people like really think about buying that easy. Buying a home is the most significant investment a person is going to make in their life, unless you're Donald Trump and your so rich, you can buy so many properties. But like, let's be real them in even now when we're living in we're living in an age where people's wages are stagnant. And the home prices are rising, and that sort of disparity has allowed for a lot of corporate landlord. Dean, you know, like a lot of banks have come in like in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's like, really bad. There's a lot of banks own homes. They're just renting them out there gentrifying these areas, and it's pushing people who don't have the incomes into areas that are making even harder for them to find work and. It just exacerbates a general problem we have with housing. So that's why a lot of people were kind of looking at villains. Like, oh, are they gonna begin sort of getting in this world? I'm not comfortable with that. Yeah. I think that's why, you know, just in general, I think Zillow aside when we look at sort of this new trend after the recession of like banks and investment firms coming into by private properties renting them jacking, the rents up and keeping people out of houses. That's a huge issue really kind of keep our eyes on. And also when you think about anyone who's a first time home buyer, you let's say you want to put a bit in on a house, and there's a Bank that comes in that has cash on hand, and they can actually give an put something more than you. Can you're gonna lose to the Bank every fucking time. Right. So this is something to keep an eye on how this sort of market is evolving to to begin like saying like, oh, these kinds of things while they seem like they're easier or while it seems like oh, well, the banks coming in and buying these distressed houses and making them nicer and making the neighborhoods nicer. There's also a very very significant impact on. Home ownership in the housing crisis. Right homeownership is a big way that that America built it's middle class. But yeah. And then, you know, have kept people out of the middle class with red lining also. But the fact that after the financial crash which was like a lot of the real estate market was heavily involved that like the only people who got bailed out where the banks, and they started buying up all the real estate rice. It's taking as like that is hurt in the middle class as much as fucking anything that conservatives point to and. Yeah, man, I it's scary. And then and then when you tie in the whole everything being consolidated because ease of use on your phone like the same way that like Facebook. It's for some reason like these these companies that can reach us through our phones have a way of just consolidating everything just like bring it down into like berry, you know, taking all the small pieces and just like owning at all. So. Yeah. Zillow just we need to keep an eye on. Absolutely. I mean, really at Zillow aside, you know, we gotta fucking get the wages right in this country. Yeah. And address just you know, the predatory banking and all that other shit. But you know, I guess we'll just complain about other shit for the time being no it's a weird. I think it's just so weird to be like like I live on a pretty developed street. I live in mid city. And it's like they're building it up a lot and I live in new apartments, but like there's so many empty fucking apartment. Right. Like, so many there's empty townhouses the next block over like all super news, super amazing. But like it's just so weird to see like homeless people walk by STA. Right. And I'm like, the housing prices are so high lake it just doesn't make any sense like my rent is ridiculously high. Right. And it's to the point two or even people that could afford it or even like who do you think your to rent this literally like what the fuck like really hard for me to even get an apartment because it's so competitive even just in. The rental market because if it's just me okay like to live by myself. So when I was going up against couples, I could just say do I could make just as much as they do as to people. But they'd rather have two people on the lease with two incomes. And so I was getting outbid by all these people. And I was like this is bullshit. This is absolute bullshit because I gave you everything you asked for and like I've got the money. And then they you still can't live anywhere. You're like what the right? So it's already competitive enough. And so when I look at like, the amount of homelessness, and like my friends who all have roommates but make like a hundred thousand dollars a year. I'm like what the fuck very what the fuck. Well this. I mean, because we still we don't treat housing as like a right or home ownership is like not that it has to be like a inalienable. Right. But it needs to be something that anyone has access to. Yeah. And I think it's now just looked as an investment opportunity, and you have people who buy houses who have no fucking care for the community that they're buying the home in. They're just like a could by up this block and just begin making a lot of money rather than looking at the neighborhood. The impact I'm having on the people that live there. And so, yeah, I mean, I think that's just sort of this is all just part of late stage capitalism as we get into it. And it'll only get worse, right? Yeah. Eat the rich. Eventually somebody added tweet they came last forever Aki. Aka k I tweeted price a loaf of bread nineteen seventy seven thirty two cents two thousand nineteen dollars ninety six median income age twenty five to thirty five nine hundred seventy seven thirty four thousand two thousand nineteen thirty four thousand so the yet our wages aren't growing, but the cost of living is that was even adjusted for inflation, Gary, yuck. That's a Justice scary as I mean, that makes sense everyone should be terrified. Well. And that's why people need to take candidate seriously that are actually making this part of their platform yet. You know, not just the Joe Biden's or the world. Hello. Hey, remember, Obama. Oh, right. That's not enough bro- because Obama wages were still fucking stagnant. My man I saw everyone tweeting about that level of. Words us based on how angry you are. When you say my man, you've had it. Yeah. But you know, like, that's why when you look at like the policies of Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, like they're they understand the existential threat there is to just regular people. And that is something that really needs to be taken seriously because I don't think everybody like people want to be able to own homes, establish wealth. So they their families can thrive. Yeah. Not for fucking bankers. My man. Good, man. Exactly. All right. We're gonna take one more break. We'll be right back. Miles. I had never wondered whats leaving with a twenty five pound blanket would feel like and then I slept with one. And I never wanna sleep any other way ever. Again. What you've never had that feeling of just the weight pun your chest. And just Giles Corey yourself and been like who's Giles from the crucible. Remember, they put all those stones on his chest. And he's like more. Reference. Well, okay. Have you ever had x Ray dentists and they put the wild bid on? Yeah. From the radio is what it makes you feel that was my first experience. And I was like, wait. I can have this all the time. It's like that except you're not being blasted with radiation. Yeah. Yeah. Shadow to Dr Ville, home Brunton for that one. But this is is your doctor. It's the dude invented xrays or okay? Okay. God lease Jack, keep up my bet. Oh my goodness. When you actually get one pun your body if feels like nothing else. Yeah. You can get it in all different weights. And it simulates the feeling of being held or hugged and it improves sleep. I've never been either held or hugged. So this is the first time I've slept. Really well. And if you go to gravity blankets dot com and typing cotija you get fifteen percent off your purchase of gravity blanket. That's gravity blankets dot com. Cotija get fifteen percent off sleep like a baby sleep like you'd never been slept before. Exactly. And then stitched the word mother into your blanket. Like Jack did. Yes. Gravity blanket. Blau? And we're back, and we just wanted to take a moment to check in with one time fed nominees Stephen Moore because he is telling the right what happened to him base. Yeah. I mean, look we all know that our podcast was the one to sway him to pull his nomination out of the running red, or that's what I told myself along while I wear my Sean, John velour outfit and look into the mirror with my headband on. But you know, he now he's he's doing his tour of conservative radio and TV to really get. You know, his side. You know, not the actual story about how we just saw. All this misogynistic bullshit coming out for after decades of cracking racist jokes and things like that and making him a wholly unfit candidate to be on the fed board not to mention that he had like wacky ideas about going back to the gold. Standard was a self admitted. It was like I'm not really an economist. Br. That should be Donald you hear that. But the truth is, and as we all know whenever conservatives have to explain their racism or sexism, or whatever ISM it is in Hudler countable. They always go. Oh, we know. This is just a left attacking you. You know, what I mean, this is this is all bullshit. They're just trying to attack my carrots, all character assassination. The way they held these receipts up in the sunlight, it's character assassination. So listen to him. So he went on the great, Sebastian Gorka. Remember that wicked piece of shit his radio show to really get his takeout real quick on Lena what what the real will really went down with all this shit. So you said politics of personal destruction in our side needs to be prepared for this. We need to gear up for this. These you know, that we have to have this debate are liberals just stupid or they evil, and I don't know after this. I think they're stupid and evil. They can be both in the same time at the end of the day. Stephen, it doesn't really matter because the end result is the same. They wished to destroy people for political purposes, and they refuse they refuse as you have pointed out. Whether it's in your field economics, whether it was mind national security, they refuse to debate the policies. No. We don't have to get to the policies because we're going to the character of the person, I home it's relevant. If your character is fucked. You should have no PM. No Pilly have no place being in a position of power influence, if you have fucked moral character, you have in your you're you're just a unscrupulous fucker looking out for everyone's best interest. Yes. You have to rule over everyone. So. Yeah versus. Yeah. You're unqualified versus talking about. Oh, I wrote some joke combs about women doing in basketball. Right. That was a joke. Guys, come on. Well, they're taller than you. So right. So give them that. He went on actually went on MSNBC. Talking alley Vel. She and Allie Ville she was like trying to explain him. Like, yeah. Look, I get what you're saying is like, but there's a problem when you're talking like that, and you're seeking a position of power supposed to be representing a lot of people. Stephen Colbert them even women, right? Right. And and he's like he's like look you made some fucking dumb ass racist jokes. But we'll just call it racism, right? Don't have to soften it by saying racist joke, just racism, you raise and also really deeply misogynistic problematic should and then again, Stephen Moore baby coming up with a real good solution to maybe something that would have kept him in the running. The point is people need to be convinced that somebody on the Federal Reserve Board doesn't have a view of women as enough to. Society, and I'll say that, you know, those were humor columns, and maybe they weren't funny. Some of them were funny some of them weren't. And you know, I apologize for it. I don't I think there should be a statute of limitations on saying stupid things as I did, you know in these by the way, some of those weren't Christmas letters that we sent out to our friends and family that were just meant to be humorous. And and again, you know, I can't change what I said twenty years ago. But I think most women who know me will almost underspend we'll say that I am not a sexist almost all of them almost all of them. So who's that outline? What happened in your accent? Revealing. Yeah. Almost all known say, I'm not saying, you know, he's thinking of the people who were like, I'm sorry. Mr. Moore, this is just aggressively sexist, and I don't stand for it. He's like, oh, come on Tut's. It was like humor column. Don't make me grab you say. Yeah. Come on. I accept your breath you times. And then I was like I made a comment about what are you need a bra four because you're flat chested anyway comedy. I'm doing it for the wools, right? That is his sense of humor. No, no. It totally is. And again, just there should be a statute of limitations for calling me out on my dumb. Shitty. Come on, bro. Women ruled things for a while guys about their go thar. Hey, look, good Iran of every time you like every time anything just fucking people like human beings. We're getting ready for the next plague. Oh, yeah. I'm ready. Okay. It can take me out. But at least there was some good. But came about I didn't think about that though. Just because of my millennial nihilism always like, well, I see the end of the world, right? Am I going to witness that shit with my naked? I like all here. It comes. I drink. Just hope I have a drink like oh my God. The the truest injustice would be like you're the last step is gone. And you look at you like oh fuck. Pestano snap. Yes. I agree. I don't feel so good. Well, let's talk about some some scams guys. Specifically a Argentine man who is selling his service online pretending to be a sore ser. That could cast a spell to bring you the partner of your dreams. He would then take desperate and lovelorn. People have them tape themselves doing a magical ritual involving alcohol candles vegetables, and then graphic recitations and sex ex being performed on the tape. And then and then the second half is send me that tape send it to the old now, I see your half with the ritual. I will do my half of the ritual, right and extort you. Yes, is essentially what would happen. Honestly anyone who believes this? I knew had it coming. I know. I know I know that's my party was like damn like really taking advantage of these desperate people because I don't even send nudes. Two guys. I'm fucking. You could leak these. I'm like, no, I'll pass no help has. And apparently like because I think the southern district of California's like federal prosecutors officers like you'll get this man over here because it was happening in the United States citizens. So. He's now in San Diego jail answering for his extortion scheme. It's just like it was over two hundred victims in twelve countries like over whatever time frame over a few years like maybe five years guys. And it started off just kind of being like just sort of like getting this stuff and being like argument, give me twenty bucks or give me a hundred bucks and just doing that over and over and then realize that some people were like of sort of higher repute. So those people like then he went for the gusto and said, you'll send me two hundred fifty thousand dollars. Wow. I will release all of this shit out there to Facebook YouTube. I'll tag it everywhere. You will not be able to get this shit down. You've had to see this coming guy, the age of information your information getting out there if you put it out there. I mean, it's just one of the. Yeah. Oh, and then saying like all put it on like porn sites or just everything just four press tabloid. So. It was just a whole new fetish ritual porn. Yes. People doing weird ritual sex. Yeah. House, but it's it's just one of those things man like sending a tape like that on its surface. Absolutely. But that's where let them like, Ben. I think of the people who they are so focused on that that I'm like damn, let's sucks unrequited of is a temporary, but very serious mental. You've got to start loving yourself. Four times a day. Just cut him. Now. Start loving yourself. Like, everyone needs to start looking inward of what they think they're missing because you're not going to help in a relationship. You're going to be needy as fuck and you're not a whole person on your own. You shouldn't be with someone else. Like, I don't know just shade. Sorry, guys. No. But just you know, you didn't deserve to be extorted validation inside. I yes, if you're looking for it outside, you will never have it, and you extorted out of Argentina the very limits. Very. By the dumbest yet extortion scam power is within. So when you let it exist outside of you. You have no true. Power example. I rearranged the you're looking at yourself your energy and realized they truth sprouts from inward, if you're looking for external validation, you will never have truth because always be based on some flawed. Individuals idea of who you are exactly. And when you love yourself someone come in rearrange them Gotz. The end the here. Reese, it's been a pleasure having you where can people find you? Finally, I at aristocrat on all platforms. That's why they're getting a lot of my one direction hate mail. And I don't care. I'm too old. Cool. I don't think I can't imagine many wonder actions stand. I believe what I heard and shock. Maybe I'll be interested to see right at every Socratic on Instagram, Twitter, tumbler, whatever everywhere. And is there a tweet you've been enjoying? Oh, I love stormy Daniels. He said she said, I I'm not someone said horror. She said, I'm not a whore. I have a friendly vagina to work that's a comeback if I've ever seen one. I love stormy. Mas working people find you find me on Twitter and Instagram at miles of gray, a tweet I like is from reductions yet again, this one is quiz, which game of thrones. Character would you fuck even if they were your sibling? Productions but. Someone's at work writing this. Cannot geniuses genie. I write someone has a bachelor is to write that. Couple tweets I liked warrior Cup at white privilege tweeted once game of thrones ends where switching the death betting pools over to travel Instagram people because and then he posted a couple pictures of like these people doing like daredevil shit on Instagram. Have you seen that trend next this shit's, they're like leaning out the window moving train? That's call trying to get a fucking Darwin award. Yes. I lack empathy for this. Sorry for you. When you talk about your tragic death. A selfie. On another one. Is she hanging off a cliff? I've never loved someone that much. I don't love myself in them. But they don't even love each other that much. Wow. And to be the do the lake romantic the most romantic, we don't know if they don't do. How does take a picture of having unsafe sex with a stranger coverage? Looking talking right. I'm letting him finish. What? And then at Merman Melville tweeted is anyone on here? Doctor who can tell me why. You can find me on Twitter at Jack underscore O'Brien. You can find us on Twitter at Daly's for the dailies. I strain we have Facebook fan page and the dailies like says a production of iheartradio for more podcasts from my heart radio visits the iheartradio app, apple podcasts or wherever you listen. To your favorite shows. We also have a website. Episodes in our foot. No news where we link off. We talked about today's episode as well as the song we right out on. We're gonna do a song by a band called Crump this was called foams. So check that other kinda site rocky jazz. Good musician trombone. So yeah, this is chrome with. All right. We're gonna ride out on that. We will be back tomorrow because. Yes. Hey miles. Are you in the mood for a sport? God to the forces impact your world. Let me stop right there. Jack, are you speaking about the economist economist business, so weekly magazine that offers guess what insight -pinion on not just international news, put all chicks business, finance science, and technology. I still can't stop thinking about the September nine to sift chief coverage of facial recognition technology show it to my mind scared. My foot right off my buddy, you got that. Right. For me. It had to be April six issue when they discussed booming industrial cannabis industry. Also enjoy they've got you covered showing you get a free copy of the economist just text like to ninety nine thousand nine nine zero zero zero. That's right for your. Copy of the economists Bex psych guise to nine nine zero zero zero the economists opium pie hole and gets smart.

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