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The No Jumper Show Ep. 11 Ft Aaron Carter


From supporting black bag business gang is not a black business as much as you might think. Oh Yeah Yeah shows Khalil Shit I forgot to do was like disobeyed like does Adam give back to the community did it on so much molly and Mike Brown what the fuck you talking about Drugs Matt. Tom's I mean basically I was like he has a he employs mealy. Let me sleep at his house so yeah sure question. What is this dissenting Tattoo on? Your neck says like disconnected but it just abbreviated connected. That's how you feel that your that's your major disability. I saw dissented. anyways always started the no doubt per show as you guys can tell we have a lot of good t shirts and let's just quit teacher checkpoint. What is the best? I don't WanNa make it all about me but house phones out here rock in some kind of some grief he's disconnected. He's afraid of American fucking just appropriation take a trip says. USA Thunder Native Drip USA Thunder on the back he has holes in his shirts is because he's been wearing a week and a half not because he distrusted. Do you know I was walking and I ducked under a tree in a got caught onto the hate that there was a previous no no holes previously in the don't you hate sounds like a look. No don't you hate how you could just be living normal life and then all of a sudden you have to interact with nature in some way like you just bump into Sri. ooh What the fuck is this crap. That's all over the sap and dust in bark. I wish we could just get rid of all nature and just living on concrete. That is the world that I wanna live in to be totally holding honest you know for sure early you step in dog poop and you're like whoa dogs even exist. Where do I live in a prairie or something? What is this is nine thousand nine hundred twenty cleaning up after their dog shit people do not do that? You are so the type of person that would you don't care about your societal responsibility at all. When when I was younger I for sure would have been the do not doing it but now I feel like I'm a little more in tune with trying to be a good person and so if I tried to go to jail for dog poop if I forgot I got to bag at home then I'm not GonNa go out on my way to go do it but oh yeah I mean I'm down cheat the system for sure like I would try to take a sneaky dog poop in like not notice if I forgot the bag but I would try to get into the pattern and had the rain the bags which yeah I got the I got the bag just kind of a shitty thing to do because I stepped in dog a- have you ever worn a pair of Sh? Actually you don't have any good pair of shoes. Have you ever warn good pair of shoes and then stepped in some dog show. It's the worst feeling and then you gotta take them home and you gotta get a fork and you get a drag before around around the pattern of your shoe sole. You have to scrape the poop on. You're just thinking the whole time like do I really care about the issue is much yes. No I stepped in human shit downtown the lace how'd you know. How do you just tell like it was different? It was bigger it was smellier. It was like it was like some you saw dummy damn near I've seen so many crazy stories view from downtown of like people just rolling around naked or like taking shoots do dude that used to take shit downtown on like a like a lay out of like newspapers and then he would go through his own shit and like look look through it like he was looking for somebody somebody he's like twenty years ago and he's out of his thinking. He's GonNa Fuck. He's apparently known for doing. This is not a new thing that is so filthy felt. I think it's so funny how whenever this new generation of college like artsy kids moves to L. A. or like WanNa be Robert Kids or whatever they moved downtown and then they ended up with all these war stories and I'm so glad that I had my downtown era so that I can have my own downtown war stories because of the fact that like otherwise I'm just going to be sitting here listening to everybody else's stories about the laughs and about the crack and rummaging through poop. I'm glad that I could say that. I I saw three homeless people having an orgy on the side of the street and yes I did there was a woman bent over. There was a guy standing up top and it was I. I was just like what fucking continent continent. Am I in right now. That does not feel like it should be away it was I think it was the middle of the day yeah broad daylight yeah. They weren't like off to the side in the corner. Nothing another it was it was so in your face that you couldn't possibly it was it was unbelievable because I feel like skid row's own fucking in countries like I've driven through the head. I've driven through skit. Role and people are there's a gang of people just fighting in the Middle Street. No one's doing anything we're all just driving past it like it was so different any other things that happened in skid row if they're having a my neighborhood or even just like a normal neighborhood in La and not like fucking like the craziest craziest place on earth the cops would be all over and so the cops are just there. They just accepted. They just let them do whatever they wanted to. Their level of white how bad something has to be skid route for them to intervene is ridiculously high. I've probably seen someone die out there and they weren't even there yet or care you probably know why are we talking about discussing downtown town. Is someone say stop talking about. La Stuff the last time but that's like the most basic la thing to talk about is like downtown gross it smells weird. There's bad should happen to talk about this downtown like a hip thing for so long. Melrose sit down on some Shit store was there twenty thirteen or whatever they were selling that notions hardly across the street attach and it made sense at the time because there were like like a nice little cluster of new businesses around us that were going out and then it never went anywhere. Let's talk about indoor Yang. Yesterday I went downtown on a or not downtown and I guess Macarthur Park. I mean that's pretty much downtown but that's a whole another world. It's like it was weird to have five thousand injury. Yang devotes hayes all rounded up in the same place in a place where there are literally like you know just the most colonies of homeless people at night in that area and instead instead. We were just in their ganged up. It was incredible. He you would not believe how much this guy swears. He says the F. Word S-h-i-t so much wake the spelling it out before you go any further I am politically not. You're asking for me to tell you why you should over interviewing these Asian because of his name and Andrea Bernie will be dead soon. He's all this fuck doc. He's a communist Bernie was like the black people for college students and Shit like that's actually a false statement but Bernie's to remember number the clan no. I'm just kidding. That's not true but Andrew Yang we know for a fact was never in the clan and he's aging Asian. We need it. I agree I support him. I just want to talk to you about the fact that gene was there. That was so incredible. Jin is behind Andrew Yang such an incredible extent. I wish China MAC DOC was there too. That's actually one of the first things that Jenner said to me is like an interview like a couple of months back with China Magnum. I thought which which I don't know if I actually did see it. I think I thought about saying I mean China Mac almost kill shot in the back Jin's friend Luke Glen and nightclubs went to jail for a long time for it and then he convinced Jim to talk to him on camera. I I need to watch drama actually beautiful but before we even get into any any sort of policy there. Dj no-one Andrea didn't hit me up fully committed to Yang gang yet. I don't if you are wearing a shirt but you had to fucking Andrew Yang which by the way I just want to say to Andrew Yang has clinched the hen tie vote in the United States might not be true because he had that sorta the anti porn tweet. Well Not Answer. He said that he thinks that it should be harder for children to access point in the unit was totally fair because you they're the loggins systems are joke. Any little kid or you have to do is press one button that says yes. I'm eighteen yeah no actually to be actually really respect the fact that he said that because I think he knows is that that's not an argument. That's necessarily going to win him a lot of praise from his young fans who just love porn sorry underage who can't even vote anyway. Basil cares right but actually is a good moral stance to take. I think that as much as it might hurt you know porn companies in the short term. There's going to be harder for people to access their content. I do think it is pretty reflect state of affairs that there's all these kids access crazy stuff to implement some basic safeguards against that some sort of logging system but what what what would be the the steps for them to take the have that you just have to press one button no they should make it took. I think that they WANNA make it. I'm not sure that Andrew Andrew Yang is on board with like some sort of like thinking about not facebook but the way that you use facebook to log into a lot of different stuff online okay there was some sort of authorization system that could actually check get out and I mean at the end of the day like if you're a smart thirteen year old you're going to be able to figure your facebook or twitter one. If you're not fifteen or something but you could just fuck in age and I mean I think it's worth taking steps towards a future in which it's harder protecting children. Anyone one has to be behind as a former child who used to jack off a lot. I do not agree with this message as a young child as a person who used to jerk off in the woods to pornographic magazines that I found I I want to know what Andrew Yang wants to see what to do about that. I used to masturbate to magazines that we found on the side of the road in sleds we didn't we didn't have the Internet is is there is there was playboy magazine's on the side of the road. I have only a few memories of this from my childhood but I remember one time being outside like a corner store. I'm finding folded up like two who pages from a magazine and to my friends this was gold mine. I want to know everything about that. Well better street cleaning. Perhaps the the paper the paper magazine businesses pretty much. Almost I know and that's why kids don't probably important anymore is because it's just not out there anymore but I remember one time we found like a stack taste of dirty magazines wrote a plastic bin put over. We kept it in the woods. They're all rainy gross. I it's not like a high quality viewing experience when you're like a ten year old boy in New Hampshire jerking off to these magazines torn out a little bit. I remember that stagger pornographic gravity magazines in particular because I was looking when I really realized that there were fake boobs out there because you know some women have like normal boobs some women have this basketball strapped to their chest. I am a little kid and I'm still like this isn't something on here. First Time I realized that Jerry Springer show when women like triple h kabuki words can't describe how fascinated I was when I was a little kid don't really care anymore but as a kid my God I it seemed like the coolest thing in the world the most exciting living thing on earth. I was always a man to be on his always yeah even as a kid dudas okay a lot more you know the real question is have you guys ever had to beat off to like sexy infomercials jerked off to injure Yang documentary no no. I've never I've never done that really no. That's like worse than if I can win just like just like greeters. No just it's like a hey one eight. Oh my God Brazilian butt lift. I usually get my net off to the Brazilian butt lift. That's an actual surgical but this one was Mike Brazilian about liver exercising focus only on like before and after the girls acids they'll be in bikinis loose weight eight nine. That's not good enough. I need to see the straight workout as is I was getting like girls. Go Wild when I was thirteen or fourteen years girls girls has gone while beat off to and then also like Lil Kim and foxy brown videos. Bt Uncut network crazy. I wish I had access to that. I don't think we had shockingly kingly. New Hampshire did not have access to be yeah. I thought it was like one percent black so probably not no really might be a little bit more than that honestly in Nashua where I grew up Kaziro present none on a more blacks there because it's closer to Massachusetts and stuff but in like the majority of New Hampshire. It's like fucking white boy to choose a very interesting place when we went wpro. Isn't it yeah they're the most memorable thing I heard from being in Nashua number. I know I don't call it got off the airplane he said okay look around and look ugly. Everyone is so some people. I'm just saying if you're hot. There's not much of a reason to stay New Hampshire. There's more money to make other places but why not just be the hottest the person in your town. I just haven't seen it just procreate with another person. Just make more than a single going on tinder in New Hampshire and I'm not I and didn't see much you gotta go to Boston because Boston. There's there's some reason when you could be high in utilize your hotness in Boston. Hi Young is sounds like forty minutes not far away. The hotness is not that far away but at the same time like for me you know my procedure what hanging out with a girl might be like at that time my involved like driving home so I was like I was trying to go and get smashed in Boston and then like drive forty minutes helmet die in a car crash and just for what reason I remember I saw this girl that I knew who was like decent looking at at the bar in New Hampshire and I was just having a conversation I'm like are you on tinder anything and she's like no. I think that's just so weird might look around this bar. Who here Wha- What do you think that you're missing out on like how is tender not better than this? This is not a ripe environment for Dick. Bar is a representation tation of what's going to be on tinder anyway so she's like fuck that I think that there's cool people that are on tender the Weirdos on tender speaking of tender shunt you don't fucking Weird Shalimar Boy Adam Goad in Aka the tender guy I was just on tour and this Nigga I'll tell you right now but the most important part is this Nigga was matching Lincoln with bitches in every city before we even got there like we were on the way it's a Portland and he already had like five business lined up while he's driving us so he's tendering driving means he paid for the ultra premium account where you can set the location fifteen yeah wow that's cool though but you know what for me like I've been at that point in my life before where I've been like with do's and like you're on a Tribu. Get to a city and then you realize that everybody got pitches out there besides you and I'm like so this is what you guys are doing when I'm working and like actually getting shit done you guys are out. We're here just talking to girls in every different city. Why the fuck mind doing that kind of work? I do that at home so by the time I'm in the city and they're already committed relationship also used to. I just don't think I I think it's crazy. You like to be maintaining a connection the girl in Oklahoma just when you go there and nine months you you're digging yeah I used to. I used to have like a stable of girls. I was talking to an Austin and then I go to Austria for a week and I'll be swimming and a whole bunch of different Tang really. Is it really that thing. It's not a a maintenance. It's like you have to talk to him. I can't talking to people people. Don't listen listen when you're going to be there and then when you're there to communicate with one person with at this point in my life I just can't even the phenomena boy out of nowhere and I like it. I just hate bitches to be real with honesty. I hate these bitches. It's easy to be a good boyfriend. Once you realize how evil women are some of the now not all women are evil and there's a Lotta slimy business and I don't blame you for that either because our kind is trash is art. Aren't you know think about yourself before you got a girlfriend and think about your you giving Kim advice on whether or not she should sleep with you. I'll I'd be like Kim now. Of course I. I feel like that about a lot of homegrown are about the fuck this dude. Are you joking. Dude ever fuck no Cocteau OCTO- him Adam twenty-two anyway that's again. I always want to tell you about Mc Jin by the way getting how's it clinch on the anti the fuck lynch every person who's ever viewed anti is definitely over Andrea and that's how we got side anyway as long as soon as we start talking about porn or poop or something we get so site that cohesion is out. I say Andy Yang so Jin comes to introduce him and he does up version. His parody version of Wu Tang clan ain't nine o'clock with no no no listen to what he changed it into drew Yang Gang. That's who I hooked up with Drew Yang Gang instead of lieutenant frank with instead of another. If I were hooked I literally there were multiple audible pauses from not just me I said pause because I respect the game and respect in Dash but multiple people just say pause when Jen said that might be a little bit to separate threat from what's really going on hip hop if he thought that that wasn't a little suss like let's say Pause Jin Nice meaning for the first time really made me want to revisit his catalog and see that he's great for sure and especially I haven't even Morrison from going to China and talking to like Chinese you make sure I was about him and just realizing that they fucking worship the guy he was so sick he was like the probably the only as a rapper that I remember from that time period we have cameras will yeah his aim is peso peso. Where is he Asian Mexican? Sometimes I don't think I have control over what comes out of my I'm out because that came out of my mouth and I didn't have any chance to vet it or think about it or not. You almost convince me take I think stupid young as what my my stupid brain really wanted to say. They're just killing me. He should've had stupid young young come on before he should've had low pump play. The ISO low saw look like y'all mean what would be the Asian mega concert at this George Rich Brian Okay rising flow. That's why we need to young. Wow that's great. That's good stuff to bring the nerd Asians together with they. Do you watch Jay Park performed Jay Park another good friend of US yeah who else who else is on your Asian leaderboard for rap though or or in the culture I guess rich Brian J Park Jin. Isn't he retired issue. We've got to bring them back. Drew Yang ganged up with that China China China's this killing it. There's got to be more MC Jin was like the speaker presenter of Drew Yang gained three different Asian celebrities come out to introduce interviewing Brian Yang some sort of actor director type. I don't actually know what the fuck is and then some Asian woman on the folks who was two so I'm pretty pretty out of touch with the Asian Community to be honest. I'm still young has nothing to do with this race to be totally honest look chance because the conversation before like when he was on the breakfast club and she was this guy's cool but he has no chance on. That's the old line on. Let me tell you the new. Let let me tell you the truth about the Democratic Okay field right now better trash Comma Harris Trash. He's out of here days. She's out Elizabeth Warren Old Lane. Ain't nobody trusts. Ira Reminds Hillary too. Much Bernie will probably be dead by the primary. He's he's a fossil guy. Just doesn't Bernie EH burning game but I swear people are leaving him in droves Joe Biden. Basically you know might as well be Roy Moore. As far as I'm concerned. He's an ancient old Fuck Andrew Yang the face of these Milan these he's the tick tock candidate and he's somebody that these kids could get by. He somebody that I I can get behind the soundcloud rapper candidate. He's the Anti candidate we need to make the Andrew Drew Gang Gang. That's who I hooked up with into like tick tock anthem if he Jin's priority works journal Yangjiang. That's who I still can't get over that yeah. No I'm saying little boom because his his all in buyer on the all new link up tick tock everything tirol like but he's made the song or he took that sample and put a beat abide it. I'm sure he has a song on that but I all you know. What's the beat Pete my idea? This is what I actually wanted to do and I'm GonNa give this idea to the world because of the fact that I know that I don't have enough time to actually get those myself we find an Asian Kid who looks Kinda like Andrew Yang and we have him do a Rimi. A remake of chief keeps bang but it's Yeah Yang Yang so let him blow like I'm going vote for you like you're something like that to be. young rapper common. It's the same way that might hold my God fucking trump rapper originally yes. No somebody like wild trump was running. My he uses reason enough. He used to see him at parties and so so weird but like he tried to rebrand he was like well. My rap groups flux rebrand is like a trump supporter for a second but then I just like with the long hair I I mean career with pretty much done it but maybe he had a song with Denzel right before that so it's like you still have this degree of credibility and stuff and then he did a fucking Magazon. It was kind of a degree of credibility of the song like a really hot song with Denzel. I don't know why Denzel did that. I forget but I remember liking it a lot. I be getting paid like a young whore no trust. I say now now like his career. There's like a distant memory. He was trashy garbage and I don't normally say up and coming rappers but he was horrible. He's also really disrespectful to women to the point to the point point. He was so disabled to to the point that where he was dating one of my friend's sister or something like that and just like caught all this crazy shit out of her name and despite the fuck out of her so her little sister who was probably like seventeen at the time broke into his apartment or I think you need like a cold colder ever got the code to get into his apartment knocked on his door when he opened it. She pushed him inside of his house beat him up as them. If you ever hit my sister up again I will come and kill you and left and he left delay. Maybe that's why he became a trump rapper is because he was black curly bro. She wrote the race. She described the way she described. It was like she dangled him off. The balcony like Holy Shit Shug night ship. Wow I mean. He sounded like he deserves it to be on. What sucks is the US talking about him for this five minutes is going to be he'll probably like make a blog? This is the Elliott that people don't WanNa fucking Florida ranks. One soundcloud wave really like the priests free come ways. You can pre come Yari before we back on him. I have to say I watched watched. The recap of reviewing Aaron Carter's do think on Aaron. I thought he did amazing. It was well spoken Yuri Carter. I thought you did great. I felt like you. This is what you're twenty. Four years has culminated up to like this twenty five. I being that's not true. He almost fucked one of the blackout girl so that's really that was probably a way bigger than we really saying. That's a big deal. You fucked up. I remember when I used to say that and I thought it was cool. He said he felt the playboy model. There was I remember my or whatever any girl okay like it'd be posted on playboy twitter and be like Oh. I'm gonNA play your mom. He's he's like she's covers weight. She's I don't WanNa hear about your fucking. Two black women are Queens. Don't need to be true. I don't even know what that's like shows. Hey for whatever the fuck talking about. I saw him in thumbnails like fucking gray. What the hell is out? I'm thinking must be really bored and honestly you did a great job. You fucking asshole them again. I don't think so you need to watch it. Watch my reaction videos crazy. I don't watch anything that I'M NOT IN. I totally don't blame you about that. What was preparing for this Aaron Carter Shit you WANNA know Aaron? Carter is outside and we'll be coming in saying you WanNa know what I'm so pissed off about. Well no actually I'm happy but a little bit like Whoa that's Weird Rolling Loud Bay area. Nothing happened no drama nothing good great yeah. They just seem seems so strange after Florida the biggest drama that happened at bay area is Britney Rainer biggest selling bitch the most toddlers the Tom Brady renner like she was fresh into her third Hennessy shot in the middle of the day. She's like that bitch like you know. You're GonNa ah I see people do views like that is so awkward when you have no idea what to say she just compliment that over and over and also pretty runner is a pretty small human being megastar it must be a gigantic human being because she looks like Wnba player next to Meghan she look she was about the beat or ask for some reason. Jason looks like he knows something. He has a smirk on his face. Oh Erin cars and back blasting music they drinking. How many minutes into this plug August are we three way way way way so we'll be invading this day beefing or what what was the whole deal about that being a big deal what about Britney Rainer and people that didn't know who Britney Rainer was and it's making the stallion stands like like rain or wind tickets Britney? What was the big deal for just mad that she was just calling her bitterly so if you haven't seen it it was just awkward just fucking brutally awkward because she didn't actually like Meghan was soap ally and didn't actually say like Bitch get the fuck off of me or whatever but Carl it was so obvious Meghan was super uncomfortable with it and it was so good and then people were mad because they didn't understand like Britney is not a media interviewer viewer personality book deal? She told me so I tried to call or a video greg I'm author I said like. Aren't you like a video or whatever she's like. I paid six figures in my book deal and I'm like okay well. What'd you do yesterday? Ryan books lately right now. It's not like like not like that really also calling her because I don't think he's been videos. You've been speaking a role allow guess who got books rolling. La I go New York Not New York. La Am I gang gang a pair along outfit please. This could happen what somebody snatches the chain off. Make America think harder everybody out that your job is to take a screen shot joining me right now in tweeted that Andrea thank you know your your job is to take a screen shot. I don't Ev- photoshop a swastika on his. I I bye love Yang Gang Jiang. Let the hammer blow like gang yes yea. Dj Arrow booked Parrella. Wow Are you one of those artists that they have to pay that you have to pay him to get on absolutely not I definitely pay me but shut out to my boy. Kelvin shout out to everybody over our role in life. Honestly there's people have my set. We're GONNA all turn the fuck up more than five. It's just so weird to think about Florida rolling. We went out there. It was felt like you were in a fucking third world contrary different shooting every night that's crazy. People got killed out. There and people got arrested with guns people safe Dave. La We'll be fine they area was fine yoga them. The Bayer is pretty chill. Cops in New York are not they're not playing around twist your arm on your bag. Take that blunt crumpled up with one hand. Elite isn't illegal now or working towards listen. They're gonNA find a way to arrest everybody. UH-HUH I guess probably with for guns. Nobody's got no straps in New York. I mean listen. If you gotTA strap some New York Game-breaker Merle out 'cause you will go to jail you remember for in video how all those bloods and there's just one guy with the tiny little gun. That's New York gun culture. Is that like everybody got like the whole crew has one little revolver. We had it for twenty years. I'm just kidding. This big straps in New York killed on security thirty. Check in for fucking naked. They take a coffee. Can they put in your assets. You can really see they take your Dick and they comb it like Jason. uh-huh wretched so in case you if you don't come in. DC You know because you're not supposed to do too big interviews today and then fuck loading got cancelled so we are to interview. I'm going to say that one of them was chop. Push back on should wear to the whole white beater yeah definitely that's one of the thing I have so many questions. After Yati point that I was like look noticing video every single photo of anything he's ever posted online just a complex sneaker shop and that's a time for you to get fresh and he rolled over the Nice Black T. shirt on ooh black why feeder no black teacher economy a black wife beater. That's crazy. It wasn't like wait so I I did. I did a blog for his music video. I don't know how that Yuri the great thing because they just didn't get that much him yeah. It was Kinda. It was Kinda boring even there to be honest right on that fine. It's like there's something I really want to talk about. As long as we're here he's nine Aaron Carter yet almost in Cardiff oh well there's food thing but I also talk. This is brand new Kylie Jenner Travis Scott's over Josh saw. I saw him out what was in media media outlets that complex it was complex and they said something about how he hasn't busted in six months because he's just I don't where they got sued for. This not say anything like that but listen. I think this is what I feel very vindicated in this because there was a period over the course of the last couple couple months where you had when I was looking at her wedding I guess where I'm looking at her instagram and there were so many things on her instagram just not a lot of him her look into sexy her always set up with friends or doing too much stuff. I'm looking at it. I'm thinking no I don't. I believe you're not with them anymore. You look like a single girl. You're acting like a single girl. I know that some this happened and also when where you can he canceled the show so he could fly home and take care of her that was because he got caught watching allegedly so I think they've been broken up for a long time. Yes and the most bitch made thing you've ever heard. I think that the the reason why that they held it was because of playboy never playboy. Don't you remember it was probably shot that a long time ago and it just came G. He cute boy. Do you remember Hugs Courtney. I feel like it was for her birthday or something pretty recently where he liked put a bunch of fucking pedals of roses and show on the floor. I not to recently that was impressive at probably. I don't know you think you think that point. She really is tripping on him. Cheating all these rich famous bitches at the end of the day. They're all EGO. They're all they just want to know your Dixon Vice. I don't believe it for a second that she didn't care about him. Gene Breaking Kylie have some breaking news. Come clean so so two unnamed grows that you'll probably figure out what I'm talking about went to the the premiere of his netflix documentary. She said she was one of the girls says she was talking to him and was like are you down to to be on my von and suck me too but also she was like. Are you down to my blog whatever she says he's known him for a long time and as he was like yeah sure like she she looks over an in Kylie was like giving them the grill like the What are you talking to this bitch? I'll be right back in like walked away but that's crazy 'cause t travis. You never see him. Take a nice self. He's Mr No uh-huh southeastern district. Safi makes the sad boy like emo pose or whatever I feel like he's not trying to be in any business blogs dude I mean but they have probably known him for a while like since before he was popping so logger girls now you know these girls and I don't know nine minutes long ago. I don't know any girls that make blogs. That's Hannah Mojo Gabby Hannah. That's it all right. Liza hosts you have you seen lily sings in who the fuck is. You don't own a lily saying what did you think have you seen her show. It is flaming hot dog shit show. MTV's she is making herself. Look bad on. She's a ruin. Are you tip correct fuck. She tried to become like a fucking Carson Daley as whatever like trying to do yeah and she's just as what she seek care. Here's some shows he's like frigging. She's Brown. She's a woman they. They WanNa like find a way to take women are popular on Youtube and put her to physician where they could try to be like. Look how we are. We're the first ones with this super woke host. Everybody else has white guys we went and got this bisexual Brown woman and then they put her on TV and she us. It's like wow you're not doing any be little communities any favors by putting her on air and acting like that bitch is funny because it's sad I'm. I'm very curious to know. Chat channels nickelodeon kid's show knots trying to close talk show with guests and like yes. She has people on and she ha she has connections enough. She's been able to get a decent amount but the crazy thing too is the other day because she's like miss woke. She said something where like like somebody was talking about like putting a fucking towel around their head and she was like Oh like my seek friends or some shit you would have thought that it was saying that N. Word because they you're acting like this is the most racist thing ever that she compared seek people wearing towels on their head to non seek people wearing towels on their head. I'm sorry at the end of the day. If you wrap a fucking piece of fabric on your head it's like is that that offensive to like make a joke. You're a late night comedy host and you're going to make a joke about a religious group wearing something on their head. That kind of looks like something else. This feels like you should it should be within the realm of possibility if you're going to be a comedian the you're not gonNA come out and apologize for that who who is mad her pants other seek people or whatever she had to apologize because she's not that I don't know what speaking of apologies speaking of apologies Eddie Murphy came out and apologized from for some fucking standard like twenty thirty years ago. SMH What was it though because a lot of these comedians did so some of those insane literally eighty eight but what did he say read the article. I just read the headline because I mean you know you do see a lot of people people apologize if things that you really don't think they should be apologizing for but then at the same time that Shane Gillis gang kicked off Saturday night live. I'm sorry like everybody's got their own personal standard for what's what's considered offensive and I think that when you're calling someone a Oh what was it a Jew Chink gigging Ju- Chink is something that I think think we could probably kind of agree cross and it was like six months ago how I mean it's just it's like. I don't know it's like you were someone who plan on ever being on TV. Wouldn't you probably think that maybe that is something you should not be saying on a podcast. I thought that was a lot. I think everything is in context and it depends depends on how you're saying what you're saying. I'll probably pay attention to the show you defend him saying do not six months ago but I I looked into like a couple of weeks ago because that's all we're gonNA talk about it. Honestly I don't fucking remember leave basically hang referred to him as a Ju Chang base suggesting the Jewish ish and that's why he's a candidate because he's Jewish and the Jew powers are like I don't know exactly what he meant but you know he's like and then it came out there like Oh. NBC He was trying to cater to conservative audiences by hiring Shane Gillis or whatever so many people in the community are pissed off. He got kicked up but I mean and as much as I think everything should be. I'm good to go and comedy. I mean that's stood out to me. I was like wow that's just. That's like a blatant racial slur. One of the top racial slurs yeah. I don't think she cares. You're a terrible person and you also. You've called me a honky. I cried cracker honky of all types of things we yet. Her and I have never called them what clip I'm GonNa play what you real quick. It is one of them has definitely enraged called me the n word with the heart and I won't say which one wasn't definitely was not mean already in raged book for Rolling Loud. You cannot do this. You put me in the same room as do. I just sucked his Dick until he booked me really. Did you really did hope to fuck. I was pro. Oh who called you the N word coming in one hundred zero zero joking that didn't have probably ah out there where people don't scream. Everyone's name who walks into we have a guy who he was Repin for Ninja Asia will shut us out on his channel five billion subs five bill how many subs yeah but Mike has taken over really yeah the light fortnight before I was not I'm currently on a four game winning streaking touch US ninety nine. I came in here to hang out with you. Guys get back to it soon. It's too cartoony and like childish for me. I need like blooding door and like nick heads getting blown off. That's why it's good on youtube the if you make violent video games and they're not gonNA videos on Youtube all these people sat around and why people like year he sit around and watch other people play Video Games Audit I've seen Yuri literally early masturbating to a fortnight video and he had a he had a picture of Ninja printed out onto ninety listen. Can we talk about Fuzi real quick and then we'll get Carter in here. Did anyone wants food supersize me. What do you think he got molly waft? I watched his blog today where he talked about it. His face was not so swollen I was looking at it and I was like listen like I I'm. I'm the kind of person that will say. I've got beat up before I got beat up probably at least like three times in my life like pretty good. One had a black eye another time. I just got a black mostly most of the Times I got beat up in my life basically describe my injuries as just having a black Guy Fuzi Gut fucking this. It is a face it. He doesn't even look like him. He does not like him. It's going to take weeks before his face looks better. He's gotta get his nose fixed. I mean it was super. Entertained assume get destroyed bad but man. He said he tried he trained as hard as you can. You want to have kind of the theory he looked big and slow and sluggish out there. You know kind of contributes to that is if you're on steroids then you tend to be like big and slow and sluggish gesine your cardio sucks and everything and Lucius admitted to doing steroids before I'll be thinking if you've got challenged to do a fucking boxing match with two months of training any any knows he's not going to get tested and he's done steroids before why would any 'cause he was looking big that he doesn't know the facts like are you know this but he's kind of a dumb dumb and I feel like a lot of people when they're going into that box and situation probably all Wanna be big and strong powerful which you do but I mean it's better to be having a good enough. Cardio is better to be a fucking weakling. He's got enough cardio to stay in the game. He gets tired by like that. I I like thirty seconds forty five. That's anytime I do. I feel like I really don't even know what that slim guy has to offer as a fighter because he didn't really have to go together nicely but it wasn't like you have much of an opponent standing in front high personally loved the there's two youtubers fighting because they both like recap ABC videos of it after both content content the concert Wayne watchdogs everything but now I just like okay. You told me hey watch a fucking Fuzi fight. I watched it and I want to see what they have to say. You know let's get to you watch for research purposes. Can we get Aaron Carter in in here. Let's put the call on. Let's get this motherfucker in here and by the way I have my friend Courtney here. He's not gonNA come on camera yet but he is going to at some point probably step in and air or some of his grievances with Aaron Carter because I guess he feels like he has a strong perspective and I kind of agree. Can you just explain a WHO Courtney's courtney is just just a thug just been thugging nothing too much more homey a homey a friend a a cultural critic to some extent great. He's one of the best of all time and yeah he's been going up the other day notice the frigging billion tweets and you got like he went from like one hundred followers like three hundred dollars and that's a big deal when you're at that level I might be missing the numbers up. There's something in that ballpark just no I mean new twitter only have like three hundred and that Percocet Jersey literally on that like almost four thousand really promoting kids. I mean what a thing it is. Let's get the Mike and here too. Where's the Mica Eerie damaged Yuri get the fuck over here years that rhyme with Jerry Fury? That's I'm I'm always furious at him. What else curry Yuri Meeting Hurry slurpy with furry with some ferries some some furious flurries Aaron Carter is going to tear us a new one excited? He's walking in. Let's let's get Carter's in the building biggest thing my friend nice to meet you eric how you doing here you want to sit over over here. You WanNa take a flex wing us for fucking two hours free. Don't fucking tell me where it showed up early era. Okay whatever your chain is the way it ever go now. It's good I'm good. I'm good. I'm wearing your chain and you show up and you're wearing logan in Paul's chain yeah yeah well. Why was he fucking way cooler than you? Wear your your second fucking podcast. Why do I gotTa Watch podcast with your fucking ass and be like no no no grievances yeah no listen? I'm I get used to everyone coming on here here. You're freaking out but in my here to do that because I have thirty five shells plan presented here so I have to protect my voice talk like Michael Tax the biggest thing you got to predict voice listen. I'm the biggest danger is right now. You can't deny this is kind of reminded me when sold by Wisconsin is you can't just say I got that metrics metrics what metrics drake's the bazaars the world. I'm talking about the most talked about subject in the world right. There's a difference is a different. I mean I would say that as much as your doesn't. Has Anybody not the most viral thing in the world mcglinchey chat so we can see Google me then fact checking right now. Do you have the ability to to fact check not that I've been google because I already did a search biggest artists in the world showed most talked about subject right now in the world album weaker twitter's trending topics. What are you finding in Google talking about in Google and Google? Yes everything that everyone is doing stuff right. Handle the Mo.. The person has being most talked about most blogs. I've been in over a thousand blogs and the last three days I don't believe that because I get notifications in my email from time anybody whose name and I'm pretty sure it's two articles that was talking about you. I know this is all about you right now. You're wearing my love obtain and I'll fucking come at me like game merchandise for the record. I guess what by the way I'm sponsored by tunes audio. I don't know who that is. The first couple days found I didn't talk about basketball and diced actual already beat shack. I don't even fucking you talk about this year which is taking the train back. No we'll see how fucking goes bro. You should snatch it off. Fuck that leave it on your own needed Lena my only fucking twenty K. I say in my video that was so offensive to you that you thought was so out of whack Gimme my phone charger plug for you right here. Give me my phone charger. Hey Man please please Kylie and Travis Man. Let's talk the Travis man broken. SELENA are the new trump of Kylie and trump fucking selena backward Selena Paul who's that didn't even even Fox House and ten minutes already clarified that to you do not remember you went to live with me and then you follow me Bro what it happened on me. I don't know if I'd like to blood twenty minute phone call. If I see I see every little fucking thing so sideways did bitch out well. Let let me sideways follow the biggest thing rap and we're actually to be honest. I thought you were called Chaser. You're right. I am call your you know. We're going to be a square brick. I got I got a few breaks Tim House to do you officer says he's in his house. Air Carter officially called me a car chase or bricks. I got how many have no no. I'll tell you how many breaks got my house after I bought it. I counted all the bricks and there's there's there's a there's a there's about there's about three hundred kilos of bricks to make my house. That sounds like about about how much me and how actually there's probably like probably like a like a good like ten thousand kilos wanted to talk with us. Do you think that would help as yeah. I don't like coke by what I fucking. Disgusting Coke done a bit my dad. I don't fuck with coq like ill guys discussing. If you you do coke all your drugs I'm saying when's the last time you coke. There's been over a year. Don't let me know actually new two years okay so you're lying to me. Why don't ask me when I was a business? They wanted to do with the hoses doing the beach. I'm I'm with that one thing. I can't listen. Let me get some straight talk for a second. Yes I just WanNa say I came on here man with you because I honestly I was a fan. You guys has reached out to me. I came on because I was offended. I did I ask for money. No he doesn't pay anybody. I don't care how many people ask you to pay them so you've had someone from Brooks and how many people have asked asked you to pay that you haven't made. I don't know I remember some Scott. I'm sorry too big for that. Nobody asks for money thinking money. I need to come talk to me. We'll did anyway I never even insinuated that or even made the inauguration want any of that I came in and I put twenty thousand dollars around your neck actually really starting to get lost and then and then and then I fucking and I'm sitting at home chilling with one of my bitches like just chilling and I know what's your boat size. What's her search big shot? She's she's and she's Armenie. I mean that's my but I'm saying I I'm single so safe and all matters because I'm thirty two years old so when when I when I saw like we do this interview right and then right after I go to Logan Paul and I'm like and then I see like how Logan Paul's interview came across like it's almost like you guys I click baiting me in a sense almost to like us my shortcomings as a way to come at me whether well I'll tell you right now. 'cause I wrote them down because I watched your interview so I I wrote this down. I wrote down notes so so in response so to the first thing you said weird allegations Let's ask you a question what's weird. I just think the thing that's weird is just seems like such such an abundance of allegations towards everybody that you've ever had anything to do with and that makes it a little bit skeptical about my brother I honestly I've never looked into your brother other enough. I know that he has a restraining order and I know that there's a tweet something let's take a look at it and I also apply. Can I ask you something sure delegate twitter case number June thirteenth two thousand six what else what else someone's blowing you up right now island Ireland blowing me in the world right now I mean long. I'm not but I'm winning but I'm underrated I sold almost too many records akers with last album that I produced and mixed produced and wrote and have almost three hundred and fifty million streams on my last album and I'm bold old platinum in over twenty countries guys have to do with mildred and Opal. Do these have to do with all right so the first case number case number saying June thirteenth two thousand and six okay so so denny's Denny's so that number all right so that that comes from from Tanya her name's Tania so it's a girl that I hooked up with all right and and so so Tanya Eh when I was fifteen years old so tiny and her cousin nick flew her to Nick Nick flew her to to come. I'm upset with you to come to him with him. After I hooked up sloppy seconds yeah old was she. When you were fifteen we were the same age she was fifteen? How does he know how was she and how was your brother? Nicholas twenty two he had a Nick Carter racing thing and on the side of it was twenty two h boat wow so your brother hooked up with a fifteen year old girl basically no. He raped her sheesh. I have everybody coming at me because I'm the silence breaker. What are you typing something? I watch it. I want you to see what I want you to see this. I want you to see a couple of days. He's having a heart like he's trying to find this. Do not like my phone rings pretty. I thought I'm not hearing it but okay so. Are you saying that there's an open in criminal case regarding this or is this something that occurred in the past there there is a case against at Ashley Rep Ashley wrap so just they know the first one first and foremost is the cover up so the cover up is against Melissa. Do you know that is no sooner. tweeting Melissa Schuman all right was was raped by nick and took her virginity when she was eighteen years old so but she she was raped. No listen she sorry she was fucking rate. Okay Melissa Schuman and then this everybody knew about this but they all swept swept under the rug half cover up the fans nick Carter everybody has teamed backstreet boys and especially the way fans which which you know oh they think puts me like I'm not scared of any of you guys. I'm any any who so Melissa Schuman alright all right. She filed a rape case okay. She found a rape case against naked. Public public information there is is an article where they they they prove that this did happen and and it was swept under the rug so essentially so actually the actually wrap case was in the Monroe Sheriff's department in two thousand four it happened two thousand and four so Melissa did an article with Billboard magazine confirming. The police report filed by Santa Monica. I'm just GONNA try verify have had the great here. Can we pull up on here or something dot com no. I'm I'm not I'm not the race. Sorry I feel you. I guess like more so than getting into all the details of every accusation addition that you've made about him. I think that can you a little bit fixated on it like it seems like it's of course why wouldn't I be when I was abused. Listen listen listen listen with all due respect men fucking abused by nick respectful of that see the house of carters and how he treated me man. Would you treat your little brother like that would did you treat. Do you have a little brother no okay. Would you ever get your little sister that we get along very well. You know and you're big brother right. You would never do that. Come on you seem like really half decent guy right now like I fucking go I go in. I I get a Medusa Tattoo right and then I was inspired by Ron influenced by us because we got some facial Susan it wasn't listening from the person who's done some of my mind to coach Jason Listening to work done but listen. Let's go. Let's go one by one okay what I'm saying to you is accurate. You can fact fact check it. You can check your twitter. You can see police reports. You're done that what I've done. You're done. You said you said you can't corroborate. I can't use said I I can't sit here and corroborate what he's because. There's no evidence. That's what you said Okay I I. I know my memory is sharp king. I don't wear glasses that are actually prescribe to me. I have a stigma on my right eye anyway and don't question my Iq Iq question did you ever now you in question was logan that did that. I thought that Logan was a little bit meaner to you then Adam he thinks so. I thought he was nicer to me than you know no. No you don't actually know here's here's what happened. The first interview I was like fucking love you and I was wearing all your shit promoting all your weed and then the fucking second one on your personal channel like everybody all my fans go blow up his comments on the fucking Lash fucking light his ass up because what gives fucking no shut up engagement shut the FUCK DOC comments works. I just started to channel shop. Someone is is really sure hello hello caller. Id It's let's just pick up. Some phone calls one eight eight six six eight one one call me okay. We're taking callers now. What do you have to say? You can't try to get back at them by telling your fans to combine nice shit to make him mad because that's GonNa make him engagement. He's GonNa get engagement fucking care the worst thing uh-huh do about it big guy. I'm not GonNa just what would you fight. 'em Team Aaron. How are you team Erin right right now? You're literally on his side. We're going to sit here but you wanted to because your face off the one that was sitting next to him area yeah you stand up. Don't crazy. No No. You're is team Erin very comes. What's beat him up? Scratch your frigging the air and if we're GONNA talk we can't sit your Jesus. Do we want your unit or GNOME. Oh Jerry walkaway. Oh Eh wow I swear to God. He's t marriage from the beginning you call me a cloud. That's what I thought I had with you. I'm no different than the rest of the world that has an opinion about me misconstrued which I did and I'm sorry about that confirm. Can we get comp tickets to your thing tomorrow this performance please of course it's very exclusive that was not that was not always not expecting a hug right now. Are you serious. No what you said you were. You were fucking. You're you're back up just walkout here we go. Don't take a shit while you're you should hire you team. Honestly no I just had save roll like honestly like he pissed me off. I watched someone's Gilgal watches fucking thing. I'm alive and washed down with like honestly like I'm Mike a little shaky right now like my adrenaline running but you know what I mean. That doesn't mean that I am manicuring thing because mannequins like where you can't stop yourself You'RE GONNA come in and punch him. Now is going to slap him because he's but okay okay. He could've punched me back. You can knock me Oh and by the way to Adam to clarify the. I said that my job was broken three times and then for for the clarification was is my drummer. PDP broke my jaw because he stole three thousand dollars from me and I woke up in an the ambulance and then I had I got prescribed oxy code on and then I had to go back I had to take a two oxy's and I had to perform for the little girl who had to was dying in two weeks so I go performed by myself broken John Three spots and then after the performance it broke another time leading to the Bam so shut the fuck up Adam. The box checked with with facts also adamant so mean to this kid right here have you have you seen video of him yelling out yelling at him. I thought that you wonder why you're being a hypocrite. Everyone everyone comes on my show in New York but you're you're yelling at people. I don't think there's a clip of you yelling. What did I say nobody over here? We're like your mouse fucking as Scotland's other grievances against Adam you want to. I think we're good call now. Call sign fight. I WanNa know like actually men do cigarettes Chris Jason What sandwiches that way why. Why don't you WANNA obvious like a little tussle? I don't. I'm not a fighter. Do I do. I do you know Jesse. Taylor is calling especially tellers. Let's talk. Let's let's get her thoughts on his face on top and your day yes she. She claims Eh. Let's hear what Taylor has to say about. Him is probably phone because I thought you were. You said she was calling your phone. Prolonged answering watch almost like why do so many people are calling hello second yeah oh boy. You're this shit Aaron Carter little does does he know your boss. Yahoo is was a someone just told me that Adam Tuesday I I should go out on their absolutely not be simplicity. Why because why not not a pussy? Let me ask you pussy. I don't WANNA get implicit. Fuck with dudes to right. Give me an example. What's like dude Are there any Jews that we know that you never thought they did. They'll put up. You look like a fucking plus dude. What so you've let dude smash but you've never smashed the dude? I've never done anything like that. Why not sexual by made out with a guy that's it? I never get what why did you make a little kid Nabi from from although was that this guy by Jesse Taylor calling me so say like totally the fucking bitch and your teeth are all fucked up. Fans are so tied. They're just like I I love you. Turn your comments off. You got spammed the fuck out. I never never interview style stat but like is he for Real Cloud Jesse. Did you get Aaron Carter some top would did you give Aaron Carter some top jessie what's up. WHO's this way? Apparently I'm not the man I apparently I'm the little bits and atoms fucking nice guy thank you. I don't think there's only that's nice. Let's keep shots for those cool by you might have to change your number number. After this Allah hello what you got to say. They will deliver his why we need to have callers and for the show young office. What what'd you guys say yeah? They should let me let me show you to make you could be my bodyguard a Samoan. What are J. pleased arming your actual bodyguard are you? Are you love money game. Are you are you. Are You Ellen G. Love Dang love money game yeah. Give me that shame back until I'm ready to give back. Hey Uh listen. I will change change. You are going if this is the kind of gift where you're just gonNA. I don't WanNa be holding onto this if this is something that you're not comfortable with me having so I'm going to be totally right there. We'll well decide by the end of this conversation. Sit On. This is already the fucking diamonds for you he did we were thinking about bringing it to get to go. Get it. Go get it done clinic. What makes you yours? I want I I it's Lancaster planned parenthood for free free. Now I pay for my shit. I got a fly out. Provinces of Pennsylvania. Love Gang love money gang right for life. If I loved please give me the change. I'll get I'll get in the same as this one through the middle is the script from you go to dot com. Tom Loved much fun as it looks like it's a Galician no matter how many times hang hang out that's amazing that you're the go what is it that Dr Jack Adams Alan Adams pretty children all my fans just highs at home just all by their highest but you laugh at fucking pesticides your your your fans are are are are skirting cocaine. I don't sell cocaine anymore so I don't have to worry about anymore. I hope this helps Youtube Channel Man because now they're going to know got that white. Was your biggest fucking interview you. You think this'll be the biggest one oh. There's just so you guys know every week been no jumper show. This is episode number eleven featuring Aaron Carter who ooh that guy lost everything and gained everything back and and worked his ass off to the best comeback too and it was the only one to his mother into Rehab after having a ups and downs throughout two years sobriety as roughing duster being super honest about my shortcomings making amends for them to everybody that I can taking practice practicing the the twelve step program participating in. Na meetings going going to a psychiatrist regularly going to psychologists ecologists regularly going to therapist regularly the three different entities. I'm going with Judy from the doctors. TV show she's GonNa. I'm also working with Dr Ishmael Schmo who's the TV doctor WHO's actually my personal psychiatrist from Moby Dick from marriage bootcamp. Dr Ishmael also association the Bar Exam. You said I'm going to start yeah yeah. I'm Mina Kim case I think jail I'm not trying to do any law or anything. All I WANNA do is lawyers. Law All all all I'm already good because I can look at my contract and negotiate them and know what my I stopped. My status quo is and how to plan out my stuff and budget out my staff in you know through my numbers and paying people and you know Flights Hotel L. security guarantees door deals. You know I managed my career so I have to put all those numbers together and you know book all the flights and then I make all the visuals actually tonight dropping my single sensation sensational love so shing sexual sounds good no music concert drink. That's mine. I made all of any made all the visual myself. I'm very proud of it actually right but I I just I wanNA know. What else do you think that the fans out there have fucked worked up about you like what? What do you think that the main issues in contention are here because he's like some people think you're totally tweaking and you're saying everything's totally fine and that's kind of the main thing that if we're going to get to the bottom of anything here I'm sure we're not that's probably the main thing they would want to resolve how reword it for me not necessarily layman's terms but I just want to be able to give you an accurate answer to summarize for you? I mean when I read the comments and stuff. It's some people seem to think that you're kind of having your own personal Sushi she to movement and decide Fuzi tube where he sorta like basically yes basically you're losing. It and I think that the face all these Alcala rappers list all my very would he bought your every single. One has probably listened to every single one of my songs another another day. Justin Bieber said it he tweeted. I bumped errands party. When I was twelve years old you've ever met job on because I just want to say I just WanNa say the saw rory who's Dobermans Coz commenting on twitter because he saw original interviews? That's so once we be aired as go viral that'd be going viral and also probably put you in the hospital see in hospital and masterminded the whole they wouldn't be good for Adam. Trust me I don't WanNA die. Why was my girlfriend calling me on face? Commission wants to say what's going on yeah but you're watching live so yeah. We're doing a podcast. You have anything you want to say to Aaron. Carter your body being mean to him into why were you. She says she has posted if you on her wall while we be mean to me he said that in your interview that you you guys were talking shit about me or something yeah. That's what he said kind of in the interview that I watched that he did on this personal channel. Did you watch the interview did always by Your Sohn's. E made like eighteen years ago. I watched your show when I was eight. That's all I know well. You should know who I am now because I have large facetime now. I asked you an honest questionnaire sure please. He's don't steal my bitch. I would never do that. I'm not a home wrecker. You wouldn't know what else I would never do that. Why because you have so many bitches that you don't need my no stop waiting on? What's GonNa WanNa let me complete? This thought the reason why I would never do that sorry ladies first but I'm I'm sorry one second. I hope that you say the same thing open fucking car door beautiful rock I I was I was I thought a couple of girls that I've been with that I dated and I I cheated on them. and I regret it allowed home records to come in and my my substance abuse issues to play a factor in it and you know my addictions disease of addiction and with that being said I want to publicly apologize you know once for so for the last time the Hillary Duff for cheating on her when I was thirteen and my girlfriend rain fall down about cheating. I don't think she wrote so Oh yesterday about me. So Hillary out of the joker comes out on Friday by the way I know I saw that we were going to go to the movies tonight but then we found out the movie doesn't come out for a few days. We ought to have have a loved money gang. I gotta go to Minnesota this weekend. Why because it's called like Minnesota Coast Kosovar contest listen listen real talk? We'll talk I appreciate. I was pissed at that you but I'm I'm just keep a cool anything else. You want to hang out early three two three for becoming a mess in the early. He has a questionnaire. Yes he said yes. I'll answer for him. Yes he's taking it out doing this for a while. I mean if you want to figure out a movie for us to go to or whatever when we're done this that's cool right now this is this is a Broadway play. Linda just come here. That's what I'm saying Gobi Yeah. I'M GONNA keep calling you. People are gonNA keep calling you for the rest of your life. Why did you get a massive to do? You think that it might closed some doors for you. Hey log onto monsters with passwords. It's the eighty seven eighty seven one and it'd be w w eighty seven eighty seven. He got guys raising You should just give your your password. That'd be so big factor authentication. Nobody should log everybody and in fact. I have nothing to hide. You'RE NOT API. Let me go through your. I'm just kidding I want to do that. I don't know how to shut it off and added on airplane and silent in the Star on the same night with a shutout shutout rock roggin gene. How did you find rock road to become your he hit me up and then shot Johnny Dang who's making my chain right now and then suddenly the jeweler who's making my chain who made this chain for Logan Paul? After ah gave remember the big diamond one I had I gave it to Logan. Which one do you think is better this one mine we'll just because doc was created that that that low which one is higher quality than really the jewelers you know shut shut shut out Sunday the jeweler? Suny hugh ny the Jeweler Johnny Dean actually hit me up because he saw me talking to you. Oh yeah I I I love Johnny appreciated John. Janis Joplin going to Johnny and I are working on one of the biggest changes ever going to do young zander and other bigger than t pain's big ass chain. It's going to be bigger than t grizzlies so hey do you remember t t t grizzly has the biggest one in the world has a Guinness World Record for the biggest it says is big shame well. I think the new bus down the newest one of the actual people that are popping off like fucking teague risen one of my favorite rappers is one of the best chains and the biggest ones out of all the other ones no. He's not feeling no pain I don t pain why because not because we tried to work with each other and he got jealous when I did. Ou and AH Ohio University I did we did a concert at the same time and I had ten thousand people show up to mine and five hundred went to his because we were performing at the same time jealous. I think I remember you saying this on Logan's yeah and then what happened. I don't forget about it. It's going to work together. I forget about people's bullshit sounds unhealthy really healthy sounds. It's better than the cocaine really officially a coke. Can I ask you a question that I just saw somebody said Aaron. Carter's net worth is less than four four hundred thousand years hasn't been updated right. Did you know I was negative. Two million for ten years and then I filed a bankruptcy the chapter seven and I said I was I'm studying for the bar exam. Well guess what I did. I litigated my own case and in two thousand and fourteen because because I was doing the fan off off Broadway show called fantastic's polio yeah and I was making six hundred fifty dollars a week and I was was broken my ass and the government was coming after me and the irs for because my parents didn't pay my taxes when I was eleven twelve thirteen and by the time I turned eighteen gross about five hundred million dollars so I was hit with about ten million dollars set or seven point seven million dollars in taxes when I was eighteen and then the penalty starting to incur because because I didn't want to ever publicly file bankruptcy because I thought it was embarrassing and then I didn't want to also get my parents locked up for seven years each for Fiduciary Korea responsibilities that go to jail to our had to do was sign over a judgment right and then we go to jail so instead what I did was I kept working working and nobody believed in me throughout my twenties. Yeah I went into a lot of different record labels and people instead ham beat maker. I do this do this do this and nobody ever believed in me and then finally when I dropped fool's gold you know I get a call from Sony records and they're like yeah. WE WANNA sign. You and I was like cool. Why Am I? Why do you want to sign me? Now like you guys denied me for the last ten years. Here's why do you want to send me now. They're like well because you just posted in Iraq is record so I'm doing everything through my label. Rockers records which two new singles rackets are radicals R. RFK A US records so shadow any jewelers out there. If you want send me a chain. I'll give you more prone than you've ever fucking now. Fuck that chain. Somebody and chain going to work not competing jewelers. I it's called non. Exclusive agreements just like I have with promoting agents do over. Two hundred fifty shows a year I do too. I can show you my schedule home. If my shit wasn't blowing up right now could let you go through my cow just because I can do whatever I want you you can speak to the people that are actually talking the truth and so nothing staged or fake. Thanks to the people can be really hard. When everyone has read more please a year you bring me a flavor one to please? Can I ask about the your sister Surin brother filing restraining order. I can't really talk about that. It's the FBI's job now. You want to hear more about them. You know what I know but you know it's because it's like how can you how can you file a restraining order against me when you hear against me thirty days later when you hear that I wanNA compare your wife and kid. Why would you wait that long because a pyro song right? No I dropped pyro myself. I proved tweeted about it yeah but you look they heard lyrics and they were like this. No I dropped the saw I know I dropped the song I showed the email that I sent to orchard and whose distribution she beating my record label and Steve Zap who I have now I have to sue Sony or whoever owes me money out there who did my love album for over five hundred five hundred thousand dollars but you said said that they heard the lyrics of the song and that's what triggered and the thing that you were trying to burn the house down. You'RE GONNA kill some shit like that but I sent the email September thirteenth I wonder Carter is really really just rocking out your music and it was like listen. Nick wanted to do what you wanted to buy. Gold off of me and I told him no because on House of carters the first episode I ever watched with with my friends sitting around when I was learning to start making beats when I got in a fight with him. I was making beats guys. This was this was twelve years ago. I was making beats. I was I was trying to learn. I spent my money on all the all the money that my fans ever gave me and merged or whatever it was I invested I see it right back on myself to become a really good producer so that I could I could come back and be like you know what if people are going to take me seriously I'm going to learn from good people like Joel Dead Mouse and Mike and the people that I've worked around in Mark Batson and Scott storch and you know Max Martin Dennis Pop. Do you know who these guys are. Max Martin Max Martin made all Dr Christina all ace of base music. All of Robin Robin wasn't busy. I don't have any fucking. All I know is I'm doing. I'm doing what I'm doing. All I know is headlining headlining a an open air concert about fifty dates with fifty thousand people open air concert called. I missed the ninety S and as a basis opening up for me wow how is going to be on it. I think scooter is doing it. These people also wrong scoot noise sweeter soon there comes on plays reads on Justin Bieber's contract. I used to wear with these guys win in ninety six and ninety seven so what do you think of Bieber I think he's taking all the right steps in his life and I'm really proud of him using him getting married as I think it was foul when I released fool's gold that Aaron Rosenberg his entertainment attorney did interview a week later after billboarded article with me talking about fool's gold and then Aaron Rosenberg in an interview with billboard week later in the first question was is. How did you get Justin Bieber to turn out like Aaron Carter? People treat you like a punch on Sean. It's okay I mean it happens. Justin knows what happens and you know what maybe like one day ammunike and shake hands and just be like Yo. We're good like I don't. I don't need any features from anybody. I like to do everything on my own. I don't need any clout from anybody. I don't need this. I've been doing this for so long that like it. Did you guys don't understand I've seen money come and go so many times I've seen it destroy destroy my family and ruined them and kill them and I'm talking to you like a human being right now. I've seen it kill my sister scenic. Oh my dad I've seen it you know it ruined my family they my parents got divorced when I was fifteen and then when I got when I was fifteen I started dealing cocaine and ecstasy just because my parents weren't paying me any money and and you know like they weren't giving me allowance or nothing so I was like fucking. I'm just going to trap like whatever and that's what I did and then what did it or you're selling got on day I am I. I'm trying to get off that Aaron Carter you might you probably got the fire to be honest. No I don't do that Shit Bro. That's the thing like awesome also test. I did it off your jaw. No opiates you talked about the opiates and the reason why I was on the opiates and and they came up is because I got six crowns. Don't seem like you're on the vans. As soon as you seem like you're on duty you make sure is studio. Okay you know how I know I know because I used to save my twin sister when she would take eleven twelve bars at a time when you go drive around around and then you know and then here she is coming at me with her fucking you know husband trying to set me up at the grove yeah. He works there right yeah. He works there and I I knew he wasn't I knew he wasn't there and then he had the they had the security allegedly. Come up to me and tried to lure me to a certain area. I said You fucking warrant. I started alive numbered away the fall of my instagram Aaron Carter for the growth. I want to ask you this spark the grove now I get my Kobe beef stare and I love movies. There's some Huntington Farms jokers Yeah I love Rick Russo and like he's in Rick Russo. The owner of the Grove saw me give a hug to a homeless lady that everybody was ignoring ignoring at one of his properties kicked you out for those shows scabies. I don't care. I don't have nothing I even if I do. At least you got a hug 'cause she deserved as awful. I'll hug a homeless person. The pictures would if he escaped. He's definitely ask. Also you know it's funny. well not funny ironic. Is That my my dad who passed away two years ago you Wolfson Wolf was his spirit when you had to touted on him like everywhere and and by the way supreme shutout at cool kicks at cool by cool cakes. I'm Morales Michelle Michelle Heiser. Just donate a two dollars and set Aaron. Go registered to vote which I think is a good idea. I think vote for Andrew Yang. I'm not voting for anybody. It looks like a fucking politician to you of a face tat vocal this new energy they plan on releasing on your youtube very curious. What do you say what kind of company owes are you planning on really just like the cops and all this shit and people showing up not a crazy shit pitches hiding out having fun just living my life just doing what I WANNA do? I'm getting so many offers for reality. TV shows and acting gigs and Shit right now and I'm like I'm not a fucking actor. Fuck you fuck you Adam on assume why what kind of their skin I think the same day this is the Puck Jan Sexual. They started rubbing bisexual. I'm super woke broke my hands. I get a little bit. I gotta go I Ryan. I have better things to do. Sorry thank you a chain yours. I'm not an Indian giver spent also. I hear you know it's not racist because 'cause I'm native American exactly yes yeah native well. We were having a conversation with people trying to Andrew Young hearts. I'm guessing makes jokes about being Asian. It's like God I can't even see Asian. Oh here we go you know I don't lose the chain again. Stop Talking Shit about me or else. We're fighting fucking Logan Logan Paul who was nicer to means that you were. I'm the Amsterdam politics me that he killed the guy in Japan he has to be like that. He has to be nice. I'm the man from English English should've gave me a chain. It would have been totally. Would you be down to join earns against around chat. I'll get loved going towards making no money listen. I'm making many versions of that for my jewelry line. They're going to be about this big going about about two thousand dollars apiece with VVS's in some few if I get love to get him for girls like like I'll give you the first one you like her. She's beautiful with Mary hurt him all she would be interesting side by friend but you should Adamson stop starting time should make your merge. He's the best ships waiting for. She's a star. She's beautiful. nope no disrespect badly and I was sick. I Say I can sing for you right now. If if you saw her you saw her standing across me in the club and you want to talk about what would be your opening line issue was thinking or gourmet. Sensitive Johnson wasn't even listening to you stoned close though never mind if you saw what would be your opening line. I think he got the stars. No I would actually I would never approach a woman boom approach you know because I grew up with three sisters all older sisters and I saw them all get hurt a lot of times by all their boyfriends and stuff so I as younger brother like and being Mama's boy like my mom's about to be out of Rehab and I just talked to her yesterday and she says she's GonNa put the nail in everyone's coffin when she's out wo validate everything I'm saying should be paracel. Were hurt. Perez Hilton is got my back. Mandy Wolford Knicks first girlfriend witnessed abuse has got my back awards for the Kardashians now now Jones has got my back. Militiaman's got my back Ashley Wrap. These are all victims of Nick and the reason why they got my back is because I got their back because I'm not GonNa let men. I'm not GonNa have never I'm not even going to show up to fucking court in Vegas. Get your restraining order. Nick Fuck you. You think you guys ever know after this. I will not unless you fucking get on your knees and fucking beg for my forgiveness. Does you know what my daddy used to call my brother a pussy. I used to say to me Erin Pussy like your brother kind of weird thing for a dead so no it's not because my dad will fucking fuck. Fuck you up just by looking nice you. These is looking at me. You think you'd be one sixty five didn't matter I fucking a buck fucking thirty sixty five I don't I think I got one fucking twenty five and I would ruin you. What built one which one ruin you? I'll I'll listen. You don't want to know how to take you down. Suck is stand up. Stand up. I'll show you know you're gonNA fucking. put my winter your mouth bro Stand up. I'll show you how take you down trip. There's there's someone judo trip. I WanNa know what's funny a Bob. Hope you find your Dad Ed. I bet you right now. You're seeing a bunch of Ellen D- Ellen Geology Charles yelling like one but like like one but watch what the ratio is. Let's see let's see L. M. G. Aaron Carter is a legend stand up errands on math. One hundred the percents confirmed Aaron. Aaron wants to go down on you. Atom Island say where jet GM man get on my instagram. He may not be on drugs but he's definitely manic or mentally ill. I didn't feel like I feel that's pretty brutal. that's that's. That's O'Kane Adam. Let me miss this dude up for you. When did you find you? Were Bisexual. I kinda got bullied for it so so when I came out about it in two two thousand seventeen before I went to rehab for Huffing Duster Do you know if you're bisexual your mind form in the malysh straight without fucking. I'll tell you all the time. I we know what I I. I'm I'm living. I'm learning and I'm growing so that's all I can do at this point in my life. I guess we're going to be able to use your phone number. You can literally ten hours of I wanted to shut off but I can't yeah I have it on airplane mode and silent. Stop fucking calling pauling me. I'll tell you I'm not young gang everybody. I'm just trying to do some real quick. They're actually really excited about respect on name that way. You might get a new phone. I think are we. Are we done here. This has been the November show number two hour forty five minutes to me right. This is definitely not number two number eleven spray how long in Roman numerals number so this has been how long in our I gotta go see all right. Hey appreciate your Aaron. Thanks through Courtney areas grievances out. was that Catelli happy with what we forgot. Fuck minds are coming appreciate you shut out tunes took sponsoring me now shadow sunny jeweler show Johnny Day Shannon All all my fan base g you guys is a strong be. Please have some fucking respect for Adam. Stop it now. Stop It. That's not what we're doing and you guys know. My movement is is that we understand that bullies that say stuff like this. They're hurting inside themselves. That's why they bully so don't do that. Don't don't do not do that. Let's put a stop to it right now all my fans. I want to stop going to watch for one second. Stop Wow so so well said everybody who watch this. This says Ben November show episode number eleven we do this every Tuesday at six. PM So make sure you tune in next time we're going to be getting off temporarily but then we'll be back to hang out with. Ah this link. Please just as one time this is the most extreme version of us not being able to do that because this file or it has many of us all right got a lot. We gotta get everybody. Stay on this channel. We'll be back in five minutes listening to your music. Your music will be listened to all of the atom twenty two fans. I got it doesn't love for him. That's why does my chain around. I'm just chill out like if you don't like me. You don't have to follow me. It's cool but I've done a lot of good things I take care of my Mama and that's all good son needs to be here. The diamonds Danson I take I take care of my Mama and that's all I ever need in life of San is to focus on myself and and focus on my music and I have a new song dropping tonight so it's called sensational love so that's it boom by everyone. Don't come back. We're going to be listening to your music and if we're GONNA pass it onto raucous records. Who's WHO's a retakes urea sexual

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