The Near Future


Some things are certain about the near future rising sea levels automation, the downfall of capitalism also happening in the near future. We are releasing by neural remixes of our first six episodes as a world where volume one basically, it's three d sound and assuming society doesn't collapse in the next forty eight hours. It'll hit your podcast feed on Sunday March seventeenth at the same time. We'll be releasing two albums the volume one original score. So you can have some calming ambient music to listen to is the missiles fall and volume one the deluxe edition, which will include all six by neural episodes. The original score exclusive commentary tracks homemade sound effects and brand new art you can pre-order both now by going to our website a world where dot com and clicking shop. And while you're there, if you can spare forty five seconds, if you're rapidly disappearing life feel free to fill out our listener survey that really helps us alive. New episodes coming soon stick around.

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