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Welcome to brain stuff from how stuff works. Hey, brain stuff listeners, Lauren Vogel bond here. We've got a special bonus for you today. An episode of the new podcast before breakfast by host Laura Vander Cam because if you've ever wanted twenty fifth hour in the day, we can't do that. But if you listen to before breakfast, Laura can help you get a little more out of every day. She's the author of several time management and productivity books including tips that have worked for her for people. She admires and that she's learned from feedback from listeners like you the absorbs are short and sweet what we're sharing with you. Here today is an episode about why planning your weeks on Fridays works out for the best. I'll let Laura take it away. Good morning. This is Laura. Today's tip is to plan your weeks on Fridays. So this will probably not surprise you. But I like to plan. Okay, fine. I love to plan. There is nothing more than sitting down to plan. What I'm gonna do with myself what my family members are going to do with themselves. Shockingly, my family members, don't always go along with these plans. Imagine that must be fun to be married to her parented by me. Anyway, just because you're planning doesn't mean you're doing it in the most effective way a few years ago. I made a change in how I plan that has really made a difference in my life and might be helpful for you as well. So to start my story a long long time ago, I read the late Stephen Covey's book, the seven habits of highly effective people. It's really a great book. If you haven't read it, he talks about planning your life in weeks. And I think this is. Really smart weeks are the cycle of life as we actually live it not days. I mean, what's a typical day for you is it Tuesday. Or is it Saturday? They both occur just as often. And they both have the same number of hours. But I'm guessing they look pretty different for you weeks. Give you an accurate picture. So after reading seven habits I started sitting down on Sunday evenings and planning the upcoming week. Then a few years after that, I got the chance to interview David Allen. A lot of listeners of this podcast probably know him as the author of getting things done. That's also a great book. I mentioned my Sunday planning to him. And he told me that a lot of his clients reviewed and plan their weeks on Fridays. So I decided to try Fridays and specifically Friday afternoons. I'm a big fan of the switch Sunday planning. Great. But Friday afternoon is even better. Here's why I I don't know about you. But Friday afternoon is not exactly my peak productivity time. I am usually doing nothing of consequence by Friday afternoon. I am sliding into the weekend. I'm not answering my phone. I'm hiding out. No one can find me. It is really hard start anything new on Friday afternoon. But I can usually summon the energy to think about what future me should be doing. And by taking a few minutes on Friday afternoon to plan the week ahead. I turn what would have been wasted time into some of my most productive minutes of the week. Friday, planning also gives me better weekends in to its first. Even if you love your job, you can always feel a little bit of Sunday trepidation, you know, what this is. There's like an avalanche of work waiting for you on Monday. But you don't know exactly what our know how you're gonna deal with it. If you make a plan on Sunday night. Well, you've spent much of the weekend cohabitating with that sense of unease. If you plan Monday morning on Friday, though, well, you've got a plan. So you don't have to spend your weekend worrying about it. And just as a side note, if this plan involves meeting with people making your plan on Friday means that you can call or E mail them. They're probably still at their desks. So they'll respond which might not be the case if you try and get in touch with them on Sunday night second if you haven't thought about your weekend, Friday, planning gives you a chance to call friends. Make reservations buy tickets, whatever you need to do this vastly increases the chances that your weekends are awesome rather than forgettable. So if you plan on Fridays, and I hope you will just take a few minutes to think about the week ahead. Make yourself a short three category priority list career relationships so making a three category list reminds us that you should put something in all three categories is. It's pretty hard to make a three category list, and then leave one of the categories blank. So that right. There is going to nudge, you to have a more balanced life. But anyway, just a short list two to three items in each. Look at the next week see where they can go plan them in just like that. You're putting first things first in your life. I think Stephen Covey would approve of that. This is Laura thanks for listening. And here's to making the most of our time. Hey, everybody. I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at before breakfast pod. That's be the number four then breakfast p o d you can also shoot me an Email at before breakfast podcasts at iheartmedia dot com that before breakfast spelled out with all the letters. Thanks so much. I look forward to staying in touch. This has been an episode of before breakfast. He liked what you've heard listen to lots more and subscribe at apple podcasts on iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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