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News from the biggest concerts and games that are hottest theatre shows and more vivid seats has it all download the app and joined the vivid seats rewards loyalty program today also stephen smith show is being brought to you by the new shell v power nitro plus premium gasoline now a four levels of defense against gung quick erosion and friction as promised it is on an privilege to have my next guest on the line doesn't outstanding outstanding job covering the national football league for the worldwide leader did so for years before the party for a short while honored to have him back to great reported himself the one and only mr edwards on the line with yours truly what's going on good afternoon sir. How are you good to be on with steven. I appreciate the invite absolutely doing well. I'm still with the cold so i'll probably finish up here today. Go back a dallas and find out. The thing is in the <hes> in covering. How about that. We get ready to get right into all of that but i i want to ask you. You heard the newsday when you heard the news that andrew luck was a electing to retire. What what what integer my what are the kind of torch came to your mind somebody covering this leads as long as you have well. I was in the <hes> cross box at gerry world covering the cowboys and texans axons game man. I looked down <hes> press row in the press box and saw people reacting with various levels of astonishment as they looked at their phones <hes> and then the investigated that and saw that <hes> adam schefter reporting that andrew luck was retiring and i immediately tried to confirm that it really was schefters account and that's somebody had taken it over because it did really seem somewhat unfathomable given his youth giving me the season he had just had i mean statistically typically was the best season ever had his first year under frank reich you know offense and all the promise showed at the end of the season <hes>. It just seemed hard. I believe i i know you haven't had the lingering injury. Having a hard time diagnosis did solving it but i just don't think anybody expected that this was going to bb end-result so in the aftermath of learning that he has retired. I mean you know knows around the way that you do in adding a multitude of sources that you have in the national national football league is one thing to fit to be the injuries the numerous things that he's had to shoulder the lacerated kidneys etc but he alluded to being something else something more more mental or have you gained some perspective on exactly what he was going through that led to him to retiring a week and a half before the n._f._l. It began as opposed to start a training camp or maybe even some time earlier well. I mean i understand the criticism in terms of the timing and the <hes> negative the fact that that has on a football team is just two weeks from starting the regular season but i really think it was you know his expectation that the the injury was going to be resolved at some point of the pain was going to go away and he was going to be able to play <hes> without being impaired and that just never happened and he said himself you never really considered retiring from football until two weeks from the time that he actually did it <hes> and and he was so committed to that course of action that the the colts did have a conversation with him <hes> that involved you know chris ballard the general manager jim irsay the owner of the team and the head coach frank reich in which they proposed hose well. Let's let's see if we can take push on. I r <hes> let's see if we can get this resolved over a certain space of time during the course of the season and then bring you iraq but leave ourselves that option. He just wanted nothing to do with it. He was at that point. His mind was made up that he you know he loves football anymore. The way he was having to play it <hes> what he was having to put into it <hes> the pain he was enduring every phase of his life and so he just decided that he at this point at least he was better off without it permanent so today elect to leave him be probably resuming that he'll change his mind and ultimately he'll come back. Maybe in a year two years max or is it one of those situations situation that they're resigned to the fact that he has poked with such it was such definitive nece that they don't think there's any way that is going to change his mind intellect to come back to the game of football well well they put him on reserve retired and i don't know what the terms and conditions were off the settlement that they reached in terms of the twenty four million dollars in his contract on-track but i assume <hes> there there during the process and the goshi hitting all of the colts have been very careful to protect their rights to andrew luck going forward because either you know if if he comes back they would want to be open to the possibility of having him being their quarterback or if they've somehow replaced him adequately in their own minds he would certainly have a trade value so i'm sure the colts will be involved in that if it ever comes to it but you know i talked to a person <hes> who was very close to andrew who said that at this point they're convinced that confuses as a permanent retirement that it's not gonna be brett farve type thing where you know he regrets this and misses the game and decides to come back. He's he's wired differently leaving. You know the peyton manning's breath bars and drew brees. He's he's a different guy and <hes> i'm not saying he won't change his mind. <hes> but i'm i'm answering your question and i think that was about how the colts are moving forward. I think they're moving forward believing that he's done and they'll prepare this season and in the future accordingly and if that changes the address at the time e._s._p._n. National reporter edward aranha live right here with steven e._s._p._n. Radio e._s._p._n. News let's transition to the dallas cowboys. Are you heard marshall faulk who went to kabul was training with ezekiel elliott. He spoke to you. He told you that it really really comes down to whether or not the dallas cowboys are willing to have ezekiel elliott miss games just just because he wants to be the highest paid running back in football. I'm paraphrasing here. Talk to me based on your conversations faulk and others about what ezekiel mind minds zeke. Elliott's mindset appears to be dist- particular juncture as we close in on starting the twenty nine thousand n._f._l. Season well as far as i know nobody's spoken directly likely to ezekiel elliott since you've waited exile in this contract hold out until the next best thing is talking to people who interact with them directly and one of those has become marshall faulk walk the hall of fame running back who also represented by rocky arsenault the agent <hes> who represents eric dickerson and represents <hes> ezekiel elliott and so he's been then in kabo. He's been training with with elliott <hes>. He said he's doing game. Type of activities do everything but simulate contact which who's impossible and obviously big part of the whole thing <hes> when he does come back but his goal in this is to make sure that zeke is physically as ready as he can be when he does come back in the contract is resolved to take his place in the starting lineup as quickly as possible. I think it's worth voting <hes> a stephen a that <hes> when when he went to kabo in twenty seventeen during his six week suspension when he came back he was immediately successful he he rushed rush like twenty four times for ninety seven yards against the seahawks and then he had a twenty seven carries for one hundred three yards against the eagles and doing that despite the fact that the cowboys felt he was five to ten pounds overweight so <hes> i think that's the reason that marshall has been asked to come in and help. <hes> you know push him that little bit. I try to bridge that gap. <hes> the other person who's talked to a elliott is position coach gary brown. He's a former n._f._l. Running back. He has a very good relationship. He told me that they talk about every other day. <hes> he said zeke's doing his work. He's in his playbook he he he knows what's going on. I'm with the team these he's interacted with them about the development of the young players including tony polar who's been talked about a lot <hes> by the cowboys <hes> and and he misses the game and he loves his teammates. He wants to come back as soon as possible but he feels that he has earned being the highest paid running back in football and the cowboys feel like when they drafted him fourth overall one of the things you get with the first round pick five years of con- contractual control and they're willing to do a contract with two years from any they've done with tyran smith. They just did it last week. What they are willing to do is do a contract two years early and make him the highest paid player at the running back position. Surpassing todd awed girly. They think that contract with the rams was a mistake and an aberration so when you talk when when jerry jones you gotta get ready to get on outta here but i'm looking at jerry jones. I'm looking at stephen stephen jones. <hes> jerry jones seems to be drawn a line in the sand. Stephen jones seems to be more optimistic isn't an argue. Is there an argument that could be made that they're not necessarily early on the same page as it pertains to zeke elliott or they marching in lockstep with one another as to what should be done to compensate this young man. <hes> i mean i. I don't think that i really detected that. They are in disagreement about his value. At this point okay <hes> we know they had a difference of opinion on <hes> players like the united sanders <hes> that they had a difference of opinion on johnny manziel <hes> my i haven't. I haven't sense that yet and it's not over so it could still get to that point or it could reveal itself if they've concealed it but you know it's. It's hard to predict what they're going to do. Because on one hand you have their history and their history has been that once before jerry was put in the situation by emmitt smith emmitt smith didn't have a contract honored his contract and was not satisfied with what the cowboys offering and n. jerry had a defending super bowl champion started the season without the league's reigning rushing champion right so he's not in a much different situation. Now is jerry taking a similar gamble. The question is what they've learned from that that he decides to apply to his current situation. I look at it like this jerry jones. This is soon to be seventy six years old <hes> they have what they think is the best roster in terms of talent in-depth that they've had since they started winning since they won three superbowls in the nineties. Thank you so they have a head coach. Jason garrett that jerry really wants to succeed has really stuck with against all manner of public opinion but didn't extend he's been he you can put in the last year of his contract coaching for his job and he's doing it with a first year offensive coordinator calling place on top of all of that vision names to start the season you i really wanted to prize. These people in this team of the player was all built around. I just think ultimately jerry's gotta give on this and word appreciates. Your great work has always know you got to run and do some t._v. Thank you buddy really appreciate it even into the one and only edward i cannot i cannot express how happy i am to have him back he. He doesn't outstanding job for e._s._p._n. E._s. always done an outstanding job plus throughout the years and it's great that he's back in the family covering what he loves to cover. That's the n._f._l. Overall in particular the dallas cowboys is absolutely phenomenal and fabulous to have edward back. He was right here which stephen e._s._p._n. Spion radio e._s._p._n. News editor say e._s._p._n. Eight seven to nine three seven seven six. Let's dissect that last part about what edward just broke down because it's incredibly important. He gave you a little bit of history. The him and steven jones didn't agree on dion. Sanders didn't agree on johnny manziel okay. They were on opposite sides. Stephen jones son jerry jones the father but they don't appear here at least as of yet to be on different sides of the fence. When it comes to zeke elliott zeke elliott by all accounts is fixated on being the highest paid running back in football he he thinks he deserves to be paid more than todd gurley how to all of y'all feel about that. You know the number eight eight eight say e._s._p._n. That's eight seven to nine three seven seven six then. There's this nugget tuck it. Does this number to consider your jerry jones. You are approaching seventy six years of age. You have been open honest and public lick about the fact that your best years are behind you. Time is running out. You ain't necessarily the man you used to be. You understand your mortality staring you in the face yet here. You are with the best roster that you've had since you want super bowls up to nineteen ninety wrath not only that you've got an all world running back not only that the backdrop of emmett smith holding holding out missing the first two games in nineteen ninety-three before you ultimately have to pay him you went onto jimmy johnson. Was there flabbergasted. They're frustrated beyond comprehension as to you and your ways with this he needed as his running back aca star running back and ultimately after two games. He got them then. You got jerry jason garrett situation. I'm no fan of jason garrett. I don't think he's got great coach. I certainly don't think he's the right coach. His job but jerry jones loves the man and his wanted to give them every opportunity but was smart enough not to extend them so jason garrett without question is coaching for his job and he's got a first offense coordinator and ezekiel elliott. Ain't there you jerry jones even at worder. Who's this diplomatic down the middle oh and objective as they come even he said quote at some point. Jerry jones has got to give into this that tells me that everybody believes ezekiel. Elliot is the one with the leverage not jerry jolts. I'm not sure about that but i respect the hell out of it coming from edward. I'll tell you that much back to the phones. We go at at eight say e._s._p._n. George talk to me for one. I think he will come back but i was wondering about that. Eighteen games that you were talking about. Why don't you just cut to precede or not. Altogether at twenty games anything like one of your previous caller said had to have the three by weeks in between so if guys get hurt us suspended or whatever. I don't think they're gonna they're gonna <music>. <hes> proposed getting rid of preseason because you need exhibition games in every sport before you go out there and do the real thing just just to make sure that you work out some of the kinks. Whatever the case may be remembered major league baseball you guys spring training <hes> basketball you got preseason exhibition games okay so when it comes to football you're going to want a need the same things support golf in the sport of tennis you have tournaments that are basically perceived as being leeann exhibitions because they're nowhere nearly as important as other tournaments so exhibition play seems to matter in every single support and i think it matters with the national football football league and they'll never advocate it totally. Wow only did it. How thinking like college just you know. Come right out the gate you know in place i gotta remember common practice with each other. It's kids and it's forgivable because it's amateurism so the perception of it being amateurs. Here's an as a result. The demands placed on his shoulders off all less than that of paid professionals is where it comes into play. You could see a college kid not not measure up and you can forgive it because their kids. You ain't trying to hear that nonsense. When it comes to pro sports the money they charge the money that the players get paid eight eccentric set you you want excellence or you want peak performances. You don't wanna see somebody that you look at. It and you're gonna like this. I can play better to him. You can tolerate that with kids is hard to do it professionals on that fade all right man. Thanks for the call buddy. Appreciate it leroy alive stephen. They talked to me. Hey steven stephen. I gotta jacoby broussais question all right being as though the codes are willing to pay andrew luck twenty four twenty a five million to sit home <hes>. Do you think that the cobra percents agent will be wrong to fight for more money for him this year note. <hes> let me say this to you. He fifa more money because that's his job as an agent. You go get it until the brother producers now. Jacoby were said it's twenty six years of age <hes> but remember his one year in indianapolis where he was the man starting in place of an andrew luck who sat out for the entire season to kobe preset was four and eleven complete fifty eight percent of his passes do for three thousand yards with thirteen touchdowns and seven interceptions some would say with numbers like that and a q._b. off forty one. You lucky to have a damn mm job so it's not like he's in a position of leverage. You can try but the fact of the matter as if i'm ballot if i'm earth say if i'm frank right i need you to go out. Dan prove yourself and proved that you can lead this team before you in any kind of position too strong on me about money. Thank you man. Take it easy. Let's go to hassan on you love stephen. They what's up man. Hey steven eighty five minute nap assessor mired you and your work for over two years and i respect everything that you do journalism but there's one thing i have a problem with <hes> yesterday on your show. You said you thought the fans were kind of okay and booing andrew as he walked off to fill so disrespectful in the way that andrew had given so much of his self to this organization tation to the city <hes> and just because it got leaked out that he was retiring and that has a right to retire just like any of us as retires was well. Let me let let let me let me let me respond to your direct. You know come come at me. <hes> what i was trying to say is in that moment when you learn that this guy is walking away from the game i understand it. I don't think that they were wrong and i. I don't think that they should be excoriated for it. I think that it was a natural reaction yes. I don't think they would do that today. I don't think they would have done that yesterday but i think in the moment saturday saturday when you looking at this offensive line when you're looking at mac in the backfield when you're looking at the offensive line led by quinton nelson you looking at t. y. Hilton happened haven't funches and e brown available to him and this kid perez camp if i remember correctly that drafted out of ohio state and the kind of capabilities that he has and you're hoping beyond hope <unk> at your expectations will potentially reach wishing and it's the best chance that andrew luck has had since he's arrived in the n._f._l. In twenty twelve catching the super bowl and a week and a half before the n._f._l. Season begins you. You are now. You're going to retire. I can understand why people in that moment of bullying. I understand and i appreciate where aaron and arron rogers was coming from that bad man that he is. I love that brother. I appreciate where it was coming from we talked about it was disgusting etc etc. I think all of you are right if po- if folks held that position after andrew looks press conference held that position twenty four hours later ada held that position now a weekly monthly. You're absolutely right but i think in that moment. I don't view them as even booing him. I viewed adam is booming like what the hell is going. What are you doing. What do you mean you're leaving this a week and a half before the season. We got a super bowl to capture what the hell is going on john. I can understand that emotion ultimately engulfing you and taking over for a few minutes. I truly can't okay. I can understand what you're saying as far as the week and a half before the season but he had probably no idea at that point that back in march february or whatever that he was going to retire yet but that's not my point but that's not my point. My point is as a fan. You're we're not thinking about that. In the moment you think about that. When you go home and eat dinner you think about when you left the arena you went out and you gotta drink you think about that as you listened to his press conference and listening to him. Tell you know the audience. I was hurt heard those booze and it hurt me you you reflect on what he's done for you as the successor peyton manning and the greatness that he put on display when he's healthy i i have no doubt that after after those initial moments you have an elevated level of appreciation like her son has for what he's done but in that moment would die hard fans they don't give a down there about the only ones care about pre-season and they're they're in attendance and looking forward to a super bowl caliber season and this man retires after you've been after two weeks earlier tele peter king. I'm gonna play if we would akkad understand you like what the the hell is going on here. I can understand that man. I really and i re- i respect you stephen. Keep up your work and what you do and what you bring to you as an audience <hes>. I'm a dodger fan. You go ahead. You know what y'all don't welcome to come another world series and lose bro you walk but i love you the same appreciate him at eight. Thank you say appreciate the love it at eight say e._s._p._n. Eight seven to nine three seven seven six order stephen a smith show on e._s._p._n. Radio all right at the minute an interesting creature habits the flat arid plains of million automobile l. dashboard the bobblehead. It's most agreeable and will not along to anything despite having no brain function but when the bubble had here's how geico not only saves people money eh also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer easy and easy. You can get whiplash. You'll seem to the stephen a smith show podcast. Listen up folks. 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Hey i'm right talk to me. I wanted to talk about the andrew luck retire and of course you will last year monty. Davis did the same thing but he waded into. I guess the pass on to do it well. He was vilified bye bye players around lee including myself and when did he retire refresh our memory exactly when he retired unbelievable. It wasn't last peter king like we do when we two at halftime. I'm sorry sir. Let me very very clear before you move on. There's no comparison. You don't quit on the team at halftime in the middle of a game you don't do it. You don't don't care what nobody says. You'll do that but but it isn't necessarily quitting. If you're retired he says i don't give a damn. Quit retired at halftime of a game not a half time in the middle of game. You got you got a game going on. You got cats in the locker room. You got a battle that you fighting out there in the middle of it the game knowing let me tell you let me tell you something right now. Man you get in a fight right. You've been a fight in the streets. Maybe if you're gonna lie or don't want to answer the question just hang up. It's okay we talk real on the show right so you you in the street you in the middle of fight and a brother go out there with you and he like let's go. Let's throw down and then while blows are being thrown you turn around and he ran and he runs how you gonna feel about him well. That's how i almost feel a certain way about that but this is how i look at it. That fight isn't organized it. He's been in a million dollar and it's a lot different a lot different from the n._f._l. Because those players have to go out there weekend week out i'll autozone line. I'll let you finish your point but i'm gonna tell you right now. I'm gonna look at your name. I ain't gonna want you to call up on this. Show no more because you ain't honest. He's just not wasting my time. You wasted my time because we all know your last thing. We all know your address which kiddo. Why are you a being honest you trying to tell me that you ain't gonna have no issue whatsoever ever with somebody in the middle of the day fight. It ain't like y'all lost a one it. Did he went home with you and said i ain't doing no more now. Why y'all were blowing throwing blows. He quit and you sell to me well. You know all the old man ain't got time for that that that that's not what this question is about a you know it you not being real real and i'm very disappointed in you will but then again. I'm not shocked because you know you just like a bengal. That's a big oil under the marvin lewis era. That's how y'all a law. That's why you can't win. A playoff game is sixteen years. 'cause a week answers like that. That's why it's a totally different totally different around argument. I don't want to disrespect you. Yes way say you ain't nobody wants to hear your your diatribe. Your point interview is totally week. It's inauthentic is not real and you know it so go ahead. I'm not gonna hang up on you. Go ahead and finish your point point so i can hear you get it down pat so i can't ignore your call in a future enough to this show going to finish a well. This is how i look at it monte day. He did exactly essentially the same thing. You said andrew luck said oh. I'll be there week one and he wasn't i. The fans are upset. The fans are allowed to be upset. They pay their money to come. See him. The reason why those millionaires because you know what i'm saying but i look at davis situation patient said hey. I can't do this anymore no right now. We've heard enough have a nice day. We vaunted. I quarterback. Let's keep datum onto. There's not forget that let's not forget the responsibility of his role. Let's not forget that either willing cincinnati. Hey john do me a favor. Make sure i hear that but i don't feel like hearing from him and rest of the week i media media. I'm just disgusted. We'll we'll say caller. We call it. He's not being authentic. He's not being and people in cincinnati his boys that were listening to him calling stephen smith show those consistent. I wasn't real. They know. It wasn't real but that's all right. Let's go to mike you lava stephen. What's up mike. We're going on man what's up. I'm sorry man you call him. Marvin lewis ooh that was real real about was he was he was he now week might be span and he was all the way we all the way. He wasn't being real at all about his position because he knows it can bail and talk about the wave james. Please please away by macos fan. I can't look man. Go on about your life man. You got true guy family man. There's dame just this one time in a lifetime and you're always be there and if you ain't gonna beat up for your truly man you gotta make the right. Decision is right now. You know i'm thirty two four. I got i got i turn on my own. I gotta make this season for myself. I understand where he comes from from fan base. I was sitting there watching the miami and the florida game and on. I think only thing saying that red line at the bottom and you retire. I'll probably feel like older fans and they'll be. I realize i feel i realize this man is andrew seven seasons he being he only really played three full. You know what i mean <hes>. It's it's you got the graphs. You gotta think think out to mind you. Gotta think out your position fans. I know we were looking for a super bowl with you. I can't tell nobody you know how much i wanna talk to them dallas cowgirls oh they named division. I say nine of them right now. You know it is hurtful but as being a man being a grown man knowing opposition we we gotta go. You know fans we. We know we're looking at on dakota. We said you know we still going to be all right. There's like the worst who were having to salute from the one yard line. You know bad thing part of having that when we got tony dungy when taliban them when he the head who mobile he came the super bowl it will bad enough to me that i was thinking our man i. I got to get a super bowl but we still one all right. I yeah i appreciate it man. I appreciate the call my i gotta get to a couple of callers but i gotta go but i thank you for the call man. I hear your point. I hear you loud clear. Thanks a lot man m._j. Alava stephen without the calling you from saudi arabia. You're calling me from saudi arabia from saudi arabia. Yeah okay so you can still seven standstill so we can hear you because when you move your signal's going in and out so standstill and go ahead and make your point real quick go ahead. The fight is december seven ra. We just your okay saudi arabia. I'm expecting you you and kellerman and molly and the whole crew to be out here. I'm not coming the saudi arabia anthony joshua and anthony rules. I'm not doing it. I watched the fight. I'll pay to see to fight but i'm not flying a saudi arabia for anthony joshua rules out flown there for deontay wilder and anthony joshua shwe anthony joshua hadn't gotten himself not down you know four or five different times and stopped in the seventh round out of flew out to sell the array saudi arabia arabia for that. I am not flying story arabia for andy rooney's anthony josh not doing that of many fight and the kids out here love. I love you stephen a appreciate that my son youth if my daughter had they love you we listen to you every night. It's nighttime saudi arabia and saudi saudi arabia. How far is that from. We want you to buy one hour and like fifteen minutes an hour fifteen minutes from dubai. That's right then and now that no you need to come out here to rethink that. I might have to rethink that will show you a great okay stephen as popular in saudi arabia <hes> that's right hey baby. I mean i mean i know my voice but they see my face to. Is that what you tell me outy arabia. They see my face. They know me if i was out there. Of of course i could've could've slot under the radar and get away with like a private figure. I couldn't pull it off well. We'll we'll put you in the saudi gear with the ahead dressed in the sunglass remember. That movie fasted furious. Remember that movie fast i mean would i be like be like would would i be in that kind of position that kind of environment that tyreek chris those boys wait a minute lead lead. You would be like definitely needs to come out here for the december seventy five. I had to think about that. I had to rethink that to rethink that all right man. I appreciate the call matt. Thank you so much by the way i think anthony was going to make up for that and i think he's gonna be andy. Ruiz's always in a rematch but i assure because the joy is suspect and through. Andy roy's obviously confide. I gotta give him credit for that and at eight say e._s._p._n. 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Guess what you're in the middle of stephen swift show podcast there pat if you missed any of today's show go check it out on demand in the stephen smith podcast brought to you by capital one capital was reimagining banking or from accounts with no fees minimus was that can be opened in five minutes capital one. Hey what's in your wallet capital one n._a. Member f._d._i._c. back to the phones we go before we get on outta here for the day right here. The steelers show has been radio e._s._p._n. News nate alava stephen. What's up. Hey are you today. I'm doing all right. How are you oh not too bad. I just question on the eighteen games with the sixteen players that only get sixteen. <hes> what would what happened. What like suspensions like if someone had a one game suspension. Would they only get one game off or they still up to get the two games. I don't understand your question. What do you mean with suspensions. Somebody like in the middle of season gets gets one game suspension and they. I still haven't gotten their two-game. Often mike you when you're thinking eighteen game there will be there will be a one game suspension you would it be the reason why you should of they would play in only fifteen instead of sixteen and they would get docked the game. Spe okay yep i._q. Jonathan you'll love stephen even a how're you doing. I'm all right the score real quick. Just wanna quickly big big fan love you on. I say all right. I'm a new yorker and i'm gonna switch it up from football for a little for you. Hurry i've been a nick fan from day one and what does the blueprint hold on now from abysmal. It was supposed to be getting star. I like the likes of kevin durant kyrie irving. They did not pull that off. Which is why i think. Purgatory is their destiny for the next couple of years but the thing about it is they did not commit themselves to any long-term bad contracts cracks <hes>. I think the knicks would be better than next year which isn't saying much because they were seventeen thirty five. They will be competitive. They will go after it but ultimately they will lose more games than they will win and they will miss the playoffs. So that's the way i look at them and i say don't expect the new york knicks to be relevant in the postseason pitcher before twenty twenty one. That's my prediction james. You lava stephen a real quick so yeah so i wanna talk about the zeke elliott here <hes> i you know i know they called back emmitt smith back in ninety three after starting also into <hes> looking at the cowboys i three games like they're pretty easy until they get to the saints in week four. You think that's going to have an impact on whether who has the one. Thanks for the call. I appreciate it. I will tell you this you who can afford if you're dallas to meet physique ula missiles first three games. Can't you gotta have a new orleans. Though let's go to cap you got thirty seconds go. Hey man. I'm speaking on <hes> andrew. Luck situation and you look is a good quarterback. These are awesome players. He's an all-star superstar but look check. This up at the end of the is not andrew look issue. It's offensive land. You should from a d._v._d. Store to football to date is on land guys auto b._m._i. Debated it. There may kill the way the bottom line. I appreciate it man. Thank you so much. You gotta get on outta here for the day. I'll be back in twenty two hours. There's a lot to talk about this. <hes> this week progresses college college football gets i it it it. It ranks it. It ranks up. I mean clemson simpson alabama everybody this week and can't wait for that and of course the n._f._l. Season is less than two weeks away. I can't i can't wait can't wait but i'll be back in twenty two hours and tell everybody buddy steven signing off piece of just a sample of what you'll hear on the stephen swift show weekdays at one p._m. Eastern on e._s._p._n. Radio and the e._s._p._n. App.

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