IRacing Wraps Up the INDYCAR Challenge, Jenson Button in an INDYCAR? & More!


We're all gamers everyday. Billions of people. Wake up eat and fire up. A game is part of their daily routine. Whether you're pro or someone just jumping online to some time. We all hyper x gets that their products are made to enhance your gaming life including headsets keyboards mice and products to keep your gear console or PC casual or pro no matter your level. We're all gamers and Piper exits us our code hit lane fifteen at checkout to save fifteen percent Welcome to another episode of parliament. Welcome to another episode of Portland Parlay. This is Matt. Hickey joined by host Mike and jess guys. How we doing tonight living the life pretty good. You almost sounded like a race car right there. I needed to up shift about halfway through but yeah he did. I missed my shift. But that's okay hard limited for life guys. Can you believe that we're going to start talking with Irene thing? It's not like anything happened on Saturday with IRA singer or anything so let me not ramble on here for five minutes to recap everything what what happened because it was pretty crazy but the first thing I wrote in the rundown was really hates. I racing if you guys didn't have a chance to listen to you. These Thursday or Friday practices on twitch. It was phenomenal. Drivers were just giving jabs at each other left and right and there were so many things that I believe on the Friday session. The head steward. Greg actually disabled drivers chat. Which was kind of a bummer. 'cause that's one of the best parts about this practice races but it just got crazy but it was insane and then the race on. Saturday was pretty calm in in cool up until about the last ten laps to recaps on the most dramatic moments Landau. Norris was in the race because he won the circle of America so he automatically got an entry into the race and he made it three wide in the short chute between turns into on the inside. Gramajo was in the Middle Middle and Simon pageant was on the outside and unfortunately because there were three wide into turn Suu pageant Kinda got caught out and hit the wall with a couple of weeks ago Padua who had now wrecked and pitted came out and decided that he was going to quote unquote slowdown landowners and on the exit of turn for about three or four laps to go. Norris actually ran into the back of him because Padgett was going. So slow wrecking both of them and Norris was in the lead at that point. We're GONNA take a quick pause here and I wanted to see if Mike had any thoughts that portion of the drama up to that point man I. I am very glad this six weeks is over. Let me start there but yeah listen it happened. I didn't really think it was a huge deal. Mando Kinda made a mistake. Passionate made a mistake to and. Kinda should have just ended there. Obviously social media had a field day with it which is why. I've ignored social media for the last two days pulling a strategy and just kind of avoiding it has been really good so I'll leave it there and we'll continue on. I don't know if you have any thoughts there but we'll keep going. Yes first of all folks at home. I'm not singling out just saved a lot of time and a lot of effort by not paying attention because social media on Saturday was ridiculous. So shout out the jess. She's kind of like the smartest one of the three of us. My thoughts on it is and I was kind of explaining this to the Pill in Grand Prix career last night. An xbox is that Landau doesn't understand Indianapolis in real life. Sure he's had a lot of practice with it on. Ira Sing but a lot of the INDYCAR guys take what they in real-life and apply it to I racing as well and so any indycar driver who raced at Indianapolis knows that making it three. Why the short story is never a good idea. And that's not something you can actually do realize Landau being the video game guy understands that. Yeah I have fresh tires. Yeah I could pull it off and do it not realizing that you're completely leaving the guy the outside lane hanging out to dry. So I get a patent is coming from and being frustrated had Landau and Stephan. Wilson pointed this out on twitter. Had Landau just come on the Mike and said Hey my bad. That was my fault. Sorry I didn't know that should made it three wide. Or maybe I should give you more features. You know played it off as like racing instant. Whatever I think pageant has been cool with that however that doesn't excuse what pageant. Oh did in my opinion so I think there has kind of a little bit of fault in both areas there's going to take a neutral stance on that. I will say that. The drama that ensued with Lantos fans on twitter was really annoying. I had a lot of mentions from said fans. And it's Kinda irritating but that wasn't the end of the drama because then we got to the final lap. The last half of the lab was pretty crazy on the final lap. Marcus Ericsson made a great three wide pass to take the lead and going into turn four. He still had the advantage. However paddle awards stuck his nose in in the entry of turn for Ericsson didn't really leave him too much room and they collided sending Eriksson to the wall. The lead to Oliver ask you so heading to the line Oliver. Ask US leading and Santino. Ferruccio is second and to be as neutral as possible will say that in for Ichi collided with ask you and ask you spun with fruit. She causing them both to crash coming to the line. Giving Scott McLaughlin the win and conor Daly finished second. That was neutrals like a beef. Mike thoughts on the second half the drama there. I'm really happy Conor. Daly finished second because if anybody deserved for a virtual podium after the six weeks of whatever you call the INDYCAR challenge. It's definitely conor Daly. He probably made a ton of fans over the last six weeks. So I'm that's my positive spin on everything that happened in the last part there the ask you thing it wasn't good. I'm just GONNA leave it at added and be as respectful as possible and say it was definitely not good so to kind of bring a a real world aspect into this just to kind of GET JESSICA. Take Jess Imagine. It's two thousand six. Imagine Sam Horace Juniors coming on the front stretch trying to pass. Marco Andretti for the win for the Indianapolis five hundred. If you're Marco Andretti do you intentionally wreck hornish? Jr. Coming to the start finish line of the two hundred lap of the NAPA five hundred. Lauded as you do not intentionally wreck Ben. All right we're just GONNA leave at that because that's kind of where I'm at I. I know people are saying it's just a game and I know people are saying that you know it's just. Ira saying like who cares. I don't agree with wrecking the leader coming to the line in any circumstance and I think it looked really bad. I think Oliver ask you while to be honest. Like he should have been contention for the win anyways because I think Ericsson Kinda got robbed but given the circumstances I think ask you still got the wrong end of the deal and Scott. Mclaughlin got really lucky. So I'm not too big of a fan of what I saw. I think the luckiest guy have all that other than McLaughlin was actually paddle award based on what happened with Padua. Oh and what happened with Richie Award? Kinda got out of that one looking pretty clean because I think he also wrecked Erickson pretty dirty a lot of frayed relationships coming out of this whole erasing ordeal. Mike I don't know if you have any general thoughts in the race or I know you had already said you're glad these six weeks or over if you have any thoughts about the season as a whole with the irs experience it made me appreciate INC video games just to unwind after a long day and not take it so seriously just ready to get back to real world racing boy am I so I don't know what T. K. said Friday but I probably would have agreed with it given what your synopsis was there Yeah I just totally ever it. Just it's just the some something along the lines of. If this was a real life we would have so many people in the hospital. Something something along those lines. Yeah I saw you know a couple pictures where they were launched like into be stratosphere literally so yeah. I cannot imagine what that would do in real life. Yeah I am I've slowly but surely got more sick of IRA sing as the season has come along. So I'm really looking forward to guys like hundred Alexander Rossi just kind of doing a random race for fun. Less of the organizers indycar crowd together because it seems to be having aware on the social media world yeah and before we recap our predictions and I just WanNa say I completely agree with you. Matt I have major respect for the guys that put a lot of time into Irish sing like the elite racing league in the Lionheart guys. They they work really hard at it but I have zero point zero percent interest of ever doing any sort of I- racing. Yeah I'm in the same boat. We I like my xbox. I think we have some fun. Things go in there but kind of a moot point near but we're going to go ahead and recap our predictions. Mike Respectfully Pick James Davison props to you although we had no idea with qualifying. Because why would you broadcast it? Davidson did qualify and he ended up finishing nineteenth because he was taking out by the I. Racing legend Scott Speed Willpower. I can't remember what his downfall was. He finished fourteenth. And then the guy with the great face at millions of dollars as conor Daly puts it Alexander Rossi finished twelfth. So technically the just just as the winner. But I'M GONNA go ahead and say that we were all losers because we didn't get a single driver in the top ten on that one but I do have to give credit for watching forty seven seconds of six racism probably having the best average finishing position out of the three of us as she watched. What the first thirty seconds of Michigan and like Yep. I'm out of here. I think so much revenue roughly winter. I hope everybody who was able to watch. It enjoyed it or if you didn't. Let's talk about real racing from now on so I up on our news docket. Today is an article from David. Mosher of motor sport. Talking about Arrow McLaren Schmidt Peterson that prior to the Kobe. Nineteen pandemic. They were planning a third entry for several races this year. Rotating between Jimmy Johnson Fernando Alonzo and Jenson Button Jenson. Button was picked to be racing at Road America. So two questions here. Do we think that they will still do something like this? Whenever we are able to get underway and of the three. Which is the most exciting or intriguing driver to you guys? I I mean this is an interesting thing I mean I think it would have been really cool to to see how it played out. Do I think that it's still possible. I think you've got a whole lot harder. Just without the travel restrictions and everything else that kind of puts a damper on things in also NASCAR's schedule is now absolutely insane us. So Jimmy Johnson's GonNa find it more difficult unfortunately to get there so that kind of knocks out all three. But if I had to pick one that I think would be the most fun to watch. I'M GONNA GO Jenson Button. 'cause it's been a minute and who knows like. I just think it'd be interesting to see what he would bring to the To the fray yes It's hard to determine what exactly is going to happen if they do a third entry this the season just 'cause don't really have a concrete like schedule we don't know who can go. Where and when things like that so I agree with Justin that one and I have no shame in agreeing with just on the Jenson Button. Pick as well just because I mean if you had if you didn't know he's not GonNa do ovals because he hasn't said that about eight different times and we haven't reported on that like thirty different times in the INDYCAR world just if you didn't know Jenson Button's not gonNa Rentals but the fact that he's interested in doing road courses to me is super cool and to see him at a place road America. I think he would thoroughly enjoy that type attracts so I see a former Formula One champion in any car. For the first time I think would be really cool. Yeah the Jenson Button. One definitely caught me off guard and honestly. I skimmed the article didn't read it closely so when we put together our rundown for the week and I saw Jen Jensen's name in there. I thought you were making it up and honestly I had to go back and reread it. But I'm not. I can't agree with you guys. I do agree with Jesse. It's GonNa be really hard. The NASCAR racing like eighty seven times a week. And you're the guys coming from Europe really hard. So do I think it's possible? Sure I mean nothing is impossible if Jenson button was set to race at Road America but out of the three who is the most exciting just to not agree. I'm going to go with Jimmy Johnson. He seems like such a cool guy. I'd love to get a chance to to chat with him at some point so I will go Jimmy Johnson there. Well I mean it would be fun to see all three of them. It's Shane that this is all happened. But maybe we'll get to see him all next year. I mean who knows who knows what's GonNa Happen. I think everything is still so up in the air that anything is a possibility. At this point I agree all right so I am going to throw out just in real quick other news. That's been out. I think all within the last week or week and a half so per Marshall Pruitt at racer. Indy-car is gonNA limit the on site staff for races when they do resume so it's going to be limited to twenty people in that's going to help lament the cost in also exposure p w power systems and Moore Out of sport have can come on. Board with Vassar Sullivan. Racing for a partnership for four races. Adams is reporting. The indy-car is trying to lower sanctioning fees and work with Texas that the Texas race can take place and then lastly Nascar is going back racing on May seventeenth with several races in the first two weeks. I think it's like seven or something. I can't remember the exact schedule I've seen it. They are going to have no fans and also a limited crew there. So what do you guys think about all this so nascar to me? I'm only gonNA touch onto these With the NASCAR ONE I definitely think the rule is going to be watching. As far as how they do things are I can tell with the major sports leagues of the world. The only other one that I know of. That's coming in May as potentially the Bundesliga German soccer league so I was really curious to see how those to kind of do things and see how they implement their strategies and whatnot. So we'll be watching that and the other one. I'm GonNa Touch on the Adam Stern report with Texas in the sanctioning being lowered to me that given the circumstances seems like a positive sign makes. It seem like that they're getting really close to kind of finalizing that they're actually going to be a race hopefully without fans just for safety reasons so to me makes it seem like Texas in June is a very real possibility. Yeah I definitely hope you're right on that one. I really don't know what to think if it's possible but like you said it's definitely a good step in the right direction and I think Nascar races like seven times in the first two weeks or some ten days. I don't know it's insane. It's a lot but yet I think Tony Non Or Alex. Rossi said it on the Friday media call and don't remember who said it but have Roger Penske own NASCAR team and also be in charge of Indycar will give indycar really good insight as to what is Nascar doing right. What IS NASCAR doing wrong? Can we do this? How can we do this? So we already trust roger in Ann Rogers kind of getting a firsthand. Look in the sports world and motorsports world on how this is done so I think we'll all be watching him. Deathly curious to see how it it unfolds. I did forget one thing to put it into the run down here but I had talked to you mike about. Nhra has also come out I think it was yesterday originally. They came out a couple of weeks ago and said they would start a racing again shortly in that they would have fans at the tracks in basically it was given go on like nothing had ever happened. A have revised that as of yesterday. They are not going to start racing again until August at this point. They have postponed all June and July dates. They are going to try to start in August in run sixteen more races so that they get their eighteen rights schedule. And so just another one. I I don't know who is right. I don't know that there is a right and a wrong in this particular situation. It's it's a lot of moving parts but I think that it's given everything that's going on with travel restrictions and everything else. It's not necessarily a bad idea to to kinda postponed things for a little bit longer and see how everything shakes out. So that's a an interesting take. Let's see who does a better NASCAR. Nhra because it's like two opposites in the way that they're doing things. That's a good point and I forgot that you mentioned that to me earlier today but I guess we will wait and see. I don't know if there's one approach that one hundred percent right may be indycar. Takes a little bit of both. Because I'm sure my answer to my question is probably not but it should be very interesting over the next. I don't know month how this all starts to unfold. Yeah it's GonNa make for some good Ten years from now when we look back at this time it's going to be interesting to kind of dissect and remember of what happened and who did what and things like that so We're GONNA look back at this time indefinitely. Study it for years for sure more positive. Note the Xbox League for the pit Lane Parlay Grand Prix League on F one's nineteen nineteen finished the eighth round at France yesterday. Jake neely. My team did win the race followed by team pit lane. Member Christian didn't have ski. And then Brad James with his first career podium finishing third I finished fourth I unfortunately missed a strategy call by two laps with the rain. So that was a bummer. But I'm still happy because I absolutely cannot stand. France hate it so next races at Austria? Feeling a little better about that one for sure and then. Mike do you Wanna go ahead and touch on your two leagues So the playstation crew had a lot of fun at Monaco last week and by a lot of fun. I mean Michael Good. I was the only one who finished the race. And all three of us in terms of data lighting and drew and a couple of other guys all crashed out so and then we had our second endurance race. Sunday night again. Joe Haines one. By a very large margin I came in towards the rear of the field. Because that's really what I'm good at is spinning out and forgetting to break in corner. This is all I think Matt made a joke on my twitter and then I I forgot to break. Don't blame it on me. All I'm blaming on one hundred percent blame. You are a one hundred percent of driver. We reiver's leases for days. Well on that note I will keep a positive. It was a lot fun. I really am enjoying the banter back and forth in the races in twitter chats and whatnot talking about the game so with that will move onto a quick team. Pit Lane Shoutout here. Sco TO XBOX race winner. Jake neely Stephen Clarke and Keith. Tyron all right. I got the facts game this week which we still have not come up with a creative name force or still calling it. The facts scam I- unilaterally decided to expand it to the last decade without telling these guys so jokes on them unilaterally means. I don't need your approval there for you. Don't get too boomy we. We can still be you okay. All right you ready to go ahead and talk in the first person on this one. I am a Canadian. I have raced in Indycar for Milan. And Nascar. An champion of two of those three series. Schofield now yeah. What year did he won the Indycar Championship? I don't know when the Formula One championship also don't know what year did you last. Start RACE IN INDYCAR. Six or seven years ago You are technically correct sex twenty fourteen. Okay so good job. Did you know that one? I I wanted to give you a chance. But I wasn't sure based on your face if you were ready to sir ask if I shared a birthday with him. But you when you answered it you answered. The question is now because I do share a birthday with a Canadian driver who raced indycar and Nascar but not a foreign I Marty Roth negative. Isn't it now Mardi Rod? But I don't know Marty for day Google. It like the worst day of the year. It'd probably that day Marty. Roth was born on December fifteenth. That sounds like a sad day. That's terrible so mean what did he do to you. He was a nice guy and he was a good entry into the field. When the IRA was in his down days he was very slow and most often in people's ways that was definitely meaning. Grunter is Mellon Sunday. I was slow. I mean going to crash your twitched comments and just start calling me. Marty Roth repeatedly. That's fair. I will enjoy it. We will wrap it up our last week of three-star the week before we get back to it falling people and making fun of whatever stilling goes on in the motor sports world. Like normal ness we're going to. We're going to pretend things are getting back to normal now so with that being said I'll start it out like I have a the last couple of weeks. Riley Motor. Sports has joined with core motor sports in terms of making some Howard. Air Purifying respirator masks. I don't really know exactly what that is because it's a very long article and obviously as you can tell did not read the entire article but really cool on one of the longtime IMSA teams in Riley motorsports johnny with another team so hats off to them in terms of finding some really cool technology to help keep everybody safe and healthy right now so mine is tennis. Similar Andretti autosport has started using their machines to three D print pieces and build faith shield masks for medical Front line workers so I think that's pretty cold that they're they are able to help in that way. Obviously everybody's looking for a way to help so it. It's good that they found their little spot in the mind is going to be obviously a lot of crazy things going on right now with pandemic and whatnot and a lot of our focus has been shifted to that for those who don't know may is mental health awareness month and so. I just wanted to give a shoutout out to everybody. Who's helping spread the word about the fact that may is mental health awareness month in that? If you are out there in need someone to speak to there are people there in your corner that can help you out I know Iran delivery that had the color green on it to commemorate that for The Pit Lane Parlay Grand Prix League Christian. Nfc helped out with that. A couple others in our league have done that For Mike he's doing that with the grants me to help spread awareness and so I know that while the pandemics going on it's good that other people are also highlighting the fact that you know mental health is a big thing right now obviously with working from home you know people who are either furloughed earned forcing been laid off. It's a stressful time for everybody. So please do not be afraid to seek help and reach out to somebody if you are going through something because we are here to help you and to end the stigmas so please speak up if you need anything good choice there and yes. I will be running a green livery in the grant originally gun Sunday night so guys. I think that wraps it up for the week just I mean we could talk about. I racing for another half hour if if if you want. I'm going to go ahead and sign off. You guys do whatever you want. Just can you give us a quick recap as to what that code is? What is known? Now it's time to say it. Let's let's let's find a way to mute. Met Come on Nope. We don't want to go down that that that rabbit hole of annoyingness. So everybody thank you for listening. Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully the weather is nice wherever you are in the country and stay safe and just go ahead and signing off guys. Keep your state two.

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