Apple should buy Warby Parker Walmart & Microsoft might adopt TikTok. Warby Parker hits $3B. Amazons 1st fitness gadget.


This is Nick, this Jack and this is snacks daily. It is Friday August twenty eighth smackers fires are still raging in northern California. We got ourselves a category four hurricane hitting the Gulf coast. The entire NBA just made a bold statement in support of black lives matter Jacqueline are putting the pod like lots of heaviness right now, that is not financial news. So what it is our pleasure our honor to still make this a teaboy before the weekend for the best one yet, we're thinking east knackers check for story. What do we got for everyone? Take talk has more news than the rest of the market combined Dizzy Tic Tac guy became CEO resigned Oracle wants to buy half the company but also Walmart and Microsoft want to be the new mom and dad of Tiktok we're going to focus on that part of the story our second story Amazon just shocked everyone with a new product that makes Alexa. Look antisocial this halo thinks straps to your body judges your voice and then demand lose weight sounds fun no joke about third and final story Jack Nick throw another horn on the year they. got a Unicorn of the day war. Be Parker just hit a fresh three billion dollar valuation. Super Clear. Now Nick before we hit those stories it feels funny talking about this because it's like ninety two degrees in New York City and California one second Jack There's a third person in the room with us it's humidity but we just got a big update about this ski season. which is coming up as early. November, you know Jack knifed tracks, stocks. Vail resorts is the publicly traded company that gives you exposure to fresh. She's or is cookies depending on the conditions for some reason, this company's ticker symbol isn't ski now, but it's also the least expensive part of skiing is Vail resorts actual stock we're talking about a company that went full send downward hidden in. March as all resort shutdown aggressively right. So their business was in jeopardy with covid. So they spent the entire summer coming up with a plan to how to reopen this fall. Well Jack and I are proud to announce to you skiing. It sounds like is going to happen this winter with a few adjustments. Well, first of all, you literally have to wear a mask to ski the. Good thing here helmet plus a gay or plus a Parka. Hood is like an ninety five plus mask. Okay. The second rule only two people are allowed per chair left in all of our resorts resort mind the gap and lower the safety bar, No more awkward small talk, which is the one plus third you need to make a reservation before you can even shop at the Mount. Mount Snow got dumped on last night. So let's bomb on over to Dover Jack You need to make sure there's room because of distancing feels a little more like Disney world. Now, not integrate the fourth and final update we got for you yet can't dump the kids off at ski school this winter. Well, you can if you're one of the first six but after that, you better get like a baby bjorn backpack because you're the kid in the back guess what skiing more expensive that's the takeaway. Let's three stories. Daily. Get some. Rain Food said Candy, they don't reflect the views of her family is. Just so NAPB recommended securities, it's not a research report or investment advice NATTA offer or sale of a security. Nexus digestible business news video. Financial LLC member favors less SIPC. For our first story the same day that Tiktok CEO resigned Walmart confirmed it's trying to acquire take talk that's right Nick Walmart plus Microsoft. Plus Tick Tock is a real thing and it could take on facebook and Amazon is so first the news here we saw Jack and I wake up and boom of tiktok been on the job three months out done not lincoln anymore boom. First thing we saw we're talking Kevin Meyer, who looks like an active NFL linebacker by the West. Jack. We say thighs like a Bronco. Kevin Meyer was at Disney for twenty seven years. He climbed all the way up to number two glows then got passed over for the job. We're talking about a guy who's got a bad case of the I WANNA be a global tech company. Syndrome. No vaccine for that yet. So he took on the job at Thais but now the trump administration is forcing tick tock to sell away from its Chinese owner out of national security. Concern is looking at this his foot itching he's like I'm a lame. Duck what am I going to do? He's already moving. He's one of those guys who's already rich because twenty seven years of Disney shares, and now he's just looking for a position with lots of power, which is not the lame duck CEO of Tiktok Jack and I were shocked. We call each other crazy news this morning wild breakfast after breakfast got kicked up a notch Walmart says it's joining the TIKTOK sweepstakes and we get an associate to check the price for Tiktok because I think data. Walmart price range. I'll took talk by the solely. As a reminder, the weekend that trump threatened to ban TIKTOK in the United States Microsoft immediately publicly acknowledged their interest in acquiring tiktok. So now Walmart wants to partner with Microsoft in a joint bid because twos better than one apparently right Walmart is in this isn't just some PF WTI phone Walmart confirmed yesterday they're interested in acquiring TIKTOK and Walmart stock ended up Jumping five percent yesterday because one hundred, million Americans use TIKTOK every single month. Yeah. Also Walmart acquiring tiktok is just objectively exciting news. How can investors not push up the stock? Honestly most exciting things since they made their tube socks 392 sneakers think about it. If warmer controls tick tock a social media powerhouse and you add in Microsoft's Big Tech Muscle then they make. TIKTOK and ECOMMERCE power equity thinking on this visually, this is like Batman and superman like asking hands and agreeing to fight the joker together. Whole thing is brokered by cat woman that's like a beautiful image. Now, instagram's knackers is already becoming an ECOMMERCE giant. It's pretty much the digital shopping mall that we swipe through in our spare time everyday tiktok is not but could. Become the same thing powered by Walmart. Maybe Walmart makes it super easy to by Walmart things just by tapping a tick. Tock Tic TAC and Jack Tacconi about the other day how they're launching a ninety eight dollars a year. Amazon prime rival over at Walmart I. Think it's called Walmart plus it's coming out soon and maybe purchases that originate on tiktok there Walmart plus. Maybe. Their tempers, maybe their free shipping maybe they start paying you. But before you get too excited to knackers, we should point out or called like the random software company is the other serious bidder for Tiktok in a final decision is due next week. Maybe Oracle's should call up target and offer to be mother and father of Tiktok like Microsoft or Walmart sounds like the right Combo Jack the takeaway for buddies over a tick tock this could kill two tech giants with one stone niggers jagged I rooted for Walmart and Microsoft to win that Tick Tock sweepstakes that forty times fast. Because it could be a huge win for competition. Two of the tech giant's have effectively monopolies and don't want Walmart and Microsoft to win this sweepstakes or buddies over at facebook. They know that tick tock is the only threat to their social media dominant even suck in these guys and with Microsoft and Walmart as. Tick Tock would be an even bigger and stronger threat to facebook Yak. Let's head a little northeast over to puget sound Amazon knows Walmart is the only threat to its ECOMMERCE Dahmer and with Walmart in control of Tiktok, Walmart would be an even bigger stronger threat knackers. The simple fact that facebook and Amazon probably don't want Walmart and Microsoft to win means one single thing it means society in our economy probably should want Walmart and Microsoft to win four our second story. This one's wild Amazon just unveiled a surprise new totally different product. We'd never even had any idea that we're building. It's called Halo which happens to be my favorite song, but it's also the most. Intimate and discreet health tracker. We've ever seen honestly Jack and I looked at this thing we're going to Cairo to its knackers the look. Jack what are we looking at? It's pretty much an apple watch nick but no screen was just this band with a barely noticeable sensor on the inside of the band. It's essentially a high performance scrunchy. They poked a few holes and stick. It's Sporty. Now you're supposed to strap this thing your risk, but there's no screen. So it's Kinda weird. Oh. Amazon claims that's because it will focus on your health only it won't distract you with the screen of course that you can focus on your life. It's like mindful level twelve amazing now. Amazon tends to be like low prices. This things only ninety nine bucks, but hold your horses available invite only to Amazon VIP's right now and they uses they seem pretty standard I. You got your motion tracking your heart rate your sleep, and then you get this. Thing going on Jack Yeah I mean it's it's all about fitness and health neck. So if you're sitting for too long, they're gonNA dock you points unlike your health score step on the scale step off the scale. Yes it sounds like Ben Stiller in heavyweight. What's knackers? There were two wild features Jack and I noticed that make it feel like Alexa is an invisible friend stocking this is Amazon product strap around your wrist that also has ears. It's listening to your voice and then analyzing your emotions. For instance, if you have an argument with your two o'clock phone call with Ron, it makes sense anxiety and you're going to get a push. Notification on the Halo App on your phone Hey Jack. Forget about that meeting. Why don't you take a C. Give yourself five minutes with the relaxed meditation we whipped up for you seriously it's going to be your friend to like help you cool down in handle your emotion Oh and just because I love tracking stuff when you look in the Amazon App, it's going to say from two PM to two thirty PM Jack. was disturbed. Judgmental. Please I don't like those labels. Feels judgy feels like an aggressive life partner. Okay. So it has years but it also has eyeballs. Yeah. Using the HALO APP on your phone, it takes four pictures of your body from all sides of your body. It's GonNa ask if it can take pictures of your body and if you do, it's GonNa, ask you to like get down. To just your skivvies and take pictures so that it can scan your curve can estimate the body fat percentage on your frame unclear if you're getting all the way down to the boxers or briefs situation, but either way it's looking at the whole thing. Yeah. It's like Sir see in the Atonement episode when she's walking like from the church to the red key shame basis of young. Shame. The inevitable question for any new device from Google facebook Amazon that has a camera or microphone. You know it's coming. How's this going to affect my personal privacy? So Amazon says every feature is opting it's easy to turn off. It's easy to delete data. They're not going to sell your products based on anything. You know all that stuff Amazon's pretty much like that conversation with Ron that got heated at two o'clock it's between you us and us so jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over Amazon's Halo Amazon is missing a twenty four seven product that sits on your person. Can we all agree that on your person is our favorite phase APP? It's a gray underused technical legalese. You got fitness wearables that's dominated by apple watch and Google Fit Yup. Google and apple get to hang out with you every day gathering data on your physical activity day in. It's fun but it's creepy phones. Amazon is like riding the bench on this their fire phone was their biggest product failure ever once again, apple and Google are the. Winners here they're tracking your location, your steps, your calories from your phone sitting in your pocket all day everyday Jeff bezos loves that you're a primer paying that annual fee but you're in the Amazon APP for like a few minutes a day if that. But if halo goes mainstream Amazon's GonNa have the data on Amazon's the other twenty three hours a day when you're not shopping. For our third and final story. I haven't trouble trouble seeing this over here. Nick you lost your Wabi Parker frames worby parker just hit a three billion dollar valuation nat too shabby are Unicorn of the day snacker is and we're covering this because we all know you've splurge the two hundred and fifty bucks on some ray bands for that top gun luck guilty did it when I was twenty three? Did it when I was twenty six did it when I was twenty eight guys loves Tom Cruise what can we say the thing is ray bans are created by a company called Luxottica which either makes them in Italy for twenty bucks a pair or China for Like two bucks a pair then they sell those two or twenty dollars sunglasses to Lenscrafters Sunglass hut were they. They knock a all up one hundred bucks and then you finally get those twenty or two dollar glasses for two hundred dollars because of all those layers of separation, the four co founders of Worby Parker Walk in the room, and they're like, wait a second tune people in here we're GONNA cut out a few middleman. Let's go direct to consumer. We've talked about Harry's razors and Casper mattresses on this pod before Worby Parker is the War v Parker direct to consumer at the first millennial brand to literally destroy the middleman. The middleman with a really gorgeous website or store. That is so pleasant. Yes. Take like a first date out to first at night. Your third definite kick things off at this now snacker is this company was founded in two thousand, ten in lovely Philadelphia selling direct to consumer from their headquarters out of their business school apartment on Walnut. Street they've found a really nice balance really fast by being online and being offline with standard eyeglass frames sold. That a uniform price. So interesting bouncier the online you select five gorgeous frames they mailed to you keep one you return for offline. There's one, hundred, twenty, five, different worby Parker stores. You probably seen them. If you've got any upscale neighborhood in any city, you walk in and it's comforting like a library designed by Wes Anderson and some worby Parker Barista with perfectsmiles can approach you and say, Valencia, frames your face perfectly you have to buy them. Touching your face you stay in the store you stay in the store actually a free phase massage. Yeah. Profitable companies 2017 seventeen despite the massages and this valuation they just hit shows that there are thriving Kobe because it doubled this saying no deadbeat Unicorn like we work nick, it is proffered glasses are a necessity pandemic or not now with Nick and I find particularly interesting about why re Parker is the pricing. Is case study in price psychology 'cause every frame starts at ninety five dollars has when this company was created by the original entrepreneurs, they priced the frames at forty five dollars, but then these spoke to a Wharton School of business professor who's like guys forty five bucks that is just too cheap. People are GonNA think they're crap frames, and by the way they retell the story, every single ward and Class B can attest to that. So. Then Co founder professor what if we did sixty or seventy dollars feels kind of arbitrary sixty or seventy like what is that professor? What have we one hundred bucks? If you go to one hundred, it's GonNa. Look at the same prices. Those'll exotic a two hundred dollar professor would if we dropped down to ninety nine dollars, you're not QVC. This isn't like four easy payments of ninety, nine, ninety, nine professor. What if we go like ninety two dollars ninety two dollars sounds like it was precisely optimized by an Amazon rhythm to make Jeff Jet Rich Kinda does professor what if we do ninety five dollars a frame make that actually sounds justice. It's not too low and not too high kind of LEGIT WE GOTTA goldilocks scenario is how we parker ended up at ninety dollars. Ironically, this is the same exact strategy as all birds shoes, which are also ninety five dollars advised by the same Professor Same Years Award. So Jack. What's the takeaway for buddies over at war Parker apple should acquire war Parker smackers we'll let that sink in. Apple has bot consumer brands before at critical moments and at similar values remember beats headphones by Dr Drag made Dr, Dre a billionaire how can we forget? He's probably listening to the snacks right now apple acquired beats by Dr Dre in two twenty, thirteen for three billion dollars, which is the same price that worby. Parker. would be right now owned by the waste Akers Jack and I noticed that was three years before apple unveiled air pods and what is apple probably going to unveil in about three years now they`ve Hinted it would be augmented reality glasses and what's in affordable fancy eyeglasses brands that customers love our good friends over at war be Parker digital I wore be parker would give apple the physical an online store presence for prescription augmented reality glasses apple should buy Worby Jack Kenya whip up the takeaways force before the weekend. Please nick if Walmart can make an offer with Microsoft or Tiktok I. Think you and I should make an offer to acquire DICTA smackers. We got one condition this it's gotta be renamed Nick Jack. Seconds, Dr Amazon's latest world device has eyes and ears. It's priced cheap because Amazon wants to be on your person third and files Wabi Parker envisions a world where you buy everything directly from the seller for ninety five dollars jacket visiting a world in which apple acquires worby Parker from more than ninety five dollars. The. Snack back today this one tweeted by Don Burger who is in a camper somewhere in the world right now we couldn't tell Don Burger points out that there's a thing in the world called a dark sky reserve, which is a place where lights are banned. So you can see this is perfectly at night turns out. There's a great one in Idaho and they're only sixteen of these things worldwide light pollution man light pollution now before you go for the Weekends knackers, Machel Jackson our friends who snack together which we love. But Michelle Jackson would like to start dating you will you become Jackson's girlfriend? It's an honor and remember the couples that snack together stay together congratulations Arben toll on a new job over in the Bronx and marine MJ engaged over Mexico City oshkosh's Stevenson and Rajabi Meta. Happy one year of commuting data. Happy Birthday Crystal Shoe from Hangzhou China and happy twelve size smiley in Austin Texas Sean teabag. Birth and a fieldstone Eagle Jack up in New York City might g from Seoul South Korea Elise Machado in Bakersfield California Catherine. Bernal's celebrating and Denver Colorado P Patel in a Meta Bod India and might Kaplinsky in San Francisco California Arben. Tola also in the Bronx Hall Mitchell from Los Angeles California Ed. Mardo happy twenty-third in Fallbrook. California. and happy birthday to Hannah Harris Stein Seattle Washington Alison. Lever or happy birthday and go Wisconsin and Elvin Florez and lovely Santa Barbara California's knackers water week. This was the biggest pod we've ever done if not the best. This was the best one yet he got bud easiest see this weekend who needs a snack Aska. May Twice D- have you had your snacks daily Nick and I'll see you Monday and we can't wait if you know you know. This is Jack Island stock, Amazon Nick, own stock of Apple. The Robin Hood Snacks podcast you just heard reflects the opinions of only the host who are associated persons of Robinhood Financial Llc and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets inc her any of its subsidiaries or affiliates to podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and not an offer or sale of a security podcast is also not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision robinhood financial LLC member Finra SIPC.

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