Minor Adventures: Chrissy Metz learns to beatbox!


Unqualified listeners. Thank you so much for putting up with us here on your feed we only have a couple of Assode 's laughed and what we really want to do is come join us on the minor adventures feeds so sim- tell them how they can do that. They can click on the link in the episode description right now which will take you over to the subscribe page on apple podcasts. Or you can search for minor adventures on apple podcast, Spotify wherever you listen to your podcast. Thank you so much, come join us over there. And thank you so much to sim and Ana for letting us share the show with you here. We'll see over there. Mall. Minor ventures with Tova grace. We're back. So Chrissy, Chrissy Mets is one of your friends, and you guys work together. She is the coolest, I chose this terribly hard thing for her beat boxing. I thought she'd be terrible. At turns out, she was amazing. Spoiler in this episode. She is unbelievable. And I am terrible, and that is my Justice or it's for picking such a hard thing for her to do let's get to that in a second before we get to that toe for one quick housekeeping note. So we have about six or seven weeks before we launch into season two and during that time we're not going to go dark. In fact, we have don't you tell us what we have. Well, every time that I have a friend in here of mine, we wind up spending forty fifty minutes Gavin about whatever. And then we just pick kind of choice ten minutes section to play before the adventure. So in the next six weeks, we're gonna play these extended conversations which you'll feel like you are in the room with. Us, and it's a lot of fun. And I really, really think you're gonna like a lot of these love catching up with these people. And, you know, you hear a little bit of it at the beginning of each episode, but I think we'll have kind of two guests per episode. We'll be able to hear kind of everything we talked about. And then in six weeks. We're season, two amazing gas amazing adventures. And I don't wanna give anything away, but the adventures are getting bigger and crazier. And I'm worse at them. All right. Let's get to Chrissy Mets. I remember a story you told me when you started out, are you down to tell us doing laughter? It was. Yeah. So one of my first gigs when I when I moved to LA was, I booked, a small co star role on entre. I think it was the second season. Right. When it was hitting righto harse. It was an entourage world. Yeah. Everyone wanted to be either on it -ffiliated with it whatever. And to do a co star and then to know that James Cameron was who I was going to be remembered. Yeah. I literally that was the peak of that show, by the way was Auckland thing. James cameras, actually, on it and he'll you in. So I was, you know, it's like you're, you're coming into someone's home and you're like I can't really make myself comfortable, but I have to be comfortable enough, and it was just so stressful. And I remember I could not get my line out to save my life. And, and the guy who plays turtle Jerry Jerry just sharing. He was like, what's the hold up? And I was like, oh, no. To you. Yeah. And I was like, oh, that's a rough. I think generally speaking, but directed to me and I was like he was generally saying the whole. The whole she say her line. And you, you try not to internalize it all because then it like you get really in your head, and then you keep effing up, and then it's like I'm never gonna work in the town again. And this first job, there's not an actor who hasn't had this, where you go. I don't think people realize who aren't acting. There's like two hundred people in the crew in the lights and everything set. And then this is the worst. They say like to get up that little Slade thing. They say on a bell, and everyone gets quiet. Everyone looks at you. Yeah. Especially if it's one of your first times, and what I dish it with not the same thing. They gave me the day of. And so, of course, I will never forget the line. But I kept plugging it and James was, like, I gotta hear what it is. Mr Cameron was the sinking of the ship and attempt to foreshadow the forthcoming singing of the tech market in two thousand. Okay. That's tough verse while it's got a little Sally seashells thing going on. It's a tongue. Twister. I mean, no offense the. Whoever wrote that. But like I have to talk like that a lot of stuff to think about, and then just James Cameron, and he was like I couldn't get it a couple of times, and then I had to take my key off of somebody else moving. And then the extra behind me was, I'm sorry. Background artists behind me was like, you know, you really should hit it sooner. And I was like, oh, who? Who? It was so much. It was. There was so much. What was it about you should you should say you should really hit your Mark sooner this is because you were so nice as you are that you've been talking to this guy, and he felt comfortable now getting direction knows. And it was like, maybe it's my choice to approach once he's there like fine aid in like my choice, the Akron artists, and not gonna choice, anyhow, and then I flubbed line a couple of times, and then, of course, drama played by oh, gosh. Oh, gosh. I'm blanking on his name very, very kind gentleman, Kevin Dillon. He was like queasy don't even worry about to get my baby size. Just take a look at the sides. And I was like, thanks do that. Maybe yes. Maybe signs are little shrunk down. I don't know why I know this like, not normal size of a script or like they're like just a little easier. Hold. Maybe sides. Besides and I was like, oh, thank you, like, so sweet and kind and then James Cameron leans in and he's like has her something I'm doing, and I'm like, okay. Oh my heavens. And then, of course, we're on the turnaround, which there, you know, that means they're moving the cameras. And so I had a minute to kind of catch my breath. I went in the bathroom. I called my manager, my then manager and I was going. I'm speaking. She's a Chrissy you pick yourself up by your big girl panties. And you go out there and you do your fucking job. And I'm like. Okay. Okay. I'm crying in the bathroom. What's cool, little like, in sort of silver lake area that theater on the corner? Yeah. Okay. So anyway, we're there. And so I'm like this old bathroom, and I'm just crying like an idiot, and I'm like, I don't know if I can do this. I really thought I'm not capable like my, my skin is not thick enough. What am I doing? I can't even say at one singular line here, the end of the story, but direct cut to whatever amount of money you're making that. So I go back on set. I say the line I figure it out. Whatever I'm driving home. We wrap them driving home. And I'm like, yes, don't enough. I can do this still don't know. I mean to be doing before I was a talent agent. No, no. I didn't know that. Okay. So I became an agent when I first moved to LA my manager, then was like, okay, your agent needs an assistant. I'm like, okay. Oh, you want me to do? I'm like I wouldn't even know where to start about three weeks from my manager saying. I was a preschool teacher for right out of high school. And as I don't know how to work in Los Angeles in an office kidding. We'll did work for you again. It was great, but it was like watching your boyfriend take another woman every day. You're like you know what I love you, but have a crate time. All right. We'll speaking of. Trying new things so excited about this. I have no idea. Right. Not as scared as we are. So you have no idea, right? Nothing. I the feeling because you have a musical background right? I love music. Yes. Okay. So, and I'm worried about you on this one. Yeah, I do not have whatever is an anti musical background. Okay. So we are about to embark on a beat boxing adventure with beat box extraordinaire, musical mammal Gabriel. Aguayo. We'd have you, you looked maybe not scared like you are good at beat boxing, or something I can do some, but I'm not a great boxer. We, let's hear what you can do before this guy comes in here. We all do that. I well I can do nothing terrible. You see what we can do to it. That would be okay. I'm gonna do it and you're gonna wrap. All right. I'm not comfortable with that. Okay. I'm gonna do my brother. Taught me this. I was wanted to be amazing but I guess I don't have the drive to practice. Anyhow, ready? Kinney better ringer here. Oh, fuck me advantage. If you wanna put the guest on this. All right. Well here I go. Can you teach was crazy? We're gonna actually ask you to leave personal sessions me and him. Lord. I wanna learn Tofa your turn get it. Get hit whatever you know right now. Let's see what you let's see where you are right now. Hey, hey, hey, it's terrible. It's like my dad. Like, by the way. This is a no sorry. We can't even do that with their lips. Toe for give yourself more. My dad used in family joke. But I'm now going to share it with the entire world. We every Christmas every Christmas. My dad would like if it wasn't corny the first time by the, like eighteenth time, it was hilarious. He go, my mom would say because she a little studio above the garage where she go wrap presence. And she go see me. I gotta go upstairs and wrap. It might go up. A. Which is like, maybe what wrapping was in nineteen seventy eight. This was in the mid ninety, and I remember being so embarrassed at one point. And then you go through it, and you're like my dad's kinda hilarious. It's I think it's funny, right? My dad come in here into Tatas, right? Well, you're already awesome. He'll teach you some new. I don't. That's all I can do. That's all you can do. Be. I'm already so impressed. I think you're gonna be fine. It's gonna be great. Yeah, I'm I'm I'm them. Get them get them get. Stay with us. Our adventure continues in a few brief moments. Minor ventures is sponsored by ring rings, mission is to make neighborhoods safer. You might already know about their smart. Video doorbells and cameras. The protect millions of people everywhere. Rang helps you stay connected to your home, anywhere in the world. So there's a package delivery or surprise visitor. You'll get an alert and be able to see here and speak to them all from your phone, and Tofa. I can tell you right now that my entire house, I have ring cameras indoors. I have the ring floodlight cams outside, I have the ring doorbells. 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Yeah. Not LA per se. But, you know, just outskirts. Okay. I e e area, you know, wrench Kamanga. Yeah. In the. Fire? But yeah, I mean I. Have you always been like interested in excited about music? Yeah. I've always enjoyed and loved music. Actually, when I was younger, I was wanted to be an artist drawn paint. And I still do that. I still definitely, you know paint, but just not as often as I used to, and I do some art shows here and there, but music was just one of those things that I wanted to learn how to play an instrument when I was younger and it just kind of didn't happen. You know, not work. Well, that too one instrument that you have on your twenty four seven exactly free to right. Exactly. So, yeah. So I essentially utilize the instrument that I was born with and kind of developed a way to use that to be my instrument really. So was there a particular artist or time in music that influenced you to start boxing? There were kind of a lot of them. Most people know about Bobby mcferrin, it was like he's he was like a beat box before there were really beat boxers, and his son is actually an amazing boxers. Well, Taylor mcferrin. Yeah. But he, you know, the way he utilize his, his voice, and in such a creative way was, you know, really kind of his braces to me, but also, you know, the early era of beat boxers like Dougie fresh, and then the fat boys. So. Yeah. It really is. Terrible terrible. Yeah. So so, you know, that was a bit before my time growing up, but I was fascinated by hip hop music. And then, you know, in the Napster era of free downloads and stuff. I started really delving into a lot more of their work and exploring it, and especially Dougie fresh, you know, I don't know if you guys are familiar with Dougie fresh. No, we're older than you. You're saying. Your time is my time. But yeah, so tell you a great artist story, not interrupting them, we're gonna get not trying to put off beat boxing. Sure should be is I have a cousin. We go to thanksgiving every year, and I have a cousin, who I have a lot of cousins, they're all they were all older than me. We were like a different offshoot of the family, so we. They were all everyone. There was older than adult, and I was like thirteen I was like, I'm going to try to make conversation this year like every year. I'm like, you know, offline video games like try to mix with the adults. So I started asking what they did and on the east coast, and I was like, well, I'm in banking, and it was, like, okay pass. Like, if I went to one of my cousins, who's a great guy, you know, he's really lovely guy. And he said, I'm in music, and I was like, okay. Yeah, like I listen to music, and he said, I what who do you work with? And he said, I work with list off some artists, he said, Rockefeller Rockefeller. Oh, yeah. That's right. World is Carmen sandiego. Yes, this is a group. So then that, that birthday July twelfth we I had my first boy girl party. Oh, no. The garage dance or no? It was like, you know, like my mom and dad were there. We were young enough but it was like the girl I liked was there. I couldn't I was the birthday. Boy, we're gonna go see dick Tracy or whatever. Yeah, you're gonna go see godfather part one. And like we give out all the presences girl gave me some sweatshirt. I was like, oh, my God is gonna be cool. Mom, my mom there's one more present. And I went. No. What could it be? And she unfurled this giant poster with all the members of Rockefeller with the cartoons of Carmen, sandiego. And the bad guy who listens. You know, whatever the other characters are Carmen San Diego's world. So they're posing with these kind of cartoons. And I say, this is the nicest thing my cousin ever could have done. He got them all to sign it and said to from Darien Connecticut to Chris, our biggest fan in dairy, and Rockefeller in the all signed it. And this girl like the light went out on her is like she was like, 'cause we were, you know, listening to bell, biv. Oh bullshit like that. Yeah. Yeah. And, and I was I was just enough like aware of the situation that instead of being like. You know, mom would get us out of here. I was like, oh my God. Thank you. Even though is killing me. Big shout out to my cousin and deroga- Bela, who are both awesome. But it was very embarrassing already. That's why I never learned to be. Trauma. Yeah. All right. I hope I don't bring up any, you know, already you have just coming in the room. He's traumatize. So to give us a little break us off a piece of what you can do here. Yeah. All right. Let's see jacket, thanks. Yeah. Oh, you ready? Ready? Ready? Yeah. Komo. Pretty by. No. Old old old. Of old old old old. Yeah. Okay. So I'm going to be about fifteen minutes. I got you, I got you. About ten minutes. But I do all that do unbelievable. Thank folks. So sorry for your anything that was are you out of breath. Not really. Which we can talk about support. Yeah. It's all about creating something that kind of allows you to breathe. Rhythmic rhythmically. Now. There are a couple beats and rhythms that can kind of get you out of breath, depending on what's trying to do but in general, you want something that kind of varies the outward sounds in the inward sounds so that, you know you can. Is so annoying when you're at a party, you're hanging out with friends or like dude, just go. Yeah. Do you do it all the time like do practice like in the car? Do you practice every are? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm very conscious of like who's around me. So for the most part. Berg I've ever heard. But yeah, so there is legitimate practice, you know that you can kinda be working on specific routines. A working out particular sounds like drills like like do that. Like. Hi, hat and all this and the yet so. Sounds like you really does. No sort of and some be boxers are very particular about that. I have a buddy who he's working on a sound, and he'll do the same sound like ten thousand times that day. And if you're hanging out with them, you just like. You know, a thousand sounds in your in just the sound pretty much everything that he does goes back to that sound right. And so actually that sounds very annoying. Exactly. Right. So, so I tend to try to mix my practice into what I'm already doing because it's also not fun to just go like. Right. Thousand times and one day. Right. So I'll throw in a sound into what I'm doing. I can't even do that sound. All right. Okay. So what how do I start dude? I'm okay, so I mean, a lot of people like the boots and Kant's, right. Which is the way lot of people started with. I never heard of that. But that's okay. Yeah. So let me get this, right? Boots and cats and boots and exactly. Got it next. So commercial, right. Let me just get this. This is the easiest one to do is boots. And am I doing? Okay. So show me. Yeah. So boots and cats is sort of a way to get somebody beat boxing. Right. So it's essentially, you say boots cats boots Kant's, right? But then you start to whisper it and start to take out the vows and just more enunciate, the continents. Right. So it's like. Cats. Got it. Now when I teach beat boxing, I normally don't start with that because I feel like it, it teaches almost like bad form. Right. And it gets people trapped in. He's like anyone that not like that? It's the way I, I like to do is you like deconstruct the English language we all speak the language. Well, right. And so all of the sounds for boxing that we need are already right here in our speech. Right. Okay. So essentially, we can go through the alphabet like ABC, but instead of saying the actual letter that's do the sound of the letter. Right. So to be, so you guys can repeat after me. Okay. She liked. Yeah. So it'd be. Doing it to my amazing. This might be. No. Yeah. So we go throughout the letter. I mean throughout the. Her. Right. So we can essentially just like we've already trained ourselves to use those to formulate words. We can rearrange, those to create rhythms and beats right? So we can still use the boots and cats lay out. Right. But instead, we think about it as like a B, t k t. What's second is B T k to be Katie. Yeah. Bor or I actually like I prefer peace. And so, like, p t k t. I'm having I'm slightly, just likely. So that's also hurting me. But chart? Yeah. I get it totally doing. Right. And so even the other sounds all of the other like. Right. Are like s h sounds Z sounds and v sounds. And, and you start to adjust the size of your mouth for specific. What is the? Oh. Yeah. Okay. Like so like for a cellphone buzzer. Someone that got it. But even let's use the sound like you could say with a smile. And then you can say it with your mouth almost kind of closed. Until we go. That's what I noticed. Your mouth was was moving it size. It was changing its size a lot when you're doing that stuff. You were pretty still. But it was like, yeah. You know it's funny, what you're saying is, it's kind of, like learning to talk and then learning to talk fast. Yeah. What's. An indifferent Annan rhythm rhythm anyway, because it doesn't always have to be fast. They're nice slow beats and rhythms. Good. Yeah. You can do some shopping screwed stuff. Most definitely. Know what you're talking about. I was married to a man who was a rapper in the UK. I know what? Why did we have you on the show? Adventure that you've never been on what he you know, he didn't box. But he's like a professional already. Also, I grew up in south where like so and chopped in screwed is from the south. So when you take a song top it. Yeah, just screw no, no. Exactly. All righty. All right. So what I got so far is. Was a PT Katie. Yeah. P to tell we can slow down. I was doing to the thing ringing. Yeah. Or even so you like the phones ring in there. Yeah. So, so a shaker to like Morocco or any other shaker, we can do that s h sound right and go. Or like a. Hula. Hula-hoop. Yeah. There you go. We really need video. Yeah. Don't seem. Saying we should sorry. I meant we anyone could see us. Yeah. You could see me hula-hoop now and more. Sorry, guys. I'm so sorry to cut this short. We want you to hear the rest of the episode. We also really want you to come. Hang out with us in the minor adventures feeds so sim- tell them how they can do that. So they can hear the end of the it's super easy. Just click on the link in the episode description, or just search for minor adventures, and we'll see you there over come joint, we want you to be with us. Thank you.

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