[088] Is an 18-game season in the cards for the NFL?


Every year in the N._F._l.. It's a new team as far as goals go. We have one putting the fucker Renata finger welcome to the buccaneers observer podcasts Ralph Ralph Phillips Today's July Sixteenth Two thousand nineteen fifty four days to kick off five days until rookies report and ten days till give or take training camp took trying to Kim starts not a whole lot going on got a follow up follow up follow we had talked about diamond. Smith was at the Red Lion High School with ex and current N._F._l.. Players does charity work. Yes breath. We realized that Red Lion High School is in Pennsylvania by would smith went to Penn state so we sent home. Hey I wonder if all the rest of the guys were paying state guys. Most of them were except boaty Calhoun. He went to Minnesota David Greenwich he he played for North Carolina State. Lou toler played at rutgers and there was one of the guy that went to University of Pennsylvania for the most part. They were all penn state guys next pence. Take as all right so there you go now announcing that fourth. I'm done <hes> all right. We'll see you guys next. We were talking about. Dhamma Smith was him with him being a Vegan. We brought that up quite a bit that he's following. Dale McCoy's begin diet yeah whatever it is. Do we have that other than that one cryptic tweet he tweeted at Gerald called and said I'm starving already and he asked a couple of weeks later if what Vegan restaurants were in Tampa okay so that's the evidence we have evidence. We have to talk about it. Yeah I no no one else is talking about it. Maybe because he doesn't talk. Maybe he's not attributing it. I mean if he's not bringing it up every chance he gets front of a microphone Trivia so what you're saying is John. Smith may or may not be a Vegan will from what the tweets were saying. It sounds like he's a Vegan but we're not sure yeah that one hundred percent sure correct Robert Ayers today announced his retirement really he did after ten years in the League so he was released by the bucks then picked up by Detroit and was subsequently released hasn't played since then so it's not really volunteer retirement. Nobody else wants to write <hes>. I like to curse you're too so I listen to the IRO Halprin podcast today and they talked about how many curry was talking all of his Philadelphia teammates while he was at Tampa so keep happening. I know it was like a vacation Asian. Basically he took like half his pay that he was getting box to go back to Philadelphia. He wanted to go back apparently because this is from his mouth that he knew as soon as Aryans was hired that it was going to be a three four defense so he didn't when I moved to maybe that's what he said. Yeah there could be a variety of reasons Jameson. Some of the guys went to the advent health facility in Tampa and they visited some of the kids that were inpatient. There was one one little boy Janus went and asked him who is famous football was in L._A.. Rams would Jason Yeah the kid and so James says called Todd Gurley like facetime them uh-huh yeah. How in the world is Jay was hot? Tub girl is thrown over their friends apparently NJ stewart his foundation M. S. N. J. Youth Foundation which was created by him and Marvin Stewart senior. I don't I'm not as assume his father. Maybe they are giving out free back to school haircuts in partnership with Faden full barber shop in Tampa so you register at their website and as m j dot Event Bright Dot Com Tair coaching nappy paypal. It's only for school age children. Go Get your hair cut you. In the long haired Hippie kids he was on profootballtalk or is now. It was good morning football on the N._F._l.. Network Okay did you also allow watch. They had short clips short attention gas well. They have like two clips in they kind of overlap but really altogether they were amazing. It was basically like three minutes interesting. Usually yeah he said that James says he's really supportive in like hey did a good thing here or here but then he also talked Shit Tim he Alec dern practices on stuff too defensive bax yeah a heard. There's a big lot of competition on this year. There has been so far the camps between the offense and defense which is good yeah. Davis plays into that we got some division rival news this week Grady Jarrett defensive tackle for Atlanta Elena he was franchise tagged earlier in the season and they were able to reach the all for sixty eight million dollars. It's a four year deal and it makes him. The third highest paid defensive tackle behind Aaron down all the a an Fletcher Cox relegated your but I mean I like him as far as talent goes. I don't know if he's that good. What is that like twelve million a year well? He's about all the Atlanta's got older defensively yeah which they were thinking they with draft more defensive lineman thinking was a draft analyst before the drought because they've got him. He's he wasn't under. I mean he was under contract at the time he was to become a free agent sh but even with him if they were able to keep them. There's not really anybody beside him. Vic Beasley really needs to step up. He's defensive end defensive slash linebacker so he's he's even really do nothing pleasure or call yeah. I think Falcons fans were disappointed with them. Though it's good to hear that it'll get all in a tizzy and get mad fight with each other love to see that in other fan base. We didn't talk about this in the last last podcast. Although we probably should have the Wall Street Journal Andrew Beaton came out with a report about the league hitching in eighteen game season to the players Association which we've mentioned before for that the currency B._A.. Expires in twenty twenty and so they're kind of working on deal now in advance of that and the Wall Street Journal report was really good. A lot of the sports news outlets are just reporting gene the the highlights gas and they didn't really get in depth as the Wall Street Journal article then so if you can read at if you can find that I would recommend reading it the eighteen game season would be it would the two who extra games will come from the preseason they would cut the preseason shorter to two games and the players would all only play sixteen games a heard about that which the players players association was not thrilled that I mean how are you going to ask a lot of these guys who are super competitive to sit. I mean that's a big ass. I don't think a lot of players would be and the two that a big fan of it. If it was me they'd have a game every day. I knew you would be a urine. Even if you have to sit your starters for two games <unk> expand the team to four hundred and twelve players someone else mentioned that they would expand the teams but I in read that in the Wall Street Journal article interesting seemed like they might would have to but man that's that's just gonNA throw huge wrench into salary cap finagle. There's more players BLOM dumbed down for a minute. Take Two preseason games output. Put Two regular season Games heck yeah. They pitched the idea in two thousand eleven. The owners did but that N._F._l.. P._A. rejected it or homeless Beck from having good entertainment more entertain. What's what's up with that? They are concerned about injuries. E can't hear the irony that there they they want to. They're really focusing on not the top tier players like the Tom Brady's but the ones the scrubs basically that's what they're focusing on this N._F._l.. P._A. The the C._B._I.. Move we'll see how it turned out. I just it'd be great and it would bring in more revenue for the League and that I would be able to increase the salary. Cap players make more money. I think it's a win win for everybody especially if they make it mandatory that players can only play sixteen games. That's GonNa work with like stats and stuff. That's GonNa Change everything yeah well the N._F._l.. P._A. is Nixon I think already now well. They're meeting again this week to talk about it and I have there. Why would they in general? I mean they're worried about injuries. The Guy's GonNa Play Sixteen Games. He's. Way Right you actually get two games off during the year yeah well. They don't want that they don't WanNa play yourself to sit back and play eighteen games. I want them to play that much. Nee estimate that extra games will shorten the average N._F._l.. Career here from three point three years to two and a half years but that we know they say that but they make it sound like that's that's. That's bs right there because what they're doing is they're trying to say that players only played that long because injury no players only play that that low because they suck because the skill Roy I mean because like it replaced quick if you're good many years and their careers because of injury I mean that happens ally guys get injured on IRA there at the bottom of the barrel anyway and then and they just can't cut next season the vast vast vast majority of N._F._l.. Players in their career because they don't have a choice because somebody else were better replaces them not enders I think maybe they are often hampered by injury and then I'm not giving us another shot. They have that one shot and then they get injured in that that's it we'll look at Robert or we just talked about. He's retired danger. He's old buddy wants him anymore. Than argument doesn't make any sense to the N._F._l.. P._A.. You know they're not going to agree to anything unless they can get some good compensation in return so yeah they want increase player benefits player performer bonuses changes the minimum Tom Salary structure and the ability for players to reach free agency more quickly. Is that in general or yeah that's kind of their goals with as negotiation will they. They want more guaranteed contracts. Ah We're all those things again on increased benefits like what I don't know pension plans in the healthcare after they get out yeah maternity leave player performance is bound says which I think is great especially bill to the contrary exactly offering most contract should be performance but that's just me what I want to. They want changes to the minimum. Salaries structure person will but you could do that with more revenue from eighteen game this. I think that's at owner's standpoint in view increase. The minimum is what they're asking for it. Yeah this is going to decrease. Everybody else's person's Day right yeah. They're really. It seems like they're going into these negotiations to help the little guy not. The Tom. Brady is not breezes as a jail McCoy last time last C._B._A.. They did the exact opposite opposite. They went into the negotiations to help the old hands yeah and the rookie got screwed so now this time all the rookies are bitch and I guess like Oh. Let's do the reviews yeah. I think it's just a rookie is I think it's I know well people that don't last in the league that long. I just squad lower tier player vast majority of N._F._l.. Players don't get a second contract right. I'm saying that off the top of my head. I don't know that for sure. I would just assume he needed. He'll follow up. Follow up Tamar ready down. I also want to know the exact number of N._F._l.. Players to always say something around fifteen hundred I think it's like twelve hundred seventy to grab like debt. Actually we could do the math or quick fifty three players times thirty two teams yeah then you got practice squad by nine eleven visit eleven now okay might be nine nine okay. That's one thousand six hundred ninety six players in the N._F._l.. Just on active rosters I'm looking at how many players on the practice squad ten players him okay so that's an extra three hundred twenty now way they'll see why would wikipedia Kapadia. Give me a CFL. Nobody cares about the WHO does care about the C._F._O.. Wasn't who followed. I don't think I've ever seen the CFL Jersey. I could tell you what any other team look like. They've got cool names. I like argonauts. Yeah Okay ten-man practice squad so it is to yes all right so that's an extra three hundred twenty says two thousand sixteen players currently in the N._F._l.. Every year at any one time yeah can never be more than that but it could be less right so you say two thousand players two thousand guys in the N._F._l.. So you figure the average where they say the average is three point two years four point town four point two. Yes it was a long oh no. It was three point three the N._F._l.. Says the average career length for a player who has played in at least three games is four point two years so they disagree on the numbers the N._F._l.. P._A. Says there the average N._F._l.. Career three point three years or remember we did the stats on that and found out that the first round pick if your first round pick and you start your average is seven years or something like that. He has a big difference between guys is that actually are drafted in guys who are undrafted and then guys who don't get to start in their first year August thumbs up. There's a whole bunch of factors that go in to who plays a certain length of time in the N._F._l.. Donna you can say that two thousand people is overturned every four years yeah so that would be just throwing numbers out there. That would be twenty five percent a year so that would be five hundred new N._F._l.. Player of the year there we go yeah but that's either trying to look out for these guys. You don't make it that long in the league. I think whatever I've just read for football. Did you see the Green Bay packers Akers. They're the only team that's public so they have to release their financials every year and they showed a two two hundred seventy four million dollar revenue receipt from the N._F._l.. So that means is that the N._F._l.. Handed out eight point seven billion dollars to the teams this two hundred seventy four million yeah per team per team salary cap is one ninety S. I think it's one eighty eight when eighty eight yeah bad they should be. They'll neurons stadiums. This is true two hundred seventy four million that Kabila stadium right we'll go to the players to two hundred seventy four but logo all the two hundred seventy four million. Does that include what the salary cap does separate so thirty eight billion dollars. I mean the N._F._l.. Only makes like ten billion yeah well. I think it's like a co op yeah yeah so anyhow at one hundred eighty eight million for the salary cap they get two hundred seventy that leaves the teams of eighty six million dollars then they got to do all the equipment they gotta pay coaches. I gotTa Pay Front Office Staff. After I gotTA do some maintenance on the stadium's most of them know they've got marketing promotions but what about the revenue is that including revenue sharing from like gear and the broadcast I think so yeah it it all goes into one pot and then they divided equally to <unk>. I really thought it'd be more than two hundred seventy two million actually but interesting to look further into that yeah and it'd be the next podcast. I want to know what the minimum is. You can have for salary cap what you can pay your team. We know the maximum is one eighty right 'cause he can roll it over. If you don't use all of that really I think so. I know we went through. We had her he. Moore's we had were only half our salary cat room. We were paying anybody. Anything often wondered what I've read it somewhere that there's a minimum that you have to pay at least a certain amount. I think it's like one hundred million. I think it would be interesting to see somebody go against the system and get a bunch of football players like off the streets and to see how it work. You know get a bunch of guys who were like would be would basically play for free and are are extremely extremely thrilled that they're getting the play like that. David Kennedy Guy we haven't heard from him he just he just disappeared on the radar there but we'll see how that turns out in training camp we need some bodies at defensive end so speaking speaking of which I went back and watched the I think it was last night and I'm for some more two thousand thirteen Arizona cardinals defense with Todd Bowles. Now I've been talking about you know but raving about how todd Bowles defense is going to do and how different it's going a B and unique and you can't really tell what's going on the formations aren't really identifiable Blah Blah Blah and I watched two games last night and I was worried got. I don't know where I got that information. From because the Games I watched you can immediately identify three four four three defense. You know he played both and they was pretty standard. Looking only difference was that they brought a lot of pressure. They did bring pressure from everywhere and I'm wondering you know if he plays that sometimes or if I just imagined. The this watch the cardinals yes so previously had you watch the jets no. I don't think with the jets that he really. I don't know how much control he had over the divas right. He wasn't offensive coordinator Casey ranters right so I don't I don't see the jets as indicative of what his defense is going to be now. Although defense might be totally different because I mean what I'm watching this from two thousand thirteen I was five years ago. I'm sure he's throwing some wrinkles wrinkles in since then but yeah I was really disappointed. I was like I'm looking at it. I'm going this looks like any other defense. No we're talking about blanchette somewhere else. I've I watched the cardinals but I'm going to go and I'm going to do the whole year. He was one of their two thousand thirteen. Yeah I think so the baby was the jets I'll look at the jets. The jets had really freaked me out at a deal fact. Check their what you know what I'm talking all this crap. People are GonNa Watch a game and go like graph doesn't know what he's talking. She can't be is to watch film. He's he's he's defenses. Look just like every other day but we were talking about that last night. I've never understood why defensive coordinator don't do that. No I call it the AMOEBA defense where it's just like a Blob of players that you can't because 'cause it's real big thing with quarterbacks we go up to the line they read the defense is a real big thing with defensive coordinators to try to trick them. Why not just have a defensive suppository are- that's just standing around basically yeah I mean it really doesn't do defense any good to be in possession? You know to be aligned at lined up kind of stand still so that the offense can see where they're at now. I'm not saying that all the time every now and then you see some defense will do that. I want to say Pittsburgh before where the guys are kind of standing up. Everybody's just standing out like milling about Chelsea enough. Everything is so the N._F._l.. Is a copycat league win. Anything catches on everybody starts doing it. It's kind of like with everybody hiring. All these young coaches now anybody that knows the top McVeigh is now a head coach. I mean if you step aside mcvay and in biology class of high school. We're going to hire you as a head coach N._f._l.. It's a copycat league and so that's why you get offense. Look the same. All defenses. Look the same so rare. If you get an offense kind of like you know the panthers do a lot of that option stuff but that was big there for a wild when we had R._G.. Three copy it's a copycat league. They popped up everywhere Cabernet Russell Wilson R._G.. Three team yeah and don't it's so rare when you get coaches that will really really go outside the box down still play within the confines of the game or the League. Don't what that's all about. You know the off season is like for the past ten years has been the best part of being a buccaneers fan because that's when optimism awesome is the highest and I really high this year on optimal what it's like the the closer the season gifts the more it might also be because I've been very vocal about how good I think everybody is going to be on the team and I'm starting the second guess myself. I was watching Matt Ryan tape of the day I he's just he played so well. Last year didn't get any credit for you know they. The trubisky dot approval over Matt Ryan that was ridiculous. It's a popularity hilarity. Contests yeah in trubisky popped up but everybody expects it from that run but I mean he he had numbers comparable to his sixteen season but that team still went what five eleven six ten it wasn't his fault. It was the defense US same thing yeah to go plagued with injuries. Clicking off earned the beginning of the season and pitches never recover but that's the thing with Atlanta is that it's kind of seems like they just have Matt Brian Julio Jones and then I guess you could say grady during on the defense but they don't have these lake shining stars that can pull the rest of the team up. Admit run doesn't seem to be that type of guy who's got that oath both yeah I mean technically he's he's fantastic but he just doesn't seem to have that oath to inspire people yeah now. They've got a cutback. He's their offense. Coordinator Heaves offense coordinator win and he played very well for cutter. They had a pretty dynamic offense so now Matt Ryan is not going to have to learn a new playbook already knows this most receivers. Do I have to change the terminology. No we're not no. Yeah they probably will he does whatever stage strategy he understands. clipboards stats explosives explosives so you know the more thinking about it. I'm like Oh man Atlantic could be maybe you can say that every year in our division sent this is true. I think we were in the best division in the N._F._l.. Yeah well when I say best division. It's the best because we're aided other three teams or jerks but televise. We're the best division that's competitive with each John are. I think there was a long time where no team in the N._F._C.. South had gotten the N._F._C. South Championship two years in a row right. I think Carolina breath fat broke it. Yeah I think it was like two thousand ten years <hes> over a decade pretty sure and there was a lot of remorse I yeah I mean our division has always tough so any game particularly in the division as any given Sunday by. I think that division games are especially up in there. Even we're at our worst. We still played off against division opponents. This is true. I'm just so ready for football to start trying to watch last year's game new games all or nothing comes out on Friday. Hey that's right as when the when the starts now though it used to be hard knocks album now it's going to be he's going to be on all or nothing next year or this year which will air at the end of next year now oh l. we don't know now and how they do that. How do they hide them because nobody knew the panthers were going to be all or nothing until Amazon announced it right in the handle these cameras around so how do they hide that information? Do they have a bunch of crews out with each team. Now may mean and you never know which one is going to be. I don't I don't yeah they should do. They should do a documentary on the making of all or nothing so mana so that's Friday may outside dog can't wait to see that collapse bend Watson all we in everybody. That's been shared our podcast getting it out there. Let everybody else know about us. If you think about it just go ahead and it that share button in your <unk> website whatever else out on facebook rented twitter somewhere out there on <unk> interwebs their tubes. We do appreciate it guys and Gals. I wonder how many women followers we have. That's a good question I was going to say if your girl follower sent me an email let me know within a realized Bollywood probably get a little pissed off. I said and yes set at any way with the caveat. I got another but it was a joke sound like your mother birthdays coming up trying to talk molly in getting buying me. The like Evans Inverted Jersey on N._F._l.. Shop Dot com colon yeah sounds like the heater in the body and then the shoulders are red whereas the Jersey is red on the body Peter on the shoulder. I never seen that design. Neither we're talking about this other night. I like you need Jersey busy but I wish I would have got salute to service Jersey. They're really liked those yeah. The green ones with the camouflage need to get a Colorado's Jersey to a long list adjourns beans about Jersey every week. That'd be all I'd neverwhere yeah. We buccaneers jerseys. I didn't take ghetto tailor fit. Though do they do that for jerseys. Although the New Jersey's are a better fit defending the older jerseys views fan. You look like you're walk around pillowcase so boxy lover flatter now in always talk to said Dude Toxic Jersey because they're just so long baggy now. That's GonNa do it for us today. If you WANNA get in the less you can reach us on twitter at bucks underscore observer where on facebook and Youtube you can search force there are email addresses are Molly Bay buccaneers observer DOT COM and Ralph at buccaneers observer DOT COM and and we have a website W._w._w.. BUCCANEERS OBSERVER DOT COM. We'll have another episode out Friday. It will be before the all or nothing we'll probably talk about all or nothing on Sunday Day to the Amazon do the where they put it all out the whole season that one yeah I think so I love that I love binge-watching shows. I really hate waiting for shows now like Rick and Morty. I think that's the only show.

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