Wrestling With Altitude! - Episode 17 - Redemption Championship Wrestling


Here it comes again. Lunch will be the same old same old or you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked Turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of Carribean seasoning just five fifty five remedium save time order the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub on the firehouse subs APP firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary delivery yeah all right welcome to the wrestling with altitude podcast. I'm your host Mr Fourth row and on the a phone call right now I have two representatives of one of the newest promotions here in the Colorado area and that's a redemption championship wrestling and I have <hes> Jason and James <hes> I'm sorry what was your last name again trouble ribble ribble okay all right and <hes> they're going to talk to us about the Russian. Everything's so gentlemen how you guys doing good. We're good all right all right so <hes> I I won't maybe necessarily direct the questions to anyone in particular as we're introducing the promotion but <hes> tell us about <hes> R._C.. W how did it get started James Well. I actually started professional wrestling back in nineteen eighty nine. I've been doing it a little over thirty years. The day Jason is my youngest cousin and he just flipped out when he saw me do this stuff and skip forward to a few years later <hes> last summer my we we've done a few shows for some other promotions. I mean both Jason and my brother and my brother and I and Jason got together and we decided to kick off a promotion of our own to kind of be his Colorado Springs had it but nobody really came down to the southeast plane so we decided needed to focus on that area and see what we can do. Oh very cool and tell the listeners of where our C._W.. Is based out of just in case if they're not familiar exactly with the Colorado geography. Actually we're based the three Areas Canyon City Colorado Fowler Colorado in Las Animas Colorado. Okay all three of us live <hes> Jason Lives in Kenya. I live in Fowler my brother Martin lives in Los Angeles must in that way we can kind of incompetence and we have a representative all up and down the Arkansas Valley here. Oh very very cool all right so so just to fill in the listeners of that area is in they're talking about the the southern part of Colorado. The southern plains like they were saying so <hes> yeah so <hes> yeah and I'm I'm familiar with the area personally because my <hes> Dad and his <hes> my uncles and sister they grew up in Texas creek which is fairly close to Canyon city so yeah yeah exactly so very cool all right <hes> so <hes> <hes> so you guys decided that you wanted to start to promotion just because <hes> you know just to get a little bit of extra you know <hes> shows. They're going you know from the Colorado Springs area to get a lot of <hes> people travel from the springs and even further to come to the shows well. We've had people from all over the state of Colorado when we worked for another promotion. Come down here for these shows. Okay <hes> this will actually be are April twenty-seventh will actually be our first show as redemption championship wrestling so we're hoping to get people from all over the state come in and give us a hand with <hes> making some money for the Special Education Department there in Kenya cities. It's okay so this is a benefit shows well. Yes Oh very cool. <hes> what made you choose that <hes> charity for for this well first off the schoolteachers always need help. They always spend their money <hes> just a great opportunity to help out any school first off and second off the Special Education Department is just is. How can I put this? It's really good to help out people people that are in need and that can not do it all themselves so the Special Education Department I was actually approached by one of the school employees and that's when I signed to talk to James and Martin about dumb afford with it. Oh very cool okay all right. I was yeah and I totally agree. I we always hear the stories about teachers are not paid enough and they have to spend their own money for supplies and excetera so and I would assume special education even gets a <hes> further <hes> whatever you WANNA call it <hes> I don't WanNa call it neglect but doesn't get as much attention as even this the regular <hes> program exactly and this just once a week and help out very cool awry and is this going to be <hes> mainly geared to the special education <hes> in that area the Canyon City we <hes> Los Angeles area well. This particular GonNa geared more for Canyon City right there okay. We we have an fifteenth we have another show setup and we're actually going to be donating to the after school program up there for their <hes> community center. Oh cool so <hes> so is this going to be a ongoing thing. The shows are always going to have a a benefit charity as much as we can. <hes> we went onto a few sold shows and stuff like that to help us keep the business alive and keep it going but any to give back to communities in need. We're GONNA we're. We're going to take a look at that and see if we can't make that a at least a top priority whether they're actually a sponsored charity or whether we just make a donation that night after the show we just donate it to school. What school was that James Donate to my to the dance class school or something? What was the Eric? I can't remember the name of it right so yeah yeah it was. It's one of the things where redemption championship wrestling if we can help out in any way we're we're going to do it. We're always out there trying to put ourselves out there and not even if it involves a wrestling show but volunteering and doing things like that Oh cool okay cool. We'll volunteering is kind of one of my things in my heart to I do a lot for the American Diabetes Association and things like that so yeah cool very cool. I'm I'm proud of that cool all right <hes> so <hes> you had mentioned James You mentioned that <hes> you guys had done other <hes> worked for of doing other promotions as well and I'm assuming that those promotions are pretty much <hes> gone by the wayside. A lot of them have been gone out of business. I mean I I started this business back. In one thousand nine hundred eighty nine was trained by <hes> an organization out of Lamar Colorado called superstars professional wrestling and then I've done some work for choice state professional wrestling's thanks. I've been all over the United States doing this. I actively retired in two thousand until they they Kinda Doug me out of mothballs to come out and do a charity show there once. What's the wrestling alling buck bitney again? It's kind of hard to stop right yeah cool so let's see here. I was going to ask you guys so <hes> speaking of that <hes> what kind of <hes> do you guys have a lot of local talented. You get a lot of talent from <hes> other places in Colorado and what about the United States in the world what what kind of talent comes in and Russell's for our C._W. So. So we have we have talent from. We have local talent Air Colorado but we also have guys from Texas a really good guys names Chad Thomas. He's GonNa Russell actually outlaw James Girl there we also. I'll have guys coming from Oklahoma. We'll we'll take we want everybody to strive to the best their ability and if we're able to get a man what will get them in where we can get him in whether it's from Colorado Oklahoma Oga Texas this New Mexico. We're trying to focus on the guys here. Colorado 'cause plenty of great talent appear. Just the shows are starting to get bigger as we go but discard right here we got Colorado Oklahoma and we got on Texas cool all right so what so what <hes> what names do we got coming in for the for the show on the twenty seventh well <hes> we have ah from Oklahoma. We actually have a tag team called the new improve express New York's press my bad apologize. They're facing Mar Justice and Tyler Watch tag team match for the A C W tag titles which that's where to see how that goes because I'm very interested in seeing how those two teams go as far as I know they're both father and son father and son. Oh yeah so that should be interesting in itself. We have Dr Kobe Black. He's he's from Oklahoma. There's jomon named Prince Mohali. I'm not exactly sure exactly where he's from so loans out of my hands I have no clue we just recently had a gentleman that was on your <hes> Cherry Tara a wish him and his family the best asa look so and then like <hes>. We got guide from Pueblo what's <hes> K._T.. From cars brings Jay Scylla from PLO myself and canyon <hes> beanie from LAS animas gentleman Myers extreme these from Las Animas as well <hes> some matches we have we have a tables match what I'm involved in myself which has to be interesting caressing and never been in that he was masters should be very interesting for that match and then I've got some with Chad Thomas to to take care of this time around when I wrestled each other land in Rocky Ford Colorado and that kind of turn into a slobber knocker he broke my ribs and several other things so when you come out to the show here in Canyon City don't expect a wrestling match between us to that's going to be more of a fight. Oh very cool very cool. Also yes right yeah I saw <hes>. I've seen some of these names that you mentioned in <hes> <hes> C._S.. W of course as well and I've I think I've seen you Jason. They're promoting the shows as well so that's that's. That's very cool <hes> so it is it <hes> so how's that been <hes> in doing. You guys getting really good partnership there with <hes> C._S.. W and <HES> <HES> do you partner with Iron Hills championship wrestling as well. Oh yes W an iron hills. They kinda rolled out the red carpet for us. When we told we were going to <hes> started his own promotion they have done nothing but bend over backwards to help us and we we really appreciate everything that they've done for us? <hes> big guns Justin Andrew several others that they have just been more than willing to you know help us get acquainted with Colorado talent and just basically helped us nonstop. Get this thing up off the ground you know and <hes> we're trying our best to to Kinda. Give back to those guys and help them out as much as we can to. <hes> we're not gonNA just be a wrestling promotion. We're kind of a one stop shop. We build ring equipment and everything else so so. We've been helping them get some of their stuff but together. It's it's been a very cooperating <hes> experiences time around so yeah our hats off to see us w iron hills and all the Colorado promotions. Oh that's where I'll see us. Go is also where we found Bruce Rogers which is going to be here in Kansas City as well. Oh all right. He's here too. He's going to be in our CIMMAMON advant actually now. I don't know if you've seen any of the pictures on facebook or <hes> the posters but he's in our cinema. One of my main event for the heritage championship of the B._B._C. WS <hes> which is a triple threat match and a demo Dr Cool Black Kassim unfinished business as well not quite like outlaws and Chad Thomas's now what they still have little unfinished business to take care out so that should be interesting to in Bruce Rogers such a giant black. They're such good God is as well not just not just a great wrestler's. They're just so cooperative there so will in easy work with so if anybody ever picks him up. I recommend these guys definitely yeah. I've had I've had bruce on the show and of course I know him very well because he's a little a little bit closer to me because I'm in <hes> of course I'm Denver <hes> so and I know <hes> Bruce Lives just outside of Denver in the mountains but <hes> yeah so. That's that's cool. I'm glad to see him there because he's a very good talent and I'm glad to see him getting a lot of exposure in other promotions as because he's he's got a lot. He does a lot he he almost does he almost as much as a big guns. Does you know Mr Colorado wrestling but not quite as much almost special things out to him to especially Theo big guns as the one that the he reached out I and M._C._s. w like I said I like a James said Iron Hills. They've all been they've all been great. We haven't kind of reached out too much to the other promotions like new error and what's the other one <hes> we got primoz. There's rocky mountain pro. There's quite a few in Denver I mean smoking when she agree. Oh yes agree agree and point seen here in Colorado right now is just on on fire and there is much good talent right here in Colorado but we see companies and people coming in from all over the United States just to come here to wrestle right. Yeah I mean especially like you guys mentioned <hes> Oklahoma Homa and Texas. I think Texas is probably one of the the biggest ones that a lot of the local talent comes up from there so yeah. This is very cool so in love you down down in Oklahoma they they've been a tremendous help to US steel. Any Panther runs that organization down there and anything we need questions we need answered or just getting this in contact with talent they they've just been excellent to serve cool all right so you you guys are mentioned a lot of <hes> <hes> championship titles are going to be defended on those and all those are from our all of those from the out of state promotions that are just coming to defend their as well to kind of help you guys. Let's get going so they go ahead this all right thanks to our from other other promotions one of them. The first tag team match is from a C._W.. Which is home as well doc? Heritage title is from W it's actually just introduced through BBC w defendant at our show fury of war here in Kansas City but we have the main event is our C._W.. Championship tag team titles in attaching hormonal match okay cool cool so you guys are you guys are going to be ramping up and having your own titles as well yes gene since we go ahead James Right now. We have our tag team titles that we will be defending are actually instating here at the Kenyan city show and then in June fifteenth. We're actually going to introduce the redemption championship wrestling ultimate title Ooh Cool. I liked the name. Thank you very yeah. This is a title one of the things that we talked about. When we I started our promotion is we didn't want like heavyweight titles and things like that we anybody to contend for it? So this is actually the ultimate title there is no way class anybody that steps through the ropes that that has proven themselves ourselves worthy enough to go for the title for the title. There's no way classes and <hes> the are tag team turmoil we have <hes> I believe six tag teams entering mismatch but the two people that get the last pin fall are the tag team champions. Indian so if might not be your tag team partner. That's there at the end ooh twist. That's very cool. It could be two people from two different tag teams miracle and then they become our tag team team champions very cool awesome all right so let me ask you a little bit more information on the ultimate championship <hes> would that also include doesn't <hes> gender doesn't play a factor as well at this point in time. I'm anybody male now. <hes> anybody can compete for the ultimate title go anybody very very cool all right so <hes> what other shows those guys having come up you got the one on April one in June in in May or anything else booked out there weird deeply. Sorry you're definitely taking may off. We'll definitely take it off. We got a lot of stuff going on May revamping things whereas process of making another ring <hes> so we're definitely taking me off. <hes> <hes> allied anything on that one well in June. We're we're doing the show there in Las Animas we we have shows in the works for Rocky Afford Colorado and we're looking at July for that. We're trying to get the contracts and everything settled there. Were also looking at Lamar. Possibly Fowler Ordway Mahanta <hes> we may were wearing talk split some with an organization there at the College at O._J.. See Mahanta that they're interested in bringing us in for a benefit to kind of help the college out down there for some of their programs so we're we're trying to get up and running and going just as fast as we can. It seems like April got here way too fast day. What makes it easier with sponsors? Sponsors are just some of these people around here are some of the sponsors they're just amazing mazing group of people that work with Yeah we've had around unbelievable help with the show with some of our sponsors like tire king and <hes> these Manning's Pizza Minister in Canyon City <hes> several of them have come forward just to help out and get us up and going yeah yeah awesome awesome very very cool all right well okay well. I think that's pretty much all the questions I have for you guys now but before I let you go <hes> wanted to tell the listeners if they wanted to <hes> catch up with you <hes> follow you up on with social media where they can get tickets all that kind of good stuff where it work they do all that they can get. What does that facebook or C._W.? Ultimate champion just go unstated thing diagnostic. Look it up. We give championship wrestling <hes> as far as ticket places where we're getting tickets is probably GONNA be there at the door for the whole at our C._W.. Ultimate champion and facebook smokers on there and we can get back to them with that. It's able twenty seven doors open a six show search seven okay and where's it at exactly it is in case in the Middle School the address twelve fifteen fifteen main street in case Colorado. Okay that should be pretty easy <hes> Kenyan city middle school okay cool awesome okay cool all right well gentlemen. I really appreciate you coming on to the podcast and let Malda listeners get to know <hes> about <hes> our C._W.. Thank you thank you for having us all right. Thanks once again a big thank you to Jason and James James the outlaw dribble for coming onto the podcast and letting us all the know about like I said one of the newest promotions here in the Colorado Area Redemption Championship wrestling and they wanted to also let you you guys know we talked about this off of the official interview but <hes> they have <hes> Gabby Gonzales it will be <hes> singing the national anthem at their show on this Saturday the twenty seven th of April so check them out <hes> like I said if you want to get tickets for them <hes> best just to <hes> come up to the show and get the tickets at the door so <hes> they're not quite set up <hes>. <hes> yet therefore online sales but <hes> hopefully they'll get that in the future like I said one of the fledgling <hes> promotions here in the Colorado area so sometimes it takes a little time to get that all ramped up but anyways <hes> let's go ahead like we already did though we review on the previous episode of the podcast but let's go ahead and just to once again talk about the <hes> upcoming events this weekend and that is on Thursday Rocky Mountain Pro- <hes> supercharged four <hes> finals of the ignition <hes> championship and then also all the other great matches the championship match <hes> with <hes> <hes> Marlin bishop verse says Nyah the three way dance <hes> for with Chandler Hopkins Curtis Cole and Tiba as well as so much other matches <hes> as well. It's going to be great. I'm I'm GONNA be there. Hope to see some of you. Are there and you know if you guys do see me on the show. If you want to just say Hi Gimme high five or whatever that's cool with me I know sometimes everybody's a little busy and got a lot of other things <hes> on their mind and one of my <hes> <hes> things don't want to turn to start taking more pictures with people <hes> fellow fans of fellow wrestlers and things of that nature but sometimes it's just difficult I understand all of that and then continuing with the Rocky Mountain pro- <hes> experience no pun intended that is ebbing on Friday the twenty six this cup coming Friday at the Rack House pub and <hes> the experiences starts at five P._M.. I believe rustling starts at nine should be always a great time to get wreck health's rowdy and then let's go and continue with the rocky mountain pro. They're going to have their Romero's canine. Clubs show on Saturday at nine PM doors at eight eight and in Lafayette so if you want to get tickets to any of these events of course you can get him at the door. They are little more expensive if you get them day of so purchase in advance at our M._p.. Wrestling Dot Com and then <hes> like I said just recap at six P._M.. And the Redemption Championship wrestling there in Canyon City Colorado at the Canyon City Middle School and Iron Hills championship wrestling is having their international warfare event at <hes> a._p._M.. At the Union station peak thirty one in Colorado Springs Colorado so a very very full weekend in her in Colorado tickets for Iron Hills can be found at <hes> <hes> I H C you know <hes> <hes> iron hills championships dance for wrestling dot com so I h C rustling dot com you can get tickets there as well so <hes> like go ahead and once again thank the trending topics network for hosting the show and if you like what you hear on wrestling without the to please subscribe or stay subscribed and you can catch other great shows such as wrestling cheers the Spanish announce table Eurovision showcase all beer inside and so much more. We've got some other shows in the pipeline that are gonNA come up really excited to hear you're their debuts so that will be great. Thank you all for listening and having fun wrestling with I and now an ad from dad all right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive right. What is this good wow? Where did you get this? 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