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The world's changing they've all sensed in the prophecy is clear onto used to protect the go boy wherever they are. Something happened as well. People going to be literally fast and i'm looking for a girl. Lyra welcome to the authority. Slates his dark materials. Podcast it season two episode five the scholar. We're resident scholars of experimental theology. I'm dan choice on a writer at slate. And my demon is in prairieville named gilda. I'm laura miller. I'm books and culture columnist for slate and my demon is a sea otter named sake in this episode lyra and will steal the elite theater. Back from lord boreal karnal mcphail begins the great magisterial purge. Mary malone goes on a trip. And mrs coulter considers bluejeans a lot of exciting things happening in this episode. We're gonna go in-depth today into the scholar of the title or really the scholars because this episode makes the argument. That you can't talk about mary malone thou talking about mrs coulter as always on the authority were talking about the world's of his dark materials. Without spoiling the story of his dark materials will fill in some blanks. Talk about the way. The book treats these scenes and investigate characters. But we won't discuss what's in store so unless you're allergic to knowing anything outside the bounds of the tv show. You should find our podcast spoiler free and we're here to answer your question if you've got a burning question about his dark materials and he can't figure out how to ask your leafy ometer. Email asked the authority at slate dot com this week. We've got the same question from two different listeners. Dan lici air. And david hendricks they both want to know if the windows are just sitting there. The wind is between the world that is why haven't more people walked through them. Can only some people see them. Well dan and dave this week's episode. Mrs coulter asks basically the same thing. Of course lord boils like oh no no one else could ever be as smart as me and find the windows. But he's wrong. People do find these windows all the time. When does the previous bearers bears before will left. Open john perry found one. For example he found it because it had existed in frozen north of alaska for centuries the eskimos according to the book said used at all that time as part of an initiation ceremony for medicine men and also cats find them a right cats find the will finds his first one because catwalks right through it right but for the most part the bear seemed to have been careful to cut the windows and inconspicuous places like the wilds of alaska. Although the one that will finds in the book in the subtle knife the one that the catwalks through isn't in alaska it isn't even the protected little garden of the tv show. It's on kind of a median island in the middle of sunderland avenue in oxford. Right where it intersects. The oxford ring road. You can look up this location on a map and see that the On google street view the hornby trees are still there. The hornby trees that The philip holman describes. Here's how the window is described in the subtle knife. When will finds it and this might help listeners. Understand why it is that more people. Don't walk through these windows all the time. It looked as if someone had cut a patch out of the air about two yards from the edge of the road. A patch roughly square in shape and less than a yard across if you level with a patch that it was edge on it was nearly invisible and it was completely invisible from behind you could see at only from the side nearest the road. And you couldn't see it easily even from there because all you could see through it was exactly the same kind of thing that lay in front of it on this side. A patch of grass lift by streetlight. The wheel new without the slightest doubt that the patch of grass on the other side was in a different world yet. Nevertheless as we've pointed out he only sees it because he sees the cat walked through it so arguably it's hard to see the windows unless you're actually looking for them. There's a reason for you to be looking for one there. I think that that could be the case Since so much of how. The subtle knife works has to do with being in a certain frame of mind right. Dust looks for you. If you're looking for it. Rob and even john perry who says to lease be that he walked through that first window in alaska by accidents while sort of getting lost in a blizzard was looking for windows. He may have been himself ben in that frame of mind. If you go looking for something it comes to you as well so by this theory. So let's talk about this episode and all that happens in it we're going to get to deep dive on. Mary malone and mrs cl tournament. But i want to start out by talking about the action centerpiece of this episode. Which is the heist lyra wills heist of the elite theater from sir charles. Lash rooms extremely fancy house. They figure out that lack trump's house corresponds in his world and his oxford with the location of the tower and sheet the gaza in the world that they're hanging out in will finally after a lot of experimentation not to to strain at the knife he's trying to lift a bookcase. He learns to just be chill about it and he starts to get better at cutting these windows between worlds. We should also be clear that sir trials lateran and lord boreal are the same guy. Oh yeah use them. Interchangeable you sir. Charles latch room when he's being particularly stuffy rich. And he's lord boreal when he's flirting with mrs coulter. Hi there this is david plots from the slate political gabfest. I'm mary harris of wet. Next joel anderson of hang up and listen and slow-burn season three. 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A month to sleep dot com slash support and so lyra with the aletha odor will has proven to be a pretty quick study with the knife. He has like a few difficulties at first but then he masters it or he at least succeeds at it. And there's even a scene where In this episode where pans has always getting good at this a lyra says he is and paradisea. The former former knife bear complimented will on how quickly learns to use it. There's something about will. And lyra that enables them to use these artifacts like the elite. The ometer and the knife almost instinctively. Or let's say intuitively. When other different people have to work very hard at it and partly this is because both devices have intentions of their own. The knife chooses will as its spare and the elite theon litter clearly sees an important purpose for lyra in the greater scheme of things that she's caught up in much in the same way that the witches prophecy does but and this is an an important point will and lyra are still children and the other people we see trying to learn how to use the elite theater and the knife are adults. We'll find out later why that distinction is so important. It's interesting to think about the devices having intentions of their own. And it's also interesting to think that it's possible. Those intentions are at the same. That'll be the arbiter and the knife seemed to be operating under similar principles. And maybe even by similar mechanisms. That doesn't mean that they they want the same things necessarily in that becomes an issue later on the story so entry to gaza eh While they're while was practicing the knife and while they're trying to figure out where they should be cutting these windows they run into tulio. Who's now the shell of his former self. Because he's been eaten by spector's consoled or at least plucked at by his sisters angelica and paolo and they are pissed at what has happened to him and pissed. When byron will foolishly start apologizing for it Angelica says will get you. Yes they blame will and lyra because We'll has the knife in the knife was the only thing that was protecting tulio from the specter. Said they consider will and lyra to have done this tulio an important point for pullman and one that he makes over and over again in this book is that children may be innocent in some sense but they are not necessarily good in this book in particular we see children behaving malevolent ways and frightening ways and this is something that will says more than once he has seen just as the result of having his mentally ill mother you know either being ostracised by by other kids or actually witnessing kids picking on his mother so he has seen the dark side of children in a way that even lyra hasn't Yes although children who deal with iran. Oxford maybe feel that they have seen that our children through that goes after them. So that night will and lyra enact their plan which has basically to cut their way from the gaza world into lord orioles house with hopefully without him ever knowing that they're doing it. The knife is a really good tool for hosting which. Maybe i mean. Come to think of it. The whole reason. That lord boyle watson in the first place so lyra rings the doorbell to distract him while we'll sneaks into the basement library but everything gets all thrown awry when mrs coulter discovers him trying to get the leafy honor and boy. Does this seem high. Seen divers from the book it really does in the book lyra and will have this sort of elaborate sort of scheme and they use the knife to creep stealthily around lord orioles house moving between this world and she's a gaza and back again so they can be completely unseen. It's it's just a like a stealth video game in a way And and in the process of doing this the eavesdrop on a conversation between boreal and coulter which reveals a lot of can formation. Such as what as real is up to which is something that doesn't even come up in this episode. And the fact that his anomaly in the book has changed the windows between the world so that it's now possible for people to travel from lila's world directly to will's world without going through cheetah gaza the series probably pretty sensibly is decided to just forget that whole development Lord boreal also explains in the book that he's been working as a spy and wills world and that's the source of sort of his power and influence in the series. He started a company so he's like a startup guy which is just two tiny. Why he's driving. Tesla helps to clarify the exact kind of asshole. he's turning into. Yeah so while will is sort of hiding and trying to locate the elite theater. So he can snatch it in the book and also in the series the golden monkey discovers him and there's a lot of rushing around and chasing and the and the golden monkey almost causes lyra to be captured but then the cat that will and lyra saved in chita gaza from being a you know the children were were tormenting it that cat attacks the monkey and then jokes expect through the window back to chita. Gaza will is definitely a person who is much favored by cats so in the in the in the book the two of them escape. And there's not really any real interaction between lyra and her mother that is put off for yet another day let alone a battle between their demons. So yeah here instead we get a whole scene a confrontation between mrs cool. Turn lyra in. Which mrs coulter seems to be holding out a kind of olive branch in the form of the leafy honor. She offers to give her the leafy ometer. She says she wants to teach her about dust. Seems like what she wants us to bond with lyra to reclaim her. In some way perhaps inspired by in the steps. She's had with boreal end with mary malone and she tells her stay away from that boy she will do nothing but harm which suggests shades of her own past the way that her dalliance with israel ruined her prospects in her world. Ira says i'm nothing like you. And she hisses at mrs culture and then pan leaps. The monkey demon. You know this sort of answers a question. You had from an early episode which question you wanted to know how big demons could get when they were still changeable well pan turns into a sake. What do you think that is fisher. No to gray honey. Badger turned into one of those ones. Great teeth doesn't give a cetera on the top of their heads style wolverine. Maybe that seems right anyway. When you're changeable and you go on the attack you get as big as you can get so that wolverine or whatever it is has got to be about the upper limit of pants size. I mean sure works because he really throws that monkey around laura. What do you think about this big change to the book. I say i don't really love the scene. And it's particularly for the fight between the demons. Which i just feel is too intense of a confrontation at a sort of middling point in the plot. I mean it is true that there is nothing that will make a girl more angry than to tell her that she's like her mother but to me it feels like it could have been played way down although i also feel like. I'm also the person who who doesn't care about fight scenes and generally views them as a as a really great time to head into the kitchen looking for a snack so i may not be the right person. I really liked this version. Actually and i'm. I'm the one who's often complaining about the ship. Bud you know the the sort of ocean's eleven style sneaky theft that's in the books intricate and fun. But i found this much more exciting and scary. Both her encounter with mrs coulter and wills encounter with boreal and the exchange between mrs coulter. Lyra seems revelatory for lyra right. Who later says she should doesn't like the way that she felt when pan attack the demon and it's really re watching it as is not that much of a fight. it is this wolverine. Just fucking tossing. Monkey around is a reversal of that scene. Where the the monkey subdues pan in. Mrs coulter's flat in london right and. She says she doesn't like that feeling. But it seems to me that for whatever it is that the series has cooking up for mrs coulter relationship with lyra which seems to me to be may be very different from what the books cook for the the culmination of their relationship. This seems to me to be a potentially important moment. And so let's zip back to the beginning of this episode and talk about what mrs coulter has gone through in her visits to our oxford so boreal brings her to oxford. And he's giving her. He's bringing her the best coffee and oxford and she's looking at all of these people who seem to the well who can tell she sees a woman with a laptop and a baby. There's obviously a lot going on in her head. Looking at this alternate version of the world and mean mile lord boreal who has always seemed so family smooth just becomes a complete dork. you know. And he's boasting about his stupid collection and he showing off his stereo speakers. No less. I mean the only way they could have made it. Worse was by giving him a collection of electric guitars and having show tour but Of all of his games. His seduction game is drastically remedial. He has no idea seduce a woman especially woman like mrs coulter and she is really unimpressed. I will say these sound out of his speakers is really extraordinary as he says. But yes you're right. It's like the only thing that could have been worse is if he pulled out his vinyl play a little something for for those who are curious that smooth track that he has chosen as a popular london. Soul duo from the mid ninety s called. The lighthouse family had no impact whatsoever in the united states. A very popular briefly in the nineties in the uk is definitely what would be playing in the lounge to am. What mrs coulter is interested in is not lord boreal but it is his mention of mary malone and the fact that lyra was interested enough in mary malone to stop by her lap so she decides she wants to meet her and boreal insists that she changes her clothes because mary malone would definitely be suspicious if fem vitol step straight out of a film nawar and showed up in her office. This episode answers. The eternal question would mariscal to wear jeans and the answer is no she analogy. No no no. There's a great little moment in the scene. Where she's about she's about to change and she served shoes out of the room and boreal stand. He makes this little sound. Which is her trademark mannerism. You know you could. You could make a super cut of mrs coulter going. I gotta say general. This episode is the most comedy rich of any episodes so far. Like just this little scene of her you know cruising jeans fantastic and the comedy i think only continues when mrs coulter locks her monkey demon in the bedroom so she can head off to the college on her own comedy. Beg to differ. Dan yes guild is supposed demon would not enjoy the scene at all. It's positively cruel what she does to that. Poor monkey wait. Are you seriously implying that you feel sorry for the monkey. He's a perversion of self respecting. Beeman but isn't he what his human has made him. I mean isn't mrs coulter self hatred. What makes him act that way. He's still has a choice. a- could behave better. Look i'm no fan of the monkey but this episode is so mean to him locking him in a bedroom getting attacked and thrown around by pan. That's awful and making him wear a seatbelt. Don't you dare laugh at that. I always wear a seatbelt and laura and driving the car. It's just safer so cute and his little harness totally humiliating. Oh god so. After her makeover. Mrs coulter stops by mary. Malone's lab and like the encounter episodes back between mrs cl turnley scores. Be this scene in. The series is a complete invention it does not appear on the books. So we're going to focus on it and this week's deep dive because i think it's useful to think about. Who is mary malone. And what does her life. tell us about. The life of mrs coulter so laura. We know that mary moloney used to be done before she became a scientist. She talked aligarh about that. The show gives her a sister and nieces but no other strong family connections romantic connections. So what do we know about dr. Mary malone without spoiling too much about what we might learn about her later. Is it about her. That makes her your favorite character. Well what i love about. Mary is her curiosity. And we talked in the last episode. About what pullman considers to be goodness in a person and i think that this quality curiosity is part of that. But there's a difference between the sort of open curiosity of mary malone and the more directed curiosity of say lord boreal or mrs coulter even lord azriel. Mary isn't after power glory. She's not single-minded she's not blinkered the way those characters are. There's the sort of patient humility to her curiosity. She wants to understand the world around her and she also wants to understand her effect on it. She is not the type to tear whole between the universes without considering the consequences to the world or creatures besides herself and s- precisely because she's opened in this way that she's able to read elite grasp. That lyra is from another world. I mean mary's not a fool. She mistrusts lord boreal. She knows the paleface man is up to no good but she has this openness to what she sees that is in some ways the essence of of a of a scientist and she doesn't insist on imposing an existing framework on it. So she's she's willing and able to make the leap to appreciating who lyra really is in the book a lot of openness assertive presented in these little asides of well. We're about to lose our funding. So i might as well or while. This wouldn't even be the weirdest thing that's happened to me today. So i guess i'll give it a try you know. I guess i'll have my itching up to the to the To the computers cave But i think it's not only that and i agree with you that is openness and curiosity is the difference between hurricanes of science and the quote unquote science alert azriel is pursuing which is really a single minded quest for something which we don't quite know what it is yet you know he has. He's makes a lot of big statements but what it is he actually intends to do is sort of between him and his demon I what i really like about her. As well as the way that her open mindedness seems to track with the the the muddiness of the thing that she's studying right these. These shadow particles are themselves and mysteries. That only come to you when you open yourself up as she says when you open your mind and a particular way in order to observe them there observing you as much as you're observing them and i liked that this character known about her this openness and curiosity is the exact reason why when lead gently in the right direction by lyra. She is the person the dust chooses to communicate with in the way that does and of course she's in the right place she's got the lab and the computers and everything but it's clear that the dust does this because she's right she's the person who dust feels is. The is the right person to take the next step the giant step the marian takes in this episode and And you mentioned that. She's no fool but she also is open to new experiences an open to new ideas and so that's why it's very touching to see the scene between mary moloney. Mrs cooler in which mary malone is cautious with mrs cooler but she's also interested in her. She's interested in what this what she believes to be the scientist and what she believes to be the mother of this extraordinary person who she met lyra silver tongue. What this person might offer her what she might be able to lean to learn from us. Let's listen to a little bit of this scene between mary and mrs coulter. I wanted to apologize to you. In person. in case she was a nuisance wasn't a nuisance in the slightest. I love to meeting era. It was the most interesting conversation. I've had an address the ideas. She has what i do is about the morality of dark matter or What she calls dosed her grasp on quantum physics is astonishing and the compass relationship. Yes how she's able to understand it. I have no idea. it's extraordinary. What do you think it means. Mrs coulter to hear these things about lyra from this to her very odd person as female scholar. I think she realizes that in a way she knows lyra that. She's never really had a conversation with her. That would enable her to see what mary seen in lyra when the two of them briefly live together in london. Mrs coulter treated lyra like a sort of mini. Me you know. She was basically instructing her on how to be like her and that is how to control herself how to be feminine and the three conventional way and how to regard the world as she does you know like a a sort of network of advantages that she can latch onto if she skillful enough So this is like a problem that some parents have this inability to perceive their children as independent people and not just as extensions of themselves. And it's in line with mrs cultures idea that that there was really only one kind of person that she could be and therefore only one person that lyra could be so talking to this person who has seen lyra in this completely different way and who comes from a completely different idea and is an expression of a completely different idea of what women can be in this world. I think is a really potent moment from mrs coulter on a couple of different levels as she starts to think about not only that she never really saw lyra and barely knows her but that the version as you say of herself that she was presenting to lyra is a version that she is becoming more and more disillusioned with and mary asked mrs culture to tell her more about her research. Experimental theology which of course she's never heard of because it doesn't exist in her She asked her what she's published. Yasser the questions that scientists ask each other when they respect each other when they're genuinely curious in each other's work and as soon as that happens mrs coulter's out the fucking door and this scene. Are you know in a in a way. Similar to the coulter lease scores seen plays a little bit like fan fiction kind of right. It's two characters who never meet but you're curious about what would happen if they do me. In fact i. I went straight over to An archive of our own to see if such fan fishing exists and there is in fact story written just a couple of weeks ago at least one. That is a version of this very encounter. Mrs coulter showing up at mary. Malone's office to talk to her now. That scene is a bit more sexually charge. As is the tradition often in fan fiction But it's it has similar dynamics and and plays with similar things and so it was so fascinating for me to see this. And i really liked it as an addition to this world. What did you think of this edition in this world. I i really liked this to one. Of course ruth wilson amazing actress and in her face. We see so many things we see one. You know her realization that the daughter that she loves so much she barely knows. We see to her picking up this paper with mary. Malone's name on it. And in that she is feeling just the loss and the waste of her her talents and her intellect i mean she is sort of on top in her own world images always so elegant and poised in command However suddenly she you know exerts her power but mary really makes her feel inadequate. And then another thing that i. i'm just realizing as i think about. This is that she. Also there's you know she leaves when mary says. Oh make you a cup of coffee. Let's sit down and talk and it made me think about whether mrs coulter has any friends. And i don't think she really does and so she's also possibly seeing someone who in another life could have been her friend another better version of herself. You know just all the things that make this woman who seem so desirable and so Quipped and and and effective you know just feel completely broken in inadequate. Yeah i think that's exactly right. And i've never really thought about whether mrs coulter has friends because how could creature so elevated even need friends. She has her social circle. That comes to the party by. I don't think that she has anyone really to talk to. And and unlike everyone else in her world she doesn't even really have her demon to talk to she doesn't have that lifelong companion who everyone is supposed to have. So she's even more isolated than anyone also in her world as in the notion of just sitting down with this person who if she had lived a different life could have just been a colleague or friend or someone she just likes to shoot the shit about experimental theology with his painful for her in You see these these losses sort of piling up and they all come out in a way in the conversation afterwards that she seen between culture and boreal in the library in which lord boreal ashur. Well what did you think of. Mary malone and her answer and the way that boreal interprets that answer is really fascinates me. Let's listen to a little bit of that moment out due to climate in patent tree. I found it like many women in this world. Do you find me. Of course take a breath clearly. Did you know when i was on reese gotta. I achieved the highest results in our final examination. But because i was a woman i was denied a doctorate by the majesty. I've written plenty of papers only published. If i agreed that a man take the credit. So i'm so interested by what is happening to mercer coulter right now is a right before this scene. We see her rejecting her. Monkey demon. sorry gilded. That's what she does right after the scene is the moment where lyra and will break in and we see her make this kind of offering to her daughter. So what do you think the show is doing with his character. What direction is pointing her in and learn. You think that it works. Well i mean there's two ways to look at this as we talked about in the last episode. Mrs coulter is being confronted by one figure after another who represents an alternate path. She might have taken the witches in their freedom. Lee scores be in his ability to get past the abuse in his past and not perpetuated and now mary malone who isn't rich or powerful or glamorous like culture but who has been able to fulfil herself in a way. Mrs coulter has never been able to. So when she's looking at lyra she could either see finally an opportunity for connection and to be genuine into be nurturing and to be a mother. I mean we do see her looking at a mother with a baby stroller at the beginning of the episode or she could be seeing in lyra version of herself with all that potential encourage. And maybe that's who alive. We're really is but lyra does not want to be told that she's like her mother and if she weakens at all during that offer. You know i'll teach you about. Dust is not completely clear to me that that lyra is a wannabe scholar. So i don't know how even genuine this reaching out is if if she is not if mrs culture is nine fact reaching out to sort of the girl she wants was more than to the girl that lyra actually is certainly genuine unsensitive as of right. Now it's all that coulter knows about her. Yes yes it's true. It's true she. That liar has been going to the to the lab and and talking to mary malone asking about dust and learning about dust but she had she lived with lyra for awhile and liar is not i guess lyra will maybe eventually become a scholar but the child. She's she is right now as more of an adventurer than anything else. So it's you could look at it either way. I think it's open to both interpretations but what is clear is that the meeting with mary. Jo malone has just really cracked mrs coulter open and after that she has to go back to lord boreal 's layer and he's just fatuous in the way he patronizes her and views as collectible and it causes her to lash out at him in a way that she hasn't so far in the past. I think you're right that this meeting has been crucial for her. And i think that the scholars plural that are the subject of this episode Going to continue to be very important in watching the directions that they go from this meeting. I think it's going to be good. To view this meeting is an inflection point for each of them and that the the pass it sends them on are gonna be crucial to the way that this series ends and the way that the series views though the roles that its primary grown women can play in the future of the the world's that it encompasses so yes so boyle doesn't take the hints from mercy coulter. She continued that she is just not the lady for him and he straight up says like in showing you all this. I was showing you this. Because i thought this might be a life that you would want to share. First of all you He's already made it clear. He does not like arrogant women as he used the women of of this world. And second of all. We've had a bunch of questions about laura boreal throughout. We tried untangle him a little last episode. Are there new things that we learn about him. Here what what does this episode. Tell us about carlo oriole. I ain't it confirms that he is some kind of profiteer that he's the collector that is attitude towards mrs coulter is that of a collector accuses him of and he just you know his inability to see that. Of course. she's incredibly arrogant. How could he not think she was arrogant. And has not been paying any attention at all so it could be just that. He's just way more of an idiot than he seemed. Before i mean i feel like this episode really flips him. I guess you know this is partly a symptom of what pullman himself sometimes called his potemkin village approach to like world belting. He would get questions from fans about aspects of libraries world. How demons work and there were questions. He'd never considered because as he often put it. He wants to create enough of a world to macon environment for the story to move forward. But he's not like one of these model railroad. Biller builder tight authors like. Jr tolkien's he. He just wants to move the story forward and i have a feeling that while he was mostly talking about the environments in the setting for his novels it might also be the case that lord boreal is a bit of a potemkin village character and a potemkin villages. Maybe i should explain that. It's like the false fronts of old western buildings that were used as sets for movie productions when people didn't want to have to build the whole building and it was something that was set up when as our i don't know which one was traveling around russia people would put up these villages that looked these fake villages that looked great so that the czar would be would be complacent about the excellent condition of the russian countryside when exactly the opposite case. Yeah you know. I do think that you're potentially right that. In that this character serves various needs for phillip pullman. To just get things moving and that that's the kind of character who often seems the most inconsistent in an adaptation. The character who who's a purely applaud character. But who when you when you he's inhabited by an actual living breathing actor particularly good actor just like doesn't track exactly And as we've said on the books he's much more of a doofus and in this scene he seems much more under even under mrs coulter spell not even wooing her just sort of like bewitched by her And that happens again and again to him. And so i think that hunting for characterization that remains consistent for lord boreal this story may be maybe a hunch that will just disappoint people. But maybe there's some maybe there's some thing that still awaits him. That will surprise us in this series. They certainly have a good enough actor for at that. If there's some turn he's gonna take the we don't understand. I believe that this actor can absolutely pull it off meat. So i agree. Yeah so after the stolen Now explains to mrs coulter. Why he thinks they can't go after. The children in gaza explains about specter's that they inhabit this world and that they get adults and its when. He says that they get adults. Not children the. Mrs coulter makes this connection between inspectors and dust and she says something curious something that seems like. It's going to have ramifications. Well once you understand something you can master it. Yeah this series is in and the trilogy is kind of a long quest to understand dust and while it's true once you can understand something you are more likely to be able to master it but mastering dust seems like a pretty tall order while we'll see what she pulls off. Honey while over at the majesty cerium the fraud are already starting to rumble with discontent under the new cardinal mcphail. They're losing control of the north which is just blew up a bunch of their zeppelin's so cardinal mcphail pulls a stalin and Basically comes up with a pretext for a father graves of doubt and throwing them into the dungeons and then he orders from kabul. Who seems completely gormless in the scene to find out what. Mrs coulter is up to easing the theater. So we should have full results on that one and the next seven eight months and year. Mary moloney in her lab after her encounter with mrs coulter gets a message from dust. Let's listen to that message preparing for this. As known as you you make a journey which start when pay god so i checked the closing credits this week and i learned that this voice of dust the voice. We like so much it is the. I assume heavily processed voice of the actress sophie. Okay nato and that-that voice has a name. The name is not just the name as zephenia mysterious and exotic name. Mary does succeed obeying the dusk. Is her these orders. You must deceive the guardian. They all sound like the orders given to a character and a great math. But that's exactly what she does. Lord boreal has set up some kind of checkpoint at the Window where the horn beam trees are and she goes there and the guy who's guarding it and sh- she kind tricks him to think she's mrs coulter which is a nice touch She is the good mother. Figured mrs cultures bad and then she walks through the window and boom. She's in chita gaza the ease with which she fooled that guardians suggests that once again. Lord boreal sir. Charles latram may not be As clever as we once thought he was a judge. A person by the worth of the people he employs he seems to have a trump ability to find just the most hapless idiotic henchman and set them off in various jobs that they then completely failed to do in the books. There's actually the guard actually has a line. That's like well good thing. You're not married alone. Because i've been told to arrest her if i see her and she's like oh no i'm not her So mary moloney now. She's gaza Zephenia the voice promised her that you'd be protected presumably. She meant from specter's and boy do i hope she's right Because i do not want the series taking a turn and just immediately having mary moloney be devoured by spector's that would suck. i expect. We'll find out what happens in episode six malice. Please join us then for that episode. In the meantime talk to us. We want to hear from you on twitter. I'm anxious and laura is admissions book and you can email us a question or a comment at ask the authority all one word at slate dot com our producer phil circus slates editorial director for audio is gabriel roth. I'm dan close. And gilda. I'm laura arm sake and remember without stories. We wouldn't be human beings at all. I'm sake and i'm quite safe in the car.

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