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What's up everybody? Welcome to kind of funny games. Daily firm. Monday March fourth twenty nineteen. I'm one of your host, Greg Miller alongside the busies leading the business. Andrea rene. Let's get grab it. Sure. Does it new? I haven't seen this one. This is not near. This is one of my shirts that I got in Tokyo came back from T G S. Last fall. Very nice rain. Minnesota a lot of teacups on if you're an audio listener does and it's got. Got the tie which I have gotten really into lately. Yeah. A lot of the shirts in Tokyo. Head ties down into it. Also, it's March what happened. Vajna flash. So this I'm so division on the brain. Now. Andrea just like so insane to get to the fifteenth. Once we get to the fifteenth. I won't even have realized that the months gone. And then it's the kind of the Kansas City, meet and greet. And it just keeps tumbling out of control like that. And it's going to be three before you know, it, and then it'll be the end of three it'll be holiday season Christmas Oliver again. Yeah. Right around the corner. He's working harder. Then all going to be a wild one. I'm excited video games. They don't slow down. There's nothing. What did you do this weekend? You get twenty thing. Yes. I did. So I finally like, I'm using air quotes here rolled credits on anti. I did I actually didn't get the credits to roll. I don't know if it was a bug or it was because I wasn't the party leader figure out why the credits didn't actually trigger, but I can watch them from the the main menu. I believe but finish the story. And then I also, of course was in the division. Beta. It was really fun. I was so conflicted the whole time because I'd playing I've played this beta content times all the preview event that we've gone to. And we're going to have to play it again 'cause the progresses and carryover. So you did all the stuff you get all the little trinkets and stuff for the game. Isn't it just that one little White House trinket for your backpack known? It depends on what you did. I made sure I did it all because I'm just participated. You got something. Participating in the beta the the American flag skin for the gun if you participate there's if you complete the dark zone intro mission. You get the little dark zone trinket for your bag. There's the the trinket you're talking for your bags. I just participating in. Then if you beat the endgame mission, you got a Capitol Hill patch, and I had to fucking have it all. Kit looks good and just as a heads up. If you guys are really excited about the division to Greg is we put up a very special episode called the division to recreate in Washington DC on what could games, it's a long form interview with khloe mood, Julian Garrity, and Chad Chatterton of the members from massive entertainment talking about all the in-depth work. They did. In recreating fuss, destroying Washington DC is really fascinating. I have really nice tidbit with Julian in the middle of the episode where we talk about if his team was looking to other groups doing games of services for inspiration or maybe things to avoid and it was a really interesting conversation. So if you're interested, please check it up dot com slash what's it is not on YouTube. But as an audio only thing because it was forty minutes long. We didn't have enough bureau Scher to cover it. And at this last event there was no capture available. So wherever you listen to podcast feeds, whether it's overcast or the items app. Play. You can also find out what good games. Dot com. If you don't have a podcast app installed on your phone. I might do that. I a drive to do that. We have division questions from you the audience, but I this is kind of funny games daily each and every week Dan variety platforms. We run you through the video game news, you need to know about if you like that be part of the show head over to patriot dot com slash kind of funny games where you can submit your questions. Comments concerns? Bad PS end names and everything else under the video game son, then tune in watch it live as recorded on twitch dot TV slash kinda funny games. If you're watching live, you of special job, go to kind of funny dot com slash you're wrong. And tell us what we screw up as we screwed up. So we can set the record straight for everybody watching later on YouTube dot com slash kind of funny games and rooster teeth dot com as well as everybody listening on podcast services around the globe. It's weird. I don't the printer. Just said, no, the producer note, everyone the office today and quit. So I can't show us doing around. That works. They wouldn't be talking about how the vita is dead dead officially dead dead talking about experiment companies now apologizing AMA and so much more. But I for you, remember, ladies and gentlemen, the kind of funny world tour is rolling on at the end of the month here in March. We're going to Kansas City, Missouri. You can go to kind of funny dot com slash events. Here about the flying saucer meet and greet that is open to the public and free to get into you have to bring your own money for booze and stuff. However, we're also with the planet Comecon there. We're doing a whole bunch of different panels me hosing, the superman one with dean Cain, Tom willing. Michael Rosenbaum Knicks Pino interview and Henry Winkler. I think Tim in eighty are gonna play some stuff on twitch. There's so much stuff. You can go over to kind of dot com slash events to find out about that. And remember them the weekend after that, we are in New York. Now, this also means that I'm sure my hotel will have bad internet connection. I need recommendations on where I can take a PlayStation for in New York to play division somewhere. Because I'm we're gonna be there a lot of days. I'm not going to be able to play division cable hardwired that'll be better. Is it going to be? But what are we gonna are even in a hotel? Did you book us in some Airbnb? I don't know. I'm just the guy who goes toe tells have either cables, and you can use while you're in internet. That's my thing. Do do. I remember back in the day. I stick with me back in Missouri. Right. When I worked on the newspaper. I did probably who've two thousand three about a place where you could go try XBox three sixties out and stuff like that. Make sense Thailand was two thousand five to six about China. Xbox sixties and stuff like a gamer is launch do those exist anymore. Those take off. I don't think saying cafes all over. All right. I got a lot to figure out when I go. So you might not realize this, but you can get a surprisingly fast connection by tether into your phone, depending on what your plan is. We're talking about before I'm grandfathered into the unlimited data. And if I do this Rome if I switch it over it's a whole thing. Why would you need to switch it over? They say when I click on it. We'll talk about it off air. Also. Thank you, the patriots, Tom Bach and black Jack today, we're brought to you by Brooklyn and head space. But I'll tell you about that later for now, let's begin the show with what as an forever will be the rope reports. Time. Five. Those are all right for real for the last time. No more talking about it. All right earlier last month, we talked about how the the the Japanese PlayStation site had enough data to say production ending soon on the PlayStation vita. That's when we said, our goodbyes we through the dirt on the coffin over a games industry. Bid biz Hayden Taylor. Updated the article that say the long death of the place should be the has finally drawn to close after PlayStation Japan, shipped its last batch of consuls, according to the official product page Sony discontinued the platforms to remaining excuse the news lines with last year's comes from Sony, interactive entertainment, senior, vice president here Yuki Ota who said production would end in two thousand nineteen and there were no plans for successor. So it's done. We've already cried our eyes out about the Andrea we've talked about persona we've talked about free to Moore's veto was great machine screwed over. It's gone. Now, though we need to move on embraced the switch by about. All right. Okay. Then also bring persona five or switch. Okay. Never happen, Greg. You know what? No. I've heard rumors. Andrea there rivers. They have little avatars in weird names. And they're saying it's could happen persona deep in your heart. I want to believe. The harmless believe Andrea now, you know, how this business works in smash brothers. So there you go. So his cooking over there injury. Rene you're gonna be you're going to be eating crow one day to sure jeopardy. Take a video screen shot of this crow and somebody puts on an emulator illegally. And then it'll be on switch crush streams like this. It's monday. We're supposed to keep our hopes. Number to teach Nordic parent company has apologized for that AMA over on atrium. This is from Brennan's declare also were games industry. This. Of course, we talked about this last week TQ Nordic went on in a place. That's the wild wild wild wild while dark net of the internet and people fucking putting up child porn and all sorts of gross shit, and it's delisted by Google, and they went and didn't AMA there and was like what the fuck and they're like what? And then they're like, okay. No. We get it. And they're like, did you really get it? And there's a long back and forth, but picking up with Brinson Claire if you remember when asked for comment issue, Nordic AB co-founder Tiki Nordic AB, of course, being the parent company of TST Nordic co founder and group CEO, LARs wing, fours, initially said only that Brock this is the guy who would set up the had already addressed the matter. Six days later wing fours has offered his own statement addressed to. Hugh, Nordic employees partners and consumers. This letter is offer my sincerest apologies and regret for teach Nordic GmBH Vienna's interaction with the controversial website eight Chan last Tuesday, February twenty six I condemn all unethical content. This website stands for even if no one within the issue, nor to group whatever endorse such com content. I realize simply appearing there gave an implicit impression that we did as co founder and group CEO, Hugh Nordic aby, I take full responsibility for all of tissue GmBH is actions and communications I have spent the past several days conducting an internal investigation into this matter. I assure you, but every member of the organization has learned from this past week events. I take this matter very seriously. And we will we will take appropriate action to make sure we have the right policies and systems in place to avoid similar mistakes in the future as a Swedish based fast growing group. We firmly support equality and diversity. We are also working actively to combat discrimination, harassment and. Misconduct. We already in the process of building Newark processes based on the United nation. SDG's this est development goals and using JIRA global reporting initiative standards, and we will celebrate this work going forward and of statement, Andrea. Yes, Greg too little too late. No, I don't think it's too little too late. I think he absolutely needed say statement, I talked about that at length. What's good last week? And we talked about it a little bit on the show. I'm glad that he came out and said something now instead of waiting even longer. Clearly, he needed to make sure that his statement was properly worded and they were going out with the right message. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to really nail down. If you have multiple groups you have to talk to. And so I'm glad that he did this. I think that teach nor Nordic can obviously back from this. This is clearly the result of one person's actions, but the CEO has to take responsibility because it's their brand being put out there. We talk about this all the time that you should never blanket. Judge an. Entire company base off the actions of the few or of the single person. And I stand by that. I'm not saying that teach a bad company because of what happened last week. I'm glad that the CEO took responsibility and made an apology. Gee, I think the only thing. I would have done differently. As if I'm LARs and I'm doing the internal investigation. Right. I would have said that at the front because it did seem awkward or awkward in his seemed dismissive last time last week when he was like Brock statement is the statement. That's the statement. But I felt like that felt I understand where you're coming from your internally investigating not to mention you're on your heels. What the fuck just happened? It's still a thing of like, well, no, he's the guy who fucked up should he be the guy making the statement on top of it. What does he speak for the company? Absolutely. I agree with you one hundred percent that the CEO should have said, something sooner and should be only person to say something. But we all know how these legal teams are it can be quite complex. I'm sure they're lawyers were advising the CEO to be very cautious with his statements. I think the way they handled it was very poor last week. Does this make up for it? No. Is it a band-aid? Sure. Am I gonna be salty about this in a month? No. Yeah. Again, like this is what we talked about on the day when we were guess the day after when we're recapping all this year on games. I don't think that was one of your episodes. It was the idea right of. Okay. You've apologize now. It's like based on the given your words now show the actions, right? And so I mean that is the the the battle here. Right. The climb on this just like, yeah. Is it gonna matter? No. If they do everything, right? And they just get back to making games and doing the, you know, who cares. It was a a fucking weird stupid. Fuck. Why would you do that? But now you get to move on with the business of it. If that's what you're doing. And again, I think it is. You know worth pointing out, you know, as large points on a statement right there Swedish based company, like I don't, you know, there's a lot going on over there where I doubt for a lot of the leadership that English as a first language. So it is this whole thing of like what the fuck eight Chan this back and forth. Trying to figure out the actual interest in intricacies of it beyond whatever happened and not discounting Brock who I think did know what it was. And did all that different stuff. Clearly knew exactly it's interesting Tiki Nordic continues to boggle my mind at every turn. I even real company are they own everything. And they're gonna buy kinda funny at some point. I'm sure that's another thing they've acquired like what the hell why? Number three, the Witcher three game director or one of the Witcher three-game directors joined cyberpunk twenty seventy seven team this is Jody MacGregor over game or dot com. Conrad Tamaz key wigs who one of the tree of creative directors on the which three has joined the cyberpunk twenty seventy seven team in January. It was revealed that Sebastian upon also creative director on the Witcher three as well. As a narrative and setting director cyberpunk twenty seventy seven have left CD project read to work for blizzard, the new guide Conrad say because I'm gonna put your once. I went to him the mistake wits. Conrad maybe filling the gap adopting roles as vice president of the game development and design director for cyberpunk twenty seventy seven according to his linked in profile originally spotted by poster on Reddit those resume updates men. So you get you. That's how they get you. I'm all for anybody from the Witcher three team coming over and being on. I'm super cyberpunk. I loved what you're three even though I didn't get to to deep into it. I want to deepen a cyberpunk. I'm all about this are you where are you right now with your height for cyberpunk on a scale of one to ten it's like a six is that just because we don't have information on when it's coming. That's part of it. Also, these massive open world games generally aren't at the top of my hype list. I like an open world game. I like an action RPG first person which I prefer over third. But I just I'm like cool like the whole idea of cyberpunk as a narrative genre in media at large is just not something that I've ever been really drawn to. But I trust that CD project ride is going to take time with this and make it really great knowing all of the work that they did on the Witcher three and all the work. They did post launch on the Witcher that clearly set them up financially to be able to have the ability to do more development on cyberpunk than maybe they were afforded when they started. The Witcher three projects you're. Yeah. That that's the big. I mean, exciting pieces in this is no disrespected Gwent, I think which are three was city project Red's coming up hardy in terms of like holy shit. These guys are on another level. Now, they are AAA they you know, they can go toe-to-toe anybody industry, and then take the success of that the goodwill of that right of which three with all the deal free. Here's a thank you letter in the game to take all of that. And now have their next triple a major release on the horizon, it's going to be super exciting to see what the money time. And you know, I'm sure grow faith had since then is able to afford them for this game. Absolutely. And I think my hype will grow as we see more like after three this year. I think it will definitely go up a couple notches. Then once we get a little bit closer to launch. Because you know, there's just too much to be hype about right now, it's you got to save some hype. You got to understand number four dreams is going to have game templates built in. This is from Leon Hurley games radar. There's a great interview up there from leeann whole bunch of the media molecule team. I'm pulling a specific paragraph here though. There were people in dreams the dreams beta that just made props some painted others rigged and animated entire characters or designed complex AI logic for the community use lots simply took all this and used it to create something entirely new just using these things other people had made in shared. It's an easy or as it's as easy or as hard as you wanna make it and to make game creation even easier. The alpha releasing in spring twenty nineteen we'll be adding templates these according to creative director marquee Lee are quote, a starting point for a certain John of games. So we've got a first person shooter template, for example. It's just like a very simple white box version of a shooter. So you just take that and you can instantly start pulling your own art in and you have to worry about. How do I make first person shooter? We've done it for a first person shooter. There's a to decide scrolling platformer there's a whole bunch of really obvious genres driving a car different things like that. And quote again highly recommend going over two games Rita radar. Checking out this entire piece because it goes into a whole bunch of different stuff of the philosophy here. And the fact that they are really. Like, there's one of the medium alco team members describing as like it's a game engine. We've made a game engine. It's a game engine on counsel's. That's how they're going to try to talk about this and sell it, which is an interesting tactic. Because we've talked about it so much of the show of how are you going to get this mainstream? How are you going to market it to the masses during an NBA game? And I think that you know, what they've talked about putting out the just the career pack here that you can buy the spring when it actually releases just the creation, tools and sweets. That's a great way of getting people in there, and yeah, just making sure there's now thousands of levels in thousands of creation. So that whenever the full game does drop in. That's what's going to get other people in great. But I do also think that this is a great way of choline get cheaper. Now. Get into crater tools. I don't want the creator to play. What's created great? But then also when you do want to tinker around with it when you do want to chip away at a trophy or something like that. And you get in there you see. Oh, well, there are I can get into this first person thing that I first shooter template, and then see how it all starts to work. That's really interesting. Yeah. Absolutely set yourself up for success. Right. Exactly. I've always been excited to see what happens with dreams. I've always been curious about what happens with dreams. It seems like they're making some good decisions right now in terms of marketing messaging and everything else on very fascinating. But actually pays off because I've been so worried since this game went into stasis so ago. Yeah, you have very good reasons to be worried. I think we as people who are very heavily involved in the games industry side of video games at large have much different perspective on dreams because we've been watching it as it went into early access and then into beta and now we're you know, we're talking about these templates at their building. But I think about the person who's walking into like a target or best buy or game stop around the country or around the world looking at that on a shelf. Having never heard a single thing about what dreams is. And maybe not even knowing who media molecule is as a studio because quite frankly, the average game by doesn't probably even look at the name of the developments duty on the back of the box much like most people who go to movies don't know the name of the production company behind the film. Sure. And go how are they going to know what dreams is all about? I didn't still waiting to see what PlayStation is going to do from a marketing angle once we get to that retail point to go home. I gonna convince those people who have no idea what this is to play this game. Use that way. I think was an easy sell. Of course. Secondly was and he was he was successful. Whether you played the game or not that was always the thing. Right. He wants to us. And I remember seeing the I'll of it'll be interesting to see if. How much does the media molecule campaign of dreams really matter to it? You know what I mean? Because that's what they're waiting for. Right. They're like, we're putting out the creation tools, you'll have a whole bunch levels of some of our levels and people creating putting on their it strikes me as that you could let that ride in a fortnight or Minecraft way of like yet. The creator already did the beta, but like the creator just word of mouth. It's this is what it is. Right. And this is the creators beta the crater program and there's more coming eventually. But I don't think anybody's gonna be pounding on the door looking for the I think they're putting out there totally expecting hopefully that catches fire with the hardcore PlayStation audience with the people like us that are dialed into the gaming community with people who wanna play kooky crazy levels or create coup crazy levels, right? Because there are going to be plenty people. I think that by that. And when it drops that way, I think there's a large majority of people who pick it up are going to pick it up. Well, this is the game. Like, I don't I'm not really gonna wait till I got gotta see when they get to actually the media molecule storyline part of dreams. No, nobody really cares about that. Because again, the weird. Imp that were making taking things over, and it's all very cute though. It's cute. But it's also abstract like the never going to be sacked. Boy. No. Of course, not. Yeah. Because you can customize your exactly so. So I think you could cost my sack boy. Right. But that was the best part. That's the thing. That's the thing. You can have the little pouf ball amp. But I could have a little cat. No, no. You're always looks like the right? But it takes things it takes things over there's a bunch of other little Imps. You can choose from. We get with the glasses on them. So what the cat? Oh, you mean like the little nose looks like a cat. See I still feel. Well, it's got like ears and everything, but it's still the teardrop him. Now. It's like rounder, I'll show you you should show me because I'm pretty sure I thought you make an amp in the you're always have little and then you can take over anything can choose which impure want this fucking game. This is what I'm talking about. This is the nobody watching NBA is going to be in that game with the cat. That's the thing. I need create final fantasy. And that's the game. I need number five on the rope report. Apex hit fifty million players world. Rod congratulations to conversation earlier like is this where are we getting into the territory where it was with G and Minecraft? And like, hey, there's new milestone, no is super successful super successful. Congratulations everybody. So. Yeah. Congratulations everybody. And then yes, the st-. Story number six which broke as soon as we went here. Apparently, there's a problem with anthem. I'm getting as you get it. I actually heard about this over the weekend. And I didn't know if it would be worthy enough to talk about because it's hard to know. How wide spread this issue? Three paragraphs from Kentucky. How that we'll go from there? This is this is from Ethan gach Gotch got. I would say rates, right? RICHS gach gosh gosh gauche, it's even from Dhaka headline is anthem player. Say the game is shutting down and even sometimes bringing their floors. It's been a rough launch for by wears new shooter. And some PlayStation four players are now finding the game occasionally shuts off their system as well. Quote, win countering a crash or game air. Sometimes I get booed is the main menu or out of the game completely to the PlayStation for dashboard user who goes by the name for the masters posted on the game sub it over the weekend. But twice now when trying to match me on PS four it is completely turned off the rest of the threat is filled with other commenters saying the same things happen to them. Both the standard PlayStation four and PlayStation, four pro sometimes completely out of the blue other times while they're trying to exit the game the PlayStation four then treats it as an improper shut off as the power as if the power cord has been pulled their several reports on the game's official form of this happening as well quote. The console powers down will not power on using the normal method of pressing the PlayStation for button on the controller wrote one player. It is the same as if someone pulled the plug out without properly shutting on hardware, or if the power went out in the house, sometimes the button on the front of the council works, but other times I have to unplug the console and then plug it back in neither Sony oria responded for request to comment. Yeah. That's goes on like that. When they were saying oh here. One one player. He was at brick their council, quote PSA to anthem players on PlayStation that experience complete shutdown on the consuls stop playing the user the mad titan gauntlet posts read it last night, my place in the PlayStation has been completely brick to the point of not even turning because of anthem they said they really liked the game despite all the issues, and they just wanted to warn other players about the potential danger to the council in follow up Email to talk you the person said that they were playing on the call of duty World War Two limited PlayStation for which came out only year and a half ago. We've also gotten some tips. See this is a developing story. Obviously seeing that I haven't run into that. I'm playing on a PlayStation four PLO. I'm playing on a PlayStation for pro. But I don't know if they put out a patch recently because it was that I would last played on Thursday, maybe maybe Wednesday, and then I got into division stuff this weekend. So I haven't been back to anthem awhile. But you were playing last night. Yes. I was all your request to play too late. Sorry. It's okay. I saw that you were back in in in Greece. But I want to get aware that deal. See sassy episode. The final episode of the deal see for about another game that I'm sadly behind. It's embarrassing at this point. I just need to say no to everybody and just stay home every shirt. Yeah. Sucks. We know. Hey, no, more work. No, more friends. No more nothing just games catch up on everything. But so this anthem issue is obviously very concerning. I'm sure one hundred percent positive that people both at bio. Aware at EA and PlayStation are investigating this in working for fix because the thread that I saw was here's how to get your anthem refund into to do with actually like oh my gosh. Be careful. You could bring your console people were like, this is how you can convince Sony to give you your refund about like, hey, it's like shutting down the game and it's hard crashing. And quite frankly, I've had a hard crash in almost every single game. I've ever played on both my councils, quite frankly. And I just notice it more my place 'cause I play more on my PlayStation. I play more games. Exactly. And it's concerning because you know, you never want to run into a situation where you're getting any kind of data corruption or Dame junior hardware, not turn back on right? That seems like a super extreme rare case, which sucks, and like there's no getting around that that super fortunate, and that's what's interesting to speaking out of turn here. And I haven't read the article as we just did the peace there. Consuls do brick. I don't know if that's anthem right? Like that'd be the thing of like if there's one person on this threat of everybody being like him. I think crashes all the time, but his brick than maybe it's consul. It's very possible. I could be anthems of all the could not be like, it's hardware heartbreaks sometimes that sucks, and it's just part of owning tech. So just say, this is something you're concerned about obviously, you know, always be hitting that upload data. Every time you close your game to make sure all your saves around the cloud, so everything. Yeah. Everything else you can you can restore on a new system. So. Your hair looks good. Greg looks like I got one. That's doing some weird thing up there. Turn this way. Oh, I see it. Yep. While Andrea fixes me. I can't wait to see how the heroic look when it's done, but that's still so far away. It doesn't worry about. That's still so far away injury came and did the mom and ships. The officials vote coming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of funny games Ayla show hosts each and every weekday to to to to do to. Today old man's journey on Xbox One very beautiful game and easy platinum. So I assume an easy one thousand points on really loved it on switch. It's great black desert on Xbox One doom and destiny on PlayStation for grits reysen on PC MAC, and then can taro's revenge on PC I hear grits racing. And I think about grits like the food one hundred percent one hundred that's what it is. I hope it somebody pouring a bowl of grits. The thing new dates for you Friday the thirteenth the game Friday thirteenth game, alternate slasher. Switch addition is coming out in spring. This is the Friday the thirteenth game. I was obsessed with on PlayStation PC. It's all the deal C, minus the backer exclusive stuff like the Savini skin and the backer outfits for the counselors. God bless them. Go for it. Remember, they can't update this game because the lawsuit and remember also barely ran on PlayStation a lot of times. So God bless the on switch. Let's see how that one comes up. CD project. Red is announced that Gwen is getting its first major expansion. This is coming to PlayStation, four Xbox One March twenty eighth twenty nineteen it's called the crimson curse. Try and for the nightmare. Prince is coming to PlayStation, Nintendo. Switch Xbox One. Steam, discord and all those platforms this fall, two points hospitals. New deal see pepper -ly island is out on a March. Eighteenth beat sabre gets a new song pack on March fourteenth. This is from the UK, PlayStation. I soon it's right around that for America as well. And then as we talked about earlier assassin's creed 's closing his legacy the first played it's confusing title scheme the half where if you ask me as a big assassin screamin anyways episode three the DNC comes out tomorrow on everything. I gene is review up right now. But don't ruin it for yourself. I that's what I was doing last night. You know, I'll say for games cast. He's got some thoughts about that in. Oh, okay. 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Good is everybody in the good place. The. Allen road into patriot dot com slash kind of funny. Games says hi, Greg. Andrea. I was in the open beta for division to this weekend. And experience a lot of audio problems guns, not having sound effects, and the grapple line effect lasting very long time. After repelling down it. I was on Xbox One. By the way, wondering if you experience any of this with your time in the beta, and of course, your opinions on Vig aim. I didn't need PS four pro me too. Yeah. I thought it would I was my headphones on place issue for pro to where it would be. I was shooting, and I heard my gun and other people shooting, I wouldn't hear their guns. Then I shoot I didn't hear my. And it was like, oh, the I didn't understand what was happening. I lot of missing audio files. A lot of pop in textures. I mean things that you would expect to see a beta hopefully, you know, this is stuff that's easily rectify of all with the last few patches going to be pushing before launch, and it will be gone on lunch day in this. I bet it won't be. And I and this is the thing this talk about you had so many conversations about this. With Anthony Wright of what we expect out of online game on day one. And yet every tons of fuckin- problems on March fifteenth weekend when I sit down and play and I wanna marathon it I'd so much fun in that beta I'm so ready for this game. Like, I was surprised even by myself. I was gonna start it. And I was like I don't know if these trinkets that I'm not even gonna use the game. Right. Like do. I really wanna earn them. Although I want to do why. No, I do like how much do I say a lot of things I want to video games and I never do injured. And so it was sitting down jumping in like, I don't wanna I don't wanna ruin it for me. Like, I hate doing. You said I've played these missions not all because I did that grand Washington hotel. Michigan, sleet, right, right, right? Here's where Brit died. Oh, here's where this. But I was like so into having such a great time. So and then when I I needed help for the final mission because unlike the endgame stuff, you get the one mission I went and did it with randoms, and we were struggling the whole way they tried to kick somebody out of the group, and I was like. We're not kicking this kid. You know what? I mean. It's a beta you guys can suck it up, and they're like, and so we went going and then at the end when we leave that the we got to a final rub in there. Like fuck this. And they left in the guy who wasn't any good. I can't do. I can't carry you through this. So I got a group together of best friends off Twitter, whatever good guardians joined you probably are group's played. Right. Exactly. Kind of funny audience there. It's not a diagram. It's a circle. So best friends. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. So yeah. No. It was in there. Plenty of faces. I'm names, I recognized from Twitter or a meet and greet. But yeah, we ran through and it was so much fun. It was it was it was better playing with them obviously on Mike and stuff because I didn't play with Mike and the first it was I such a great time. And it was like man -cation. We're all just capable players. We communicate was bullshit of like, oh, man. This guy Goodson through Waller this that and the other. But it wasn't like straps that much. It was awesome. I can't wait for more that game. I saw it. But yeah, I don't I really the guns not making noises at least in my concerns about day one stuff. Yeah. Exactly. Blackjack rights into patriots dot com slash kinda funny games this. Hey, Greg injury. What's getting a few days? Back the division. Two's director Julian friend of the show address a major concern from the first division bullet, sponge enemies, he said, you're going to kill enemies, much faster. But they're going to kill you much faster to which really puts the emphasis on cover based gameplay ain't that this was this back to blackjack. This was my biggest problem with the original division. Some of the heavies took forever to kill Greg spent a lot of times hands on now. Andrea to do you think this problem has been adequately solved are the heavy enemies and bosses let less spongy in European. I think they are because you have to take into account that the whole point of the. Game play style of the division to is that you're supposed to be utilizing all of your tools, and I found the most success when I was using both of my special abilities because I was one of the first perks that I locked because I was like, of course, I want to special tools to us. And then I also locked my second gun slot. And so if you're also coordinating with your teammates like I was playing with John last night in like we approached a room, and we're like, okay. Well, you're going to toss a grenade there. I'm gonna toss a grenade here. I'm gonna throw out my Chem launcher, which by the way, the Chem lawn starter, so fun. We are not paid by the division. You know? I'm just a big fan. They expect demo another day. So if you haven't played down you can play tonight. Right. And so like we coordinated like okay grenades here grenades. Here special tool throw up the turret. And then you're going to get this guy. This guy, we cleared the room like instantly. And I think that's what's really nice about some of the small changes that they've made in the way that all of those things work together. And of course, I think it only makes sense that if gonna make the bosses, you know, take less damage to take down that you can't be stronger to that would seem a little too god-like. Right. I think that bosses still take a in depending on your load out and what you're doing take time to come down. But it makes more sense the problem. This is what they've talked about at length Julian everyday, every every interview right is the fact that now when you're fighting a boss or giant heavy and they are taking shots you'll see their armor start to break and then pieces start flying off. And then they are just humans, and then they start taking the damage as you'd expect. I did feel that. Both the shots. I was firing the shots. I was taking hurt more. Like, it is that thing of you can't hang out. You know what? I mean, you got state cover you got it. And so you have to be really if you're sure you're down to that last guy, and you wanna come out and run up on them fine. But I had done it a couple of times where I thought it was in. No it wasn't. And there was another like crap. And I'd fall back and how they visually you can see who the heaviest too because of the way that they've designed the armor, and we saw that a little bit in the division as well. But it feels like it's happening much earlier. There. There are different obviously care if your classes you're going up against, but they all do feel like they have a personality, and they are doing I think to really get you out of your comfort zone. Whether it is like in the open world stuff in the very beginning. Where like, you know, the people are doing drugs, and they're running at you with batons to get you out of cover. If you don't take them down to that in the end game stuff, where it is that we were getting, you know, if you do those missions, there are specific members of black tusk that are they are going to try to flank you from behind they're using all of your tools against and that's awesome. That really did switch it up and keep you on your toes. 'cause I remember when they were like, you know, you're gonna hit level or in the endgame and black tusk is gonna invade the world, there's all these new missions. They are the technological advancements. They have like the Boston robotics dining dogs walking around like, she's just one of the operation. So as you're recovering like, a shade tech cash like one of the enemies had a little explosive RC car. Just like, no, I don't do. Exactly. No. It's great. And I so I think there's a trade off to. That is worsening of like, yeah, they're more powerful, you're more powerful. But I I never had a problem with the sponginess of the other guys. Like, I it was an RPG. I was like whatever like I'm shooting. Davis fucking. It wasn't fun though. Shots count more stuff. You didn't even play Kevin shut shut your cake hole. Kevin. All right. Yeah. Anyway in your all fucking fine. Now you coward. Dan has question that parlays into one injury was just saying Hello, Andrea. My girlfriend recently suggested buying a second PlayStation foreign putting the other a dual setup. So we can each play single player game on our choice of choice. Sorry while still being next to each other and interacting. I think the idea sounds great. But I'm curious about the logistics does that mean, we'll need two copies of each game. We'll should be able to use my account and get my PlayStation, plus games on a secondary PlayStation four, Greg since you have a similar setup with Jan. And Andrea with John can you share some of logistics of how this works, and whether we should expect to have issues with it for both of you. Do you have general tips about maintaining gaming no managing gaming time, while keeping healthy relationship. So this is a great question a dozen Volvo a little bit of logistics when it comes to copies of games. Sometimes it behooves you to buy dual copies, but you don't really need to for example. We have I have my primary PS four and Joe. Joe his and so if I buy a game on my primary, then I'll play it on a secondary the other PS four so that John can play on the primary because obviously it's unlocked for all of the users locally that are on the primary account. And so that's really easy way to get around having to buy. Genera obsessed with monster hundred world, that's how did it as well. So if you're not into the lingo, oh, I have a PlayStation four. That's my primary issue for. No. In your PlayStation for you have to go into your settings go over in Mark that as your primary PlayStation for what that does is that. Yes, you don't have to ping online opens the licenses for that. Anytime downloaded to that boxes. You can play without having to be connected to the internet. But what it also does? Yeah. Is any other anybody else assigned in on that PlayStation four on their account can play those games on a primary PS horse. Then you would go to the one that is not your primary, and then you would go to log in go to the store re download the game, and then you can play 'cause you're logged in under your license, but sometimes the licenses can get you have to reassign the licenses. They can get disconnected. There are sometimes you will hear from saying. Little things, but for the most part of work while I will say it's easier to go disk space for that reason. If that's something you're interested in. But, but then sometimes you run into the issue where the games like what you have to have the disc inside in order to play it. Because even if you've installed in downloaded it completely. It's like I can't play without the disc. So it's it's kind of a work around. Right. Like, it's not a perfect system is technically you're not supposed to do that way. But I mean, we've been making it work for five years. Now tips do you have about managing gaming time while keeping a healthy relationship. I would save. It's always important to put something into your calendar that you and your partner go and do outside of your space. So whether it be go for a walk together or something very simple or even like planning a date night or planning time with friends because it's really easy, especially on the weekends. When you're not working or in the evenings to just kind of sinking hole and put your headset on and then just not talk at all. Certainly John, and I have been guilty of that more than one occasion. And that's not a bad thing. Because clearly if you have a partner that likes gaming with you. That's awesome. And it's great that you guys share that mutual passion. But I would also think about games you can play actively together. And then make sure you get headsets because once you have your headset on you can actually hear them, even if they're sitting next to you on the couch. That's my problem. I mean, just like love and sex on kind of dot com. We'll tell you. It's all about communication, right? I think that's the thing. If you're playing a game together. That's that's great quality time. Right. But then it also is like if you're not or you're just planning stuff this works. Even if your partner's not playing drive the conversation of like, what's like this. We think it was good example. Right. Whereas like division beta. But if I don't hit these criteria. It's not the end of the world to me. So it was very much. I wanna play this. But if you want to do something else, just let me know if you wanna watch something you want to go somewhere to let me know Jen whereas for division weekend. I've written out the calendar. There's nothing happening. Doing like, I'm in my underwear playing. GTC? There's gonna be some people want to go to dinner. I'm like, no, I do not see anybody. I just wanna play this game. Please. Thank you very much. Justin, daas writes in two patriot dot com slash kind of funny games and says, what do you guys think about more and more games becoming services and streaming services without really owning? A physical game doesn't make you worry for collecting game. Does it make you worry about collecting for your games for your libraries? What is I mean? Yes. And no I have three paragon discs currently in my cabinet because there was a time where you could find paragon discs in the sale been at game. Stop. But it came with a sixty dollar in game credit code by the disc for like thirty bucks sixty listen, I was hard core back then. But now, it's like, it doesn't matter if I have the physical disk I can't play the game is gone. You know? And that's I think not just a digital gaming future that we have to look at and talk about but moreover, an online game future because even destiny I think about the high also have like four destiny discs from all the different versions and things like that. But it's like there will be a day when bungee says, hey, we're going to shut the destiny original destiny servers, right? Like, they're going to be like everybody's in destiny to and then destiny three will happen or whatever. And someday destiny servers will be done. And then I'll have this disc that I can pop in and. To server can't really do much with it. Yeah. It's it's weird. Obviously, it's like if you like collecting in get the physical copy, but you might not be able to assume just in hardcore kinda funny best friend has been around since beyond days. I assume you know, I'm not worried about it. Now, I don't for me. I beat a game and put it away. I rarely ever come back to even like, you know, this this weekend. When I was I was doing some for maintenance, right? Whereas in between stuff, I was like trying to work on just chiseling away the friends list just trying to get rid of it. Of course, I brought in those, you know, Greg Miller industry kids, they fleeced me out of the twenty five dollars. They didn't they didn't even put a dead, mice friendless. But I've got it down to like the teas now that I'm going through and eliminating all these people stupid idea to want to be the first person to two thousand friends, and I did it and it got me nothing except problems. I want it fixed before division. Anyways. I was doing that. And then it was like clean up the hard drive. And it was just man Spiderman I'm never gonna go back and finish new game, plus delete. You know what? I mean, the saves are all loaded. On the game. So I downloaded eventually. But inevitably like he's talking more about like streaming and Netflix on Netflix. I don't really wanna movies taken away from Netflix. I'm like, I don't I don't consume me movies that way where I want like in college. I watch over and over again growing up. I watched if over and over again nowadays, I don't in the same way. I really don't play games over and over again stuff that's been beaten when they evidently turn off the DC universe. Online servers. I'm going to be super sad. But also have that real moment of like, well, I really haven't played this game in four years five years, whatever. Well, and there's so many ways to get better new versions of the old things. Ju- played like Ivan think about games from the three sixty of the PS three era the copy that you have on disk probably doesn't look as good as the thing. You can stream or buy in the store today. Because so many games are getting remastered natural or even just like an HD upgrade facelift kind of thing. I think about a my in the what's the game studio. I have this bookshelf. And the top of it is video games in the bottom. Half is all DVD's. And I'm like, what am I going to do with my awesome DVD collection? Literally nothing because when I go out there, and I look at a movie, and I pull it off. And I go I could probably stream this in HD for like Bucker to or it's probably free with my Netflix subscription. So like water even have this disc anymore unless it's Blu Ray. And then it's it's different. It's always better. But it's it's one of those things that's like you gotta ask yourself. Does it spark joy in your life? And if it doesn't get rid of it Angelos game beats this rights into patriots dot com slash kinda funny games says do you in Amy way for C quote gaming financial crisis and quote occurring in the near future. No, I think a lot of people are having a lot of people are going to say it's happening in point to the layoffs point to the restructurings point all the stuff as I think we're gonna get more of those shoes. Dropping, but I don't think that's what's really happening. I think it is. That companies overextended themselves in now. Neither dial it back and get us back. I know that there's been a games in strap is opinion piece right now about red dead online is it really taking take two's stock price because that hasn't seen the surge is actually gone back since that's it's like, these are all people who not people I should say, these are all businesses and corporations that just thought one thing was going to happen, and it didn't happen. And I don't think that signals a crisis, but it's putting fear of God into them. But you look at like a flourishing indie market a flourishing. Switch a flourishing market. Exactly. There's so many success stories that we wanna look at being a triple eight publisher and overextending yet hard right now and scary. I'm sure for people at the top. But no it's business in. It's just how it works in the market. Correct. So maybe this is me completely talking out of turn it feels like the people like the dudes, and these boardrooms making these projections going this is what it's going to be are so out of touch or where the gaming consumers that today in twenty nine hundred. Eighteen that once we cycle out that generation of of people who are making sure that will come back to normal because like we'll have this new wave in this new generation of people in the games business that are innovating and looking at ways to monetize untraditional formats. Sure, you hope that's how it all goes. Right. And I'm not trying to talk shit about CEO's or anybody else that I'm not taking a blanket brush anybody, but you hope that. Yeah. The people who rise of those positions in the future are people that came up in the industry like us. You know what I mean? I do feel that you get your fill Spencer's. Exactly. That's a perfect example. You'd assume the top of so many companies, and it is like have you wouldn't did you do you play games? Like, do you know once happening? Prizing amount of them don't really disturbing. And that's where it gets interesting in the art verse business conversation, we always have right where I think, you know, theoretically, hopefully one day kinda funny gets big enough to have a real CEO that isn't me. And it's somebody who actually knows what time of means. And maybe they don't understand the the best friends. They don't understand the this. They wanna learn that they're interested. They're good people. But they understand business, and they understand what we're fucking doing wrong. And how we could lock that in and make it better and make sure we're here in another ten years. I'm assuming this happens twenty years in Greg. We need to make GIO Corsi in charge of everything. I agree. You know what? I mean. I agree. You do that. Can we start that GIO Corsi for kind of funny CEO? That would be he understands everything I assume I don't know he's losing weight too. Yeah. He's on this new fitness plan already hit up you graduate him. He's in. He's an amazing person. We love him very much round here. They it's time to squad up. All right. This where one of you the audience members right saying the patriot dot com slash kind of funny games. Give me your name username platform choice in why you need help. But video game. I read it here. The best friends coming find you and it really plays games together today, Tim curry, and he's helping PlayStation four that is stepping wolf Mafa Steppenwolf classic. Isn't too young. You don't even know some best friends the head of the division to launch gave the beta go after listening to Greg for the last few months, and I'm loving it. I live in Australia and play mostly in the evenings. Parentheses? I'm happy to play with people from other regions. If you like playing it at times PS name is Stephan wolf Mafa like the band Steppenwolf mixed with the band wolf mother. But it's mother M O T H A Steppenwolf from DC's, of course, from the hit film Justice. And then mafia was kind of like Martha for Batman v. Superman, probably a better reference. You know, what I mean, probably a better reference than these things if you need to spell it out again, go to YouTube dot com. Such kind of funny games. It is in the description. Also, while you're on Twitter put out hashtag released the Snyder cut it's time for your wrong this where people right in tell us what we screwed up as we screwed it up on kind of funny dot com slash your wrong wrong. Biologist says we missed a new date. There's a life is strange book dust coming up. May twenty third two days before my birthday. It's a collector's edition is available to preorder from forbidden planet big says regarding the anthem crashes. This isn't the normal blue screen crash that plenty of us have had with other games game locks backs back to the menu etcetera. This is hard crashing the PS four and can absolutely ruin your hard drive. Many of us myself included have to actually unplug our system before leaving turn back on this happened three times the other day and has never happened with other game. Good good. Yeah. I was thinking blue. I was thinking blue screen. You know, I'm sitting air crash has happened to me before. But it's never been three times the same game. On Melvin one Hawn writes in internet is needed all the time for secondary PS four I live in more rural areas in that as an issue. Sometimes technically, I believe at Ping's, and you have fifteen minutes or something we'll give you a countdown before you're about to lose it. If you're off offline playing something you don't need you'd have to turn on logged turn it on be logged in connect to the internet. Start your game. Then you could disconnect from the internet and the secondary. But then eventually it is going gonna say you have a countdown clock ends. Yeah. And just as a reminder, this is like a. Work around. This isn't like an official way to out in case to be clear to the person we're giving advice to. Yes. The both those PlayStation should be online as for sure the secondary PlayStation for should beyond, but I was very much talking about planning together. So you'd be online no matter what and Mikey. I wanna address his hair because I was thinking about it afterwards. I was like I think what I was thinking is that we both had disc copies. And so you do need to have if you're playing disc based. And then saw NATO biologist says, Greg I don't know if you saw the news Zack centers showing off his cut Batman v. Superman this year. Tickets are limited. Yeah. He's doing a whole bunch of his director cuts not his j- Justice league. Of course, Batman v c ran the Zach center cut. I believe we've all seen. It was just the ultimate edition. Not nothing new that I knew, but you're welcome to Email me if I'm wrong or slack me. Heaven kotex me I'm concerned for the health and safety of the PC with so many chrome tabs open. Internet explorer's works. That's how it works. LA's jomon. This has been kind of funny games daily each and every week Dan variety of platforms. We run you through the nerdy. Video game news you need to know about showing manager, right? Forty one. That part of the show patriot dot com slash kinda funny games than watch us report law, twitch dot TV slash kinda funny games. Watch it later on YouTube dot com slash kinda funny games. Watch it on research dot com later, listen on podcast services around the globe. You're watching live right now. Internet explorer's coming up next hosts for this week Tuesday. It's I'm on everyday Tuesday. It's wednesday. It's thursday. Andrea Friday is Tim Tam. Andrea. Yes, Greg, but you so much you're gonna go see captain marvel. Now, you go into the premier L. I'm going to the airport. All right. Well, text me everything if you can hold your phone like this and record it. And then just you. You walk in. And they lock it in a bag. You don't get into leave. Peter. What if about the southeast? I need to take everybody. They're like, no. Set next to Larson's Ammiel Jackson gave me high five. That's true. Yeah. Good call right until next time. It's been our pleasure to serve you.

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