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Flash Briefings with Suze Cooper of Big Tent Media


You're listening to episode of eighty three of Alexei Candida the voice experience. She. My name's Terri Fisher. And here's the deal voice technology is changing, so fast and I'm trying my best keep up with it. I'm here to learn everything I can about Alexa, so you and I get figure her out and so we can make our lives more organized relaxed stress-free and even have some fun. Let's learn some skills. Hello. And welcome to this episode of alias. A in Canada. So excited to have you with me because we are talking about one of my favorite topics flash briefings with an incredible guest who has an incredible flash briefing of her own before we get to that I want to tell you that today's episode is brought to you by flash briefing formula, which is the complete comprehensive online course that tells you everything that you need to know to set up your very own flash briefing, everything from what is your what are you going to talk about to how you gonna set it up to how are you going to promote it? I cover it all. So you just go to flash briefing formula dot com and you can grab that course for free flash briefing formula dot com. All right. So let's get to today's guest. I am really excited to introduce you to sues Cooper. And she is somebody that I had got to know through Twitter. Really, because she's doing such incredible work in the voice. I. Space with her flash briefing social days. This is one of those really high production flash briefings that I'm proud actually, to have as part of the brief cast dot FM network, because it is so good. And in this discussion Susan I talked about how she got started why she interested in voice. Why is she didn't flash briefings? And how she set that all up and her background is just perfect for flash briefings. So let's get right into the interview without any further ado. I want to introduce you to sues Cooper. Hey, there, sous? It's a real pleasure to have you on the podcast. Thanks so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me. Tarez decide brilliant survey on the puck cost I almost company. I've been listening to this podcast for ages nineties, one of the first ones that I came across when I found out about voice fast and yeah, I'm pretty amazed that you're interviewing me now say, thank key. Well, it says a lot for what you're doing in this space. I think you're doing some incredible things. So I'm excited to talk about that. But thanks for those kind words, let's start off. Let's, let's share with the listeners a little bit about your background. So maybe they'll get you introduce yourself and tell us who you are high there. Yeah. So I'm sees KPI, and I live in Kent in the UK with my family. My background is in journalism. So I'm actually a fully trained journalist, I started out on the low Kunis piper, the Medway news and then very, very quickly realized that I had a passion and a love for audio, so I moved into brew costing and became the news editor of the local commercial radio station came. FM which is where I now freelance. Really, I guess I've kind of come to the place that I am now three that love of Odio. I, I stopped working for the radio station, full-time when we had the children five AM starts just really don't mix very well with very young babies. So I had to find another way to kind of work with that love of Odia, because missed it so much. So I started to do kind of editing and bits and things at home and freelancing, and I say look to doing some social media management. So that's all I'm now do with my husband, we build up our own business. Cool big ten media. He's a web design. He's a journalist as well but he is now a web designer, and so he takes on kind of designing websites, full, small businesses Laycock to the social media side of things, and I actually tried to move away, again, from audio when I started doing that. But why found was that people really liked the Odia content that I could create for them from kind of poke costs two grams? A new that kind of thing. So I guess kind of my, my love and my passion keeps coming back to find me, if you like on side is things have continued, as a as a kind of threat about these Nason. I really enjoy, creating Odio contempt for people now and that can be used across social media, in many different ways and seems to attract quite a lot of attention, really. So. Yeah, it's been it's been a roller coaster ride. That's great. And, and it's very evident in, in the work that I've seen you do your journalism background because I think it's such high quality, high quality productions, whatever it is that you're doing, so, and that's one of the reasons I wanted to have you on your because I think it's a great example of really good quality work that you can do in the voice for space, so kudos to you and your husband. So that's fantastic. So I want to dive into this while Beasley the, the area of voice, I technology, how did you first sort of learn about that? Or get exposed to that voice, I world. And how did that go? So I guess this is down to Twitter really being inside show, media management, obviously spend quite an low of time on the social media platforms doing various things for my clients the same time trying to keep my eye on channels as well. And I think put something out about some audio wax. I was doing on Twitter and always using the hashtag old in audio production. And as you do when you're kind of, in a spice quite regularly on Twitter, I kind of found the other people that we using those hashtag rule say starting to type things with hashtag voice, and hashtag voice, I. So I clicked through to see what else people were posting under those tags and I think probably a couple of the first people that I came across using it will yourself. I'm Brian Romilly, and I could see that there was this whole new tech world coming towards be felt like voice technology where the skills and ideas. The I had in audio and radio could really fit quite well on. Yeah, I'm afraid I got bitten by the voice bug. And I just have to know more. And I think there's so many people out there creating such great stuff and a lot of why do we see three journalism is about storytelling. It's about trying to find that story. Tell that story in a different way. And so, I think that's why flash briefings appealed to me, because I felt like that was a way the brand and individual business could really tell the story daily and get this kind of. This very new technology working quite quite quickly. So, yeah, it was it was kind of a bit of a lightning bolt for me really to click three today's things and see what everybody was doing. And then start thinking, hang on a minute. How can I use this? What can I do to join the space? It's such an exciting place to be. And I just love the community there on, you know, all of a season, the same hashtag sing each other in and out every day. I mean you and I Terry, we've, we've crossed pas on Twitter from probably about a year now. So it's, it's really lovely to be of that. I have to echo that, that's really that's really nice. They the community does seem to be amazing. It's even though a lot of these people that these people are using these hashtags. We haven't met in person necessarily, it feels like you know, them in a really is a nice community that something that's really nice about this voice, I area, but let's get back to the flash briefing because I know that you created an incredible flash briefing. And let's talk a little bit more about that. So why did you decide to create the flash briefing? Title of it more about your thought process and what you're doing with that. I k say the flash briefing kind of seemed like. The best way to kind of try these tech out for myself, I guess, I'll have to say, I need the Alexa, DAW in, I think it was Tiber last year. So I was one of those people who kind of fell smart speak. I'm not too sure about that. I mean, I'm a real techie geek, I love a bit of injury. And so it actually seemed to be old. I didn't have a small speaker. But I guess I also had that protective kind of, oh, I'm not sure if he's listening to me all those worries and concerns that lots and lots of people have, you know. That really kind of stopped me. But one. Hooked into this community and could say that what people that were creating things for it. I'm afraid my creativity overtook and I just have to get one to find out what people were doing with it and work out how I could get involved on the flash briefing seemed like the simplest way for me to try and work with this technology. So, of course, I've got the kind of luxury, if you like of having that Odio knowledge and a home studio setup here, so for me recording something into the Mike wasn't going to be an issue. It was more about learning about the process of it. And I think it was at that, that point everything kind of came together mice magically because at that point, I think he'd started to promote your flash briefing course. And I still, you know, there's really even now there's not an awful lot out there that tells you how to do things on how to kind of step by step shows you how there are lots of Cheetos on coding, there, lots of Cheetos on various things that you to me. There's all these different platforms. But when it comes to the voice stuff at the moment is still very, very in its infancy, and there's really not that many people that you can kind of go to go. How do you do this? So with your calls being there. I, I bought that coast and I went through every step stage by stage by stage, but do you know what the one thing that really helped me back was that in the very beginning of the coast, you speak about K, so you know, walk out what it is? You're going to be flash briefing about an I remember sending you sending you a message kind of saying, I get old of this, and understand it, when it's quite I've got no idea. I'm this flash briefing is going to be about just could not hit on a subject that I felt I could commit to. Because you know a flash briefing is a huge commitment. We're talking three hundred sixty five old, I files on them rinse repeat. You know, you've got to have the content to be able to do it on just kept falling down at that huddle of well, I was also doing that thing while you think, oh, LA could do today, shnell phrases or I could do you know. I don't know an idea for the day. We'll got kind of thing you know, there's so many people out there doing it. And you know, lots of people who already doing them about voice in lots of people were doing about this that, and the other. So I guess I kind of completed the course but then wasn't actually I do anything because it didn't have an idea. And that's when I met a guy cooled pita Stewart on Twitter, equally three the community. And we which king, he also has a broad costing background. And I suddenly realized that I just need to get on and do him. I think we will having a conversation on the phone on. I put the phone down on a I won't talk to my microphone, and I just literally pressed Recode them when. Well, it's on the social calendar. Today sues, oh, it's hashtag pope who Friday. Okay. Maybe there's an idea in this. I've no idea what that really came from. But it was mold that where we'd been chatting about what was on Twitter what we were following what we would doing. And actually, when you think back to it may having recounted this again to you just now about using the hashtag. So that's something that I do do I look on Twitter. I look at what's happening on the hash tags. And so that really seemed to then fit in with this social media idea because I thought we'll go. There's an awful lot of people following me who will be social media, manages content creators, and although those kind of hashtag days, you know they're a bit tongue in cheek. And, you know, you might not want to be kind of a tearing to putting something out that every single day on a different one. They are also something that can be fairly useful. So, yeah, then not necessarily the trending hashtags that just the hashtags appear on the calendar that offer various cosies and a win stays on. And it gave me something that would be different every day. But so useful on. That was that was listening, an an, an idea that I felt was a little bit different. So that's why I went full. Yeah. Once I had the idea, everything else kind of fell into place. But it did take me a lot of soul searching and chatting to people that were in the space and finding out what they were doing with as well before really kind of clicked. And then it just it just kind of hit me out of the blue really are. Are you remember that I remember you sending me that message in the chorus and saying, I'm not sure what to talk about. And there was a little bit back and forth, but I think you've found a really neat a really interesting topic. And every day, it's like you say, it's, it's totally different and they give you a shadow too, because obviously your you're audio experience and your production is coming into play. Because when people listen to this flush reading the VR audio production quality of it is incredible. It's really, really well done. So that's fantastic. Thank you. Thank you. That Sinai's to, to hear that it's that it's appreciated. It was. It's one of the first pieces of actual production, I've ever kind of created properly for myself, I guess, you know, I've been poverty ideas food and things. But this was this is me on my own using kind of garbage band. And, and, you know, I think you actually mentioned Mike Russell in your course we were to get a radio station. Previously. So, so, yeah, I kind of drew on, I'd learned from, from his Cole says, well, and put all that together, an yeah, I'm, I'm really, really pleased with the way that it sounds, but he's luckily, the to say that Ban Ki metrically actually said the name of the flash briefing, we have to make sure we say that it's social so social days. So you showed is yes. So people can go and look that up in and out of to their their flash briefing. So that's great. So what are you seeing now is the results of the flash briefing? Are you getting some feedback on it? How is it? How is it impacting your business? So. Yeah, it's really interesting. How a found that lots of the, the social media Moctezuma's who I've met since I've been setting out. So big tomato working in this field. Many of them, if you know if they've go an Alexa device they all kind of listening into it, which is really great lots of them that the feedback has been good on the fact that it is really. Sure. And I was actually concerned that, perhaps it was too Short's some of them don't even hit kind of a minute. They literally a rundown of what's on the calendar. And then I kind of pull out one that might sound kind of a little bit mole quirky oil Dumont need a bit more explanation. And I chat about that for a few seconds and then just kind of round out with all skiing people to follow me on on Twitter. Really? And I was worried that that was too short. But it that the, the main feedback I'm getting his Ashley, it's the perfect links because it does exactly what it says on the tin on on really. I'm really pleased with that. Yeah. And also lots of kind of opportunities in Thames of people coming to me in kind of saying, well, you know how can they do that themselves? Could it be useful to promote their I'm pestle brand or could it be useful to help promote a client's business? You know, an old of those kinds of things, and I'm actually going to be speaking at Amazon UK in London on in July alongside pay tissue. We're going to be speaking about flash briefings, and kind of putting that idea out that to, to Mockus and content creators. They see something that, you know, is possible to do and he's a way of leveraging this new technology. And I think as well as I've said, flash briefing and voice Tech- in Jim row is still very much in its infancy. And I think anyone who kind of jumps in now and finds out about it and starts on this Paul. I think really will pay dividends in the future Bailey. Just this is a first step. So, yeah, I'm really all about empowering other people and educating people about flash briefings, and how they can be used as an introduction to voice tech, which I think we all going to eventually say, just about everywhere. That's great. And an. I mean, you've summed up very nicely there, obviously, I believe that it's I keep saying if the prime real estate of voice right now. So that's, that's fantastic. What so if somebody comes to you now and they say, you know came interested in his briefing? You know what are some of the maybe the main tips that you could give me when I'm sitting at my foster, breathing are there. Maybe like one two three things that you would say these are the things you have to do with your flash briefing. So I think is really important before you even start enough touched on it already. But just to make sure that you really do have that content there that you have gotten idea that has got three hundred sixty five days within it and more. I think Secondly, you need to double check, whether or not, you really have the time to do it. Because as well as the content commitment, there's aside the time commitment is something that you need to update each day. You know, Amazon themselves kinda saying that people that don't dight the flash briefing all their skills, they're seeing kind of drop off right in the enablement. And I think, you know, the beauty of these things is that it's really easy to enable a flash briefing or a skill by voice. You, you just also Alexa to enable social dies. Equally is really easy to disciple it in exactly the same way. So I think everybody needs to be very aware that he is this kind of commitment to doing it if you're going to go into it the other thing I would say is. Is, is done white until you have the most amazing setup to do it. You know, I've mentioned that I've got home studio. But that is totally and utterly not necessary for you to be able to record a flash briefing. You know that's not what it's about. There are lots of, you know, really good inexpensive USB Mike's that you can use to record into your laptop. You can even use the voice memos app on your phone, if you want to if it's about getting started, you know, there are enough barriers in the way in the world. Don't put any more in your way, if you want to do it, and you want to start doing it, then at Schley the equipment that you've already got is great. And if you'll briefing grows and is able to kind of fund self in any way, then, you know, you can start to put whatever you back from that into new equipment and into building it all up. So I, I would probably say if you want to do it, then just do it up. I agree a hundred percent with everything that you said. Yeah. That that's that's really great and your perfect example, that it's, it's fantastic. So I think we should wrap it up there. Thanks so much for all the information, I'm sure listeners will get a ton out of everything that you've shared with us. Tell us a little bit more just tell us a little bit about where people can go to learn more about what you're doing in your flash briefing. Yes. So I'm Miceli around on Twitter, most of the time, it has to be said, so you can find me at big tent, social, and I'm always happy to talk voice Tech-, my DM's ripen in and stuff's ID kind of drop by and say, Hello. That would be really great. Yeah. Enabling the flash briefing that can be done by the Alexa, skills stores. I say, just ask Alexa, enable social days and kind of added to your flash briefing, and you'll retain and yeah I'm run linked teen as well. Sue's Kupa s us at a COPA. And the website is WWW dot big tent dot media. Awesome. And you know what before you go? I have to plug one more thing you are going to be the keynote speaker for a very special event coming up. You just want to tell us about that. Yes. Yes. I am. So, yeah, this is going to be an online conference that's happening in October. I'm kind of still quite taken away by the fact that I've been asked today, I will be Kanai sting alongside some really, really. Awesome and amazing people that I have really been blown away by myself. Emily Binda yourself, so many people that on that list are going to be involved in this. So it's all arranged by Bradley. Metro oak, and yeah, it's it's happening. You know, Tiber sold online, and I'm looking forward to, to being the canine speak. How fantastic all make sure that we put links to all of that stuff as well? So great. Well, thanks so much for spending some time with, with myself, and with the listeners it's really, really appreciated you doing some incredible work. And what can I say? I look forward to staying in touch with you and continuing to tune into social days. Excellent, thanks so much, Terry. All right. I hope you enjoyed that interview Susan's doing some incredible work with her flash reading, social days. So I encourage you to check it out, as I mentioned social days is part of the brief cast dot FM network. You can check out the network and you can see all of the flash briefings that are part of the network that are really some of the top quality flash briefings that are out there. In fact, some of the people that sues mentioned in this podcast. Peter Stewart Emily bender. They're part of the network, and it's, it's a network, that is growing. And if you've got a flash briefing, by the way that you feel would be a good fit for the network. I love for you to get touch with me another resource that I wanna make you aware of, again, is the voice of the flash briefing online event. This is the one that sues is going to be the keynote speaker. There are some incredible speakers lined up and I feel very fortunate as well to be a part of that event. It's going to be a lot of fun. You're gonna learn a ton of a flash briefings. So if you're interested in that make sure to check out the link as well. And of course, I will have all of the links to everything. We talked about on the show note page at A L, E X a in Canada dot CA slash eighty three. And finally, here's a little teaser. We're approaching the five hundred episode of the flash briefing voice in Canada, and I am doing something completely different for this. This is something that I'm extremely excited about. And if you want to see something new with flash briefings, make sure that you have subscribed, and enable voice in Canada as well. Because when the episode number hits five hundred we're going to have some fun. And there will even be some opportunity to earn some prizes. So stay tuned for that. All right, again, big thank you to sues. She's doing incredible work, and I feel very fortunate to have met her through Twitter and now having her as a big big important part of the flash briefing network. It's fantastic. Have a great week everyone? And I will speak to you, very soon. The links at alien. In Canada dot CA slash eighty three. She got skills.

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