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Episode 7: The role of children


Okay the Arusha podcasts back at it again and <hes> the segment we're dealing with <hes> children and in particular the role that Children Blais and not only or recent studies but <hes> more specifically just in our journey through <hes> the disarmament and dissecting of culture spirituality ability and even even the understanding of religion so essentially there is a plague that has a swept through and has been sweeping through <hes> the collectives of what we would call conscious people for those who call themselves conscious or those who call themselves dealing with <hes> higher awareness this or even more in depth life mathematics and for some <hes> the problem originates in their foundations and what they build their understanding on all right so so what happens a lot of times as many people who come into consciousness a high awareness come because they have been shifted or they have shift themselves out of a religious environment or maybe even a pseudo spiritual environment and you know sometimes they leave because there were certain answers that they were looking for certain understandings that they were looking for that that particular environment did not I'd have the capacity to provide to them so they left right so what happens is sometimes because there's deeply ingrained in deeply inset <hes> psychological values that people tend take on and hold onto when ends up happening is that they take that same religious mindset in a bring it with them wherever they go okay so <hes> when they get into traditional Africans <hes> systems are indigenous systems they replace. I'm GonNa go pray about this. I'M GONNA go speak to God about this with. I'M GONNA go talk to my ancestors. I'm GONNA go lay before my alter. They replace <hes> a a man with our Shea. You know not placing it right not pronouncing it right but just you know transcribing one feeling from one place to another and essentially it's all based around feeling okay so what happens is not only do they end up transmuting that same ideology of of religion and waiting for something to do something for them and looking in the sky for the mystery and not understanding that once you come into consciousness that you're not dealing with mysteries anymore. Even though we like to use the term like comedic mystery systems or comedic mystery schools there is no mystery when you get into higher awareness. None of this is a mystery their Risha. We say you know Bob. Allow means father of mystery <hes> no because a mystery is something that is is provided in order to shroud the truth for as long as it possibly can. It's not meant to be taught or unlocked. There was a stark difference between a mystery and a secret okay so a secret school secret doctrine or secret learning is meant to be unveiled and reveal to a certain people or certain person at a certain time based on them meriting themselves as a student who was able to receive the substance of the content that sits inside of that secret so in that you have one of the greatest or the largest distinctions between religion and consciousness consciousness seeks to crap crack open the secret whereas religion seeks to maintain the mystery all right so what happens is that people transcribe that idea the thought of maintaining the mystery when they get into their consciousness and what that does it removes them from the seat of accountability because there's no do for selfish him when there's a mystery when I can say well uh I hope my ancestors providers are hope the Arusha do this you know or so forth and so on I can stay within the realm of not really knowing how things work and before I go further. Let me you know kind of I give reason for the background ambient noise <hes> I'm driving so those of you who have listened to the chief. Do Ya podcasts at I just did you heard all I was driving through a rainstorm so now I'm out of the rainstorm rainstorm but I'm I'm on a rough patch of highway so you know this some noise but <hes> I know you can still here my voice and that's all it really matters right. The background noise does nothing other than <hes>. Maybe maybe provide some context for the work but anyway so again we speaking about how we build our foundations a lot of times of spirituality and consciousness on on sand so what happens is when people begin to question us about what we're doing. How we're doing it a why we're doing it? We really cannot provide clear answers. We can't provide clear clear answers or we we questioned those who would <hes> Pasha themselves as our instructors. I guides you know <hes> as our leaders they do not provide glances so we even get into the habit of speaking being in abstract poetry. You ask someone something. They never give you a direct and they think is almost cute as if they're saying something really profound because they said something that you don't understand it doesn't make you profound. If I say something something like so why do you go to your ancestral alter and then you my answer and say well just the very fact that you asked shows that you have a reason to go to your ancestors. That's stupid and I can't tell you how many how many times I've spoken to clients and students and I've asked questions like that and he think that you're not gonna get that over on me because I'm not asking the question because I don't understand why you're doing what you're doing. I'm asking the question the highlight to you that you don't understand why you doing what you're doing but we we get locked into these patterns of slick talk and where do we get the patterns of Slick Talk. What is it come from? Well it comes to one our insecurities of in Whitley knowing that we were not making real change and transformation so we have to project outward appearance of that you know I'm not changing on the I'd. Maybe I can make it look like that on the outside and then we also soak it from our teachers and from our would be leaders because we have hordes of people who have figured out how to profit off of the ignorance and the church vacation of of groups of people so they'll stand in front of you and what they tend to do as they use emotion to try to inspire you towards their particular goal or what they're trying to do so you'll find that that use a lot of elevated volume home you know <hes> they use a lot of profanity you know and when it's not profanity it's it's <hes> a lot of harsh of vulgar language for the purpose of trying to influence you or. Even to <hes> shame you and to a certain way of thinking or certain point okay so everything becomes now preacher hype his all this commotion that has to be displayed constantly and why because emotion is spirit emotion electricity in motion energy in motion. What is a spirit breath breath? This would energy in motion. You know an acceleration of of what's on the inside of the unseen coming to the scene motivating you know the material or the physical reality so emotions nations will also motivate the physical reality. Whether you know someone expresses fair they expressed joy they expressed anger they express despair disappointment. Whatever it is that they excite decide decide to express which is an out letting you know it can motivate you to do certain things you see so people who are coming from that perspective who were functioning within the rounds of church vacation and <hes> religious mystery will always utilize emotions to corner you into a certain space they won't utilize wisdom and what happens is from years? There's of you receiving that you develop a distaste for wisdom so when someone provides wisdom to you is just too dry. It's just too dry. You know <hes> it doesn't motivate you. You're looking for something you can feel well. I'm not feeling that I didn't feel it and the same way as when so and so said I felt that you see because you used to the preacher height and it also so allows you not to ask yourself some very fundamental questions that you don't Wanna ask because it may totally rock and disrupt the foundations of what it is that you're doing but see if you don't understand Dan. What is it you doing then? You're not going to include the property ingredients into whatever mixture it is. You're trying to create for your life. You may be trying to bake yourself a cake and you putting in <hes> them a loaf of bread but some some raw beef and <hes> Paprika cinnamon you know <hes> molasses and <hes> you know some ginger yeah. I'm GonNa make myself this Nice <hes> chocolate cake so you got the ingredients all mixed up in what happens after you you bake that monstrosity and you take it out of your oven and you taste it in his distasteful. You're angry. You're angry because you're saying this distant work but it's because you didn't look at the ingredients that you were using in order to create the reality that you ended up with you. See so now what you do as you sit the cake on the table and you say well if I let it sit there long enough. Maybe we'll take a chocolate cake. Is he or maybe I shouldn't even have a chocolate cake. This is better than a chocolate cake. You see so your original intent get swayed because of your your laziness and your your unwillingness to go back from the fat to the foundations and really really look at what is it that I'm doing. What am I doing here? What are the ingredients to my reality now as I told you and the very beginning this segment is about the role that children in play what's the purpose in the meaning of children as it pertains to to our spirituality to e far too traditional <hes> systems systems or for me? I say the the way original people do things. Sometimes you'll hear me say African systems but I honestly that's really not the language that I personally us just use that <hes> 'cause I haven't done this show yeah just dealing with the lexicon of our new and two words that we use the phrases but <HES> I don't consider myself an African as most would see it or me practicing and African religion or anything like down not practicing anything you know <hes> I'm perfecting my original way of being right but that sounds a bit of strack to people so it's important to be able to speak to people in the language that they can process says an slowly try to raise them up out of the marshes and Moore's of <hes> their misunderstandings so that's one of the things that children provide for US children provide a beautiful way of raising us out of the cemetery of our Church of vacation by by addressing things and a simple manner. I remember when I was very young. Probably about seventy eight years old I had asked one of my elders who smoked cigarettes and I asked him why do you smoke and he paused for good while and he said you know I don't know and for days for strong's for months for years later he always brought that moment up and he tickled him he would laugh about it. All the time you know to the day he died which he died. <hes> he had a lung issue from smoking cigarettes so long but he would always say man yeah. I remember that time you asked me why smoke and I couldn't give you one good reason but he didn't stop doing it but but you see that's what children do because I'm looking at them say man. This stuff stinks. Whenever you like one of these things up everybody wants to leave the room or you have to leave the room or you have to go outside and in this cold outside and it's rainy and you gotta go outside just to put this thing in your mouth and I don't get it? Why why would you want to do that is he? Maybe you're not aware of your own imprints. You're not aware of the own Di di Di ideas that are sitting down and your subconscious mind that compel you to do certain things but children come through fresh new. They don't have that yet so this is one of the reasons why I urge people and I often have said it do not teach your children spirituality into they come to the age of reason I have so many clients and students that I work with who come to me and they say yeah man and you know my my son. My daughter loves to go to the shrine themselves they sometimes they asked if they can go talk to the ancestors they can go to the shrine and they liked to put ward on the end on Schreiner. They liked to like the incense of the shrine of course they liked doing that because children like to play make belief so we look at it like it some deep sign that they wanna do these things you see and what we're excited about is that we've been able to program M._R.. Children that's what we're excited about. Why are we putting on a shrines you see if you notice with a child their first reactive there? I don't know if I can call it reactive McCall it. I'm GONNA take a step further further and call it responsive their first responsive direction whenever we're doing things that scene nonsensical. It's the question why why and often if we can't intelligently answer that question will give the our programming and we'll ask why why why do we celebrate Christmas Mommy. Oh that's the day Jesus was born and we celebrate his birth why 'cause he you know savior of the world died for our sense. Why was as you know once we are some things we just not going to know and until we you know until we get to see Jesus face to face now the child walks away scratching their head and but at the same time knowing but that doesn't make any sense but eventually we can shame them fear them abused him into accepting the fairytale but see why is the question that seeks understanding and the truth is when your child is the question why it gives you an opportunity to look at your foundations because you're foundations begins with what which is the knowledge knowledge? What question wisdom is your how question how is this done and why is this done becomes your understanding question so when a child asked why I if you can't take them back to knowledge understanding then you don't know what you're doing or why are you doing it? You need to let alone and get some understanding. Go back to the knowledge portion. How many times so many of you clients? I'm sure can bear witness to this. You've talked to me I've asked you do you have an altar in your home you oh yeah I do what's on your alternate as she was on it then the next question I asses why Oh yeah I got my word on there. I got my pictures. She's a my ancestors. I got some food on there. I got this because my grandfather likes his pipe and this. Why did you put water on their? Why is there food on their? Why are they candles? Why is it on the white tablecloth? Why did you put it in this room? Why did you put it in that room? Well that's what I was told to do. See Religiosity so what a child does and would a teacher is supposed to do do sometimes we have to take on that child mind when I say well. Why did you do that? I already notified already know why you did it but I I have to take on the role of child for a moment and give you an opportunity eighty to go back to knowledge. Go back to foundations not with someone told you not what you believe because what we're doing is not based on belief. But what do you know okay. I you know Whoa this is what it is. This is how it's done and this is wise. Done you see in if you can instill that form of thinking and functioning within your child the now now you create a high functioning being so a child's purposes like the four vultures that sit on the corners of the earth each at and devouring a child is like a scavenger wh what there's a scavenger do it it will it eats the dead things purifies the Earth by eating things that are dead that could release toxins as their rotting indicating so the child will take all of your dead old information and asks you. Will you know why are we doing this why we do now. I remember many years ago speaking to one of my youth then she <hes> she had a lot of trouble reconciling some of the things I told her about dealing with equal landing ending at the time she was about nine years old and I had I was doing the lesson with the children on the Gulf islands and I was teaching them about the Golan and that whole the experience in the course equal landing and shared with them about the reports of some of the ancestors flying back home to the continent and when they share that with this you know with another adult one of them sale. Is this your father making up stuff. You know you for your father crazy right so my youth came back to me and said well so so sad that that didn't happen. People can't fly and and that moment I had to admit that I didn't have any proof so it you know my my saving grace was I spoke about the reports or this is what was said and most of the time. That's how I speak unless I I have firsthand knowledge in evidence. I'll say well. This is what was reported. This is what was said. This is the mythology of this. This is what was alleged but it gave me also an opportunity to speak to them about wind currents and the fact that there are certain ancestral ceremonies that were is particularly done and came in where people would would basically win glide this is where you get the understanding the story of flying carpets which was a real thing but they weren't actually carpets. They were like boards you know material similar to almost how we will look could plastic and they had such understanding of wind currents that they were able at certain times a year they would give honor to the energies of the win and they would die off of the cliffs on these boards but they would be able to glide down them to the bottom you see and then later that came into that that became the legend in the folk law of flying carpets and things like that okay so that's going back to knowledge. What are we talking about? How was it done? Why was it done where we're talking about? Is You know <hes> win. Gliding how was it done by undestanding wind currents rights and using <hes> our dynamic pieces of board that they were able to use to fly down on why was it done in devotion to certain <hes> energies of of the winning current simple. is you see so whenever you're measuring anything you're doing spiritually. Why are you doing it so we replace again yeah? I'm GonNa have to bring this to the Lord. I'm not talk to the Lord about this. We've replaced that with the ancestors about that. What's that? How are you doing that? Why doing that because a child will ask the question? How do you know the ancestors are talking to you? I don't see any ancestors where they are. All the ancestors live insider here inside of this pot and side of this inside of that okay well. Can we talk to them. Open it up. Let's look at them. How do I know that this is just not on my own thoughts you telling me as the ances- how do I know is just not meet telling me the stuff? These are all very valid questions and you'll find that if you can start going through this purging or accepting the <hes> gift of the purge if you will that children are offering to us you'll find that you'll put yourself in space where you become more powerful and what it is that you're doing now. Does that mean that you'll end up stripping some things away absolutely going back to the example again of people building the avoid Beauvais Betas or or the the shrines at Gillies. And me asking questions will watch put that they watch and many I know again can be a witness. I've said take all that stuff off of their <hes>. Take it all off. Some of you know I know you're nodding your head up in that year he told me to do that and I've said only put on your shrine what you understand and if that ends up being in a acorn ended up just being a leaf or letter that's fine and as your understanding increases then you can add more elements but if you don't know why this is is there and I said you went to the botanical they sold me this and they told me to put this oil up there and put these anchors up there and these railroad spikes a beard and its iron pot up there this doll up there and all these if you don't know why you doing that take take it off because see now you're in your reinvesting into the church vacation and the mystery when we're not dealing with mystery. We're not serving in worshiping mystery those of us who are really doing. It's now. I know I know there's going to be some some bounceback. Some pushback on his people say so you say I shouldn't prey to my ancestors. You know again as a higher mind is a low of mine. I'm primarily talking to on New People so I always have to now make that distinction very clear. I'm not talking to the entire Internet. I'm not just because you have the ability to to go on your phone and going to doesn't necessarily mean that you have the wherewithal in the intellect to understand what's being said a lot of times many things over people's heads and unfortunately they mix ignorance in arrogance together so k. to be ignorant. That's fine. There's many things that I'm ignorant but I'm not arrogant so it still your humility that you're able to now understand things to know things but once you show that arrogance or you're you're insulting which you know that goes to a deeper imprint most of the time people will get on the comments and start casting dispersions and insults because they hate me. Why do they hate me while they were trained to? That's all they were trying to 'cause it. Primarily comes from people who look like me and pigmentation in here texture that's primarily who does that because you were trained to hate me and disrespecting as at one point I was trained in condition to disrespect and hate you now. Some of us are able to push beyond basic training and pushed beyond our conditioning and see it for what it really is and crack open a the the secret of it and some of US never get out of it so we walk around with that. Always you know name calling never being able to unite under true never been able to build anything izzy and again. It's because what we're what we've already built our own understanding on and our own existence on it shake. We've built a house on San. We haven't been able to balance ourselves. We haven't been able to balance our existence on solid ground. We haven't been able to balance on four points because we haven't found a home on anything stable because we're still planting our understanding. We're still planting in our beliefs on what conduct on some fictional idea of what we are on some fictional place that seeks to depict what we are but we haven't allowed our children to disperse the SPOOK ISM we haven't listened to the children and that is their primary gift yeah the Q. and they say funny things and you know children allow US sometimes to step outside of our comfort zones because certain things that they wanna do that. We wouldn't normally do you know they take us to county fairs and they WanNa go to the park and you know they wanna go over to this one's Party and normally we don't even socialize socialize with other adults that much but now that we have children we find ourselves socializing more and all these great things yeah absolutely but those that's just bonus material that's just bonus material the premier feature of what they do is they raise us from our deadened state by getting rid of SPOOK ISM by putting us on solid ground if if we truly respect and listen to them if we don't seek to try to program them the moment they come out. We say we're going to do this while we're going to do that. Hey let's go onto the shrine and do so forth and so on why they'll cause you to look at certain things like I said in the last chief you ya broadcast people calling me all the time for wealth rituals. I get messages in my inbox chief. Can I get and I'm not gonNA give you know I don't function that way. I've said that a million times but telling listening because you only hear what you WanNa hear don't get in my inbox and start talking for spiritual to ask him for spiritual advice when you know that I already have a service where I provide that what are you doing. Why are you disrespecting me and what I do like that? Do you go into a doctor's in box and say hey doc his his pitch of my testicle. I noticed that one is drooping longer than the other. What do you think that is? What does it Dr GonNa say? <hes> please do not send me pitches testicles and you're GONNA have to come in. You have to schedule a consultation right but anyway so people will will always chief. I want to notice chief. I want to know that okay well. Let's start you back with knowledge. Let's start you there and like the questions are always asked like I said in the last chief you jabor gas. Have you read my books folks. Are you in my class. Na Na Na so you WANNA jump to wisdom you'll. How do I do a wealth ritual? Do you know what a wealth with choice nope. Do you understand y. You would need a wealth ritual. No just tell me how you see so you're messing up the order before you even get the ingredients you not even putting the cake together in the right order. You're not you're not putting the soup together and the right order you putting a bunch of <hes> ingredients you putting your you know you're being in and vegetables and you seasonings in pot and you just turn in the heat on no water no oil and then when it all burns up and stinks then you poor ward over it after that and then you expect someone to accept that and when someone says a wait a minute man we gotta throw it out was the first thing you say oh man. Nothing I do was right. You tell me I gotta start from the beginning. What did some things that got me to where I am today and I don't want to get rid of those? They did some good things that I've acquired in my life and then I have to say we'll things that you think are good are actually not good and they actually killing you. You need to get rid of him now. We got a problem you see but it is the children again that gives us our base foundation of removing spook. ISM allow your children to remove the SPOOK is out of your existence all right that has been a a Risha broadcast.

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