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Episode 52: Gargantuan Greenland Sharks


I'm so glad that we can start recording now. Now that your dog no longer has the noisiest bag of cheese. I've ever heard literally the noisiest. You go round test bags of teeth for their noise level. Yeah I do actually. I'm surprised it's something any good podcasters should do. I think wow. I have been slacking in my good podcasting. Then you have indeed. Actually we have we have we truly have for those of you who are just now joining us. Which is oh hi Al. All of you. Welcome to critter. Cast episode fifty two. My name is Karina. My name is cassie. And this is our animal. Themed podcast that we are supposed to upload biweekly. It's been doubled the amount of time it was supposed to be. We will tell you all about why at the end if you choose to stick around and listen to that part if you just want to listen to the animal part. That's totally okay. We'll start with that and here we go. It's Cassiano Jerry backs about her animal friends. We laugh a lot. We also like to learn out. Give us a shot. We'll talk about snails pleaser teeth. Gosh about The manatees we'll tell you why else are so scary to us. And there's tons more credit that build because yes that is us here at critter cast. We are not animal experts but we are very enthusiastic and pretty great researchers. If I do say so myself I think we can think we can safely say that we love to learn new things. And we love to teach you guys new things about all animals big and small ranging from the teeny tiniest aquatic snails. All the way up to the most massive birds flying in the sky and today. Cassie has done our research so I don't know what we're talking about so this is a great example of tedious to huge white to both will know so last week. Oh last last episode. Yes we did a teensy tiny occasionally but sometimes it got kind of big creature right. We're talking about seahorses. Seahorses can range from like an inner to up to about a foot so yeah. They're relatively small animals yet. But we're going to stay in the aquatic this time. Okay however we're going to go big big big big not humpback whale big not whale shark big no not well shark. Beg 'cause you love Whale Shark. I do today in that for a special number okay. So what are we talking about inland sharks? What Greenland Sharks? Have you heard of Greenland Sharks? Were never heard of these animals. So that's not shocking. Yes because Greenland. Sharks tend to stick to really deep waters. They don't move over time and they really haven't been on our radar for very long all right so a lot of people probably don't know about them but they have some interesting stuff going on so I thought it'd be fun to learn more about these animals. Yes why not? That's that's what critter cast is all about. So let's do it okay. So Greenland Sharks. They are also known as grey. Shirks Grey Sharks Several different names depending on different indigenous language said gray sharks agree. Sharks G. U. R. Y. Gregory that's great. That's a fun word. Yeah and then a lot of their names translate to something having to do with sleeping shark because they are pretty slow. Movers the second part of their And that's what they're the first part of their scientific name means Second part of their scientific name means small head which is pretty self explanatory like physically. Small Head is that like a jab at their brain power. Well maybe possibly maybe both. Yep So there's some NEO SIS. Microcephaly list is their scientific name. Okay they are a large shark of this psalm neo today family. Which are sleeper sharks? Okay Yeah because I was gonna say that sounds like insomnia win. We know how to do with not sleeping right so they do so they do sleep. They move pretty slowly okay. Yeah that's just so fun because like when we talked about we've talked about a couple of different sharks yeah great White Shark Goblin Shark. Yep and we talk about fish and sharks as like not really sleeping. So that what we're saying is there's an entire class of sharks that move so slow that they can in fact sleep well at least they're sleeping. Okay okay. They're a part of the squalor form order and they're closely related to Pacific and southern sleeper. Sharks all right however these ones live mostly in the North Atlantic Ocean and in the Arctic Ocean. Okay so is that like close to Greenland. Yeah the North Atlantic okay Yeah and the Arctic Yeah I don't know my oceans I know where Antarctica's the Pacific Ocean is basically all around Greenland. Okay okay cool okay. So they're not super pretty sharks. Yes I did in fact look up a picture of I was not like it wasn't one of those critters that you look up and you're like Oh my God I'm looking at it. Looks like a shark. It just looks like a really old dirty shark but actually makes a lot of sense it just gets like really old really dirty and I can't tell if that's just like the one that they have pictures of or if it's just they all look like that. They all look kind of funky because they tend to stick to pretty deep sea level and so when they come up or are brought up to the Mike Shelley lover. Yeah Yeah then they're gonNA look kind of lump ish. Yeah like Blob Fish. Yeah like Blob. Fish are so used to that really heavy pressure of deep waters. That's why they look like blobs yet. They don't look like blobs in their environment. Exa- well they kind of look a little blobby but they need that squishing right because they do go down into the really high pressure data ocean and so that helps them like things expand things swell exactly. I was on a plane recently. I know what that feels like. That's what they tell you not drink carbonated drinks in a plane. I I was ill explode uncomfortable because you'll explode and that isn't comfortable. Yes so writer for the New Yorker magazine who wrote an article about these guys that Greenland Sharks said and this is. Mr O'connor thank you Mr. O'Connor this very fun. Article said that to them the greenland sharks look lump ish with stunted bacterial fins that they for ponderously slow swimming in cold dark. Arctic waters and they have a ton SNOUTS IN GAPING MOUTH THAT. Give them an unfortunate dull witted appearance. Oh a little bit of both. Yeah Yeah physically small head but also they look. They may not look the but that's just their look. They're incredibly well adapted to their environment. Perfect as I find. This is something that we see in a lot of deep sea creatures and that like to to what humans consider like hyper evolved an intelligent. They may seem slow but that's just because their environment is so differently. Wouldn't survive in their environment even though we have like you know fancy brains right and we'd probably look really weird in their environment. So I think the simpler your brain works and the simpler. The mechanisms work the less room. There is for your brain to be broken. Sometimes like my cat league accurate so they get pretty big they go to be about twenty one feet and around two thousand two hundred pounds. Although most greenland sharks have been observed to be around eight to fifteen point seven feet And way around eight hundred eighty pounds and that might just be because we're seeing more of the younger ones coming up to the surface right more often exploring a little seeking more food and stuff exactly. Yeah so they're roughly around the size of great sharks okay. I always have a really hard time with sea creatures because when you see pictures or videos of them like you can't imagine spatially how big it is because all this around them is like water and other yeah and so when and then when we talk about the feet. I'm like yeah that sounds right. I feel like my. We'll tell me that great white sharks are fifteen feet long. But then when I think about like when I look at a human being that super tall and they're only like six foot eight inches right like that. It's just a very large thing. It's a little easier to picture like land animals. It's just really hard to understand how big these animals are the ocean. It's the oceans they technically are. All connected is just so large then. There's at least plenty of space for for Greenland Sharks and great white sharks to occupy different areas of the world without ever running into each other. Yeah absolutely Let's see some different ways. You can think about the size of these animals. If they're around sixteen feet they're going to be about Four fifths as long as a giraffe is tall is is like sixteen feet like a like an RV sized or like a like a like a pickup truck or SUV. So think of the size of a bus like a standard a standard bus citybus. Yeah and it's going to be about three fifths as long as a city bus so a little more than half. Yeah all right So like if you had a shorter. Rv Yeah or like a a little VW beaming a slightly okay here. You know Shaquille O'Neal you know I don't. I can't picture exactly how tall he is. Sixteen feet is about two times as tall whereas God that man is eight feet tall? He is seven point two feet tall. Oh my gosh that's crazy. Yes no I could not picture. How Big Shaquille O'Neal in? But I think I think you have a vague idea. Now they're large those super large pretty big yeah yeah. The males are typically smaller than the females. And they're pretty thick set species. They have a kind of snub nose rounded face. Okay and really. Small is an a small Dorsal and pictorial thin and their gill. Openings are actually really small for a species that big okay. Yeah so it just kind of look a little different than your standard perception of shark. All right yeah I mean like an alternate dimension shark like you can still see it being a shark right but it's not what you picture when you picture shark. They do have fairly. Small is honestly other than that. I don't to me. They don't look super off from being Shark Gut. I may be more used to seeing a variety of different type billions. And like when you think about a Goblin Shark. That doesn't really look like a shark to me very true so you know yes they look more like a shark than a Gondola. They look more like an animal that exists on earth. Yes goblin sharks so there you go. And they're typically a grayish color though they might have white spots or dark street. Yeah they almost like a little bit more like waylon colored link then because a lot of germs. Sharks have very distinct either. Like I'm one color right. I'm one calling in the top. One call on the bottom. Have like a very distinct pattern and then got these guys and also goblin sharks. Wow these weirdoes. Sarah the deeper you get the weirder gets true very true. There's just the deep sea is a mystery to most of us. Yes so they live at the ice edge of the ocean and they can go anywhere from the sea level to theory. Water is like seven thousand two hundred feet deep so they can come up if they would like to. Yeah but they likely spend most of their time deeper. Yeah they like to dive down to really deep deaths and just Kinda Chill. I mean why not. It's yeah probably really peaceful down there. Also they probably don't have to use a ton of energy down there they can probably lake have released low metabolism's just Kinda chilling digest. I like WHO's not likely a ton of predators down there that are larger than them though not much is going to mess with them And that's actually one of the reasons that we don't know very much about them is that they probably spend a lot of their time down in the ocean. Yeah so we have recorded them going as deep as two thousand two hundred meters which is over seven thousand two hundred feet and you know who the heck knows if they go deeper right and a lot of times. They've been observed well relatively a lot of times because we haven't observed them a lot But they have been found. Just kinda chilling out on the shelves that are far underneath the ocean surface. Okay yeah they're like Oh. This looks like a nice little seabed. Here Yeah GonNa Chill on it. Yeah so they stick close to coasts too like landmasses All right yeah and then terrifying it all to think about no no no and actually in Greenland and the other parts of the eastern North Atlantic or Atlantic the eastern North Atlantic they can be observed or even captured far inland swimming in the deep fjords. Oh boy yeah fjords. Yeah the fewers have many mysteries. Who UNFILLED TEETH JUST WHISTLED? I like that word is just the ORD. Yeah Yeah. It's a good word but also that seems terrifying. Yeah I like it when sharks stay where they are and if I want to go see them I can find them right. I do not want them to find me. You don't want them to lurk deep away where you can't see them and suddenly there. Oh Hey friend. I'm inland like five hundred miles. They have too many teeth for me to be comfortable with that. That's fair there are some people who think that the Greenland Shark some might be a contributing factor in the myth about the Loch ness monster. Interesting man I mean. There's all sorts of theories about what the Loch ness monster might really be. I think it's probably just a monster. Of course you do. Your opinion has already been proven. Just an opinion. And if you don't know what we're talking about you should join us on patriotic on because we've had this conversation. Well WE WON'T RE ADDRESS THAT AT THIS POINT. No not today so you might be wondering. Well Cathy if they're so slow and sleepy seeming. How do they ever catch anything to eat? All cassie I know better than to assume that a sleepy looking animal such as a house cat is not a top Predator but perhaps our listeners may know also. I don't know the details so please do. Tell me your one hundred percent rate. They are top. Predator right into the shower hit a variety of fishes invertebrates and other prey. Okay Sir Remember when we talked about killer whales orcas not you know yes. They're not actually wealth and we mentioned the fact that they sometimes eat reindeer. I vaguely I don't really remember it. Honestly like if you told me that today I would have been like. Oh my God I never knew that. So this is this is one of those weird funky things about Greenland. Sharks is that dissected individuals had the remains of polar bears reindeer horses and other large land mammals in their digestive systems so like polar bears and reindeer are not that. It's not that it doesn't make that much sense because you'd find those guys So well pullovers swimming occasionally like out on out on the melting ice wraps and all that fun stuff and Reindeer. You'd probably find very Very near the coastlines in the fjords like that. Yeah but getting all the way to horses right that. That might be a little shocking. Like don't leave your horses so close to the coast. The sharks will eat them. Yeah Oh my goodness yeah. The poor horses. Well it's it's not clear because again we don't know a ton about these animals right so it's not super clear whether or not they had eaten live prey. That was in the water for some reason. Or if they like were able to jump out of the water and catch live prey Or if they were opportunistic scavengers and eating dead prey That had had fallen into the water and drowned. What's interesting is that there's dumped like I've room land mammal that have been found in several individuals. So it's not just one lucky one was like Haha score. Eaten polar bear tonight. Yeah well the pull away. Is I think the accents for them to like go up there and find a swimming as like as because they can't tell the size of the animal especially like baby polar bear that makes sense. Yeah but yeah but the ones that would like more regularly be exclusive lane. Land are a little bit scary little hurting right. Yep We do think that they act as ambush predators lying in wait grabbing things as they approach. Yup It's a pretty effective way too hot expending a ton of energy You're huge you don't have to chase anything. You just Kinda go. Oh that looks good. Yeah it's are. It's like a mix of opportunistic. But it still predatory still actively like lash out and attack total just are like being more strategic about it. I really elevated way of hunting. Yep Yep exactly other famous ambush predators being lion and no wolves aren't really ambush predators. But but definitely like large cats and that's a lot of the the larger Aquatic Animals. We've talked about ambush predators. Yup So we don't again know a ton about where they do spend most of their time. The first time that the species was ever caught on film nineteen ninety-five and actually took eighteen years leader for us to get a video of them that depicted them in their natural habitat. Wow Yeah so in one thousand nine hundred five video footage of that. My soom like nearby coastline. A show yet. We're maybe even like a caught species or right right right and then eighteen years later when Korea was eighteen years old then we had like the technology and yeah finally actually found one. Yeah so in like twenty. Wow Yeah it's only turned. Eighteen has told get out of here. Not One to speak. Ma'am. Ooh Wow very painful. It was addressed as Madam the other day. It really hurt me along. So yeah so we have to update this when we find out more about them. But that's kind of all the background stuff we know. Now I want to get into the weird stuff the weird stuff but before we get into the weird stuff. Oh invite it'd be a time. Might be a good point to Tyson a little promo while I think for this promo especially. Yeah yeah talking about wearing a perfect at well this week we are sharing yet. Another Promo from our friends in the lady. Pas flawed grew rate. Which is going to be Super Fun so please enjoy. You totally made that up. Are you into history? That's strange weird. Bizarre creepy and crazy maybe even spooky and scary with some monsters and mysteries sprinkled in then you totally made that up is the podcast for you. It's just like the name says we tell you stories. That are so unbelievable. May sound like someone must have totally made them up. Here's the thing though we don't focus on legends and Lore are tales are filled with names and dates and all the facts. We can find so they're true stories even when things try to take a supernatural paranormal turn. We've been known to bust myths on occasion but mostly we just have a good laugh. All the things that can't and can be explained. Check us out on all your favorite podcast platforms and look for new episodes. On Thursdays. We come at. She biweekly with occasional bite-sized bonus episodes in between. You can also find us on twitter at Whitey. Empty you podcast and on Instagram at. You totally made that up all right. I hope you guys enjoyed that Promo. It was a well produced and very intriguing Promo. I certainly feel like I now need to check them out and I hope you guys follow all their instructions to check them out to you but don't go away too soon because we have some weird funky hard to believe stuff to discuss all about Greenland Shark and I. I myself very excited. I always love an episode where I think it's always fun for us. It's fun to do the research but always fun to be the one just receiving the research because you could just kind of sit here and get your mind blown so like every episode. Just really tighten your mind up because we're about to blow it up in a very non aggressive way. That came out way wrong. I should probably stop trying to hide. We should just. We should just learn more fun facts. Okay so the reason I wanted to talk about this particular animal and actually this was a listener requested. Okay as well. We think that they are the longest living vertebrate species on the planet. That is A. That's a big call yet like that's A. That's a bold claim. They have the longest known lifespan. Okay so let's just. Let's just take like tiny clarification moment for our listeners. Just in case any of Y'all nita an elementary school refresher Vertebrates are any animal with a spinal column and bones on the inside right and once you get away from vertebrates all sorts of things happen because right have jellies that are parts of colonies that some of the individuals might actually live forever. It's just very straight and we're going there today. In general vertebrates encompasses a massively yes. Large amount is half animal half of the types of animals. We have and to make the claim that that we can document how we're GonNa talk about that and that they have the longest like for sure known life. Span begets you know. Obviously they don't want to say yes hundred percent because we might not right L. Other ones but that's quite a claim and it must be a very impressive lifespan. Okay so think about life spans for vertebrates race. So I'm thinking of some of the the longest living species that I'm familiar with. I'm thinking of like tortoises tortoise carrots parrots. Yeah yeah up in the hundreds Yeah I mean tortoises. I think we have recorded ones. That are like one hundred fifty years old or something like that. Give birth yet. I endorse sea turtles. Yeah Yeah see turtles okay. So how long do you think we might be estimating that Greenland Sharks live? Is it cheating? If one of the pictures I looked at and had a title girl now. tell us tell us tell us now that one and I don't know if this is like the longest one but that one said like four hundred fifty okay so there's a little bit of dispute about this. We can't perfectly record it yet right but we estimate that they lose between three hundred to five hundred years old. That's insane so that means that there are greenland sharks swimming in our same oceans today. Who were around like with Queen Elizabeth? That doesn't help me because I don't know my British history very well before the United States was a country yes called the united. Yes yes that that I could. I count that honestly like right. After the first banished colonizers came to the states in Churston. Yeah so there might be. Whoa okay think about this. There might be greenland sharks swimming in the ocean who were swimming in the ocean when Columbus was sailing it. Whoa that's pretty wild right. I know cullimore sharks. Also he left bad taste in their mouth. It's not even what's what's fascinating about talking about animals that can live so long like that long is not just like are they are. Bobby's adopted to go on for this long amount of time. But how they have been able to adapt to some very significant changes environment. Yes like incredibly significant because when Columbus was sailing the waters we did not have technology. We ruining the planet yet like right. I mean I'm sure the deep sea is one of the it's got to be one of the most changed environments right and they don't just live in the deep sea either. I rank all over the place. Yeah that's just amazing that like and it's not just that the species has been able to persevere because the loss of many many speed and that is amazing that is that like literally an individual. Just be like man. It's really hot today. Like for ten years must be summer. Oh my God these sharks are actually who the game of thrones characters. Were based on where just last for like ten years. The game of thrones characters. We're actually all just sharks. Oh my gosh okay. So here's another cool thing is that it was really hard for us to estimate how long they live. We couldn't really determine their age using our regular approaches specifically for sharks and we had to get creative so usually four sharks. It's kind of like with with a tree rings. So Biologists will count the growth rings on their fin spines and their vertebrae k. high so like trees. Yeah exactly growth rings interesting sharks and trees man who and so. They're counting the like of deceased ones that they have found or taking like little small samples. Oh Nancy but they couldn't do that for greenland sharks because Greenland. Sharks don't have hard tissues in their body even their vertebrae are soft Spartan. Yup So do they. Even count as vertebrate. Yeah because they have a spinal but it hasn't skeleton and they have a spinal cord and but it's only made out of soft tissue but they have it What's it made out of like cartilage? Okay Okay Yeah so in two thousand sixteen. Scientists from a whole bunch of different fields had to work together to figure out how to measure the age of these specimens that they'd been catching and finding other people catch So what they? What they wanted to do was to carbon date. Okay and we've probably everyone's heard about carbon dating carbon dating because that's how we find out how old fossils are right right and so it's looking for different types of isotopes an amount of carbon isotopes to see like what the environment was like that you've lived through. Yeah because we know when we when we're looking isotopes we know the half lives of all these things we know how long it takes them to break down to get to a certain point right so they are trying to see like how long has it been since they started. Yeah where are they in their in their process? You know you are so smart. I'm literally having to recall like seventh grade classroom memory right there. Thank you MS Hanson. That's a good science teacher. Everyone gives shout out here science teachers. Yes okay. So what they wanted to do for the Greenland. Sharks was to look at their carbon fourteen isotopes and they figured out that the place they could find him in a greenland shark was in their islands. I know okay. If you're a little squeamish this might be a place to turn down the volume or hit that fast forward fifteen seconds. Okay okay so this. Eight and fifteen seconds see the transparent tissue in the Greenland Sharks Islands. The the tissue in the Greenland Sharks Islands is metabolic -ly inactive which means that they don't they don't change too much themselves. They get new layers added onto them. It's kind of like how how snakes had the little ice caps is. But they showed them. Yeah these ones. Just keep them on so they just keep growing new and new so that they get worse and worse vision. Yeah actually that's very true. Oh my goodness like you have like a five hundred year old shark swimming around. That can't be anything. Yeah but that's very different reason. We'll get there. I mean you have layers and layers of Lens over your eyes like they're very thin layers but it means that you can peel back the layers and you can analyze each layer for the amount of carbon fourteen in each layer. So but you can't do that to a SPEC- no so what they did was greenland sharks. This is another part of the weird. The weird weird they're toxic. Their meat is toxic. Yeah yes so. That's actually an adaptation to living at such a deep ocean levels They have a high concentration of trip to methuen. Lemony in oxide. Anyway it's a type of material in their tissues that causes the meat to be toxic when eaten. What it does in their body is acts like a Like an antifreeze okay. Keeps their tissues from Lake freezing cold cold cold water like Like installation yeah. Okay Yeah however if you were to catch the greenland sharks and eat them ingesting. It can cause vomiting diarrhea convulsions. And the appearance of drunkenness. Which is why native greenlanders called someone who is had too much to drink shark. Sick interesting right. That's not to say we don't actually eat them though. We'll come back to that in a little while So they get caught generally as bycatch and they're kinda useless for the people who were catching them right so they were just discarding them but these scientists who kind of band together like Will by any of the ones that you catch and we would like to harvest the is please also please please invent better ways of catching so the bike cat absolutely ridiculous. That's a whole other giant but at least science could benefit from it. Yeah yeah we found something. We found some way to make use of your dumb by so what they do. Is THEY PEEL back? The the lenses kind of like the rings of a tree they analyze the amounts of carbon in each layer and they were able to purchase twenty eight caught specimens in two thousand sixteen and retrieve the lenses and collect data so they estimated that the two biggest sharks that they found were between three hundred and thirty five to three hundred ninety two years old. Wow right the analysis of all the shark tissue indicated that the lifespan of the Greenland Shark that they caught range between two hundred and fifty two to five hundred twelve years old. Although likely the oldest one was three hundred ninety. Okay came okay. Don't understand how that math works. Well because it was still alive chugging okay could have been a little older but yeah so even if they only typically lived in that lower range of estimate right alike. Two hundred fifty right. That still makes them the longest living vertebrate known known disci-. Yeah Yeah I was GonNa say because I think otherwise people will say that the the What is the it's not like? It's not just the sea turtle there's a there's another name. The razorbacks eternal some leather mother. Vacc- turtle is otherwise. I think maybe race living vertebrate and they certainly don't live all the way up to two hundred and fifty so no so. Yeah and it's possible that they could even live double that age. Yeah because I mean what you catches bycatch like is not an accurate sampling of everything and we were talking about like we. We tend to see the smaller ones more often near the surface. Right could be that the older bigger ones hang out more below where they're not getting caught as bycatch Shockley. Yeah I just. I continue to find it fascinating. I get my mind blown every episode. Not just about the interesting facts. We learn about some really wild critters but also that like out there somewhere. There's a massive group of people whose entire careers are dedicated to learning information that most of the world will never know. That's so sad. It's like it's it's a little bit funny. It's only a little bit like us. It's only think of it in that. Like you might spend your whole week. Frustrated about one small thing and then just like remind yourself that across the world somebody doing something else and worrying about something else has no idea what you're stressed about. And I think it meet for me. It helps like it helps me remember how big the world is. Yeah especially right now when you have like a lot of stressful stuff happening in your immediate area whether it's your personal life or your whole country going insane there. There's just there's still like someone out there is some scientists in greenland is like peeling back lenses. Greenland sharks is and like it's fabulous life. It's amazing and it's wonderful and that's just yes keeps you humble. Thank you so much to the people who do these rate like. Oh my gosh who teaches these things who's karnal need is just to find out more about what the the massive amounts of critters that we don't know about. There's so many animals that we know exist and that we know nothing about and then there are tons of animals out there that are yet to be discovered. It's amazing. Oh my gosh so you may have worried that when we took like an unexpected small break from critter cast that we were just like you know we were. We ran out of the animal. How could we ever be done for own? My Gosh yes just yeah. It's it's amazing isn't it? It's really exploded my mind in a very aggressive way. So you know there you go win. Yeah yes yeah all right. So here's a little bit of context for why we think they live so long So obviously if they're living in these deep pressure cold cold cold environments they they tend to live at around negative one to ten degrees Celsius right which is in the Fahrenheit system right about thirty degrees Fahrenheit to Max fifty degrees Fahrenheit So they have super slow metabolism right Which means that they can live a lot longer. They're just not using their bodies and their energy very quickly right they don't actually even reach sexual maturity until Guess Guess Guess Guess About that lifespan. One hundred hundred fifty really. Yeah that's a long time. Isn't that even for them? Life Span a love it. It's so neat. All right so remember. Howie said that. They're blind sometimes. Yes so this might also give you a little bit of the Hebrew. Gb's if you're a little sensitive so warning okay Kids you'RE GONNA love this part though. So parasites of course are common for all sorts of different critters in particular eyeball. Parasites are common for greenland sharks and also snakes. Yeah that's true Yep and also humans you we have all kinds of tiny bugs in our eyelashes. Okay well these are parasites that attached to the front of the I. Destroy the corneal tissue rendering the shark partially blind and they are long like ten inches to a foot long. Sometimes so if you google a picture of Greenland Sharks. You might see things dangling off of their eyeballs. Those are parasites who are eating their eyeballs. Il No Right. Go rose so cool. I don't like that at all I mean. Luckily they're used to living in these very dark depth and so they don't all you had to do was scroll down a little bit gusting supergrass. I love it. So they're using their other sensory systems in order to get around and find prey so they don't really have to worry about going a little bit blind grow not a problem so actually over ninety percent of Arctic Greenland Sharks. Have that the parasites yet key. I know like this at all. Probably not very comfortable for them. No disgusting You WanNa hear something else. That's kind of gross. No not really. I feel like I've had enough bad. So the when they take a bite out of somebody somebody yeah. How about something short? Yes something definitely when they take out by out of somebody. Their teeth the greenland sharks are designed to cut out plugs of flesh so the teeth on the upper jaw are these narrow pointed smooth teeth. And so that'll anchor the food item and the lower jaw. The teeth on the lower jaw are large and broad and they curve sideways. So they'll swing their head in a circular motion and cut out a round plug of flesh that they can then swallow and eat. I know it's awesome. No He's guys are role wall. No yes no so so cool. I also told you earlier that they are toxic right right. He were to eat them. But then you also said we'll get back to it but it doesn't mean we don't eat them because we humans tend to be pretty determined. We're dumb that's full hearty. Yes so they have long had traditional ways in greenland to eat greenland sharks. They will treat the sharks in a really particular way in order to reduce the toxin levels and they eat it in Iceland not in Greenland. I don't think there are many people in Greenland and Iceland date them Iceland where it's more Green Greenland where it's more ice makes no sense. So the we that they prepare this meet in order to eat it is that I. They have to bury the meat in the ground for six to twelve weeks okay. That's so that they can expose it to several cycles of freezing and thawing okay. And then they'll hang the meat up to dry for several months. Okay and then. They'll cut into bite size cubes and the the end product which is called Carl. Okay I'm not pronouncing that right. Yeah is considered a delicacy. One that chef Anthony Bourdain called the single worst most disgusting terrible tasting thing that he's ever eaten. Well it's dead dried out. Yeah toxic shark. It's toxic anymore. Oh Okay Great. Yeah does it still have like drunken quality might make you trunk for other reasons because he might after? Drink too much to get the taste out of your mouth. I've never been to Iceland. I don't know I haven't tried this. So maybe it just an agree with his particular polit. I mean you know. I don't think that all all chefs mean like they should just say what tastes good. And what Thailand. But also that would you eat it. No but I don't eat fish at all. I'm trying I'm trying to side if I would eat it or not. I'm not sure I wouldn't. I'm kind of interest but I'm not crazy. Adventurous eater ways. I might eat it all right. Listeners let us know would you eat it or Nah Nah put up a poll okay? I think I'd try it. I think I'd try a little bit just to see just to see what a human kind of thing is that to be like Here's this toxic five hundred year old animal. Eat that it's so human. I'm sorry for humans so over them. You'll just have to go move in with the Greenland Sharks. No I don't want to live with them either. They're terrifying. I think they're awesome. You think every animal is awesome. It's true for squirrels get out. That's what we're going to do next an email. It what No. I don't have time to research squirrels enough right now. Okay good thinking. Oh my goodness so. That's that's the rundown on Greenland Sharks for you. That is the rundown in fact. Yeah and and I really partially because I know anything about them. I never heard of them before and partially. Because I feel I've done a pretty good job inserting my reactions. Yes just right into the moment. I I don't really have anything to add. Yeah I just. Don't I think we we talked about everything as we were going pretty well? You know if you if you're the kind of person that's only here for purely the animal facts sick around for the next five ish minutes and then this episode will be a little bit on the shorter side for US Louise. They'll be pretty average before we wrap up kind of the traditional stuff. We do want to do our adoption pets because of the half to and because it's lots of fun today. I picked it some animals to different animal. Because why not today? We are traveling to Austin Texas to learn about some of these awesome adoptable animals. And I'm just doing a quick double check to make sure that both of them are still actually available for adoption. Ha Just not to not confuse anybody here. But the reason that we're travelling to Austin a little bit of Personal Info for you guys which we will dive more into it the very end if you're interested in some updates on us is that I was in Austin Texas last week the week before four an apprenticeship through the Matty's Fund what does Jannati's Fund matty's Fund is a large organization that focuses on fundraising and creating educational opportunities and research for the animal rescue. An animal sheltering field. Okay so they have what's called the Matty's fund lifesaving academy where different shelters from all over the country. Different shelters and rescues will say. Hey you know what we pioneered this. We're really good at this. And we teach other shelters how to get. This started very quick. Maddie's Fund Helps Fund. All those programs helps make sure that you know that it gets interested. People to those shelters and I participated in one of their programs to learn how create a volunteer program for volunteers working with dog specifically what yeah this apprenticeship in particular was taught by was topped by Austin pets alive so that is the apprenticeship I was at and I spent some time while I was there with two very sweet dogs at Austin pets alive and I just felt like they needed to be highlighted. So I've gone ahead and double check that they are still available for adoption. They are so the first dog is Sonny and Sonny is an eighty six pound. Likely Pit Bull. Mix is a male. He's about two years old he has the sweetest face he's he's just big and tall and massively and super goofy like he is such a sweet horrible. He is Super Smart. He is headed into one of their training programs out there relatively new to them so they hadn't really figured out. What was the best pathway for them so the way they do their program? Is that any dogs. That are there for a certain amount of time or longer any of their long-stay residence yeah automatically are going to be either put into their canine good citizen training program or their top dog program for dogs that are not eligible to be canine good citizen but that starts them working on a lot of really cool skills that just makes them awesome dogs in their homes. Wow folks decide that they don't want to go through the certification. It doesn't matter to the foundation. Yeah it's just means that they know their basics. Yeah they know a couple of things above. They're basing wow and with sunny. I know that I was watching them. And we were already teaching him things. Like you know how to sit and calmly wait and be approached by a stranger and how to identify and go to a certain place how it works on recall which is a slow journey. But that's have shelter get started with. That is yeah and then you know one of my one of my fellow. Apprentices took him home for a sleepover to her airbnb. And that he was just a doll and snuggled in bed all night. Oh my God under the days that we are training we were like doing a Lotta classroom stuff. But he's not in the room with us and he just went over to a bed with his toy and fell asleep. What a good. It was horrible. When it's hard he said really stinky farts so just keep that in mind okay. Good to know very food motivated very easy to train. Cool Dog Check him out. That's yes please. That Sunny S. O. N. N. Y. At Austin pets alive and you can search by name on. Their websites should be able to find him perfect. The other dog we worked with is Jacky and Jackie is also also probably a mixed but they have her labeled as a pointer mix. She is fifty two pound three year. Old Female Okay. At are at a lot of other shelters she may have been called Pity Mix has definitely a narrower build than okay national pity so I could see the pointer mix to Jackie is absolutely precious. She is in training to be a canine good citizen. Wow so she is kind of receiving their highest level of training which is so she is also super smart. We worked with her a lot. She is a little bit even though she's older she's a little bit more puppy ish in her manners that more excitable and jumpy and new learning against the you know not to just launched at people right a little bit smaller so yeah. It's not as big of a deal right but she is also just absolutely precious black and white so black with kind of stripe of white down her face down her chest down her little white on her paws. She is super sweet and just incredibly adorable If you are looking for a dog in the Austin Texas area Check out both Austin Pets Alive and Austin Animal Center. They're both really cool facilities. I had a chance to spend a Lotta Time Austin pets alive and take a quick trip to Austin animal center as well and it's a great place to go if you're looking to add a family member so cool cats there too. But I spent my week short kissing on dogs. Next week we'll go ahead and back to highlighting a different type of absolutely. So that is our adoptable pets spotlight for this episode. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing those with us. Really cute dog can see pictures of both Jackie and sunny on our facebook and instagram and twitter. Pictures all of that before you leave. Don't click away just yet. Follow US on Social Media. You can find all of our episodes all of our show notes. Lots of extra fund resources on our website critter cast podcasts. Dot Com. That's right and you can also find all kinds of fun. Things relevant articles animal memes just pictures of Corinna holding baby ostriches. Because that happened to me this gosh on our social media on Instagram. We are critter. Cast podcast on facebook. We are at just plain critter cast and on twitter we are cast critter. That's right and if you're looking for even more critter cast content. You can hop on over to our youtube channel which is just YouTube dot com slash critter cast watch some of our fun. Reptile chauve logs and meet the critter videos. Awesome or you can join us on Patriot for extra exclusive content. I access to all kinds of fun. Things and occasional free stickers postcard Lou and that's Patriot dot com slash critter cast. How can you resist? I don't know how you could. Yep Yep that's GonNa wrap all the business as usual for us like to stick around for a few extra minutes for a life update on Kassian Corinna and apologies for ditching. You guys. This is what we're going to talk about next. So if he is not. You've gotten the good info we will see you next time. And if you're sticking around get cozy friends. Oh my gosh all right so the first thing we should say is that we keep an eye out for an interview with us on the podcast. Podcast we listened to you. That will be coming out sometime in March and we'll let you know when we have the exact date. Yes so that super exciting. We're so thrilled. Yeah Jeremy Collins. The host of that show wanted to chat with US yeah. He reached out. He was excited about it. We were excited for fun. We recorded that a couple of weeks ago. So and he told us that we'd go out some point in March. So we`ll. We'll see that for very exciting. I'm thrilled yes. Luckily that happened right before. Our lives completely exploded in a good way in the best way. Best Way. So we recorded. We recorded that crossover. We recorded our collab- with hidden wings and bloodlust which is already live. And we've already kind of post. Listen go check it out. That's an awesome show on. It was a fun little interview. Hello pop pop. This is the. This is the casual fireside chat portion. So it's okay. If you do a little bored provide likes to contribute. Yeah and then right after that. We didn't get the chance to record this episode before I went to Austin because we just I was packing. It was insane. It didn't happen then. We came to come back to record episode again and we're missing some equipment because Kassy's currently teaching a new generation future podcasters. Yeah so excited. Oh exciting but we had brought some of our equipment to show them. She had purchased through the school. Thank goodness knows her own dime some equipment for them to us but we brought some of ours to demonstrate and then forgot that it was still with them so we could not record nope and then three days later. We just both ended up jumping into the house buying process in a very serious way very quickly. So we're both buying houses and we're moving away from each other. No yes fans. Don't worry we're not moving that far away from each other obviously still be able to record critter. Cast the way you know and love it. Oh Yeah We should be able to do some remote episodes if needed but we won't be far away. We will be able to do our fun. Im- person recordings just like we always do and hopefully we will have even better recording spaces. Yeah there will be able to bring you a better quality audio and maybe even like match out into one or two video episodes or something if we wanted to go super crazy well not so. We'd may not get lighting for that so we'll see so yeah for for those of you that know us in real life or friends with us on real life or in like our personal social media or whatever in real life real life on real life. I don't know it's late. That's fine I have been in in the home. Buying process casualty for about a year. Seriously for like the last three or four months to the point where you know I started thinking well when I when I do want to move closer to work which will be fair. You know as soon as I can manage it I would like to buy instead of rent and then I had support and both financial and emotional support from family. That made it. You know even a reality for me to look into it and then I spent the last few months really dialing down my finances and knowing what I could afford to own a house and paying off all my excess credit card debt and just knowing that I would be in a good place to to actually make it happen for myself without getting in over my head. We're both Subaru aware of the positions of privilege that we're in where we can do this at this point and get out of the rental market which is increasingly expensive. Yeah Yeah for us. Renting financially just didn't make that much more sense but it also didn't make sense to look at houses together when my job is currently so right away and when we are friends but not life partners and until surprise you know we may at some point either of us like to have our own life partners or maybe not or you now taking application into those damn each like a few more cats and and do it together you know you never know and so i. I'm really glad that I saw when I came back from Austin Eye. I saw my first couple of rounds of houses. Yeah highly disappointed. And then I found one and it was great and I put an offer and we went back and forth and it was very stressful like three to four days of my life and then all of a sudden they were like okay. Yeah you better house at that price high now. I'm officially buying this. Hackles were insanity. It's very exciting. And your journey went quite different from mine. I think because this is it. It's been crazy in how it can for me. Go from kind of want to buy a house to improve for loan. Now Isaak blouses too. Oh I'm buying it right and that's been kind of insane but I feel like yours was even more insane well. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to buy or not. Because the timing's just gonNA work out kind of Funky for me because our our permanently says up in July and I didn't WanNA move twice in a row so and I couldn't really buy a house before I had money that I will earn over the summer from teaching. Thank you awesome. Teaching Job That I was GONNA use as my down payment and like moving money So the timing just didn't work out for me to buy on the same schedule that it did for you right but I also didn't want to move from one apartment to another one and then move into a higher as well then. I just kind of randomly decided to buy a new build house where I can rent out one or two of the rooms right by randomly decide. She means well. I thought timing wise inexperienced wise the that would be the better the better process for you than going through the more kind of standard by a home that's on the market compete against multiple people. Type thing I know what you're buying until you're buying thing But it just happened that in the city that we live in where you would like to continue stay on there of course still building new homes and there was just like one model. That was like one of the only ones in your price range. That actually really would work well for you so well and then it has to move fast from that point so while actually buying your home will be a very lengthy process because it has to be built. And you're like there's so many steps along the way and you have to design everything the jumping in and saying yes. I'm going to buy this house. Had to be very very fast because prices go up and lots go away. Yeah there you go and I am incredibly lucky that one of my dear friends is going through that exact process right now right and so I could talk with her and find out what her experience was and learn more about that process. Yeah so I could see that. That really was the right fit for me. I absolutely it gets in tips from her and just like go into it educated. And and it's so that's been really crazy for us and it's going to continue to be crazy. We are going to do our absolute best to make sure that Regular critter casts episodes. Still get absolutely now that you know. Now that we're a little macabre backup basically. We just skipped an episode. Here we are a little back up. We are going to do our absolute best to make sure that the regular contact keeps going out but the extra special content was our goal to get it going again and it's still a goal. I just don't know how that goal is for you guys because life isn't a and buying houses and saying it takes a month so like all of March I'm gonNA basically just be like trying to solidify all of this and like getting up my water in like it's a crazy then packing and macking and yes yes and packing and teasing only moving like less than an hour away. I ever fear alternative like thirty. So but it's still you know now. Moving and moving all my pets is. GonNa be challenge. Yeah maybe we'll do a blog about how to move with pets. Yeah with pets. Yeah exactly. That's the title and also how to move with my reptiles. Moving with mammals is two distinctly different very different things because they have to have their environments. Well I mean they all should just kind of have their environment. Sorta ready to go but also like it's so hard for mammals when their environment is home you're going to create a bunch of chaos in their home yet and then move them into an empty home and try to unpack around them. Yeah but that. That's the only way. Do it right right. But we'll talk about some tips and strategies. Yeah so keep a lookout for that. Maybe that'll be. Our Patriot exclusive content for March. Because that'll be what we're doing march. That sounds great. Yeah awesome well. So that's what we're doing. Y'All let us know how you were doing. Please do yeah. I want to just talk about ourselves. Well we want to hear how everything is going in your life. We want to know about animals that you think people should know about adoption. We want to know if you've ever bought a house. How did you deal with the stress and anxiety and also like what packing? And moving tips. Do you have right. Tell US yeah. We WanNA know if you're digging this current audience setup and this new this fancy new audio interface that we're using. Thank it talent different. Are we blasting your eardrums? We don't know do you. Are we blowing your mind aggressively and if we are don't forget to tell a friend about critter casts that's right we hope you enjoy it. We know you have. We know you're gonNA tell the world all about how cool greenland sharks are because critter cast. Listeners are the types of people that stop to let turtles cross the road absolutely. Yep I just our and don't just sit in their home in their car and honk their horn atom. No say recognized that will be futile India. And they just sit back and watch and enjoy the life of the turtle there you go live in the world. Yep I think that's going to be for us today. See you later alligator after awhile. Crocodile cast cast.

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