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Talk. The company has released a new device called. Stop Your Amazon Alexa from listening to you. Meanwhile you're smart CB just look at life like. I no kidding. No kidding. That was such a revelation to me. When when I got my TV my TV is spectacular. I've been. Dealing with an older TV for quite some time and is at the store or like right before Christmas in prices were sick. What how how could this seventy? Some inch four K. U. HD? Whatever that stuff is TV be seven hundred books on. Jack because there are lots of poor people in Asia, willing to build them and it's so light. I can pick it up with my hands. That's not the reason it's not no, that's right. They make their money off the data collection, right? They subsidize it with data delayed. So the TV's cheaper than it should be, they want me to buy it because I had a TV were they were collecting zero data i. had. A DUMB TV. Now I got a SMART TV and they're probably listening to my conversations in addition to you know every single show I watch and how long I watch what ads do I skip and Blah Blah all that data crtv tiptoeing away from your wife's panty drawer sewing two thousand dollar TV seven, hundred dollars because the they make it up all the data the collecting Yang kept telling us during the debates. Data is more valuable than oil is a commodity in the world right now which is astounding excellent point and that's why they're grilling the titans of tech on. Capitol. Hill Yeah. Maybe right now as we speak breaking news breaking news. Okay. Break King. Real breaking news like actually bring out Brandon the donkey. When news breaks the donkey brays for some reason Oregon's Democratic Governor Kate Brown or some reason that's his job Jack. Kate Brown said that federal agents have clash with protesters in Portland will begin a phased withdrawal from the city's downtown area on Thursday acting secretary. Of Homeland Security Chad Howlin Wolf confirmed that he and Brown reached a joint plan to end the violent activity in Portland Directed Federal Properties law enforcement officers that plan includes the. Presence of Oregon State police in downtown Portland, he said in other words. We're not withdrawing the troops unless you protect federal property. So hail protect federal properly. Thank you I'm not sure I followed that closely enough to Are the protesters in agreement with the famous crawl. Did they negotiate with the protesters for a phased withdrawal or are they just stating there will be a fate withdrawal like we're going to there's going to be a phased withdrawal of al Qaeda from Volusia and this is how we're GonNa do well, the federal agents are the phased withdrawal. neier watering not the Rieter. So they're they're being supplanted by the local people right? Okay I. Get you right so Riders might still be there and fight the most interesting. Next step to observe is to what extent does that take fuel away from the riots that is nonstop right now, it's trump's troops that are causing this right if he hadn't gone in with the troops, you wouldn't have all this mayhem well prior to the. The federal. Going in there the Federal Officers it was the Portland pd that was the target of the abuse and rocks and bottles and the rest of it. So a yeah, we'll we'll have to see but again, this is a liberal politician who's been unwilling. To criticize the militants. thinking she still holds the levers to control the militants and she doesn't. Now whether this will take a twenty percent of the energy out of the riots or eighty percent I don't know that's why I'm interested in seeing. Yeah. Well, this'll be this. This could Put put lie to a popular narrative of the last several weeks. Yeah. Could well listen the point of view of me a William Bar, really any sane person to my mind is you have to protect the federal courthouse. You can't let it get burnt to the ground and if you're not going to do it like you're supposed to with local resources, the feds are going to have to do with themselves. Okay. Now you're saying you'll do it. Okay. Fine. feds are out simple easy. Here's something I actually don't know Dr Fauci is up on. MSNBC talking. About Hydro Chloroquine Hydroxy Chloroquine Jack Whatever you call the that's the. That's the fish tank cleaner. Not precisely notes a drug usually used for malaria and other conditions. I've been taken fish tank cleaner. Go ahead for got confused a little bit and that's fine. Just take it with a meal. I actually don't know if this stuff works or not. Because I've I've seen stories I know for fact, I actually know of a doctor who's Taken themselves. So is it a completely phony? No. Completely real or is it inbetween? You'll never hear this in the media, but it shows great promise especially combined with zinc in. Oh. What is the other thing that gets thrown in? Zithromax or? Antibiotics for early cases pre hospitalized not terribly sick seems to do a pretty good job of nippon it in the bud, a more studies are needed, etc it is. According to the studies I've seen and you know how these things change If you're in the late stages, it will do you know good in fact, might do you harm. So similar to take Theraflu, you gotta take it right when you get the flu and doesn't. Know much about that. But because it's become entirely about trump now, Anna Litmus test in the media trumper anti trump. Now nobody's talking about it. In grownup terms I know doctors are prescribing it absolutely. Yeah. The the the FDA cautioned against use of it outside of a clinical thing because of side effects and FDA is very cautious with the making sure things are safe before they give them keep an aquarium very clean. Yes. Ask Your doctor if hydroxy chloroquine is right for you in other words. Okay. You're poor catfish can't even see out the walls year aquarium. So dirty a drinking, all the cleaner. Selfish. But I feel great you should see my stool. Should not old boy. Now that's an invitation. We had a two hour two and a half hour meeting with Dr Yesterday. About my youngest in his situation and that sort of stuff but. She got on this thing. We were doing a phone thing because there's hardly any in person. Dr, stuff happening but she got on this thing about stool than just went on and on and on. Enthusiast. The gadget it I really get it completely. I. Fully Understand at this point. Can we talk about something else? A majority of Americans think canceled culture is a big problem. Glad to see that. How big a majority cancel culture joe refers to a form of boycott in which an individual usually celebrity. no because normal people are turned into celebrities by those who would drag them out into the street and beat them to death. It's because you were turned into a celebrity. That you got cancelled by your job because they think that now you're a twitter sensation, get to get rid of you. You don't by the way nobody will remember it next week at all this afternoon you know. Who has said something that offends some people is called out shunned. How big a problem do you think cancer culture is in the US Today Twenty eight percent I'll go with all adults before we break it down into parties Oh boy twenty, eight percent say a very big problem. TWANI six percent say somewhat big problem. So you're at fifty four percent well, okay for somewhat big and very big. Yeah. I'd like it to be bigger, but we can work with this. Not a problem is only thirteen. Wow. Good. Small problem thirty one. So in terms of people thinking, it's a problem at all your at what eighty six percent. Wow. Wow this is such a beautiful example of how. The vocal but brutal minority. Can do terrible damage and how they can terrorize people into silence. I mean with those numbers, nobody should ever lose their job for saying something unfortunate on twitter I mean especially if you add in and then they say, I didn't mean it in an offensive way I might be blank. So if anybody took it the wrong way apologize at that point there's roughly. Two percent of the population that thinks that person should still lose their job and it happens. Canceled Yeah, there's the opportunity nearly alone of voice to be that Guy True Gene Oh. Yeah. To me if I was GONNA write the story of this poll. The headline would be this even among Democrats nearly half believe it's a somewhat or very big problem forty, seven percent of Democrats are in the very big or somewhat big problem category at in with another thirty six percent small problem only fifteen percent of Democrats can't culture is not a problem. while. Is that did I feel hope I felt that in age yet don't set. There's nothing worse than hope. You can't be disappointed if you have no hold. That's right. Right? Don't get on the train. Takes you to disappointment Ville. I. Bought A ticket for a good outcome city. You WanNa. You WanNa step off on the platform at this is the way it's always gonna be Heights. Yeah well. That's why Dr Yarn don't Ride Trains like that trade let me off. I thought that was interesting. Yeah. That is interesting. Keep that around I want to memorize those numbers It's frightening. Of course, that's the history of militant horrifying politics movements. Well, yeah. Remember I've doing that study the French Revolution and reading about revolutions in general it's only about fifteen percent they think that it takes to pull off a revolution, right? Right I including a significant number of people who are thinking I'm not down with it really but you get the active fifteen percent to pull off the revolution. He got like another I think it was forty percent that. Are they more or less feel that way. They wouldn't go that far but they they more or less feel that way. Then he got I think I'd like twenty thirty percent chunk of they're scared to say anything about it. Yeah. You're easily into an offensive for small percentage left are really willing to resist that I would add that You can leverage your numbers through an increase in terror. Oh, sure if you are even more brutal and horrifying You can make your numbers have a bigger effect guillotines worse than canceled on twitter. There's no doubt about that ever had jumped off. The clearly clearly it's a, it's a bad outcome. Oh How Guillotine junction is the last stop on that train. Hey, you're better off just staying on the train going back to Centerville don't don't get off Guillotine junction. Armstrong and getty show. There's no place for violence and destruction of property peaceful protesters should be protected and arsonists. Anarchists should be prosecuted and local law enforcement can do that. Very well, secure benefit. All good good record. About I've we're not leaving. Until you're. told the governor gold the bear. Your city. Very. Good. About The president with his new side hustle feeding wood chipper. Well. He was in a car wash and a convertible. He's actually right outside Marine One the helicopter. Biden say yesterday. arsonists. An anarchist should be prosecuted Bingo. Bingo was happy to hear go. That's good. That's a perfectly reasonable thing to say credit where it's due. Finally finally, a Democrat politician saying that. Thank you, Joe. Trump said were the federal government's not gonNA pull trump troops out until the the local people can secure it. Well, it looks like that's been worked out but there are two different versions of what happened here. So you've got the post from the. Secretary of Department of Homeland Security that's wolf our. Very adult statement it's a very long statement while just read the first part. Over, the past twenty four hours, Governor Brown and I have been in regular communication and agreed to a joint plan to end the violent activity in Portland directed at Federal Properties in law enforcement officers? Okay. Kate now here's the. tweet. Within, the last hour from Governor Brown who had a different view of the apparently those after my discussions with vice president pence and others the federal government has agreed to withdraw at our officers from Portland. They have acted as an occupying force in brought violence of for God's sake. Keep electing. Communists. Kate Brown well, she's going to spin it as house. Gop nutjob she somehow strong arm the federal government from pulling their violent troops out which caused all the problems department homeland security stating basically the opposite. So Yeah the the Fed said you have. Two. Choices. Use local and state resources to secure the courthouse or we will, and she said okay, we'll use the state police. It's as simple as that. You know I've been meaning to A good piece in the dispatch today about. Reporters who are who are sowing both sides of how these things unfold at night and There's a great twitter feed. Yeah guys been inside the courthouse is the Insanity is as unfolded. This Mike Balsamo Yep lamenting the lack of balanced on the ground reporting in the city. Um and another reporter. But Anyway, here's an example of this woman Nancy Rahman her accounts detail the various players involved from rioters, setting fires to peaceful protesters pleading with them to stop to curious on lookers trying to comprehend the historic events unfolding in their city and the orderly chaos that inevitably ensues. Why are you doing this a young woman implores? Whoever listened you're giving them a reason to shoot at us when they start the fires we come and try to stop them the young man said he he he both put out the fires himself explains the crowd why the tactic is only making things worse so they're arguing with. The people who are starting fires and firing projectiles right in the anarchists and Marxists are like, yes, we want them to shoot at. You ask why we're here. That's our. That's our playbook trying to provoke a war kind of the whole anarchy thing I mean I hate to dome it down for you. But I'm an anarchist, and now I'm GonNa ask you just wants to stop stamping out our fires. You see if I fire stuff at this federal building and then they shoot at us that's that's that's my goal from the night you see fomenting revolution is violent perhaps the problem is we you and I have different goals. This what the anarchist should say to the peaceful protest I start to feel like we we don't see the same way I'm starting to think perhaps we should go our separate ways, but there was a video and I've been trying to find it. That I was talking about a month or so ago it was in Seattle and it was how the first violent started in Seattle, and it was such a good piece and I can't remember who is the Washington Post The New York Times where it was but they took very cellphone video of video they had security cameras they had it from different angles and everything like that of how these things unfold and you look at that and think How do you blame? How do you blame anybody? How would you stop this from happening? You had the protesters and the police up against each other on a barricade line and they're just you know they're people yelling each other and some of the protesters are doing nothing but some of the protesters throwing things at cops and some of the cops are handling it well, in some of the cops are not handling it well, and it's just it's just. I. Mean it's going to explode. Yeah. When you have that situation and who do you blame how you keep it from happening? I, have no idea if you're going to get them butted up against each other in that situation. Maybe don't You know butt up against the cops. Armstrong and getty. The Armstrong and getty show. Card company Bugatti has unveiled a new miniature electric car for kids that sells for sixty thousand dollars called the baby to as in. Wow. This whole family sucks the baby to. It's fun. What? And they haven't started yet all the titans of tech are being grilled by Congress in theory today remotely. Jeff Basis Amazon Tim Cook of Apple Mark Zuckerberg Facebook, and how we pronounce that guy from Google. Total. Value of the company's almost five trillion. That's a long and two of the world's wealthiest people. Say Tack of Computing the Dukes of data Biden denounce yesterday he will announce his pick next week for vice president I. Read an article. Yesterday it said never has picked been so consequential and inconsequential the same time. Oh you. Will have no effect on how anybody votes but it's incredibly consequential since it's almost guaranteed. He's not going to run for a second term and quite possibly wouldn't finish a I. Yeah. So it will actually matter politically eventually. Yeah. But doesn't matter to the vote. who gets elected how can both those things we seem like it could be does it but I think it will be that makes unless he makes a terrible choice. A choice that turns out disastrous then that will suppress turnout maybe he goes with scare Mucci or something. And that'd be Horri-. I'm going to have to you the experts breakdown. Why did you want to hear the what the wildcard is for? Twenty twenty four? Okay. AFC turns thirty, five that year? Awesome. Ron Ao see Ron he's run. And I like the speculation of Does he pick somebody that doesn't have ambitions. And who would that be to be the next president and and is whoever is running mate is January Twentieth Two Thousand Twenty one day one is just organizing behind the scenes for their run. Yes. All they do. Yes. Well. They'll. They'll probably be given a substantial portfolio so they can look busy and important. And probably will be fairly busy and important because they're clearly being groomed for the presidency that's enough of that. So the Florida marlins are a when they start playing baseball again, that team is not playing this entire week. Did you realize that they're taking an entire week off and when they do return? There's a decent chance they'll have almost entirely a different starting lineup and I'll read what Bob Nightingale soon because of the Cova tests. Wow. What Bob Nightingale said in the USA. Today, sports let's be honest if the Yankees had fifteen players test positive for covid nineteen and their season was halted for a week, would we still be playing baseball? How about if the dodgers or any other big market team had the same outbreak but since it's the marlins twenty, twenty season will go on. I was not aware of this. Blah Blah, Blah Blah quick comment. Yes. It's a TV show long as people still seem to be tuning in the TV show and they can fulfill their contract with the networks. They're gonNA keep playing, understand his point but this is already affecting the integrity of a sixty games scheduled. That's exactly what I was. Answering the whole integrity quest the marlins entire week of games has been postponed. They won't play again until August fourth at against the phillies and that's the best case scenario but that appears unlikely as the Miami. Mayor has announced that the Marlins should adhere to a fourteen day quarantine protocol that they have in the city. Oh which would push back even further. This has caused massive schedule and chaos in our massive chaos in the schedule. The Yankees who spent the past two days in Philadelphia never played a game they were supposed to play to on the road against the phillies and then travel home to New York for two more. Now, they will instead travel to buffalo by bus to play the Orioles who originally were supposed to be playing the MARLINS. Keeps going from there in Buffalo Okay Well, it's it's a rocky road. No it just seems to me like if one more team gets especially high profile team, like he said, where there's a lot of a ton of money on the line it falls apart. So quickly, I mean if the schedule that messed up that fast right Right. and it's not a big deal and and TV show and I still say fine I still say you might as well have tried even if it doesn't work out what's the downside to try if I if I got a star player and he gets a little hamstring poll and he's going to be out seven to ten days pretty common thing and I don't want him missing the Games. I just infect my team with Cova and we get a week off to recover and then once once everybody's healthy again hundred let's make up the Games everybody and this all infect my team with covert. How do you go about doing you spit in? Droves. You need some covert. I'll get you some. Dark Web oh as long as we're discussing this sporting life zero cases in the NBA so far though in the bubble in penetrated by last week. Yeah. Last week they had zero positive tests and the the regular season game start tomorrow for a couple teams. Most of them start on Friday, there have been a couple of NBA guys handful get the head, but they recovered quickly and they're fine they were isolated. They didn't join the team immediately they quarantined and then they joined later in the apparently the bubble thing is so far working. Meanwhile over in the National Football League one of the star players, the Patriots linebacker Dont`a hightower. Announced, he is opting out of the season. Safety Patrick Chung also announced plans to opt out because coronavirus concerns me at least six patriots who will not play they lead the league in that as well. Jack does he take care of his grandma at home or something because you're a young healthy man? The chance of you getting bad is so low well, they have a baby he and his fiancee has a baby of a new baby apparently in the baby almost certainly will be fine too but the the head connect conscience the brain pounding is going to get you before the Kobe. Heck I think twenty six players have opted out this season last from what I heard. When you hear that all pros like Dante hightower Patrick Chung and others each of whom sports several. Super Bowl rings are out. You're going to see that number grow a lot. San Francisco giants star MVP catcher buster Posey opted out he and his wife have a newt adopted twins I didn't know that. He said I'm not playing correct really I had no idea Sue. We'll have to see boy and what's your chance of getting it in baseball. Very Song on the Marlins a lot less than the NBA where you're like leaning against people in breathing on, it's not going to be your opponents. It's your clubhouse, your staff, the rest of the following basketball you could easily traded on baseball. It's it's your team baseball's biggest struggles that they aren't doing the bubble approach. They had the opportunity to do it in Arizona where the host although spring training because they have all the stadiums and they said, no they they didn't do it for whatever reason. But I think that's going to be their biggest hurdle. You said once big the Big Star start opting out it's you know and Grows from there I wonder if it's not other way around the people make tons of money and got more money than they can spend a lifetime. You think I'm not gonNA take the risk the so the other end, it's the non-stars that are GonNa say, Oh, can we play? We gotta play right the money or yeah yeah. I have no idea how this and. Neither do I. Neither does anyone. There are a Lotta, great players in all these sports though you haven't heard of them yet she you can take out a star nobody another star that other that. Takes out. We don't do sports talk show, but I'll tell you as a baseball fan that buster Posey staying home opened the door for a new kid and he's doing great. that. On the other hand old Mr. Posey has plenty of cash in the bank and I don't think he's terribly concerned. And to his credit, he's more worried about his wife and kids than win and baseball games the lady wouldn't let him play. He begged her he's earned his full catcher's gear at the front door. Please can I play? Louise she saying, no, he's trying to shake off. Pitcher shake off not catchers, Dang it he shaking her off. He's worth a mask I wear a mask on the field. Chosen Work Muster get back here take off your chain guards and sit down. Oh Don't squat sit. Hilarious. He's the catcher you see probably about out of Catcher Joe. And Getting A. The Armstrong and getty show. As. Of today I'd actually forgotten about this. which you how difficult it's going to be. As, of today at my house, we're a gluten free household. We're going to attempt to do it. Wow. Including you. Well so it's for my youngest in his health problems and it has been brought up by every single human being we've talked to therapists with no medical training whatsoever. On Up to psychiatrist who have medical training but not in this area on up to doctors who have medical training in this area and everybody else. Everybody have you tried gluten free? then. Never like saying, we really need to just you haven't tried it. But there's so many people. That are. Practicing members of the Church of Gluten. It just it's just it's so annoying. It is. So annoying. Yeah. You don't want to give into them and and and man cases I've thought you're the kind of person that you know gets into this whole gluten free thing and your doctor. And your this or that right And you know you've for whatever reason I. Don't know what I don't know what it is about the church gluten. I don't know why you gluten people just feel like. Your life would be so much better. If other people stop eating gluten I don't get that. But fine but it's a possibility. They could be a thing with my son with inflammation what that and whatnot, and and the things that we have been doing aren't working. and So you know got try anything and your cookies tastes like crap for awhile and have a weird textures worth trying from loans eliminated. Cookies anyway. So that's exactly that's the way but also thought luckily, my wife and I agreed on this the the the only way to really make this work and to make it a lot easier for him. Is that we all do it. It's not just works in their eating pizza. Enjoy gluten-free whatever yeah. So, we're GONNA do it as a whole whole family, but I had just I had just texted her I'll read my text. The fact that I forgot about it so quickly shows it's going to be difficult I send texts since my pizza was a fail the other day is there anything I could bring home for lunch bagels Kentucky Fried Chicken subway anything they all have gluten. All right. All Right Casey has gluten. Gluten I'm anything that's fried like the reading on it. Yeah. Oh, branding branding add in but right But a lot of stuff are Hershey's bars gluten free. Fruit loops are group gluten free. All stuff that no kid would ever want to eat. Yeah. Well. Why does and now my I've never had any gluten free like treats that weren't awful and I mean off. bar come the recipes via email on Monday but I've. Thank you for the liberal pretty good. Some of them might be, but I certainly had a lot terrible. I mean not just like this isn't as good. A regular cookie. You couldn't for five dollars I wouldn't eat the rest of this right I remember when we were going hardcore low-carbon. Several of us, my my wife, my sister and me and and we experimented with various Oh. This is an excellent substitute for of and there were a couple of things. I. Actually Spit Out. Oh. Yeah. Like I'm five years back. Grown man Chu. Chu Lookout phase. At the store with with with Henry, one time, and we are going to get a chocolate chip cookie I. Think Sam was in karate or something, and we're going to get the chocolate chip cookie. All they had was gluten free. Probably okay. It was. It was spit it out. Bad boy just thank. Buying why did you make this? They're doing. Something else nobody would like this flavor, right? To, a bakery that's pretty close by that has great stop gentlemanly top notch I wouldn't know that this was gluten free and it tastes just like a brown. That's what I was. GonNa say my wife said she's had gluten-free like brownies that were actually good. So but if you make the terrible kind surely you recognize that they're terrible don't you? Don't you a Brownie, the tastes nothing like a Brownie. Has No point yes. But if you're a member of the Church of no gluten in the way that ideology blinds intellect makes you believe insane things I think they convince themselves now this is. This is pretty good. But it just seems to me that if you're going to run an tastes like something completely different than what is the point or the texture is that of a loose phut. Didn't need that. Well but not for straight talk you wanted to Brownie you can't have a Brownie because a turns out you can't have a Brownie. But in this case with the brownies, they made sure it doesn't taste anything like a Brownie, right? So I don't need something called the Brownie in the shape of a Brownie I wanted something that tasted like a Brownie. Sure. So the. have. something. Have something else Joe is on to a point where I think they have deprived their tastebuds of taste buds of joy for so long that they don't even know what a real Brownie tastes. Ban To might be a good thing that happens with sweets and general people are taking a lot of sweets. You just get used to such a high level of sweet in your life. You need a lot more of it and you know you'd better off without proper. This gluten free pizza has the texture of Mucus and tastes like Tar. Cauliflower I, is the new frontier in gluten. I tried that for the low carb Ooh now that learn cross. that. That wasn't the worst one. Oh, the worst thing was fo- `tatoes Oh my it was like ground up cauliflower like banning I spit out. Oh, it's terrible but that's another example to me of if it's not to be anything like potatoes, there's not a need for something called potato shaped like a right. Why don't we have something else? Right. It's like you're checking a box like you're in a communist society where. The Commissar told you have to have potatoes? So instead, you have something horrifying, call it potatoes. Why why? Why anyways, we're going to try to. Get works out. You know we were talking about that. He's really dreading it. His Diet is not great with probably doesn't help anything that the stuff that he wanted to meet to news really dreading it but we're talking about what if this worked? What if no more needles? No more all this medicine we take every day all this stuff and you can go to school and everything just because we quit eating gluten was give it a try now. Eliminated at least if we do it then for the rest of my life when people say heavy tried. Yes. Shot Up. Walk. A. Texture of Mucus. Here's your host for final thoughts Joe, Getty. So I almost leapt to the left to the end my apology. So let's get a final thought from everybody on the crew. It's Michelangelo pressing the Buttons Michael Yet whether it's sugar free or gluten free. Be Taste Free I, try to gluten free birthday cake and I had to stop and drive up to a bakery to get a real piece of cake. Is that bad luck positive sean, our producer final thought. Yeah. The Tech Head Honchos I. Guess they're busy downloading. Started their their testimony yet, but I will be monitoring missile. You don't have to bring all the highlights for you tomorrow. Excellent Jackie final thought to share. Yes. I'll probably be reporting on twitter throughout the day of how day one of a gluten free household is going I told I think we've got to get the stuff out of the house. Oh. Yes. We're GONNA get everything out. That's not yeah. I'll take it. Bring it in the radio ranch. Yes. Sure. Speaking of parenting. My final thought is I I had a I was talking face phoning Delaney my twenty year old daughter last night for an hour and forty nine minutes. We talked about everything under the Sun I'm reminded of the old adage I believe it to be true. that. If you try to be your child's friend, you will have the parent them forever. But if you. Are Your kids. Parent. When they grow up, you'll be friends. At. Least Antenna if you're lucky you will. Yeah, was great. Absolutely Fabulous replacer highlight of my day. No festive against. You're not nearly Q. We talked about everything from life love dating rebound relationships too a solid hour of political theory. Oh. Yeah. Rebound relationships Oh yeah. No. Dennis Rodman over here. Armstrong and getty wrapping 'em another. Reworked Walk you say? Good what you have a lot of piercings. I. Don't the so many people think. So little time Armstrong and getty dot com you can drop us an email mailbag Armstrong and getty dot com. That's where all the podcasts are download. We have fabulous funny swag coffee cups, t shirts, hoodies whatever help pay the fellas see tomorrow God bless America. Ever good time I did not say. Out here for over three hour and fifteen minutes If you wish to leave you me let me just say how very very dismaying and disappointing. Good and just change the channel from this. Mesmerizing horror. Show. We heard words gets over for me audio's Mojo. You're dismissed correct one of rephrase what you're doing. You want is irrelevant Armstrong.

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