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Ernest Scared Stupid


Halloween Spooks Spooky scary skeletons. That remix where it's like bumped up a little faster. Ah The gas company just a bunch of friends coming together and talking about some movies that we think are underrated or under appreciated or even ones that have slipped under the radar. Today's going to be a spooky version. We're GONNA be talking about Ernest. Scared stupid came commended. Nineteen ninety-one directed by Jon Cherry serving the late Great Jim Barney last of the theatrical ernest movies. I know they released a couple more on What recall it out Straight to video up until two thousand or something Right before Jim. Barney's death starring nineteen sixties Batman Cattleman Earth Account Carol which was a pleasant surprise and so got made fourteen million dollars at the box office and a lovely seventeen eighteen percent on rotten tomatoes. So and this. This one's pick is from Fred. Fuck everybody 'cause you should watch it and it was better than seventeen percent percent mirvic sudden zap pretty much stars in Varney as Ernest. I never really grew up watching them and a Fred I didn't. It was the best. Listen he's the Slinky toy sorry. I'm just GONNA do that. Oh Yeah just enough for you guys to go watch because he slinky listening. So I'M GONNA Watch Toy Surrey if wow wow. Ernest goes to jail. Oh how `bout toy story to another great classic. If you guys get Paul from The Beverly Hillbillies the movie. What Ooh Yeah he's Paul? Let's Yeah Jim Jim Carney. classically chained actor love case. People aren't aware he started started as like just kind of like local commercials and then it just caught on yeah. I heard that he was uh-huh till they started making movies and stuff weren't delay commercials. You can take straight home because I did a little research. Take the fucking video home and you can watch the commercials like their skit get commercial I think it was like for selling cars cars and then became bigger like he do seven up commercials and stuff and yeah it was became bigger inveigling. John Kerry was just this local. Oh Guy who make these commercials just they were just friends and made these commercials. It was this character that he invented and it can cut his caught on and then they made like ernest goes to camp. And there's other movies and yeah I think as well talk about later on in this episode he prints he was pretty much like a one in the Early like very much character actors where it was like. He did multiple characters at a time. Kinda like Gets tied into a schizophrenic. It's kind of weird about that later. But that was good. Thing is these movies are more more for like children and those holes which you personalities and doing all. That stuff is funny. I saw them when I was a kid so watching them. Now you still get that sense of ha ha. It's almost not nostalgia thousand thing when you watch him again. Yeah it's your first watcher. Probably like Oh man what am I watching. What are they getting into? It's definitely it was definitely of. Its time time like definitely still good today. It's still good. I mean it boils down to like that simple well Kids like moral story. All you guys are jaded sucked me. Yeah I love but let me tell you eighteen reasons. Why thirteen reasons? Why because that is a part of a US US doing this? PODCAST I I if I take on that role this hard with this movie too because it is more nostalgic for for for as a kids movie and You Watch this movie is in the. Don't this is not a movie that an adult's GonNa just this one hundred percent. Well let's start off going around like what we think of it. Why don't you go ahead starts off? This is you're you're the one. Oh okay is tell us about how this is. An underrated middleweights stoler building in story. y'All okay because I already news maybe on a raid straight off the bat and I knew you guys were GonNa Enjoy this movie so that brought me joy make you guys watch it. And that's it'd be a jerk but no let's be real. I know these Ernest movies are a movie of its time only Many people aren't GonNa Watch now now you know. They're not probably not the kind of comedy that happened now. Kind of comedies. The one that people grew up watching looney tunes and things like that. That's who find that funny. That's GonNa find it funny today. Yeah and you know what's funny to like certain interrupt billy Link clearly days before like that night I watched a couple of days ago that same night I started noticing all these like Youtube. Channels are like hey you ever heard of this inner ernest stupid and I was like Kennedy town. We're about to record that. And like I saw a a couple of like the videos and people were like loving like I guess I mean we live in an age of nostalgia everybody was like Oh my God when I grow up I watched it and then they said Oh i I watched it again. And they're like it's fucking amazing but see but that's the thing you're GonNa Watch it when I look if you like looney tunes if you like that silly stuff and if you can still like it today that's the thing if you are you still like that kind of humor today and it's tough because as we grow older our humor changes in our things change. Maybe you can still like that kind of humor today. Then this movie you have to go so it's almost one of those movies you have to go on with just no preconceived notions and all thin and just watch a silly movie literally silly movie but I do know that kids do enjoy where this movie even today. I had my two boys watch it because I wanted to see you know obviously meet with nostalgia. I'm going to be like all this movie still is still holds up in my kid. It is not an adult is or in a movie that deserves an academy award but in the sense of what it was at the time. I'm still going to see it that way and go well. This is good. Obviously obviously new people want but my kids watch it and they've been watching it since this differently things about this movie that I really appreciate that. I'll get more later and like I do see what it was going for. But yeah it's it's not you know an academy award. No none it is. There's there's an Hocus pocus a lot like that's a movie that's like I loved as a kid and it's it's hard to separate right out like oh do I really like this. Movers just like nostalgic for me. This is the thing. This is the kind of movie this is like a hocus. pocus movie is not going to be. Scary is not like a full along harm movie. Would I do like the practical effects with the trolls and I gotTA disagree with No. I'm not saying I'm not saying that. They were scary stuff. I'm just saying it. It was nice to have some practical effects on on the movie that you see that they actually put something into the mowing. I mean they were they were okay. Hey done they were literally repainted except for the main one all the other trolls. Were you know that we close from outer space down. They literally repaint that literally reused moot than we monsters from one of the worst movies of all time Yellow Woo killer from outer space is a fucking classic Sir Fuck off anyways but like saying it's it's cool what they did with what they didn't obviously. They probably didn't have a huge budget to do it but what they did was cool. I enjoyed it and even if the repurpose whatever they did it was just kinda cool to see more trolls and they just thought once role in the movie like I they say it's not a movie for everybody but the movie that it's four you're probably gonNA like it. Yeah it's either. It's going to be one of those polarizing movies that you're we're GonNa look at it and you're GonNa go them and I fucking love this movie or you're going to look at it and go fuck this movie stupid. But that's it scared and I think that's going back to what I was talking about earlier if of being a story that's very simple very like connective and has it comes down to having a higher and having like a true Story behind it. I think that's maybe why it's gaining a bit more popularity online because maybe that's kind of like what people have been missing. You know movies today are very heavy especially even the simple kids movies. They carry Really you know strong like a story behind. It like Repeats Dragon in that had to do with like you know a parent's death and depression and all that so I think just to go back to that feeling of maybe like earlier childhood then like having it just be like easy you know an easy story that might what more Connecticut. It's like watching the Halloween town. Murray's stories like gives you good feeling at the end you feel like Oh you know family and friends and love and then you walk away. Even though it's a Halloween movie me you just kind of walk away with like A. That's that's kind of Nice at least has more to for me. I was more. I didn't really watch a lot of like live action comedy kids movies when I was growing searching more like animated survey by full goes West and Janet Don Oh Yeah Don Blue Lane King Cure Of and Gillian wholesome gets over the whole family all secure especially in they don't even look it up. Just show your kids while it is very much of its time. I Me Not growing up with that time I really did appreciate it because reminded me a lot of I. I view and this being my first viewing I really appreciate that whole feeling of and yeah. It's a whole it's a Halloween moving really captures that like kind of fun innocent hall to me. That's what like Halloween movies. Movies is really should be about capturing kind of feeling not necessarily horror but yeah. It was a really good Halloween movie but in terms of like as a as a childish live action comedy movie. I thought it was really funny because a lot like I think a lot of people of my age group in for my generation would really appreciate this because it reminds us a lot out of what used to be. But it's also it's also funny on its own in. Its key in a way it's kind of wholesome. I think that wholesome aspect really adds to the the the experience of watching it makes people appreciate it more because you have like kids movies these days some of them the stories are pretty heavy but also oh kind of the polar opposite way. They're just kinda pointless in Solis and yeah you know their kids so they're not even gonNA notice it but I mean yeah if you if you've got young kids show it to them in appreciate it. Mignon agree with that like when I was watching it. Yeah it's a little bit of a tough watch for me because like I said I didn't really real watching us a final. Fred would always talk about him when we were kids. But and then I was introduced by from my my mom because her dad was is a really big Ernest van being from Texas and having that kind of southern She sense of humor kind of thing. So that's how me and Fred kind of like Michael. Yeah Ernest scared stupid. Continue from the the things that I enjoyed it. I mean when I see a movie I at least try and find things things that I really like go. Hey you know what I know somebody. People worked really hard on especially Jim because I he that fucking guy was just on fire like you guys just like he is probably the reason why you watch one hundred and twenty percent. I respect that so much because I was like. Oh my God i WanNa talk about that. Yeah just this movie. Like shows of how much like a great character actor he is within the span like and then how the scenes are set up of like AAC like Julius Caesar time and then his shows a little bit as kind of like his res ranging goofiness his. It's always on the movie starts. It's on all the way through any when he gets sad. You feel for him at that point because you Damase goofy guy has a tough stuff. Because there's nobody respects him because he's goofy and then at the end with the whole dog and all this all you know everybody gets legit. You'll sat at that moment. You just go fuck man. Mike Poor poor guy and then he gets his happy ending so that everybody else and then at the end you just feel like on earth kids still just a a mad lead she is just. So there's I I don't like it was like who in the entire world could reach Jim Barney's level earthquake-hit. Nobody has a kid like fucking cheese just on this level where they're both like insane awesome crazy easy people and I really want it. That's one thing I really really loved. This movie is those two performances like a man. I might say things about the rest of the but holy Shit. I loved watching the two of them. because she brought the energy up to his level. And Jim Varney. He's incredible like he's like he's a classically trained shakespearean actor leg of seeing video clips of him like do in hamlet and stuff and you could tell it comes through like we talk a lot on this podcast about why we like these performance in this performance. But this is like a different convert. Perform this is the very shakespearean theatrical form. It's not like oh I love this because of like the realism. It's like I love this because it's it's literally just like watching this amazing performance. He's doing all all these crazy things that you don't really see. And it's like this great like Shakespearean actor in this kind of like you know like I could. I'm not really I didn't love the plot like anytime it wasn't earth kit or Ernest on three. It was like the kids or something. Like oh my gosh like kids got it would then go back. They come back to him and I was just so captivating it didn't matter like I wasn't into the story but that didn't matter because I was so captivated by his north kits performances that like they're making jokes about Iraq or whatever I'm like I'm still all in. Yes yes do some more so that was kind of was like but then you've seen if you've seen a bunch of Ernest before they're like that's tip. Then that's I still do some research because like I said I don't know I literally went through his filmography and everything I went I went through. It was like Yo is real real video. That was pretty good. I like that because I was like an it's whatever but then they likely kept it going. I appreciate you kept the joke going all right now for me that the funniest part was like when you see young ernest like the teachers. I we'll in the back of head. She likes maximize until the wall. Fucking hilarious dying. I was like Oh my God all right. You got it. 'cause he doesn't know when to stop or slow the maximum because we all we all know real answering you like these cavanaugh. Like you like them. But it's just kind of like shut the fuck up sometimes man and Dan. He's like a likable guy. But sometimes you gotta shut the Fuck Up. We gotta put yourself in the shoes of little kid whose parents just put this on unlike the week of Halloween to like you know you watch TV. And I think that yeah. They'll appreciate that a little bit more kids dumb and sometimes it's the over the top humor. Yeah look at something like the way he acts like hi are are you know. This isn't like no no 'cause you know what it is not high but the way he acts he also emotes as he acts. Oh Yeah I mean. Opening is him with his face to. It's like the beginning. Mario when you just move out Mario's facing Martha. It also appreciated the font choices soup. Because they've had a mixture of multiple fonts which are like referenced like very old they referenced. Your very the SCI fi horror b movies from the fifty s fonts and stuff like that was really cool. I mean just finish that of course close ups of his of his ridiculous space but finishing up on our Earnest's in this just like like the throwaway line that the the boy gives a like. We don't have time for your multiple personality right now. My hairbrush thought does hinting that. He has schizophrenia. I look I would be surprised. You know it's like a sub or that's just like something hit hit in the thing so I could sits outright said but it's heavily implied. Oh yeah totally until we see that. But that's like super looking into along with metal also stick that he does with all personalities. 'cause I don't know if you guys noticed this evils in the back of the trash truck and then he gets Quionoa box and then he comes out with his legs like making the same way as head. That's looney tunes Shit. A A real person would die down graphic splatter punk horror a Loveth Allen Fisher. The thing is like I mean what a recommended I would recommend until I get to watch after that chocolate. A cure somebody but uh but like. I'm I love Halloween to death so of course I had to watch it. Watch it on Halloween. And it's like one of those wholesome. Halloween Halloween's firefly's I always say the firefly's she's a great kid. Audrey Kids Oh oh no I thought you were talking about when a good girl goes bad. Those another ninety dollars off from back to future doc. Oh I Michael J. Fox I know because I I. It's it's there's a few movies you should watch no matter what age wire if you've never seen them just watch them just for Colt Classic. East things look Halloween town movies. If you've never watched them I think you should give him a try to prevent. Yeah and I'm must aim high and I'm not saying because it might be this care for but he's not university. Yeah I'm I'm not saying that they're going to be great in this point in time but you should just give them watch a Lotta people have seen him and was just for the cult. Following of some of those movies Hocus pocus is another one. Some people are going to let you in but it's one of those movies that you should give a shot and I say ernest. Tennis is in the same League of this Halloween. I'm not talking about all his movies. Mohsen Halloween thing. When it's Halloween time I say toss it into just feel? I don't know like some happiness in Halloween. Yeah when I was growing up you know at least like when I when I watched stuff for Halloween or animal. Watch the billy and Mandy Heart. Halloween special to Edney Halloween specializing in my hands. On I just never got around Ernest but just to finish up like I recommend it like in all fairness show to your family and they. Hey there was a comedy back in the day. It's Halloween you know. Give it a chance and the things I really enjoyed though that I'm practical effects. I fucking shirt off toback practically I love them so much so seeing all the effects like that. I'm always like yes dude. Give me more. Give me more more like she was you now. If I were a kid what wants you are completely forgetting. The incredible I the ninety s had a thing about making god-like tree houses of it would have been like a hotel supposedly marks. The Guy would've loved this C- see this just having your friends all around. Hey Bro is go my backyard. Because my dad was architect I think the nineties spawned Our our generation's want for that tree house and for a frigging epic pillow Fort. Yes aw man. Immunity it that close above bank. Like 'cause he was a kid of the nineties only nineties kids will understand these kids under eighteen nineties kids but Sergio you have any anything you want to add to all this ono. Yeah I mean ninety kids aside me the as a kid. I would've adored this movie. 'cause yeah just all that kind of stuff just kinda like sparks the imagination than just the wholesomeness of Halloween and watching it as a kid growing up with stuff stuff like yeah. Halloween town during Halloween and watching all Disney channel shows and stuff like that. This really goes hand in hand with all of that really do appreciate watching this now for the first time because like rediscovering or like discovering something that I used to watch for the first time again. That was really cool. s that's the thing and I still think this movie as kids movie as a movie that it was meant to be to this day to in twenty nineteen. It's still holds up for what it's supposed to be now for everybody else for what the movie was made for. And even with its own fags and like you said that old little cut seats in the beginning of old Halloween movies and other stuff like that for what was done for what it's supposed to be for. I think still holds up to today. I had a children's movie is not a it's it's not supposed to be a horror. Movie is not supposed to be some kind of You Know Blockbuster action movie supposed to be kind of like a family friendly Halloween movie to today at hold up so I just WanNa they like for me like I said there was definitely things I liked about the movie. You know. Obviously the acting by the two leads of course then really like do it for me overall. Kerala's movie I know you guys to talk about the practical flex I do. I love a practical effects at this movie was made real cheap looking and not like evil dead cheap looking where it's like. Oh this looks like they're like there's parts where I was like how hard you try like Miss Parts were like. It's the sped up see. Somebody's hand Goldman breakfast. Handcuffed and no no see that. Did you see when he becomes the trash the trash square so many pushes him like if you can see a hand movie Magic Hands Multiple The Times. Yes it's very. It's very low budget but media last like Ernest movie. After to that it was all the nineties. It was a rough time for Disney in the ninety. So that's probably because they only success rate was very like funky that was when they were starting starting to pick up again like what you know. City nineteen ninety one ninety one so yeah that was like right at the beginning of the Disney renaissance around there were starting to turn around. They'd have been looking and all that and ernest start at all but the only reason why is because varney paths for me that like cheesy it adds to the charm as a kid. You're GonNa find that sheet scary. You'RE GONNA get you're GonNa have nightmares about that. Yeah no definitely scared as a kid. Well this came out before the year before I was born but like like I said I grew up with it so it bid scared me so so much. Yeah but here's the thing. This is what I WANNA say. Is this movie. It didn't do it for me. You didn't really do from either but I recommend it but go ahead but and the whole point at least for me of doing this podcast like people tell you how this movie. I don't like this movie. Everybody saying movies bullshit and Fuck and move you love screw those people. Oh Fuck and love what you Love You love this guy movie. It doesn't over me but you love it and I just love right now listening to you talk about how much this movie means you. How much like as a kid you loved? Did I loved Sergio. Saying it for the first time and these could see the wonder right now looking into your fucking is ernest dancing in your eyes. He's like I WANNA see Ernest goes to jail. Ernest goes to Africa. Real real black thing. I think he minds Jack Jack. Ernest becomes Canadian prime minister now they have they have another one like Ernest plays basketball or something. They did a lot of it was the thing. I want to see the Christmas burdens. I would've Don Don don of basketball. Nobody get what you're saying. Yeah it's like nobody should even though like the quality of it is not obviously. It's a very bad thing. Is this something you personally. It's great here's the thing it it's good when we pick movies like this and only only in the sense of this podcast will not work unless there is some kind of fucking discussion. Let's be real somebody and somebody has to like it because if we're talking movies Dick the whole time. Yeah nobody's GonNa really who I honestly though if we could suck a films dig on camera now everybody will watch but unfortunately we gotta do it this way this way but what I'm saying is like it's it's that nice back and forth in an a discussion of a movie when when you look if you were to break down this movie I wouldn't care. It doesn't hurt but this was. This is like such a weird movie to break. It's like it's it's a movie. That's hard to breakdown because like obviously it's not meant to be broken down just kind of watch it and when you laugh but I'm saying like it's GonNa be something that's supposed to be analyzed in anything in all honesty. The only people I thought were going to like this movie was going to be an aerial because because we already saw it and we already said Hey. We liked this movie because the three of us the haven't seen the answer. And that's why that's what I'm saying like you know I didn't expect unlike Thank you Derrick Amendment Specter. Like it is just not bad. I knew what we knew what I was getting into what it was I wasn't I wasn't expecting to Donovan and like just kind of enjoy. I mean I enjoyed it. I was just wanting to sit back and relax and enjoy it. And then I wasn't I wasn't anticipating it to be like something in a dissect movies like this are hard to dissect because no and it's more of like you know you can like I said you always take their acting or maybe like you said the practical effects which is perfectly okay and that's something that we can discuss a little bit but it's always good to have a little back and forth I it you know. It's nice to have maybe one or another guy like different things. Obviously I said we all have different tastes. I mean this. PODCAST isn't to deter people from watching. A movie is just literally picking movies. Maybe maybe if you were on the fancy dance maybe one of us here can get you off that fans and get you to watch that movie and if you do call let us know you know put it in the comments. Let us know what what you guys actually enjoy this. We watching his. You know what we need more people watching this damn movie. Okay we need. We need this to be a cult movie as needs to be on every Halloween show as to be back. Louis I think it is like a and we usually talk about like how we think. Oh do you think this is going to speed a point in time I really think yeah and you know why because I know it's damn good movie because I got good taste now say boom I said it. That's the thirty year rule like L.. All the kids grow up with movie are now in their thirties. That's why nostalgia runs on a thirty year loop is because things happen and like then the people come of age and that's why you're seeing all the big comebacks like stuff from the ninety like that's why it lasts. Ten years is all dominated by eighty stuff. Love the next ten years or starting you start to see stuff creep up. Captain Marvel and all this stuff from the nineties. So this is kind of come back on itself on this one so I think that is why you've seen this resurgent Michael Jackson Bill Clinton Oj. Simpson cosby they're all back in the media and we love it. I never loved You know I wanna say that. I don't think I don't think people love them back in the media. I think I think I think they're in the news. Novelist Algebra for other reasons is Venus. I should've anyway so yes yeah I mean where can we say but watch this movie make it a classic gone did me. Those things are going wrong. Tomatoes and Change Score. That's changing changing changing Egypt from score if everybody goes on there now there's the audience go the the critics like stupid fail to. It's a great question because Ernest goes to camp actually has a positive score has a sixty thirty two percent now. That was a good movie too. Yeah Good Cinematography pacing editing you. It's like asking somebody what you like. Better Drinking Pepsi Drinking Coke. Let me ask it 'cause I I kinda wanted to watch. Ernest goes account for this. Because I was like I really liked the character of Ernest. The thing is if you like if you like ernest character. Every movie is going to is a hater. Hold them yeah. Why was this one like what is what do you think that this never miss such to miss critically and Didn't do great financial either compared to Ernest goes to camp which was a big success so at least compared to sixty two a lot better than seventeen. Look if you look at a lot of the movies ernest movies. It almost always goes the same way you see her and as he starts off you know happy go lucky some kind of issue comes in an and at the end you get like this whole like almost like family friendly movies so it's all about things like that and at the end is happy story and it goes out obviously doing a cam. Tori is probably easier to get that feeling of like an underdog feeling maybe and then coming out on top at the end with a Halloween movie. That kind of is a little weird because Oh we're out troll and things like that it's kind of a weird idea to give to people who are supposed to be like some not a series carefully character in the real oh world now and then it's got all the soup. Yeah so that's why I if you look at the Tau it's obviously not like real. It's super like over the top and right and if if you look like the other movies that are more realistic. They probably our favourite a little better just because of the fact that it's more realistic because it was the first one onto that man has to do with it. It was like okay at that point. Where like Oh Ernest? This getting in earnest. He's kind of fresh whereas by this point. Maybe because you know you might have might have. I've got an old people might have not cared you know depends on. I don't know what other movies came out at the time with. It has every judging it comparing to the brome I think is always this whenever we judge a movie using it on how you feel obviously not everybody's a critic there's only so many critics and I'm not year to deny or or say or whatever number critic has its own right. Say whatever he wants essentially West we are right now were pretty much critics of whatever movie. Were watching It's it's the ernest movies are a tough sell. The kids were becoming a little bit older. maybe moving on a little bit from those movies. They humor like I said it was. It's a little bit older humor where it's a lot of like gags on getting hurt or the funny faces and things like that could have been bad. You know either. The movie just didn't resonate the way the other movies resonated. I don't know I just know that when I watched them I wasn't going to feed as I'm watching Ernest movies as watching them at home home on the TV. So by the time I saw them. I was a little bit older than what you should have. been watching those born in eighty-five anyways so by the time what this movie came out in ninety one I was only five so I probably wasn't watching until I was like eight so that wouldn't even be a few years after that so I'm not even the case. Subject like Oh. I was in the theater watching that movie. I was more like I was at home watching whatever eleven channel thirteen or something watching that movie probably during Halloween time. And maybe that's why I see it in the light that I it because normally you wouldn't watch hocus pocus like any other time in the theater. I Definitely Watch movie a million times. They should up onto you. And that's what I'm saying when they show up a lot of the time those show up during their season and so if you know hocus-pocus initially was considered as a as the bomb because it did come out in the summer actually July or something. Yeah different time people people without differently. Now it's not like it is now now everybody's like I'd be happy to watch Halloween movie on July Belykh with monetarily like when wool timber. Twitter saying yeah now now things have changed now. They have like summer blockbusters on the South October. If it's not exactly and times have changed. So that's that's how it is is now before they would just kind of like they put a movie. You like the movie like the movie he didn't you didn't and now it's a lot more like seasonal. They figured out. Hey when it's Halloween. You're in the mood for scarier. Area coming out with a Halloween podcast at Halloween. We're not GONNA put this episode out in July now. Fuck that we're putting out January thirty first. What you guys all thought this was going to be Halloween? Hell no oh happy. New Year's Happy Valentine's and Saint Patrick's Day happy Christmas Hana consequence. You guys remember that one. No Yeah because commercials commissioner on or something. I don't know whoever the one thing. This movie really does. That reminds them not Halloween. It's our independence day. Welcome to Earth but I mean that's what I'm saying that's why I think it was. It was just. I don't know what to say. I don't know when it came out but I know when I saw it. It was most most likely during Halloween time. Because that's when I saw hocus pocus and all those movies so obviously you you favorable more and you know let's be real. This is this is ernest movie. I I wasn't expecting this again like Cutting me like I said it's Ernest. I I've seen the commercials when you do the car commercials I saw other stuff that the other commercials these like that so at the time I was seeing him he was still earnest and it was popular and it was still on TV. And even my dad knew ernest was so I mean and he's a Mexican guy that came from Mexico rally five years before I was warn saw if that guy. That's this you know. It's just one of those things. But it's it's it's it's a toughie man. It is it is it. Is it something his to be honest. Like there's there's honestly better done movies. I can't say there's not in in the same year of the movie Ryan better done movies as probably better Actors or more famous actors or more popular actors at the time. But but you something about this movie that I say I is not even how much I love this movie. 'cause there's other movies at love. This is more like a a movie movie. Like I say like watching hocus-pocus during Halloween is when I say you should watch what I watch it any other time of the year. No that's what I'm saying like your favorite movie would watch it whenever right. I would not probably watch this out of Halloween. I would probably watch hocus pocus before I watched this movie out of out of out of the month but in Halloween came out for some reason like to put it on and watch it light me. Yeah I mean that's what this episode is about. I mean it's our Halloween episode. and and why would you. Why wouldn't you WANNA? Why wouldn't you want? This is one of those in rotation Halloween Ernest accessway thrown. Yeah so it starting like the if we recommend it. I've Fisher recommend it for Halloween. If you want to broaden your Halloween repertoire repertoire movies that you pull out every year at this one because it's worth trigger troop I'm not gonNA say like I recommend it but like if somebody's like hey. Hey Yeah I love to watch ernest every year. I'm not going to like fuck you like. I'm going like okay. It's not my jam. I don't recommend good on you like this. Someone with heart move. You enjoy fucking good for you. Good for he's not. Oh good for you. That's that's our next one. M Yeah if you want to watch a wholesome movie that will make you cry but then make you happy or on the get up off your ass and watched the fucking movie and decide for yourself and let us know. Tell us tell us what you think. Tell us if you side with the people that are correct in this by saying it's a good movie and you watch it every year or with everybody else that are Can I say tasteless right. Now Yeah McCall you taste is was a good damn good movie bucket. y'All need to watch it. Just put it on you. You know what is on Amazon you can you can rent it now. Combined Something to go to sleep. Throw it on. We need you to finally do things you WANNA do. As if you WANNA achieve your dreams watch these want to be able to bomb strauss. Watch this you WANNA see Canon dog and milk and other do that. I watched this movie. Your Dad be an architect go back in time as jarring I gotta be honest. She's she's cash voice of his marine. Yeah in Santa Baby. That's her. I'm sorry yeah that's fucking head famous versions the one everybody knows. I don't know if eh Kinkel Marilyn Monroe. How the one that I really Santa Baby? Yeah it's only like like Marilyn Monroe's China like Lucky accumulate. Hey is that what it wasn't fucking thing Mr President. Oh Oh yeah you're right. Yeah is this the. Ob baby was your name. Ask Santa Claus and Martin Short because of the best movies slow by Maureen Tall. Mike Martin short and Tim Allen in Santa Clause three three the Escape Gas Santa Claus. And and yeah. Yeah that's getting off subject but Martin shorts this shit. I'm just really I love Jack. Frost is a character. So I'm all about that Jack Jack Frost yes and what you want to get frosty. Let's remember I saw that. My Dad took me and I remember. Hey Hey we're getting off subject booked on Ernest release time and we'll wrap it up into rapid any last words yet washes movie. And that's it. I mean if you have kids. Attitudes headed to the Halloween round. Little Walmart buy the DVD Amazon my the DVD or like through. Brian by the four K.. You know get the bootleg she levy listen matter Watch this movie. His enjoy it as your homie to put to go onto like a pirate bay and download the video. Put It on a flash drive and send it to you via mail. You like that like that. How I reach deep into the go use where you use a more as I? Hi Save if you'RE GONNA WATCH IT GO IN NOT I. I would rather you pay for this. Another they're gonNA make another one Disney to lose any any money on it. I would like to if he has his own like like group me. No you've got kids. Yeah the gym. Maybe his kids don't make money. I want to donate to him. Maybe we I couldn't do it to him at the time. Don't eating now by buying him one. Because it's shit. Take US Home Allen all right guys so things everybody for listening. If that's subscribe grab button on your podcast. Always notified episode of this show comes out and come out and continue to hear US babble. Please if you're willing rating and review it really helps us also we'd like to hear which you guys seeing? What do you think we should review? John Come back tell us. Hey this is a great movie. I saw it. Oh my God thank you for saving my life and showing me what this is truly about very earnest. Yeah about once again. We are undercast company. I'm Alan Afrid Derek Ariel Sergio. Hey No no worries so yeah within the company and also we also have a couple of other platforms as well. We have incorporated with Ariel Sergio. They run the the comic. DC Comics and convention content you page and on the social media stuff at nerd incorporate any rd I am CRP repeat and then gaming in tech anime stuff like that content on district. Six Youtube D. S. T. R. C. T.. Sishu to all my talk with

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