Ep. 539 - The Cruelty Is The Point


As American Psycho Gavin newsom locked down his political opponents beaches in one of the few conservative counties in California. You're humble correspondent. Broke the law to lounge in the sun. The lockdown authoritarians. Don't have any arguments anymore to defend the Rivonia policies but that isn't the point. The cruelty is the point then. Joe Biden blows it when addressing sexual assault allegations against him. But it won't matter. Feminism dies with a tweet and Hollywood tries to rewrite the history of one of the most important women in the history of the conservative movement. I'm Michael Knowles. This is the Michael. Knowles show broke the law. I'm a criminal at any moment. Now the LAPD could knock down my studio door and drag me away. Gavin newsom state secret. Police could pull me away because I violated his beach. Lockdown were and I did it gleefully I I went to Huntington beach which is one of the beaches. Then when we couldn't get on the beach there. I went down to Newport beach now. You gotTA remember Gavin Newsom. He ordered his lockdown of California. Then he said he was going to start opening up California and then he very specifically said that he was gonna shut down beaches in Orange County. Orange County one of the few somewhat conservative counties in a metro area of California. So we I go to Huntington Beach. There was a big protest of this lockdown on Friday. So we thought we'd get on the beach. They have not only the yellow tape up at all. The beach entrances the cops patrolling yellow tape. So even if you wanted to break the rules and go onto the beach the cops are just grab you right as you try to walk on not just that there were helicopters patrolling the beach ordering people to go inside. I took this video. One just on my iphone taste report. This is something that was extraordinarily eerie about. Not only what we heard about helicopter but even what we heard from some of the cops walking around and from some of the other bullhorns is all of these law enforcement. Officers tried to sound so pleasant. Oh excuse me sorry. Sorry for the inconvenience. Go Home Right now because the state has ordered law enforcement officers with guns to kick you off the Beach. But Ray we're really sorry it's for your own benefit so smiley so kind so nice but the end result is the same. The Governor is ordering you imprisoned in your own homes and if you even try to go out and take a walk in the sunshine will bully you out of there and put you back indoors that was Huntington. You couldn't get on the beach in Huntington wasn't possible so we drove ten minutes down the Road Dan Pch and got to Newport beach. Newport beach a little more freedom loving down there there were people on the beach so we walked onto the beach and then at a certain point the lifeguard. Suv's rolled up followed by the COP. Suv's rolling up with the same message ordering people off the beach now. What's so interesting about this video again? I just got it on my phone. Is the lifeguards and the cops. They order everyone off the beach and the people on Newport beach they just don't move been a water all right it goes on. There's still some more you know. Please leave the beach everybody. The governor leaves the as they're driving by people sitting there in their chairs. I go hey officer you doing. That's the the better attitude toward it. I think Newport was a lot better than than Huntington in terms of the people who were going to the beach. The COPS patrolled. No one really paid attention. Some people may be left a little bit then the minute the cops are on. The people just went right on the beach and that was that the beach closures have nothing to do with public health. This is the key takeaway that I saw firsthand the beach. Closures are surely punitive. They are just meant to punish you. They're just meant to make you feel bad now. How do we know this well for starters? There's research that just came out of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Trust in the University of East Anglia England which shows that a deficiency of vitamin D apparently makes the corona virus far more dangerous compare the average vitamin D levels of twenty countries with Kovic nine hundred mortality rates found significant relationships between Vitamin D. And the number of deaths caused by this infection so basically stands to reason if you go out and get a little bit of sunshine. You're going to be healthier if you stay cramped in this these danke indoor spaces all the time I obviously if we want to keep our vitamin D levels up no better place to do it in southern California than at the beach. They don't care they're ordering you indoors. Another reason this is ridiculous. The beaches are huge. So one thing I saw in Huntington beach is the huge why beaches totally empty the sidewalks packed full of people. If you want people to social distance how about you. Open up the giant open spaces if you did that. People obviously would be far further apart than they would otherwise when I finally did make it down to Newport beach once the cops went away. Just went down with my chairs. Hung out there for a few hours. We weren't just six feet apart. We're probably thirty or forty feet apart at that point but it doesn't matter Gavin newsom that that's not the point. The point is not dissociate assistive. Third reason why fresh air is always good? Having a little fresh air is good for the body especially when we're talking about airborne illnesses either. You can be cramped up cooped up with people and sharing the same stagnant air or you can be out in the fresh air but the key giveaway that this is just political punishment. Is that newsome singled out his political opponents county. Oc The volume of density the volume of people and concentrated space particularly in a few cities few coastal cities off and around the orange. County area Those were the point of particular concern so today we want to make some clarifications. We're going to do a hard close And that part of the state just in the Orange County area yeah just in that area Orange County area just in that area. That voted against me. When I ran for governor just just in that area you jerks you monsters areas. They're okay but just in that one area full of my political opponents pathetic stuff. What did I do at the beach? What did I do when I was violating the law? I ate a Taco and I read the AENEID and I caught some sunshine. That's it that's that's pretty much all anybody who's doing reading a book kind of listening to music drinking a little bit. That's okay. Everyone was very far apart all that. This is about is just politicians covering their barriers. It occurred to me while sitting on the beach. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. Not because of the virus but because of the politics of it why there's increasing evidence that the lockdowns didn't save a single life not just that they were ineffective. They didn't save a single life to the only two things. The lockdowns can accomplish our flatten the curve so as not to overwhelm hospital system and flat in the curve until we can get a point we can get to a point where we have vaccine and that will save a lot of lives however we didn't come close to overwhelming hospital system even in the places that were at the center of the epidemic so that that argument off the table we're not close to vaccine and there's increasing evidence that the virus is spreading much much faster. There were many many more people infected than we thought that there were and so it seems very unlikely if not impossible that we're going to get a vaccine before. This virus spreads threat huge portion of the population. So there's no evidence that the lockdown accomplished much of anything at all. There is increasing evidence that the governors and the mayors need to convince people that the lockdowns were necessary or even seeing this at the federal government federal state and local. And so we need to have these politicians think we need to have these punitive measures like beach closures to play on cognitive dissonance? That's that's the principle that's a player. What is cognitive dissonance? When you're seeing a disagreement between your behavior and what you see intellectually to be true. There's more to it than that. But that's a simple description of what people are. Seeing what people are reasoning through intellectually is the lockdowns. Were an overreach. They increasingly do not seem to be necessary. The increasingly seem to be making things worse right because the economy is completely crashed. People's livelihoods are being ruined to rate screened. Drug drug overdose rates are going to go up. People are looking at it saying well. This is a bad policy and even if it made sense five weeks ago. It certainly doesn't make sense now right and yet the politicians have double down on it to make. It seem like it was necessary and so. They're they're forcing people back indoors. They're forcing people away from the beach. They're not letting anybody returned to anything even slightly resembling normal life Gavin. Newsom says it's not GONNA be weeks. It's going to be months before we reopened churches. We're going to other things that really matter to you. Were not going to reopen. Because if we're all cooped up inside if we're not going to walk on the beach even though it's perfectly fine to walk on the beach following all the rules you can still go to the beach if we stay cooped up inside we're going to feel like this is a super serious thing. Our behavior is going to be telling us that this is the end of the world and we have to stay indoors and so it will be easier to convince ourselves that the politicians were right in the first place. But they're not. This is a complete political rear end covering right now and all of the incentives are going to be in place for politicians to make this worse. You know very simple. Shallow level at people think that politicians want to make this easier for us. They wanted us to help. Go back to work. They want to be able to go outside and enjoy ourselves. Enjoy the sunshine. No it actually will be better for the alarmist politicians. If this feels tougher on us because it makes it look like they were right in the first place we will get to more on this principle and we'll get to the Biden interview in just a moment first. Though I've got friends over quipped I have to thank all of our friends. Our sponsors who have stuck with us you know pretty crazy days. We're in right now. 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The hospital system was not overwhelmed. California's actually doing relatively quite well. So he was wrong. He was wrong and as it becomes clear that he's wrong. He's doubling Dan you see this in Chicago Chicago Mayor Lori. Lightfoot saying that she's going to throw people in jail if they don't stay in their dank apartments now. I've directed Superintendent Brown to order all police district to give special attention to these parties. And this is how it's going to be. We will shut you down. We will cite you and if we need to we will arrest you and we will take you to jail period. There should be nothing unambiguous about that. Don't make us treat you like a criminal but if you act like a criminal and you violate the law and you refuse to do what is necessary to save lives. In the city in the middle of pandemic we will take you to jail period. So this kind of talk is very offensive to an American. We don't like to hear our politicians talk to us. Like this pretty disgraceful. Not In keeping with our national tradition of respect for our citizens. Free government self-government right and yet she's got a point. I mean she's dead wrong and how she talks and what she does in pretty much everything because she's a very crooked Chicago politician but she does have a point here. It gets to something that we were talking about last week in our description of freedom and what it means to be free and how we learn to be free there will be order okay. The government will impose order on us or we will impose order on ourselves and in the early tradition of the United States we had a rigorous system of self government very local government strong families strong liberal arts liberal arts being the way that we make sense of our in earner freedom and discipline ourselves very religious. John Adams said this remember said our constitution is built for a moral and religious people. It is unfit to the governance of other kinds of people. We have a free government. But if you're GONNA if government doesn't mean just do what you want free government means you control yourselves so that we don't have to impose on you and increasingly particularly over the last fifty or sixty years. There has been a social movement in this country. The left that has sought to take away those controls so most noticeably you see this in the realm of sex. We saw it at the beginning with free. Love it's moved onto you do you. It's gone onto the moral standard of if it feels good. Do it that that now. There is basically no limit to our sexual expression. We should indulge any sexual desire that we have basically at any time. You saw them the breakdown of marriage which is the fundamental building block of society. You saw the rise of no fault divorce. You saw the rise of slightly strange little bit. Kooky living situations you saw a social breakdown at that level. Then this rises up to the community level communities. Don't remain quite as strong as as you have the sort of cult of the atomised individual pursuing one's own individual self-interest at the expense of any kind of public interest these localities start to break down people. Move away first of all from them. They don't participate in their own. Civic Civil Society you see voluntary associations that political observers like Like Sta Tocqueville observed in America. You know the Lions Club. The kind of thing those starts to break down as well ultimately at the end of this. I'm skipping a lot of steps but you know in the interest of time you get to what Barack Obama in two thousand twelve described as the life of Julia and this. This was so honest of the left talking about their their platform that they actually scrubbed it from the Internet because it was very spooky and the life of Julia was this description. Cradle to grave of this woman's life where she has no meaningful relationship with anybody but the Federal Government. No husband no local community. No nothing nothing. No family just the government even when she chooses to have a child she doesn't get fall in love. Get married you know. Have a big baptism of a party. At no none of that. She chooses to have a child and then the government takes care of that child for her. And that's that's it as we pursue merely our own individual desires than the power of the government grows and they control us now. What's funny is Lori. Lightfoot here this leftist politician. She sort of complaining about this. She's pretending she's upset. The left has been hoping for this for sixty years at least okay and it's up to us to fight back against that if we want to be talked to buy our politicians like that if we want to have a little dignity and respect and freedom in this country we need to govern our own desires now what Lori lightfoot is saying if you go out and you know don't listen everywhere saying then. You're not behaving. You're not controlling yourself. That's not true. We don't need to control ourselves in the way. The politicians want us to control ourselves. Certainly not but we do need to be able to control ourselves. Our desires our actions or behaviors. So that not only will. The politicians not talk to us that way because they have such respect for us. They're such good people out of the kindness of their heart because they won't be allowed to because some hack to bit would be totalitarians. Wouldn't dare speak that way to free people now? Speaking of two bit tinpot would be world leaders we will get to Joe Biden. He had a mostly disastrous. But it's still probably won't matter interview on MSNBC to address the sexual assault allegations. We'll get to that in a second. I gotta thank our friends over. Lifelock lifelock is very important. These days you've got to be prepared you know people who are prepared for every eventuality right and you're not one of those people but you'd like to be breaches. 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Joe Biden finally addresses the sexual assault allegations from terror. Read mainstream media been doing a good job of covering up for him and not ask him questions. Finally he goes on Morning Joe. He talks to Mika Brzezinski and he makes the strongest defense. I've heard yet of why we should not pin these allegations on him. I don't remember any type of complaint. She may have made and was twenty. Seven years ago and I don't remember nor anyone else that I'm aware of and the fact is that I don't remember. Don't remember any complaint ever having been made the fact is I don't remember this is by far. Joe Biden's best defense. The one thing I believe from Joe Biden is that he doesn't remember absolutely neighbor doesn't remember his own name. He doesn't remember where he is at all so he makes this argument which we would expect and it was by far the highlight of the interview. Further down in the interview he starts to break apart. He you know that Joe Biden is not great with words. He's always putting his foot in his mouth. He lets out a little bit too much so Mika asks him okay. You don't remember this. Do you know if there is a record of this woman filing a complaint or you absolutely certain that there is no record that she filed a complaint great opportunity. Where if there is no complaint Joe Biden? Come out and say yes. There is no complaint. Take that one to the bank. This is B. S. Were moving on. But he can't say that because it seems very likely that there is a complaint in so Joe Biden gives us this word Salad non-answer of an answer as we. This is a very. I'm sorry go ahead as we await for the records from the National Archives. Are you absolutely certain? Are you absolutely positive? There is no record of any complaint by tower. Read against you. I am absolutely positive that no one that I'm aware of ever has been made aware of any complaint of formal complaint made by or complaint by terror. Read against me at the time. This allegedly happened twenty seven years ago or until the I. Announced for pre well was guess who is in April or May of this year. I'm a let me see if I get this right. I'm absolutely certain that I'm certain and that. There's no record of a complaint that if anyone that I talked to having a record or or a complaint or a complaint of anyone from the time in ever until May or until April now I think I'm pretty no absolutely no aware those were I guess every word that Joe Biden used made sense when you put them together. They didn't mean anything and they didn't. They didn't mean anything because he can't be certain that there isn't a complaint and very likely. He thinks that there is a complaint. So okay so far. Basically so good. What else is he going to say? He's GONNA use mealy mouthed politician language I remember this well. There's there's probably not a chance of maybe there is then. Joe Biden goes too far and we kind of move actually passed the terror read sexual assault stuff into the broader problem of Joe. Biden's public life. Which is that. He's held virtually every position on virtually every issue. He doesn't really believe anything he's corrupt. There's a lot of evidence of his own corruption and so to begin. Mika says why can't we just search these records your records or at the University of Delaware? Let's just open them up and give them a search he goes. We can't search those records because those records contain many of my speeches and publicly held positions from over the years and it would be unfair for those speeches and positions to be re. You released publicly. Well I'm running for office. He basically saying it would be very unfair for people to know what I've thought and done for my whole career because then nobody would vote for me. Okay please go ahead the first Semester University of Delaware records. Do you agree with the reporting that those records were supposed to be revealed to the public and then they were resealed for a longer period of time until after you leave quote public life and if you agree with that if that's what happened. Why did that happen because look the fact is that? There's a lot of things that of speeches I've made positions. I've taken interviews that I did overseas with people all of those things relating to my job and the idea that they would all be made public in fact while I was running for public office they could be really taken out of context that papers or position papers. They are documented existent and That that when for example when I go when I met with Putin or when I met with whomever and all of that to be fodder in campaign and this time I don't know of anybody who's done anything like that and so the National Archives is the only place there would be anything having to do with personnel records. There are no personnel records in the Biden papers at the university. Stop talking quit while you're ahead initially says. Look I don't have any. There's no personnel records and there's no reason to open these up. I don't have any recollection of the complaint. No one else does either. Also we can't open them up because it's got all my positions that is held over the years and we don't want people to know about my positions also. There are conversations. I've had with Vladimir Putin. We don't want people to hear that. What dude now. All you've done is convinced me from the beginning of that clip to the end that we definitely need to reopen those records for way more than the terror read stuff. I don't really care that much about the terror stuff I mean. It's a good attack on Joe Biden because of the absolute rank hypocrisy of the metoo movement and feminists which we will get to in a moment because Lisa Bloom. The famous feminist lawyer has proved to this perfectly but it's not really about the terror. Read stuff because Joe Biden does have a point. It's been twenty seven years and it's strange that these things are coming up now. Should they be investigated? Yeah sure I suppose so. Therefore more credible than Brad Kavanagh allegations. I have a far more sympathetic view of the accuser. In this case than any of the feminists do so surely we should at least take it seriously but it's not just the terrorist stuff. It's his whole career and he says no. We can't look at that. He's actually agreeing with me saying we're not that worried about the allegation we're worried about my whole career. He goes on an unbelievable. You gotta give it to Joe Biden. He somehow makes a bad defense even worse when he says. Forget even about my public papers. What about all the contacts? I've had with foreign governments. What about my conversations with Barack Obama that I had about those foreign governments? Why not do it for both sets of records because the material in the University of Delaware has no personnel files and it has but it does have a lot of confidential conversations that I had with the president about a particular issue that I had with the heads of state of other places. That would not be something that would be revealed while I was in public office while I was seeking public office. You had a lot of conversations with President then. President Barack Obama about a particular issue and on this issue you also had conversations with heads of state. What might that particular issue be with that particular issue be the actual biggest scandal of your recent campaign the issue that while you were vice president running relations with Ukraine you insisted that the prosecutor who was investigating you're crooked son get fired in exchange for aid from the United States? Would it would it be that On this issue of Ukraine and Hunter Biden Burris MMA that clip where you said we're going to withhold the funding. If you don't fire this Guy Alcohol Barack Obama Right now. Would it be you know that Clinton is kind of floating around? Would that be the issue? Is that the issue that you don't WanNa come up. I don't know I'm just raising questions. I haven't seen the files but it sure as hell seems to me that we should biden taking a bad particular situation which is this increasingly credible allegation against him. Although we don't know that is actually credible right. Don't forget it still took decades for this thing to come out. Story has changed a little bit far more credible than Christine Blasi Ford. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here right. He's taking this bad problem for his campaign and turning it into a much broader problem that reflects on his own corruption and his own political weaknesses. And then he gets to the worst clip the most awkward clip of the entire interview. We'll get to that in one second and we'll get to president trump's wild incredible brilliant response to Joe Biden's interview but first time is running out and become a daily wire insider plus or all access member. You know what you get. You get a leftist. Here's Tumbler you know that right. What if I told you that you get to leftist yours? Tumblers to magnificent tumblers and this deal ends tomorrow feels like this. Don't come around very often. I think we've only done this this time. I think it's the first time we've ever done it so right now. Take advantage of it and existing members. I know you may feel a little bit of envy. Don't worry we have a special offer coming up just for you very important thing to get these two tumblers because as the entire modern feminist movement collapses which it did yesterday you're going to need the tumblers to collect all the tears go to daily wire dot com. We'll be right back okay. So I've got to warn you when you listen to Joe Biden's response on this. There's going to be a pause. Your audio has not gone out. The podcast has not stopped. It's just that awkward. What's funny about this is that it's actually Joe Biden's best defense but he couldn't give it right. Classic Joe Biden Musso. Mika asks if there's nothing there in the records why not do a search and I'm just talking about her name not anybody else in those records a search for that nothing classified President or anybody else. I'm just asking why not do a search for Tara Reid's name in the University of Delaware records? I mean who does that search? The University of Delaware Perhaps you set up a commission that can do it. I don't know whatever is the fairest way to create the most transparency will. This is look meeker. She said she filed a report. She has her employment records still. She said she filed a report with the only office that would have a report in the United States Senate at the time. If the report was ever filed it was filed their period. I finally got around to it. It's their period. It's all over but not before that long awkward. Pause this is Joe. Biden's best defense as to why he doesn't want to open up his sealed records at the University of Delaware and that defense is who's going to do the search we're in the midst of a presidential campaign. Nobody could possibly be without some kind of interest here without some kind of biased. So we're we just can't do it is nobody would have the objectivity to do it if the Biden campaign did the search no one would believe it if the University of Delaware did the search might leak and still perhaps no one would believe it if some other political operatives brought in it would be too unreliable and too dangerous and other candidates actually wouldn't do it but Joe Biden can't get this out there so Joe Biden. Just destroys himself as always as he always does his campaign gets worse and worse and worse all on his own. Nicole Wallace mainstream media reporter. Msnbc decides that it's Joe Biden's own fault. It's not Mika Brzezinski own fault. It's not terror. Reads Fault not technically allowed to blame terrorists? Even though that's what the Democrats are trying to do she's saying that this whole as this whole aspect of the attack on Joe Biden is a smear campaign being run by Republicans. I think that this is a year without campaigns without a campaign trail without a campaign press corps and the silver lining. If you will is that voters are going to have to watch that interview this morning and make their own judgments there are no more arbiters. There are no more ause in either party. Let me just his to having once. Been a part of the Republican Party. The right isn't running an intellectually honest operation to get to the bottom of whether terror read was victimized. The right is running a smear campaign against Joe Biden. It's a smear campaign be run by the right. It's be run by the right really. I thought it was being run by terror Reed who is a Democrat who isn't just a Democrat. She's a democratic staffer who worked for Joe Biden. That's what it is and by the way. Republicans have been actually pretty laissez faire about this whole thing. We haven't totally embraced the terror. Read stuff we're pointing out the hypocrisy of how Cavanaugh was treated versus. How Biden's being treated by the media but we're not totally embracing it. Actually here's my evidence. President trump is sort of defending. Joe Biden is brilliant. Totally unexpected but a brilliant move President trump was Dan Bongino. Podcast just a couple of days ago and he was asked about the terror. Read allegations and you ask yourself house. Trump GONNA respond. Is he gonna go hard after Joe and call them a creepy sexual assailant? Is he going to stay out of the fray or is the bizarre option? Is he going to defend Joe Biden and actually defending Joe Biden? Was politically the smartest move. I've been falsely accused by people that I'd never even seen. I've I've never even seen many of these people and some of them. I met him zero interest. Okay thanks zero and all of a sudden you become a wealthy guy. You're famous guy. Then you become president and people just people that you've never seen that you've never heard of make charges so you know. I guess in a way you could say I'm I'm Sticking up for him but mother was very compelling certainly the girlfriend or the friends who are very compelling and certainly far more compelling than anything they had with respect to Brett cabinet is one of the most high quality human beings what they did to that family of. That man is a disgrace. So Scott Adams. The dilbert guy gave some good analysis of this. Few other people have as well. But Scott's is worth checking out trump isn't a very tough spot here right because if trump goes after joe based on these allegations some creepy sexual assailant well look Donald. Trump has been a playboy for much of his career. And so you can always dredge up a bunch of people who were calling him some kind of sexual assailant. None with the credibility of terror read against Joe Biden. Always hear this from the left. They say there's twenty accusations of sexual misconduct against trump. Twenty five fifty million accusations of sexual misconduct. The way that you know that there aren't really twenty serious. Allegations of sexual misconduct against trump is. If any of them were really credible the mainstream media would not have shut up about it for the last four years but they don't have any actual credible allegations against trump. So they trot out a porn star that he had completely consensual relationship with remember stormy. Daniels they use that for like a year or two years if they had someone who actually said that guy raped me. That guy salted me then we would know her name. But you never hear the name your twenty twenty five women so trump still knows that he's not going to be treated fairly in the media and so he takes this really reasonable position which is look. We don't know if these claims are true. Famous people famous men do get targeted with false allegations. This has happened a lot. We don't know if the allegations are true or not against Joe. The only thing we know is that the left and the media are being completely hypocritical. Here this is the same argument. This is the by far the best argument that conservatives could possibly make and it leaves the left. No wiggle room right. They've tried to put us in an impossible position. We turn it around and put them in that position. Lisa Bloom Gloria allred's daughter. Lisa Bloom one of the most famous feminist lawyers in the country took this. She was in this impossible position and she took it to. Its logical conclusion. I think that this tweet from Lisa Bloom. We'll be cited by sociologists as the precise moment that feminism died she tweets out unbelievable. I believe Utara read. You have people who remember you told them about this decades ago. We know he is Hansie. You'RE NOT ASKING FOR MONEY. You've obviously struggled mightily with this. I still have to fight trump so I still support joe but I believe you and I'm sorry. That is a stunning statement from the feminist left and it confirms everything we've said about them from the beginning. Which is this is not about supporting women. This is not about the objective pursuit of truth. This is not about fighting the oppressors and helping the oppressed or whatever language they use. This is about attacking conservatives. This is about attacking our culture which conservatives obviously want to conserve the metoo too movement has gone from believe all women in two thousand sixteen to now in two thousand twenty believe all women and elect their rapists. That's what she's saying she's saying. I believe that Joe Biden is a sexual assailant. I believe it I believe everything. You're claiming is true. And I'm sorry but I'm definitely still gonNA vote for him. At least Lisa Bloom is honest. She's catching a lot of flack for this. Because what she's saying is indefensible. But the whole feminist left is indefensible. No they just lie and they'd be hypocrites at least at least what Lisa Bloom is doing is admitting what this is head of. The time's up. The time's up to organization head of times up defending Biden to disbelieving. Same thing with Debra messing the famous leftist actress Same Milano. Some people are shocked by the double standard. I am not okay. This was never about principals. Not The me too movement. Not Feminism not. Any of the left is social movements that we've seen over the last hundred years not any part of leftism. It's not about principles or standards. It's about you it's about tearing you down. It's about taking away your culture taking away your country taking away your traditions and your rituals rich rituals all your rituals your dialects that might pronounce rituals rituals. You everything that you cherish that you want to conserve about tearing that down it's about deconstruction. Right these are the kind of words that you hear all the time from the left deconstruction social constructs and deconstruction right. They want to rip it down. They don't like you. They don't like your culture. They don't like your traditions. They don't like your history they don't like your civilization. They want to tear it down if feminism will tear it down. They'll use feminism if the job will tear it down. They'll use the job right. They'll use kind of Islamic identity politics. Feminism and the Hijab. Don't really go together doesn't matter they'll use whichever ones convenient. If gay identity politics will tear it down. They'll use that. If transgender identity politics will tear it down which totally undermine gay identity politics right. The whole idea of homosexual identity politics is were born this way there is such a thing as biological sex attracted to people of the same sex transgenderism says none of that's true. There is no such thing as sex. Anyway we can be men can be women. Women can be men. It's transphobic if you're not attracted to the people that I want you to be attracted to doesn't matter they'll use either one and we're perpetually shocked. People Linda Soar Right. Islamists WILL HOLD HANDS WITH GLORIA STEINEM. Left a secular feminists at the women's March. We say these two people don't have a lot in common but yet they hold hands at the women's March they do have something in common a common enemy and that's you and your culture and your civilization were shocked that they believe Christine Blasi Ford but not terror read why it's not about any principal. Okay it's just about tearing down the culture. It is purely a politics of opposition. This is even a conflict of visions for the culture. It's about culture and it's about anti-culture and that's it and we should be open to it and stop being these naive little children who were perpetually shocked and we say. Yeah but look at the hypocrisy. They don't care about that. Boxy point out the hypocrisy because it's important to win over. Conservatives and moderates and independents. The left doesn't care. It was never about principles. It was always about you. Speaking of people who are misunderstanding. The political moment former president George W Bush issued a whole message about. How terrible the viruses? And it's a feel good message you know we've got to be nice to everybody and this is a tough time but we'll get through it okay. That's fine most of its unobjectionable. Then he gets to his political advice in this moment and this political advice was dead wrong. Let's remember that the suffering we experience as a nation does not fall evenly in the days to come it will be especially important to care in practical ways for the elderly. The ill and the unemployed finally let us remember how small our differences are in the face of this shared threat in the final analysis. We are not partisan combatants. We're human beings equally vulnerable and equally wonderful and the side of God we rise or fall together and we are determined to rise. God bless you all a okay. Basically and unobjectionable message right except for the political advice. He seems to be giving here. He's saying by the final count. Were not just political opponents. Yeah that's true. Ultimately my ultimate identity is not as a political opponent of somebody else but in this political moment that is an important aspect of our character because the left doesn't forget that they have a political agenda but very often conservatives do forget that we have a political agenda. The left has been telling us for fifty years. The personal is political. Everything is political and some conservatives unfortunately like former President Bush are trying to pretend that that is not the case and a lot of the failings on the right during the Bush era. I think are attributable to this problem. This is a political moment right now. The authoritarian hack politicians on the left or using the corona virus as an opportunity to punish their political opponents to wield arbitrary political power without any reasoning left whatsoever and to cover their own political deers with even more punitive measures. Okay that is political and it is important for us as free citizens of this republic to use our political mechanisms at our disposal to push back against that. This is political. It'd be really nice if we could just come by you all the time. That is not how this is working at this moment and conservatives who think that that is the way forward I think are woefully misguided before we go. I've got to talk about a conservative. Who was not ever woefully misguided a conservative who is a real real role model for people today and she's been in many ways written out of history and now the left is trying to rewrite her history when they put her back into history. That person is Phyllis schlafly Phyllis Schlafly the great privilege of attending a dinner with shortly before she died and so this was toward the end of her life and she gave a rousing lucid brilliant political speech there as she always did. Phyllis schlafly very very prominent in the nineteen seventies fighting against the so-called equal rights amendment the equal rights amendment. Was this leftist nonsense. That tried to redefine sex gender to say that there is no difference whatsoever between sex and what the equal rights. There's actually a new push right now to to ratify the equal rights amendment. What it would do is In in the long run at the extreme abolish things like same sex schools because men and women wouldn't be treated perfectly equally. It would abolish same-sex restrooms which is already happening people mocked. Phyllis Schlafly said. She was lying when she said that that would come to pass. It's already happening. Even without the era said that women would be drafted. There's a big push again to do that right now. Basically everything this woman predicted about politics has come true even though she did a great job slowing it down by stopping the ORWELLIAN equal rights amendment. And so one of those brilliant women that has ever existed in American politics. There's a new show which I'm watching right now. It's generally a pretty good show but at crucial moments they try to rewrite the history. I'll show you exactly how they do it. Here's a clip. Phyllis schlafly is debating some feminist from the ACLU and this is a real debate. These events are you know. Every scene in the show is based on real events but then it gets interpreted loosely. Here is how the TV show portrays this debate going down. I mean the courts would decide as they did with a recent Washington. Dc case where three children were given to the father and the mother had to pay child support. What was declared that was an advance for women but the the larger issue is that the era erodes the institution of marriage not to force the case. Well I'd have to look it up but the point you don't know the name of the case. Well there's so many cases we don't have time to cite. The grace named this one point is if everything must be equal in the logical extension. The era is that we would have a gender scared the women of America into believing something that is not based in reality but when you argue an actual point in the real world in a court of law you need to set a case to support your arguments. The case well I think it was fully vested Lanham or Lancaster. Something like that. There is no such case. Oh yes there is but you see. Psych. I'm not a lawyer. No Oh wow what a fischler. She looks to her husband. She had no the answer. She is so dumb and and deceptive. Because she's making up these cases right. Except here's the problem. That never happened. That never ever happened. Didn't happen in that debate. That's a real debate. We can go back and watch the tape. You can find the tape. The Phyllis Schlafly Eagle's actually organization to preserve her legacy just did a great video on this compared shot by shot throughout much of this show all of the ways that they completely lie about history so go check that out on the. Phyllis Schlafly Eagles page. This moment did not happen ever she. Phyllis schlafly never invented a case in this debate. She never invented a case in any political debate. And actually what happened in real life during the debate? Is that moment that Phil scuttle flustered because the feminist got around the ropes in reality it was the exact opposite. It was this feminist who phyllis was debating who was contrary to the TV show not confident not particularly intelligent not particularly on camera. It was she who made an obviously false claim and who got called out for it and who couldn't answer it. Here's the reality. Many lending institutions count of women's income. Only for half of what it is if she is married and between the ages of twenty and forty four and cannot show that she has been sterilized that that goes for banks that goes for department stores. Are you saying that they inquired? Women are sterilized lutely anyplace that they they do. Just give me the name of one. I'd like to continue to as a bank in Queens. I'm not gonNA name never heard of one. This wouldn't be a plug. If there is any institution in this country then becomes a major news event. Would we want to know that case I can guarantee you? Yeah we'll be a front page story on even time out. I mean this is the garrison address to that place. Oh it's exactly the opposite. It's even worse. They actually. This woman did even worse in the moment than they're pretending that Phyllis schlafly did because you just made up this policy at a made up anxious. Well I'm not going to say the name why not. You're fighting for women's rights. Why don't you name them? Isn't it the whole point of your movement? Well no I'm not I don't WanNa know I'm not gonNA name. My boyfriend lives in candidate. No I don't think No I don't think so. This is how they do it. This is what the left does. This is what Hollywood does because no one most people don't remember Phyllis schlafly anyway because she's been written out of the history books but now what people are GonNa Remember. Is this. Tv show. That's what they're going to remember or they're gonNA when how are they gonNA REMEMBER JFK? They're gonNA remember Oliver. Stone's movie is anti historical movie. This is what the left does we talked about. On couple episodes ago we talked about how all news is fake. Now all history is fake. By that I mean some of it's true but you really have to look with a critical eye at all of these things because it's about you. Okay it's not about principle. It's not about telling the truth. It's not about the objective pursuit of what really happened. It's about tearing down a very particular culture country particular civilization and they will do that by any means necessary and we need to be on guard because that is being done in clear ways through political attacks that we see all the time through policies that that governors are foisting on us every day. And it's being done in subtle ways like the rewriting of news and the rewriting of history but don't look for a principal. Just look for who the intended victim is that. Look through the intended enemy. Is that person? I'm sorry to say is you all right? That's our show. I'm Michael Knowles this. The Michael Knowles show. I'll see you tomorrow if you enjoyed this episode. And frankly even if you didn't don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe. We're available on Apple podcasts. Spotify and wherever else you listen to podcasts. Also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcasts. 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