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Before we start this week on a podcast called can't find my way home. There's an interview with me. So if you're interested in me engineers. Japan very possible. You're not but we'll let that slide for the moment. If you would like to hear me talk about just again. Living in japan being an ex pat and wondering the world and stuff and honestly not trying to make jokes. It'd be funny just Talking is honestly and openly. Could at the moment it's not bad. The the show's really good so can't find my way home guy who talks to people who live in other countries about their experience in other countries. So if you're into that if you're listening to this you might be interested in people who live in other countries you get some interesting perspectives and experiences. People who've lived there before we get to actual news why this is actual news. It's a story from the news. An interestingly in this happened. And i find it interesting because because as an outsider. It's something you've seen before but now you're seeing it in a very different way. In japan nike has released a commercials like three or four minutes long. It's about three girls who basically are all being bullied. One is japanese. She's stressed out. Parents don't think she's good enough. One is korean heritage but listen. Japan probably born in japan is the idea And one is half black and they're all discriminated against for different reasons. This is a nike ad so they play soccer and feel better about life and stuff and become good people now. The response is interesting because this is critical of japan. I've mentioned on engineers japan many many times that bullying is an issue in japan. Now it's an issue in japan because there are actually bigger problems have kind of insulted. There's no gun threat like there's no one coming into schools and shooting up the schools. They don't worry about that. But there's a lot of pressure on kids in society There's a lot of exclusionary behavior and bullying is a result. They have about ten million different definitions for harassment. Any kind of sort of problem you can have now has a name in japan. It's some kind of harassment power harassment sexual harassment. Those are pretty obvious ones but they have maternity harassment. People get like harassed out of their jobs because they're pregnant or to take maternity leave. The comments though are the more interesting part because this is a problem that i have run through in life. I am a white male so one of the more interesting things is. I don't see racism as particularly big problem because barely anyone is racist towards me and so i've never experienced it so if you've never experienced it's actually quite hard for me to have an opinion on it. Of course you inherently have opinions on everything. I am lucky in that. I've come to the conclusion that i don't know what i'm talking about in this case japan as a society. A lot of big chunk of that society hasn't gotten there yet and there's a big chunk of japan that doesn't really feel comfortable with being criticized. Certainly not by people outside japan but they see nike is a non japanese company criticizing japan. They think that's not fair. So the first comments. This came from an article. Nikkei asia and so i didn't actually get the actual comments but these are translations and actually put a little bit more faith in their ability to translate the my own so the quote is i got hurt by watching the video. I felt these. Bullying scenes are exaggerated expressions. Said at twenty three year. Old man told nick as you it makes all of japan look like a society where such bullying happening now. Twenty three year old. Japanese man. Probably just like i as a white dude has never experienced bowling. But if you are a half korean girl or a half black girl in japan bullying would be happening all the time. So he's saying this doesn't happen as much as the commercial makes it looks like it happened. The commercials only looking at three girls and it's looking at the situation that they share that they're all experienced bullying. That doesn't say all of japan. Does that that saying it's happening these three girls. What he's doing is extrapolating in that. You've criticized these. Three girls have tough lives. How can you say that that is happening. But it would be very easy to go out and just fine. Three girls who've had similar experiences the next quote. The japan korea issue can never be understood by foreigners said one critic on twitter referring to the tension between the two countries over the history. That is a weird thing to say because what cannot be understood. Japan occupied korea. It took korean people and brought them to japan and use them as slaves. When korea was freed from japan's rule those people who were in japan they stayed did not become japanese citizens. Their descendants did not become japanese citizens. They are treated like second class. People there is a lot of racism towards korean people in japan. What don't i understand that. The korean people didn't sort of forgive japan quickly enough. I lived in korea. There is a lot of unfair hates in korea towards japan. I've lived in japan. There's a lot of unfair hate from japan towards career that racism is real in. It exists an ethically korean kid who was born in japan and grew up here and still treated differently. That happens for real. They still have separate schools for korean kids in japan. It is interesting when they say. A foreigner can't understand because what they're saying that we don't understand the subtleties of the issue but the subtleties of the issue are actually very simple. But these are not unique to japan. Korea this is the same sort of issues that happened. In america situations that happen in other countries for other reasons. I was born in ireland. They have catholics and protestants. They have issues. It's actually not hard to understand your. Both christians and god says to forgive and they don't so nike said to further. My initial point nike told this newspaper video is based on the testimonials of real athletes. Who like many young people today. Struggle to feel accepted for who they are. Discrimination is global issue in it exists around the world absolutely. I think this is true. It's interesting if you watch this commercial there is bullying in japan. That's been reported. Its japanese kids to other japanese kids but imagine if you were different from japanese kid is just going to be that much worse and it's not much clearer so it makes you that much more of a target. This is something. Because i have have kids in school was something i was very concerned about. I will throw a link to the commercial in the post engineers. Japan dot com. If you're interested watched the video and then think about the comments like this video is really just saying be nice to others and the negative backlash to that is really interesting because the negative backlash actually saying. You shouldn't say that these bad things happen. in japan. they happened in japan. They happen everywhere. And that doesn't mean you shouldn't address the issue since we're getting all social justice warrior all of a sudden. It's interesting news story. There's a lady called shoko i. She's the only female city councilwoman in cusack zoo. So that would seem like a good thing. You got a council. That was all men and she's the first woman to come in the mix stuff up unfortunately she published in book not unfortunately the she published new book the contents in the bad thing to happen to her. She published an e book about how she was sexually assaulted by the seventy year. Old mayor. The weird thing to me and this was something. I actually had to go to court and defend myself or something. Once and the incident. They were discussing three years earlier and they were asking for specific details and my honest answer was like dude. It was three years ago. i can remember. She publishes this book and she says. I was assaulted in two thousand fifteen by the mayor of the city. The mayor countered that claim by saying on that day in two thousand fifteen. The doors and curtains to my office were open. So there's no way. I could have committed that assault because everyone would have seen it because my doors and curtains were open on this very specific day in two thousand fifteen which i remember correctly. The here's something. I always wanted to see happen in court. Case is they can answer that question perfectly. Clearly the next question should be. What did you eat for lunch. The next day in two thousand fifteen which they won't be able to remember or if you're on the box if you're the one being you know attacked by the lawyer be interesting to ask the lawyer like. Do you remember what you were doing on a very specific day. Thousand fifteen because the expectation that anyone else could remember. It is actually perfectly unreasonable. So that's clearly just something he said in the moment to try to. You know say didn't do this so you'd think okay so. This woman's been assaulted. The mayor's given a really lame excuses to why it could not have happened where we go from here. America's in trouble. That's actually not what happened. That's why this is sort of relates to the first story. And i said social justice for she was accused by the mail assembly members. Basically all of them. There's massive backlash. And they said she's been harming the dignity of the council and they've called for a recall so is voted on by the population. I don't know how many people voted but the residents who did vote ninety percent voted for her to be recalled and taken out and she was fired. Here's to me. What is a very realistic story. This is a woman who's in all male environment. She's treated poorly. She has no support by the other men in the situation. She publishes book to try to get a message out there the backlash and she basically gets taken down Because there is no support for her in this world. Man is podcastone taken real. Turn but i don't know it. It sucks because i absolutely believe with all. Maybe i'm influenced by all the dirty news. I read that a seventy year old. Mary as soon as i said he was seven. He did it. That's the weird thing to me. I've had a couple of conversations recently with about people who'd be in power a honestly believe that once you hit whatever retirement age public service should come to an end so like right now. The president trump was he's late seventies biden's late seventies. Both of them if they had one either would have been going into their eighties in their second term. I actually think that is not the appropriate aid for a leader. I think sixty five should be your last term so if you win the election when you're sixty four sixty five you do get those years so you are out before your seventy obama. He was in his forties. He became president and he was one of the youngest presidents ever i think. Jfk was around the same age maybe a year or two older. So you're in your forties and fifties. Yeah you're old enough to have some life experience and do some stuff. You're still young enough to be able to do the job and not be exhausted all the time. I'm almost fifty in seriously every now and then i wake up. I'm like man. I can't do anything and i'm you know. Nothing i do is hard. This really just shows how far sort of the equal rights movement has to go in japan. Because yeah this woman. I think she was probably telling the truth. No-one bleed or maybe they did believe and they just didn't care and they just got rid of her for since we're already on the sexual assaults god what a terrible thing to start with. There was the director of a medical clinic and he has been arrested for sexually assaulting a nurse. She said this was after the clinic closed and they weren't an examination room. She said she had lower back pain so he offered to give. I guess free medical treatment and what he did. He touched her chest and lower body then he claimed it was medical treatment. Now if you have lower back pain as a woman if you have large breasts it actually could be related. I will give you that touching. The breasts isn't going to fix that. Problem is that's not a medical treatment and touching the lower body. It's a bit unclear what that means either but or trying to grab the crotch but that isn't connected to your lower back as well. I'm not a doctor and i know this is factually accurate. What i'm saying right now. Is that if you have lower back. Pain touching your but probably isn't going to do that much you might be in a case where it was a serious checkup. They might be checking around the lower back yard and get into sort of the but region but it was more like your muscles. The thing is the doctor is not going to trick the nurse. She knows what a legitimate lower back medical treatment would be so. This line of defense is a pretty poor choice because he's actually choosing it to use it on another medical professional. Who could tell you. I have seen lower back examinations. I've participated in improbably. If that was sort of the nature of the clinic. They worked at or at least you would know what's appropriate and then she would know right away. I'll just grab my ass so it'll be interesting to see how accepted this defenses because again just being in japan and this being the way the way the world is here the judge might be like well. Yeah of course you got to touch a woman's but to check her lower back that's just science. Okay so i kinda through all the dirty news upfront. Which is nice change. I usually save it for the end. Who was a survey done by cbi. They asked one thousand three hundred and ninety one men and women would actually know the actual proportions of men and women but that's secondary. Have you had sex with someone other than your lover. So i assume for the younger people they mean boyfriend girlfriend for older people your spouse. The numbers are interesting so in eighteen to twenty thirty four point eight percent of men. I've had sex with someone other than their lover. Twenty four point three percent of women have had sex with someone other than their lover in your twenty s. The number for men drops from thirty four. To thirty percent the number for women jumps up from twenty four to forty seven percent in japan so that was the shocking bit pretty. All the other numbers are not a big surprise but in their twenties half of women of these one survey again sample size could actually be very small that half the women were having sex with someone other than the person they were supposed to be with which was shocking makes makes me think i should talk to more twenty year. Old thirty to forty men goes from thirty percent to forty eight point. Five percent the number of women that point maybe they start to calm down actually starts to drop so it goes from forty seven percent to forty one percent then the men really start doing their job from forty to fifty. The number goes from forty eight point. Five percent to fifty. Four point one percents. That's your midlife crisis trying to get your your last. Bits of work done women. I have just settled into their own pattern of life. It drops from forty one percent to thirty four point seven percent and then fifty sixty for men. It goes to sixty point one percent. So it's actually you're less likely to find a man between fifty and sixty who has not had sex with someone other than lover at the time. This did not actually specify now that i read it now so maybe all the guys in their twenties and thirties are actually like oh of course. I've never done that. But they have and they just don't say it but when you get. You don't really care about hiding anymore. My assumption was that it was current. Like if you're in your forties and fifties and you're cheating on your wife now that's the number we're talking about. Do actually now. That i think about it was not clarified. That well for the women in the fifties and sixties forty to fifty was thirty four point seven it drops a twenty three so the question i have is. How are they meeting each other. Which was luckily answered in the survey so for men they mostly did this by meeting people through an app now. They did not say what the app was. That is an incredibly disappointing lack of information. Some people might want to know what app to avoid you know. If they were they were absolutely not looking to find a lover on the side. They they would really want to know. What app do i not install on my phone so that i could really you know. Make sure this doesn't happen to me a meeting at twenty to thirty year old. Who's clearly half of them are more likely to have sex with someone other than their lover also by friends so they meet a friend and the friend has a girl that they like and they meet up that way or they just picked girls on the street or somewhere else bar or something for women. It was actually more interesting for women women who are having sex with someone. Other than their spouse their number one choice was a former lover. So it'd be like an ex-boyfriend hook up with him. Who knows how often. But it's like. Oh this guy. We weren't a good relationship but he was a good point. you know. Throw him around her two male friends since the friends with benefits situation and this was the one that was interesting to me. Because those two. They're kind of like safe options at this guys. I know so. I know i'm pretty safe with these guys store employees that they frequent often so i guess they kind of have a relationship with the store employees. They know them they talk them. But that is almost like a fantasy situation from a manga to me like you work in this woman's clothing store in a woman whose really hot comes in regularly and then you start blinking. I mean that is. I'm sure that's already. A manga was actually no reason. Even suppose i bet it already is. That is a fantasy out there. Certainly. it's a category of poor so if you're in japan in you want to know why there are so many love hotels issues like pretty much half everybody's cheating at some point in their life underwear. I've not done many underneath stories but this guy had a couple of interesting points so we re diving back into the underwear. Thief arena the pool of underwear first of all. I'm going to make a post. It's an ongoing joke in engineering. Japan is the guy who lays things out so whenever they find someone who's committed a crime and has a store of it's not always underwear but that's actually what started it. They lovingly put down a blue tarp and lay out all the things in this case underwear so that everyone can see them. And i always think that's a really weird job so like let's say marijuana plants you put down a blue tarp and like a school gymnasium. You put out all the marijuana plant and take pictures of them for the news. It was weapons it would be the same an underwear this one. It was bicycle seats. This guy just been stealing bicycle seats for years and so it was. It was really weird to see like just. Two hundred bicycle seats laid out in the middle of gymnasium on a blue tarp. This is a construction worker. he's six years old. All these pervy crimes are having to slightly older men. And i'm like you think they would have figured something out by now but or maybe that's when they get desperate because they're losing that that spark of youth certainly it would be a sad. And if after all these episodes where i talk about how weird and creepy these guys are that i got arrested for stealing underwear but luckily that's not happening so at least if i get arrested for underwear theft it's a frame up by someone who listens to the podcast at this point must be put that out there now. This guy he was a construction worker. He's going around this town. He grabbed some underwear that hanging up to dry. They still hang clothes outside to dry. Japan have dryers. That wasn't what they called. People called to get him arrested for there was a suspicious vehicle so they called the cops and they said look this van parked around weird someone go check it out the please go and check it out when the police went to talk to them you drove away so that's already like ooh you know if you immediately start driving away. That's suspicious so the police catch him now. He's arrested for interfering with the duties of a public servant. Technically at this point the only thing he did was not talked to the police because the police wanted to talk to them. That is now an offense in japan very interesting little twist to the rules there so if a policeman wants to talk to you refuse you now can technically be arrested for committing a crime. Because you're interfering with his job in his van. He had thirty pairs of underwear. So i don't know if these were like safety one's the backup ones the ones you had to have around him all the time. Just you know. Create a sense of satisfaction. They didn't say they had all been stolen recently. So this could have been like select ones. That are his sort of travel mixed tape of underwear so of course. He got arrested when they found all the underwear. Like this is suspect. So let's go to his house and searches house. Which is what you do in his house. They found nine hundred pairs. They did not give a timeframe of how many pairs of underwear he was stealing like a day or a month. But that is a lot of work aurelia time. If he's carrying around thirty pairs he's got like a need to have women's underwear with him regularly when he was arrested. He said i targeted the kinky reach. Now that's a funny joke in english because there's an area in japan called kinky. of course there's an english word. You can make a couple of jokes yourself. I'm not asking to bother doing it for you. Because i think it's actually so self evident that the joke is kind of falls apart but it is funny the first time you come to japan you hear like oh yeah. We want to go to the kinki region. It's funny the first time you're gonna find it funny then. It stops being funny pretty quick because it just becomes a place so this is one of those guys who's dedicated significant portion of his life stealing underwear and it's it's sad that if he kinda kept his cool and just talked to the call he probably could have gone out of it. You just say. I'm playing poker mongo. Sorry a move on. That's still thing that happens and actually happens around my house a lot. There's a lot of suspicious cars that are just sitting really late at night outside the park near my house which is a really suspicious place to sit. But it's because there's a pokemon go jim. They're they don't want to get out of their car because it's cold. So they sit in their car and they play pokemon go and then they'll drive like twenty feet and stop again about a suspicious car can get but i know what they're doing now so i don't feel as threatened by them but every now and then i want to be like maybe so much checkout these cars. Let's talk some cove news. We got Record cases here again now. It seems like people are just living their normal lives. They wear masks. They wash their hands but they basically ignore cova suge last week so this is already within a week. There's been changes so i have to. Actually you know timeframe this beginning of last week suge doubled down on the go travel campaign which has new engineers. Penny signify very solid stands. This is not a good idea and you should not do this. He wants to give it a six month. Extension an additional seventy three trillion yen now. That seventy trillion yen includes other things. It's not just go to travel but trying to keep these businesses alive by the end of this week right now as so. I'm talking about like over the weekend. Nagoya and osaka along with tokyo have all been removed from the program. Because of record. Breaking numbers here. Oshima was added to the program. But probably we'll be taken off again so now they're slowly taking off all the big interesting cities that you would want to go to because all the big cities are having breaking covid numbers that they've never had before probably because people keep traveling and going out to eat which you're not supposed to do when you're you know have a pandemic going on in the same week. The government has called for people to limit their movements in urban zones. So i go to work They say basically what they're saying. Is i work in this area. I should go from the train station to my work and then go back. The train station go home. That will limit my movements and reduce the chance that i will get covid and then spread it to my office. Building people are not listening. This is not willful defiance. This is not like the government. Can't control me and tell me what to do. This is people just going. Well i wanna go out to lunch. I'm going out to lunch. I wanna go shopping. So i'm gonna go shopping They're not. This is not like a political thing. I think the reason is what you're getting is too contradictory messages. You're saying look. Don't move around too much. But we also have the go-to travel campaign. Please travel as much as you can to keep the economy going and that contradictory message means. It's impossible to take any message. you seriously. If you want people to not move around you have to make it so that people don't move around and that would include goto travel if you want people to go to travel then you have to be like. Wow everyone should go to travel. I can't tell you to stop shopping at that point and stay just within your work areas zone whatever that might be side note eighty seven point eight percent of ten thousand and fifty nine companies have canceled their end of year parties in japan. Couple basically around this season. I always end up talking about. It is called the and kites the end of your party. Your company will get together. You have like basically party where you sit down and drink with your boss and stuff. Y'all get licked up. Forget last year. Let's get you know. Get down to it for next year. It's a nice tradition. That's not happening because of covid and again good. It's actually surprising to me. That's not one hundred percent because this would actually be an excuse of some money on the company's part as well. I mean if i was working for a company in counting i would i would Your mark that money for not happening not going out there and an interesting. It's not. I can't make any jokes about this. Was interesting to show how some things are being handled. So there was a man in his fifties and he had mild symptoms in what they did was put him in one of these sort of quarantine hotels. He's basically living in a hotel until he gets better. He was diagnosed with kobe. On december four. He was in the hotel and this was the interesting thing was how they check on them. Because of course how do you check on these patients in the rooms to make sure they're okay the reason this is news stories because he died. So that's terrible but what was interesting about this story. That came out was how they're checking on the people newsroom so at eight. Am through line with messaging service. In japan they send a message to the person in the room and after their symptoms. How are you feeling today at eight am. The man said i have a headache and some fatigue and then that's it and then at three pm check on them again so basically you get two messages on an app on your phone every day and the doctors asked how you are now. This is where it gets a little suspect again. This is where it gets a little sad because someone wasn't doing their job so at three pm. They sent him a message and he didn't answer. They said to a message of four. Pm he didn't answer and they started calling his room at six thirty eight pm. They went to his room so five hours after he didn't answer so five hours. He was probably incapacitated in some way they actually went up to his room to investigate and they found him dead which is terrible but it shows that. Someone's not doing their job. Because if you're checking at eight and three the reason to check it eighty threes to make sure that they're ok during the day if they no answer so this is what the investigation is going to be. Why did not someone go. Check on him between three and four so they sent a message of four. Maybe that one hours findings in the shower. He's doing something else. He's taken out but when they sent another message at four. The either should've started calling his room or something to wake him up to get him to answer. He didn't they should have gone at that moment and they didn't so someone beat. The doctor beat the person who was supposed to go check on them. Beat the person saying the messages. Something didn't happen there. And that's where the investigation is going. But it is interesting to see if they're using messaging service as it's not diagnostic. But how you feeling today. Are you symptoms better or worse but it can. They can do it without any contact at all. That's actually a very interesting way to know what's happening in these these quarantine situations it's weird to end on a communication story usually. I'll do like the series ones more at the front and then like backload all the dirty stuff process. Maybe the more entertaining lighter stuff. The communications minister wants. Nhk to lower the fees. I have railed against nhk several times on the podcast. Because i hate. Nhk programming for the most part and don't want to pay for it but legally in japan. You're supposed to pay for it now. I don't mind paying for something. If it's good but i don't consider it good so i don't feel like i should have to pay for it like a lot of foreign people. Maybe actually like a lot of people. in japan. they don't watch h k and i've shifted all my entertainment to the internet. So why would i pay for a service. I don't use like the cell phone story from last week. They wanna lower all these fees so they're sort of more in line with other countries and people aren't sort of abusing systems and stuff so the communications minister said this was clearly directed at the director of the president of nhk. If we don't do it quickly during corona when will we do it. Which is absolutely true. Because i can tell you the head of h k does not want to do it at all. He does not want to lower the prices he does. He's making all his money based off these fees and the reason they want all these fees is because that's how they get paid they get their bonuses and stuff one of the things. This is like a decade old story now. The people don't want to pay because they found out that the executives from nhk having parties and going on holidays and stuff using essentially public funds. But this nhk money goes to educate them to spend as they see fit so basically got in trouble but then everyone's stopped paying fees for a little while. That was a big black mark on the nhk as a institution. The goal for the communication minister is to lower the burden on households and japan so people were struggling with money. maybe paying for tv isn't like the biggest priority right now. This robot communication very short story. Japan is now set aside. Fifty billion yen develop six g technology. They're kind of behind on their five g. infrastructure. They were doing the same thing. America was doing was kind of relying on china and wa wa and now they're like maybe that's not the best idea so we use our own authority a little late behind problems and then and then someone just had. The idea was like fuck it. Let's go to six g. This is work on the next one. Maybe japan will make it. I if we make it. I everyone else use ours People love japanese electronics will sell a million. We're going to be the richest dudes ever and everyone else in the room was like yes six g. That's more g so let's do it and apparently they're gonna do it while japan might be behind on five g technology. We may be the first to get sixty technology. So i'm doing like hand gestures like in a gang right now at the computer like yes suck it six g baby leave a text to a voice question comment at voice link dot fm slash site podcast. Click the link in the show description. You can tweet questions or comments. Adnan genucel japan joined the facebook group on facebook. Such an engineer's japan sexy. Add homeys. i don't do a lot of well. Fuck all but the residents who do did he targeted the tin. He said he he said.

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