Chapter One: Marilyn A Global Icon and Tragic Heroine


Now the pleasure that i present miss marilyn monroe she is greatest female star hollywood ever produce this the spread of them late marilyn monroe and in most people's minds the twentieth century's definitive sex symbol quake's. It makes you feel good simply all over. I don't know where or or what dan jewelry in films such as gentlemen prefer blondes diamonds are a girl's best friend the seven year itch and some like it hot she lit up the silver over screen in a way that no one had before or has it makes sense that he makes play chopsticks and suddenly turns on his eyes bulging his mouth just like the creature from the black lagoon her every move with breathlessly covered in the press and her marriages to new york yankees legend joe dimaggio and playwright arthur miller were media sensations. The equivalent of british royal weddings weddings today. Don't you know that a man be rich is like a girl being you might not marry a girl just because she's spreading my goodness doesn't need hell but on august fourth nineteen sixty two marilyn monroe's incredible light was suddenly shockingly turned out out and fifty seven years later the full facts of her death remain hidden story of my life hello and and welcome to the killing of marilyn monroe your host jackie moran while i have to say as a t._v. Host as a style expert this is a woman. I've admired my whole life. I mean this is marilyn monroe. She is a true icon. Just like to me to so many of us out there personally for me. Marilyn monroe was my icon as a child. I wanted a picture of her in my room. It was the first picture frame my dad ever gave me as a gift. I admired her completely and wholeheartedly and then and as i got older i realized this poor woman her life behind the scenes was such a tortured tumultuous life and i started to really feel sorrow oh for her. I started to really feel so intrigued by the marilyn monroe i admired meets the actual marilyn monroe and that's why we're here caviar every damn day too much caviar. What does she think she is but just how much do we really know about marilyn's final. Moments unanswered questions continue to linger what happened in the weeks. The days the the hours and even minutes before the blonde bombshell took her final breath naked on her bed and surrounded by a deadly cocktail of prescription pills. The coroner's official verdict improbable suicide yet many believe it was murder there was really no basis for her to committed suicide marilyn monroe omega threat and that threat cost her her life maryland was just too dangerous a woman to be allowed to continue to live which begs the question who want to kill her. We're going to investigate the secret life maryland hid from the world juggling affairs with rat pack crooners president's men and mob bosses and chronicling thing every encounter in her infamous red diary marilyn monroe took the secret diary in which she recorded intimate information about her relationships and ships with several celebrities pooling love affair with the then president kennedy and then later on having a romance with bobby kennedy the attorney general totally buddy wanted to the hands on the diary because she wrote down some incriminating things in the diary we are going to investigate investigate the secret life maryland hit from the world juggling affairs with rat pack crooners president's men and mob bosses and chronicling every encounter in her infamous red diary diary we will chronicle the woman who had used her sexuality to hold sway over men her whole life was ultimately undone by her choice of lovers. She was going to tell she she was going to talk. She wanted to bring people down and there were a lot of people who are invested who would have indeed collapsed had she begun giving press conferences and letting cats out of bags she she was the most dangerous woman in america. We are going to show how after conducting an affair with president john f kennedy maryland started a simultaneous affair with his brother there bobby while also seeing longstanding lover frank sinatra sinatra secret business partner notorious chicago mob boss sam giancana as well as other men including her personal psychiatrist dr ralph greenspan the sexual infidelity would not be viewed as the atomic bomb was back then so maryland by associating sitting with powerful men became a target of interest to the enemies of those powerful men and she kept getting involved with powerful men all of whom had enemies so she was the perfect the vehicle the chest pond by which those men could be punished. We will explain how sinatra was the link between the mafia and the white house and how giancana us old old blue is affectionately known sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue as the president's pinned to set j. f. k. up with a succession of starlets for blackmail purposes. We will show how infamous f._b._i. Director j edgar hoover also sought to gain leverage on the president and his brother everything associated with the life and death breath of marilyn. Monroe is as murky as anything else. We've ever come across forces countermanding one another. Everybody had an angle. Everybody has something to protect to hide and we will take listeners inside the pages of marilyn's little red book the personal diary in which she wrote each day obsessively recording every lover every encounter and that had the power to take down president. We will show how it was this diary. That ultimately got her killed. My name is becky freer and and i'm a private investigator. Marilyn monroe is murdered. I strongly believe that because all the evidence doesn't make sense is to cover yeah. It was a whole cover in there so much evidence to prove it was a cover up. You know my feeling is she was murdered and nobody wants to change that. They just wanna keep it as suicide so if the coroner's verdict is wrong and marilyn didn't die her own hands then what did happen and who exactly luckily was responsible for her death. One of the most famous stars in hollywood history is dead at thirty six. Marilyn monroe was founded in bed under circumstances answers that were in tragic contrast to her glamorous career as a comic talent on the surface. She seemed to have such a zest for life. Her international appeal took her from command land appearances to the other side of the world and entertainment or korean. G. is a star lend a far from normal childhood and had twelve sets of foster parents leading her to say in her last interview that she was never used to be happy so it wasn't something she ever took programming. She never let her personal feelings interfere with their job and she was the idol of the g. Is he animation of foxhole greens. Here's the official version of events on the morning of sunday august fifth nineteen sixty two the world awoke to the news that marilyn monroe was dead even more shocking however was the manner of her passing commissioner has suffered from psychiatric disturbance for a long time. Mood changes were abrupt and unpredictable in our investigation negation. We have learned that monroe had expressed wishes to give up to withdraw and even to die on more than one patient pash when disappointed and depressed she had made a suicide attempt using sedative drugs maryland had been discovered by her housekeeper eunice murray at three thirty a m murray noticed her bedroom light. It was still on and the door locked after failing to rouse her. She called maryland psychiatrist. Dr ralph greenspan he arrived shortly after apparently broken to her bedroom through a window and fearing the star was dead called her physician hyman engelberg who arrived at three fifty a m half half an hour later. They notified the los angeles police department. My name is the fabulous gabriel wrote. A book called marilyn monroe. How the loss diary at the debt scene of melon monroe on the morning of august fifth nineteen sixty two sajjan clements of the los so sanjay police department was the first officer to arrive at marilyn monroe's home and he was kind of skeptical. He didn't really think that it was suicide. He claimed that when he answered marilyn monroe's bedroom the area look like it was staged was not the normal scene for a suicide victim this the reason so why there was no suicide note her hand was still clutching to the phone receive. She was lying down naked wrapped in the sheets sajjan clemens. Thomas approached the body. He noticed bruises and perhaps from writing salen. This episode of the killing of marilyn monroe is brought brought to you by care of this season. Get the support you need with the boost. Whether you're looking for more energy better sleep or something else to help you feel your healthiest care of can can help care of uses a fun online quiz to learn more about your diet lifestyle choices and health goals. It only takes five minutes to discover your personal scientifically-backed back to vitamin and supplement recommendations. 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That's taking care of dot com promo code killing for twenty five five percent off your first order sergeant clemens found marilyn's naked body artfully sprawled across the rumbled sheets of her bed arranged in his words as if for a nude photo shoot in one hand was the telephone receiver and on the bed stand were a large number of empty bottles of painkillers. Marilyn's body was whisked away and take into the l._a. County coroner's office where an autopsy was conducted that very same day danforth prince monroe expert hurt and publisher of maryland at rainbow's end sex lies murder and the great cover the morgan l. a. had a notorious history of corruption graft and mismanagement assigned to perform the actual autopsy that sunday morning was dr thomas noguchi a japanese born surgeon who had moved to the united states in nineteen fifty two. He studied pathology at the orange county general hospital in california and in nineteen sixty had taken a position with the coroner's office ironically about six years later on july the sixth nineteen sixty eight it was the same doctrine noguchi than the chief medical examiner for los angeles county who performed the autopsy on robert kennedy after after his assassination at the ambassador hotel noguchi's autopsy established that maryland had died between eight thirty and ten thirty on saturday night and concluded fluted that the cause of death was acute or bitchy poisoning with high amounts of chloride hydrate and nembutal in her blood and liver there was no trace of any pills pills capsules or residue in her stomach however it seems strange given the cause of death and all the empty bottles by her bedside on august seventeenth seventeenth. Noguchi published his findings his conclusion probable suicide on the basis of all the information jane. It is our opinion that the case of problems the suicide cyril wecht is a forensic pathologist who has personally conducted over twenty thousand autopsies in his six decade career in all my ears fifty seven years. I do not recall a case in which somebody put down probable when you are not <hes> sure which you're supposed to do officially properly is to list of manner of death is undetermined. That's why we have a box for undetermined nothing to be embarrassed about intellectually by using that having seen tens of thousands of death acidic. It's over the years so i don't remember somebody putting then you know like probable and then going ahead and signing it out as suicide. If you are not sure of than you put down undetermined. Marilyn was laid to rest three days after she died at the westwood village memorial park cemetery in los angeles ex husband joe dimaggio took charge of the service only thirty of her closest friends and family were invited and most of hollywood so called elite were not outside police struggled to contain the crowds of mourning fans as well as hundreds of reporters and photographers celebrity biographer prefer and hollywood historian mark ego and i remember very distinctly the morning of august fifth nineteen sixty two when it was announced in the media that she had been found dead and i was crushed nine or sold and the death of marilyn monroe was just us something completely out of my realm the idea that someone so alive someone so vivacious and someone so famous could suddenly be dead. She seemed to be someone who had everything. I couldn't fathom the fact it's like that would want to take their life over the following following days and weeks more details emerged on the night she died maryland had a number of significant conversations and remember. She was found with the telephone receiver still in her hand. The first of these was joe dimaggio junior the son of her ex husband with whom she was still friendly. My name is charles castillo and i'm gonna entertainment journalist maryland. Stay close with all her stepchildren and she stayed close with georgio son. She had a momentary bright spot in the evening when he called and they chatted it happily. After maryland joe finished talking she called her psychiatrist dr ralph greenspan according to him to tell him the news about joe junior and the split from his girlfriend around eight pm she received another call from british actor rat packer and brother-in-law to the president peter lawford. There was still a gentleman gordon. He still wanted to come and he was calling her. You know come on marilyn. Come out and you'll feel better. Just come out. Come to the beach and marilyn in a famous phone call now because peter lawford back this up that it actually happened well it was he's the source he said that maryland said i'm not coming staying home but say goodbye to bobby the and say goodbye to pat and say goodbye to the president and take a bite of yourself kucher nice guy and then she she drifted off as well as those phone mm conversations maryland had also seen dr green earlier that day dr greenspan had a very questionable doctor-patient doctor-patient relationship with marilyn dr greens and fell in love with marilyn monroe like many people before him fell under her spell she even spent the night there on certain nights that was crossing all kinds of bad lines for doctor patient because there was no separation between her therapy and our friendship on marilyn monroe's last day he had the the house was in her bedroom. He was talking to her. He said she was upset and depressed but i had seen her in worse shape. 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He's breaking off the affair with her and not to call the president in washington d._c. And then break goal relations off with the kennedy family if he did come he flew in confronted her at her home in the afternoon before the psychiatrist. This came whatever he said her if he was there was part of the reason that she needed to see the psychiatrist for an immediate visit. You would surmise that it would have been something like this is final. We have to stop. I i like you. You know i want to be here for you. I want to help you but we have to move on from this marilyn monroe. The most most-desired woman in the world was being emotionally torn apart by her choice of lovers but her romantic life was not her only possibly fatal problem. The doctors would give her a u. Pick me ups and also put you to sleeps and she was on that cycle and it can be deadly cycle. It still is today sometimes ons for movie stars. She fell into the whole hollywood circuit of learning lines for the next day and not being able to sleep so then she took sleeping sleeping pills were then she would wake up and be groggy so she would take up or you know to keep her going all day and then different psychologists and doctors she you went to we'd give her valium give her sedatives to to even been her out and she knew depression she knew darkness but this period really brought her there deeper than she had ever been before and she was telling some close friends that she had contemplated suicide she had actually got up on the ledge of her our high rise building and stood on the ledge. She was going to jump but when she looked down she saw a woman she knew wearing a brown coat and she said that she didn't want to do that to her. She didn't want her to have to see that marilyn. Monroe splattered on the sidewalk so she went back in. Maryland's career was also in something of a crisis racists. The last two films she made let's make love and the misfits were both flops by her standards and shortly after starting her final film. Something's got to give if she came down. Ill and ended up missing so many days onset that in june nineteen sixty two twentieth century fox fired her and sued her for seven hundred and fifty two thousand dollars for breach of contract they also very publicly blamed her drug addiction and fragile mental state for her firing was this on top of the break up with the kennedys. The drugs depression simply the final straw for maryland. Here's charles castillo. She's fired from her film. The press is saying eyeing. Her career is over bobby. Kennedy is seeing her less and less. Where did she go. Who does she cling to as has on johnson never knowing who to cling to win the rain setting. The rain was pouring down on her now. Who is she going to go to so. She felt very very very long. That's why why it was so devastating to her that she was starting to realize that john kennedy wasn't gonna bring the relationship any further and i'm bobby was in maryland was unstable even the best of circumstances under the pressure of her falling and failing movie career to even more unstable than usual as she was bit her she was mad. She felt she'd been used and abused by everybody in hollywood in show business as she wanted vengeance i also this. She wanted a whole new starts her life almost spiritual overload overload just couldn't cope. She was going to tell she was going to talk. She wanted to bring people down. She was the most dangerous woman in america so what really happened. On august fourth nineteen sixty two did a desperately unhappy marilyn monroe as coroner thomas noguchi concluded commit suicide or was there a more sinister mr reason for her death and if she was murdered who did it what was the purpose of bobby kennedy's visit and what really transpired with dr green san that afternoon dude over the next eleven episodes we will pick apart the mystery of just how she came to die and finally we will reveal who killed marilyn lynn monroe but first. Let's go back to the very beginning before marilyn monroe ever existed and penniless foster girl called norma jeane mortenson dreamed dreamed of becoming a movie star on the next episode of killing marilyn monroe a tough upbringing. Yes i think the cool thing human beings as i think you is myself. Definitely i want to again because he gave died and local at that point and i think people back in the nineteen twenties and thirties a lot of people took enforced her search for the money they were paid a certain amount of mon- to have them so there was really no affection for the children in in maryland was a pretty little girl and shuffled from from one foster home to another and she was abused. Sexual abuse of girls was always considered the females fault god and so it wasn't considered terribly important. They had no idea about how it could ruin a woman's life so she endured the sexual abuse. The killing of marilyn monroe is hosted by me jackie moran executive produced i by dylan howard and is a production of broad and water studios and endeavor audio executive producers also include. Tom freestone james robertson and andy tila tillet. The series is produced by carry budge and written by dominic button reporting by doug montero. The series is mixed and engineered by sean crabby and and sam ada scoring by benz town. There is so much more to this story and you don't want to miss anything. I can assure you make sure you subscribe to the killing of marilyn monroe wherever you get podcasts.

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