How to Not Go Nuts


Welcome to the BTF stories and advice sign Kerley Crenshaw an DOT GOV and. We're fucking lockdown scare. We're fucking lockdown mind bullshit. You may be able to tell. We are a little bit frustrated with our current circumstances. We've been locked down for five days now. Probably not even get what we have today warning which was kind of like Sammy. Lock down on. This is the fourth day of And you know it's not normal to get frustrated when you're liberties bodies are restricted. Yeah and I. I agree that we need to do social distance saying that we need to put some systems in place but they gone too far. They have taken away my online shopping. Oh no no I am not fucking kidding you. I am ruble right now. I tried to order something Amazon in. They're not delivering to New Zealand. Not Sad I I can feel free there. I'm kind of lucky because I can still shock on my video game systems and buy new games download because if I couldn't shop I don't know what I would I feel for you. Oh I'm so okay. That's fine maybe I don't need to buy whatever is high by off Amazon. Anything that POPs in my head basically but I mean you just you cannot order anything online in New Zealand. If it's not boot or if you're not an essential business than essential businesses anyone to do with food me all restaurants though all restaurants all takeaways cafes way you can't go through the drive thru in anything. I mean not that that's the end of the world. But baseball shops are closed bakeries. Chirs health food stores all closed. Yeah you can't I mean it's just it's insanity. My daughter's blacktop. Screen stopped working yesterday. And I'm like Oh yeah. We'll just order any laptop screen. Oh no you can't so then I'm like okay. Well maybe I can have it. Repaired are UNICENTRAL business. Now I think I think I am an essential business being a mental health. Don't you think so? I think so as well. I mean people come to us that are often in a decline in their mental health. And they go away in an upward spiral now. We know where that decline can lead to. If people I get worse and worse more depressed more anxious to drug addiction to suicide to breaking up relationships all sorts of bad things so we're essential for the health of the people. I very not considered that. Of course now I think we can just work online can still. We're not stopping you from seeing patients online but if my computer breaks if my phone breaks or anything like that which is how on contacting dealing with clients now. I cannot buy replacements and it's all very well to say. Oh you can do it online. But my last client to cancel said. Look there's other people in my highest night twenty four seven on. They're going to hear me. I don't want them to be in my therapy session. So that makes perfect sense. I understand that. So we're GONNA wait till the lockdowns finish to see each other. Yeah I had quite a few clients cancel as well because they they really enjoy the personal one that experience but insane that I have seen clients online for years for like ten years. I've unseen people from around the world in the online session. So and you do the same. Don't you know what I really like about working online and therapists that people get to be in their own home and sometimes little bit scared of hypnosis because they don't know what it is once way on a chat and they use it they love it but if people can be a little apprehensive sometimes so being in their own home? There's a measure of safety that they feel and also you don't have to dress up to go to work you know you can just wear your. I wear Polo shirt. That's Pharma's I get underneath. I could just be wearing John Bottoms and nobody would note. Yeah I'm just GonNa Start Stalling like the front of my hair and yeah obviously I wear makeup but yeah I mean it's it's a bit more relaxed but if you listening to this are struggling and you need emotional support if you need someone to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel or really help you release stress for May also do a lot of work with people were planning for the business in making changes and unfortunately at this point we have to change or die right like the APP. We cannot go the old parent on the framework. That we've all been kind of breaking from at least for a while. So if you need support with any of those things that feel free to contact me feel free to contact errol are are linked on how to contact us is in the in the shouts by. We're here to support you. I'm also going to be downloading. I'M AGITATED TO UPLOAD A couple of guided meditations for you. Listen to if you have any you ought to upload as well Daryl we can. We can do that yeah. I've got some that I can give linked to that. I've created one that I did. This week was to help you cope with `isolation so yet check. Check that meditation. I can I add this well. I'm also trained tablist. So I've trained in high to make herbal medicine for people that maybe don't have access to herbs because a health shops are closed are just. They can't afford to buy her then contact me and I can help teach beginning session. I can take you through how to make Herbs Home Remedies with what you've got in your kitchen your garden or your local area. That's good yeah. I don't do hypnosis with everyone. Some people I do coaching some people. I do strategizing their business. Those all different ways. We can help you. But that's enough. I just wanted to let people know that that is an option for you need at war. There's there's lots of other online systems of programs now. Getting counseling getting the help you need but I think for now. It's really important to look after your mental health. So we're going to give you some tips on how to get out of get through this because I'm only on day four and I'm already starting to lose my fucking mind but you know what I've after carling. We had a chat earlier after just having a bit of a bitch just getting off the chest I feel so much better. I think talking about something naming it. It's so helpful. Yeah and that I mean. That's a technique that we actually teach on our courses. We teach Therapy together is the name it to tame exercise and that is when you name whatever you say allow you don't have to say it out loud. You can shout it in your mind if you're going to be psychologically damaging to shout it the people you're around which is a possibility but if you label what you're feeling your brain actually calms down and it helps shift those emotions so the more you know what you what. You resist persists yes exactly. Yeah yeah emotions are they need to move like e motion. It needs to move through if you just stop it down grow. A tumor are affects your immune system by not dealing with it. You're gonNA feel a lot worse. I think that would be my my number one piece of advice. I think you're right that Carolina and it's something that you can also use with People Ryan budget so if you want to keep a healthy relationship on whoever you're locked on weds than somebody's angry name it looks like you're angry right if they're not they're going to correct you and if they are feel validated while yes. I am and it seems I cure. I'm bored or you're anxious. Whatever it is named the emotion and either it helps you connect with the person because it validates their feeling arc gives them the opportunity to correct. And say no actually. This is what I'm feeling. It's it's a coup technique. Name it to tame it in you or with other people. Yeah Yeah I m people like labels if he can put labels on how? They're feeling if they seem. You've seen frustrated. You seem angry. You seem sad and they can say yeah exactly as you said and it just it just helps shifted in it. It brings things up to awareness. Because I think we're all just trying to get through this like insane time in our society and world and we need all the support we can. I mean I used to when I was going through my divorce. I got a hollow pillows and baseball bat and I would go into my closet with a smile pillows. I would beat the living shit out of closed of agreement every bad label and name that I could think of and I feel so much better afterwards. Nice Nice I mean. I've never done that but I do. Use My words So I'll tell people haven't feeling and just get there and then stun are used music by play Song. That has the mid. But here's the key. It said not to stay in that place like you said who motion is in motion so for me. I might not listen. I agree on follow it up with a happy song or at an uplifting song and kind of try and make a playlist to transition mood will ever Winnie What you do if you're stuck in an emotion that's when you need criminal help. Yeah if you can't seem to shift it but I think like for me. I'm looking at this time as a time that I am going to take my business into another level or a direction that I've been meaning to really focus on for a long time really wanted to make online courses in products. That will do little. Hypnosis reportings Weight loss products. But they're they're not like there's not video and there's audio and there's books in you know it's I have wanted to do this very long time and now I'm like right. I'm going to focus all my effort into creating these new products. This week. I've been doing it quit. Smoking products videos guide medication recordings. I actually have a book called how to quit without feeling like shit or yes smoking. You're on Amazon. But I think for me I I could stay home. Get all depressed that some of my clients are canceling bill angry. That I can't leave the house online shop or I can use this time to do something amazing to take on business in the right direction and catch up on things. I've been meaning to catch up on for a long time high. Do you use the time that you've got. It's like it could be gift. I'm also loving it ever going to be honest. I mean I don't like the it's I I don't like there's this flu going around killing people or whatever but what I do like is being home and been able to catch up and spend quality time with family and loved planting hair ABS in vegetables and getting right back into the garden is so therapeutic. Can I'M GONNA love watching all these plans scoring inside my house a Into the empty beer bottles of which there are more than usual this week for adults in this highs on it's been good to to get a dozen beer bottles and pit all different kinds and watch the rich grow through the glass over the decades and then know that they're going to be planting and I'm going to have lots of beautiful fresh food growing later idea so with the cuttings. Are you doing like a root hormone to get them to do that or do you just literally putting them in now? I never use chemicals when I garden or any supplements I just literally stick them in water. stick it in the grinded. Ships grows like it just grows lead at the only thing. That hinders me is sex. And so that's something I'll have to look at later when the plants are getting bigger but you can also companion plant to help stop insects so for example. They put roses next to the grapevines to stop. Apparently stops. Aphids are whenever east grapes so I went and GonNa cutting off a rose and I'm going to be putting that next to the grapes. Good idea yeah. What's to other tips? Caroline I like the word tip by the way they happen to like that word. Would you? You've got just the tip for me back. Here's another just the tip take some zinc ask for you. If you want to focus on your health immunity I think that zinc is one of the best things that you can take sank definitely one hundred percent on another nutrient Correlates strongly with mortality and risk factors of the flu is indeed and what I mean by. That is the more vitamin D. You've got in your body when you get the flu more likely you are to have a good time the less you have the more likely you are a bad time. I'm not saying secure. It isn't but we know that highlight those of vitamin D in The body. It really helpful and you can get that from the sun if the sun strong enough you're in the right latitudes are from your Diet Research Goto nutritionist. But in a nutshell. That's why we used to take ver- oil in the UK in the winter because vitamin D in it. Yeah that's yeah very good tip and vitamin C. You're a big advocate for vitamin say. I Love Vitamin C. It's my secret weapon on ever since I discovered how to use it in high doses safely. I'd never needed unto buttocks again. I used to take antibiotics three times. A year for bronchitis tonsillitis you name. It and vitamin C has saved me from that every single time on some big Big Fund. I take the spirit currency and I take in very high doses if I get ill and if I don't have that then I use sodium at scorebig form which the forms that I recommend but you need guidance. If you're going to be taking more than the recommended dose from somebody who's trained the wondering with Leiderman. See THAT I. I always warn people to be careful with is if you take vitamin C as a woman if you take vitamin C. Just on its own without any bioflavonoids you can actually lower your progesterone levels so if you take mega doses of vitamin C without any bioflavonoids when you're pregnant. So she early pregnancy. This can drop your pedestrian levels so much that actually induce miscarriage. If you are taking vitamin C make sure you takes bioflavonoids if you're a woman in you're pregnant or if you have kind of hormonal issues you're having heavy bleeding or anything like that definitely want to make sure this bioflavonoids ing to keep your pedestrian. Lowe's up there. Yeah I'M GONNA think of entities in ill health or they're pregnant then they really need to take professional advice. Before taking any kind of hair supplement mean herbs in pregnancy generals is no for most tabs and same goes for certain foods and certain nutrients so yet. Good Advice Caroline. Yes and that's one thing that's been see when else all of life very very good to boost your immunity. I Love I love the bitter taste. A lot is the new. It's my digestion. I love her. Cleans my liver in its field on. T. Hawks and mostly I love how strong anti viral. So I'm go to olive trees on either side of my house so I'm GonNa be harassing some leads and and making take check dam. Yeah and I think the most important thing to focus on is the power of your mind telling yourself that you're in perfect health telling yourself that you're immune system. Confide on anything that comes across that it's going to kill any virus that goes into it. System instantly will make a huge difference with your immunity with your stress levels. Because we'll just add you. Tell Yourself I get sick all the time or get this. And it's going to be really bad than your subconscious minds than to try to make that true under. The factually done studies that backup what you're saying. Caroline have we recommended. Dr Joe Disbands before on this podcast even if we have to do it again. He's GonNa Book. You are the placebo. And he's a guy that his back shattered by being run over by a car and he managed to get up and walk within six weeks and within twelve weeks was back at work using the placebo effect. The power of his own mind to heal himself and he goes in this book. Helix at the evidence that the way that you think changes your health. I've come sing unique to be positive uncomfortable that you can beat whatever comes your way and and be relax about. You're much more likely to survive. Whatever comes your way yet. That's I mean. I had that terrible car accident. I'm sure talked about this on that on the podcast. head-on collision with a truck. Towing a boat broke everything and they told me that I would probably never walk. Normally that I was going to have all kinds of issues terrible brain injury and I visualized myself getting better the whole time. I didn't even really know about. I don't ever been hypnotized at that point but I had remembered studying this doctorate university studying in some psych class. Milton Erickson who brought medical hypnotherapy mainstream in. He talked about how he had. He lives on polio. So I think yeah if you are sick or your Kobe anything. We have other health issues. Really visualize yourself in perfect health. You can't go out so picture that picture. Your body having the antibodies to this crowd of. Irs and that no matter what you're going to be okay and if you are sick of the moment just imagine yourself back in perfect health. Imagine whatever needs to heal in your body. You don't have to see it perfectly but it'll make a huge impact. They have cases of people who've died of cancer they were told they had cancer that they had three months to lay. They pass away. They do an autopsy and they never had cancer. It was a misdiagnosis. I've read that too that absolutely crazy and likewise people that are told that they are well can recover. Yeah it's going to be fine. It said it's quite fascinating. Part of the mind yeah. So I'm we're experts in that dude say so myself we are? We we studied. We teach we know it on. Trust us when we tell you your mindset is going to help you. It's really is going to help your house another thing. I think we should give some advice on is how to make sure your relationship with who you are living with who you are in violation with if you are how to kind of make those relationships run more smoothly so. I think that's something because I think there is. I'm just planning getting tons of couples that I need to help sort out at the end of this. We're probably looking at here. Well it's it's one that actually hits home Situation where I've been dating this guy for nine months and we're at that point where we can talking about moving in together but then we're very quickly given out either moving together now or don't see each other for at least a month. Maybe six weeks maybe two months maybe more so here. We are living together back. And that's something that we have to manage living together Quite ready not being able to go out and see our friends not being able to be apart for at least a month for nine. We're in great but I can imagine other people that have issues pre existing in the relationship or they're even earlier on in their relationship. Don't have the communication skills that we've got. We're really going to struggle absolutely. Yeah I mean the better chance of surviving cancer than making a relationship last till death do you part. I mean it's just not so but one thing all come to talk to people about it and I teach my clients with relationship issues Dr John. Goldman's work UNIBOND versus. Yeah we we teach us so he was a psychologist but formerly a mathematician and when he got into counseling and psychology starting with couples. He found that most of the people. But like most of the therapies. They just based on theory that people going well. This might work in. That might were get. I'll just try these techniques and we'll just see and he thought well. Why am I actually study? What works? And what doesn't and he would hook you. Bring people to a lab and he took him up to quit meant and he would just watch them interact and he asks them lots of questions about how they interact and he now can watch a couple of five minutes and predict with ninety four percent accuracy. Whether or not they're going to get divorced. These are the things he says that you should look out for him. Because in the four of 'em four horsemen of the apocalypse. Get your pens. I I'll put a Lincoln to an article that I've written about. This can read a bit more to the things to look for our number one harsh startup with first sign that a divorce. Her relationship breakdown free on the way is how the conversation begins because ninety six for ten percent of the time the way a discussion starts predicts how if you began a discussion with like harsh. Start acting. Accusatory or negative contemptuous. It's the conversations fail you really want to focus on being relaxed being calm inclined when you start your conversation not that is wrong with you. That's not an where the next one you really WANNA look out for is criticism. Sa- criticism is active finding faults or like judging someone harshly and there's always there's a difference between criticism and complaints because we're always gonNA have complaints about ours but when you start criticizing your partner saying doing is wrong really starts at like chip away. Their self esteem makes them feel a tax. And then they're gonNA be paid defensive. They're going to be contemptuous now in contempt. Content is the next one to really look out for so that is a feeling. Contempt is appealing Disdain or scorn you insult name-calling but even like body language intelligible way Sykes near a woman you're is making faces they say it's the worst of all the different things to look out for because it conveys discuss to the other person someone displays discuss to you. It's really gonNA cause the conflict to escalate. That's another one to really look out for. Do you have any tips about that? Know I'm talking. No no this is good. I mean I've I've gone through this before. I think of maybe talked about him in school. The and they're all basic ways that humans should interact any way. If if you WANNA put that simply be kind. Just be kind enough. People aren't kind men. Things aren't going to work for for tips for from my point of view. I think. Find a way to create space. Even if you're sharing a one bedroom apartment find ways to be able to be alone when you need to be alone for stat. Looks like we've converted. The garage into another work can be done in their video. Games can be played in their hell base. There's a bed in their to somebody can sleep there. So find ways to create space Have routine so thinking about working from home and you'd never get away from the office and you're also indoors for however many weeks plan your days like I'm Lucky. Very very lucky to live with my sister and her husband. Each of us is getting a date night once a week on one night me and my partner will cook and provide a restaurant experience for my sister and her husband. They're going to do that in return later on this. It's GonNa be fun like seeing how awesome we can make it. But maybe you're living with just one person You're worried about that. You could still take turns having a date night. Grit get creatives. What could you do for your partner friend of mine? Great nutritionist Cheryl Takayama. She had a massage night for family. So come to mum's massage. Parlour impropriety gets a massage done. And then the next day it was going get your hair styled at the daughter's hair salon so you can plan your days in pioneer weeks so that there's variety is even if you think. I don't need to do that. Trust me you'll get bored of the same routine. Have you ever seen somebody with a broken leg? That's six weeks off work. Say Oh I'm loving this time I can't wait. I wish I could stay off work. No they all want to go back working in holiday programs which I did in two thousand nine I think for school children age five to twelve. I know that by the end of the school holidays. Those kids were going insane especially the ones that were indoors with us the whole time so we had to create variety. Variety made all the difference and staying sock away from food coloring. Yeah that's a good point. That's a really good idea with like doing restaurant experience and massage and I think that the we just need to turn off the TV and start interacting or games. But you're right giving people space and I think it's important to figure out how your partner if you're with a partner reacts to complex so if there's someone who wants to sort it out right away it's it's not giving them the cold shoulder the whole time but then if you're a person that needs space it's being really clear about okay. I need to space. Please don't talk to me for like an hour two hours and just be open about what you need because I know I want sort out right away. I don't like being pistone for ages. You really have to mess with me for me to be pissed off overnight but other people really need like an hour to cool off and they can't talk about it at that time. Now that's exactly right and the thing is if you are single on your own while you're doing with us I would still get your ass on tinder. There is no reason why you can't be chatting to people doing zoom or facetime with people like you still need interaction. I think we're all hardwired for that so I think finding talk to friends you have talked to for years. Talk to family members like for me in talking to my family more than I have like ten years. It's insane. Yeah it's been great for me too. I'm connecting with all my family overseas grandparents and so on. Uk brother in Spain brother Stralia were playing scrabble. Together online and chatting having a laugh at it's been real nice actually reconnect with some people like reach out to people and I think that hopefully this is all going to be over soon. Staying calm but finding ways connecting and take this time to really do something they'd been meaning to do for a long time some creative like if you always want to write a book or a story or paint or do something along those lines. Now's the time to do it so many that. I know that. Want to study something but they don't have time like now. Is that time going? Get an online diploma in something. Anything for me. I've I've got a Spanish textbook. I'm going to brush up on my Spanish and make it even better. It said what you always wanted to land do it. Now is the perfect time exactly so I mean you look at people like Nelson Mandela. He was in prison for twenty seven years. He became the leader of the prison. They called it like the learning camp for future. I don't know leaders or something. His prison way he would teach me so revered but he didn't spent something like six years in solitary confinement. Why now crazy. It's crazy but he wrote and he by the end the actual the the prime minister or the president to South Africa was like going to consulting with asking him questions about this. And that while you still in prison so I think just because you don't have control of your circumstances right now that you re you're basically freedom has been taken away but make something amazing out of this time you hand do it. And it's it's it you won't regret it was if you just watch net flicks for an a game for this next month or however long it's going to bay. Yeah it's it's it's time wasted in sometimes for some people. That's what they need. They actually need to do nothing. They've been doing too much for too long. I know a few people. I'm quite happy. Have the opportunity to rest. They're forced to stop. Yeah I think for me. It's probably a good thing because I've been such a workaholic for so long but of course now me myself goal of saving this this. But that's what makes me feel God for me. I need to have meaning and purpose. Anita meaning purpose and be achieving goals for me to feel got my no. I shouldn't like hang that on it but not everyone's like me but some people actually need to have some time away against it's all individual but just now this isn't going to be the end of the world it is we are. GonNa get through. This things will get better hopefully with Lockdowns and controls in place. It's all going to be the have disappear as quickly as it as it started. Did you hear about Sylvia Browne Psychic Prediction? That she might know. Tell me she is a famous. I I've even went and saw her speak probably like as a teenager in. Marin County California should this great smokers voice. She used to be like on all these talk shows. Bet One of her books and I think it was like addictions for the end of the world or something she talked about in two thousand and twenty that this weird respiratory virus was gonna go across the road in fact these people but that it was going to and it would cause pneumonia. That was very hard to treat. But it was gonNA disappear as quickly as it start that it would have a flash in the PAN and then it would go away and then she said. It has another resurgence in like ten years from now but it would go away. Get to know. My Mom told me that last night she must have been reading the same thing. Yeah she was very good. Sylvia Brown I mean who knows but I don't know I'm GonNa take that on board that. Yeah it's all going to be over soon. We're going to be really productive. You're GONNA find out. How strongly really are I? Guess it's a chance to reevaluate. What kind of society we one to be living in. I've strong we really are kind. We can be those that are losing their jobs. Are there lights onto our health? Workers mean for me. One thing that I'm thinking about this. We live luckily in the Western world. Why don't we have the ability to cope with this? And could we put money into being able to cope better with breaks in the future by properly funding? Our Health Service. But I guess that's political should stay away from that while I think there's going to be especially in this state that doesn't have universal free healthcare for everyone that I think people are really gonna see the light of how important this is and how there's GonNa be options for everyone to have health care. I mean within US those going along people who are going to go bankrupt from getting treatment. They have to be on life support. You know how much that costs today in the letter they gonNA do. I don't believe should die from flu because they can't afford it to to be alive. Yeah they get enough respirators but yeah. There's what are things that you do too thin mucus. That isn't there. Will you know the cystic talk about some herbs? Actually but before. A suspect fibrosis is a disease that took a friend of mine's life at basically. There's an overproduction of mucus in the lungs and the heart to clear that me. Kosai which is quite similar to some of the effects time hearing about the Cobra virus and one New Zealand guy figured I that he was really healthy even though he Process and made the connection. It's because he was a surfer and the salt water was dissolving mucus. And so he invented an inhaler a saltwater inhaler as a treatment for cystic fibrosis now. I don't know how much that was picked up. Or if it's used but basically steaming relations being saved to burn yourself is number one because a sting is going to help dissolve But there's some Hamm's you can take like L. campaign whore Hind Mullane Than Tun tain report. Then you could also do mint nettle lemon balm to support the lungs. If I have a cough my go-to is to get some garlic onion chop it up in a jar hungover. It a pit blueberries in two days nice and then the next day strain it and eat dining in in a glass of hot water keeping yourself really hydrated by drinking lots of water. Hot Water is best. Means that you're not going to dry out because the role of mucus is is not there to make you suffer. It's there to grab the pathogens and carry them out your body. Encapsulates them so the pathogens? Don't get into your body. So Mucus is there to help you. Don't think of it as the enemy but help it to get stop. Smoking of yours smoker yet. Because it that's not gonNA give your lungs good time. It burns a little village. The little here like things that moving mucus up and I saw a good idea to stop smoking if you can if this is about time for you to stop than look at other ways to assure immune system are starting to reduce. Yeah I mean that's that's what I'm doing. This week is turning Mike Quit smoking book into Full Long. A product like having a session with may but yet one supplement. I really recommend that is and this is for bathing. As well as vaping is just as bad and they're finding they're getting lots oil and kind of clogging in into the lungs as well is nice which is vitamin B. Three and yeah it locks into nicotine receptors in your brains. It's very very good for smoking. Spirited for cravings the other thing that's really interesting so she was smoking. Cigarettes is in pre cigarette has a half a teaspoon of sugar. I didn't know that so. Yeah so when you smell. You're basically rebasing or smoking. It like it's crack and so yes. This triggers your body into releasing their kind of glucose into your bloodstream. And so when you stop or you reduce accepted. There's a lot of secret. Smokers out there who suddenly not able to smoke around the stress but a really good thing to do is to take. Something Home Chromium. Gt APP. And that is it's chromium public. Lineage you can take chrome Konate as well but chromium is a very good blood. Sugar balancer system mineral. That's been the reason. Why the T T F? It's actually been mixed with vitamin B. Three to make it more effective but it really stabilizing blood sugar because when you stop. Let's see you smoked a pack a day. You are smoking ten teaspoons of sugar. That's like a can of coke and so your blood sugar's going to go all over the place and that's why people just want to eat the whole time afterwards. I don't know what about invade us do you now if it has sugar in that as well no but it has sam propylene glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. Glycerin. It's very sweet so I'm not sure. What effect has on the on the blood sugar levels have concern itself and I can imagine it would would have an effect the thing about vaping. It's I used to vape is that I would vape a lot more than I would smoke. Cigarettes they didn't clog me up our didn't make me feel sick like too many cigarettes would so I was able to almost constantly and my number one for coming vaping is never let yourself be hungry because your blood sugar levels are going to be doing crazy things and when you're not letting yourself be hungry. It's bite eating healthy foods. 'cause IF YOU'RE GONNA eat chocolate you're gonNA cause more blood sugar spikes so for me. It was about right healthy diet stocks night. And you're going to really thank yourself after just a couple of days when she shift on your blood sugars start to balance on their own that you eat healthy on that you stopped. Yeah so another thing you can do with that is have protein. Prochaine is really GONNA help it. Nicotine itself also triggers this. Your Body Releasing Glucose no matter. What if you're bathing smoking cigarettes? You're gonNA like really impair your body's ability to regulate your insulin in this crate. Insulin resistance that gives you high blood sugars. I mean especially if you've got. Diabetes is terrible but smokers really sick have significantly increased risk of diabetes. It's interesting on people think that. Oh I'll smoke cannot lose weight but actually over time the opposite is true. It might be temporary in the beginning but overtime if you lose your ability to regulate sugar for example that can lead to a game and what they find is that smokers gained weight run the middle and unhealthy areas like the stomach for men. And that's certainly something that I witnessed myself and went away when it quit and people are worried about quitting because they think they're gonNA eat too much and put on weight will generate. You might for five days that you don't have to but you might and if you do that's not gonNA kill you. Once the cravings go away in eat normally you're gonNA be slimmer and healthier in the long run so we're not here to be the the fun police or to preach but help his available now is a good time to to think about the rest of your life to be. You've got time to write down some goals and into plan how you're GONNA execute them to visualize success in to make them happen. So take that gift among with it. Yeah and if you need support with quitting vaping or smoking daryl and I both offer services with that but your lungs are so important especially with this horrible virus going around as you WanNa do whatever you can to protect it. And they really. They repair very quickly. Now is the time stop. You can do it. We are to ex smokers. Daryl's next Magri Baber so we get. It is to love smoking. It was like my favorite thing to do. People would say to me second hand. Smoke kills and I'd be like not fast enough. It hot is really. Who's part of who I was but I feel so much better being a non-smoker Mike it's just. It's it's denied. I just couldn't even imagine being what now especially with what's going around. It's just that would be an extra added stress that you just don't need. Yeah it's my favorite thing is much cleaner and clearer. My skin is and I can go for a walk or a jog with at causing. Malang exactly so kill while I'm do. We have anybody any stories or any advice that people are asking for this week. I've got a story for you. Well it's not as Corey. It's a question it's a problem. Somebody wants to advice and I know who the person is to help so going to bring it to you. So there's a girl in England who question to me. Let's call her Jane Again General Been dating this guy in New York and going back and forth to see each other recently before I break. She was over there and he was spending a lot of time calling and texting this girl. She wondered if she should be worried and she asked him about it and he said don't be silly. She's nineteen anyway. She's just a kid now. This guy himself is in his late. Twenties girl is thirty or early thirties so she of course facebook stock girl find out that the girl was actually older than he said in her early. Twenty s will red flag. Yeah and the question is should she be worried and the answer is yes next restaurant notes? That's not good. That's yeah that makes me feel anxious for her. I mean has he given any more clarity around this relationship or what I mean. How does he know this girl? All the the problem is that. She's trying to be all modern immature. I'm not ask to name what the relationship is. So they haven't actually given a name to inside. Where boyfriend girlfriend okay? Here's my advice about how I would handle that situation when I would do. I was that they can't see each other for a little while is I would start talking to other men and I mean if they're not exclusive than he actually has a right to talk to whoever he wants. I mean he has a right to talk to everyone's anyways but if a if he's not committed he possibly doesn't sound like he's seeing this other girl it sounds like he is when she's not there. Yeah I would get the form plan. Basically and I would have several men on rotation or at least be talking to several men and that way you keep your options open. You're not GonNa have your heart completely broken this guy start seeing this other girl. But I think it's also it's GonNa create you know the auction effect. If he knows that she's talking to other guys and not that you need to grab his nose in it but I think if you just get all upset and jealous worry about who. He's talking to the relationship isn't really GONNA WORK OUT US. No and it's kind of hard if she's in the UK and he's in New York. Yeah I mean is it really GonNa work. I mean I'm WanNa talk because I met someone when I lived in San Francisco that New Zealand and look at me now on the not with that guy anymore but it works out for a while. Yeah I think I mean either. She can say hey. This isn't it really isn't going to work for her than she can say. This is GonNa work for me. I need someone who I'm going to be exclusive with. If he's not trying to be exclusive with her anyways that's a little bit of an answer. Isn't it yeah I mean there? There's your answer right. There tarred with the long distance and without establishing a rule set. You know that you're both enter your boundaries that you're going to follow. I think she needs to do think you're right is I. I would give it an opportunity and say like what is it that you want from this because I just like things as they are strolling along seeing other people while is not going to work for you. Maybe yes maybe no signs like no on. Ev isn't GonNa work then. GonNa move on and the best way to do that is to date other people. Obviously you can't see them in person right now in the UK. They have done. But you can jump on tinder you can go online data and you can still talk and flirt and have people tell you you're pretty or funny or whatever it is an feel good and then realizing that no matter how much it seems that he is not your whole world. You're GONNA be better able to cope if things don't work at a book. That really helped me with this topic because I definitely dated guys. Updating under women in the most atomic dome to go thought themselves basically exactly that language was a book called the four-man Plan. A ROMANTIC SCI FI Cindy Lou Cindy d. y. Lou which is L. U. And she really gets into the signs of dating Ford over man. You're not supposed to sleep with four different man. But you have you have one. Who's like where? Yeah you call like your three. And a half man who's like honest and loving his been accepted into a monogamous relationship. But then you can have like your quarter man who has contact no more than two days. I mean she goes into this whole science about it. But it's really that whole circular dating are dating quite a few people just to keep your options open. I think then you're having fun and your energy is not all focused on one guy. What's he doing or one girl? And this way I think it just kind of lightens it. I think a problem in this day and age though is everyone is doing that. So why right like all the? There's too many choices. That's the problem like we know from supermarket science that if we put six options of a product than we're GONNA maximize sales if we have two options. People buy less with six options. People buy more if we put twenty options. People don't buy it. It's too much so on tinder. For example there is too much choice. And that's going to stop people from choosing because maybe someone better runs a Karnak on the next swipe. Yeah that's it's hard. I think when you meet the right person things just like I just wouldn't hang around for a guy hoping he's GonNa commit to me you know if it's been more than two years. It's one thing if you live together but if you're not living together the guys refusing to commit he seen other people or the girl then it's not gonna go anywhere anywhere anyways. They now. They're not they're not feeling you in. A and maybe it's their own issues. You know a lot of people don't commit a lot of people are emotionally damaged. Need some therapy. You don't WanNa do those people anyways and you know if he doesn't WanNa commit then that's fine for him his choice but then if you want commitment you got to move on to find somebody that's looking for the youth got yeah exactly and wants to keep it and make that. Make that list of your perfect guy. I think that's a really good thing to as well Geno Caroline I. I made the list of my perfect guy by nine months ago. Ten months ago and what I did as went through all of my taxes. And it's like there was something about them that I liked wanted like most about them. And that's how I constructed this guy. I went through that person sense of humor. That person's intelligence that person's legs constructed this image anew of the perfect guy in my head and I did as I was driving for city. I'm when I saw that guy. I went up to kiss him before I even spoke to him. And we're still together the true story so those lists are good because what you focus on. It's what you'd find interview list for what you want in life. Your unconscious looks for ways to make that happen and my unconscious mind immediately. Spotted what I was looking for at least physically but hey it happened to work out for you. I think you can tell a lot from somebody's eyes as well. Just just the way that they look at. You are their body language and Yeah Okay. The looks definitely like my dream guy but that would only get you one date right. The one something. That's GONNA loss or something. That's more rich than you need. Tabs similar values for example or at least be open to other values too good communication and and all that kind of stuff and so it goes for everything in life if you on a really awesome online job then write down. What does that look like? What what does it look like do therapy online? Or if you're you're taking like cure sewing business online. What does that look like a successful online sewing business? Right down on your unconscious starts working making when you sleep. Your unconscious mind. Takes whatever you've thought about that day and compares it to the whole rest of your life and it finds associations that you can consciously think of unleash. Some inspiration comes from so to get it down on paper. It's Dan. There's another good one. I recommend another book for like in thinking of your your friend is. He's just not that into you. By Greg Barron Heartburn harder and Liz and everything but yeah look. He's just not that into you. I know they made a movie about. The book is fantastic. I give I will recommend actually another piece of advice I got from you. Caroline to give to her. I remember you may be set on a podcast on your radio show and I said look. Did you ever see that movie? When the guy was overseas on he was seeing somebody else in between on. Wouldn't commit just like no. I haven't seen that movie. Why moving nobody would watch that movie. Either Choose Monroe Shit Moving House. Get up a done just like no but I need to change. I want to be in a good movie. I was like yeah. Yeah you need a good movie so like make a good movie. I know that's not good. Did Shit that's it. Yeah I did say that on the Radio. They still had called in or something. I said God that reminds me of that movie. Where blab obliges fed back their thing and then was remembered. There might need a bait that movie. That really sucks and I mean this is the kindest way I starred in some pretty shitty movies out like. Oh my God but you can. You are the screenwriter of your life. And you're the director Ed. You're the producer and you can change it like you said. Ride a new story and refuse to like Lao any of those scenes. You don't want anymore can't do anything about the past. You can change the future on. I think it's a good idea going forward with your life to write down your bottom line. Core values for example is exclusive to me. It might be one of those values are messages me without me. Having to prompt light one of them will ever is for you that you look that you're looking for in a relationship that you're just not going to be happy with that right at Dun. Don't let that slide. Don't have a micro penis. That's another one I recommend putting on your list. Don't have space. Yeah was a penis nastiness but not a micro penis. I just feel terrible. Guys who have won but anyway. That's totally either. Maybe maybe we've talked enough daryl. I think research talked about micro penises unusually time to go although what's what's that. Tv show and the guys go to micro penis. I don't know I don't watch it so shit show except for the hangover to wasn't that where he's got the little penis Chang Chang maybe that saying yeah real penis was yeah. Wow Real Penis but I'm sure it gets a lot bigger when it some hockey wrecked. He's a he's a he's a he's a grower now shower. I've had guys claim to be that and that was the case butter the do pick back. Okay I don't smoke that stance when he gets a anyways. Okay I think we digressed a little bit too much but stay saved say healthy. Look after yourself. We're going to be doing lots more podcasts. Because can't fucking leave the house so to us right to us or any advice. You need any questions. You have in topics that you want us to cover our Schumer here stack and so we are your captive advice. Givers whatever you WANNA Call Co. we'll have a good week guys and I look forward to more stories invites with caroline soothing. Sounds good right I?

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