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The Basilisk


Please note the story. You're about to hear is not drawn from any single version of the Basle esque accounts of this mythological creature vary across the centuries we've combined combined several disparate interpretations along with the generally accepted account of the creatures literary and Cultural History for the purpose of this episode long ago in the Dry Mediterranean hills of Sereni three nights it's were galloping on their tall steeds. The Hot Summer Sun beat down on their chainmail leaving their bodies slick with sweat and they're spear hands slippery but they were used to these conditions and road on. They had to get to the castle. By nightfall they had had good tidings to deliver. They joked and chattered from horseback boasting about their prowess in battle and speculating about the feast. That awaited waited them that night all the while they tossed a wine skin between them anything to take their minds off the heat but they kept hip. There is on the dusty road watching for animals. Even small lizard might spook the horses and hold them up a few miles out from the castle. There watchful gaze was rewarded. All three nights noticed the little serpent no more more than a foot long. Lingering in the middle of the road to of the riders swerved keeping their horses is away from the slithering blithering thing but the youngest and most foolish of the nights was riding straight towards it and instead of altering his course he he angled his spear ready to display his excellent aim. He'd kill the little thing in a moment as his horse flew past the nights beer made contact but as it dug into the beast's flesh. Something strange happened. It's blood it began to flow up. The handle of the spear the night stared in horror. It flooded past the weapons handle than onto his hand his body his horse man and beast toppled into the dusty road as their companions looked don in horror. The creature he had stabbed was no ordinary snake it was a battle Isq and ended deadly poison had turned their friend into an oozing shell as if he'd walked out of a burning house his hair was blackened his face a mess of blood and disintegrating skin his eyes standing out from the pile of debris wore a look of utter terror. Welcome to mythical monsters. Apar- arc cast original. I'm Vanessa Richardson. Every week we dive into history's most legendary monsters in telling their stories. We hope to shed light light on some truths hidden behind the creation of these beasts where they come from what they symbolize and how they expose humanity's greatest latest fears you can find episodes of mythical monsters and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream mythical ethical monsters for free on spotify just open the APP and type mythical monsters in the search bar at par cast. Were grateful for you our listeners. You allow allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help us today. We're discussing the BASSIL USC. The King King of serpents a deadly hybrid beast born from an egg laid by a rooster and hatched by toad. The Bassil USC risk of legend could kill with a single glance it terrified medieval Europeans and decorated many of their manuscripts even making appearances in the works of Geoffrey Chaucer and Leonardo Da Vinci. Today it's best known for its role in J K Rowlings Harry Potter her and the Chamber of secrets but the story of the Bass Lisk goes back much farther than that all the way to ancient Rome the earliest written description of the Bassil esque comes from the ancient Roman philosopher. Plenty the elder in his book Natural History completed in seventy nine Z.. E. This monolithic. Thirty seven volume work covered everything from bees to mathematics to monsters. Plenty bacilus lived and Sereni now Libya and was a small creature not more than twelve fingers in length it looked like a little snake worrying a white diadem or crown. Hence its title the King of serpents and unlike other serpents it walked upright wall plenty described the bacilus as a small unassuming creature it possessed deadly power even glancing into its is his or feeling it's breath lead to immediate death. It's likely this destructive ability that led to an ancient Roman myth featuring the beast bacilus slid through the underbrush. It's upright head head. Held high above the grass plants withered beneath. It's poisonous breath as it passed. This left a trail of death through the otherwise verdant Mediterranean region of Sereni when the Bacilus dark impenetrable is looked upon distant trees they to shriveled and died even the rocks over which the bacilus slid cracked destroyed by. It's poisonous is power. A shepherd leading his goats through the forest chanced upon the dry brittle path. The serpent had left in its wake. He was so distracted by the sight that he forgot his goats. He stood there for a long moment gazing at the dead earth. He'd been seeing seeing more and more bacilus Kyun destruction of late so much it was starting to change the face of this land. He knew so well. The bacilus numbers seemed to be growing the shepherds snapped out of his trance and started corralling his goats. There was nothing he could do about the Basil USC aside from get his goats to pasture as soon as possible and pray that he didn't meet one of the serpents in person he then went inside his hut and turned in for the night dreaming of serpents. He knew that even nights feared the beast many had perished in attempts to slay it when the bacilus blood ran up their spears and poison them horrifying images of the basle EST defying nature pass through his mind until he shot up awake. A shiver ran down the shepherds back as he hurried into to the mounting morning heat. There was a strange tension in the air. Today as the shepherd weaved his way through the woods he saw. Ah More of the dry dead bacilus paths. They were everywhere he turned but he didn't see any snakes and soon he made it to his pasture. He stopped at the site of the open field drinking in the warm bright sunlight a pleasant breeze. He's blue softly across his face. Perhaps today was a normal quiet day. After all a day for lulling in the grass and yelling merrily Sara Lee at his goats he reached for his wine skin ready to quench his dry lips with a long sip justice. He untied the bag. He he froze. They're not ten meters away was a serpent and not just any serpent. It was Standing Upright Upright and had a small white crown on its head. It was a vassilis. The shepherd spun away from the serpent immediately. Turning his eyes skyward as he gasps in fear he had not made eye contact with the creature. If if he had he would be dead he knew he had to get away from the bacilus. Get once before. It's poisoned breath reached him. His only choice was to run and pray to the gods that the Bacilus wasn't as quick as its venom was deadly. He Ran Dan until he was gasping for air. His fear driving him behind him. He heard a persistent hiss and the soft crumpling sound of plants plants withering to the ground. He couldn't look back but he knew it was getting closer as he approached a large olive live tree. He threw himself up toward. It's lower branches. Perhaps if he climbed high enough he would escape an instant later. The shepherd word cursed himself as he saw the folly in his plan the bacilus would simply wither the tree with its poison glare and once the tree was Feld the shepherd would have nowhere to go. He was doomed. But as the shepherd scrambled up the tree three he disturbed a weasel sleeping below it. The Weasel scurried out of its nest squeaking angrily. It came face to face with with the Basle ask the Bass. a-list fixed the little furry creature with it's icy gaze but instead of immediately toppling to the ground the animal let loose. It's oily skunk like spray as it fell and then the bass a-list toppled to the ground with it stunned. The shepherd climbs down from his perch to gaze at the two corpses. He had heard that the weasels odor had a strange range and deadly effect on the otherwise impenetrable basil USC but he was sorry to see that the rodent perished in the struggle he would have liked to thank his saviour the shepherd for all the fear he felt on that deadly day was lucky he lived on on but what he lived on to see was a sad world slowly sarunas infestation of bacilus worsened until there was was no vegetation left eventually the entire region was turned to desert the desert we now know as the Sahara some scholars believe that plays description of the Vassilis and other ancient accounts of the serpent are based on Egyptian cobras which which lived in the deserts of North Africa they were hunted by a weasel like animal the ichneumon domesticated by ancient Egyptians and while Cobras Olga's couldn't kill with a glance they were certainly deadly but the belief that an infestation of Bacilus was responsible for transforming Sereni Marini from a lush verdant landscape into dry desert has more opaque origins to understand it we can go back to one of the central functions of mitts. They explained the natural world and it's strange incomprehensible phenomena in human terms uh-huh for ancient Greeks in their abundant homeland. The lifeless expanse of the Sahara across the Mediterranean must have seemed ominous. How how could a country becomes so barren would their own land and up the same way? The story of the Bacilus explained why the landed Sereni was so dry and also reassured the ancient Greeks and Romans that their own land was safe as long as they avoided the plague. EGA bacilus confessed station. It acted as myth often does as reassurance but the legend of the Bass Lisk Lisk was just beginning by the Middle Ages. The King of serpents became much more menacing coming up. We'll explain the evolution of the Basle in the Middle Ages when the dreadful snake grew wings. 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Back to the story in the first century CE EH plenty. The elder copied down the earliest legends of the Basle Isq in his natural history. A monolithic text. That is still read today. But it wasn't just the ancients who believed in the strange deadly powers of the Basle. Ask in fact. It wasn't until the Middle Ages that a more comprehensive picture of the monster emerged in genre of text called Best Jerry's best Jerry's or illustrated catalogues of animal. Stories were wildly popular in the Middle Ages. Second only to the Bible. Their stories were drawn from ancient myths and legends as well as contemporary scientific vic thought and they often emphasized strange monstrous creatures. Like the Bassil USC. They also had a tradition of drawing snakes with wings and one pair of legs in their illustrations. A practice unrelated to the Basle USC but perhaps it was these winged legged serpents. That led to was strange new origin story for the Basil Isq and origin which first emerged around eleven hundred ee and started to populate Best Aries. He's thereafter an elderly rooster paraded around the forest. The comb on his head trembling in the cool night air are he was a proud beast but his many years were weighing on him. He didn't know where he was going to sleep tonight. He was used used to sleeping in the farmers henhouse but he escaped out into the night of his own volition. He'd made the choice to run wild through the forests now now. His feathers were bedraggled his spindly legs were tired and he was ready to lay down and sleep but he was so oh alone if only he had a companion suddenly he heard it. The sound of another rooster. It was was crying somewhere in the forest. Not So far away. If he ran a bit longer he might make it to this feathered friend and perhaps they they could spend the night together with a shrill hoot of his own. The roosters started to run through the woods and not too far or away. He was delighted to find the source of the distant cry. This new rooster with proud shiny coat of feathers and a towering. Our in Qom was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen the elderly rooster and and his new companion produced a strange egg together but as they were both males. They weren't sure what to do with the thing. Neither had ever laid unhanged before and they hadn't paid much mind to the activities of the hens and so happy in one another's company. They left the thing on the forest floor floor by the banks of a small pond and wandered off into the forest for new adventures. Meanwhile the little egg languished cold and alone a toad hopping along the Bank of the pawn happened upon the egg. She waited over to inspect the round object quickly. She identified it as an egg not her leg or the egg of another toad certainly but but an egg nonetheless an egg that needed hatching and so the toad squatted down on the thing extending her tongue every now and then to catch a fly and waited eventually a soft cracking sound erupted from beneath her. The toad scooted off the egg her bulbous eyes peering at the egg. In anticipation what creature would emerge from within the toad jumped back back in surprise as the eggshell crumbled even she the forests strangest ugliest creature was alarmed by what she saw. A chick with the tail of a serpent stumbled out of the egg. Hissing angrily this medieval origin story of the Basle. EST recorded I around. Eleven hundred ce was repeated with slight variations by a host of well respected figures. These included Saint Hildegard of Bingen in the mid twelfth century. English scholar Alexander Neck in the late. Eight twelve th century and Theologian Bartholomew. Glanville and Friar Vincent of Beauvais in the thirteenth century illustrations of Bacilus says roosters with the Scales and tales of a snake became commonplace in the best year. He's of Medieval Europe. Occasionally beasts of this same same description were also called. ka-katrina says the Basle is of the best year he's tapped into wider patterns of animal symbolism in in the Medieval Christian world the toad for example was often associated with evil poet. John Milton even use it as a symbol for Satan in his his paradise lost. Thanks to these dark associations the toad was inappropriate participant in the birth of a deadly hellish monster. Her to counter the beasts hellish nece some best aries. Also God into accounts of the Bassil USC. They explained that the serpent's vulnerability to the weasel was a crucial aspect of its place in God's animal kingdom because God never makes anything without a remedy despite its deadly nature. The best list could still be felled. Thanks to God's wisdom and kindness the monster was certainly presented does something that needed a remedy and not just because it was incubated by an evil toad as a creature born not only of a male animal but as the product of of two male animals it went against God's ordained natural order. It was also two Medieval Christians clearly Satan spawn on but still. There's no distinct moral attached to this strange beasts origin tale unlike most animal stories in Best Geri's which which were often allegorical. It story wasn't told to teach little children a message about appropriate Christian behavior. Or God's power rather it. It seems that it was preserved in part because it's Roman origins classified it as a real scientific beast and in part because of a certain medieval evil group that took an interest. In the Basle USC two men stood in the dark dungeon watching the fire roaring in the hearth. It cut through the shadows and filled the room with warmth but the two men weren't interested in creature comforts. Their eyes were fixed external cauldron hanging above the flames. Its contents boiling. They were conducting out chemical experiment. One which demanded did spiritual physical and emotional purity. They had to constantly look inwards at their own souls before launching into their work work for they were practising the most difficult of all chemical acts making gold slowly bubbles of foam foam began to spill over the cauldrons cast iron sides. The men looked at each other and nodded then. They approached the fire. Their brows browse coated with sweat. They prayed silently that finally they'd gotten their recipe right. Then they chanted out the words words of one of their teachers words given to him in a dream the blessed stone one in number and no more our. Oh Great Elixir. Most high of price our as our bassil USC are a drop and our caucus their hearts were pounding as they poured the liquid from the cauldron into the small beakers waiting on the table the sulphurous smell the strange strange swirling eddies in this blackened pot had the semblance of what they were looking for. Slowly the men's I Began to light up and their hands to shake. The liquid was solidifying into stone. Had they finally gotten the recipe right. If they had this was a very special stone it could transform common metal to gold but it could also also he'll a sick man or make a healthy man live forever. It could change the life of all humankind for the better the philosopher's stone. It was called but it also had another name. The bacilus alchemy was a medieval pseudoscience. It claimed that it was possible to creative very special stone through a combination of chemical and spiritual work the Basil Isq. Some alchemists thought had a connection to this magical stone. This connection was explained in a compendium of all chemical writings things written around fourteen hundred. This liquid will coagulate into a visible stone. Called the Basle ask for just as the bacilus kills a man by. It's mere glance so to this stone. Kills Mercury solidifying and fixing it into perfect nick to silver without using fire. The deadly nature of this monstrous Basil esque made it a perfect symbol for the philosopher's stone which killed lesser things like metal or disease in the case of alchemy. Of course those lesser things were then replaced with wonderful awful things like gold and eternal life alchemy however didn't just use the bass list as a metaphor for the philosopher's elsever stone. Some texts on alchemy even went so far as to list bacilus ashes as an ingredient necessary for creating the stone. The Basil is being mythical beast would have been difficult for alchemists to find but perhaps this impossible grocery list was exactly what they needed needed to keep the hope of Alchemy alive Mike the Bass Lisk alchemy existed somewhere between science and fantasy but in medieval Europe many people considered both alchemy and the Bassil isq very real so real in fact that there are several historical stoorikhel instances in which whole cities were terrorized by a vassal USC. Coming up. We'll explore floor some of the real life bacilus sightings that fueled the medieval legends of the beast now back to the story during the Middle Ages. The Roman legend of the Basle isq expanded through it's consistent inclusion in popular best Jerry's and its association with Alchemy but many medieval people believed these legendary bacilus to be a very real threat. Fifteen eighty seven Warsaw Warsaw Poland. The streets were bustling with business. The laundry was flying on Line Strung. Between the city's buildings the chamber pots were being dumped unceremoniously on the heads of unlucky pedestrians winding through the narrow cobblestone streets. But one woman wasn't having a normal day at all lady macaroni. ps dragged her daughters nursemaid. Eight by the hand as she ran from building to building banging on her neighbors doors at each door she shouted the same question had had they seen her daughter but none of them had finally the nursemaid was able to stop the frantic mother and calm her surely the girl was off playing with one of her little companion somewhere around town. She would turn up eventually lady. Macaroni Pius wasn't convinced. But out of breath and tired. She agreed to return home. They could at least search all the rooms thoroughly before alarming. The rest of war saw at home. The women searched each room carefully as the nursemaid had advised. They looked under the beds and in the trunks of linens and they searched the cupboards in the kitchen after looking everywhere else the nursemaid suggested they check the basement it had fallen into ruin when three years before but perhaps the little girl had todd down there to play as soon as they descended down those first few who steps lady macaroni. PS and the nursemaid stopped short. Two small figures lay on the floor below it was is her daughter and her playmate their skin was bluish white their poses were stiff and awkward. The two women started to shout out the little girl's name agony straining their voices but they already knew the truth. The girls weren't aren't napping or playing a game. They were dead mother. nursemaid looked at one another in horror but then the nursemaid as courageous as she was clever announced to her mistress that she would go down to the girls. She'd examined them to find out about what happened lady. Macaroni Pius gave a tense agonized nod still in shock at the sight of her daughter then she watched the nurse made descend after a few steps. The made reached the tiny corpses. But then she she collapsed beside them. She didn't get back up lady. Macaroni was aghast trembling. She ran to the the main house to get help. Something was lurking in her basement. Something impossibly deadly the citizens of Warsaw approached lady. MACARONI PIA says House with caution. Many of them noted that the air felt unusually thick. All all of them speculated that something supernatural was at work they decided against going inside. They left the lady alone. Save the three bodies in her basement. Alarmed the city Senate convened to discuss a proper response the senators. There's new the damage. A supernatural creature could do to an unlucky city. They gritted their teeth in fear and agreed that something had to be done about the beast and lady macro pieces basement but they themselves were just politicians. They needed someone versed in the Arcane Arts to assess this case to tell them what evil was haunting their people and to put forth a plan of action that would save the city from chaos us and death. That's someone was an old man named Benedictus former chief physician to the king. Benedictus felt the fear seeping through the Senate halls and through the city streets. He even felt terror sinking in his own heart as he listen. Listen to the story of these strange supernatural deaths in lady massacre appearances seller. But wiseman that he was. He steals appealed his heart. The city needed his arcane arts with a bow the quaking senators he bravely agreed to examine the contaminated terminated bodies. He would do his best to determine what was haunting the city and find a solution to save Warsaw he ordered the Burgers or high ranking citizens to pull all three bodies out of the macaroni PIA seller using long poles appended appended to iron hooks and then he began his examination. The three corpses were swollen like drums. Their skin was discolored discolored and there is protruded out of their sockets like appalling eggs. There was no doubt this was the work of a bassil USC. The Senate burst into a flurry of whispers. When they heard the news frozen with fear they all knew the stories of the Basque? They knew it could kill with its gaze with its breath with its blood. They knew that it was small all but more deadly than a lion. The news could not have been worse. Finally one brave practical man. Dan Stepped forward asking the question that the city leaders were all afraid to hear the answer to Benedictus. Is there anything we can do to killed. This vile beast in our midst. Benedicta smiled sadly. There was a way to defeat this monster but it would require for a man of exceptional courage he would have to descend into that. Deadly basement. Sees the Bacilus with a rake and drag it out it into the light this hero's armor would be made of many mirrors. These would protect him from the gaze of the Basle esque but even with this strange strange garb the mission was no sure thing. The Senate went back to whispering reassured that there was some path breath forward but they were still terrified. was there anyone amongst the Burgers who was brave enough for this challenge. There wasn't it turned out neither the military nor the police turned up a single candidate. The tension Warsaw's streets was mounting and the the Senate was whipping itself into a flurry the entire city would perish. It couldn't find a hero but finally one one senator remembered the SALESIAN convict. Johan four languishing. In the Warsaw Dungeons Johann had been sentenced to death breath for robbery. The senator went to Johann Dungeon so and offered him a bargain if he agreed to challenge the Basle missile USC and survived. He would be pardoned of his crimes and celebrated as a hero by all of Warsaw Johan. John didn't jump at the opportunity even he in the face of execution feared death by Basil. Ask More than a beheading. But eventually he could not help but grasp at the chance of survival however small he agreed to the deal Johann was dressed in a suit of mirrors and escorted to the seller of lady. Macaroni pious per benedictus instructions. He held a rake rake in his right hand and torch in his left slowly. His mirrors softly Jingling Johan descended the creaking staircase his torch sputtered as he traveled deeper and deeper into the dark shadows. The air started to feel thicker and a noxious office. Perfume enveloped him as he reached the base of the stairs. He paused quaking. He knew that if the mirrors weren't strong strong enough to avert the bacilus poisonous gays or if the deadly breath of the beast overpowered him then he would die in agony any but if he ascended from the basement without the Basle Isq his life was forfeit to facing the Bass Lisk. At least he had a chance. Johan plunged forward rake outstretched upstairs. The crowd waited waited outside for a full hour. Breathless with anticipation had Johann already been slain. They wondered were they stuck with a ruthless deadly deadly monster in their midst forever just as one of the burgers began to turn away disappointed and sure that Johann had fallen the door to lady. Macaroni has house. Slowly Swung Open. The crowd stood wrapped. Waiting for what was about to to emerge they trembled. Perhaps it was Johann but perhaps it was the Basle Isq then. A A glimmer of reflective mirror appeared. They erupted in cheers. It was Johann. He'd survived the deadly beast but then they saw his rake on the end of the long tool was a strange writhing creature. gasps replaced the cheers and the burgers immediately turned away from their hero. Some of them started to run their bodies quaking from even a glimpse of the fearsome deadly beast the basle EST might be dead but even then it's corpse might still have the power to kill. Only Benedictus was brave enough to examine the beast WHO's poison. He explained was rendered less effective by the sun. The people of Warsaw listened in awe as Benedictus described the beast. It had the head of a cock with a crest resembling the crown. It's is were those of toad and it's skin Wardi and scaled it's curved tail. Meanwhile was that of serpent. It was indeed a bacilus so ends the tale of the Warsaw Bassil ask. There's no explanation of what happened to its corpse or to the hero Johann. There's even less of an explanation for the origins of the story. One scholars scholars suggest that the tail was first recorded by several humanist writers. One of whom was an alchemist. This alchemist may have written down the tail. Because of his is professional interest in the ashes of the Basle USC but however he heard the story remains unknown when we dig into the central fears of the story however we can start to speculate about its origins. The bacilus of Warsaw is fearsome because of its sudden appearance in the heart of a local home home along with its ability to swiftly and mysteriously kill and it starts with the weakest most innocent members of the community children trend. That sounds a lot like the many diseases that ravaged Europe throughout the Middle Ages most notably the black plague medical science was is non-existent and illnesses like the plague were mysterious and terrifying. Just like the desert of Libya was to the ancient. Greeks often often medieval Christians rationalized disasters like the plague as God's retribution but perhaps in the case of Warsaw's Bacilus. They were turning turning to a more traditional explanation for the ravaging forces of nature. A mythical beast however the bacilus did not disappear here with the plagues of the Middle Ages. It was a fixture and the drama and poetry of Elizabethan writers including Shakespeare. But as the scientific revolution and started experts began to sift through the medieval best. Jerry's designating some creatures as real and others imaginary along with countless countless other monsters. The bacilus was relegated to the stuff of myths. By the end of the mid seventeenth century the creature had all but disappeared appeared from contemporary thought. Art and common knowledge until July of Nineteen Ninety Eight when British author J K K.. Rowling published Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The novel features an enormous fearsome Vassilis as an evil agent of the central antagonised Voldemort the enormous success of the book revive the legend of the beast. Giving it new life after generations of obscurity in two thousand two. When a movie version of the story was released the legendary status of the Bacilus was cemented in contemporary culture? Rowlings version of the beast takes some liberties notably. Her bacilus is enormous but otherwise it's not so different from Plinio Clini. The elders little snake. It's just as deadly and terrifying. It still kills with its gays and it still symbolizes the most powerful powerful overwhelming threats to human life and so the legend lives on. It's simply moved from Bellum and parchment and to bleached paper and movie screens where we can feel. It's terror in a whole new way sir. Thanks for listening to mythical monsters. We'll be back next week with a new episode. 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