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Explicit content is found in this episode. Listener discretion is advised back to the true crime fan club podcast. I'm your host Leany Levi. King a spree killer found peace when he murdered the crimes he was alternately convicted for gave him comfort and in his own words, placed him any four state in the Sempe said, I will also share the story of the only person left in Levi kings, destructive path, okay? On the show. Levi king was running away. He was tired of living life on the terms of others. When he was only nineteen years old. He was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for burglarizing his neighbor's home, and then setting it on fire because of his good behavior. Levi only served two and a half years after his release from prison. He was required to live in halfway home in Saint Louis, Missouri. He abided by the chicken and checkout times, but an urge him was bubbling to the surface. He wanted his freedom. And he wanted it on his terms. He made a plan to check out of the halfway home and travel to his father's home in Pineville, Missouri. Leave I knew he could find a cache of weapons in ammunition. They're since his father was an avid gun collector pictures that were later taken of his father's home would make you think that you were looking at the inside of a pawn shop or a gun store knives. And swords of all kind were hung on the wall while guns or Ken. In a safe or leaning against the wall fully loaded. His father was surprised to see him. But not completely. He always had a hard time with lead by the kid had of mine of his own and often got in trouble for following whatever path he wanted to. Scott King was no angel of a father. He race Levi and his five siblings pretty much on his own. He provided a home with little to no amenities. They had exposed electrical cables that could have easily sparked a fire around the exposed insulation that had been hastily mounted to the walls. Scott. Let no rules household. The children could come and go as they pleased and that pretty much started at any age, according to Levi's older sister prairie Scott often encouraged all of his children to do drugs and drink she recounted a time when Levi cetera room on fire when he was just four years old because he had become very angry with her Levi also shared with a forty eight hour special correspondent that is father handed him his first gun when he was seven years old one of Levi's. Most disturbing experiences in his life happened the day his father handed him that gun Scott drooped Levi out to a field. While he carried a box of puppies. He then used the puppies as target practice. Levi was so angered over this that he ran away an elder grudge against his father for a very long time. After the incident Scott was not a supportive father and often took his anger out on his children. But particularly on Levi growing up Levi with sin away to various psychiatric hospitals where he expressed that he had suicidal tendencies at age ten. He followed the instructions of his father and began partaking in alcohol and marijuana at age eleven he confessed that he had been hearing voices. Speaking to him over the phone when he became a teenager. He indulged in various drugs that further exacerbated his psychosis. When Levi arrived at his father's home after running away from the halfway home. Scott rebuffed him and told him that he wasn't welcome in his home. Leave. I asked his father if he could just give him a ride to the nearby bus station the following morning and Scott. Agreed on Wednesday September twenty eighth Levi was supposed to meet with his father to head to the local bus station at seven thirty A M and leave town but Levi had other plans when his father fell asleep. His plan was put into action he broke into his father's gun safe and pulled on a nine millimeter Smith and Wesson and other guns to take with him on his spontaneous journey. He packed it in his bag and decided to look for vehicle to make his getaway. He spotted the red nineteen ninety five dodge Dakota pick-up that belonged to seventy year old Orly. Mccoll Levi initially had no plans to murder, but he was still angry with his father and the only way his mind could compensate for the rejection was to kill he needed that pickup to make his way towards Mexico. And so help anyone who got an his way. Orly? Wade McColl was born on February twenty third nineteen thirty. Five nj Missouri to parents, Chester and Elma McColl. He lived a fairly quiet life until he joined the US army in nineteen fifty six serving for a time and Japan when his enlistment ended he returned to the United States where he would attend the Grantham school of electron IX in Kansas City, Missouri. He was an entrepreneur at heart which led him to opening his own electric shop and then later a restaurant called stakeout restaurant in nineteen Eighty-four. He lived a quiet and very happy. Life and Anderson Missouri until September thirtieth two thousand five orally maintained a great relationship with his former daughter-in-law Laura, Don Burma, cool who simply went by dawn. She was born on July thirteenth nineteen fifty eight and Neo show, Missouri to Troy and Laura bur-. She graduated from Neo show high school in nineteen seventy six she began working for the home offices of corporate conglomerate WalMart in nineteen eighty eight. Eight she enjoyed the position she was in an married. Michael aid McColl on April eighth nineteen seventy seven. They welcomed their son. Matthew McColl a few years later the couple eventually divorced amicably and Don maintained a good relationship with her father in law Orly by helping him around his home orally left on very much and enjoyed her company. It was no surprise that. Don was at his home. That fateful day performing various, housekeeping tasks around the home and eventually going grocery shopping with Orly Matthew McColl, Don son, remembers his mother as a very loving and caring woman. His grandfather was especially supportive of him and all of his endeavors and was there for him when he lost his father on April twenty seventh two thousand five when Mattie received a call around noon on September thirtieth two thousand five from relative stating they couldn't reach orally or done his heart sank, he. Tried not to think of the worst as he reached out to his mother several times that day. Eventually he got in his car and made the drive to his grandfather's home to check on them. When he arrived at the home of his grandfather, Matthew found it to be early quiet after he walked in. He immediately noticed his grandfather's bloody body just inside the front door surrounded by groceries that had been purchased earlier that day shocked and overcome with grief, he yelled first mother. But there was no answer back. He immediately called nine one one to report the grisly scene. He anxiously waited outside of the home until thirties arrived. He told them what they would find inside this sheriff's office, secure the crime scene and collected. Various showcasing set look drastically different than the shell casings. You would normally find whoever shot the gun had access to very rare munition don's body was found at the foot of the stairs. Where she likely attempted to run. Away from the gunman before being riddled with bullets or Lee was attacked upon opening the door for the stranger which likely prompted don's run for her own life Levi king was responsible for the murders. Police wouldn't know that he was a suspect until the police officer who arrived after mentioned that a man by the name of Scott King reported just a day earlier that his son Levi had stolen an array of guns from his home along with some very rare Russian ammunition. They reviewed the report and pictures taken in Scott king's home, and they matched them to the casings found in the McColl home. They now had a suspect. Matthew informed. Detectives that his grandfather's dodge Dakota pick-up was missing along with a gun. He kept in a cabinet for protection. Authorities quickly put out an AP or all points bulletin on the stolen truck Levi. King had already made his second stop on a deadly killing spree while making his getaway. Away in Orleans truck. He took interstate forty two Texas. He found his way onto a dark isolated farm road on highway seventy he found his way onto a darkened isolated farm road on highway seventy the round the six and a half hour road trip. Liam I remember a sense of peace washing over him. The feeling was euphoric and uplifting. When describing this feeling to a forty eight hour special correspondent he kept smug look on his face. You would never think that he would use these words to describe how he brutally murdered two complete strangers in cold blood, the calm. He felt was quickly washing away and the urge to murder returned with a vengeance. He just wanted to feel happy again like he felt the second. He started early truck and drove off leave. I found a rather large in isolated farmhouse with no neighboring homes that could be seen from the roadway. Leave. I consider this to be the perfect hunter. Ground. He pulled into the long gravel driveway and grabbed the AK forty seven. He had stolen from his father's gun say he walked up to the front door and kicked it in Michelle. Conrad who was thirty five years old and five months pregnant woke up from the burst and began to scream for her husband thirty one year old Brian Conrad Levi would also shoot the family dog Molly twice Levi shot at Michelle six times before she finally succumbed to her injuries. The force from the AK forty seven was so strong that it caused the fetus that she was carrying to be expelled from her abdomen. He shot. Brian a total of four times with the final shot landing in his temple ten year old, Robin. Don was startled awake by her mother's screams and crawled onto the floor to peak out the door. That's when she first saw the tall, man. Clad in black carrying a large gun. She was so frightened that she climbed back into her bed and pull. The covers over her pretending to be asleep. He opened the door to Robin's room and shot at her twice the bullets was her head, but she pretended to play dead and didn't even flinch when the second shot came away. She let out a shaky sigh of relief when Levi closed her bedroom door. She heard his heavy footsteps make their way towards her older brother's room fourteen year old sack don'- was shot several times in the abdomen. And let out a painful moan before another shot rang out. Followed by silence leave I was completely satisfied with what he had done. He rummaged through the kitchen to eat before making his way back to the truck. His plan was to head to the Mexican border. He knew that if he could make it to Mexico. They would not extradite him back to the United States Mexico often refuses to extradite US citizens if they will face the death penalty oftentimes United States is forced to take the death penalty off the table before. Mexico will agree to turn. Them over while leave I made the seven hour trip to the bridge of the Americas in El Paso, Texas, Robin, Don was working up the courage to get out of her bed after several hours had passed, and she was certain the man had left. She picked up the cordless phone in the living room and dialed nine one one outside of her home listeners, please be aware that if you are sensitive to content in nine one one calls, you should skip ahead about one minute and forty three seconds. Sheriff's office nine one one. There was a shootout my house. I don't know a lot of in my house. I'm scared. One forty two Holly seventy it's about thirteen point three miles out from the bowling alley. What's your name, Robin doing my parents? Brian conrad. Robin down. Hey, I'll stay with you. I've got the ambulance and the fire department to can't okay? Thank you so much Kim. You don't think any other vehicles are strange people around your home or no? He didn't say car drop off of any kind only you just heard the shots fire and folder watts on since with them. Awesome in and stuff. Okay. Okay. Okay. Right now, it's my point kit. Whoa. I know you are. Hey, right there. Okay. More sirens yet. They're coming. I've got the ammo. I know I know. I see another believe. Ilias? It's going to be there. We okay. Robin dune was approached by policemen who quickly scooped her up and wrapped her in planking police began the long task of collecting evidence and delicately asking Robin the detail she remembered about that morning. Authorities confirm that she was the only survivor and had no idea who would have done such a heinous thing to a seemingly innocent family. A few theories were thrown about like, perhaps the Conrad's were caught in the crosshairs of drug deal, perhaps the dealer selected the wrong house and accidents killed the Conrad's. It didn't make too much sense. But they attempted to address and dispel every theory until one stuck the Conrad family was well liked in the small town of pampa, Texas, Michelle Souder Conrad grew up in grand prairie, Texas but had moved to pampa sometime in her early teens. She graduated from pampa high school and was heavily involved in four h which allowed her to raise. Show various farm animals. She had two children with her ex-husband. Johnny joan. I was actually Ryan down. Born August twenty first nineteen Ninety-one Zach was at leg and thoroughly enjoyed playing baseball running track and shooting his air rifle with his friends. Michelle's Christian faith was strong and her and her family were proud. Members of the Brier would focus church Robin d-o-n was born in nineteen ninety five and musc- apple of her mother's. I she grew to love being raised on a farm with her mother and stepfather Brian Conrad whom are mother married in January of two thousand and three. Michelle is excited to be pregnant with her third child a baby boy who the couple plan to name Michael their lives and futures were taken away that early morning by Levi king it was and remains true today that it was a miracle that Robin made it out of that house alive. Leave I had fine. Only made it to the bridge of the Americas in El Paso, Texas. He pulled up to the stall and declared that he had guns the border patrol agents granted him passage. He was relieved to finally be across the border. Now, he was completely home free or so he thought. Levi entered into see that WADA's Mexico, but promptly made a wrong turn that essentially put him back on the track to the bridge of the Americas. He realized his mistake too late and was forced to pull up to the stall. He informed the agent that he was turned around and would just do a u-turn to get back into Mexico. However, his luck had just run out the plates were run in the database after Levi declared that he had guns in the back. When the truck came back stolen and the suspect possibly being involved in a homicide a day earlier, he was promptly arrested El Paso police began to question Levi about how he gained possession of that vehicle. They had notified, Missouri. Police to inform them that they had Levi in custody misery police quickly got on the road and made their way till Paso. It would only take fifteen minutes for Levi to confess to the murders of orally and on McColl. Relax. This. Avenue fire. He's fun. By the door to see this. Why? Eighteen. I was I was I didn't know what was gonna happen to me obvious. Panicking. I'm going to positives right here. So you can hear a word from our sponsor. Hey, everyone. I just wanted to update you on my progress so far with ritual vitamins, the new year has started off with a bang, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have these vitamins in my life. You know, traditional multivitamins weren't doing women any favors so ritual. 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FC to start your ritual today. That's ritual dot com slash TC. FC? When the misery PD arrived in El Paso. They retrieved him and headed back. Home Levi continued his confession during the car ride and told detectives that he could still smell the blood and gunpowder mixture in the air. And that it was the best feeling he had ever had better than any high a'drug could ever give him. He was charged with the deaths of Orleans. John McCall within the week. But Levi wasn't done dropping bombshells upon the detectives almost a week after the deaths of the Conrad family leave I requested to speak to a detective when the detective approached him leave. I said coolly, you know, there are four more in Texas when probed further about the location, he said, he couldn't remember the name. But recalled seeing large cross before he turned down the road to the Conrad home. The detective, luckily, noon Sackler, what city he was describing pampa evidence retrieved from Orly, McColl stolen truck. Revealed a name tag belonging to Brian Conrad Levi. King was now responsible for the debts of five people. He discovered much later that ten year old Robin dawn had survived the attack Levi king was charged with the murders of the Conrad family. But since he was detained in Missouri. He would have to face the court system there before he could be tried in Texas on April eighteenth, two thousand eight Levi king accepted a plea deal in the deaths of Orleans Don Makul in exchange for pleading guilty Levi was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole a year later Levi would be extradited to Lubbock Texas to face capital murder charges for the debts. Brian Michelle, Michael and Zachary a charge of capital murder in Texas is typically brought forth with the death penalty Levi intrude a plea of guilty on September fourth two thousand nine although the death penalty was on the table Levi with. Likely never be put to death in Texas since he had to serve his time in Missouri for the McColl murders during the sentencing phase his defense team asserted that Levi was BI polar and was in a psychosis during the murders his sister and his other family members attempted to provide mitigating circumstances seating that his poor homelife the death of his brother, Stephen who was shot in the face by a friend by a gun that was given to that friend by Levi's own father after Stephen stuff Levi and other siblings were forced to shoot guns outside their father said just because Stephen was killed with gun. I don't want you to be afraid of guns, admittedly. This was not the proper response to a child who had just lost her sibling prairie Levi's. Eldest sister stated that she was in shock over Levi's crimes, but that their father deserve to be seated next to Levi after all he was primarily responsible for the way his life turned out. The jury deliver. Created for nine hours before concluding that they could not agree on the death penalty due to this. The judge sentenced him to life in prison. Levi was in transported back to Missouri where he was to serve out his life. Sentence Levi king is currently serving his sentence at the eastern reception diagnostic Correctional Center, which is a medium to maximum level. Facility. Levi is in the medium security portion after prison officials determined that he was not a threat to other inmates only to the public at large Levi is given many freedoms in the prison. He spends the majority of his day out of the cell, and is not regulated to typical prison uniform in an interview he gave in two thousand ten to Kristen Gill FU of news ten Missouri Levi stated, quote, there are some people who say I should have been hung on the courthouse lawn. I wouldn't necessarily shun anyone who says this isn't harsh enough. I can't necessarily argue with that. When asked why he chose the McColl or Conrad families Levi shared, quote, it's something that I still can't explain you can read theories sort of understand, I guess a bit of logic and reasoning there's one that really resonates with me. It was an outward way of expressing something. I would rather than to myself or have done to myself, all that pent-up aggression and rage. It all more or less came to the surface. One of the officers on the stand referred to it as being evil. There was his certain amount of that there. I didn't care about them me or any of it Levi king despite his crimes is attempting to help those prisoners who sentences will eventually lead to a release is this all farce or is Levi capable of making positive changes despite his agreed acts of violence against complete strangers. No one will ever know it may take Levi's in. Tire lifetime to determine if he's made any true changes. But will it matter Robin despite the senseless and tragic loss of her family went on to live with her father? She has given various interviews after turning eighteen years old and has expressed eloquently and briefly held the loss of her family has impacted her life. She stayed set. Birthdays are particularly hard for her because she greatly misses her mother stepfather and brother. However, she carries her memory on by sharing her story, the various news outlets. She was featured in a forty eight hour special and a CBS special where she shares her story of survival. Okay, fan club members as I conclude this episode. My one question to you is how will you sleep tonight? Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed the Sepah sewed, please be sure to leave us a positive review on apple podcast or your podcast player of choice. It really does. Help us out. You can find a on most social media platforms Twitter at TC FC pod. Facebook dot com slash t CFC podcast. You can also find us on Instagram t- CFC underscore podcast. And of course, our website is true crime fan club dot com. If you have an episode request citizen, Email T CFC pot at dot com. Music for the show was provided by we talk of dreams who created custom music just for us. Check him out on Twitter at we talk of dreams or we talk of dreams dot com. Content editing an research provided by Brittany Martinez.

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