DNB: Agent Provocateurs, Conflicting Narratives, & Astroturfed Riots (6.1.20)


Welcome to the Dr. Thirty minutes forty five for patrons jam packed with news of the day from a perspective of truth, liberty and justice. This is Monica parades. I'm Brad, basically. There's been so much going on. Since last time we talked this weekend was marked by escalating violence over the George Floyd killing. The riots basically emerged everywhere and buildings burned down. The National Guard has entered. Many cities Atlanta was literally on fire as you were telling me I have to say when I was looking at this stuff. On Friday and I saw them try to gin up some. Aggression in La, it really fizzled out. I feel strongly that this thing was absolutely astroturf. I think we mentioned that the guy is in the guy in black. WHO started the fire? I had speculated on Friday. Why did they want us to see that? He didn't start the fire? He just broke the windows. Other people started the fire. Okay, so, but we saw that we saw conspiracy theories that was not a hidden video that escaped the clutches of the sensors. We were given that and there are so a lot of things that come out of this conspiracy. Theories were meant to understand the cross. Two things have come out of that specific thing one is. that. Trump's talking about how? People have crossed state lines to engage in violence, and that's a federal crime which justifies a federal response. He they also are using these kind of. Hidden videos or stories or claims to say that it's Antifa or organized group. He is threatening to call Antifa a terrorist organization. I would caution people against embracing that because Missouri called Ron Paul supporters, terrorists and San Francisco called. The NRA terrorists got to watch it. Of course, there are always going to demonize an obvious demon, but they extend these these measures beyond that, so there's a lot going on. It seems to me a very orchestrated event. This is lockdown 2.0 and martial law that we anticipated but ahead of schedule and way worse than I thought. It was pretty bad over the weekend. It was definitely ASTROTURF. There was one of the most obviously astroturf things that you've ever seen in your life every protest just about you hear stories from the mayors of the city about how the arrest were people that were all from out of town, and how there were twenty cars, driving around bringing teenagers and young people city to city to destroy like a targeted attack, and it shows social media's power, because these things were organized through twitter and facebook largely. That, there were also counter arguments that the arrest records show that their local, so that's a dialectic because trump wants to use cross-border thing for federalizing I. Think you're right, but I was looking I. Didn't I didn't get a chance to look for it but I was waiting for social media to be the thing that foments this so that it could be cracked down upon hand in hand with what trump is doing with twitter, the fairness doctrine on the right. It also goes with the lockdown scenario. Eventually one that they use. Protests. anti-government protests to crack down on social, media. Yeah I saw the Lennox riots being planned on twitter mid last week. This stuff was all planned on i. mean some of it was offline I'm sure but to get masses of people. To mobilize to specific parts that many people that quickly it was fueled facilitated by social media. Even read a few articles that I found about how social media is used in that way, so while we're suspending twitter accounts for comments and stuff. You Know Sam's account. Trump's getting his tweets flag now. These platforms are being used to facilitate violence in real life in real life violence. So, are you saying that it looks? It looks astroturf grassroots the on Facebook, or is it indivisible because I went to individuals website and they're not saying to go out and protest. They're saying. Call Your senator, so are you saying, do you? Are you seeing? Just. Because I think people are really going out and doing I think that it is taking far. Think real a lot of times. I think there were all agents provocateur. They've really added the people to want to go out and do this. Probably because I disagree with up. Oh! You don't think any almost. Everyone almost everyone was part of an ASTROTURF group A. Resistance type grew area I think there were some natural protesters. I'm not saying they're not, but I think if you subtract all of these groups that were put in these specific locations I watched this footage. I'll watch the CNN the clearly stage, CNN, where they had the camera from inside of CNN. And then you see the police officers lined up on the inside, and then there's just mobs of people on the outside and bizarre thing about is every single person has a camera. It's like a hundred cameras filming everything in filming each other. This was clearly staged and Organiz to me and put into this space. Yes, there was natural ones out there, but remove all those those astroturf protesters. fizzles out, and we hardly even hear about really. Wow, 'cause normally I'm on the other side of that from you that you're the only says. Oh, they've the people got triggered. Triggered and it spreads because. What they're trying to do. Definitely, yeah, no, I you, but few people told me that they knew folks were out there, joining the the mayhem, but that's just purely anecdotal and like you said it could just be a few, but I thought of you because this is clearly a propaganda of the deed as as exactly what it is propaganda, but it's just it's not just blasting from your screens. A lot is blasting from screens, but it looks and feels three dimensional, and it has if you just take a step back from it for a second. Take out some of the stuff I want to get into about where it's going for policing and the agenda items that specifically the racial stuff and the police stuff have. If you take a step back, it's it's serving the exact same purpose as the covert thing in the financial world, so I'm still hundred percent convinced that the primary goal of the Corona Virus Plan DEMOC which I hate to use that word because the dumb documentary ticket over, but. That That the pandemic was. Carried out fostered whatever propagandized. So that the the financial collapse that was results of two thousand eight can-kicking. Would not. It would look like it wasn't the fault of the people whose fault it was, so they want more bail out. They want the ten trillion dollars. They don't want to own that. It was their bad policies. They're just maintaining hierarchy for their friends for themselves paradigm that really could just go away. And then I see, and that was what the plan was for, but then I see this and I was trying to puzzle through why they keep talking about brand names and target target said they're closing down. Almost two hundred stores and I thought well. They closed down the economy for Covid, and then they said Oh the economy's busted. We've got a ballot out now. Target is closing down its own stores because riots and they're going to say Oh, our business was fine until it's. We need a ballot and I think Tara. Somebody tweeted at me. Target is heavily indebted and target someone who took a stand against North Carolina. In favor of the transgender bathrooms and I just remember thinking are target shoppers. Do you want to alienate some of your shoppers? Why take that political stand? Why weights that? and. This is why I hate stakeholder interests why I hate government bailouts, because now target will is a political tool, was a political tool and will be saved and the other guys. The little guys competitor is not that there are too many left in. That realm will not get the ballot, but they get to blame the riots all over, and this is why it had to spread to other countries because they need the bailout, too. So this is this is face to I. think that the covert thing was kind of losing steam, and now they've got locked down two point zero. It's even worse than the first one. Thing will come back to, but yes, it is is completely just been forgotten. How almost completely wall coverage nothing, but Cova then all of a sudden this happens in. Nobody's talking about condemning people for not social distancing anymore. Yes, you pointed that out and I agree with you. The covert thing is going to come back. Absolutely, they have their own agenda items, but. This gave it the little boost. It needed in the Western world of the Northern Hemisphere because they did move south as expected, but they the this is one thing that I just. There's really no good explanation for it. If this was a grassroots thing so I saw the little crappy one. fizzle out on when I was looking at what was happening in L.. A. Because, there's only a few places in the beginning and. and. I it was small, and people were not distancing. They were not wearing masks. I remember the footage of the drager all alone on a beach and cops coming from. From the land to get to this jogger to tackle him and drag him because he wasn't wearing a mask I, mean he? You couldn't even see anyone from the aerial view for. Many many many many feet. They were literally nipping people in the bud for the tiny breath of fresh air. They took. How could this thing have escalated to the point where it's? Fires everywhere and I just don't believe in spontaneity anymore. Without actual deprivation because of how this lockdown where people should have been out on the streets, but they were paid off that money still coming. I also think that this is a lesson to anyone who might stand in the way of the permanent. You Bi the permanent universal basic income I saw many people probably well-meaning say this is nothing compared to what will happen if. If we take those people six hundred bucks a week away so so now you have this threat. Yeah, you mentioned overseas protests that to me is just more evidence that this is provocateur. Because you have these groups. He's resistance groups, and you have a branch set up in London. You send them to the US embassy. You have it set up wherever you to. The America is one of the least racist countries there is so. Yeah and for all these other countries to be acting like they're just shocked and appalled. especially dictators countries with dictators. You'd say it's much. I was reading the. Right I was reading the Tim. Cook Letter. Did you see that Apple Guy wrote a letter and he was talking about all the injustices and. Disparity and treatments and outcomes are were however he phrased it and I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking yes, there. There is a systemic problem, but it is I think it's it's these policies. It's affirmative action. It's crappy schools. Public schools is the common core. It's pushing people through. It's not having any real standards that they're giving people preference because of their color, or whether they're gonNA. Get a government, job or welfare, check or whatever so all the things that really keep people from. From self actualized. Are targeted, but their policy targeted at minority communities, but their policies. The policies I think are having this bad effect, but I had to, I had to just read one quote from the Tim Cook thing if you wouldn't mind one-sentence Yoga. A says to our colleagues in the black community. We see you you matter your lives. Matter and you are valued here at Apple, so I just thought to myself. As condescending to me, yeah, and I wonder what yes, like. It's toilet like a foreign emissary destroying welcome in. person to speak English, or whatever so but I was like okay, so how how? How big is the? How big a percentage of apple employees are black so I saw in wired magazine. I never heard this even as being a controversy, but I just googled it and twenty, one thousand nine wired magazine wrote an article that said a for all the. bla-bla-bla, six percent of their tech workforce's black and thirteen percent of the general population black so. To our colleagues, you're valued here at Apple. Whereas if that's how he thinks if he thinks you have to think in collective terms. If you think you have to think in terms of groups of people by color, then let him then let him do it. Wouldn't hold my breath for that. I want to go back to what you're saying about. Target that some thoughts on that as well that to me is a symbol taking down now they might be doing what you're saying is well. Taking advantage of this whole thing is provocateur at every single one of these? This was a mate for camera made for Internet and TV riot nationwide. This was designed. Designed to be recorded and broadcast I bet going out on the streets. It is not going to seem as crazy. It will always crazy if things are on fire, but they were convincing people in areas where they could capture it on film well lit at the C. N. N. Center which CNN I'm sure loved that they act like they were. The CNN loves playing the victim they. Love Plan. A, why would they attack? See at Andt? People don't like CNN. Hates CNN. Also hates CNN all of these groups on all sides. You just don't like CNN, but CNN knows that, and that benefits them because it causes people to watch them more, and it gets attention to them the whole the whole freaking protests was center with a CNN sign right in the middle of it in Atlanta back to target target. They kept focusing on target and a couple of other big box stores and places like Phipps Plaza and Lenox. Talk to the people who are doing it and they're making comments about who cares. They're part of the corporate capitalist. There we don't need them. It doesn't matter debt. Take them down. So that was symbolic of down with. Capitalism the proletariat tearing down capitalism and trying to start with revolution. This is a communist symbol. In my opinion, the way it was broadcast and the commentary we got from the people who were involved. In that fits the ANTIFA narrative, and the shutdown, and t like trump was saying, and we'll continue talking about this right after this word from our sponsor. 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Highly recommend, and maybe give them support. Shout out, share it. That would be cool our friend. Jj Boogie did the score. So that's GonNa be awesome, so if you like our our score, you'll like they're definitely so go ahead. So, what were you saying? What was I saying, but we were talking about target is. Of capitalism versus communism, there's a theme throughout that within Thika with I feel these big box stores, being targeted and getting folks of the media attention and the way the people that were writing were commenting on it, and then we have China's still trump's tweet and stuff about China making comments about China all the time. It's really escalating their mocking us about the way we're handling the protests. There's a lot going on right now. It's all provocateur bricks. Being sat near courthouses across the country. I watched videos of that I. It okay because I didn't verify and other people were saying it wasn't and there's a lot of that back and forth like no no I'll watch the videos of it. Construction, seen maybe the person who was filming it. He says he lives Aaron and he'd ever seen that there before. Have you saw it? What I saw a lot of. Online and off couple things online. This was an interesting. This was the new hybrid type of protesting writing. Not saying they're the same. In fact, the protesters, a genuine protesters who were coming out to make a statement about what happened with George Floyd. They got drowned out. They got drowned out. They got screwed over these other people who got all the attention to the writing the terrible things tearing this country apart. Really if this continues but. Just lost me freaking train of thought I had something to protesters getting out. Genuine protesters are online, offline, hybrid, protest and riots, so we had people can come out online. You organize it online. We'll tell you where to go. We'll tell you what to do. Here's your sign. Here's your bottle of too much information, but they're throwing. Bottles suffer people. I heard one reporter. Call it gatorade yellow. GATORADE. It's not yellow gatorade. And that's all people smacking windows and breaking them with what looked like tube socks with quarters. These were techniques that were all straight out of these simple sabotage, manual and straight OUTTA. These violence manuals it. ANTIFA and others have on their websites, but if you can't go and person do it, then you can attack people who descend online, and we saw an intolerance, online and offline. Really I've never seen before we. We knew that people are intolerant when they're worked up in this emotional state, but there was somebody that I know who create a post on facebook, and he's actually taken it down now. Because so much horrible things that people said to him in response where he was commenting on the criminal complaint that was filed against Derek Chauvel, the police officer seen with his knee on George voice neck in the video. Citing the preliminary findings by the medical examiner, the complaint says that the autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. It went on to say that floyd under underlying health conditions, including coronary artery, disease and hypertensive heart, disease and visit concluded by saying that the combined effects of Mr Floyd being restrained by the police has underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his. His system likely contributed to his death, basically a bunch of information that's going to muddy the waters. Just like we talked about this going to set this thing up. People are demanding first degree murder charges. That standard will not be met. If they demand first degree murder charges and try to get it will fail. He will get off and there will be chaos. Did we see the body, Cam. Cam that Don Lemon said CNN was reviewing yet I haven't seen anybody I. Don't think so. No, I. Don't think we've seen that. Just Don lemon gets access to that, so this guy I know he goes on, and he posey asked a few questions. What will the cost be responsible for if this happens? They said this a medical examiner. So will they be held responsible? How does this change things? Things he's simply questioned. What will happen the same questions? Legal questions will be asked when this is argued and he got smeared as a racist. He has smeared as a horrible person. He got attacked by over one hundred comments thread by dozens of people were going after him because he dared to question that this might not, they might not be fully responsible according to the court and some Iowa's. Far! was he out there on facebook making those comments? Do you think I think that he's a curious guy? He's type of guy that question I mean. You're soliciting other people. I think that he probably generally wanted. This is I. Don't think he was. This is not a guy. He was trying to my experience I would because I have so much experience. I would never do that without expecting to be completely free. Bardy, but he was just thought it was interesting because he was. Yes, that's how I would characterize. I knew when I saw that that. was going to get I. Don't know that he knew that I don't think that he did. One of my other friends. Who is a liberal? who was Bernie supporter. But he was always been open, minded and a great person to talk about politics with. Him because he's respectful, he's never been over the top. He's never been rude and he listens arguments, and it affects them, so he. He's a great person who's a type. He's kind of prototype of what you want. When you're discussing politics, and so everyone is attacking the original poster for asking these questions, and this other Guy Bernie supporter. He leaves the comment defending. Defending the original poster and he pointed out in his defense that the guy, the guy who originally made the post was not defending the cops or anything like that that he was just asking questions. Legitimate questions that are going to be asked to. That's a basic overview of what his first comment said. And then this digital mob turned their attention to him. They turned their attention to this guy. This guy who was Bernie Spitzer or is a liberal. It was simply asking questions. Say Hey, back off this guy. He's not defending him. You guys are accusing him being the worst person in the world. They turned their attention to him. He had given all of these people performance opportunities that they otherwise would have not had yet in an instance. They mob mentality ganged up on him, said the same things that they're hearing repeated. Do you think that all the protests and stuff that there's just nobody out there? People are just strictly cordoned off I. Don't think there's nobody out there I. Think it's Qu- do things a lot of his coordinator. I think there are definitely people out there. That believed in the protests. I think they mostly got drowned out I don't. Don't think they are who we saw in the cameras i. think that what we saw in the cameras in the majority of the people were brought in. I think the other people because it's a lot easier to get people to do something from home that it is to get them to come out unless you're paying them or giving them some of their incentive I think the majority of the people that were naturally pissed off are upset were repeating what they said home and attacking people in this online. They weren't getting off the couch. That's what I think. Some of them. I've got a few kind of. Hits I want to get to. One is this is the future by the way I. If we're not careful that we talk about social media. This is a weapon. This is social media as a weapon, not a tweet that SAM. Tripoli put out or tweet trump put out using social media organized attacking people online and I mean attempting to ruin their reputation of good people that is, that's a weapon. Also yeah, I can I think that it's been clear for awhile that they're. They're moving the public square to the highly curated. Social Media Sphere. They insist that these are private platforms so that they do have the right to censor, and then with what with what trump is doing. It makes it even clearer that government action is creating these mega gop. Where they are actually now have a fiduciary duty to censor anything that they find to be offensive or whatever they can use their own judgement, and it's now coming out what I was talking about last week that the executive order will keep any startup from being able to emerge I. mean this is a direct attack on Gab and bitchy and what they're gonNA do is I. They coordinate off. So that, you kind of vent this relief in the simulation, which is the virtual world? It's just the simulation. You're not GONNA get anywhere. It doesn't count because it's so called private, and then they've actually eliminated the first amendment. We can't go out on. That's what is really suspicious about these protests that we're not allowed to protest the lockdown. A lot of people are dying because of the lockdown. Real people everybody cross the board every, and even they said people of color are even worse affected. There certainly were affected by the economic shutdown and the dependency. That's going to rush that too so. It's clearly a I mean the plan of of what they've been wanting to use social media for. All those people in that chain attacking him by the way we're white people. None of them were black. It was just like when you see the videos of people. A white woman spray painting black lives matter on the side of a starbucks. There was a video of a black woman going up to her. Saying don't do that. We didn't ask you to do that. Why did you do that? They're going to think that we did that. Please don't do that. And she turned round and well. Another black person told me I saw a lot of that going on white people doing things as though they're representing all black people and making. Person told her to do. That's what she said. Yes, maybe there are agents provocateur out there I'm sure. There's a lot of conflicting narratives with proves videos that are, it's so obvious. That's what's weird about is how the stack of bricks narrative? Yeah, yes. That's what I said last week. I said. Why did they show us this guy with the black umbrella? Did they show us that that is not what they showed us after Parkland. They showed it to us for a reason other video of him. was another video of that guy the date? The Guy who took it says he took it the day before that happened. I can't verify that that's what he says, but the video is of him, and he's holding umbrella in front of his face, so people can't see his face wise walking, but he's walking next to the guy in the pink shirt. Who looked like he was trying to stop him in the video that had the pizza s so they were walking together and if it's true that it was the day before. Dry Run. What are they doing like what's going on? Yeah! Yeah, it's weird. Somebody from a distance, he said I noticed this when I was looking back in my footage. Here's the. It's all just a big PSI ops crazy. It's Asya within a sigh up within ASYA. I mean literally is because it's got the whatever really happened with George, Floyd like you're kind of ground zero, Siodmak show. His wife is among. An. It's a it's an Asian kind of subculture like the basket to Spanish. The Hmong aware they from are they from Vietnam I can't remember, but there's pockets of these communities, so he's got a very ethnic wife. The show Van guy he's had previous. Which I knew would come up like just time. Limited search showed me these articles, and as soon as I started tweeting and people like Oh. Yeah like this. So there's that whole on the ground side. We haven't seen the body CAM footage yet. And then you have on top of that. You have the protests the riots. You have people saying that it's. So so the riots themselves are like the next level of the cy up, and then on top of that. Is this idea that they're anarchists? They're not. They're not us. Their ages provocateur or they're misrepresenting what the process really about, and that's kind of the third. Cya when there. There's probably more but the reactions. Are Significant I think that. One thing seemed clear to me as they've been trying. Do you want to finish that and then I'll get some stuff after he read. Is that yeah, okay, so I didn't want to change subjects if if you wanted to comment on that, because it really is like layer upon layer, and I think each layer serves a purpose so the biggest thing though the anarchist antifa thing. A can. It. On the one hand you, obviously, it's going to distance black lives matters from actual rioting so that they can preserve that entity that they worked so hard to build up, but it gives trump this excuse to go in. Because it's a terrorist organization, he's GonNa try to label it that and they cross state lines, so that actually legally justifies federal action, and I said I think they're gonNA. Want to nationalize, please or or start a department of Education like entity at the top called the Department of law enforcement, which, although it doesn't directly control them it model somebody I have. A Lotta stuff that Obama said. That kind of leads to that I'll get to after the break, but. The, the National Security Adviser O'Brien said on Fox. We are not yet federalizing the national. Guard, but we have a lot of military assets. We can deploy if need be, but to say yet or at this time is a very pregnant thing to say and congressman. It's so funny like the counterpoint was from this congressman. Walters of real military guy saying you have to have the National Guard. Be Local you. Have people care about the community? Community, who can make that argument to the people that they're cracking down on who have some accountability? Who have the right to arrest because if it's a national thing, then Posse Comitatus I. Guess is what you're talking about. Don't have the right to arrest. He said, but what they need to be doing is really cracking down. They really needs to be cracking heads, or whatever so, and that's another thing that trump is saying. He's saying hey, man. I'll give you your chance to crack down. Just like you said. I'll give chance to open up the churches. I'll give you a chance to voluntarily. Comply with what I'm you to do, but if you don't do it, I am going to use my federal authority to come down on you and I think what Obama's Obama's comments also kind of parallel what I saw in trump's executive order about how they get the locals to do what they want at the top without running afoul of the constitution to the extent. They can't just flagrantly run afoul of I. Don't Know Yeah. That's interesting that this is similar weather. ANTIFA works. Works as well as indivisible and other groups, they force local branches to lock in and to be accepted after a vetting process, and then they tell people it's just a loosely held together organization when it's not loosely held together. It's controlled and there's a vetting process. It is interesting with the ANTIFA stuff for a lot of reasons, but it folds in with China. They're the communist representative over there. They preach communism. China's communism goes hand in hand banning ANTIFA. Maybe ANTIFA members. They don't like China I. Don't know, but the themes. The symbols of it are all pointing to this conflict with China that we keep hearing about. You guys can find your drive time these last every weekday afternoons, four dot, com or your favorite podcast platform with propaganda report podcast feed. You want access extra content that we drop every day that we do a drive time newsflash and go to Patriot dot com slash propaganda report and become a patron. 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