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Hello and welcome to on mike with jordan rich. This is a podcast about people artistic people creative people who have something to say and something to give back before we get too so far along. Let me tell you how we can keep in touch. You can email me jordan at chart productions dot com on twitter. The handle is at jordan w._b._z. Eh and our facebook page is simply titled. Jordan rich show certainly a lot of opportunity to stay connected and i invite you to do just that. There's nothing trivial about today's guest. Wait just a second everything about him is trivia based or better said his ability to know things trivial. No mere immortal can compete with him. He's my longtime friend. Morgan white junior who's been entertaining people on radio and television at private and public events for over thirty years. Morgan's followers are called trivia tes. He's worked all over the place including las vegas and he's good fans all over the country morgan's the author of the book talking trivia and on radio beholds court on my favorite a._m. Station w._b._z. in boston you can catch him late night weekends so if you want to know let's say which artist painted a mustache and goatee on the mona lisa <hes> by the way marcel duchamp. Everybody knows that or what the capital of australia is can barra or which is the most popular drink in the world. It doesn't get any alcohol coffee. I would have chosen saar x. or bosco chocolate milk but anyway if you want the answers to these kind of questions or any questions that have bug view. There's only one man on planet earth my guests morgan white junior who has the answers. Hello friends and welcome my guest. Today is frequently behind the microphone. He heard regularly on w._b._z. Across thirty eight states and parts of canada and parts of canada we forget and he's he's the one and only and i mean one and only morgan white junior a longtime friend. Hello there hello jordan. How're you doing last time. We did anything behind the mic. I was with you in your studio. Oh yes several times yes. It was <hes> five six weeks ago. <hes> and i'm gonna nail down a date. We really tried next week. I'm not going to say time but we already tried for next week right which wasn't doable but the week after that of the week after that. I want you back. I will endeavour to be there and why don't can you describe the show as it is now. It's certainly an evolution of what you've been doing for decades on the radio. But how do you describe the morgan white show. I've been doing the same type <unk> of show since october of nineteen eighty. I hope to get a recognizable name. Local celebrity national national celebrity. I've got guli pegged to be on in two weeks. He's the me tv feet. If you remember fee yes yes i do. He does those godawful monster movies of the sixties and he's become a cult classic and we haven't had a coke classic like that sense of ira. Yes and that's just one of many guests who float in and out of the program. We'll talk about that but as i said in the introduction your claim came to fame is having an amazing recall in being the quotation fingers already had king of trivia. You are the undisputed king while thank you not recused confused with male simon's who's the king of nostalgia no difference right between astrology and trivia. Yes huge difference and to prove that i i take it a step further out of the box. We have not rehearsed this pickle letter. Okay <hes> k. Pick a second letter r. k. r. she was in the graduate. Catherine rot bingo home ads still gonna keith richards you another case thought in my mind works at its own definition of speed. I eliminated three or four be challenging to you yet and that took a second second of airtime well. What's interesting about the work you do and you do clubs and we'll talk about your life shows is that it's just as difficult i think to come up with questions actions as it is answers in my right yes and fern example. I had someone give me the name which when i point to someone and say pick a subject they freeze most people know the name and the woman's name was holly. I had to come up with at least twelve holly. I did all holly <hes> twelve <unk> holly questions because as you know you see me in my club show format i group or individual to get three right wins the t shirt the hat whatever i'm giving away <hes> coming up with a dozen holly questions imam to and i don't use the net no looking at i know book no computer nothing think tied in my head i can absolutely attest to the fact that this man does it all from that cranium is there is no computers not moving to the gray hair under the gray haired under the cap. There's no google in your life. No my friend know so. Let's go back and examine where this all starts for morgan white junior in terms of your abilities and your love of this stuff a number of people over the use of said the same question to me and this example comes shining through all the time time back in the day of tv regular format you had your thirty nine episodes and then there was either replacement show or repeats repeats of the first thirty nine episodes until they came up to the new t._v. Season and we third grade fourth grade fifth grade it will go into the school yard before school <hes> and talk about what we saw last night <hes> the beverly hillbillies. We're laughing at some of the jokes elliott. Get rid of samir critters well what critters your aunts granny. I don't have any answer your aunt pearl get rid of her and that was as a sort of thing entertained me in the third grade and it still does and the t._v. Show my favorite martian all us would glued to that was i by the way ray walston bill bixby pamela britton and we talked about that the next thing school school yet like we were t._v. Critics we weren't but that's our compensation ran and i would remember now. You're in the school yard. April may june april may whatever they were showing her my favorite martian they had shown at the beginning of the t._v. t._v. Season so second third episode of the season now that they hit thirty nine they repeated them and i remembered almost most line for line what the dialogue was between ray walston and bill bixby so there's there's something about your memory. What would you call a didactic. It could be okay that separates you from mere mortals so in the school yard the kids are all talking about about the episode right difference between you and the rest of them is you remembered and i'm almost as good as shelly on the big bang theory when it comes the memory almost as good as sheldon. Do you have to practice this does in other words is yes brain l._s._d. City we hear about the more you use it the better it gets bats but it's been that way for you your red light. There's a car in front of you and its license plate depending on what year that plate was issued three digits the jets three letters usually sometimes it's four digits two letters and i take the two letters with the game that we did for chaotic katharine ross and that keeps me focused and there are times when i'll say license plate and it will give me two letters that will come up later on that night. <hes> doing trivia well to me. It seems that in order to do this so well. You have to have a vast frame of reference morgan. It's not just characters on t._v. Our it goes all through any stop along the pop culture train and can be names from world in order to it could be names from old time radio. It could be names from boston politics going way back and yeah tv characters in the movie characters the question i always have in the challenge must be would the explosion of pop culture sure on so many levels yeah today i mean you can't keep up with everything. I don't think any computer could keep up with everything but you have to pick and choose what you focus on. Uh you would ask a tough question. I do you know a real people to answer on word. Yes i have to pick and choose yes but my fear of what do i choose is wider than most people's fear of what they like. <hes> phony wanna grandpa and tell people all the time when i started doing this those no tom brady when i started doing this. There was no no big bang theory so the things that have come along since i began doing this. I've made room for the five. Subjects are music movies sports t._v. In general information those are the subjects of trivia and i've had to expand what the people want in in many many broadcasts over the years i would i would have quizzes and games and so forth as as you do and it would always tickle me when someone would call up out of the blue and ask a question that no one would ever know at all ever because the information was never public blick about some obscure factoid. There is a rule there is a dividing line isn't there between what is real trivia and what is absolutely just the inner school nonsense the oh yeah the oiero okay if somebody says pick pick any t._v. Show all right. Let's go back to the sixties. The wild wild west fine if somebody said what was the full name of michael dunn's reoccurring character may i because it's one show off go ahead dr miguelito loveless full name all these e got me. He got me. I do not know the full name middle name quixote. Oh see see that's donald michael. Ito quixote loveless tilting the old windmill there whether you're and that's the point there so many facts out there about everything are used the name gene l coon who produced both the wild wild west and star trek trek and because of him the middle name of james t west and james t kirk is the same tiberius very good interesting and that's how that became a common denominator between two unrelated chose nothing else that connected the wild wild west to star trek. You know there's wikileaks wikileaks this wikipedia and wikileaks and all kinds of sources online and information available at one's fingertips. I give you credit for holding off and just doing it naturally and having fun with it as you have and i can go off aren't aren't anything as you said doing it. Naturally <unk> law gotta gu's act naturally cannot shut off <hes> and and the only time and this imprint somewhere in an interview i did heaven knows when i'm in vegas. I mean i've even i'm doing trivia in vegas with big galvez. I can turn my mind off and not let instantaneous subject. Come off of something else or dovetail from something else. In why do you think that is. I have no idea pry bright lights the beautiful girls what would kurbanov. Let's get back to doing radio because yes in your the trivia master and that's a big part of what you do but you're also been a radio host for thirty odd years thirty to forty thousand forty as i have experiences we we all have them particularly working late night where the lines while are wide open to anybody correct. You have a certain memories that stand out what is specific moments that are highlights or lowlights. I was supposed to interview bob clampett. I i like the entire cast of characters that are involved with animation directors voice performance like you and i share the same poster in in your office these speechless poster of mel blanc and bob clampett produced b-e-n-s-o-n a lot of other single khartoum's uh-huh. This has happened to me the two or three guards. He died the night before oh. That's a shame could've gotten one more day out of never would have been nice. Kurt gowdy died the night before i was going to have yeah. I don't know if i want to be on your show anytime soon. The odds are in your favor because it's totally happen to three times and i have had faouzi know who's the theory is. If you miss second one on worked in reverse i had him on sunday and he died on monday. A wrestler named richard burn. Okay okay wow i i had that happened to me once with <hes> if i told you this he was <hes> one of the stars of combat rick barry rick case jason jason rick jason. Thank you rick perry repairing short on the hand basketball. I called him on a sunday to book for the following saturday. He had a book or something and he was is all excited and then the next day he sadly committed suicide when i was it something i said i hope not but let's not get mired wire down in in the macabre but you've also been as as any broadcaster you've been on the air when certain events world shaking events definitely i've i've been on the air. This one stands out when i'll give it to <hes> one when flight triple seven passenger airline was shot down by a korean <unk>. Yes nearly and the other when j._f._k. Juniors plane crashed. I've got an interesting story tails off that beasley used to be all under one big umbrella t._v. side and the radioside everybody who's doing the best they could get all the information as fast as it was available and t._v. Had ordered pizzas. They had twelve pizzas since two thousand twelve. I remember this number. We in radio didn't have one now remember when i used to bring in food mr white from the navy official caterer are the late nights. M._t._v. people constantly came down himself soldiers so i figured what's one less pizza for tv. Took took it down to our section of the world and within two minutes. Somebody came down. Did you take a painter. I said yeah orion doing the same job or if it could bring it back. Could you bring it back for just t._v. And i said when i brought food for radio overnights alania tv people come on down. I don't mind well. We're all working hard and we're not well that that reminds us that over the years this idea idea of t._v. Overtaking radio and being the big brother to the little sister <hes> the the research doesn't bear that out in fact radio still oh commands as much respect if not more from the audience so i'm with you one hundred percent. I remember those days. I've fed those people a lot too so they should've treated you better well and and i brought there might have been six. People on duty wanted to news people and we're only six people. They had two or three times that but what are you gonna do well. That's a that's a good story though we're all covering the same story let's come back to the show though in some of the guests you've had you've had a lot of celebrities over the years who stands out. That's a tough question because you've had snow. The first person i ever had dawes butler voice on par with mel blanc did hundred divorces malbranque and does butler more wanting to for animated voices and blank had a bigger p._r. Machines for himself. So who does who is he had people like yogi bear old rocker buried a lot of hand as mel blanc worked for wanna brothers worked for hanna barbera and the motley astro astro astro astro <unk>. Forgive me you're forgiven. Yes i've blown three or four questions already as as him in the presence of royalty here so does butler was your i guess and he was supposed to stay for an hour. He stayed for three. He and i hit it off so well. I normally out to people off air. During a commercial have the producer nusa ask the person if they wanna say another package of time twenty minutes half hour. Whatever the case may be. I was young and new and i asked him on air. He said morgan no problem. I remember many conversations you had with one of the living legends of animation that's june for a i love that woman and she almost made it to one hundred years old and she loved coming on. She loved coming on. She and i became friends. We had lunch together once. Bill scott june foray in me at the stockyard. I'm with rocky or winco valhalla. Does you better than that doesn't get any better and i'm gonna tell you a quick story. June lost a lot of possessions during one of the major earthquakes out there and she was she called me choose all upset because her mother's dishes were destroyed. My ex wife at the time had an antiques speaks store and we we were still friends communicating. She sent antique dishes out to june for rain. Wow jim was beside thirty self thanking me. She's a beautiful lady. What what a sweetheart and what a talent yeah and over the years to you've you've had so many iconic tv t._v. and movie actors and people that we grew up with yes and i say we i'm saying anybody over the age of thirty five or forty. You and i are near the same age older older than you but you and i are close enough it the ones i had you would remember in brady bunch. I had <hes> robert reid and a couple couple of kids <hes> david mccallum dave mccallum. He tried to have him on yearly. We remember him as alia but he's got great. Popularity clarity now on n._c._i._s. says <hes> doctor doctor mallard. We'll be right back with today's guests in a moment. This podcast is produced chart productions with technical legal assistance from dan tibo of fast twitch media now. If you're interested in developing your own podcast whether for business or fun please get in touch. We're now actively producing using a whole bunch of great shows and with our decades of broadcast experience we can help you every step of the way produce and push up to the cloud podcast. You can be proud of visit. Charged productions dot com c. h. A. r. t. productions dot com and get in touch if we can be of help now back to today's episode. No it's interesting when we had our our youth our heyday. It was the era of three or four channels. Maybe at the most direct and you had to wait for a movie to to show again on t._v. And a rerun or you you you saw the movies and you had to hope that it would come back somewhere on t._v. In three precisely so no different from today now that same movie you can take remote control. Tell it you wanna see paint your wagon and boom place paint your wagon with lee marvin clint eastwood right. Is there a particular you know recently and as we tape this podcast as we recorded the jeopardy champion was was to finally defeated james james h wondering everyone has an achilles heel. Do you have one. You'd say if anyone's going to get me. It's going to be in that area. I'll pick jeopardy subject. Okay green chinese pottery. They want students subject called read reach. I needs pottery so i'm pretty good at almost everything else and i pride myself on being able to come up with a trivia question. Turn on any subject somebody have. Somebody has picking picking. Excuse me picked <hes> trying to think of a weird amalgamation mation of subjects that i have heard and they pick for an example british tv. I'm very good on british t._v. But they picked the super marination chose supercar fireball x._l. Five space nineteen ninety nine with one of your former guest martin landau and barbara bain and they asked about an obscure early sixties super marination question and the question was who was the enemy on stingray and i said dad wasn't it triton and they said no it was titan. Oh and i was so shamed question. Oh man and i will certainly give you a pass here this podcast. What's the classic one that everybody says hey. Here's the greatest trivia question of all time. Is it the first name of the skipper on gilligan skippers for its name also <hes> <hes> what does chemo savvy meaning i well. Let's take the skipper. I what is his full name jonas grumpy jonas grubby okay. That's something i wanted to ask for a cement. It's very good seed sounds like popeye character. Jonas crumby and and kema sabi faithful friend okay very good. Did you ever interview clayton more yes. I i'm not surprised interview clayton moore. I interviewed him when he was going through that can wear a mask. You can't wear masks my own the mass and i'll wear the dark glasses and then a weather dark liars remember that so well. Oh oh my goodness another aspect of what you do. Is that a generally speaking because you're such trivia guy. You'll do a quiz when you're on the air almost every time and and folks. I'm holding in my hand a white notepad here white line paper. Yes <laughter> sift and you know i take notes. I throw them away. You take notes during the day no computer you right up fifty questions right yes i do. I assistant credible. Do you save those afterwards. They're all saved. Usually nancy types them up for me. Nancy copy your better half correct. Yes so that copy can bring to the radio station. Just check him offers. I i asked him and i think i have most of them and the best of those games. I put into a book the last book i wrote call talking trivia. It's interesting. I there was an a documentary about joan rivers many ten years ago. She had a filing filing system for jokes on notecards not unlike bob hope yeah and i kept thinking. I wonder if more gonna has saved all this stuff and has a collection of course nancy knows knows how to actually use a computer and an her computer okay so if i said if you can go back and find me he <hes> state capital game i wrote a question and every answer was based on one of the state capitals and i try to make them fun so if i say red stick. Is there a state capital that comes to mind but red stick red stick. What state capital do you think of admiral back doc on the nose. Okay see no what's great about this. It's not just useless information by any stretch it stuff that we all wanna know or right want to know more about state capitals. We learn them in fourth grade. Yeah that's and that's a good way to remember a state capital. I'll give you two more okay administering in a string to a boil administering to a boil in this state capital. It's a state capital. Pay attention to the suffix administering ministering to immoral. Yes would have an i. N. g. in the iraq and i can't for the life of me think of what it is <hes>. I'm only in new england augusta providence lansing michigan lansing michigan of course of course and this one is upon one hundred percent roderick robert hair <hes> not hair albany all bunny all see me you're talking to the worst punched her on the planet who is vilified for his bad pun. So i'm with you all the way all bunny loving well fifty those yeah and that's the kind of thing you do during the day tomorrow john that's show prep that show prep and you know a lot about show prep because the work you put into your shows when you had them and now when you do book reports or the connoisseurs corner. I know you have a lot of show prep reputation for those shows. It's it's better pri- to. I've seen you in action on the air but i actually seen you in action at charity events and and social gathering we i wanted to together we have and morgan is is so real. You just show up. You've got the hat with the big leather cowboy hat. You basically say okay okay here. I am bring it on. Let's have some fun and people absolutely love it. You've got a web site. Did you know that i'm sorry you actually. I have two of them. Okay morgan white junior dot com <hes> which is the website people that listen to visi use to get in touch with me or hire me and my other one is morgan white junior at g mail. Dot com like that is is what we call an email address. Okay that's okay. I'm just giving you a. That's my trivia okay email address. I've learned something not not that it matters to you that much. I just wanted to say how much fun it is to be your friend and how we've had so many laughs over the appreciate it and one thing i will say enclosing and you can get the last word if you want. I've never met a more generous colleague and i mean it this way. When i would take a vacation or take time off and you were the main fillon guy you would always ask me. Is it okay if i booked this person. I don't want to write over exactly as professional current san and i because i i i would think that everyone would do that but you stand out as a person has always been exemplary in that area so i just want to say thanks and i want to say thanks to oh you now why then girlfriend giving me a name but what i do and tell everybody what roberta came up with you. Tell them go ahead. I can't remember. I was hoping you would tell us. I remember most of what. She says. She say it had to do with trivia ed to do with today. Contemporary communication is something like that. It's been four years and i brought it up every melbourne now. Let me let me turn my my brain on but it was the perfect description and begins with i it leonard begins the letter i interesting knowledge <hes> no improving improving your mind up and here we are. We've done a whole however long half hour yes we have and we end on a subject that we both should remember remember when you brought her to one of my show i did. I brought roberta to one of your show. She loves you and and of course she's just said you ought to what you do is is now what hi it's roberta and for those of you who can't remember i coin name. It's improper trivia. Hope you enjoy so you're still out on the road. Despite the fact that you're doing big time radio on the weekends you are out there doing doing gigs and this podcast goes all over the world. But where generally do you work these days out. I worked every tuesday where you an andrew came to see me at at the midway restaurant great chicken mattis to sixty nine washington street in data. Okay get a once a month. I worked at mcguigan pob on main street. In mill harmless at milford skews used to do a show milford <hes> whitman okay and every now and then i work with big alice out in las vegas. Where where in vegas do you harris. Oh cool parents the piano bar very name. He works monday wednesday friday and speaking of generous. He's every time every time i go out there. He starts to take a break it three for like half hour forty five minutes and he gives me that half hour forty five this would be a m. I'm guessing <hes> two in the morning no tune the f. all you can actually have normal hours and hours and people love it well. They should love it 'cause you. You put on a great show because there's nowhere the trivial pursuit luke cards and a format but i just wing it. I tell people yo any subject. You want all right. Let's do that to close the show. Okay pick pick a subject. <hes> uh let's go with <hes> let's go sports or export. Let's go with baseball dealing baseball the measurement from home plate back to the mound exactly sixty feet six inches and what other sport has that exact same measurement from here to there sixty sixty feet six inches. Is it a while masking. It's a well known sport. Okay and there are several versions of the sport depending on what state you you call this spending on what state you call and it's consistent with the various versions of the sport okay. Let's not basketball because that's a standard court size or hockey. Lacrosse horseshoes tiddlywinks bowling bowling yeah. He's doing all these things to try. Bowling is that right sixty six from the fall into the pin sixty feet six six inches so whether it's ten pin or candle pin or even duckpin man. That's a great question. I am going to toss that out to people who haven't heard this. I'm gonna image the and you out. There in the audience can amaze your friends to morgan. It's delightful to have you and your great pell and people soon. I'm going to have jordan on my show and busy either friday overnight or saturday overnight be on the lookout what delight hanging out with morgan white junior he knows there's a lot more than just the trivial a very accomplished in wonderful friend who continues to amaze us all and entertain us all thank you to morgan and thanks to you you for listening for downloading for subscribing for reviewing this podcast which is available in all major podcast platforms until next time. This is jordan rich saying be well. Oh so you can do good.

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