Haley Pham - YouTube (Pros & Cons, Advice, Behind the Scenes)


the following podcast is a deer media production what's up guys and welcome back to what we said podcast i'm jc i in chelsea and thank you so much for being here if it is you're first time joining us welcome to the family you guys you're gonna love it we hope today we have a special interview with haley fam below where we get into that chelsea give us an update on a you're time hearing away yeah we've been annoy right now are at the studio read the podcast audio media studio recording live we feel way more professional when were here 'cause we have toxic addressed instead of just in arbor jim just naked when i so i got here on monday and i and i had a list of food i wanna foods in restaurants i wanna to visit while we were here because i didn't realize like when you're in arizona in utah tes there are a lot of the same restaurants that are here 'cause it's kind of like west coast mhm but now there's none so i like have a list of alley food places that i wanna go the first one jinya we went there the best begins by c crane rahman rahman oh my gosh it's so good no one can convince me that there is rahman better than i've tried many places jinya is so good and the weird part is a chain like you'd think it would be but it's so good shit i've searched for good rahman in nashville and i haven't found anything yet so if you do know something that's like jinya and you're my guardian angel please let me know 'cause i need it and then we got sweet green which is good sweet green now i watch oh it's not nope sweet green a sweet green light on that better a so the best solids the fruit of i we just got done eating them and i got in trouble by be a lobby people because they let the post mates person drop it off and i wasn't supposed to say yeah that's what i know now you should've known that chasing should've known that so today chelsea is gonna start off by giving us health tip if you didn't know chelsea's a certified health coach so she's very qualified students i'm more qualified than anyone else in this world perfect so let's hear let's hear good helped it but i'm excited okay and this is kind of random but when people ask like i just don't know when i go to a grocery store i just always end up buying unhealthy things and this is why it's because they do that on purpose so one tip is just stay on the outside like the outer perimeter of the supermarkets so for example they had like the grains the proteins 'em you're milks or you're you know dairy products are over there and then you're pro deuces over here so you wanna stay on the outskirts trying not to go into the aisles too much because that's where all of the process stuff is that's why they put the milk in the very back in case you didn't know this if you ever notice you could never just walk in grand milk and walkout you gotta go to the back of the store you walk through the candy i also you walk through any i'll let you will be tempted to buy stuff and you walk out you buy a lot more the milk so stay on the outside if you are trying to buy healthier things you're better off that way how rude of them to do that it's so rude to try and make so much money off of this i love that tips oh and i did not know that tip until recently so thank you for sharing that you're welcome such a date like i mentioned we have a special interview with haley fan if you do not know who haley as she is a youtuber who has amassed over two million followers on her youtube channel sorry subscribers an she's one of my favorite people on social media actually because she is just very creative fun funny related bowl but she's also very down to earth and i've always felt that way and gotten dot five from her just her videos i think it's very obvious that she's genuine but meeting her in person confirmed that which made me very happy 'em i feel like i've known her forever just because i followed her for a while and she has actually been oh gee supporter of the podcast cast and she's been so supportive an shared are podcasts so much which i think is really cool and we're very grateful for that so we figured we had her on the podcast she's been requested an yeah so in this episode she gave some great tips on starting need to channel and running a business on social media and we also talked to her about how she comes up with her ideas for her videos on how she plans then an what her number one piece of advice is for someone wanting to start youtube channel and we talked about a lot more then just youtuber 'em we got into some other stuff that you will hear in episode but i think you guys will love it i think she's such a great role model for girls she has like a you know a range of teenage girl audience and maybe a little bit older but i think she just does such a good job at saint jude herself in being a good role models worried i really respect that so it was an honor to have her on without further ado let's welcome haley to what we said podcast put your hands together for their hands together for friendly fam all right we're here live with haley fam guys welcome to the podcast haley this is a monumental moment we are so excited to have you i'm so excited to be here you are a highly requested guest very highly requested where you just say no really not and i think well first of all you've been such a good supporter of the podcasts such a loyal supporter and you brought a lot of people to us to raise so they all know you and they're like oh i have a very good collab so we're just gonna hop right in to the question what were you like as a child and where did you grow up tells about little haley yeah okay so i grew up in texas all my life in the same city same house an growing up a super duper shy up until like third grade is when i first it out of my bubble and i was like the teacher hated me in third grade because i was like that hyper always want to talk about i was better than the teacher because i would like i've been on my show that my whole life and all of a sudden it's like i've discovered like how tall yeah so i was really annoying in third grade fourth grade fifth grade and then i switched to like a different school in seventh grade and got really shy again and ever since then i've been trying to get back out of my shell but you to really helped could go into like vade con meeting people doing stuff like this you're kind of force like figure out how to be social again so i feel like i've had phases of being like really shy really outgoing and then baptist shy and now back to outgoing i think now people come up to you and i'm like oh my gosh i want you to like i follow you and it's yeah and things are do you find yourself getting anxious or is it really easy for you that was such a big issue in the beginning because people like my friends would watch interact and they're like you look so rude haley like you look like you don't care but it would cause i was so nervous and say but now i feel like ryan helped a lot 'cause she's so outgoing so i'll just i'm i think i'm a lot better at it now and i don't feel nervous i just get more excited like meet them yeah a more happens like the better you feel about it no it's so interesting how the person who's getting approached like they're probably so nervous to come up to you but it's just as nervous timmy exactly a weird thing that i think a lot of people don't realize about you know whatever social media people youtubers a whole nother on the topic of ryan actually will just ask you right now how did you meet ryan and how long have you guys been dating okay so there's some so gross but it's not okay so we both men vendor on no no no we met they'd con last year but it wasn't a big connor because i was meeting one of my other friends and she's like i'm gonna bring this guy named brian to lunch and that's kind of offended at first i was like oh my gosh like don't bring a guy like i'm just meeting for the first time i'm so nervous in front of boys an it we met and it was like instant friendship an he thought i looked in outlay i thought he lives in outlay turns out we looked like two hours away from each other in texas like grew up next to each other our way that kind of story yeah so ever since then it was like two months after than that we started dating and now it's been ten months dang yeah i don't i was just telling haley that they're so cute together and if you already follow her then you know that but like they're just such a q funny called for i know i love when people get together better i just feel like i my finance around him so that's the best than than me i love that okay have you been doing you too but then i've been doing youtuber eight years now yeah we i did not know that that is a long time same hand yeah i started the summer before third grade we're kidding though and i was making videos before then i just wasn't posting them so i have videos on my dad's phone from when i was in second grade with my friends like it'd be nail polish videos like that but i wasn't consistent until high school okay dang we i i had no idea that it's like shocked me for some reason then shock me but i i feel like i've been through all the stages of you to like the old school beauty drew perfect life and then now it's more like relabeled teen from yeah do you remember when you're channel kind of took off like was there a moment where you're like oh my gosh like this is legit yes so i was stuck at two two hundred thousand subscribers for a year and a half but i have this this was sophomore year only if you also had been like a hot off and then it until i posted the testing stripper life hacks to shave my bikini line that video got like ten million views and i went from two hundred thousand subscribers to like seven hundred thousand within a few months while the us i completely switch my channel from like really boring videos that i was passionate about to have logging an voyaging became like lifestyle videos if that makes sense more for like the teenage crowd and that's when i started loving making videos and that's when people start watching me in yeah you kind of found like what you were most towns that yes inside no i've said this before maybe on the podcast i don't think people understand like how hard logging is because oh yeah i know it seems dumb because you know you're taking someone threw day but i remember the first log i did i deleted except like is the worst thing i could not put that on the internet those so four one nine entertaining at all to i look so awkward i felt so awkward because i had never had my camera out in public before and i'm like this is so cringing so hard how do they still make it look so easy so logging even though sometimes you make fun of it so hard hard i guess let me ask you this is like when you're out in public and you're alone like how did you get over that like initial like i don't want people to be like oh there's a blogger yeah i i think i'm getting better about it but if i'm on public alone out just without my opponent do it from like a really gross ain't got no one can really see what i'm doing but i i don't even think i really log alone anymore yeah it's still awkward like i don't think it'll ever not be awkward yeah because it's easier when it's to people i feel yeah and you kind of gather together yeah but when you're alone in public i i just feel like that's so hard on but also just not good footage 'cause you're just nervous the whole time yeah yeah and talk to yourself i cringe when people logged in public and they posted 'cause there's this girl i watch and she was on the train just like blah blah blah and i'm like anxious for her oh yeah those people looking at her so i just don't even do that weird so kudos to her for being able to pick up for that but yeah well i think there are ways that you can obviously i mean i'm not this is kind of obvious but you can't obviously start walking home and then take like little clips here and there and talk when you're in the car like it's possible to like make a blog and be out and about even if you were alone to chelsea i was watching her latest blog and you're like like half the cliff is like i'm nervous i'm like i know dying i'm like no that's exactly how i was though i know end yeah it's hard to get married her itself so you still so embarrassed mostly because i don't feel like oh that's a blogger oh my gosh like well it's actually way more normal lay i feel like i like watching like a q caffeine elliot's no doubt but in texas people like why does she thinks she's doing yeah that is so crazy sorry i'm going back to the fact that you and ryan grew up like right isn't that he's so cute i don't know why i thought he was from florida something well yeah because right after we met at vade con he moved to florida for like a few months that didn't really work out and then that's also when we started dating did move to florida yeah he did do that for some reason yeah so we were long distance for a few months actually the beginning of a relationship wow but he hated it there in his entire families in texas so the plane was so moved by any way and i just kinda spit up that process for him he won it back a little bit quicker yeah yeah long they're like it's not fun so oh worst the absolute worst so what is your favorite and least favorite part of youtuber to especially like being or job there's so many proser being a youtuber like i can't choose wonder they completely outweigh the negatives but it's so much freedom in what you do and i always knew from a young age i was gonna do something creative 'cause i thought sitting in an office all day what's going to be like i want it to not liz if i was going out of a job like that so i did everything in my power to have a creative job that gave me the freedom to have my own schedule an i just love meeting people like this is possible school because of my youtube channel ran a you have so many friends who did the same exact thing is you end whenever you hang out you do fun things like filming videos together so i really like that aspect of it but the one negative it's just people assuming things about your life and sometimes the hate comments are based off of this function that isn't true in the first place so it's like okay you kind of have to learn to not have to explain yourself every comment 'cause at the beginning i want it to like make an entire video addressing this one call net and you have to realize like they really put much thought into that comment anyway you should just move on but that's definitely a learning process dealing with early on then yeah and it's silly for young people i feel like you're so young so i get up fourteen getting people hating on you're like what right and you don't really have the room to grow as a as a child really because you're on the internet and somebody's eyes are on you like we saw that with the james charles thing like he is a young person making mistakes but he's not making mistakes like most people in private private where they learned from them it's it's completely publican nuts that's a really hard when people are not the most forgiving yeah exactly in today's world i feel like people are just very very sensitive and it's like anything literally anything you say can be taken the wrong way by someone right cancel culture yeah and you're intentions can be great and still someone will find one little thing that you're like wait what like how did you get that out of what i was saying exactly you just have yeah i guess you learn to deal with it and move on yeah okay so as youtuber newbies chelsea and i hear were were ready to take a little lesson from the pro paso few questions genuine questions and i'm like i need to know the answers to these okay so how do you plan your videos like what is that process like you playing them really fronted vance do you wanna know about all the behind the scenes about okay so i've always been obsessed with planning so i do plan ahead a lot i have to journal where i write ideas for that month and then i have a little calendar where i tried a map out what videos i'll post wet but the honestly changes so much like depending on what i'm doing who i'm seeing it'll it usually doesn't stick the plan but it's just good at just in case i liked have a plan because i do upload weekly and i can't miss that like that will drive me insane if i miss i so i just try to make ideas at the beginning of the month make a video map and then try to follow that schedule okay yeah so you upload you have to channels right you're main channel and a block channel yeah so how often do you upload on both i do at least once a week on my main channel every friday i'm trying to do twice a week now whenever i can cause it's summertime and then i might have long channel i i'm not i don't have a scheduled tonight my blog channel but i try to do more so three times a week on there but then sometimes i'll go a week without uploading sometimes i go everyday uploading so how fast the block channel is really just my place and make whatever i wanna make with no pressure which is really nice 'cause i think people appreciate that an only they're like really invested people go over there so yeah that's just my fun place and the main channels where i tried to do more conceptual video ideas yeah do you think that consistency is really important ninety two oh my gosh yes yeah people there is you have to realize how many people are voting youtuber videos so if you're not consistent they don't care they have someone else to watch so it's really up to you to show people that you have content to give them and show them that it's gonna be good and they can expect her video once a week in turn the post vacations and everything like that but if you're not consistent people will easily forget you and i feel like that's the biggest career killer is when people are like oh sorry i took a month off which i understand is necessary for some people but if you want to gregor channel that's definitely the way to kill it yeah it's like any other businesses they just took a month off of like right doing their job like if kellogg's and just like were just not gonna make cereal for months what yeah they'll just go and buy a different cereal they don't care i know that's really crazy because i was even telling life so we upload once a week on my channel end it's because like we do a bunch of other stuff like i do the podcast and i have insurance content and whatever but i was telling him like honestly when they think about it it's kind of like that doesn't that almost doesn't give people enough time to get invested when is just once a week and it's like logs it's like there's a whole week that goes by where they're not really invested in you're life right it's like there's so much time in between each video and they're all kind of random yeah so it's like i i've been thinking a lot about that lately i'm like i think you have to be even more consistent if you young people to like really be invested in like stay up to date to channel because i think that's why i mean i don't think i could ever daily blog but that's why like daily bloggers i feel like they grow so much because you do not agree i feel like that you should be the trend that's how you used to blow up is like i'm gonna do daily blog some people knew what to expect it but now since there are so many two videos i definitely believe in quality over quantity now yeah but i do think if you're a starting channel and you wanna grow really quickly the way to do that is supposed more videos or as many as you possibly can just said grow you're portfolio i guess like any other business it would be grow your portfolio as fast as possible so people can see what you have the offer and see if they want to invest not totally yeah no that makes perfect sense okay so do you ever just decide to randomly film one day and then just upload it oh yeah but that's what the channels for yeah because i feel like the main channel i put so much into and now that i feel like the larger the audience became the more pressure i put myself that they really needed like the highest quality content so i just do the wall channel stuff on my blog channel in the people who are subscribe there no i just do random crap all the time and that's what they know therefore of yeah okay how do you come up with ideas fair videos because i feel like onduty there's always like a trend of like a challenge but then it's like okay went through that challenge yeah what's the next how do you come up with ideas like what's you're creative process there i try not to do the trends anymore i think they're good when you're first starting off so people can you can search will videos that people can find you from but now i feel like the thing on you to is making a video that no one's ever seen before so i really i don't know how i come up with my videos knows they're usually season also like if it's summertime i'll try to brainstorm videos that pertain to summer or i just wanna make videos that i want to do so like if i want to do a summer transformation 'cause i wanna like get a spray tan i do my nails like okay well i'm gonna do this anyway let me tell you about it and oh that's such a good question i don't know how i come up with ideas well no it's it's a hard question answer yeah it looks like how do you go to instagram photos mike so yeah happen by daily event yeah or i tried to think about what de audience would wanna see like what would this teen girl audience wanna see that's interesting because obviously if they're all going back to school they probably wanna watch a video about advisory going back yeah or something like that well i think sink kind of the answer that like you just said if you have no you're audience really well even that's how it isn't podcast episodes people office all the time like we just know our audience and though they're kind of similar to us so whatever we wanna listen to wear like okay they wanna hear right right and a lot of trial and error to like since i've been uploading for so long you can go back and see what get some of those views and that's what they want a seat leak in china base you're content off of that do you ever get overwhelmed wis just do you feel like you have too many ideas or not enough later sometimes i'd be like okay i'm not one single idea and i have to upload it goes in waves because sometimes like wow it's midnight and i just have so many of these ideas rushing to my brain like i don't even know where they're coming from but then the next day it'll be like oh i don't even like any of these ideas anymore so it really depends on the week like it i'll have an idea from a month ago and then if i don't feel it right then and there i hate the idea within the next few days so yeah it goes in waves sometimes i just feel completely dry with ideas like i went through that phase which my main channel like not too long ago and now i feel like i'm finally back in the groove of like it always comes back to what do i wanna make because if you get too caught up in like what do i think will get views and that's when i start to get not very passionate about it anymore but when i just go back to what do i actually genuinely like to make that is when it gets more natural for me yeah and this kind of this is an odd thing to related to but we just watched the jonas brothers documentary have you seen it and we talked about in so far less upset but so so obviously the jonas brothers had their moment where they blew up and got super popular and it was it's really crazy like you need to watch the documentary 'cause it's insane but then they broke up the band later on and then they like kind of tried to get back together and started making music and doing concerts and like no one was really going wing and they were once they got back together like i think it was like a year to later and they were saying it was because we were not enjoying herself like we didn't really at that point in life like they weren't getting along and they didn't agree on everything but before they were like loving it just on fire and they said like people consents that reagan since the energy and i totally agree because it's the same for social media like when you could tell when someone's just like in the element killing it like doing something they're really passionate about and they love and it's very it draws to them right but when they're not it's kind of like you know it's not bad but i'm like i know you don't wanna be filming this right now like you didn't have to yeah yeah so i think it's not doing anyone any good taking a quick break here to talk to you guys about skill share we have mentioned skill share on the podcast before and that's because we really really love it skill share is an online learning community with thousands of amazing class is covering dozens of creative an 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being in lifelong learner so you action joined the millions of students already learning on skill share today with a special offer just for our listeners get two months of skill share for free that is right you guys skill share is offering what we said listeners two months of unlimited access to thousands of classes for free who doesn't love free education in my right to sign up go to skill share dot com slash what we said again go to skill share dot com slash what we said start your two months now that's an listen closely skill share dot com slash what we said okay so i wanna talk about this video and it's the video that he posted about getting your dream car so essentially in that video i mean i guess you could explain it but basically you want it to get a jeep maybe you explain it okay so i wanna jeep at the beginning because i saw it on pinchas an i didn't realize they were so expensive they turned out to be like the thirty five to fifty thousand range for car which at the age of eighteen is just so not practical as so i started i test drove the car had it for a week and i just felt like i was doing it for the image of it not really cause i really do like jeeps but i'm just not the type of person to spend that amount of money on something like a car so i ended up going with the honda cr v very practical cars something that wasn't just me out with a monthly payments an something that i feel like i wouldn't get attention for 'cause that's something that really freaks me out is like nice things syndrome like i don't wanna be looked effort driving a jeep like i wanna be looked at 'cause i'm like hoarding some sort of designer bag i don't know why that freaks me out i just feel like it gives the wrong impression of like what my morals are and what i put wow you guys are yeah yeah so i just want the honda cr v end i dunno people respected 'cause i just feel like we've seen too many young youtubers who get this falling kind of quickly all of a sudden and then they get brand deals and then all of a sudden you see them living this highlife and you're like okay slow down you're not gonna be doing about the age of thirty and i i'm always thinking long term like i'm so freaked out by the idea that my job could be over tomorrow so i i really cautious with money and putting into investments and things yeah i loved it i loved the video of sogeti yeah i love the whole message behind it because i even remember you saying like wasn't super comfortable or something you know it's kind bumpy and you're like i was trying to convince myself but i liked it because of the image of the end 'cause yeah pincher as it would be keeper photos and whatever and like i think that that's so cool that you came out and you know said that because a lot of people you're age like you said i mean they're youtubers rage that are getting whatever lamborghinis and like just being insane with their money you know and i i think it's cool but you kind of addressed thought an yeah i respected a lot i think that it's i think that's something that more people need to be open about is like the fact that like yes you could make very good money on youtuber and being a social media influence her but like i think because of all the nice things that people have other people who are in this world are like so confused by it right and they're so yeah yeah i feel a lot of responsibility knowing that a lot of i mean a lot of watching our my age you're pretty similar maybe younger younger but i feel like they do look up to you and i don't want them they get the impression that if they had a million followers and they had all this money in their bank account then they would be happy because i honestly say like nothing really changed because everything that was important to me whenever i was sixteen i thought i'm gonna get a college completely i mean i still am normal teenager but nothing changed whenever i got the followers an you know the sponsorship then i was like financially stable and all these things at a young age like nothing changed about my happiness because of it yeah well and i think that's a good point with the like buying something super expensive like people who buy like lamborghinis on youtube it's like like you were saying like you're happiness level kind of stays the same we you you know when you hit a million followers it might like oh my gosh i'm so happy today like i've never felt so happy but then it just goes back to bring like base level so i think when people do start to like go crazy what their money it's because they want that feeling again of right okay well now i wanna lamborghini okay now i want this and they're always looking for the next thing so yeah 'cause i think it's okay some people do really really really loved designer bags and some people love cars but when it becomes about you're imaging buying it for people see you having it that's when it gets a little bit dangerous i think yeah totally agree do you ever feel any kind of competition with other youtubers like your all kind of competing for the same thing i grew up very competitive and the dance road and things like that so it was a little bit easier to bring that but you to sing an i don't feel like it was ever a competition but i think there should be more jealousy involved like oh she got the opportunity why did i not get the opportunity but i feel like that all went away when i was confident in myself cells and confident in the content that i was making in bolivia and messaging with enjoying myself that i could genuinely be happy for someone who is getting this huge opportunity west i don't know some amazing company i no longer felt this jealousy 'cause it's it's almost like you could you believe you can be capable of that as well so there's no need to be jealous of extra like oh it's okay like my time is coming to and you know yeah how do you think you've got to that place where you could be confident in yourself honestly i think it came from making goals and then achieving them because i feel like a lot of people don't believe in in in themselves because they feel like they haven't achieved anything significant yet but once you make a goal of maybe i dunno like it was always my dream to have a million subscribers on youtube 'cause i was that ten year old kid who loved bethany moda in whenever i actually did it myself i was like oh so this is what people were talking about like your dreams come true if you work hard 'cause at all times like baloney when you haven't done it but when you actually achieve that crazy goal you believe in yourself where you're like i'm actually capable of so many things and then you believe you can hit the next milestone in the next milestone and then you don't really feel the need to get jealous of other people yeah and i have like an e books that released forever ago i think it's been two years now but it's called makes us all proud that's like the main message in it was that you have to do things every day to make herself proud and with that when you do that you do get more confident right exactly what said like when you even just working out for me has been like that where it's like nine times out of ten i don't wanna work out really nine days out of town i it's not like i'm super stoked but when i do it every time i'm like it prove to myself that like i can do things that i can do hard things like i couldn't do what i put my mind to you know and i think that that brings confidence so right yeah i love that i love i read a book i have it on my computer a true supporter well even was saying that do you feel there has been points with social media that how it's affected your mental health negatively 'cause obviously we'll know social media how can have very negative effects on your mental health and i think it goes like we were saying like it kind of depends what state of mind you're up how have you kind of dealt with that and i don't want this to sound fake like oh i've never struggle with mental health because of my channel but i feel like i just have like a really good strong base in my faith and everything that has been in my life i feel like has been because of god an i don't wanna make this podcast about god no i love it okay if there's any other we love god on if there's any time where i'm like oh i really wish i was getting word view is like i feel like i'm not at my peak right now now a there's a really good sermon at my church that was talking about how god will sometimes not give you things because he's teaching you a lesson through that because if you were to have it and you're gonna realize that that wasn't gonna be fulfilling any way sometimes he just withhold that and he's gracious for withholding it from you an that was great i heard that swimming during the time that i felt like you know you can pray for silly things like view so i was an i just wasn't getting them i'm like okay like this is not being answered and then i actually went on a trip an and i i don't know what sparked in me but i just starting to not care 'cause i was focusing more on my friends and my family in making videos i loved and as soon as that happened i was getting views again and i was like okay this was a complete lesson from god that like i all i focused on would view is like if i had views i would feel more satisfied and more successful and then once i started focusing on things actually mattered i didn't care about the views that's when they came you know it's i swear it's always like that right it's likely that's saying oh i think i've said on here multiple times but it's like most people think it's have to be like okay i wanna have this stuff and i can do the things they wanna do and then i could be the person that i wanna be but in reality it's opposite it's like you have to be the person you wanna be first then you could start doing the things you love and then you'll start to have the things that you want yeah that's so true yeah i love that mike drop by everyone okay so i wanna chat about recent health journey any video i wanna i wanna talk about you quitting starbucks oh yeah how has it then you're quitting at the time that i just discovered he from i watched it on like i can't i'm not gonna continue down this road it is so dangerous lee addicted yeah i feel like i've been addicted a starbucks for three years now which is insane like i i wish someone could calculate how much i've even spent on starbucks would be a scary number but it was getting really bad especially working from home it's it's an excuse to leave the house in drive your car and do something and feel like you're almost being productive somehow i don't know it just yeah i it was getting bad and there's just so much sugar and that stuff i feel like at the age of seventeen my metabolism just stopped being as fascist lightning and all the hotel we've all been there like oh i can actually see this drink on my body now at end be amount of sugar out as having like i am going to get myself type two diabetes because i literally had like two hundred grams of sugar per day says crazy which is so so so much an i don't know how i just quit one day but i think i just really got sick and tired of being like okay i'm gonna quit now guys because of embarrassing at that point like i was telling my friends like okay like today i won't get it and they would see me get it and it just got embarrassing in tiring to like buy with myself over that and once i finally quit i felt like the power was mine again if that make yeah because food is such a self control thing and i felt like if i couldn't even control myself from driving destroyed bucks first thing in the morning then like how it's gonna have the discipline to film that video or be on time with this due date so i just really wanna take the power back in take control of my body and my fitness journey and not hate myself anymore in like actually's start doing things towards that goal yeah no i was just talking to chelsea about this yesterday about how where we liv there's like a bunch of soda river from there's a bunch of soda placing yes end like people who love their soda and i've i told chelsea and like i never really understood the soda like addiction i guess 'cause people would post about everyday like when he made huge doctor go start december or like my diet coke or whatever and i was like i don't understand like why they love to like talk about that and then i realized like once i started drinking peaks drinks i'm like wait it's like a fun part of your day i know which is it's weird it's like you said you almost feel productive like we are bucks get my dream right it's like you wanna go tokat like the whole like going to a coffee shop and just sit like such a romantic idea there and it's like pastries sugary coffee what's real breakfast year yeah no it's not good vibes saying i just know click to me like why people love to do that and it's like it's an addiction they'll you know they need that to get through the day i get it like yeah but not saying it's good but i understand it now everyone's got her vices yeah my starbucks that pink drink and it's funny that you were addicted the peak drink and not like coffee note that see issue is always addicted to both oh okay twice in one day i would go to starbucks like it was it was a reliever did you get them and coffee order ice caramel macchiato yada with extra caramel drizzle ohio yo sugar overloaded i really felt like i was killing myself i was like this is so bad for my body and i felt sick all the time i felt lethargic i felt like my body was just rejecting because of how much are pumping it in my bane civil yeah my body would literally telling me like if you don't stop that something bad is gonna happen to you but yeah we don't wanna function anymore so how is there any quitting like what do you do now so good it's crazy because you said feels so impossible me and now it seems almost crazy the even doda starbucks like you know like it'd be such a disservice to myself to do that but i feel like the biggest tip is just to find a replacement drink because you're gonna have cravings and if you don't have something healthier to go to when you have that craving you're just gonna go back to you're initial you know start trading definitely so i think the by coconut drink it has two grams of sugar ten calories in i don't know if it's fake sugar or just wait what is it called by coconut by it's like be eight hi oh oh yeah yeah yeah i know is i say no i think i think so yeah yeah and so that's why replacement drink if i have a craving that's not really that bad for you compared to like forty grams of show yeah yeah yeah well it's true especially when you're first trying to like quit but something if they win every year in that mindset of like okay it's time for my starbucks or whatever you're vices it's like you have to have something that you have in mind it's like almost a trigger like okay instead of going starbucks i'm gonna drink that right or replace it with a different routine like i tried to the gym in the morning instead of starbucks in the morning because i physically couldn't go to starbucks especially after working out yeah exactly oh yeah no no no now how addicting sugar is like it's so a lot of just gonna say we're talking about sugar addiction and it's so real it's scary like once you educate yourself about it you're like oh i'm being controlled by sugar yeah yeah so that's why i really really really want the stop yeah chelsea i both have major weird yes tweet sweet tooth but sweet tea teeth yeah we love are sweets but i swear every meal and of course medicine and we'll stop but yeah well i think it's good that you're you're giving it a shot sounds like it's been successful for two weeks solar no over i love that okay so we're gonna end with a few just fun questions came along tending so yeah i sat in a row now i come back anytime okay what is your favorite beauty product at the moment when i say eyelash lash extensions yeah you 'cause i like mine yeah i don't have my non right now they're expensive but i feel like that i don't even need make up when i have them but if it's gonna be a makeup product i really like be physicians formula broader ooh okay i just lost my friend who are favored bronner was because i i'm so weird i feel like even if i love something if i've used it for like six months like need a new one but my my i love that one but 'cause i used the charlotte tilbury like brown single pilot and i love it but i'm like wait i don't know why i want linked to try something else so maybe i'll try guy the butter bronze it smells really good as well like coconut sunscreen her something i love browser i'm like very pale so i just download up rondo changes the game yeah like when somebody put it on my friend was like oh my gosh she looks so different ways that just cause of brother and i was like yeah i just because i looked him though it seriously changes the game and like i knew nothing about makeup maybe a year ago 'em and they look back at videos and like that thank you like i need a bronze are my life okay do you have any exciting plans first summer i do and this is actually a really funny story because it's completely inspired by you so i am planning a trip without hannam alosha and maybe some other people depending on who's available and we were like okay where do we wanna go an i went to europe channel and i don't want to expose where i'm going 'cause i want that to be like a fun surpri okay but i'm gonna ask you if it was fun after because as i literally like chose when you're blog feels like wow this is really pretty let's go there and you're out about all of the world dates wow i intend yeah i it's not country should pay you because you're being tourism invite high up on the trip the way can we do a trip plans are going gonna ship with jc duo i'm not invited attitude on in life and then rob's coming rob rob wanna come a thumbs up okay this is our last question for the day okay okay if anyone out there wants to start a youtube channel what would be your number one piece of advice for them just star everyone i know in my life youtubers like the dream job so i know a lot of people who wanna start and they're like oh i can't until i get my camera i can't until i get my computer i can't until you know i have a more exciting life i had something to do but no youtubers to restarted with all those things almost did it especially with i phones now you can't film on it and it looks pretty hd you can edit on i movie which is actually free now you see five dollars which is what i started on back in third grade in third grade when you said just drawing from great plain with my time but you just have to start because even if you hate the first videos which you will unita go through the entire process film it added it even if you hate it uploaded even you hate it and even if you just uploaded on private do that until you love it or else you're always gonna feel like oh like yeah i i wanna be a youtuber but you know one day and that one day is going to be until you're eighty years old on your deathbed you know syria i well i i that's so i've been telling you chelsea for giving her a lecture right now yeah no i know you finally start but you were in that same boat i think you can relays what i'm saying where yeah like i just need this for like will know really how many years i don't feel like i'll have like friends with and i'm like chelsea see i know there's no way yeah don't realize how interesting their life is like you moving to nashville people wanna see that there's other people who are moving right now and wanna see someone else moving yeah i know it's weird i think a lot of people always just think are just so harsh harsh on themselves critically like even day she'll be like oh what's this one about mike it's just so boring and then i put up and she's like it's so funny you know i think i'm the most boring person in the world yeah so you just have the lead through it and even shocked me on you to sometimes when all like posted video or i'll be selling when i'm like i look at like this people hear about this like like me making smoothie in the morning i'm like i don't care but then people like just make fever yeah well you just love it love selling nosy like i wanna see what you do with a minute you're alarm goes off yeah yeah that's true i love that advice just start yeah just do it just do it if you're listening at home start tomorrow or today start tomorrow which i found the worst advice tomorrow don't start today like i'll do it tomorrow lords of ice okay haley well first of all thank you so much for being here we're so glad to finally meet you and finally how this hot and i'm coming yeah such and on really tell everyone your youtube channel you're instagram handle and all that good stuff it's all just by name he found that each eight l e y nothing fancy no extra iser wise annual budget p h n p h j m the cutest merge also thank you sam friday day and you're little family like we sorry i'm asking the question now when did fan friday become a thing oh 'em hasn't been saying for a long time it hasn't it's been pretty recent like maybe a year something okay i don't even know if it's been a year but yeah i was like oh let me figure out what that wanna posts sign and how we ended up in litigation fam friday so cute and not really annoying and like every f i see i'm like oh i should be stuck you know i out of it limit when we left the when we left the house this morning lee said say hi to the fan sam wait i'm fairly you have to come meet lady like next time you're in a lie because i saw go right now okay later i'll let me just me lady oh in life okay well if you guys wanna follow us on instagram our instagram as at what we said podcast in fun place to be it's fun little community we post like little posing questions to get you guys more involved so you can tell us what you want here on the podcast an it's a good time so make sure to screen shot this episode take you from right now screen shot it and put it on you're in the story and we will post you guys on are story in if you wanna be extra extra nice leave a review an a rating five sorry nothing less no but really really appreciate reviews do you listen to podcasts yes oh bus i like so many people knows all the south through i feel like people just after i'm like okay then they're like oh done yeah we need a tribute band

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