Californifying the Country


Securities offered through proprietorships Mentioned lose nepotistic management or not affiliate people who i would love to have somebody on the other side. Explain to me why those elections were fair. And how what i saw with my own eyes dozen eggs. I'd like to have that honest debate. The sad part is you start off with an honest debate and immediately within the first two sentences. I'm called a nazi or racist okay. I'm tired of it so in our office. I'm gonna call it a conservative safe space. You want to come into our office and commiserate about the election feel free. We'll have that conversation with the wall. Say say what do you got. The financial guys podcast. But a couple of weeks or glad to be back. Thanks for mike and mike. We did their premier yesterday filling in for the guys and looking forward to listening to a lot of them in the future. they're hilarious. I really enjoy listening to likes bras. Mike affleck and there'll be a regular feature. They're having their own podcast right. We'll be out every single week. So and they're doing an after show as well right after the financial guys radio show. We're talking to kelsey kelsey here our producers talking to a wall. Yeah sorry so anyway. So yeah so the after. Show totally absurd over here looking over the cameras here. You idiots out. We have a producer and program observer. Kelsey cool helping us out today and Getting everything done so But yeah so. We got some new programs coming out new show coming out and of course we're going to be back here as well. We'll try to keep this. We've been just a crazy couple of weeks off to a great start businesswise for the year but of course this is not necessarily our day job either so You know having to focus back in the business is actually a good thing so Thank you for everybody that that continues to call the office and and come to your conservative. A safe space. I think the key thing here. So -servative space safe-space officers in rochester batavia and williamsville new york and down in south florida. Jupiter florida palm beach area. Those are a conservative safe places. That's right you can you can Spew your conservative values. You can come in and you can talk about how the democrats cheated and stole the election. We know his true. I love these two gasoline. Now there's no evidence whatsoever is if i didn't see things with my own eyes i mean it's like it's like saying the sky is green sky is green and the liberals they're going back to the sky is green. If you say it's blue you're a heretic racist. Nazi like what are you talking about. Who is it bushing. I'm not a bush family but i think name sophia bush or something. She's a celebrity and she said now the republicans should all they should just like. Okay stop it stop it. There are the republicans lungs burning down. The city's right now. The are the republicans the ones that burnt down seattle portland. Los angeles law New york city chicago baltimore now. They're not the ones that burned on the city. Stop it it. Needs to stop republicans not soggy brooklyn record but get a backbone. It's time to stop up. It's time to actually step up to these folks. They should have done it. Trump should have done it. I said a long time when they were burning out cities you send in the feds and it right there right there. They didn't do it right. What let him now seems to be the norm. Now it's like okay. Yup oh heavily police down. The city burned on the restaurant business. It's acceptable they're attacking attacking the police station rochester. We'll talk about what they should have done was what they did with the folks the capital which is actually gone after these people right now. So the people marched into the capital. Not not right. Burn some equipment. I think cnn and some other news organizations damage much though. I don't think it's still not right. You know they went house to house to house. You know all across the country to find these people which is fine. Do the same thing for the people that have portland on fire. That's seattle on fire right. They broke down the barriers to rochester zone. Screw you that's my property because if you're living in their your business was on there i mean if looking let me tell you what we defended. My business was in the economist. Like hell it is. Yeah i'd have gone in there with myanmar and whatever else it took and we would clean that place. That's what we have to do. I sadly i think as american citizens that's what it's probably going to come to because clearly the by the administration wants us. Here's kamala harris is their own words. They're not gonna let up and they should not. They should not stray vice president of the united states telling people they should not let up. They should continue to loot to plunder to burn to riot to destroy and rochester. They had a really unfortunate incident. I don't know the whole back story. You got more information on. I do that on it but all always chat always a bad situation nine year old was pepper sprayed the video by the way shows nothing about why the police officers are there. I do know it was some kind of a family argument where somebody else called the cops right. Poor little girl nine year old girl. I'm sure there's a long backstory to why this young lady was acting the way she was acting right and that goes back to when you look at some of these inner city schools right where they're actually almost zero chance now of you bettering yourself in some of these schools right no literally almost zero percent chance. They're not even going to school. Does very kids that need school the most. You've got city of buffalo as an example suing. So they don't go back. These are the kids right thing that the dads sperm. Oh the donor. The mom's a crack addict. They need to be in school. Not only that. They need to be school from from eight to three. They need to be in school from six in the morning till nine at night. Them off the streets. Get them someplace to live. Get them some competence and break the damn cycle. Break the damn cycle instead. They're going to go after these police. I'm not saying it was right to pepper spray and nine year old girl. But i think there's way more to it i will also say god bless you believes officers man but remember who's got your back and had your back for a long time right. Don't don't escort the health department into somebody's business. Stop doing that. Stop doing that because those people do not have your back. They will be the first ones to vote democrat to vote you out to fund you fund you to cut the size of your department and to throw you the bus because they have no idea what you're going through you know what look show the whole story and they can't channel seven by the way we did. A bunch of tweets do they. They totally lau stuff on the holy only lie doubt total himself by the charlie's is taking every no no investigative reporting whatsoever. They lie and say stuff. Hi lou wasn't it wasn't in the wrath building so he doesn't work right by by the way everybody in the wrath building if they were measured by the way they did that which is his card to building. Nobody wear to work than rats right. No not report. They just lie. They throw the story out there. Try never apologize. Never change it. and guess what. Now you've got half the mental midgets out there. Which is you know the dumped. You got the democrat party and you got about half of them who are just brain dead. Go okay you step on those and worked will never look at the research and don't care. The sad thing is shame on him. I asked him point blank online multiple times. Charlie asked you point blank. What other research did you look at to come to the conclusion that stuff onto because if it were me and i was doing a legitimate investigative report i would have talked to the receptionist i would have talked to security personnel. I would've i would've stuff i would talk. I would talk to co workers what i would've done. I would've taken the information. I received from obviously a left-wing person when the poland cars administration say okay. Yup what is their agenda on this. I need to verify this information. For example if somebody called us and said hey guys. Amazon is set to release a new rocket ship. That's going to revolutionize air travel as a result. They're going to be at five thousand dollars a share. You should go on the air and talk about that right now. We wouldn't go on the air and talk about that right now because we know he doesn't say well. You know what interesting report. Let me see if we can verify the information that we just received that. You're just telling us we're going to have to go to not one but multiple sources to verify the information to make sure that what we're hearing from the source as giving us that data is being sometimes. It's not just being truthful. Sometimes they just make a mistake. I mean we get information all the time when people are they interpret it wrong they hear see iran you know as an investigative reporter. Charlie you should be held to a much higher standard okay. We are paid programming. Okay we are opinion of just an opinion show right. we're not investigative journalists. Actually we do the research way more than you do. You took one data point of keycard access. Which is easily verifiable by looking at other things right looking at video surveillance footage about video that we we put showed. He never retracted. It never retracted. You never have and you never even responded to me go. Oh i see how you can see it that way. But i looked at somebody else cousin. Fifteen days a month look at it. You didn't look at any other data so he looked at key card data only and compared keycard cardin from poland cars to keycard data for stefan. Maybe it's the maybe maybe marks using his more because he shows up late everybody else shows up at eight in the doors. Open top guys. Though one of his one of one of his inner circle the appointed position political pointing was there one day or two days in like three months. Now i'm not a big poland. Cars fan am. I accusing that guy now showing up. Of course. we're not that guy stuff. And say i know he's there. I know i'm sure he's there. If he loses their there somebody would say hey. Where's ralph in awhile while you know look at you. Don't just not show up at a building like that for months and months and months. Well first of all on his face was ridiculous. The fact that you got called out on it though and you refuse to do anything about. It really shows your lack of integrity at holly. How about the rest of the media. Not calling him out right how about nobody doing investigative story on him destiny inside of look at how the hit piece on this discussed better charlie. Let's switch do you mind if we play the andrew closer to i do want to talk a little bit about executive orders to the the economy stop registered helping the richmond's talk about the place where money meets politics now. You know what we're gonna talk about some of the executive orders here people. Maybe i should sell my stocks. Well i'll tell you what i do. Believe the stock market is down in the short term. Not so much because the game stop. I really don't believe that it's funny. Because game stock. These stocks have gone up. So wouldn't that. Send the stock market higher and i know there's some concern about. I understand how i understand all that. But when you look at the executive orders that have been put into place since he's been in office and you look at the stock market. It's been a downtrend since biden's office. And i think that has more to do with long-term higher fuel prices. Yeah long-term higher wages which is gonna create and we'll talk more about it is climate control. What a freaking joke. Anybody who's grown up in new york knows that that's right. Well we'll talk about that. Because when i hear climate control and i think i'm listening to biden them thinking. Oh my god. This sounds a lot like california. It sounds a lot like new york and they've been total miserable failure so let's just real quick before we play the video. What happened in california and new york. What's happened in those places. I'll tell you what. I just wanted to think about it for a second folks when somebody asked you well. I mean thank god. We don't have trump anymore. Well all right. So now we're gonna we're gonna california california america. What does that mean what. What's going on in california. Well as real quick we got the highest gap between the rich and the poor the widest widest gap never country most amount of homeless most amount of homeless not by the numbers because people say well california's big. Oh no percentages percentages to me. Say for the weather. Yeah as there's caravans of homeless just the countryside west as the gold rush days right. You're gonna get the covered wagons. They're all in wyoming. I gotta get outta here. This is awful. I can't live in this place anymore. We're had last. They had the highest poverty rate. Because florida doesn't and now we spend a lot of time in florida doesn't mean there's not homeless homeless people all over the country and most of that is wellness. Yeah most of his mental illness died. There are people that get an unfortunate spots most of them nokia and you can get yourself out of that pretty quickly. There's a lot of work ethic to get out of it. Not to get off on a tangent but i tell you what we could do as a country much much much much better job and that is reintroducing these people to let him out of jail because well we happen is we have a revolving door ajar. I met a guy in tampa. Actually this guy was different. I just could tell he was different. He was on the corner of the street and he was panhandling. And you're just something different about this guy. He wasn't your normal panhandler. So i walked over and i never had a conversation with. And here's what he told me. It was kind of. I opening me. He was a good guy. I gave him twenty bucks. He was a good guy and he said look. Here's what happened because my wife and my son were killed in a car accident crash in one thousand nine hundred. I didn't know what to do with myself. I was just completely devastated. I ended up robbing an armored car with armed right. So i got busted for armed robbery and i went to jail and i just got out. Just let me out. And i'm like so now i don't know they just let me out. I don't know i've nowhere to go. But ngos says this like two thousand and nineteen probably last year. I guess two thousand and two years ago and and this guy just let about like okay. You're free which is great that he got out but now what now what i mean this guy should be. It should be like cooking guy up with social programs or job work. Somethin' programs that we should be right back on the streets drugs right. Probably do something with the children right. I mean do not for nothing but we're not training. These kids with skills and skill sets to be able to get themselves job a real position in life right so they don't have anywhere to fall back on a lot of these people especially these kids. That are not their fault. Are these kids. That are hands on. People are told they should go to some university and brainwashed by some left wing liberal. Who's never run a business instead of saying joel or rick or mary beth. Hey look at. You seem to be more of a hands on person. Let's train to electric or a plumber. You know auto body where we can't find. These people can't find anywhere in fact masons in in new york. This is a true story not going to say where when. or why. but there's a lot of amish people that get employed right. Yeah it's because they actually show up to work. It's they've got the skills to build up the work so that you've got people literally you've got people driving amish people in our in an hour out because we can't find somebody in the community yet. You have all kinds of people that are looking for job. I mean how could that be well. Here's why because the teacher. I hate to say this but the teachers unions and the college professor eight to say care about your kids. Let's take college professor before we get to teach for best college for a second outrageous. The soup to college is just for a second right when your child goes to college and they have spent forty grand a year and they're on their second a master's degree and they've got one hundred sixty thousand dollars in student debt and their major is social work which has an average earning about fifty thousand dollars a year. Do think somebody in the university would pull that child and family aside and say. Hey mary maybe this is not the right career path for you because really you know. The the top end is going to be like seventy. You're already in the whole one hundred sixty like somebody has to say that these kids it's the university's responsibility to pull some kids aside and say look at. You're never going to make this money. But they don't do that. Cost what we got a new master's program you should apply for it. I was just going to you the opposite they doubled exact mama website if the i fifty billion didn't succeed try again with another fifty right. You're taking these kids and you're putting them in such a a whole before. They have a chance to even go get a job because they're so far underwater with college debt and not. Where are these college counselors. What do you do about this. Not only is it a. Is it a career path that even if there was availability. Doesn't pay you a lot now. You have so many people that are going for the same degree. There's no availability so there's really a fifty thousand job right right and so this is this. Is this tops that offer here. Though you hear teachers federation to prevent schools from me opening now. The schools are unsafe. And i don't understand there are safe alright right. It has nothing to do with kobe. Away it has. It has to do with the fact that billy is twelve. And he's got a gun in his guest. That's the problem right. They never want to address. Surreal issues. this it doesn't matter what the graduation rates are. Twenty thirty percents forty percents. Whatever they are not matter. It's gonna get worse before it gets better. They could care two craps about the kids. Don't tell me that verse. All you've had a year to clean the schools. How how what. What do you mean do i mean. What is this cleveland doing right. He wants new air channel or a new this. And here's the thing. People in florida are in school. They've been in schools numbers. Bigger and better numbers are getting better. Not mass casualties dropping left. Interest rates are doing this in the state of florida. Right right the sad thing. Is that phil rumour buffalo teachers federation again. He doesn't give one whit about your children and sadly the people that are affected the worst by this are the people that don't have the of getting their kids to private school. That's why i think charter. Schools are so important. And i'm a big proponent of school vouchers. Let competition rule the day. The problem these get these parents have to put their kids in putting williamsville get an education problem but she's a nasty conservative republicans that are fighting for this which blows my mind. I mean the parents in the city of buffalo. First of all you know you have a group of people who are going to surround a police station because a nine year old got some pepper spray and inter inter. I not saying you should or shouldn't do that. But i the mazing to me that the parents in the city of buffalo the city of rochester. Pick an inner city. I don't care where it is. Yeah why are you not surrounding. The schools grind saying enough is enough had headquarters. We've had enough of this crap. It's been a year. My kids need to be in school. They need to. They need to break the cycle. I would have been surrounding the school years ago. If i didn't have the resources a my kid was going there. You better damn believe. Be fighting every single day to see those graduation rates. Go from forty to fifty to sixty to seventy. They don't do it. They don't care were they. Trump them all guys like you. And i don't called racists. Yeah that harold. Palladino spent his time Getting on the board running the campaign for the school board and was called a racist every single day by do nothing losers. That don't i also don't care and if they do care they don't know what to do so you're completely there you don't care you're console enough to fill the. Here's what the buffalo teachers what they want to be paid and not go to work. Yep that's what it is. I'm going to call it like it is right. I don't care if it's the buffalo teachers federation or the or the national. What is it. What's the national federation american federation of teachers or whatever whatever whatever it doesn't matter same. Here's what you here's what unions wanted. Some unions are okay not public sector. Okay if you wanna take down. Gm gm union guys. They have a brain in their head. They know how we can't push it too far. I think they kind of get it right because there's consequences the teachers there's no consequences right and the history of those unions by the way i'll defend the teamsters for absolutely teacher's union. I work the ups. Man i'll tell you what those those boys work. I still have nightmares a loading the texas truck. It was not fun for a bunch of years of college. I remember the reward sector. I worked harder. And they gave me a bigger truck now but teamsters. Uaw these private sector unions. There should be consequences. Alabama sorta screwed it up a little bit when he said well. Don't worry we'll just yell you out and you can screw the bondholders. However i will say to defend those unions they worked. And i'm not saying there's not going to work their butts off. Say this the most of them don't like the union in the in the private sector you can see the the correlation between good labor and good negotiations and the stock price right. The company survives. The company grows that doesn't happen in the public sector and we see that because the bubble loved the buffalo school system was a publicly traded stock at zero. It'd be game stock. It's on its way to one dollars share right. Why because graduation rates have gone to ninety percent of thirty percent right and they're getting worse right. They're getting worse now. They're telling these kids not what we don't think it's safe enough. We haven't clorox the floors enough for us to come back to school. Kids are coming to school bloodied and the kids are coming to school with dirty and bloody clothes at times and they're worried about covert It's it's really outrageous. That's right and again. I'm not impugning. Every buffalo schoolteacher. We have several clients. My mother worked in the buffalo administration. There's a lot of hard working and my mother did it. Not because she wanted the paycheck wanted to stay home. She did it because she loved kids and she did lot of special education. A lot of at risk kids. She did a lot of at risk program. You know teen pregnancy drug programs. She met a lot of those special programs trying to help these kids. There's a lot of people in the city of buffalo. That truly help these kids. Unfortunately you guys need to elect a better leader phil. Rumour is a garbage individual when it comes to protecting the kids and that if he might be the best guy in the world outside of the kids but what he's doing to the buffalo school kids and he'd be the first one to tell you. I don't represent the kids. I got hired to represent the teachers. On how are the teachers and kids interest not aligned. I have no idea clearly. They don't feel like they at some point. The parents of these communities need to stop. We need vouchers. A day needs at school voucher. And you could see how people don't get involved. I mean after charl went through. You got deny late it like if you're an outsider yourself to state removed him. Oh yeah he didn't get he didn't get elected off by the way the state came in and said you know what we think you're racist. They removed and elected position. Well that was started because he said something retail michelle obama and then and then they somehow they turn that into. He released some information that he shouldn't have. Now there's a board member in the town of alma and she just went on a three our almost four and a half minute rant about shame on you if you defended. Donald trump in not believing the results of the election. I've demanded for her removal. Yeah they're supposed to put it on the board meeting on february tenth. I would that both of my my right hand and my left leg that she comes out with an apology and hopes this is going to go away. should it should end. We'll go farther up and we'll we'll end up running into another whole string of liberals that will have to fight. Meanwhile karl just gets removed. Because he said i tell you what. It's not acceptable as a conservative. I am not going to be silenced. To say there was obviously election. I don't want to call it fraud or fraud. Wh- thousand ballots get dropped off at four eight warning. Here's the thing. I was told in places like michigan right that they sent home. The poll workers at ten o'clock at night yet. When i woke up in the somebody counted one hundred thousand ballots at four thirty in the morning. Now what time. Today come back. Well i don't the liberals excuse well it was a republicans. Wouldn't let them count the absentee ballots until election. Day blah blah who. They didn't call them on election day. They countered them in the middle of night ax. Day right second of all. Who was there to put them in the machine while in atlanta we have some video footage to see who was that. Put them in the machine. In fact they had a water main break. That apparently never even happened right. There wasn't a water main break. There's no records there's no here's a receipt from the plumber. Here's a damage. There was no water main break folk. Maybe a toilet backed up. I don't know there was no water main break so in atlanta. They said everybody home. Everybody hall we're all going home and then four liberal show backup next thing you know. They're pulled out suitcases from sales and they're stuffing ballots in the machines for the next several hours with no observers not following the protocol whatsoever. Obviously but again showed up at four thirty morning in michigan and wisconsin and they count one hundred thousand ballots and they all happen to be biden's votes. Everyone of now do look again. Look i am not going to be told that the sky is green. okay. I know what i saw with my own eyes. I'm not crazy. Neither you folks and so this is going to be going forward. Do you want to have this woke culture fine. I won't step foot in a starbucks again. Kiss my ass. Okay not doing it. But i'll tell you what on our side you are welcoming office. I don't care who you are really if you're liberal. You want to come in and have a debate coming our office. We're happy to have a free and open debate. You know why because we're confident in our positions. We know how to defend what we believe in. And i would love to engage net debate. I would love to have somebody on. The other side explained to me why those elections were fair. And how what. I saw with my own. Eyes does not honest debate. The sad part. Is you start off with an honest debate and immediately within the first two sentences i'm called a nazi or racist okay. I'm tired of it so in our office. I'm going to call it a conservative safe space. You wanna come into our office and commiserate about the election feel free. We'll have that conversation with faint. The wall safe safe call right. If you wanna come in and talk about by reading. She'll redo it anyway. Like people are lining up right. People are picking their sides. Now we are. We are getting more and more polarized right. Budweiser painting a blue stripe on their truck. Vast decide they've chosen nike decided they're going to side with the blm. You know a terrorist organization Today's sided with fortunately a lot of these publicly traded companies are siding with the left. Mainly i'm telling you folks they know who's going to give them the money of course either way. The gap between the rich keep going back to the will get bigger wider. Those publicly traded companies. Doing just that your mom and dad. Let's play that clinically deal. Yeah we gotta talk about this because all these all these executive orders that you put off your mic. Every one of these record by the way a record biden said i will. It is on unbelievable that trump would use his executive authority. Meanwhile he's in first day he's done more executive orders and i think it's like four five presidents combined more than that goes. I think it goes back like fifty years. Said he would never do that by the way so you would never do. He's khalid rely. I can't believe even the new york times calling him out on this but every single one of these folks every single one of these hurts. The middle class. Four hurts most americans in general. We're gonna tell you who it doesn't hurt that much. It doesn't hurt the rich much it'll help. The rich is certain cases. Let's go. Let's go through that. The first one i go through all of these because we would be here to go down. We'll talk about how the impact i just. I just start some so revoked. The permit for the keystone excel pipeline. Who's going to hurt. Who does that hurt. That hurt the middle. Class families word pipelines added hurt the super rich guy. Seventy thousand union jobs gone Now how about higher fuel prices. Let's talk about who had helps okay so now. If you're on the on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale let's say you're making thirty grand a year. Whatever does go higher gas prices. Impact you more or less than the guy make it. Three hundred the executive at the ceo at a. You know whatever it's gonna hurt the you probably both drive about the same by the way. Yeah so you can have a bigger hit to that. Maybe comforts maybe even probably much bigger. Yeah now a lot of times these these middle ground jobs are driving all around contract dry. Who does it how. Who does it help. how about this lower supply. We were told by the way that biden and his buddies. We're going to basically wipe out companies like on nasty. They were dirty. So guess what's going to happen folks. You're already starting to see money. Rotate now from some of the technology stocks to some of what i would call the old economy stocks. You're starting to see some of the old economy stocks move. Guess what lower surpri lord supply the bigger pricing models. An exxon chevron. Do you think let let me ask you this. If they're gonna make an extra quarter. Is it easier to bury that quarter and four dollars or two dollars way. Easier was a higher prices go higher margins so the higher the price of higher the margin a higher the now. Here's coffey Who's going to be on the way by the way Dirtbag kerry with his private jet. He said he's still so now. He's ahead of climate change. I thought i printed that. John kerry by the way ahead of climate change and they in families got the biggest private jet is that unreal even better legit and guess what i would bet my left arm now my right leg i think i the that the carey family has all kinds of exxon mobil style. Should they do on sure they do. Yeah so the rich will get richer. Because xm out john kerry by the way he recall correctly they propose putting windmills in the puget sound. Now john kerry has a mansion overlooking the puget sound. And so of course. It's like oh we can't have those would be unfair. I we ought to have those windmills where they have a bigger economic impact buffalo water for triumph working. We put windmill we. Should we locate those a distrust neighborhoods. That'll help them out of all those jobs. That were created this boat. That dirtbags phone is out of boston. So he could avoid the tax. Yeah unbelievable he's got a private jet. But who does this. Hurt folks seventy jerry union job. Higher fuel prices hurts millions of people that are struggling to make their utility payments right. Now how about this one. How about this. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go around here a little bit. Stop construction of border wall. Well let's see who's that going to hurt. Let's see thousands of people are coming in looking for your job. Let's see are they going to take john kerry's job. The biden crime family. Will they take one of their jobs. We'll probably not well. They take job at the clinton foundation. I highly doubt let replaced. jeff bezos. I highly doubt there'll be employed at the clinton foundation. I bet they're going to take your job if you're a lower income or middle income. Yeah right yeah. Middle class work at heart. the factor. Whatever you own a pool company and you're cleaning pools. Do you think one of them might be able to compete with you. Oh i think they. May i think sure. What if you're looking to get into the factory as you pointed out. Well you know maybe not. I don't think so now. We've got a whole new labor pool that's willing to work. Sorry about that. is that help. Help all low as it help. Lower prices labor. Yeah why do you think people like mark zuckerberg and some of these tech folks want to expand the H one at one. H one was that h. What was that like swine flu now. The hp one let's let's see what's what's the immigration like eight be one whatever whatever they want to expand the the immigration of bringing more cost labor right. They want they want pay a program or eighty thousand dollars a year. They wanna pay the guy from india while the twenty thousand dollars very labor now by the way. That's going to work on nancy. Pelosi's twenty thousand dollar refrigerator very labor. That's going to maintain proper right so nancy by the way in the pelosi family. And all you need to do by the way look at california californian. Ask yourself if they really wanted to fight this in california. These folks have the ability to write a check tomorrow and it will not even change. It'll change maybe like the not even the round off of their portfolios right. It'll it'll change the roundup. They could literally take the seventeen percent of homeless people. Build them all. You can eat buffet as right. You take them off the street. Tent city should not survive. If these people put their money where their mouth is right absolutely could in a second move about. Who is it going to help lower wages. I assure you by the way. I know some of them. Are you know well. Nancy is a perfect example of this property. Her property is being maintained by illegal. Immigrants or hair will be caught by illegal immigrants. it will be all lower wages for them. What it's gonna hit their bottom line and they'll end up better off every single so there's two policies to buy so for all the liberals i say well thank god that binds that are now. He's really gonna help the poor. The middle class really. What helps support in the middle class is is a is a rising economy right. The rising tide lifts all boats. And when we have energy independence and we have opportunities to drill for the pipeline for things like that those create good paying american jobs that are good quality jobs over the good quality union job. Seventy eighty one hundred thousand dollars a year for some of these jobs or more a great job. I'm laughing at the next. you'll appreciate this one. They had to do it because other democrats require ethics pledge for executive branch personnel require ethics. Pledge i pledge to not be a rapist that worked out pretty well right projection fact that you have to have an executive order and take executive action to require an ethics pledge. Did he take you actually longer. Sniff other people's wind and children. I will not let them touch my hairy legs. I do like them touching my hairy legs. But i won't do that anymore. I i'm thinking to myself and require an ethics pledge talking about what are you talking to you like. You're if every ceo in the country is unethical. You're bringing some. you're bringing spitzer. I'm assuming these are people that work for him right. The executive branch personnel i mean. Oh maybe i. These are people on his staff. I think ethics pledge from them. I wouldn't how that sound. I pledge. I'd love to hear that. I guess he's bringing spitzer back. I guess who's running this committee weiner as him. It might be a winner. So you got bill. Clinton you got weiner weiner may reemerge. You might have not talked yesterday about this. If you have not downloaded and watched the anthony weiner special When they when they follow his mayoral campaign do yourself. A favor is worth the dollar ninety nine or whatever it is to buy dunes. It is so if you don't know the backstory anthony. Weiner runs for mayor right after being discraced to congressman right so he decides to run for mayor of of no of course new york city because that makes sense right. So filmmaker calls. I looked to document your race and wieners. Like well this is great. You know really thinking it's going to be a good show. His you know his his grit side and the fact is coming back. This guy made. I mean i don't think took much effort but really it was like just showed how ridiculous this whole anthony weiner running for mayor was. They had the girl that he taxed in one of the girls show up at the restaurant he was at. They got sneaking. what do we do. What are we doing out the back door. Got behind the scenes. With whom is giving him a beating. Larry unreal to think always worth whatever. The cost is on i choose. I downloaded it. I haven't now permanently for life case movie. It gets that worth it. The anthony weiner whatever it was called just is but yeah. We'll bring spitzer back bring weiner back hell bring matt lauer back. He couldn't do much worse than the jen psaki. She's a jolting the whole team. Back to sake. We have a question. I don't really have an answer for that question. I have to circle back. What are you. i haven't asked the question. Yeah can you answer anything john. Are we going to be able to see. President biden. some point points. He actually going to answer any questions. Do really want to see him. Do you why you can't wait to see of cancer. And they're like they're just eating it up. Jen she's wonderful. You can't answer any questions. John rally john. she's wonderful. Yeah wouldn't show the answers restore collective bargaining powerful federal world. That'll be good yeah. Let's the bigger and bigger teachers federation. They need how. 'bout this will improve collection analysis of covid related data. So you have to have an executive order to ask these folks who are on your staff to improve data related to kobe. Honestly i think trump should have done that to be honest with you. I kind of agree with that one. Maybe president trump should improve the data collection. Right from the doubts i Dr burke said we're going to count everything even if they're not gonna do this cova the rule was would understand of. You're actually going to improve the data fry. All they're going to do is improve scaring the crap out of the most recent thing from from the. us dr birch's office wherever it was now if you die but you had cova within the last thirty days even had nothing to do with your death if today's what february second today today if you can call today right then you recover within two weeks. You're totally fine. And then you die in a head on car crash a week later cove in the last thirty days. They're counting that as a cova del because it gets even more ridiculous like this. Somehow you lose god back somehow you need to get a backup. So we can continue to scare. The headline flew down. Ninety percent shocking. Well the mass must. I didn't work for colbert and harsh and extreme immigration enforcement. Yeah you can't harsh like like like exporting Ms thirteen gang members. Yeah what do we need to run for office well. These ms thirteen game. I was by the the most vicious of vicious animals in the world. Right the just to give you a little bit of introspective on these five away. They'll be out with nobel instead back in new york city on long island. They put these gang bangers in these high schools middle schools with these kids. These guys literally chopped up a couple of teenage girls with machetes. The okay that's sickening folks. That's what ms thirteen does. And that's what advise go. We got to reunite them with their families. How are we to their families it l. salvador or guatemala wherever the hell they're coming from but look at it the way they will be in the public schools if the kids will be they were also long island public school with the kids. It wasn't a random act. kick them out. You can't kick outraged by the way you can't. You can't kick him out. They could end up right next to your daughter. That's where they sadly we don't he. He wanted he. Actually one of his first. Executive order was really small and the court came out and said oh no. You can't do that. They blocked thank god but he was about to release all of these criminals heart talking. You've no idea folks we. We are so privileged in this country as a nation not as a white nation as a nation. Whether you're black brown. Latino white doesn't matter to be in. This country is a privilege the opportunities we have in. This country is unbelievable. Some of these folks have come to this. Country are not coming here because they want the american dream okay. They're coming here because he wanted to exploit the american kindness. Now there's a lot of good people in el salvador guatemala places that deserve to be here. We want them. Some of ninety percent. Ninety percent of that ninety percent of the drugs are coming through that we were not going to dismantle the wall for. We want good immigrants who want good immigration. And if you you have you talked to legitimate person who's here. Legally from buttons wailer legally smell salvador legally from cuba. Or any of these other places they would tell you i had. I don't want illegal immigration because you get the worst of the worst Not the best of the best. The engineers and the doctors are not the ones swimming to rio. Grande folks okay. They're not the the. The legal scholars of el salvador are not the ones trekking for miles. Click into a top. The train okay. That's not how we're getting here right. Duct tape themselves to the drive shaft. Exactly i mean come on. Let's use our brains again. Legal immigration great great. Let's let's let's figure out a way to fix the bureaucracy so move. These people do the system quicker and get but i think you've got to go back to what we did in the nineteen fifties and that is your family responsible for you. You don't get access to public benefits until you're here. Whatever you w self sustaining on a learn english so you get a job here. Yeah how about this one and you're going to ask yourself. How is this going to hurt. The the little guy ask agencies to extend eviction foreclosure moratorium socio the landlords say. Well how that's going to hurt the landlords it is in the short term. It will absolutely hurt the landlords in the long term. And we talked about this on the show. I think you mentioned this. That result of this folks will be you will have to put a twenty thousand dollar deposit down to be able to rent a space because landlords are gonna say. Hey you know what we know. There's a high probability you're gonna screw us so we need some security to be able to do that. You're also going to have less building going on. That's why would i build a building when you're gonna live here for free. I'm not going to take that risk. You'll have all the result of this will be exactly what we've seen in california. Which is people not being able to afford to live in a spot. that's right and then they can't figure out why their homes so this'll be. It's gonna take a little time for this to work. Its way through the system but at some point a year down the road. Two years down the road. Yeah by the way. That's the damage of liberalism right. We talked about that the day joe biden wanted people off should sell stock stuff cancer. Just slowly work. Its way through the system and then you go wait a minute. How why did the homeless go up across the country by ten percent. Oh well it's because they they. They said this vision foreclosure moratoriums out and landlords couldn't afford to be able to have the buildings anymore so they cleared these people out and now they've got either vacant properties are cost seventy five thousand dollars renner space to bed can't can't afford it. It'll it'll slowly itself into the system. The sad thing is in california especially is what's happened is you have exactly that right. You have apartment complex. That people are living the landlord evangelist. As you know what. I can't do anymore. I don't have put the building up for sale guests. Who is it. Mark zuckerberg does mark zuckerberg. Oh hey guess. What i got free read for everybody. I'm a billionaire. Could he could. He could totally if talking about jury hillians of dollars go up ten city which is so disgusting. Yeah that somebody like a sucker brook. If really wanted to fix it. He could walk there. Shut day yet. Write a check which literally could be like point. Zero zero. Love is not right he could say i'm building five or six hotels here. Everybody lives for free now. We all know the result of that will be more people coming and ten city will set up here and the problem will just get bigger and bigger. And did he do nothing no he. What he did is he bought a whole block. He leveled a giant up china's state so he took the housing great. Now i come by way. I'm just going to bulldoze again. Bigger that here what we liked this matter. He does what they do what they do. This launch an initiative to advance racial equity and end the seventeen seventy six commission for those of you know it's a patriotic education right. It's all about learning our history and growing from our history and understanding your. They don't want that. They don't want that when you do that. When you change. History ended up repeating history. Which is ultimately. What's going to end up. Lets you want to switch. I don't worry we'll do more of that by the way on saturday. We'll through some of the executive orders. Let me let me just say this actually before we get off that specifically when it comes to what biden is doing with climate control for those of you that watched this and listen to our podcast. And you're in new york whether it's buffalo rochester syracuse. You know how this game is going to end right. This game is going to end with windmills. That don't work that the game is gonna end with vacant warehouses that were supposed to make solar panels for roost but ended up not doing that. It will end up with billions if not trillions of dollars being pissed away on projects that we were promised. We're going to work. But don't we've seen it in california we've seen in new york. It's no different. A playbook is no different it is zero different or also going to be higher fuel prices as going to crush. That's going to crush a lot of lower income people. We didn't talk about this but they're also increasing the minimum wage. And when you want to go congress right well. that's not passed. I mean he wants to but not if they go to it in. I think it's already phasing in it By how the next to fifteen phased goes like ten fifty or something. I don't want to push the fifteen. They wanna push it to fifty eight. Let's just say they get this through right if you wanna talk about the the advancement a robotic mcdonald's and you want to see that happen fast. Which again who's that going to hurt you. And i when we were growing up all my buddies worked at some kind of a place like that right and then they learned skills. You learned how to deal with people deal with managers. learn how to be told by people. Hey this is how i wanted done. And i needed done by ten o'clock right those jobs and by the way some people. I remember a buddy of mine that i went to high school worked at a fast food place and he went to college but he ended up moving his way up and now he's like an executive director of a bunch of them right. I know what you'd call that. But he's making good money. I mean he's. He's not flipping burgers anymore. He's in charge of everything. Right never would have had that opportunity. Try if they were robots that were running the shop in the beginning. He didn't have the chance to walk his way. And they're in fact. We know a lot of people that started at those places but the owner. And i still by the way talked to the odors of a place i worked at when i was fifteen years old work there through college every once in a while still talk to them reach out to them and say what do you think about this right on. The stuff i learned from there wasn't about the show. I'll show how old i was. I was like three sixty five an hour when i was working there for like three fifteen. Yeah the guy. When i left it was like five. Fifteen or five fifty an hour and i was running the whole place but it but it shows you the people that you can meet there and in fact. I'm at gordon through that you know so. We actually started huge companies. Based on the knowledge i learned from an owner of a company that introduced me to a friend of his company whose another business owners and other business on it right. I do those connections. If i wasn't able to get into that place. Would i be where i am. I don't know. I don't know but getting my foot into there. And that doesn't happen if everything changes to being robots try a job market will look very very different happen. Got what the people that own those places are going to get richer. The people who own those publisher. I'll use mcdonald's as an example. I just want you to think about this. Folks they wipe out all the lower level jobs are all robots. Who's gonna make money out of that. Well i would bet mcdonalds makes more money out of it. What the people that. Oh mcdonald's stocks. They're going to make more money. Probably get right. Who's who's gonna get her lower level people jeff single time. The other thing with those jobs also teaches you what you don't wanna do. I used to always tell me this is why i wanted to go to college and stay in school because if you wanna work the machine for your ledger lifelong career then you drop out of high school and that's what you do right or you go get a traded learn skill by mommy's teasha to but used say you know it's just important understand why you're in school so that you don't have to work that kind of job for the rest of your life and you know to teaches you like. Oh wow this just sucks like this is a tough job and it's now want move up or at your working at a place and you're seeing it differently. Hey look at. I would do this differently if it was my place. One of the things that we have in our offices profiteer right totally believe in that the place i worked at in college did have profit probably a big profit sharing it was just shared at the bar at the restaurant at the god bless sunday ran the car work there. They had the right to do what they wanted to do. But i always thought jeez. What if they had profiteering. And i moved up. I might have been in that system. You might say look at. This is an okay so I we did things differently. That's okay. I learned from that. I learned from that situation and be able to grow and start my own comes. Home depot was started. Home depot was started in recession bunch of people the worked at a retail shop. And said i think we can do this. Better recession hit. They lost their jobs and they did it but he did it. All these executive orders. Oh dozens of them literally. Dozens of them in every single case hurts. The poor and the middle class doesn't hurt the wealthy. Yeah so if you think like oh he's gone out to every. Single one helps the wealthy in most cases right almost every single every single case almost every single case every single executive order hurts the poor in the middle clever time every single time. Single time leader in the this guy. The dong doctor soccer here though we play a little bit of him. He's a peach this guy he should be fire. He should have been fired as komo's either they're just there. He's he's he's right. Hand man about three minute clip but we will not make the whole three minutes komo honest to god. He is such an ass. I don't know how else to say. I mean he he needs to be if you vote for this guy again. I don't know what to tell you. These areas friends of over this guy would just smack them upside the head and say what do you think of these aggregate. He's incompetent and now he's got four to one and the redistricting state is done. You're actually it's this is. This is dr soccer beef over by the way the democrats that are getting into new york state are not the old school. The communists are communists. These are fully lit a card carrying member. Communists that's what they are. A rumor has it that they're going to re district Aoc out of territory. They were gone. Well they're gonna be she's going to run for the senate and go after chuck. Schumer i was. I hate abc. But i hate chucky more. I would love to see her takeout shock and and his career. Well put him into retirement thing. She's scary though. Even she she makes chucky conservative. she's nuts. i actually agreed with came the game. Stop as were screwing the little guy in that case. I don't think you know when you start getting into market manipulation stuff just not going to have an address tabby yeah. That's a whole different. Joey showed their hold on of these hedge funds and how they can control. It's not good and hurt and stay fit by the way. Don't try to play the game. Don't like hey. I'm going to hop on a go for the ri- just go do something else. Just stay away go go go by softbank playing and fire. Yeah it's get a scam going to the craps table that don't do it. This is This is what price week. These are the craps table you get. Free drinks exactly barrio. We've been transparent Number of nursing home deaths that were reported in the facility. We've always said those in facility deaths and we've also said they're having a facility. The best party goes well. We've been working on this since august. Lie how seriously right. You can't just figure out where people died. How hard is first of all first of all the allies because they give us the daily. Tell you about homer did he. Do you know exactly who died. You know exactly when they died. Yep and by the way everybody's been asking you folks numbers it takes by lawyer shared out get glennon. I will come in. But within an hour or two. We'll have it all auditor for you. Yeah deaths back in august. We said that we get the legislature. The number and muggy working on that we're working then -ticipant of budget hearing which is also okay. Maybe call by the saw. The attorney general report decide that we need to finish it up quickly you get these numbers out. gi starbucks. I the attorney general. Who happens to be a democrat. Jolly yeah so latisha. Let's see james latisha. Latisha calls them out and miraculously the august. They've been asking us. He's like well. We'd be getting the numbers together since august really because you've been scared the shit out of everybody daily on a daily basis with those numbers but now miraculously when they hurt you. You couldn't find them now latisha good for you. Latisha hatsaw shop. I know you want to be governor gulf war it go for it. Listen if you're gonna hold people accountable but we just want the truth and the honesty. I tell you what though the cnn suddenly turned on komo headline was passover. The headline was. What was the headline. This idea may not be. His performance may not have been as stellar s before. Yeah really. I thought it was drew. Komo's covid nineteen performance may have been less stellar close. Close close last dollar less stellar. We say this since march at sea we came out with the march twenty fifth. I still have it in my office. The march twenty-fifth edict from zucker. And komo that said nursing homes must take covert positive patients from nursing homes. And we're not allowed to test them even if they were symptomatic. We you put them with the most vulnerable. We suffered two months. We bashed you about that. Finally in may go. We'll change the policy at any like it didn't happen tonight completely. You did this. you begin. Maybe highest death rate the media your your response for part of these deaths to your responsible. We you send it all to you. Know picked it up channel to channel david. Kenny picked it up. Had the mainstream media actually did your job and portland. Put more pressure on these guys. They would have reversed it like that by the way they were able to. Just walk away and now by the way. This is twelve months later and again. I'm going to use this. Because they deserve it. The mental midgets on the left when they throw this stuff out twelve months later. It's like it didn't happen. It's okay no no never happen never happened. No problem the election's over now no problem. By the way the timing of it's perfect because it allay beckett by the time cuomo ron's will be on to get education and building bridges. Charlie should take an internship under dave mckinley. You might actually learn to reel investigator. David as far as i the only one in town. That's actually investigate. If you have an agenda as an if you're an investigator reporter and you are hard left or hard right. If you have an agenda you're not in the right business. I mean you're you should be looking at things and try to get to the bottom of the truth. I guess you don't get a job though if you do that. Now dave's grandfathered and no offense debut is a very important point to emphasize. Is that the total number of deaths does not change all number and we put that down to misrepresent. That number actually is factually inaccurate. And so in the report. When when i saw the That was the turning that when they said there was under county. That's just factually inaccurate. Oh no it's. I noticed that they said it was under counting of nursing home data so total still say if andrew throws a bomb into a building and a thousand people die. Is it accurate to say that. If he didn't throw the bomb into the building a thousand people wouldn't have died. The answer's yes right. So the argument here is not that you don't have the right somehow. Miraculously have the total count right. But you can't do the forensic math to figure out if they actually left a nursing home with coal that and came back to the nursing home we could figure that out pretty quickly right pretty quickly you know dimmed by the way these nursing homes hate him. They hate andrew cuomo but they're scared to death of him just like everybody who owns restaurants are scared to death of. I mean this is really communism at its best you nursing homes grow aback. Gross fine grow a set and start to go out and tell the number the real story i know you. Haven't you've called us. I know you have these stories. Start to go out and share. The real story petrified him. Afraid they're gonna come in and they're gonna lose their licence health department. They'll be there tomorrow right. This is joe. Komo's the best though. When he comes on he goes. You know these this is what the cdc's said we're just following the directives again. Only five states in the country. What the cdc said by the way though that's a lie that's a complete lie by cuomo. What the cd said was nursing homes could take right in covert patients if they could have the right facilities to keep them quarantine than separate. There was no cdc edict that said you must take covert positive patients. That was all kobo kobo. Got the letter. Governor wolfram that letter by the absolute shot. That's for sure we should. We should frame that yup absolutely make poster size. Yeah so you've got a new york. Pennsylvania new jersey michigan and california. I think with five states runs five states five or on it governors right that can't think for themselves that took the easy way out to say. Well we'll just let me tell you. What a leader actually does i on a leader takes it for mation. Multiple sources makes their own decision as to. What's the right and by the way down to florida with more people. Yeah lot less tasks older people other people by the way. The older communities are more congested. Older people live in in condos right in florida right but even said this. Santa said by the way. I don't know what they're doing in new york. I don't need your advice andrew. Thanks for keep your book to yourself. I'm not taking sick people in nursing homes and putting them all together. I have the common sense not the do that. Think about the living situations. Oh and florida you just nailed i think about all the condos and all the high rise is all. We don't have that in new york. There's also new york city apartment. Look you have in florida you know. How many communities in florida. You can't live there unless you're sixty years old. That's right that's right. Yeah what is it in the middle of florida whereas the villages village villages. Yes thank you villages. There's like twelve trillion people there over the seventy and by the way we have clients. That told me. Hey they're all getting together just doing party. Animals you see a storm surge keg stand in the villages in the middle of the pandemic they hit a gulf trump rally carlaw cartwheel thousand people. Miraculously the numbers are better. How could that possible. How could that well they. Didn't you know sick people next to elderly people. Yeah well and and you know what they let. People live their lives and a- and the proof is is that by letting people have their lives and letting their immune systems out and doing what they need to do way safer than locking people in a room and locking people in a in a in a in house for sure so sad sad and he wrote a book that unfortunately he forgot that the virus was still going on and so he was putting the he was putting chapter twenty together when he should waited for chapter thirty to really get some again. He'll walk into office and they have done an unbelievable job of putting communists into place. People are the democrats are scared to death of him. The democrats are scared to step out and say anything wrong against him because their these lot of these democrats by the way on restaurants and own stuff to their friends. They're just all petrified of him. He'll walk right back into the bully. Keep going curated and so in the report. When when i saw the that was there i said that when they said there is under county. That's just factually inaccurate. No one wanted to get that out now. She said it was county. And all these presentations you can trust however you want number reputation to report out there and we wanted to be sure that those numbers react. He'll get thrown under the bus to the mafia just truck of a car so for the remember the context here remember the can't work. This is my favorite affirmed. Everything the commissioner said where the starts. Ah is latisha james democrat. Frankly a political tall now. Mike caputo this federal administration. Hhs a spokesperson michael computer. Actually the attacks started governor before. Michael computers even pointing. Because i know why because these two guys right out of the gate we were the very first ones folks. We first news outlet if you wanna call news outlet but we were the first commentator or anyone without any sort of public platform at all. Only we were first to come out with this letter. We were the very first agency. Whatever you wanna call us company senator other mainstream. Yup we every see. We said at a two four and seven. I talked mckinley in the also. We're still trying to corroborate. I said i don't need cratia putting it out there wednesday night in may and remember exact date. It was a wednesday specifically. We put that out there. Wednesday night in may. It wasn't until thursday or friday when new york post finally picked it up while they were already working on it and they got it out there so melissa had nothing to do with. Michael caputo nothing whatsoever. In fact michael caputo. I don't even recall him talking about nursing homes or anything like mike was working for the federal government. Not focused on you andrew. How he was focused on on a plan for trump right. That's a whole different arguments. A whole different show we. I will say this though might be very proud of yourself because of this moron is mentioning your name. That means that you did something right. You are living around free and his head you. You've probably saved lives at some point. God bless you. That's totally untrue. Though it's not true it's true. We were bashing him as the new york post earth. Data's the address the real the real attacker here. Latisha james. Your attorney general. That's who's going after you. She's rubbing to do it. Mike caputo just blows it off the numbers being undercut stature. The media is not true at all here andrew. Can i little more dog food. You just give me a little more treat. Just one more treat andrew except for jimmy. Jimmy jimmy anybody. Did anybody find out whatever happened. Jimmy some of these intros jimmy. We did all these. That's that's a good one two we got a you remember. Remember that did it already. Yeah girl working at my impressions. Which i like my john kerry windmills off the pubic saw. It would be wrong to take advantage. We should be relocating these poor and underdeveloped communities they can enjoy the view of the whirling turbines kelly birds and they're all neighborhoods that very rarely world when they do. They are spectacular. We just paint the the blades tree colors and leave colors trees and it wouldn't. It never moved. There's gonna sit there. You want to see some you dress up like a tree can go duck hunting. That's why i do actually think twelve. Oh man just documentary. Those things just catch says that's right. Yeah i don't know how. I think there's a proper way to clean those things. Probably not suffering. I'm right in the middle. And how not roger stone protege radisson more nursing home deaths in new york because of something that the state health department did true true. This report affirms everything the commissioner said for the past year yeah. The state department of health followed federal guidance. Really by cms and see the forty five other states did not right. I wanna make clear by the way this guy. Cms said though this is really important. What the cdc. The was guidance guidance first of all. That's right guy leader but what they said was if the nursing home is equipped to quarantine and take on covert patients than they could go ahead and do that and that is not know his letter said you must must take them. We re post that by the way back there. Sure as a as a yeah we show. We'll do today. Yeah that's not there today. no doubt i have. I have a hard copy of it. 'cause they removed from everywhere. They took a picture. If it didn't exist. This liberal the we actually had to take the copy down to our south florida office to barricades right just to be sure to keep that left with with a suitcase with one format one. Four check ahead. You checking that in. Nope no way man. Commissioner said no not for profit nursing home was forced to take anyone yesterday. Were report confirms that profitable person who was not who they could not care for a covert positive person. They violated the law so the drug so the letter. That use is just the letter that you better if he was retainer. That's real the trouble. If you took nursing you force them to and then you came out and said they you were you or not allow if you took a nursing home patient. That was kobe positive. That's your fault right. You're looking at the letter. The letter of the mark of a good leader. Say the governor's state of data. Because you know what. I made a mistake early on. I should never close the beaches. I should ever close the boat. Ramps up we obviously made a rash decision. It was early on the pandemic but knowing what we now looking back. That was a huge mistake. I won't make that mistake. And how can i support you by the way you nursing homes. There's a lot of people that all this is a business for them when you ask by the way why. This stuff is so costly. It's all government regulations. People want to get into the business of being in the nursing on business because of this bag here. That's exactly why they don't want to so when you ask. How is it possible that it costs fifteen to sixteen thousand dollars a month to put someone in a nursing on there right there right there and you don't wanna have to. He'll he'll say you take these sick people back. In and then the nursing homes get sued and then the nursing homes got pay these big lawsuits outright and guess who throws him under the bus. That guy in florida by the way nursing homes cost about one half one half to two thirds of what they cost. Well they must all be rotting out in the back on the back. Lot these nursing homes do you. When we're i'll have to check that out when i'm down in south florida time trial. Just drive around the nursing homes and see how many are just sitting back. Yeah lee mountain right up horrible. They try florida. They had some issues to florida. We had a hurricane sadly and and they lost power one of the facilities. And i think it was like eight nursing. Home residents died because it was too hot. And it's terrible tragic scenario and right after that governor santa's came out and said okay executive order now every nursing home has to have a generator. Generator has to have enough gas supply to be able to cover it for For multiple like three or four days or something like that that makes my guess is he probably wouldn't have had to do that anyways because in the future. I'm sure as you're putting your mom and dad into a nursing on one of the questions would be generally a backup generator. That was a sad scenario. Let me try this time. Probably wrap it up. I want to just get to the rest of climate Keeps keeps timing out. So let me see if i can get. We'll wrap up with mr cuomo by the way if you need us throughout the week like facebook follow us on twitter and our website. The financial guys dot com. That number stays the same. Well people who were in people who were transferred from the hospital back to a nursing home because they were forced to that number the department was correlating because get that from the nursing homes and the report also says the information from nursing homes is often incorrect or well. You've been working on since every body else's fault about nursing homes it's cms guidelines. It's the federal government. It's michael caputo. So how roger stone. God i don't know what he did but talking about you. Did this doctor soccer. You did this. That was yours. Look at your doctor your doctor. Your doctor should sit handy not a good idea gonna not do this. A forty hour guy. I want to stress. This forty five other states didn't do this. This was not systematic across the country was not like every state governor did this and every state governors point to donald trump. You say it's his fault federal government. i get it. That's what happened here folks. Five states run by five lunatic liberal governors like governor wolf and pennsylvania. Governor kobo governor. Whitman kelly in michigan gavin newsom california. And whoever it is. I can't take jersey governor but did you governor murphy by the way did you we. Can you play the stories that all about this on two four seven this week. Did you grab yeah. Let me see if i got out. I guess generally gets away with it by the way. That's absolutely zero. Zero journalism zero reporting. The news is completely fake. It's disgusting. It's tearing won't hear this except for the financial guys. And maybe dave mckinley on channel right and and and parts of wb. And that's it every here. That's what set if two four seven called him out if the siracusa news in albany news and they started calling him out it would be a different day. They want this is to me obvious. It's painful anybody who did any type of journalism would say. Hey andy here is your ladder. Here's channel seven spec signature. Here's your ladder that you sat right here. That says they were forced to do that. Real easy to break the story. The new york post will be the only one of doesn't respond on it. Because i've been in your office. I understand how you have cameras. But it'd be the last time. Charlie that's going to be invited back. Yeah look again. I don't mean to beat up on him. A we desperately need journalists. We really do more than ever than ever. You need to be holding these folks. I don't know what else to say. That's your job. Your job is not to be the propaganda arm and the lick. The boots of whoever the governor is. That's the democrat is going to give you some crumbs here. I mean you act like a bunch of groupies like a bunch of schoolgirls like what's the matter with you. People do some real reporting. He made a huge mistake that mistake that he made cost new york state a lot of lives. Thousands of lives right. New york state has the highest death toll in the country from covert new york. State has the highest percentage of death from cova the country. Those numbers don't lie an only five states in this country. Did what new york state did new york. Pennsylvania new jersey michigan and california forty five other states like florida. Didn't make that decision and as a result has a lot less dust that new york has and by the way what what do we stop counting cumulative because if we were offered like the flu. Aren't we flu death. One million years. What are we at now way more than that now we. We're going to continue. This account is going to be over. Twenty twenty four. We got one million four hundred thousand eight hundred sixty two. What does the clock reset is a year or is it just continued to go and the fluid got by the way it goes. It goes until people start to rebel. Which doesn't seem to be the case. They're just going to wear masks and be happy. By the way we talk about. Investigative reporting people are leaving new york. Charlie just so you know all you folks to they're leaving your a million people over a million people now have left new york in the last ten years. That's why there's desperate for advertise. Yeah that that means by the way there's going to be less of a need for three stations soon in places where you're seeing that now though because what when they call us up and say listen. We've got a great deal for you. We just cut on rails to ask for here we go. I don't wanna give them. They're desperate for advertisers. Because again folks like us on again. People are drawing lines. Budweiser has chosen the right side of the spectrum. Supporting police were supporting police. Were on the right side right. We put a political right. We are going to support things that we feel are aligned with that conservative kind of viewpoint right and you wanna come into betas coming debate and all their jobs. I'm sorry smaller government your jobs. The jobs not free handouts now welfare more job. The bigger the government gets the less freedoms we have and the more money. It costs us every time and we subbed a republican party. Sadly is no longer the party. A small government are now sadly outside rand. Paul who's more libertarian than anything the republicans now are we been saying this for a decade actually saints for more than a decade because it goes back to the bush years though. The republican big government plan is better than the democrat. Big government plan at. Guess what my position is in our position neither neither either. The private sector plan is the better plan. We need to get back to that. Unfortunately it's going to take a law is gonna think it's going to be a long hard road to get there with the the socialist communist. We have an office of anyway list of unita's throughout the week. We are conservative. safe-space. You can edit vent talk to us tor departments. We are the only one stop financial shopping. Ob aware of that offers everything that we do in the wide range. Some places say that a one stop financial shopping. Really got like insurance and finance. We are well beyond that. We've got obviously property casualty. So easy liberal. Do it homeowners. An auto right medicare one of our fastest. Growing departments is huge the largest agencies. Now just a couple of years and Medicare providers of western new york and rochester Obviously financial planning our investment. Are we have one hundred. Eighty plus years of investment experience on our investment committee and folks it shows in the performance the navigation of choppy markets the last year. So if you need us throughout the week use us as a resource eight three three guys or go to our website financial guys dot com on our website. You can find all of our social media links as well you to twitter all that good stuff facebook instagram. And if you like what you hear if you want to hear more of this favor hit the subscribe button below. Give us tops up and you'll be alerted to all the episodes that are coming out. So thanks for listening folks. The mike lead wiggle with a financial guys. And we'll see on saturday and then next week again on. Tuesday are the podcast.

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