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What's up. Everybody welcome to kinda funny games daily for Tuesday, October twenty third twenty eighteen. I'm one of your host, Greg Miller alongside the busiest lady in the business injury, Rene. Let's good. Greg, video games other so many good ones right now, our top of the list Ghostbusters world as they battle over here in the ghost to now what you might be saying is Greg, I read on the Ghostbusters world sub read it. You were having with crashing inside of the story mode and goes tower. What I'm here to tell you. Andrea Rene is I might have solved the issue by taking auto turns down two times. One not times to that appears to be going for well, we'll be able to beat them in this story. We'll see right now. We don't know how you what are you playing. Well, I'm playing a game I can't talk about, but I've also, that's that's gosh. I wish. Definitely excited to check that out. I'm but I've also been playing destiny festival is happening, and I love some good Halloween theme stuff. Sure. And I've also been playing some assassin's creed odyssey. Have you checked your trophies? Are you going to platinum it or not? I've told you this yesterday. I'm not gonna plan, but I like to think I put the bug in your ear, you so committed already so into it, why not why I've taken three day break and I'm trying to get cleaned from it. Gonna go. Yeah, you gotta get back in there. I don't know. I think you can't give. We'll see excited. All right. News nutshells. Fantastic. That sounds fantastic. I totally that rain heard not low. Fantastic. What the hell's you say Kevin stroke might be? They know. Funny games daily each and every week, Dan variety of platforms. We run you the nerdy video game news. You need know about if you like that. Be part of the show kind of funny dot com. Slash KFI GD with your questions, comments, bad PSN names for a little bit wilder and everything else under the video game, son, then watches recorded live twitch, dot TV, slash kind of funny games. 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Motari, enjoy all manner of things and get my notes sent to you at the end of the month today on returning to is Ian podcast beyond right after this running back there to film land. I gotta get back in the. Well, no. But when she did it, you have to answer it's a call and response. You know what I mean? Can you don't understand beyond you? Never hurt. So send them your questions. Look for the episode tomorrow, Kevin. That's fine. Don't yell at her Kevin. I heard you guys had a fight. Don't act like you're cool with me because now you're trying to take back. What happened on social media. I don't understand. So during the morning show when there was a bunch of ruckus happening, I walked in to figure out what all the commotion was about. And then we want this morning watch the raccoon unless deep Kevin back there with his feet up on the desk once everything has relaxed, I was just I was just commenting on the fact that he was just straight Chilin back there. And so I brought up my phone and did a little Instagram story. I said, hey, Kevin, working harder, hardly working because that's a funny thing to say. And then he got, he thinks we're gonna fight. Now. That's how Kevin does Kevin only knows how to show love through fight. He doesn't have any other way. He's really just mad that I didn't tag him in the story. You can't reshare eight that that's a stupid thing. Show share any story who cares. She there anyway. And then sometimes you tag people in the Instagram story doesn't even work. Annoying today were brought to you by Lou Craig quip and third love. But I'll tell you about that later for now let's begin the show with what is an forever will be the rope report. Time for some new. Three items on the report biggers. That's a really good one. I appreciate that. Impressive. We have a little bit more on the PlayStation name-change details. This is from reset era user as dune. How you do anything as down hazy d. o. u. n. e. as down as down face down as down, no way would like to reset air Do same. I'm gonna, say as down because it sounds like that, of course what's happening right now is if you're some of the PlayStation testers out there are the people in the betas are getting a new firmware for their PlayStation four, which is allowing for name changes. This is from the official Email, right? Not all in. So it's worth pointing out by the way before I even dive into this, this is what's happening right now in the beta test period. Will this be what it's like when they launched the official name changes who knows probably in some respects, but here's how bad it is, not all games and applications for PlayStation four PS three p. Vida and other PlayStation systems support the online ID change feature. If you change your online. ID Cohen. You may lose access to content including paid for content that you've acquired for your games, including content like add ons and virtual currency. You may lose your progress within games, including game, saved, data leaderboard data and progress towards trophies. Parts of your games and applications might not function properly both online and offline. Your previous online I, these may remain visible to you and other players in some places. If your previous online ID violates any of the current terms of services, you will not be able to revert back to your previous online ID. So beware p with bad PSA names and thinking about this is your solution. You can revert to your previous online ID once per account during the preview period. Sub accounts cannot utilize the change online ID feature after you change your online d, it may take a few hours for some services and applications to reflect the new idea changing back to your previous online. ID may fix all of your maith may not fix all issues, parentheses. You may not recover all or. Any whilst content progress and functionality? Well, this is terrible news. The expected no way do expect that PlayStation blog post they put up, yes. Okay. Based on that, but like to be expected, how how are you going to roll out a feature that may not recover all or any loss content, progress and functionality? That's a giant fucking if Greg, I'm aware all waited so long, no dude. If this is on the table as a possibility, keep your bad PS. Don't do it kids. Here's the figures I my take away from. It would be that I would imagine what they're talking about for the most of this of this could totally fuck everything up is some PlayStation three game. You're probably not playing anymore, probably. Yeah, but they don't say that, of course they got cover their acid understand this is the biggest umbrella statement, right? But thing like you're on the day, the blog did the name changes me talking about it there. We're when I was. Quoting it talking about it. I'm like, keep in mind what they're saying here because they're like, hey, this might be this could be a problem. It might be a problem we're gonna have to together, which means it's going to be huge fucking problem because when you say, hey, we're gonna have a little bit of problems, and we'll get to a question about the Bethesda stuff for mystery too. When you say there might be a problem, you get in front of the problem. That means, you know, there's going to be a bunch of problems because this is a super complicated thing that they're trying to Richard retroactively fix two thousand and six, right? Like cover design all the PSN back. Then they weren't thinking about any of these problems in here. We go get your bandaids and chewing gum ready. You guys wanted it strap in. I think you're giving them too much credit XBox figured it out. I mean, I'm giving credit in terms of the reality of how the system is. I'm not giving him credit as like what a great solution. Everybody. Homerun. You know what I mean? I would be curious to know from best friends out there that are eager to change their PSI dis. Is it worth the risk? Are you going to take this risk right into kind of dot com slash KFI. Wait for all the fan of memes, right. What did it cost you to change your name? Lady liquor sixty nine everything. It's going to be. But here's the other thing too, is that this is the beta period. So maybe this is where they're trying to just figure out how bad it's going to be and see. This is the thing to remember. This was the temporary period to try it out or whatever, and then they're going to roll it out and twenty nineteen to everyone. So like right now it's totally you are getting to be this Guinea exactly. You ought to ram the lab and they're just feeding you pills and they're going to see what takes. What does it? I wonder if you do a full backup, like on an external hard drive of all of your safe files and all of your game data, if that would still matter. It sounds like it wouldn't. It sounds like h. e. I mean, that's the problem is if you change your name, right. Okay, cool. I've changed my name, your saves in their off the side, then it's going to be huge rigmarole of them not working. And if you revert back changing back to your previous on lady may not fix all issues, but how. Oh, Yikes. Bless you out there. You beta users who are like, you know what? I will risk it. All I no longer wanna be done. Beat eighty nine. I'm going to. Onto his out. I'm gonna solve the problem. So the rest of you may live. You know what I mean? We will build statues in your honor and PlayStation home. Number two, I I didn't get any. I usually get a grown from Andrea when she reads headline. She doesn't like wrote this one on my own lab. In the class, though. Coming to classrooms around North America. Let's read about it. Nintendo in the institute of play of teamed up to bring intendo Abba kits into elementary classrooms. Nationwide. Combining the innovative play of Nintendo Abba with the basic principles of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics steam got away from stem. Now, it steam to inspire kids and help make learning fun. Nintendo will provide intendo lab override kits and intend to switch systems to participating classrooms to reinforce skills such as communication, creativity, critical and critical thinking. The program aims to reach approximately two thousand students Asia's eight to eleven during the twenty eighteen twenty nineteenth school year being to play is currently conducting a pilot program with schools in the greater New York area. Nintendo and the institute of play will use these pilot classes to develop an intendo lab. Oh, teacher guide that will allow other educators to implement intendo Abbott in the classroom to promote the development of skills such as creative problem solving in collaboration, the Nintendo lab, oh teacher, God will include sample lesson plans. And learning modules dedicated to basic elements of steam and make play and discover components of Nintendo lab. The guide will be available for free later this fall to anyone who wants to incorporate Nintendo into their classrooms or homes. Once the pilot is complete, the program will expand to approximately one hundred schools across the United States schools that wish to take part in the program can't apply at institute of play dot org slash Nintendo lab. Each participating school will be provided with Nintendo switch systems and intendo APO variety kits as well as the Nintendo Lavaux teacher guide the in classroom program will run through March twenty nineteen. This program is part of a broader North American initiative to introduce Nintendo Lavaux, different educational settings in Canada, Nintendo's, partnering with actual Canada's leading education outreach organization for stem topics. They didn't add the art. They're holding strong. It'd be in stem. I mean, strong now. Listen the recognize Arlene bullshit. Adding art into there. You don't have to convince kids to do art when they're when they're in. School, you have to convince them to do fucking math. You got a kick kick the a out. Need any help. Get your aspect to fucking Canada, then all right to inspire Canadian youth to be innovators tomorrow through digital literacy programs that offer hands on experiences with new and emerging technologies like Nintendo switch Nintendo. What a cool program? I like that one. Yeah, it's great. Yeah, that's cool. Nintendo lab of course, seems interesting Kevin refuses to buy it for me to play with. So I mean, you're an adult. You can buy it for yourself. I don't blame you for that gives us nice. Yeah. Oh, cool together in classrooms and actually see how I'm very, what I'm interested for is when they put up the lesson plan for free like there in the fall, their faculty manual, whatever. That's something I'd love to download into play of and see what a lesson plan is and screw around with that and see what they do. But I think it's really cool way. Get kids interested in building in creating and sharing. I hope Nintendo plans to donate quite a few of these LeBow kits because they are not cheap. So the really expensive inexpensive tool for a teacher to bring into a classroom to have to for them to pay on their own. Because I doubt any public school system, at least states is going to approve buying Nintendo products with the two thousand Ryan than rolling out two hundred more schools cross United States. One hundred schools across the United States is nothing. Entry even rop. Book schools, estate done are using. Hey, they're trying something out there putting that. You know what I mean? I'm not trying to take away from that saying, I hope that they're going roll the set to more than just one hundred schools, right? Yeah, Nintendo, you've got money. You can do it. Just cardboard. True. Do it scar board partner, Domino's number three, Brig news. Everybody may be kind of not really in television is back. Yeah, thank you. Kevin. Charlie hall has report over a polygon in television to home video game console that first launching nineteen seventy nine is planning a comeback in a new family friendly format. The modernize platform called Emeco will include the originals iconic Omni directional disks are disk as well as a full color touch on one controller. The expected release date is October tenth twenty twenty nine. Televisions leadership team led by chief executive officer and video game. You musician. Tommy Taylor Rico is making some bold claims about its device which is still on the drawing board. Chief among them is the council's price point said to be between one hundred. And forty nine in one hundred and seventy nine US dollars. Additionally, every single game published for the platform will be exclusive in cost between two ninety nine and seven ninety nine. They said it will launch several built in titles and over twenty more games in its online store. Quote, we are creating a console that parents want to buy. Not that they were asked to buy. Tell Rico said during a keynote address at the Portland retro gaming expo this past weekend. Most every go home. I'll hold for Kevin's laughter. Most every game being made for the home for home or for the home consoles. These days is created with only the hardcore gamer in mind. He continued. We see a world where everyone is interested in playing at home in with friends, but this isn't currently possible because of the barrier to entry is nearly impossible for non gamer. Dude. It's complexity. Size, any harder, Andrea. These parents, they're too busy with turbo tax and whatever world of warcraft expansion. They're playing PC's. They don't understand control. I will start again, it possible for non game or the complexity of the controllers intricacy of the game, play expensive hardware and software in steep learning curve with an unbalanced fun factor for the beginner. Our goal was to create a console gamers and non gamers are able to have fun with and play together. The television Emeco is our answer to this gaping hole. We see within the current video game industry. I almost edited some of this out left it so preposterous, you're an audio listener. I urge you to go watch back. What just happened is Andrea rings. The desk moves around as if possessed. 'cause Dr for the co shows in all white console with a built in with building ambient lighting, prominently featured on top are a pair of bluetooth controllers that pay tribute to the televisions rectangular keypad design each. Will include a touchscreen circular direction pad and tactile buttons along the left and right side gyroscope an excel or ometer accelerator. Accelerometer did. I did say right first hickory growing star from me. Whereas my stem degree allow for motion control up to six other players able to connect to the device using a free smartphone app for IOS and Android. The launch lineup includes a number of reimagined titles, including Astra, smash, snafu, Tron deadly discs in star strike. It will also have a version of cloudy, mountain crown of kings. A rebranded take on advanced dungeons and dragons cloudy mountain cloudy. One of the first console role playing games licensed from t s are Inc. The council will offer numerous titles from the Atari catalog. Andrea go to town. All right. It's still hard here, common person play game. Here's the positive thing to say about this is that the form factor looks great, clean white. Got those nice. Little ambient lights looks like a cute little display in line with what we've seen from classic or mini additions of several consuls that have come out. So that looks good. I think this quote is absolutely out of touch with where video games are at in twenty eighteen this idea that the entry, the barrier to entry's nearly impossible for a non game due to the complexity of controllers intricacy of gameplay, an expensive hardware and software steep learning curve. I don't think that that as a silo quote is wrong in in the sense that gaming can get incredibly expensive and complex on the far end of the spectrum. But the idea that the Intelevision Emeco is our answer to this gaping hole that we see in the industry. Is almost laughable to me because that's what mobile gaming is doing is filling that hole on. That's my mobile gaming has become so incredibly popular, incredibly lucrative in all markets around the world. If you wanna have a way to answer the expense and the difficulty of consular PC gaming just use the device that you already own to make some calls on that has tons of free to play options on it. And all you do is literally tap the screen. Like how difficult is that? And to assume that the game the intricacy of gameplay is too difficult is just assuming that the mass people out there that aren't gamers are just stupid and we'll be able to figure it out like really come on dude. Yeah, it's since there's so much weird stuff going on with these retro companies in Tari and every else trying to make these weird little councils and get back into it worth thinking. And I feel like it's to your point. The television Meco is our answer this gaping hole. There's this isn't a gaping hole if their PR people had just said Yotam e don't say anything. We're just gonna launch as an ode to retro games as nostalgia as an option to like relive the glory days and make a play in that direction. I think we would be having a completely different conversation right now because I think there's nothing wrong with saying, hey, in television has a very unique place in the history of the video game industry, and that there's a lot of people out there that have great memories playing in television when they were younger and wanna. Maybe bring those experiences to another generation of gamers. And I think there's nothing wrong with that angle. But this idea that these old ask games are gonna. Gonna be bringing non gamers into the fold with traditional gamers is kind of ridiculous. And why on earth would you pitch something where you use a smartphone app on your IRS devised to sync up to this box when I can just play a game on my. CMO and you don't need to buy more controllers. You can use the control as you already having your house that have probably offense better games than this thing has. Well, maybe I don't need to buy this thing at all. I mean, that's the other thing for me is like, okay, cool. One hundred forty nine one hundred seventy nine dollars. When you can get a PlayStation four, slim or an Xbox One s on sale. But for between two and three hundred dollars. My whole thing is one one fifty, right? You're you're halfway to intend to switch. Right. And I feel that even I know plenty of people who've seen their kids in intended switches and ball thrown intended switches. Right? There were also are against the fact of cool. Yeah. This thing's going to be simple at a glance to understand and there's going to be cheaper games on it. But like are you with the library of the switches endless library of amazing games to go out and take a chance on this thing that is reminiscent of a remnant of the television used to know a long time ago. Madge ind- it. We've remixed it. Keep in mind, latest gentleman. We're still talking about coming out in two years. This isn't like in imminent thing. This is also when you say, hey, we're trying to bring back the television brand with his console, and we're gonna do it in October of twenty twenty that Greg is like, we're not gonna see this thing that's not gonna happen, but I, I don't know. I wish well, I'm not trying to stop them or anything. It's just like what a weird campaign to come out and take the shot across the bow of, okay. Okay. Like I don't know who's who I don't. I don't know, Jared, petty excited about this MS Daming. Yeah. But like I said, there's nothing wrong with being excited about it in that scope. Rienscher are looking at it as an ode to retro gaming cloudy mountain fan here. Exactly. If you want to kind of, you know, I'd allies that era of gaming in your own personal way by buying this replica item, this reimagined replica, then that's great. I just think that all of this pop and circumstance around. Trying to disrupt the industry, fill gaping hole is quite frankly bullshit. Chem cell. I can't wait to see if on October tenth twenty twenty. In television. Meco comes out, but it's still so far away if I want to know what came to video game gramshop shops today. What I go, Andrea crank. You go to the official list of coming software across each never platform as listed by the kind of finding game show host each and every weekday do do do do do do do, yes. Andrea while you were just railing on that article, I got distracted at one point by your shirt. Is it goats? Ducks is in a FOX FOX FOX is, okay. I when I bought the shirt, I thought it was corgis and then the legs are too long. They're definitely okay. Okay. Out today, bass pro shops, the strike on switch Kabila's the hunt on switch. The fallout beta break it. Early test application period starts for Xbox One and XBox wonder PC's. Well, kind of funny. Dot com slash around PlayStation knows next week. Probably. I don't know. Is it, which is it? Let me know. My Xbox One version is download and ready for the Xbox One as well. Can't remember is their PC version at launchers at when injury you're on it. I'll be grew grid retro, enhance someplace station for Gwent. The Witcher card game is officially released. Just AS twenty nineteen is on PlayStation four XBox which mind, labyrinth VR dreams is on PlayStation. VR never out is on PS four, Nickelodeon car. Racers is on PS four. XBox switch. Paw patrol honor roll is on PlayStation four, Xbox One and switch the perils of baking ref- Ross. It is on PlayStation vita. It lives project high-rise, architects addition is on Xbox One, spin, tires mud runners on American. Spend tires? Mud runner. American wilds is on Xbox One. What do you got me on fallen? So it's Xbox One, but they have a limited window which you can play with seven PM eastern time till eleven pm eastern time today. We don't have the sessions for the rest of the week. It's comes out for PS four PC next week, judger thrown breaker. The Witcher tales is on PC and then wind. James comes in intendo switch a coup, Greg. You came in and interesting, Tom anisia microphone in. Have you played Nickelodeon kart racer that's out today? Oh, yeah. Been playing quite a bit. Actually. A lot of it goes Michelangelo Bob and planning. Hey, Arnold who? Okay. How is it? Goes a way dumbed down and easier. Mario Kart? Okay. Everything they would fuck you up in Mario Kart shirts? The sand in Mario Kart slows you down. This is like their version kind of speed you up, that kind of gets the slightest boot. So get you back in the conversation. Interesting. Okay. Yeah. Would you recommend it though? I heard Tim was like, it's not good. It's kind of I wouldn't recommend you, but visually alike to just to go through the different levels share second. Mario Kart slot of fun to see bows low level. And yeah. Okay, thanks. New dates for you to senders, the downhill biking game from rage screw in, and no more robots will become that little bit trickier. Next week. That's what they wrote. When the trigger street update adds a whole host of special tricks. You can pull off in boost your combo. That's Tober nineteenth on PC and XBox. What day is it so twenty-third where the hell that new story come from? Why did I read it? Got to storm boy, the game and adaptation of the novella exploring the friendship between the child and his pelican sewers. Xbox One switch PS four, MAC Iowa's, Android, November twenty, two thousand eighteen and then rogue legacy and full full metal, furry fury's come switch ports come out on November six. I was so thrown by reading about the sender's which came out on the nineteenth October. What is happening to me. Asia. Yes, it's time for deals of the day, but you added one just do deals with sure. So we got a PlayStation blog announcement that God of war is officially thirty nine ninety nine. This marks an official price reduction through PlayStation, not just like a retailer sale and they released a mid guard mishaps video in celebration of this where they show some of the development process and some of the bugs and stuff they came across while they were making the game, which was funny because we were like these books aren't even that bad considering like how many bugs aren't games these days, but it makes you think, wow, there weren't really any bugs in that game gaming. The good good Invidia announced the hunt begins bundled for graphics cards. That feature g four's GT ten sixty six gigabyte a g force GTE ten seventy and g force GT x ten seventy GP customers who purchased one of this electric from participating partner will receive a copy of the hick game monster. Hunter world begins. Bundle runs on the twenty third today through the twenty ninth of November. And lastly, if you buy red dead redemption to from game stop, you can save one hundred dollars on any Xbox. One console purchase. This brings the price of the Xbox. One x down to three ninety nine ninety nine and the Xbox One s to one ninety. Nine ninety nine. The deal is valid from October twentieth through November third against Representative tool Polycom Chevy. Yeah. So if you are in the market for an XBox and you wanna play cowboy, this is the deal for you. Time for reader mail, but I'm going to tell you it's brought to you by loot crate quip. Third, live third left. Let's start with Luke crate. 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Do you think this is because they're holding their cards close to their chest, or is it that there isn't much to show what would they have show to blow you away? Love everything you do. Thanks. Daniel McSherry from Texas. Daniel mic g from Texas. So quieting drew. Probably because this event is not nothing more than a fan celebration event of games and hardware that's already been released. This isn't something like we would expect from PlayStation experience where there's a big media showcase. They are doing something, but so far what I'm saying is the expectation. Not that it's going to be a bunch of big announcements, right? Because Microsoft has not really done that. Historically, obviously, the last off cycle major press briefing. They did that wasn't aligned with a major trade show was when they announced the Xbox One, at least if I'm wrong about that, please right into dot com. Slash you're wrong. There's a glaring thing that I'm missing there. And so I don't have any expectation that we're going to get some kind of crazy revelation here, like gears of war release date or like a new halo trailer. Said it was low. We talked on the show where the newest halo will not make an appearance there. They confirm it already. Well, there you go. Yeah, so yeah, I'm just going back to what it was because it was what give us an official crackdown release date. Doubtful though. Right? The twenty second isn't that one of the twenty sites? February twenty nineteen last I checked. It's just February. Interesting. Okay, so I don't. I don't know. That's why you haven't seen anything also because generally as members of the press when XBox or Microsoft is doing something, they Email us, they let us know, hey, we have this news coming up. Sometimes it's under embargo, sometimes it's not so that we can prepare coverage, and I have heard nothing reading from a Kevin's post over on gamespot when I won Marsov. So hosting the big XBox later this fall during late episode of inside XBox, the company announced a new fan of dubbed echo eighteen a quote, global celebration of all things. XBox scheduled to take place in Mexico City on November tenth through the eleventh Microsoft hasn't asked me details about what fans can expect from Mexico. Oh, eighteen yet. But the publish says, it will feature the quote largest live inside XBox episode ever. The event will broadcast online and we'll provide news. I looks and surprises, although publisher in delve into what the specifics could be inside XBox so far has not dropped any major news. Leases though. Like if you look at the episodes that they've released so far, it's been a little bit here a little bit here, but nothing. Shattering. We all know historically, Tim was wrong about that. There was a bet for awhile. He's like, it's huge and he was wrong because teams always wrong and should be verified. And even say that inside XBox is on par with an antenna direct as far as news worthiness. I think it's more on par with core that I think that's what they were going. I don't think they were going, oh, man, never forget core back them on Veronica Belmont. Veronica Belmont Namie, no core. Was it. It's a fan video fan magazine, right? And that's what I think inside XBox has been like so far. I do think today thing, why are they being quiet about it? I think they want expectations to be set correctly. I would even say like saying the largest inside XBox live ever like ride that people started run away and like we have it blocked out on the calendar for coming. Let's stream it that Saturday morning. Let's watch a and do reacts to it. I'm not expecting here. It is guys gears released. This is what's happening, but I do expect announcements out of it. I do think it's going to be a fun. Hey, it's a global celebration of XBox. So here's major Nelson. Here's Phil and here's Jeff Rubenstein. And let's talk about what's happening. It's also a little head-scratching why they were doing a major fan engagement in Mexico City. Obviously, XBox has great steak as far as market share in central and South America compared to their worldwide presence. So that makes sense. But if you're going to do this gigantic fan fest, why wouldn't you do it in your home. Entry. Know what I mean Mexico's right there. Yeah, but it's similar, Seattle's, even coal, North America. It's all. I know nothing against Mexico. I think Mexico City sounds like a fun place to do it, but it doesn't sound like a traditional place who you would do present for an English speaking audience in particular. And that's what traditionally does. I've never seen them do a major press conference in any other language besides English. One of the fact that they're doing something different though is at least interesting. There's a new wrinkle to it. It's not just, hey, we're gonna Anaheim? All right. We're back Mannheim convention center. You know what I mean? Yeah, I don't know. I think it's whatever. But yes, the fact that as presser media influences anybody that's going. Zero people. I know whether they are streamers YouTubers or contrition press. I don't know a single person that's going to be interesting. It does sound like a really big fan party, but I don't know what that versus that versus a PS ex. I'm not sure what you're getting, but it's always exciting because then you don't, you know, there's only one way to find out tune in San number one gains journalist, Andy Cortes. Oh my gosh, we do right. He's not even at work today. Fucking. Josh, from Maryland writes in the kind of funny dot com slash KF GD and says, but studios published quote a note to our fans yesterday. And I was wondering y'all's take on it was, is it just as trying to get ahead of any backlash to the inevitable bugs that come with launching a brand new online platform? Or is there something more to the letter? Thanks for all you do, Josh. I put out a section of injury, Rene because they put out a giant. They did put a big letter yesterday being basically, we've launched games a four when we launched the franchise this, this is the first time it's this is the next step. This is the fallout and what we're doing here. This two paragraphs. I think that are what Josh's referencing usually after years of development, we finally finish released the game and take a break with seventy six. We feel we have not finished, but reached a starting line where all new work begins. We all know with the scale of our games and the systems, we let you use that unforeseen bugs and issues always come up given what we're doing with seventy six. We know we're opening everyone up to all new spectacular issues. None of us have encountered somewhere aware of such as areas where performance these improve with lots of players. Others we surely don't. We need your help, finding them and advice on what what's important to fix will dress all of it. Now in after launch, what's your take away from this letter they put up my takeaway is they're trying to manage expectations. The game is probably more broken than the average Bethesda game at which is saying something which is definitely. It's a, it's a running joke, how many bugs, but those games have right. You can just go to YouTube and look for competitions, but I think it's smart of them to kind of get ahead of it and say, listen, like if you're a longtime follow fan, we just want you to know this is how it's going to go, and it's going to be different different for us and it's different for you. We hope you trust us and join us on that journey, and I think a smart of them to do that. Yeah. I mean, it's not, you know, it's not tongue in cheek and it's not just joke in a wink that they they, you know, they spell out followed e right break it early tests like application. They seem like a good job at the time, but it's real like, Yep, we, there's been eligible online, but this is the first fall game that's multi player, and it's totally different in the cards and this and the other end, like, yeah, we don't know when you can test any game for a bunch of for hours and hours and hours. But when it gets out into hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of hands and systems. And online. That's when you really find out what's going on. So like their beta is is a is a real beta in very innovative specific way of, yes, you're going to break this game. That's why it's in the time you are going to break this game, right? But the concerning part, I think about all of this is something that was brought up during e-3 when they announced this, is that man, this beta going live awfully close to win this game number teens number fourteen, I think. So let me double check the released in. That's the thing of is it a Wednesday? What's beta test, right? Like the fourteenth. That's why I nailed it. That's why I think they dropped them both in the title here, right that this is more than just like a beta like, hey, how's it work in like, okay, this is what the game is. This isn't a demo. It's all wrapped up in one of you guys got to be tip of the sword to figure out what breaks for everybody and how it doesn't work so that when we get it out to more people, we have those basic fixes included, let alone the stuff. We're going to see as it exponentially increases the server load. D think there is room for them to push back this launch if it breaks catastrophically. I mean, if if it's a catastrophic breakdown, I think they, it doesn't matter if there's room they have to. You can't. I mean in this day and age, even though you're says that you can release a game. That's all cards on the table, right? Fall seventy. Six is gonna come out on November fourteenth and have really bad bugs in it. Right. Oh, it's going to have like a fifty gigabyte day one patch. Exactly. And even if it's well, probably I gonna say, let's be honest. It's going to have a bowl, it's going to have those and it's going to chase away a lot of people. It's going to embolden a hardcore group to stick it out and seek it better and better and better, and then months down the line with the Bethesda and fallout name. It's going to have that update where people are like, oh man, it works great now, and it's got a whole bunch of content. We really need to go play and all these things. Right. We've seen this with big IP online games before we'll see it again. I think as long as it hit that. Quota that it can come out and be a fun experience for the people who wanna stick through it. It'll be fine, especially considering how many people in this goes back to the shot at the tomb raider stuff, right? Go out and buy the game and don't play it right away. Somebody who are gonna buy this, but still be caught up in red dead. Still be caught up in assassin still be getting ready for smash brothers and, oh, it's broken out, put it on l. put on the shelf and wait for it to get better and get there eventually is long, but I feel like if you come out and it's catastrophic, like holy shit, you took our money and gave us a game that doesn't even work. That's when you can't come back from that as easily. Let's hope that Todd won't let us stay. I'm interested tat. We were talking about on the show yesterday, like after more the Bethesda part or the follow party in talking to people on Twitter about it and seeing like actually taking the time ago through previews and videos and stuff. I was like, all right. I'm still like, is this a game for me? The single payer fall fan, but people say it is. I want to give it a shot for sure. But if I turn it on, it's just garbage pile, get David. We'll know soon enough, I guess. Oh, Nick from Tampa, Florida rights into kinda funny dot com. Slash KF GD following up on yesterday's question where I was talking about shadow of the tomb, raider the review bombs in civic. I heard the civic consumer is responsible for Nick writes in and says, greetings, reggae, Andrea, I'm writing in regarding yesterday's discussion of the shadow the tomb raider review bomb. In the question that was posed regarding whether the onus being on the consumer is a privileged point of view, although I don't one hundred percent agree with. I'm sorry, the although I don't one hundred percent agree that an informed consumer Kane and should be able to predict when a game prince or any piece of media for that matter will be marked down. I do agree that it is the consumer's responsibility of when to purchase a game and at what price. There are many upcoming games that I want on release. I e red dead redemption to the ABA three switch, poke among, let's go, etc. That I know I won't be able to afford it full price all at once. So I'll be waiting to see if any black Friday sales pop up for any of these titles. I think that simply being irresponsible consumer and knowing my spending limits on the other hand, paying the full sixty dollars for a game upon release means you have had more time with the game a and have been able to take part in the conversation for that game, something that those who wait for the sale simply will not have. To all the people complaining. They paid full price for shadow of the tomb raider, whereas the people who buy during the sale din it be, oh, I personally think that argument falls flat given that they probably already completed the campaign by the time, new new consumers are able to jump in. So the response, but thank you for reading and thanks for the entire crew for doing what you do, Nick from Tampa. Florida. Listening to this yesterday was really frustrating for me not only as a fan of tomb raider end specifically shadow of the tomb raider, but also just as idea of consumer is getting to this super entitled place when it comes to buying works of art, it's a little bit different. I think when you compare objects to two pieces of media, you know, I, I don't think about buying a movie ticket and expecting a month later that being pissed off at the movies cheaper. Sure, right. Like, I mean, obviously the ticket price is going to go down the guts, just the way that it works and if it's going to be even cheaper, if you wait to rent it on digital or by, you know, the DVD I just like, I don't. I don't understand why people have such a problem paying for things that they consume. And it seems like it's it's a complaint much more in video games than it is in other art forms and other types of media. And I just I'm having trouble understanding that we got. I got into this argument with somebody online about when a argue online the worst when we were going back and forth about micro transactions in Hassans creed and people getting upset about pain for things. I'm like, why do you guys have such a hesitancy to pay for things like somebody made the thing they're asking you to pay for it? And you can either choose to say, yes, I wanna pay for the thing or say, no, I don't wanna pay for the thing. You know. Like I understand like the kind of like all rats like it's fifteen dollars cheaper. If I just waited forty five days or thirty days and it's like, yeah, sometimes that's just the way it is. But you got to be an early adopter being an early adopter means you pay more. And I think that that game was worth the price. But if you didn't think it was worth the price in just going to be a subjective. Of difference. But I, I'm frustrated that people are always wanting more for less, and I think that frustration stems from being an online content creator for so many years and always getting shit because people want stuff for free, but it's not free to make it. You're right, like people that watch you two content or watch a twitch streamer and want everything for free and don't want ever pay for anything, but then just expect the content creator to keep churning out continent, pumping out stuff. Same rate, if it's like none of this is free with money come from somewhere and hopefully we as creators, whether you make video games, whether you make movies, you make digital videos on YouTube, you hope that the people who are consuming your content or consuming because they like it. And if they like it, they'll be willing to pay for it that right there. The last couple sentences is what my problem was is show the tomb raider thing right? Where even nNcholas? Oh, you wanna. Part of the conversation? I I, I don't think there was that much conversation around shadow the tomb raider sadly as an is somebody who's really enjoyed the first two in this one came at an inopportune time. I played it without the day when patch yada steamrolled. Unfortunately, it's the fact that if you cared about that conversation, aren't you a hardcore tomb raider fan at which point you got to be in the conversation with your raider friends, and then you contributed to square seeing a bottom line that was like good or bad. Hey, this is how many people care about humor. I'm glad I was there to support my thing sonata BI weeks later a month later upset that it's cheaper trying to get more people in the door to boost up online to ensure you continue to get Camilla letting tin lead to raiders. I, it's just a weird thing of like where if you didn't care about the story in the conversation, why did you buy on when you should have been able see there'd be cheaper, let alone it's black Friday, let alone. I think the answer to this is that people like to bitch online on everything just because they want to bitch about something. What's the easiest thing? Right? If you're angry. About something you fire off the tweet, and then you've you've said a piece something where you know somebody's gonna see that and they'll understand matters. Yeah, that's why I stopped doing it because I don't want to put that out there. I don't want to, you know, I want to with the exception of airlines. Sometimes somebody autumn. You know what I mean? You got to get out there and do it. But yeah, it's, I mean, it's all, and it's also totally, you know what we talk about. You know, the vocal minority the squeaky wheel. You know what I mean? Like I, I don't think the majority of people who bought raider at full price or not pissed about this. It's a very, it was a great game. Played enough of it. I need to get back to it. Maybe once you finish it, we can have a discussion about it how it is I have to review. I have to. I haven't played like thirty hours of it. I understand. I understand Emily right saying the kind of funny dot com slash KFI GED and she gets the final question of the day. She says, Hello, Greg, you, thanks for the amazing content and I love it. When the two of you host together best combo Emily. Emily, thank you. My question is related to our favorite game at the moment. Assassin's creed, odyssey on jeans, GameCube school. There was a rich debate on leveling on level scaling video games. I want to hear your thoughts on the matter. Well, I love reaching a high level and then going back to my origin town to beat the crap out of every everyone at a much lower level than me. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed cons- constantly battling enemies around the same level as me. How did you enjoy or not enjoy level scaling in? Do you think this should be the new standard with open world RPG's at first not gonna lie? I was really annoyed. I was really annoyed that I look back at Caphalonia and I was like, why is it the same levels? I am supposed to be low so I can go back, hang thirty. So it started out being annoyed. And then once I realized that I didn't have any trouble going after most enemy types of the same levels meals like, oh, yeah, like I'm obviously progressing. In my skill, I'm unlocking new abilities. I'm becoming more powerful. I don't need to have a bunch of enemies that are substantially lower levels. I me that being said, she's got a point here saying, going back to my origin town, touted the crap out of everyone has a certain, you know, they're so weird to it or something like that was fun about that and older RPG's. Going back to something where now you're max level and they're still at level five and your killing one blow. But for as big as asan's creed odyssey is that. That would get so boring. Going back to Ireland after island cloudy, people out even now being a head of them. You get such an advantage in, like you're talking about all the skills you've unlocked like it's I, I think the. Battle pace in what you're locking in. That whole combat system is such a work of art in terms of being engaging in having me feel powerful and having me make active decisions of Michael running there. I'm gonna take that guy shield, throw it on him. Do this. I mean, build up this use my power move like I love that and I wouldn't want it to be that I walk in just a reside well and the way that they've done loot in gear in that system or in this game makes it so that you want to be dealing with enemies that are at or really are above your level so that your constantly searching for better and better loot in that you can't get better loot. If you're going back to places and it's consistently low level, I think the size of assassin's creed odyssey makes it so that if they didn't have this level scaling, there'd be wide chunks of the game that would be rendered, certainly kinda useless grind. Everything out. I would have no reason to go back. I actually really smart of them to institute on paper like I could see it being annoying, whatever. But the way it's using assassin's creed, if we're time at one example in the example zest scrape, I think it's awesome and I, it never annoyed me. I d I when Damon tweeted about it that he'd hated it. I was like, oh, yeah, I guess that's happening. I never gave it to thoughts, but it was that idea. I remember at first, but I don't hate it anymore. Look at you. You came around. I came around lays and gentlemen, it's time to squad up. Accept that input one in here because nobody had a good one. Nobody squad today. Think about what you've done stand. Let's talk about a bad PSN name if you didn't know Shuhei Yoshida no longer hates. You allow you to change your PlayStation network named soon. There's an Asterix. It may ruin everything, but we'll find out soon. Thanks to the real heroes. The beta testers of the new firm where to send off bad BSN names, people writing in with bad PSA names. We read them here and then we have fun dot com eighty Henry from Sydney right saying it says, so glad. Shuhei doesn't hate me anymore because my PS and ideas tubby dash mic flabby. Toby mix lovey. That's why. Great. That's right. I was one of them big, beautiful fat kids when I made this name back in fifth grade now almost twenty and I live with the shame of this self deprecating Monica. Can't wait to be free from it. Preys Shuhei are benevolent God tubby dash mic, fluffy. It is a great name, but if it's got that like adolescents, like all your all your like a motion only I understand there's a lot of baggage to it. Yeah. Tummy mcabe. That is a good name should have committed to even Kevin's laughing at it. If you're watching the show live on twitch, dot TV, slash kind of funny games. We have a special job for you. Go to kinda funny dot com slash you're, you're on. Yes, right. I've been up since five in the morning based on record where jen's mom was flying back the Montreal today. So we drove airport in a nice play a lot of Ghostbusters world. Now what are we get wrong? Ted day Alby says, just a quick correction that she doesn't actually hate us guys. True injury. You turned against me injury. Thank you for the shirt compliment techy gamers. A really good way. It's eye catching because it's it doesn't. It's like not. I'm not gonna, say a fat FOX. It's just like a not in great shape FOX. So it's very much like counts, like if Portillo was a FOX. Yeah, but the legs are longer. I know. I'm more for short. Gavin says they don't have exact sources here, but the steam was added because kids were focusing too much on stem and we're losing art skills which include communications, the was added to make sure stem field help kids become more rove around individuals. I appreciate that Gavin, but I think a lot of that also has to do with systematic defunding of arts programs in public education across the United States, which is a whole nother issue. We're not gonna get into. Yes. A lot of kids to Kevin. Your brother was in school? He's them? Yeah. I mean, they got ditch the, are they gotta teach these kids math. I mean, you have to teach the math. You absolutely need to teach them art too. But at this point I think math is do they still have shop class their kids using sauce? Yeah. Yeah. We didn't have shop class. We did. Yeah. Please. We were private school shirts and ties you get when you get a bus on their targets club in its final destination. This date me a little bit, but I distinctly remember being in shop class during the J. Simpson trial, no. What's what's. Great school. Yes. Okay. Point that I shop class, I jumped wasn't school grade school. It was like more middle school. Okay. Middle school definition on age. What part of the country you're in? Some people do it at certain grade levels. Anyway, somebody rave Lord night disagreeing with me about stem says that they don't like art and that stem help them be creative, artistic. Okay. Okay. But like you do math. There's a lot of kids can't do math where route reason stem was created was to help foster an interest in those career fields for kids once they actually graduate and get out into the workforce, which they are still dramatically under represented. If you look at all of the job micro is a really great proponent for this about how you look at. Yesterday jobs micro, but how you look at all of the field, particularly in trades and guilds and how they are like begging people to take career paths in those fields because every every kid wants to get communications degree. Let me everybody. There's no room at the twitch stream hotel. All right. It's over Kobe, air conditioner, repairman or the marine biologist Stanley lot more money in those. That's. Oh, yes, required reading. Suzanne fair says not a, you're wrong, but I in Trier publish an article. We're going to mention it. Thirty minutes, schreier publishers crunch at rockstar article. We saw reading through it. It's a good read. A lot of interesting tidbits in a lot of like, shake your head of things, but it wasn't like rope report, at least at first thing, required reading. Everybody read it today. Jas Trier's rockstar crunch article. Nestle crunch article under his just twenty nineteen is also on we and we you. Yes, the original we and also released on XBox sixty October twenty six. Maybe that is impressive. Ubisoft clearly selling enough units to keep. All right. Oh, yes. Malcontent Ronin. By the way, it's easy to forget. Paris games week starts Friday or speculating on whether Sony showing something with canceling PS actually are not showing anything at Paris canes weeks forty to my knowledge. It seems very quiet. This get, they would have announced. Showing every year that they've showed a pair of games week, they've made a big blog presentation about it. So I have to assume that they are not doing anything there. Oh, Parker. Petroff says XBox Mexico stated the crackdown three is supposed to be playable Exo rule, Terry crews be there. The world. Keelan says that Phil Spencer announced the mouse and keyboard support go mainstream. Starting at the expo eighteen event. True. Don't like most keyboard. I'm curious. And maybe one of the best friends can write in. If you are playing on console, if you have an Xbox One or an Xbox One x or an s. whatever you love it. Why would you want keyboard a mouse support. What would instead of just having a piece just plain on PC. I mean, obviously there's a market for it because there's plenty of people that are excited about it, but like I would love some more new. More interesting, like some justification about why you're excited about getting keyboard mouse support on console without getting the benefit of all of the power of PC gaming, mouse and keyboard that little thing. Right. Like more affordable? It has offensive. Good answer. Yeah, Kevin's got them. It's easier. You don't have to also. Well, Evers didn't an easier depending on where you're set up his councils traditionally in front of couch, but like putting together a console is what I'm saying. Like that's hardened buying an XBox expo true. Put together. Simple. Is that the simple answer cheaper point play, right? Yeah. And then go out there and be like, is this graphics quarter this graphics card? And then I'll fire wire USB, three point hours. The new use three point. All right. Now that you hate PC wine need four mouse clicks or five. Until they're here the reason why people are excited. So let us know kind of dot com slash cave TD. Alright, right. Keelan also says the first game to use mouse and keyboard is war frame. Somebody else mentioning crackdown will be playable. Martin, I appreciate that you're writing a prediction, but that's not what you're wrong as four. That's kinda funny dot com. Slash cave GD is four injuries hosting the show. She leaned the show tomorrow so you can put in all things Rangers. She'll read them. I am hosting the show tomorrow with a friend of the show, Dave. Yeah, stack up. No, that's right. Jack, I'm not reading Thursday's Major Friday. It's tomb in eight stran-. Okay, that's it. If you didn't always gentlemen, this has been kinda funny games daily each and every week anniversary of platforms. We run you through the nerdy video game news need know about if you like that part of show kind of funny dot com. Slash k. f. GD watch it live twitch dot TV, slash kinda funny games. Watch it later. YouTube dot com. Slash kind of funny games and listen on podcast services around the globe. You say, see. Okay from the globe and I'm saying, oh, you're saying language, okay, you're still faking like, you can speak Spanish. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna get. Okay. Until next time. Measure to serve you back the fuck off.

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