Trip Report - Part Deux - Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom


<music> <music> and we are back episode seven of the earful podcast. I'm one of your hosts Kate always and forever joined by always and forever. We have it on recording now. I'm Patrick and and in a legal document that we signed before our wedding that says you're stuck with me. Kid wording is a little different but yes is the same. That was our vows to you're stuck with me. Kid forever are and ever so we're back with airport part. I hope I remember so much since then actually been doing other major city in between recording last week in this week so we're going to <hes> get into the second half of our trip which we did not get to share last week because of our length of our show we just got the talking and by the time we were done it was already an hour in seuss decided to cut it short and just make it to parts. Maybe it'll be three who knows who knows we might go off the rails today but first things first. Let's attended some housekeeping when we had a question of the week this week and that was what are your disneyworld pet peeves months coming. I'm saving mind. You'RE GONNA save your shaping okay cool Sherry. L. said all those damn scooters drive me crazy. Scooters were problem Christopher said bag check please open that large bag and have it ready to be inspected. I gotta get to the park cap and Jim Sweet Salute you people walking without looking where they're going or texting using their phone reading a guidemap or looking. That's something in the other direction which I've been guilty of many times I'm sorry and then finally along with that yeah or people that will walk in the middle of somebody taking a photo so like families are in a photo when people do due to feel dragged right yeah Yo. Should I feel like you're coming at me a little part. Do you know how many times on this trip I had a pull cape the back of the lot and then we're of your surrounding Mitch Rich See also said people walking slow get out of the way or similar to mind but they're not exactly mine. Yeah I think mine is the bubbles the bubbles from nuts. Just I mean we were at animal. We're we're talking about that today. Animal Kingdom when the Little Oh boy in front of you with the bubbles clear watching rivers of light the new the new version of the show and the kid is directly in front of me and you know what they're fun. Let the kids have a good time but I always amazed by the lack of awareness of parents when their kids kids are doing something like that and there's a lot of people around like flowing directly into my face or you just around. You're you're sitting amongst. One hundred people be a little more aware. What else do we have that our pet peeves anything? You don't just GonNa do it. What's that I'm just going to do it so along with Captain Jim and Mitch see that that's kind of my same thing? I get really irritated. When people in the parks are walking so slow and he can't get by them and or my biggest one is when they decide to stop wherever they are stopped in the middle of the walkway to have a conversation there's hundreds of people trying to like funnel around them and they have no awareness that people are like trying to bend their bodies these to move around them nowhere in this they stand there and talk or I have to get something out of the Stroller so I'm GonNa Park in the middle of the sidewalk and I'm GonNa dig in the Stroller for half an hour? Oh my gosh or I can go on people. People just really drove me nuts on this trip. This is a very small pet. peeve this is this is super like almost not even a pet peeve but with the new bag check system is that I would say seventy five percent of the time we went to the parks I had a wrestling and it was not considered bag so when we went right through the bag line cut the one time the officer was not the bag and but he did let us go with the end but like you get used to be in like this is this is the protocol. This is what we're doing and now we're GonNa make you hear you and I appreciate your son of a sorry heart. You really got around people that just they walk and they stop and they said they stop right in the middle. I just I don't get it. I don't understand it. What is the point or the the speed up? Go ahead of you in this slowdown and you're like you just like ran Dan in front of me to slow down. I don't I don't like I don't like it one bit so everybody out there I need you all be aware of your surroundings. Take note of where you are in whose lives you're impacting. When you stop in this goes with driving? Don't pass me going under miles an hour and then get in front of me and go forty oh or if there's all right I'm trying my make sure I'm wondering my microphone. I also don't appreciate when people try to get into their fast. Pass an hour or before their window and then you hear the cast member go yeah. You're you're about sixty minutes too early comeback in an hour anyway gotta shout out some people as always we WANNA say hello to Jacob and again the are the offspring of the Mugshot podcast and they are devoted listeners and they're huge celebrities. They're big deal guys. So have you ever see them. Get their autograph their deal. We're so happy you guys listen thank you thanks guys and then onto our ear your fans of the week we'd like to shout out rope drop radio. We've been following them on instagram and they also have an amazing podcast and they have the coolest instagram right now. They've had the summer of their lives. They've been on a Disney world tour and I've had a lot of fun following going along with their travels on instagram. They've been to London Disneyland Paris a Disney Cruise Barcelona and all their pictures are just so much fun to watch and give their show a listen for shore. Go check them out at rope drop radio on Instagram name yeah we also this is exciting. We also debuted this past Saturday away for you to get your voice hurt on our show. We now have a voicemail line however I not abused that. I haven't told you till well now. If you call us at eight one four three one four nine four eight to you can leave us a voicemail with your thoughts or questions for the show and let's be positive okay. Don't tell yes we can't guarantee. We're going to feature whole voicemails but right now. We don't have any so chances are pretty good and last but not least I did not put this in the show notes because I wanted to surprise Patrick but listener T._j.. I was brilliant. Don't make me angry. I'm not he was brilliant. Point out this week that with the new release of the Lion King they have redone be prepared. What and after I listen listen? It's not great. It's not great so my not my logic was. You'RE GONNA love this new. Meanwhile I'm over here hating it so pleased. Patrick take take a listen. Fossa has always shown to strenght when it comes to hunting. That's Chew Retell Alesia for Joey. What now Mikey will be free to take whatever they want was in the Millennium Falcon? He was not never N._F._l.. Pasta powerful I assuming hyenas today's message like Madam Library Rian not like clump of Duda Duda Duda. What can I do to ninety two massages ear? I love that and ricky well and like he mostly speaks things it a we'll keep going police department. You'd think perfectly the base is going to drop in the Marin was gonna come in and it's going to be that that don't do to prepare for the coup disco asked to you I see my vision is clear and wide ranging updated compasses the digital it just to me. It sounds like like an army military mark good part. There's no good part now. Where's where's? Where's the Cook Hook D._J.? Callan commitment with the hooked. Let me scream Mondays unnecessity spending resonate denial simply white I train and like you keep going. I know hang on preparing be before Oh my God sleep like that. That's thanking God terrible. Now I will not be able to go see those move out here in Madame Library Librarian the and so do you like this or hate this farm loving it. You know we lose more. Nope the news clips of the week. This is the Global Broadcasting Service serving remote outposts since nineteen twenty eight I in the parks in Magic Kingdom. The tomorrowland signed mysteriously was removed overnight be prepared repaired so now all of a sudden when you walk into the park now and you go to turn right the sign for Marlins gone but an eagle-eyed viewer noticed on the Disney parks APP if you look at the map that there is a brand a new sign very sleek streamlined but that sign is currently not there yet so eagle-eyed person saw the sign that's not there must be very very eagle-eyed on on a Disney parks now. You're saying so that was interesting because that's I mean I've I haven't been there. I've only been to Disney in the past lake for five years but that's just weird that they would take that down. I guess they're trying to start to re theme Tomorrowland end to- okay. We realize you call Tomorrowland Yeah Tomorrow Lands Maryland the sign was from the seventies. It had to go. I know but it's just so iconic you know. This is a fun one from the Animal Kingdom a Disney contractor. This week got trapped in deep hole the Animal Kingdom Timmy's teams in the well last is lasting Disney. I don't think so Evans. I don't know he was tragic. Rule he was trapped after the ground collapsed from underneath him causing him to fall into a deep hole. It took firefighters ninety minutes to free him from a pile of dirt within the whole his leg was trapped up to a sti- he was not hurt but was taken into the hospital as a precaution only an animal kingdom. I guess and that's part of our news this week. So you can tell was kind of slow news. You WanNa buy some merchandise so I love fun copes. If you didn't already know that and this week we learned that there are going to be there's going to be a fun Co pop featuring the Sanderson Sisters from the movie hocus pocus. Oh Gosh Poker talkers focus thousand times of you know I. I'm not a big proponent of the film I know people that are big fans than me. Your huge fan not Halloween. You go nuts with that move. I go nuts for Halloween but I I don't think that I'm a huge hocus. pocus glued alluded you quoted by don't only knew who are you thinking. What other podcasts are you doing? Oh boy so you're going to get the three sisters circling around a cauldron that is boiling with a green substance substance so fun. Go Fan go by that thing Disney Fan as well and Disney fan in the world of resorts. The Grand Destino Tower opened at Coronado Springs this week so this is the tower that they've been working on for over a year now that it was it was in construction last year when I stayed there at Coronado Springs and now it is done and ready for visitors. What would the purpose of the tower be? The Tower is primarily for Disney vacation club members of the rooms in it. It's not just like a tower. It's like a Hotel Hotel Tower. The Tower has five hundred forty five guest rooms including fifty sweets and club level services a grand to story lobby meeting in venues lounges and a rooftop restaurant was spectacular views some of the dining options include Toledo tapa steak and seafood and the Dalai Lounge which is located on the sixteenth floor of the tower. If you go out to Lago Dorado which is Lake Dorato you can find the new three bridges barring girl which is an open air waterfront restaurant which we have covered in a prior episode Patrick you hungry talk about food the by you brunch is now available at the house of Blue Disney springs the branch according to the article I read will feature southern fair with items like biscuits and gravy omelettes Jalapeno and corn bread and carving station with roast beef and Ham and the again this is located at the House of Blues in Disney Springs. We are huge fans of Margaritas and now at the Polynesian resort you can get a lime Dole whip Margarita which looks very tasty. The Margarita is available at the bare foot pool in bars. Nothing sacred nothing is sacred. Don't whip owning their mess with first of you got that hat. That looks awful that one last week the pitcher. You showed me that hat on the reds the reds revenge don't mess with the Dole whip no pet peeve. Don't mess with Dole. Are you ADULLAH purist Kinda yeah well in in this drink. You're going to get lime flavoring instead of the classic pineapple tossed him with some Tequila. The drink cost twelve fifty and includes a talking rim a spicy Chili Lime seasoning. It'd be good what's put lime in the coconut. Mix it altogether lime in coconut due to do to Madame Neighbor Rian talk about star wars stuff okay. We got news this week that the rise of the resistance is Reid is going to be opening in star wars galaxies edge in Walt Disneyworld before Disneyland boy. They're going to be upset. People a boot this yeah so the Canadian everybody the ride is going to open on December fifth fifth for Disneyworld and not until January the middle of January for Disneyland due to complications or is it just the way it is. I don't know but what's been interesting. Is that as I've been reading in listening than hearing the the. Reactions to star wars galaxies have not been one hundred percent positive. I think people were upset that the second ride was not ready and they're obviously like when it was super busy we had a friend that traveled and she said it was very disappointing because you could go in and look at the stuff and you could go and possibly grab a drink if you're lucky enough to get into some of the restaurants and quick service locations but that it was just kind of walking around and it she just kind of I felt like I didn't seem quite ready so I'm anxious to see if disneyworld's is any different. If the exact same thing is the thumbprint in Disneyland the same as Disneyworld they use as much land on both sides both coasts. It'll be something to explore. We should do an episode. I'd be curious on that if it's just because I know that the problem with Disneyland and California's that there's not a lot of land correct and I know that you're a huge fan of soft openings so we always asking about soft opening the platinum platinum plus and premier annual pass holders are going to be able to register for special free preview opportunities before the official opening on August twenty ninth the same. We'll go for cast members and their guests so Jim. We're your guest in late August. If you want to bring us but other than that we're not. We're not quite sure when they're going to have the official soft opening or it's just going to be the previews for the pass holders. There was a video this week that I found where they were surprising employees and telling them that they were going to be working star wars land and we'll disneyworld and so the video would start with them like surprising like a someone with a broom and saying we have this for you and they would hit him a box and inside would be metal from the rise of the resistance and these workers would just like burst into tears. They were so excited like you congratulations. You're going to be working in the land and they would just cry they would just cry and last but not released into the parks and beyond we have some news about Disney cruise line. It was voted the best cruise line in the world. It's earned a world's best ranking congratulations congratulations and if you ever want to go on Disney cruise I can help you book it. I've actually always wanted to. That's like my next big well. I don't know I feel like Disneyland might be a little bit above going on. A cruise because crews are so expensive. I think drink when we are agent. You don't say that I have to be honest. I will never leave my guests astray and my clients astray. It is expensive. I think for two people on Seventy cruise. It's about five thousand dollars. If a little bit under maybe but we can do disneyworld much easier on more of a budget had if we needed to but cruises I've heard time and time again just stellar and everybody I've talked to has just said that the level of service and the cleanliness and the food or just at a different tear it doesn't surprise me yeah. We're GONNA take a quick break. When we come back? We're going to finish up our trip report talking about artists to Hollywood Studios Disney Springs and beyond so stick with us. We'll be right back. Hey My name's Paul and I'm not an animal expert. Donna and I'm not an animal expert either together we do a podcast about animals called varmints every me weekly pick an animal do a bunch of research on it and bring you some interesting facts about that animal but we don't stop there we talk about that animal and movies T._v. and other pop culture and we talk about whether or not that animal would make tasty ditch and how intelligent we think it is on the scale of one to ten. It's exactly like one of those fancy P._B._S.. Nature documentaries except with more pu jokes new episodes. Go live every Thursday. Wherever you find your favorite podcasts or you can visit us at blazing Caribou the studios dot com damage and we are back and we're ready to finish up our trip report with a little bit of news is about Hollywood studios Disney Springs and beyond so patrick take it away? You know why read an article recently after that perfect setup swinging I know it. This has been bugging me. This is really been bugging me. Go for it all right. Do you know what Bob Disney is paid a lot of booger. He gets a lot of money. Bob Disney makes Kuptana money so we're just going Nisa. See I thought Bob Disney was fictitious character. You create it for the sake of doing some armchair imagineering all right but he's actually like what you think Bob Eiger sound that's right. That's his name by wire. Okay so let's just I think think I think Bob. Disney is your own creation then he makes a lot of more how much money does Bob Eiger make above Eggert. He makes a sixty million a year sixty minutes in Avenger. Has he been in several movies. I I believe he's been dusted a couple of times guy zing. What on Earth 'cause you possibly due to warrant? Sixty million dollar paycheck apparently make some crappy movies original ideas. God God about that zing or man going crazy so you're bringing that up. I Really WanNa talk about my trip now so we started the day what they was this day three. This was day three. This was the Saturday that we were are there. Would you start we started. You escorted me quickly into the toy story land. That's right. We went at rope drop. We weren't quite there for the actual roped or how we didn't quite the buses. Were really kind of behind this time China. Those buses fall told Leo and our APP was not working half the time with the bus times right so I blame Bob Disney's so we ended up going straight to what he's lunchbox. which you had said to me was probably going to be like really really busy he because last time you were there? It was really really it was really this was last time it was at lunchtime. This was relatively new in the yeah when it was open yeah so when we went there it was we didn't wait in line. We walked right in. We had ourselves a nice little. Oh breakfast sandwich. Yeah it was okay. I wouldn't say it. Was I do that again it was it was good value for what we were doing. I think that we actually used a quick service. We did that time. We actually got an adult lemonade nine o'clock in the morning urging. I said well we're going to you're GONNA do it. She urges and I fought for Awhile and then I thought we had like Turkey Turkey with cheese on wheat or toast something so many of his toes toast Thomas to my right side anyway so we as we sat in eight we admired the people waiting in line for Slinky Dog Dash which had now stretched stretched almost to the infant's the park me was the wait time when we got there was already eighty minutes and increased by twenty minutes theory about what's that I think that they don't know how in lines they have the ability to get more people nine by like opening up some doors and making making the people wind around extra sure okay. I think that sometimes they don't open those up so that you can appear to be a really long line so like if I walk in the park and see people like walking lane line down the street. I'm really ball. That's a long line to get you to thing to not go right to it. I'll come back to really long line or you can look at your my Disney. Experience happened go. Yes that is a long line right but as you know we went back later there was one hundred twenty minutes in align wish order. I don't know how that works explaining. They were Tinier people so maybe that was it so we did. We watched the people for a while and then as we were watching them the green argument appear Oh this is one of my new favorite things to watch so so yeah yeah see later March or the empire welcome made me feel bad. Welcome the Green Army guys and they came with some Hula hoops and some balls and they marched out and they selected select some kids for their their recruitment show. There's two variations on the Green Army. Show one is with children or childlike adults and the other is with they come as a drumline miss was the former correct they they were delightful. They're allowed to talk their faces are no longer covered like they used to be in Pixar place yep now that they are just face painted and it was very delightful to see a female army officer Yes yes. I can't say no because I'll hang angry me. You don't ever look to didn't I didn't feel or look this shaming of songs you don't you don't see gender. No I thought it was really high man to voice with boy man with a really high voice and then we did one of our favorite pastimes and that's what I call this the Orlando Trifecta of Shooting Games right midway mania next and as you know that's a shooting game for those who don't know the winner you sit in a car and still champion and you pull back on a little string and you get the shoot things and there's points as a whole point system involved is me and Kate has the ability which are gigantic cans jumble Hans to pull back on the trigger very quickly in this beat my buns and strategy and you know that has more we do with how fast you can pull the trigger whatever but she won. I will hand this one to her. One one one it was very impressive when you you won the car I wanted I usually when the car it was my goal is to win like of of the week of the month. It's never gonNA happen because there are people out there that that's all they do. They go there and they hope to get the perfect score. We'll talk about part two of that story a little bit we did the normal we went to go see Kylo Ren and and we met and what did you say the first time you met Kylo Ren this time the first time oh I said Hey ben doing and he like immediately said I don't recognize that name he had that I believe we've had some things program to say differently. Would at that point who's never happy. I always love that meet and greet. That's so much fun. We went over to Rockin roller coaster. Which one of my favorites I think when we were there had a very also very long line because no that was later on maybe when they know no had shut down one of the lines and they were putting everybody through fast pass or something like that but our time was was fine? Our weight wasn't that long except I was very disappointed. Nobody else give him backstage passes. That's right. That's built into the script. It's right and nobody said nobody else. Usually somebody in the audience. It's usually the cast member I know but usually there's people have done the rights many times. Everyone knows. Nobody said it was really weird. It was funny because like every single time we've done it and the Catherine Brielle's it they always yellow in the most apathetic way possible <music> passes at your like who said that like who to sell that now I figured out this time it's the cast member because it wasn't said yeah very bizarre and then after that we had the chance to see the brand new lightning McQueen show which is right eight next to rockin roller coaster not not a fan patrick mill now it was nice. There's a talking car. It's great and it's all very well. Let's set us little Mac so as soon as you leave rock rollercoaster there used to be gate that closed off the area behind it which is where people will be taken if they had to leave the park very quickly. It's where the minivans would pick you up the minivan excuse me and this is all been re themed to have a courtyard and it has crews Ramiro and another car called D._J.. Would they were enemies. They were enemies and film one now their friends and you can do a meet and greet with them. They don't do anything they don't say anything. They need somebody in a room somewhere like doing the chow and hey it's not those cards though as face or something but now facing they need something you just sit and also the cars like I'm GonNa play. Some music. Remember plays music and they have a playlist. That's about two hours long. That's what we learned is. Our friend told us that the moves soon helps Jim what no names what about Disney here's he's not going to he's too busy count as money and diving into it like a scrooge mcduck pit anyway they then you go through the courtyard. It's a very small courtyard there or a bunch of umbrellas that are set up so that while you're waiting to the show to start you can stay cool ler in the sun and then once the show is done the doors open and your ushered into a big. I wouldn't even call it an auditorium to haul with benches and they're all in the same level Yup and you've used it doesn't sound entertaining. It wasn't it's okay it. I did not enjoy it. It's great for kids. It's a combination projection show with the lightning McQueen car okay. It's impressive to watch because it's partially projection. It's someone moving him. Obviously backstage the wheels and stuff we could puppeteer guy in the suit huge and the whole re interrupting your meal. I'm taking I'm actually eating right now. The whole concede about it. Is that lightning McQueen dinner show you simulator oh boy he and his arch nemesis chick comes and like he puts a bug into the system and then lighting has to prove spoiler alert. I'm just I'm just saying this is like what happens and you see a bunch of of characters that you know from the films on the projection screen right tomato so you basically quickly. I mean come on lightning wins. Shy You ruin everything you hush-up no more. Don't spoil it. I'm not but I'm just saying people people need to know. The people need to know what the themselves outside in the courtyard in addition to meeting the two cars. You also have a dance party which we didn't see no. Thank God I think Oh education expect there was a party and there were people that would come out and do the lightning McQueen dance which which which is what patron will show you later. He's actually showed me right now but you can't see this is on our Patriot page the extras no we don't even have one you know yet but that's a great idea so after we left that we actually walked over towards the tower of terror and shockingly. I've never seen this be this way. The Tower of terror had one hundred twenty minutes standby weight which we found out why we found out why one of the shafts in the ride chef the one that one of the main shafts in the ride was down which meant that they were only operating with two cars cassette of three four four four so the whole second half of the room was completely shut down they weren't using eh which led to the huge wait times told that the fast pass kits priority. Yes we had a fast past for that one of my favorite rides and nothing nothing spectacular except we had a great view of galaxies edge then we hit up a new place for lunch into the A._B._C. Commissary which was recently renovated new but running not new and they added some new food items and we had the Mediterranean Salad and it was surprisingly really good. What we have learned on this trip is go healthy because it's very delicious yeah? Actually that's very true. The Times that we had fresher fresher meals not fried not fast food we were happier with our lot and you have so many options at Disney that it's easy to you. Find healthy fresh things and the commissary was air conditioned. It was very crowded. It was very hard to find a table but I would definitely go back if I wanted to get something fresh again took a job A._B._C. comes here then Patrick and I went back over to toy. Story Land and we rode Alien Swirling saucer pass we did. We get one for that. Didn't we yes we did we didn't stand in line yeah and the the weight was probably about forty minutes at this point which is typical for that ride but if you've run the ride it's not really worth Eh. It's not worth standing in line more than an hour for oh gosh no I. I was GONNA say that's my Max is thirty minutes for that ride. I wouldn't stand any longer but did you think I've already road the ride. What did you think was as it looked? If that makes sense there really wasn't wasn't much right around. There's a little will little whipping action which is fine but wow yeah you will you will indeed but no but it was it was cool then we walked off that right and we had the ability to meet Jesse Chessy our of good friend Captain Jim. It's not it's his pseudonym. Okay was working that day and was able to. He didn't set up anything we stood wearing his work in certain line yeah perks and got to meet Jesse. She's adorable. Zing perks no cap and Jim on you to fall down skid. My need to get any kind of gone shy elaborate uh-huh. That's coming up later. Okay I'll talk about so we met Jesse. I will take a moment to say that the most popular meet-and-greet was what he and Bo peep wait we did not wait and then buzz was a close second was ninety five with one hundred ten real field these poor poor cast members yeah. It was hot I mean every day was in the upper nineties old so it was bloody hot for everybody involved. After the meet-and-greet we went over to frozen ever after and we had one of my favorite narrators the raiders of all time again. I don't know his name but whenever I see him there I just know that I'm in for a good time and he milked the audience he was so so funny so interactive. It's one of the best funny shows to go to learn years years ago. They were able to write that script and they were able to modify the performance and have some leeway. They have to get permission to do anything but they do have some leeway in that script. It's very funny. They do a really nice shop with that. We were told that people will come through the show every now and then and they'll say hey we have an idea tried this out and if they if it plays plays and if it doesn't they take that's a pretty cool gig yeah then it was so hot that we decided to go back to our hotel to get ready for our evening which included dinner dinner at Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge so what didn't realize about animal kingdom lodge is that it's it's a pretty far piece away from everything else outside of the Hannibal Kingdom area obviously but it set so far back and it's so so surrounded by trees and foliage that you really truly feel like you're not a part of disneyworld anymore. You feel like you're kind of out in the country. They do a great job with teaming to make you feel like you really are in a different country. Almost we went to the lodge and Boma is situated in the bottom of the main lodge and down a set of stairs and there's a small waiting area right near the front entrance of the restaurant and Boma is a buffet so what I didn't anticipate was how crowded it was going to be crazy. It was basically like a big food court well and I think they messed up because when they sat us it feels like they sat fifty percent of the restaurant the exact same time time when I got there was no line for Dessert and food was like almost halfway through the restaurant and then when we got for dessert the line for Dessert was halfway through the restaurant so I think they screwed up something in the seating it was it was as crowded as a food court in a value resort in the morning eight A._M.. That was the kind of feeling I had was. Oh my God everything is happening. It was noisy. The ambiance was cool. Though 'cause the lighting was a little dimmer and like I said it's in the bottom of the the main resort and the windows look out too. I think the pool and again it was surrounded by foliage and plant life but just it was just busy. It was very busy. WHO's good food was excellent? I will say that I feel like they had the best flavors at this place very comparable to Tusker house in in the Animal Kingdom. The Zebra domes did not disappoint those were some of the things on the dessert buffet that we knew we had to try I because they are one of the most famous desserts in all of Disneyworld some bad parenting going on tables very very very close together if you are curious it's cheaper for lunch. I I would be curious to see how busy it is for lunch and then right next door is g-go which is a two credit meal and looked a lot quieter. Oh Heavens yes. They were begging people to come in the door. Yeah I would like to try that. Sometimes I really enjoyed the food there yeah for sure then we went and took the bus or we try to take the bus back to Hollywood studios because we had a very special event plan for that night Patrick when ahead and planned a star Wars Galactic Desert Party right which was in addition to our buffet so keep that in mind though as we can do this story book did it was to be a desert and beverage so I was okay going to dinner thinking who nice dinner and then we'll have a desert desert it will have a desert we had many well so but before we got the the one downside by the Kingdom Lodge was the buses do stu don't there's no buses it took forever. I would say half an hour easily half an hour easily a and we were told that by cast members that deluxe hotels usually have a better turnover rate for buses which was not time we had another another at wilderness lodge. We had to a long time for a boss going back to magic kingdom so refreshing so we walked back into studios and we walked down towards Star Wars Bay I we we checked in early. Thank goodness we did because Star Wars Bay thank you and we were escorted. Where we got our landlords that have the Galactic Desert Party on Danny and then when they meet and greet where you can meet and greet Kylo Ren and Chewbacca there was some roped off area gave our name we got ourselves a table which which actually was very far away in the corner which was still see everything and it was a book Fe? It was a dessert buffet from one buffet to another we were stuffed and there were alcoholic drinks as well there was there was like cheese and meet to start this buffet table and then four different types of tarts cupcakes they had they had the freeze dried Moose bread pudding. They had ice cream Sundaes days enough so that by the time we were done we could have rolled us out of there. We were stuff probably had some type of diabetes pad time we were then one point. A couple of stormtroopers come around and they greet each table. They thank you for your support support. The it's all very empire empire positive positive empire which of course kate and I like to have some fun with that. So how did you get in trouble. I I said I had I wanted to know what I should do if I was looking for F._M.. To one eight seven which is Finn From Force Awakens and I was immediately escorted over to see Kylo Ren yes yes we stood in line nine to meet Kylo Ren and the stormtrooper would not leave like he was going to make sure that you got in that room and so we stood there staring at you and we tried to kind of engage him a little bit and then I said like aren't you going to come in with me. Get some Brownie points and then he caught walked his his laser gun blaster cocked his blaster and he walked away so ever that was that night really funny. It was a highlight and then we went and saw Colorado again and I immediately got on one knee and pledge my fealty guilty to his fullness. Patrick Patrick didn't do anything smell so then we came out and we got escorted up to a very private viewing of the Star Wars experienced variance special phantasmagoric fireworks display yes but we also got a chance to see the brand new show world of animation which was I I almost lost my marriage. When I informed Miss Kate that this was going on because we were going they have to miss fantastic as a dark time in a theme household yes so we we made a deal? We would see that later in the week so we got to see this. One of these wonderful shows we had awesome seats or note. We were fighting. Nobody it was great. It was a really great experience. I highly recommend. Would we pay for that seventy five a person so I don't know if it was seventy five a person it's typical of special add-ons like that. It was worth it. It was neat. It was really neat. We also got a free gift. That's right which we were handed as we were going towards our reserve seating section and that was like darth vader mug plastic mug. Let's let's push the button in his head POPs open yeah so it's great for holding eminem's or pencils or cue tips cotton balls. Whatever you'd want so both got that I think I mean the food was really good? The drinks were great. I think if you if you plan for it you could get wasted. There is no doubt because we had literally one and a half drinks links because I was so full from dinner sweet mix they had beer and wine in the desert was great. We were exhausted by the so nice not to have to fight the crowd to watch that show is really nice so nice and again we actually sat down. This is really great. It was worth the price itself so as we left that night happy in tired full rolled out of the full. We got a very special phone call from very special friend Captain Jim who's magical bus was happening to go our way. We got a magical car ride back to our resort. Yes it was it was very nice. It was awesome the free uber basically then luckily the next day we had our Disney Springs Day which it came at a perfect time I find that two or three days of a park and then a day off is very good formula so that you don't burn yourself out we had a little bit of pool time and then we went to the springs around eleven hit Vera bradly looked looked at some of the patterns there and then we had one of my favorite experiences of the entire trip which was lunch at Morimoto Asia low model so here's the scoop on this one. If you go at dinnertime Morimoto Asia is a signature dining experience. It costs to credits if you go at lunch. It's only one credit so you get the ambiance the experience the food at a one credit cost is worth it. It's very worth Oud. Everything's wonderful. It's a beautiful atmosphere. There are two floors to the entire restaurant there. There's a small bar area as you walk in the main area beyond that and then up a staircase we were escorted into who like almost a closed off room that overlooked the main dining room. If you go make sure you check out the Guinness Book of Rural Records Longest Bar that's true that's right. It's the bar starts in the bottom and a wraps all the way around upstairs loop de loops and everything I think it's a longest bar yes and they have decorations that very much pay homage to the fishing villages. The chandeliers were made out of recycled plastic from the ocean. Yeah they look like jellyfish to begin with and like I was like I was like. Do you know what this means. I'm like jellyfish. He's like well actually there. The recycled may look like fishing nets jellyfish amulet. We had great cocktails here. They were very subtle but really tasty and after having super sweet cocktails it was a nice I ordered the angry chicken which was a creamy curry sauce with tempera fried bone in chicken. You had the borey Bop God which was chef more emoto's rose iron chef was his winning dish and so brought to Patrick was a claimable that was five hundred degrees and at his at the table side are one of our waiters prepared your Berry BOP which was yellowtail Yoto including cracking a raw egg into it into it when I watched cook itself and it was hot was catching the ball going. I don't learn followed up by delicious delicious dessert Sir you had some sort of Moose dessert was layered with like chocolate hazelnut and it was delicious and I had the oriental dish Tros which was actually pretty good. Everything was everything was delightful. We will do that again. Oh absolutely would you do it for for two Credito we always do for why would do from one again just because there's so many other things I want to try yeah good point we shop at Disney style got a really cool haunted mansion Spirit Jersey winter the brand new. It's not brand new. It's again renovated but the Disney store in Disney Springs is finally done. It's humongous now our feels larger because they basically took down most of the walls that would segregate each room into themes and now it's all in. I if you can't find something there then then you're too picky because everything is there. I hate shopping tree. Do I hate hot and being warm. So I sat you sat did not sure so good that I took get a jack. Lindsay's for a beer flight loved Jock Lindsay's we went there because we love you now on the deck of the ship which is next to the right of the restaurant not not so much that day because it was ninety five degrees and there wasn't really a breeze going through so we had our beer and then we quickly had to go over to the void for our V._R.. Experience so the void is a relatively new installation in Disney springs that it's basically like laser tag but way cooler. You're not actually against people though laser tag implies you're fighting against people you so you have a V._R.. Helmet on and you are going through different floors of the starship trying to make your way out so it's really neat so you kind of there's things like you look a pie and there's Pi it's all based off of rogue one and so there's one moment where you walk through and you walk in room and there's blasters and you reach out and you grab blaster and the whole thing is be quiet quiet quiet. We had to people with us a dad. Let's go back a little go. Tell them how this was grouped together so you're standing in line and one of the employees comes comes out and says okay I how many in your group okay follow me and it looked like they were doing groups of four and at one point they had two groups of forego in together and then for us they pulled Patrick and then and then we were paired with a father daughter and they bring you into the first room. There's a very a brief exposition setup that tells you what you're doing. One of my favorite moments was you get to pick your color for your stormtrooper. Get a little accident on your shoulder to distinguish who you are and I think I picked yellow elegant Patrick and he's like I picked Green Green and I'm like Patrick. That's black. It was totally black. Patrick is colorblind F Y but normally black is not a problem. No it was not green for sure so once that is done you go to another room where you get equipped with your backpack your helmet and that's it right away toby. It's it's heavy yeah and you have to pawn straps and you have to tighten some things around your Chin once that has done they lead you into a room and they tell you to put your visor down in the soon as you put your visor down U._C.. Everybody else's stormtroopers the minute you put your hands into view you see your hands as stormtrooper hands again. We're wearing nothing on our hands right. We all we had was the helmet and the backpack so like it's recognizing our hands without having any any kind kind of lighter glove on of any sort so as soon as the advisers go on the whatever we were in transformed completely into like a holy sal yeah elevator and I think the first thing it said was like find a way way to open the elevator door and there was a to our to what we thought we were seen some sort of pulled down lover and Patrick went out to grab it and pulled down on it and it worked and then opened a hatch and we were asked to walk through now again. You were relying solely on what we're seeing in our helmets and there's a little walkway over a fire pit was the first thing that felt warm so we get to a point where there's there's going to be quiet as blasters and you you go ooh grab the plasters and was you okay. It was me somebody fired the blaster okay to be fair. There were two than the blast of there was a trigger minutes secondary trigger an as it was picking up my blaster went off and if acute because it was well I guess we're not doing the quiet tact in new seats and we had to defend ourselves so you fight new shoot but then we won't spoil it because it's too good to spoil but I will say that the father daughter we were paired with breath slightly napped if not wanting to be there one point. The daughter said I'm GONNA run away. She had no desire to help out to help out the rebel lions. I think she was ready to switch the dark side at one point. We were in a room. We were asked to do something specific. The father daughter started doing that. Let let me go back. The father daughter started button mashing if you would to the point of one of the one of the robot said. Is there anybody else in this room that can do this task. I was like move meanwhile. I was over defending the room. You're doing some a completely different. Something had triggered something else off doing your own thing and so basically long story short time you end your whole experience. It was probably twenty thirty minutes all right. You're thinking that you're going to get some sort of printouts some sort of battle report about how you did and they had said we're going to email you how you did. Here's the box which I did. I didn't so after we got out of of the void and left. I got an email saying like Oh. Here's your your wanted poster because now you're wanted in in the empire Blah Blah I clicked on it and got nothing so like we have no idea how we did as a team. How we did is in value you you got a value as to how much bounty on your head but we have nothing to China bounty number but it was in it wasn't even English was it was in related experience right now? There are two things the star wars experience and the Record Ralph experience which we did not do the void is really cool really cool a lot of fun little pricy but a lot of fun there. Are there avoids around the world. They have different different stories. You can play one. That's like about a profit. There's one I think it's about about vampires attention to the buses and Disney because there will be a code on there that if you say the code to them you could especial photo. We'll share that this week to show you are special photo so after the void we were actually we got a surge of energy from that and went to Raglan Glenn Road. Do you have a drink which is not plan because we were going to go the plight pig but we have some time to kill and we was hot. We just want something cool to drink. Pop into Raglan road had a drink at the bar and then went to the polite friend Mike good if it's not cap and and Jim what's what's Mike something with a bar Stewart spar tender bird keeps burkey Mike era go and went to the polite pig for dinner polite pig very a happy with it. This is a quick service option which is which is surprising when you consider how much food you get the quality of the food and the quality of the drinks as well so we both had a beverage alcoholic beverage and I believe I had the pork shoulder which it's like the best street corn ever. It was so good corn bread. You had a sandwich and we left. They're very happy very wonderful. So then we went back and again another long wait for the bus. I think it took probably other half an hour to get the bus to go back to our hotel for the night. Mike was willing to drive us. No he wasn't so that was basically the rest of our time outside of animal kingdom which will get to in a second but we did spend the day hopping parks works which I don't know if we ever have done that as so so committed -ly. Did this time spent some time in Hollywood Studios Epcot Magic Kingdom. It was just a really fun day because we didn't have a lot planned outside of our set fast passes. <hes> we went back to Hollywood. Studios had some tart what he's lunchbox finally got to ride slinky and one of the things we picked up on was that slinky's not just a ride. It's a really great view of Galaxy. It's hard to not look at that. When you're on the Ri- Road Tower of Tarragon arrogant got to meet Edna mode in the new pigs are pixar place lace picks are street yeah that they're calling it did some star tours and then we took a boat to the boardwalk and walked through the boardwalk walked all the way to epcot had a quick service nervous lunch at La Cantina this gel wonderful which was delightful great view of of the world showcase lake great tacos? Good Margaritas got to meet Donald the Mexico. That's the thing we do. Every time test. Track was down the entire day. There was some weather in the area. There there was yeah so text test truck was down and the but we did walk past that until the Guardians Kosher building that's being built almost done almost on the new space restaurant is set to open this fall and there's no date yet but that is what they're insane. We left the park and got to go to the monorail. We could see the construction being done. The entrance about gap caught which is really kind of cool. We took the monorail all the way to go but we did. We Will Magic Kingdom did some younger crews did the carousel progress and of course as part two of our Orlando Shooting trifecta yeah which would be buzz light year down for those who you don't know Bosley years a game where you sit down with the person next to you and you have a little laser gun that you shoot things for from for for points and there's also a little ever in the car which spins the car left or right or in his circle completely moving on no one moving on it just gets cut. I know you're right at one point. <hes> early on in the in the game miscarried has control over the car and has an angled in such a way that I cannot hit any let me finish so I say to Kate I put my hand on the Knob to move the cart so I can play and she says no and I said I can't hit anything she said. Trust me. You didn't trust me. I said I can't hit anything and learn trust me. She said and I kind of like took control over the so I just sat there. I couldn't hit so she cheated. I did not sheet and she won. I kept telling you got to aim for this. I couldn't leave because I was not in rained because you wouldn't move the car aim. This has been nice ramp leading to leave prepared. Be Prepared be prepared so we did all that and then we took a bus to key west because we had dinner reservations Disney Springs and from Key West we then took a boat everywhere everywhere and then another my favorite moments the entire trip dinner at Chef Art Smith's homecoming great great meal wonderfully casual atmosphere <hes> smaller smaller restaurant than most. I would say I had the the Fried Chicken Sandwich you had braised beef like three times. They serve some of their sandwiches with their homemade barbecue chips which they were great. The cocktails tells her outstanding the desert was the best I think the trip because I had pecan pie you had chocolate cake busy but didn't feel crowded right like it was it was lively but didn't feel overwhelming. She's very good then to wrap up that night. We took a bus to the boardwalk boat studios. We got the CAP and Jim for awhile at tweens Danzon trash cans yes and then finally got to see fantasma which was a must do for me especially after Patrick's surprise surprise when we went home we went that was that was our hopper day that was our hopper date and then we had animal kingdom right right animal kingdom was unlike anything thing we have seen before it was so crowded we hear about an hour after rope job and we still waiting in line yeah yeah we we went directly to Pandora and got breakfast there at Pong Pong hong-goo which we had what they call a Pungo. LUMPIA sounds like I'm making that up. It's just a spring roll. That's rolled in cream cheese and pineapple. It was nice it was it was flavorful and then we both had a different kind of Margarita rush to snack on chat to snack Margarita for breakfast. The surprising thing of that day was that the safaris had had enormously long waits like seventy eighty ninety. One hundred twenty was the Tuesday of of <hes> fourth of July week so we think we out yeah we hit. We about time yeah. What else did we do that day? We we saw the Nemo show we could do the lion king we did see the lion king show we also did right Everest. I once we wrote offers twice twice. That's right. I think both times were in single writer who definitely which is the only way to do that. We had lunch at sat to the canteen back in Pandora. Always what a fabulous quicker was that is especially if you can get inside because it's so nicely air conditioned but it's very crowded because it's very good food again very fresh. They have their own beer that they brew in the in the theme of Pandora. We live a fast past for Pandora. We did fight a passage very very early on which is again one of our favorite rides. We didn't get the see the male female no we did not get to write the Nadi River journey this time we just couldn't find a fast passed away yeah. I know I know you were one of one of the coolest listings we saw this time around was the walking character of Kevin. Oh yeah other that you were going to talk about the way keep walking character in Pandora the walking oh the he was okay. I want to call them a stormtrooper. That's not he was okay. He he wears the utility yeah he was all right the but no Kevin Kevin was awesome. Yeah they now have Kevin just kind of wanders to the park. There's no set area for him. He if you just catch him he's he's he's willing to I'm sorry she she's willing to stand and let her self be petted. If you asked if you ask nicely and as we talked about I think last time are no is this time we talked about the possibility of including her in the bird show we also saw this time around to have another another update but Patrick also forgot to mention that when we did stop to see not only the person in the utility suit and Pandora we stopped to see the Pandora and drummer forgot about that and Patrick was yet again that APP guy in this show pointed out there like look that guy wants to have fun they went back to you like several times made you clap and say things like that. Was Your Role Guy. Oh let's see we did we did Collie river rapids which is perfect on the hot day and then we had the pleasure of going back to Tiffin's for dinner right does a double service double credit to only double credit. We did yes that was that was our choice for that trip. We usually do one because we just don't have enough credits. What did you think I've been there before loved it? I loved it. I thought it was really are waiter was great. <hes> the food was fantastic. The restaurant was not crowded. It was very enjoyable is really nice evening and it was so hot it was nice to be indoors and be chill I that was that was a nice when I take family back to the turf we had our waiter was just last. One was the same thing the waiters are so knowledgeable and just they know exactly when to comment and ask if you're doing well. They know when to leave you alone. I would take my family. I would take my team. We actually had the rivers of light package all right and because of that we had not only an entree a drink in a desert we also got appetizers as well that was included no extra charge outside of the tip that we would have to include and then we also got a fast pass due to the rivers of light. We are one service. which was where you experienced bubbles in your face? This is where I got bubbles in my face yes so we finished dinner and just kind of wandered around for a little bit and we did. We finally got a fast passed. A dinosaur after dinner would probably wasn't the best idea of mind cause down up and not up and down and rivers of light was updated as as a new version called we are one on which incorporated a lot more of the Disney characters as opposed to just animals and improved it but it still is in it still could use a few more updates in yeah but <hes> that's what I had the kid in front of me what the bubble maker who decided to just let that thing fly no and then it ran out batteries which we were all very very. I shut it here. I shut up here. That was a great day with the exception of being overly crowded and very warm still one of my favorite parks. I love that Park in looking at a chance answer show you refugees planet watch another time next time. There's always the next time so that was our trip to Disney this this past summer we are looking to probably go. I don't know anytime soon well. There's a couple of things up in the air that they have to to land next year but we'll see have some friends that are going in December two that they're going to be checking out not only star wars but I just heard today that the skyline is going to be opening in September. They'll be able to see the sky lenders as well along with rise of the resistance. It's great debut live so we didn't question for the week Patrick boy <hes> well. Let's see we talked about animal. Actually have we done the question like what's your favorite park. Have we done that. We have not in. Don't just tell us your for your park but we want to know why yeah you have to back up back it up everybody up as it tell my student you have back it up until you say no. Tell me why you're allowed to say no Gimme reasons so tell us your favorite park. Tell us why tell us if you have any memories of the park was your favorite experience in that park yeah because I would say that ours is absolutely absolutely animal kingdom rate normally yes non crowded decor. I would say that maybe the V._I._p.. Of the Strip was epcot oh I one hundred percent agree. That was the most children I think whenever we find that we have a chill day where we're very grateful and I don't know why we don't program more chill time <music>. I'm in bulk up cart crowded which I always appreciate so so again. If you're following along send us your thoughts on favorite park. If you have a minute send us a voicemail drops a message on twitter instagram where facebook we'd like to get involved with with you guys. We'd like to be engaged and as always thanks for tuning in and listening to earful. We'll see next truly give you a little border now. I'm tired okay well. I'll give it for you can eat travel is it. I'm a travel agent Travel Appalachian <hes> so yeah Color Texture tweeter and she will plan your trip for you. I'll be happy to help and I'm Patrick and I'm kate and this has been another episode of earful C._N._N.. Week bye-bye.

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