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Villainesses: Belle Starr


Hello from wonder media network. I'm jenny kaplan and this is encyclopedia. Cla pedia will manteca today's phil analysis known as the outlaw queen like many of the women this month the truth of her story shrouded in mystery and legend accounts differ over whether she was abandoned at heart or a mother trying to live a quiet at life regardless she associated with some of the most notorious criminals the wild west and she earned a legacy is an infamous outlaw in her own right right. We're talking about myra. May belle shirley read star better known as belle starr the official newspaper files already wesley card mark many stories of famous or notorious characters that period among them born in eighteen forty eight belle starr horsey and harbor of criminals live hard and fast enough to become known in her day as queen of the bandits to go down in history as america's most notorious woman outlaw belle was born in eighteen forty eight on a farm near carthage missouri in the eighteen sixties bells father sold their successful family farm and moved the family to the city there he bought a building building that houses in boarding stable and blacksmith shop at the center of town bell attended missouri's carthage female academy which her father helped found she received a classical education and learn to play piano as a child bell was friends with quite a few people who'd become notorious criminals including the james and younger brothers then the civil war began and brought tragedy for bell's family occur brother bud was killed by union troops after the north attack their city again in eighteen sixty four bells family decided to move to texas in eighteen sixty six bell reconnected with jim read a childhood crush and a member of a group of outlaws known as cointreau trolls readers bells ranch became a hideout for the game and soon thereafter whereafter bell and jim entered a common law marriage two years later bell gave birth to her first child a daughter she nicknamed pearl. It wasn't long before gyms. Crimes evolved into a darker sort in eighteen sixty seven. He murdered a man in arkansas to escape the authorities. The young family fled to california where bella gave birth to her son eddie. In eighteen seventy one. Jim quickly became entangled with the california police after dealing with counterfeit money while hunting him down the cops realized that he also had a price on his head for his time in arkansas. Bell took the children back to jim's family in missouri. While jim ran off to continue his criminal lifestyle with multiple gangs texas the authorities caught and killed him eighteen seventy four bell likely didn't directly participate in many of her husband's crimes nevertheless her announced sense of style made her legendary. She liked to ride sidesaddle donning a black velvet riding dress in a dramatic plumed hat. She was also famously quick to draw the two pistols. She kept strapped her hips. Eighteen eighty bell married sam star are a cherokee man who was part of yet another outlaw family bell and her new husband were arrested and tried for stealing horses in eighteen eighty three. They served nine months in prison. When they got out they continued their life of crime. Bell was arrested two more times but wasn't convicted sam face darker faith in eighteen eighty six. He was killed in a gunfight with an officer. After sam's death. Bell's life took a much less exciting turn and she stopped committing crimes. Despite that fact rumors ran rampant particularly about her liaisons with men word was that she had affairs with several interesting characters including men named jack spaniard and jim french and blue duck in order to keep her property bell did mary one of sam stars relatives a- man fifteen years her junior. The belle stars life came to a tragic early end in eighteen eighty nine two days before her forty first birthday i she was riding home. I'm from a neighbors house. Someone ambushed her and shot her off her horse. The king's remains unsolved but theories suggest the culprits may have included a jealous jealous man an escaped murderer or even one of her own children. The wild and daring bell star guided simply that shot from our horace by now known assassin whatever any suspects frankie. I don't think we'll ever know uh though her life might not have been as crazy as myths claim fell star deserves a spot among the infamous outlaws of the wild west tune in tomorrow for the story of another villainous. You wish you learned about in school mm-hmm special. Thanks to the one and only liz caplan my favorite sister and co-creator talk to you tomorrow.

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