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Episode 9c: Ricky Lightfoot


Now it's been brought to my attention that mark provided a comprehensive and entertaining head to toe kit. The hostages have one downside. which is that they feed Lou Selenium? Yeah Genius move and Clothing Summary. Last week the critical is the Marino roamed away. It is a phenomenon gently cradled unlike trainers don't and content blue but I merely pronounce delighted with my vest which she was deemed not satisfactory by Mike. So here is the full rundown of what I hope to wear and use for the in. My shoes are Mamat to one's size twelve now. I'm really an eleven but I had Helen's shoe thoughts in mind ended about giving my feet room to be fantastic but let me brew tight box. That looks like your feet broad enough long enough. You're hooked should lenton and if you don't allow it to then you you're missing parts of the the wonder of the foot can do to help Gate at whatever speed and be the size twelve's were in the scale. What proved jacket is a dare to be blue do one knighthood with a peak tape seems very light and thin just a little bit big and floppy in high winds again? The execs L.. That I bought was in the sale. But it's fine when I'm wearing a pack because that sort of tethers it down. I love wear my partner. Say made me feel like a superhero. My pack is the ten litre decathlon. One it's great only about twenty five quid loads of pockets nice snug fit and I use it with a one liter water bladder. My my trail running shorts come from decathlon and they're brilliant too nice fit floaty light material lots of useful pockets including zips fronton back. I'm blind line to wear running vests for legs two three and four mainly because I have tattoos on my shoulders and it seems a waste to cover them up. I'll wear a light long-sleeve Rohani Hand Fleece taught the I've got for leg one and probably a black Salomon t-shirt for like five. Justin look cool in the pub afterwards. Iwa Hilly Saux sure angrily ones. I'm still pondering whether to use polls that feels like cheating but then maybe it feel stupid to not unusual that free power with my. I'm trying to cover the safety safety on the technical aspects of what you should have to be on the mountains. Do I really respect the mountain without spending a lot. My the reality is that I live in Portsmouth and go nowhere near any high foul ninety nine percent of the time so I don't really want to spend a fortune on clothing thing that I will struggle to justify to my current long term life partner. Hi and welcome to our podcast about the Bob. Graham round sixty six ish mile run in the Lake district up in over forty two of England's tallest mountains in under twenty four hours recorded throughout two thousand eighteen and twenty nineteen. This is an audio account of a year preparing for and attempting the PG on these. Our Bob Graham sounds that would be good which which I like to Nashville Sore from idea. I think upscale thinking this used to be the worst thing that happens me going on you know. I was coming this episode nine. See the third part of our Ricky Nicky. Ricky trilogy includes Iraqi and that Ricky both both in the Lake district the Ricky is lightfoot the Cumbrian runner world champion medalist the world long distance mountain running challenges oranges. He's won the three peaks race. The was down the Borrowdale. The ennerdale the three shies scuitto. He's been sponsored by Solomon's since two thousand and eight works as a firefighter in Workington an I met him before his pre work run on a Sunday morning. which meant a very early start? ooh Cuts the RECCI involves loves beanie. Mark me an a new voice matt. He's a lovely friend of being great runner not terribly experienced in the high fouls but he lives in West Yorkshire so he gets out on. Lots of Moreland comes from London and supports Arsenal In one of the key eh Bob. Graham sounds for our team during these years of visits to RECCI different likes is this. The lovely gentle English hubbub the dining room of the. How shelled guesthouse of breakfast time? How cold is run by Laura and Jerome? The breakfast is amazing and they are more Auburn. Happy to cater for Pesky part time vegans like being a drug unum as you the tomorrow Ben Aben the Air Force was fully very strange streetside. Difference more on my wedding guy. Main wedding meal was vegetarian and the visit Baltin gentleness tweet but for the next four cook breakfast. Aw Now obviously. It's a fancy for a group of so-called hardened fell runners but if we'd stayed in a hostel all all camp we wouldn't have hit the fells as well rested or as well fed which might of made running all day more of a struggle that's my justification and and I'm sticking to it anyway. We all loved it there and remained being be loyal throughout our years of RECCI weekends and attempts I heartily recommend it. And and for the Real Creme de la experience ask for the Bob twin room at the very top. It's the best in my opinion anyway. That was the sounds sounds of breakfast on the set first. We need to flashback and hear about off Friday afternoon leg full record the tenth of May five seven even at the end of what should have been a run on the next four. I'm for me to be a bolted very early. We drive arrived home. Run from honest over into was dial and descend into was just killed me on just ended up. Come into Hobo mowing down. And then there's the Ron Mark and Matt when on an run like for I still out there and we're going to go meet them in a minute and then being Conley stayed with me and we walked back in I love we walk in Chat but just ruined and I don't know why because I've run recently in the per- backs I three hours. Running regularly on ports downhill a around twenty eight and a half miles two weeks ago without any but it's Nikolay problem that I've had come back to a few times so it's come back a couple of years ago when I was up here. Yeah I di the first descent this awful cramp and then a managed to search for my way back into it and then the following day went out and run all of next three without appropriate. I've had it couple of months back and I was trying to run down bucks a hand. It left me miserable and now I don't know what quite know what to make you know. Obviously lots of ways. It was a nice day today. Still Walk Eleven miles in the lakes up and down. I'm not going to say my older schoolmate painting and have a good job in terms of being six weeks away from the Bob Graham round unable to run even one leg of it without the next cramping up that's pretty poor overseas the logical respondents is just not enough into so out all sorts of things before you're ever likely to do it but the romantic mandic in me wants to go and so how do I practically in six weeks turn around from here first of all thank. I decide what I'm GonNa do tomorrow a really long walk all try and run see how fit in the morning and then how am I going to take the next six weeks. Don't get hit by therapy is some psychosomatic saying well. Panicked can feel the stress and tensed cramps or donate to just go if we die and run up and down hill for two hours. Even if it's boring just do it just two miles miles per now hill stuff into my legs and stops. I can just run instead or diverted bucks actually. On the way to honest every business into this interview with Dom Irvine how about overcoming obstacles and just assigning ain't GonNa do it and and not dropping out you have to make the decision what you're GonNa Finish whether you gonNA quit and not such a key decision now. We'll iowans lie once you decide. I'm going to finish you. Decide off to his home I going to finish. That's a different mindset than my not going to and then within about an hour I wanted to drop out in the end did drop out here in my voice. I'm baffled but remaining calm having gone into full little misery mode yet. I'm put that down to the fact that I am in the beautiful Lake district with some really good friends so we went out in the car to pick up those friends. And that kept me Liane truck and how did you find that. The fact that a lot of as a boulder fast something that may be hole near big difficult different cold running to kind of in the southwest. conine stuff not allowed to three stretches. Balk Doc I've forgotten how gold and so of annoying just hopped up stumbling all faded like any movement just stocks to just way out mentally annoyed the media also the trucks that media technical down here running of the cuts made it used to yeah. US Swift to set you. Think on the trail would be just think about that. Is this takes practice to mm-hmm acquire those bald hopping skills put up says policies. Give into the finance shape. Every I'm gonNA tell you why. In addition to the money spent king in staying in Japan bench inch by Jones News. I'M GONNA walk in these look like either Cohen's brings this map in his base be caught a big Salem parachuters road pounds and George Trout pay commits plus them quite new relatively gasoline. It looks so warm sixteen. There was a lot riding on Saturdays. Run and after that hearty breakfast you does having. I went for it well on a difference. A day mates falcons same. Serve six thirty on the eleventh of my and been out and run twenty two point nine miles in seven hours and nineteen eighteen minutes taking in most next to the Bob Graham setting off from twelfth held and then giving up steel foul and then all the way back to over a couple of the peaks and through lots of bulks then back like a down a long long day seven and a half hours of running and I didn't have any of the cramps. Oh goodness knows what it is hypnotherapist or something like that. Just feels like it's a panic then becomes a feedback loop on panicking tensing up. So then the cramp gets worse. But it's clearly not an injury and although retired at points today going through it and say August saw my hips injured. I'm just pushing myself and so it was great seven coaching to to do today. I just do not know why it went wrong as I walk and run gone. That fiscus Descending today and actually descended really fast courts were fine. You Know I. I enjoyed that sentence of really found that coaching. I've had him running some Helen nightmare able to run. When I'm tired in a way that it doesn't become form appeared enough to feel like I'm back in the game? I making an attempt now bloody relief. Now let's got and get hammered. No okay let's not have to be up early to interview Ricky Lifer and then drive three hundred and forty seven miles home to the south coast. It'd be rude not to have a couple in the in the car park on the Pike. Five forty five in the morning after I found the right car park ricky foot morning doing good. Is this your regular early morning run yes some days start work at nine so usually I'd get out for hours before before were it totally depends on boats intensive drive out the the you know along the road number. I'm going to go and you know my my room changes if you actually actually get okay but this is a favor is a long time because guys did you know to Ormond. Were easiest eight minutes long right. Yeah we walked it last year so part down and Braithwaite and walked in a bit of abortion aww down steep in parts. Yeah I to goodfellas access to to get access. Assimilate Western fells. And do you know you can get in on the right. How do I fit and recovering from an injury? I think the AH eighty two years ago this month hip operation and it took quite a while to get back from that probably best buy a month booked. Yeah now you know stronger. I feel his arm in a position better worse before the election and still get the neagle on the end of that book you know. The Dow operation worked anywhere basically. Yeah and you're racing again. The three peaks race just just ahead of the field is share and then the plan was to you know risky. beat do a few more this year and Deseo course really. I'm up here this weekend. Wrecking up Graham attempts and you as far as I know the one in the winter. Ah Why did you pick the winter first of all. I attempted a few years ago as well. Probably Twenty ten and I got to Demille race in the Midwest between Whether it was the so about you know there was snow. Ta thighs and you know. Talk of Demille. Pus was Colin Snow. Scott down in wall still covered in snow the sparkling getting NASA inside the consulate to Miller's bright which was a sensible decision and Yeah I I didn't win. Estimate will be you know in comparison per year. So that was that was my logic condemn. Yeah did it in in Twenty fifteen and did in January and what's your relationship with those. Have you heard about it since. You're a tiny tiny runner and always wanted to do for lots of people and Supported lots of rounds and things. I mean the bump. Graham didn't staten about fifty and I'd never added welcome. I had never had a felony and to be honest until I did a I felt and saw hope and a statue in with a guy. It was a like a caretaker at school and a lot of the kids would would make him at lunch off. Skill to animal dough session around what we call the cross costs Menelik remember when I look for him. Brian Tail Dot Auden. You'd have the difficult on his in his hallway when he remembers chat with him. About if you times damn I'll I'll do that like doing for twenty dollars off. Did in twenty two hours for that the same so far a bomb capable but slowly but surely saved with saw him back then and continued. NFL Maybe I could ever go tell you. I'm just going to have a go and that's how it will happen. Everybody's doing it and then Kleberson you know when you're going to have. Yeah and he eventually developed into medium to around. Yeah think so but you know I still feel as you know I wanna I wanna I wanted for thirty four mile still and it feel is ongoing longer but the minimum I'm ruin Dino I'm GonNa say Marlon film tight likes From you feel tired after a mile booked. Yeah you know this before. The British not could have a long way and feel pretty good in the ascent in descending. Brielle still be audio similar thing. If you're really good runner and a well known this. There's a bit more pressure on. I don't WanNa do around us not very good day I mean and I mean these pressure off say I want to try and get the best out myself to be on a student. Feel I won't be there You knock probably I. I do think I do now in a way hours book. You know. Turn around in thirty and you know I was so I just don't feel I could do that the miniature bride. Were you involved in any way in Kilian. Around Noah was I was away from that weekend ended. It was pretty short. Nor'easter yeah that. Would you like to have been and I always like support and about Graham Round and supplied Loyd Law and small morning Coop Louis. Yeah it'd be nice to be part of a gym plenty of them. I'M GONNA sign and it has has his round wh- what do you make of it. You know he's sort of thinking. I wanted to get that record. Our kind of an apology. Really you know it'd be broken into you know anybody's entitled we'll go around around Killian Tacoma and do is good. Yeah certainly the public profile of the background in a lot of coverage all over the place. Yeah definitely and I think it's you know it's put out there again. I think he does a high at that moment. And People say oh you know do we want to do it. And he doesn't get a lot more. Ah Europeans encrusted attempted. Brock boot gates are dies down again and forget about it and you know which is which is good. The numbers is still saw. A two thousand completions on ETA. Yes it hasn't gone because it isn't. Jim took default thousand. Another runoff spy contained for the PODCASTS. Ricky guys fellow Sullivan Rona. Like yourself off. Did you help him on his his sworn into had a real struggle of death just because they ah batted from loads of other view about they decided to do Colville Hasha feltus on this idea a and I think the stuff down to law independent new fossil on the side don't and Dick to combat from that and the fancy about turnabout Graham. I can't remember a time. We met in the morning them for for gone three in the morning time and restart scrambled team together. Well the mature team it was me like Swan and two and then it was Eight movie and his partner on three four possibly five. I think right so uh but yeah we say often one and got little bit wrong Komorowski in the midst. QC and I sys because they did the thing before the weekend before we got lakes wanted to fly in there on the twenty hours to bear issues. Just think Scott's legs in this fate couldn't handle the rockiness of legs and for that's pretty horrible. Do you have a favorite to support. You have your specialist in any particular favorite not really to be honest. I like them all out in fell's mixed me pay so you know I love getting out and you know I love all all of going over scoffield and that's my favorite parts of lakes kit wise and food wise. Do you have any any tips for during around and Essential things to remember so I think the most important thing is getting a good good amount of SNL indecent in. Because I think that could be a long way Thousand hours book if you haven't been putting in the climbs in the sense to descend what's going to really be like It's cue me eight. You know if I could blow Coppola blow elects. You've done three three thousand meters also so you get the descent foodwise and stuff jeff. I mean find some what you're comfortable with. Khan remember what I had done. My you know just not gonNa wear the whole time. It's little and often isn't Mexic- different muscle cramps. Every and I can remember it. Take him salad fell but yeah me out and the winter around I mean how wrapped up by WII than the layers under the ground. It is pretty horrible on site and experience an ever. Want the expedience again which I again since you know put some audible dares out in the NFL like wanted. It was fine but the legs is to three hundred fall with Horrible honesty who's who had sleet and snow. Induced really cold wind temperatures. Would we're really down into the paint so as well. The wind chill took it down even more by I had maybe three padded Charles's On for two somewhat like an even even then the rain goes through and underneath and I remember moving so called going over so quick and through snow. Not News no visibility. I just thought I thought my ideas. We're going to look like it's butterfill filter online. Nothing that today beautiful morning and have a good run. Thank you very much. Thanks Dale you just had known today. I think I'm going home today and then I'm hoping to get one more more weekend before sorted most like to and then came came up still following along. Bridget comes down. I have a high is high told listens to some so did about twenty three mile. which is it was good and like you said that the big thing like if you if you shoot the first sent off blink cuffy and you get to taught me think through deal my legs feel good science and An island in the south. So it's not for you so I'm just going after. It was a good learning Kansas weekend thinking at the state to find a heaven up and down. I think even you know aw given given you could rent a couple of weeks out life you know heading to find begins to mind absolutely hammered any any down and you know sometimes works I substitute of dissent. I just find that the hills in the south some bits but social in Y- Downhill Mall. Yeah well because all the anywhere. Yeah thanks I'll I'll let you know how would you I know I know when you go. One hundred maybe. If I'm around pretty don't forget you sing. I love between it. Thank you can. Despite US conly Stephan Kaufman Sunday morning. Wonder like one from joking. Check Rickie and Nice downdraft practical. I won't from the whole hassle. You see the first schedule Full Martin. Luth it's morning breakfast before drawing. Then it's nice just to stretch marks and smelling remind both training. The actions are the next few weeks things having to try to in accent so with a whole world of positives and negatives running through my head. I go to the Oracle. Hi Helen go well. It's a lovely sunny Sunday morning I'm just driving away from the Lake district. After a weekend of running preparation for the Bob Graham my rock in times of. BG are fitness panic. I and posture and movement specialist running coach Helen Hall in considering whether something light therapy is an idea. Just wanted your thoughts on that the the sort of have any ways to calm old ways to alleviate that Probably Waffling now. So I feel so And here she taps back her reply. HYPO great news. Overall eleven very hilly malls walking in two thousand three miles of running great great news exclamation. Mark Rio quads. Given it seems from your description to be symmetrical the first thing I look. Okay is your electrolyte. Are you taking them on board. Is your sweat salty. Have you added more to your general diet as well during the efforts if the answer to all of these yes then I use e. MD are remember that weird hippie music in your headphones for the last fifteen twenty minutes of a climb to calm the system and preempt the building anxiety society. But it's this text exchange. That could be what might be. GR will hinge on Me Helen do you think not cycling for the next six weeks into la Bob Graham and just running would be good for my court health. Helen yes I'd put money on. It may just what I needed to know. Thanks and so it was a good weekend justified. It will post script. It's Sunday morning and Now driving from suddenly a beautiful sunny any morning the Fred Wettin cycling waste so there are Lot Creek Latte men women boring past me as I drive off down down there. Sixty six heading home fading that it went for she well a balance. But it's been a good wakeup coal to needs to be done on over the next six weeks so to say now how I can fit into family law not panic about it but just trying get it was much hills run as can just jiving thrown fell so inbetween Jay exciting seeing them taste of attempts When I get back I get? Some earth shattering muscle cramps news from a friend of a friend of my wife's. The funny thing I go was re acquainting myself with my wife we were Chit chatting about what's going on on whilst I was running in the likes of the weekend and she was high and she had a friend come visit. WHO's the another friend who is in some kind of clinical research and was looking into muscle? Krems my wife Jo had been talking to Tracy about Tracy's friend who does this week's and Tracy said scientists are not really sure what caused these criminals but one thing that came out and all the research was one thing that stops them. Better than anything else is Vega in particular the vinegar from Jars of pickles. I hate vinegar and I hate anything pickled. I've just had a teaspoon of juice from John of rose rose but preserves English pickled onions. She's pretty foul. And then I just for good measure teaspoon of the juice of hi. John of Jalapeno peppers post foul washing it down with. But I'm GonNa do a spoonful of each day and apparently L. Travolta's will Davis take Of Malt Vinegar with them so that they get cramps. Donald so I'm GONNA do that. Consume it on the way up skied on the top schedule. So that preventing the crumbles so now feel like with one more box ticked all reminds you swimming from seventeen hundred hours over forty two peaks so yeah so.

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