Dallas Morning News 7/28/20


Good Morning. It's Tuesday July twenty. Eighth I'm Mary Hildebrandt and here are the top stories from the Dallas. Morning News expect scattered thunderstorms throughout the day and evening hours. The high today is eighty eight with an overnight low of seventy six. Our Top story is Dallas. County reported just four hundred twenty six new coronavirus cases yesterday, but county judge Clay Jenkins said it could be due to a glitch in the states electronic reporting system in a written statement. He said that he's increasingly optimistic that people wearing masks and d'alene unnecessary trips. Trips are helping flatten the recent explosion in cases since the governor's Open Texas plan was implemented. The county also reported to new cove in nineteen deaths, a baulch springs man in his fifties and Dallas man in his sixties. These numbers raised the county's totals to six hundred seven deaths and forty, seven, thousand, two hundred thirty nine cases that works out to be seventeen point nine cases for every one thousand residents in other News Dallas County residents who live outside the city of Dallas including people in Garland Mesquite, Grand Prairie and Now have until August twentieth to apply for thousands of dollars to help pay rent a mortgage or utilities. The aid is through the county's emergency housing assistance program, and is funded by the federal stimulus package passed in March. The county recently reopened and extended the application process for the program which launched early this month relief funds of up to one thousand five hundred dollars. A month for three months are available residents who have lost income because of the cove in nineteen pandemic, and who meet certain other requirements for example applicants cannot receive similar housing assistance from organizations and must make less than eighty percent of the area's median family income applicants must also. Also live in Dallas County, but not in the city of Dallas which operates its own Corona Virus Housing Assistance Program funded by the Cares Act, you can find more information on our website Dallas Dot com in local news yesterday governor, Greg Abbott extended the early voting period for the November presidential elections in response to cove in nineteen in a news release. Abbott's Office said the early voting period will begin October thirteenth and October thirtieth giving voters nearly one more week than usual to cast their vote before election, day? He also allowed voters to turn in mail ballots in person on Election Day Democrats and voting rights. Advocates have pushed Abbott Am Secretary of. Of, State Ruth are Hughes to do more to ensure, people can vote safely in November's presidential elections. When a massive turnout is expected, those advocates said extending the early voting period was the least the state could do under the circumstances and in Education News Texas will alter some of the high stakes nature of its standardized tests, but those tests will still be given to public school students next year with grades, still tied to schools and districts in part based on student testing performance a news release from Governor Greg Abbott made the announcement yesterday. Abbott declared that promotion requirements for fifth and Eighth Grade Students tied to the State of Texas assessments of academic. Academic readiness or star would be waived for the upcoming school year star tests in reading and math essentially serve as exit exams in those grades, although students can still move along to the next grade, if promoted by a school committee, Abbott said in the news release that the twenty twenty twenty one school year would be uniquely challenging because of Covid nineteen which is what prompted the Change The Dallas morning? News rewards program is proud to bring you virtual events for more information and upcoming events. Please visit Rewards Dot Dallas News Dot Com for more on these stories, and for the latest breaking news visit Dallas News Dot Com thanks and enjoy your day.

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