911, What's Your Beer-gency?


Hey before we get into this episode. We forgot some important details like we got a website. Guys we be be. And i think erin has actual sound effects for that. Chris refrained from doing that again. So go through the dregs dot beer. You can check out all the episodes there and you can actually send us voice mail for the show. Senator questions your comments right there. That's all you need to do now. Getting to the show all right and You know. I'm so prepared for this episode. That i forgot what episode number so i didn't even look up before but Around seven yeah okay. That's that's i can only count to ten so We're going to have to right. So there's chris there so we only according to him a few more episodes and left but we hope to go on for that and we have a special guest joining us from portland. Today you know are an instagram is nine one one beer me it is. Mary rose. Hello that was quite the entrance. If you've made to the podcast stumbling into the podcast no yes. Truly my fashion to what's up. Yeah well i mean like you were watching the bachelor so where there. Many leg beers consumed before the taping tonight. And no nine. This is like my. I fear that. I've had in perhaps a week. So having slowing down. I have been slowing down on drinking. So so why. Mike it's been They got a little out of hand there at the end of the year. I'm i do have to admit snow but you did a the sober february january january. Nope no you're technically ramping. Back up well gradually. As as i as i sit my very delicious Protect our winners pills from coast. Mountain or Friends of the podcast up in whistler. Mary what are you. What are you drinking l I had some beer mail from my friend byron in southern california. So i'm drinking a beer from anaheim breweries called bottle logic and it's just a west coast. It's pretty okay. I don't know. I feel like drinking so much. Beer in twenty twenty that. What is beer. You know. i'm like. I'm don't wanna say over it but i love beer but it all tastes the same. It's like oh man. I'm your i'm to have an extra Existential here in a second. Go on yeah. let's hear it. What are you. What are you enjoying well. Since is currently residing in portland. I figured might as well pick up a portland brew. But then aaron in luke or army that apparently they may be also contract bring out of alberta. So i don't know where the prude. But i am drinking. The juice invader ip a from great notion bring and quite a few beers from great notion brewing of trickled their way up to be see and they've got some hype on social. I this is actually my first beer. I've ever had from great notion. And it's a pretty easy drinking hazy. I'm actually really enjoying good. I feel like with great notion. I never go for their iep or pails or he's he's it's typically the sours that they're known for. But i'm glad that you like it. Because typically when i buy those beers i'm like a little disappointed but cool right on. Do go to that burri often. I'm about ten minute A ten minute drive from the one in northeast portland. There's one across the reverse of to within like twenty minutes and then they've opened up so many in oregon and washington so they're they're definitely expanding so you're if you're you see you could actually drive down to seattle which probably won't be too far and now again your kovin. That's true. well. This is why we wanted to have you on because we kind of delivery garishly through you in portland anyway because I i was going on. It was gonna be my fifth year streak of going cask barrel house for their glue creek Their winter beer and could not happen because of covid. So here is that were they. They like let someone open it up with some hammer. No no it's there Cherry sour served hot with orange wedging cloves. So i've never even done that. I've been here for two and a half years at school. We go sorry. Can you explain that again. Yeah so it's so as their creek. The cascade barrel houses creek and they do a hot crash on it and then they serve it with An orange in clothes and it's like mulled wine meets beer so Interesting and they only serve it november january and you can only get into the barrel house in portland cool. Luke what are you enjoying. I'm having a festival. Express american pale ale with mosaic. And cascade from a new brewery that just opened up Pretty close to my place. Here in new west It's called studio brewing. So i think yesterday was their first official open day so ripped it over there after work to try a few beers and what is beer anyway. That's what i'm saying right now. I'm kidding i mean kind of read but i'm also kidding. The beer is really nice. It's it's a great kind of hazy. Pale ale overly bitter easy drinking and glad to be drinking it on a thursday night and logistic clarify year new s. They are in south burnaby. Yeah but i'm kind of on the west side of new last in their on of on the southeast side of burnaby so like a ten minute drive camaros. You're originally from texas right whereabouts in texas before your big move to portland. I was raised in austin texas. So i lived there for the majority of my life and then i went up to north texas for about five years migrated back to austin. Austin is the best part of texans than everyone acknowledges that thoroughly so so i was there for a long period of time than ended up making my way up the portland which is pretty similar to austin just way weirder like we take the cake on weird. No yeah no like keep portland. Weird like through. Yeah i mean. And that's austin's slogan cuba but like lawson slogan is moreland weird. That's all my god. Oh my god. Y'all are nuts sir but just current events and stuff i mean are your family down there because i mean texas couldn't handle the cold this past week so yeah it's been pretty crazy in texas So a lot of my friends have lost electricity. My parents have been fine. They haven't experienced any electrical or water. Outages totally in the clear which makes me happy but a lot of my friends haven't had power for like three or four days. And it's i mean. I had a power outage for one day. It lasted four hours. And i thought i was gonna like you know thought i was gonna. I don't wanna get more bed. But anyways i was like i can't do this but i can't imagine three days on zane rate so how out of the ordinary is like on in your experience. Living in austin how cold did it get in the winters. It never snowed. It never endure getting a foot of snow. I'm like you're you're joking you know face. Yeah i mean. I lived there for ninety seven so like two thousand and like eighteen nineteen and it never wants snowed like if it snowed it would be sleet and then it would just dry up and that would be like one day the next day it'd be like hot so for it to be this cold and to last week is just insane like it's it's truly leave wierd still they're probably still playing. Longhorns games though right football doesn't shutdown football never shuts down. You're probably right exactly. Yeah we got Makaay just probably in a speedo out there. I'm glad you brought up mcconnell. Hey 'cause i wasn't going to do but why is this thing. I just read his book. I mentioned on another episode Oh you love him. Let's say before we started the dregs. Chris wanted us to start a podcast. Just about matthew mcconaughey initiator. Oh no way on. So my sister's fiance His kids go to the same school that mcconnell as kids go to. It's a stupid prestigious. All right all right but Yeah my sister's like yeah my my fiance runs into matthew. And it's weird. So that's insane. Mike does he have chats with them. Like matthew design. Hey jason. how's it. Going man means cool and all that probably this guy is a british accent so i feel like anyone who has an accent in taxes. Like instant best friends so it wouldn't surprise me. Canadian accent go over in a oh go greats actually if you just throw the a is everywhere. People go crazy in your arm. Sorry like the way you say. Sorry story that one. I can imagine matthew pulling up the school and like every time he pulls up like into the roundabout in front of the school. It's like a. It's a lincoln commercial now. Open up the doors slow. Polls down the sunglasses and you're like are cut but there's no crew there. I love that. And he's playing with his dominant index finger. And you're like what are you doing. Yeah all day. That's exactly what he's doing in his lincoln so cool voice over for the ad to then being recorded. yeah exactly that. Nobody's recording this. What the hell are you doing embarrass me. So how did beer find. You really like what. What made you start a beer instagram account. I don't know i'm just always liked fear Even when i was underage drinking downtown on six three and just gravitated towards beer versus any cocktails which is kind of weird for a female in like two thousand and nine. I don't know all females like never drank beer. I was like that one person. But i don't know it just grew into an obsession and then my brother-in-law hebrew in austin and then that got me down another worm hole but Yeah craft beer is definitely feeding over in the past like five six seven years. So do you remember what beer you started drinking. Yeah the cheapest ones. It's called a lone star beer baby either that or ribbons mcconnell in true detective lonestar. Descend all over does it. I mean it's honestly the cheapest is achieved. Good solid like crappy. Beer you know and it has it has good labeling and i love it so it's i actually have one in my fridge. I haven't i haven't drinkin- in it. It's been there since september. it probably should. I probably should do like shot down with that. One schalken sunday thursdays hugging there. Oh my god. I worked more. That's why bring in the bills. Baby come on. And i am a little disappointed that she said lone star beer there because i'm I'm a rewatching king of the hill. And i was really hoping for alamo beer there but that's nonexistent. I know but like you know it could be like one of those things like how. There's like duff beer in argentina. Because they're getting around some copyright thing you know like maybe there's something in austin how do they call it duff in argentina. How do they get around. It is just like misspell it or get. It looks like duff beer okay. Interesting is called. Do f- duffers. It's all in the pronunciation. I've got a question for you. What when when you were craft beer in texas What was your favorite cropper. either up in university. I would spoil myself with this one beer That was made in new orleans. I'll bitta and it was called purple haze. I don't i can't went. Is that exactly as i. It's not easy it's like a pale isn't it. Yeah so the. I guess that one kind of got me into it when i was when i had a couple extra bucks and mike i didn't want to have a pabst blue or alone star like my typical goto. I would get that That beer and i felt so fancy because it comes in like a bottle form with like the neck. And i was like. Hey yeah yeah. I'm looking at it. Now it's it's pretty sweet looking it's a raspberry logger is that right. Oh yeah yeah. Totally one hundred percent. Yes that's it. I don't know if it's like. I don't know if it's actually owned by corporation like i don't know if anheuser busch owns it now or if it's actually a you know it says here it's bruton. Alberta every beer apparently is brewed ann arbor. Are they owned by anyone or they just every locally owned and i are both checking it out online right now because we are the were head researchers for the drugs but the problem is if it's not on the front page of the website. Yeah figured out. How high links work on websites. So they say they're independent. They got the independent craft stamp on the about so assume they're still independently owned if they've got that makes me happy. That's school i feel like they're doing jimi hendrix. A little dirty They've registered the purple haze mark. I'm assuming this is after jimmy hendricks purple as oblique so definitely. Yeah me while. I drink this beer nicely. Oh god look at full able to get it. Yeah for sure with the will. I mean it's been there for a long time so they haven't gotten suits accused. Let's just do a cheers. The spurrier cheers beata. Now i know they have it in the fridge down a louis but stationed in bellingham on the border opens back up again guys and we go down for freedom weekend I feel like. I'm picturing really like canadian flag outside the window of the car going across the mortar like needs to become a documentary. I just feel like it's going to be a weekend of shenanigans. Everybody's been talking about like their big thing that they've opened up. I've been saying this since the lockdown defined a limo with a hot tub in a back from like the eighties movies. Like you know you'll get a pickup truck through a fricking tarp in the back there. Biden's degree. yes that's what we're talking about in the big city here. We have them now. Roy they had this jacuzzi boats in seattle. That looks pretty sick. Which is weird because like why are you in a jacuzzi in a lake guy. You want to jump in the lake. And i'll just in the jacuzzi that float on the lake but in this jacuzzi. Starting like i was talking to a guy in ontario the other day and he was talking about Going out ice fishing this weekend. And i'm like oh yeah you're gonna drag your shit out there you know. And he's like no no no no now. It's all taken care of you walk in there. It's already heated with electric heaters and everything. And you just drop your line in the thing. And i'm like where's the excitement in that all works done for you. I think when i picture ice fishing i picture. The best part is getting to drilled a hole with that giant. Dan rea driver. Yeah like i don't even need to fish. I mean maybe if that extremely violent looking drill bit causes a few fish to come out of the water while drilling then so be it. But i feel like that's my days done man can do that crack a couple of stars after that and you're good to go to forget your name hell. Yeah so. what's happening in portland. Mary mainly like What's what's the dining and drinking experience. Like in the land of covid times aaron aaron. If you think it's going great it's absolutely not okay so portland is quite dead it sucks. We've been closed down for a while. Like kate brown or governor shutdown and we haven't had any like indoor seating very sparse for seating since november plus like the weather conditions. People aren't going out as much so A lot of cinco it like honestly. I have not have not gone out. It's been like it's indoor living for me. I feel like a hermit so doing well portland's great. We did actually open up. Twenty five percent capacity it is slowly opening up at. Its you know a lot of people are staying indoors plus the weather conditions and I think people are starting to get used to this cove advice and staying indoors more or less and just spending more time with like friends and family at their own dwellings. So it's it's different. I think twenty twenty has changed a lot of us and changed the way that we function in live and hopefully for the better right. Hopefully we've picked up hobbies and we're more resourceful with our time. So how's everything in canada. While i mean like i love the airlines like we cleaner planes and i'm like what did you do before they definitely did not before and bi weekly in our planes they mean as you enter the plane they hand you a wet wipe that is rubbed down every part of your seat. Four with then is this kind of gross. You're our yes so we're doing the dirty work for them. That's great exactly. We're all just working for airlines at. This point is still paying them to work. They laid off all of their cleaning staff and the equipment white one and then they tack on an extra cleaning feet your ticket. It is all about your like what's the wet. Wipe upchurch whites free. No desire to get on a plane anytime soon but speaking of which and this ties back to the bachelor there in the beginning it was my last trip was to durham new hampshire where i attended bernie sanders. Rally show was that that was my last trip and coming out like i was. I was so the whole thing started. When i was going to boston to visit my friend. And he's like man on your last night here. Do you want to go to a concert and like yeah sure sounds great. Who we're going to go see. He's like oh the strokes. I'm like fuck yet. Dude like tickets and he goes. Oh it's free. i'm like what he's like. Yeah we got to go to new hampshire. And i'm like what and he goes. Oh probably should've said it was a bernie sanders rally. I'm like okay. Well now this makes a whole lot more sense. So yeah so we went up to durham to go see the strokes but it happened to be a bernie sanders rally. And so yeah. I saw the strokes but it was a monday night and it was like ten o'clock and i'm like oh there's a bunch of stuff that's about to close so You know better and better get to the pub real soon rate so run over there and i somehow walk in the back door even though i'm on the main street and i walk in and i'm greeted by sixty women in stadium seating watching something on a big screen and they're all watching the bachelor so i had to like walk past them in like the awkward shadow of you know going across a projector screen as they're all the bachelor as i go to the park. So the if you hit like a dozen roses into the bar honorees timing. That'd be the start. Your own little mini bachelor. Oh i love that show. It's so good. Have you watched the bachelor or the bachelorette no is there. Something equivalents that in canada. Yeah it's called a recording the dregs episodes and seeing the dramas of lucan their partners doing laundry back to the cats. It might be just as exciting i. i don't know. I don't probably honestly. How many cats do you have. We just got our eighth but there are on the way. I just put him. I got an amazon prime so it should be. How many letterboxes do you have for cat. Because you know we just have to so. We lost our cat sort of right before the holidays and we right after all the shelter and adopted two kittens to just because they were bonded pairs right so neither of them wanted to go alone. At least that's what they told us so. We took them both long queue. What are their names while. That's kind of an issue here because own thing and then i called them and other. So they're confused. Yeah but the names that i have for them are lizard squid when students while that's interesting so not only are they confused about what their names are but they're also confused about what animal they he's saying your coming over here squid. I got some food for you. And then i'm a cat like i'm not a squid. Like what the hell you have a cat too right. yep. But i'm not really by being with wizard in squid but that's cool. I like it is on the interesting. Well i don't brooks names most like let's just do a little gem says year on what we should name your cats. Okay so the other names are otis. And opal yeah. I like that way better. The she's got a on on serious. Otis an opel. Yeah sounds good. I still voted lizard in squid. Because i feel like it's like the making of a rock band or roadies for luke's rock band. Exactly one man. Dan but there is there chilling in the background with their hands up but speed of animals. Mary rose you. You're like the top sales rep for like veterinarian Pharmaceuticals right on the west coast. Right really. I really don't like to brag about that but this is accurate we years. You're specifically in sales for like compatible. Nets yeah so. I have a question. Oh no here we go here we go. This is going to be an hour. Luke just talking about his cats different. I love you go list. She's not a veterinarian loops catholic charity. Like oh this isn't behavioral Question isn't it luke. No it's not no so our cats became They with from the shelter. They were kind enough to include a upper respiratory infection for both they came with govan. It's close it's concierge. It's totally normal. Okay go on. But they both been coughing for a few weeks. We've taken them to the vet few times. They've been on a couple of rounds of antibiotics. They still are. Hopefully everything's going well. They have bronchial pneumonia now but I think they'll be okay. They're they're acting like like do they have lots of energy still anyways the medicine that we're giving them right now. They're both on a certain antibiotic. I forget the name off the top of my head but it's vanilla flavored. What might go now. My question is a two part question. Who that's my medicine. What is it we on recap product. I'm trying to. I might go silent here for a second. Grab it and be right back. So as luke takes so when you hear invoice send it to luke not the drake's i. I'm just assuming that one of his two questions is Is it fine for a human to consume. Because it's the out. I've been feeling a little Coffee leads all right. i'm back. it's called chlor. Palm comecon palm. C. h. o. r. p. a. l. m. Now my drug don't know what that is. That's okay I think my question is who does the taste testing for this and who would think that cats would like vanilla and my question is somebody recently told me that. This is expired children's medication. I think why. I think. That's was that greg conspiracy theory guy who here's a tin foil hat right up there with this. So my question is so that would explain the flavor but now manila flavors the question As far as like why vanilla flavoring with different flavor tuna sure I don't know with cats like it's harder with liquid medication. There's a lot of interesting flavors. We experiment with cats like we vanilla flavor. We have cherry flavor which is kind of weird to me as well and The obviously it's hard to it's liquid. Isn't it yesterday. yeah so Sure it's hard to administer. I don't know cats are just hard to pill in their hard to give medicine to. So i think it's all sorry did i don't know i don't know how to answer. This good. seems very on brand for cats. You know they're just like difficult to understand like they aren't really like anything but expect you to love dogs cats staff cats. I like that. yeah. I'm okay with that. Why hope your cats are okay. Upper respiratory diseases pretty commenting cat so early thing. I think they'll be fine. It's just it's More than anything is just been stressful. Last week's Stressful for us but also stressful on our wallets because they both have blood tests. This is their third round of antibiotics. A couple chest xrays each and more to come down. Oh my god at check that it's the the infection is you know moving along. You should get on insurance for your cats. If you're going to continue this. Yeah that's the thing is now. It's a little too late to get insurance. Not are you kidding. This is an okay time to do. It doesn't believe insurance. He thinks a form of gambling up. Erin oh wow yeah. I mean i'll look into it but i feel like with the pre existing condition. They might not cover us. He should be fine. It's a common thing. It's like a chronic disease Cures itself after antibiotics. I feel like this is like when i just re-enrolled myself in my corporate benefits when they ask you. Are you a smoker or a nonsmoker. Like you would select nonsmoker for your cats. Even if they've got a smoker's lung badly got cheaper. That's just what i'm saying. Dill yep catch new drift. So mary rosie been in portland a few years now. Have you ever come up to canada. No i really want to. It's not that far of a drive either so vancouver's definitely on my to do list. But given your comment earlier. It seems that the borders are closed. Have y'all seen fits greek. Oh wonderful is the canadian. Show your will. Yeah because it was filmed in canada. Anyways i'm glad obstinate never mind wants move on most things are filmed in canada. Aren't they. yeah. I think the bachelor is funding. Can on ever only god savage. Well then there's that. Famous hong kong nights with jackie chan. Where he's having that fight and they turned the cameras. The north shore mountains really. Yes oh jeez. I love shits creek. Oh my god. Moro can't get enough of i. David i god did you bins that whole thing here in the pandemic i did. Yeah see. i won't touch four episodes and i was like. Oh my god. This is so predictable. I'm gonna stop this show because they're rich people now they're poorer. They're like feeling sorry for themselves. Story for themselves and delake in practice. Managers was like no. You need to give it a go. Like just finished first season and i did and i just got hooked like it's just it's well written. It's so funny and they go by really quickly. So yeah i definitely been shared over over twenty twenty and i've watched it again like i really enjoyed the show a lot that that's like you got as much dedication to it as luke does with the office so I've never seen the office lucas. Good what oh. My god on the flip side. I've never seen shits creek new. Oh my god. It's creek on our end. Well into because sabrina watches it. Um so i. I kinda tuned in two episodes here and there but you know what dan levy. I used to watch him on the hills after show back in the day in high school i would watch the hills because he was only. I'm a sucker person. Draw for a little bit of reality. Tv drama on canadian mtv much music do the hills after show and he was hilarious on that so own the fact that he's gone from that and now is like a very legitimate actor he just hosted a snl. I knew waiting to see that. When is it good. That was a good one. Now but the canadian virginal scotch when version the schedule nightlife. That's actually big in the states. To only in north dakota the top ten kilometers montana north dakota. That's that's it's whatever they can get spilled over from the transmitter over the air but the rabbit ears. Okay so mary. Rosie do shotgun sundays. That's that's your big thing you do on instagram. What is the highest. Abc the shock. You've done so. I've never shotgun stout but if someone gave me a stout and probably do it. It would probably be awful. I mean can you imagine sean. Getting style shotgun too tall boy of seven and a half percent. Cascadia dark ale. So got you shotgun to that. What is the spinnakers one I don't know what is are anymore. Because i'm in canada but was four hundred and thirty seven mill was that there was a tallboy. Can so yeah. Oh my god that sounds like death. The highest is probably like eight point five and then i was very busy but there's been times where all do a shotgun and it goes like just embarrassing. It's like very embarrassing. And mike awful in like i'll have to redo it. I've done it. I've done shotguns back-to-back dog pens and no one to like you do take two. Oh yeah so. I'll take i'll do a shotgun and then i'll re watch it and i'm like i could have done better or home and i would really bad like i got a stopwatch on. You're just like two seconds faster. Yeah something like that. It's been a while but all redo it just back to back and it's very bad decision like probably the worst decision i could ever do and Yeah i live to tell the tale. So god and i had the bloopers just to show but i think i deleted out of pure embarrassment while. You're such a pro at this. Though you have your own custom made shotgun key right. Well not really no. I mean there's a there's a. There's an aaron come on. I'm not that official. No high boys have a shotgun tool that. Is i think quite popular the keys. That's like frat boy like that's like mom-and-pop kind of old school way to do it like if you're floating the river yeah just give me your keys. Pop this babble open but there's a slight tool looks like Brass knuckles so you like put in between your index. End your middle and there is a. It's a tool and essentially you just pop it and you shotgun it You can buy it literally. It's they're not even. I'm not even sponsored by them. They just sent it to me. Like i don't even know why they sent me promo code. No they said coach. Shymkent shotguns indies. Did they send this to you after you started doing shotgun. Sundays yeah. There's been like three companies that have given me their stalking tools or the one that i use every week is the one that like works best for me but yeah have you ever done a. Have you ever thumbed a beer. So that's like the airpods the air pocket when you tilt it you just pop your thumb rate in the through the aluminum. I don't think i had that much strength to do it. Yeah strength is no. I did it one time and no ear. You sound per week. I will take that as a compliment because i look weak can vote for that. Yeah christmas breaking owns when he stands up. Yeah yeah exactly. I'll just have to youtube. That or dislike will look it up on I can do it with my thumb but on tiktok there'll be a dance involved so oh yeah Maybe too complex I have a funny funny shotgun story from like actually a trip in the states. I went to san francisco with my family. It was probably like six years ago but we were. We taking the trolley kind of downtown area and Kind of the end of the day we were going to a giants game so we we at one point popped into a liquor store and kind of me and my brother picked up a tall can and we got my not my dad to film us shot gunning and i made the mistake of grabbing like i think it was like you mentioned you shock. I'm like an eight and a half percent beer or something like that. I think i shock on like a was probably like it might have been a double. Ip a or something but it was like eight percent. And i remember like kind of partially falling asleep on the bus to the stadium and regard to the stadium. I kinda had beer in hand hotdog in the other hand. Were all excited for the baseball game and next thing. I know my mom's waking me up and she's like chris you cannot fall asleep at the giants game. Are you kidding me. How are you and to this day. She still grinding my gears about like being at this baseball game with like if you've been to the giants stadium. It is the most epic view of the harbor in san francisco. It's like how could you fall asleep. But i'm like mom it's the sun is setting. We are. I like in this nice comfortable chair. We i've just had a beer. It is like a relaxing atmosphere. Like how could. I not fall asleep this summer so was warm to exactly. I'm like this is a perfect time for a little nap from innings. One two three. I come on like why. Why are you coming. So yeah she. She doesn't let that one go and that was the last time you shop ending eight point something. Wnba that was the one and only time. Yeah after that. I think it was You know maybe five percent. Max right so when mary rose finally comes up to Vancouver here what beer. We shot gunning. I say we do fat tug. that'd be that would be very muscle. One knows what is it. It's it's our. It's our big boy so big. Boy what a. I don't know about that. Aaron i've shocking and lived to tell the tech gave one in like a tallboy numb three thirty three thirty cans like regular candidate. Okay i'll do regular can all day. That'd be nice. Welcome welcome to canada little. Hey how you been meet meter right at the border. Just as the sounds like world. Hazing walk into that. Yeah he's mir then technically. We could do that now because peace park is still open so we can meet in the park. By the border. Nita have the arch. Yeah we meet at the arson. Shug and under the peace arch de omega public eye. Contrition of enforce law enforcement office. I always wonder who are the people that are actually like in that park. Like are you jumping out of your car while someone is still driving then jumping back in the car after you've taken photos or are you actually parking and then getting back in your car and then getting back in the borderline after like i've never really understood. Well understood that there is an actual parking lot there and people go to hang out. There is like but you lose rather you hang loose. Yeah yeah yeah. The blaine blaine peace arch their per. What's the craftier blogger. Instagram or seen like in portland like is there a pretty good community Yep just curious 'cause in vancouver where we're at like there's a pretty solid craft beer media community. That's kind of grown. I would say pretty significantly over the last four to five years like when we started van pours for example back in two thousand fifteen. There is maybe only a handful of people when you go to advance. You'd see some familiar faces but now there is so many people i feel like every week. There's like five new instagram accounts. That are kind of dedicating to just logging. Their experience crappier industry. But just kind of curious what. It's like in portland i. I don't know anyone in portland in the craft industry as far as like no. I don't know anyone aaron. Do you know anyone in portland. I mean ava had one and then she kinda dropped off. And then steve just as marketing style rather than id expert girl the now she lives in. She doesn't even live in portland now. She lives in eugene. Yeah there's literally no one in portland that is representing the craft industry at all. I know like some professional beer writers. They're like yeah. Yeah totally but like as far as now there's the casual blogger Kind of instagram. There's not a big cooling around no not at all like or else. I wish i would be there. Yeah ralston. we'd be friends. Hopefully if they interesting. I would have thought portland would be so like like nine couvert three. No there's more like beer bloggers and victoria than important. Yeah yeah rates. Well if you find a couple of portland let me know so that i can like friend them. Is it a bigger foodi seen in in portland compared to more like crappier focus. Yeah for sure. Because i started a food one just still. I keep up with like local stuff. That's opening up in is definitely more of a presence on the food scene versus beer scene. Which is like kind of odd for me because coming from austin comparing boston to portland food. I prefer texas over oregon all day. So it's weird for me to know that the food seen on a social platform is outperforming the beer just because our beer versus texas beer is obviously better. So yeah it's it's weird. It's definitely like bizarre that it's out that way. I would say that the food seen usually is Is typically much larger kind of community than the beer. Seemed like i know in vancouver massive like foodies seeing and you you look these accounts like i'll find a new account every week like a food blogger and they'll have fifty thousand followers and i'm like how did i not know about this person until this. It's kind of crazy. But i mean not. Everybody drinks but everybody eats right. Well you'd hope so. What are some of your favorite places to eat in portland. I win for just for context. I went there a few years ago with my fiance. And you know we got a check out a few pretty solid restaurants. I think my favorite would be screened door Older for brian. Yes one hundred percent so there is kind of like i don't know like a May become like a diner. Old school diner by. What are some other places. You like to eat in portland. It's very asian influenced. So we have a lot of thai and chinese in general so we have a lot of usual spots. I'd say my number one favorite place to go into portland is een it's e. m. and essentially it's a fusion between barbecue and thai food so they have a lot of curry's with burnt and briskets his literally the bomb like they should always pair go together after like eating eating that addition it's very small menu and i feel like when there's a restaurant that has just like five items. They're all going to be super solid. So that would be my number one spots ago fried rice with brisket in its own is good an out of all the the barbecue portland. I mean coming from texas. Obviously like we're nolan for low and slow barbecue like that. We're just known for barbecue. Hello so coming up to portland. It was definitely a disaster trying to find like good barbecue. Just because people recommend a spot. And then i would go there in. I would be just horrified that they would think that this was like good food. Good portland but compared totally but match out of all the Barbecue spots that. I have gone to venture out to portland. Which has been. It's been a handful. Just because i want tacos and portland does not have talk. Does we have burritos. it's Hate it so anyways. Matt's the best barbecue i've found important yet. And that's the That's the barbecue joint teamed up with enough so it's potty which is Thai spot and then they ended up teaming up matt so it's like the fusion i said so yeah emas really good. There's another spot called bays chicken. I love fried chicken in that spot. It's hard bays is really good and The place across from modern times. I always get drunk and go there so good. I forget the name of that place to because so hot did you know. I don't remember names of food places at that point. I'm like oh. Yeah so. I i love that little like outdoor food court thing in the summer. It's like kind of across the street from little beasts which is like my favorite place to drink beer too great spot now just because they have blankets he can just like put it out in the grass in just like all. I love that like so little beasts. chris luke. It's basically like an residential house in like a neighborhood of portland and it's godly this huge front yard backyard and you can just lay on the grass and like just drink beer as if you're at your buddies place we we're concerned whereabouts in any of that stuff decision. The one thing. I thought was cool about portland when i was there. Is it the downtown. It feels very small like you can walk across downtown in a think it was like fifteen minutes like he can kind of walk in across it So it seems very like a horrible. If you wanna downtown differences the few different places to drink catch. Transit can go across you a little bit of shopping. Then you can walk back to your hotel on. It's like it doesn't take long. Not all three though chris with k. Fifteen minutes is my one hour probably fair enough. That's why we got little. That's why when we go down to portland the little red light red wagon and just be toan lou. Radio flier very spread out pressure. I mean the the one in Portland that i love. That isn't there that isn't a berea. it was a riot. I'm so sad of that places gone. But i've never even heard of that spot. Oh it was so good. He likes ciders. Whoa yeah you got you got you know. Switch it up every now and again decided not big in portland We have like one cider brewery. That ain't know of that's solely focused on ciders. Otherwise like couple breweries will have a site on tap. But it's not like a main focus in portland no is it. Big is getting a really big and bc. I think because we have so many wineries like we have so much fruit like at her disposal me. Yeah yeah yeah makes sense. I mean it's just so sugary. I'm just not into drinking apple juice. And i'm getting so many calories. Even though i'm sure fucking a hazy as like no better than well i then have had a good cider yet. So just going to say that we need to introduce insider. Yeah yeah is maybe we can send down a canadian cider to shot down on a sunday. Now no agua. Speaking of canadian cider are friends of the blog Windfall cider jeffrey. To yeah. there's the podcast. I should say They're opening up a Taproom in lower lonsdale in vancouver I believe this year but they They've got a location location. So that's going to be pretty exciting because most of the series There's no real cider like or at least cider tap room's in proper vancouver it's gotta go to. The outskirts were the actual orchards higher For most of these ciders so from one to open in kind of improper vancouver is pretty exciting. Yeah and the that's gonna be in the whole shipyards district there with all the other berries got north points beer your house a funk The new one that just opened the The holiday the mexican restaurant slash brie and they don't have britos. They specifically say no burritos. Okay well. I think it's come to that point in the episode here every week. And every time it's time for everybody's favorite segment stanford luke's moment wisdom luke. What's what's on your mind. And what is your. Oh jeez biggest moment with already educate. Well i think since we had a bit of a discussion about a medication for felines it would be just more of a warning than a word of wisdom is specifically chlor palm given two and a half mills by mouth twice a day for every twelve every twelve hours. You're pretty much working in a like a chocolate fondue restaurant as a busboy. You're cleaning you've got gotta see this litterbox i woke up this morning and we have the litterbox in the shower of in the second bathroom now and i swear to god. I'm cleaning grout later tonight. So just maybe get some probiotics to mix with your cats food. it's i don't know. I don't know what it does. What any experience on anybody else's in here with what. I'm talking about absolutely not no horrified but like you have it in the shower. Luke like is it a bathtub shower like poor have to jump like the equivalent of ten feet in the air to get into the litterbox. We have we. Don't use an obvious reason now. Yeah it's it's it's blocked off with has not tape and and go right now but no. It's just when we brought them in. We put them into that bathroom. It was there little safe zone when they came to our house. So that's now where they eat. And also i guess the opposite of each has to and But yeah it's. I've just noticed that after about a week of this medication. Their bowels are not very solid. But that's all right. Somebody else have anything to say. We're all pretty. You pretty much ruined the night after that. So i'd say about donald logoff. Sorry about that constantly does string like cat. Shit spluttering anger out and i was like. Oh my god that is horrifying walk. I it's like walking into a crime scene l. I'm gonna throw up. A picture on dischord after this episode out all right well mary rose thank you for your joining us on these virtual beers. I've actually been doing virtual beers with people Just hitting them up and be like look. We can't hang out is to catch up and have a beer so Hope you're doing well down there in portland. It was fun. If you guys make your way down to oregon let me know dwell. Hopefully we can have some beer soon. You know what instead of us come. Well i mean it's gotta go both ways like we gotta go down to the but you really need to come up to canada. Really one guy opened up here. Dopp ed's an igloo. I'm bringing all the code saone which is our all right. Thanks for joining yup. Thanks for joining us.

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