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John and ken show john kobylt ken. Chiampou kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Welcome everybody little later will be to go at. You wandered into a restaurant and order enchilada. That was joe's day and then what he went back home. Wanted to talk about the program to help restaurants that lost business because of the coronavirus pandemic and also. Because today's cinco de maya. We went to a mexican show l. Pandering ethnic pandering pretty much okay. But anyway he made some good slip-ups in a press conference yesterday. You ever hear of the. Do you go to the website. It's dot gov g. o. V. gov for government for some reason old joe kept saying dot com dot com it dot com dot com. Well that Should be a good one. We'll play that audio and have fun and biden ville coming up. We could add to our list Well big story. Few weeks back was echo park lake which had At least two hundred vagrants living in it for a long time and for some reason. The idiot said city council member Decidal affair mitchell. Farrell decided to get lapd to clear the place out and also it off and fix it up an offer them services shelter and mental health or drug addiction treatment and some people took it and others didn't but today the story is the crime has gone down. There's shockingly when you take two hundred vagrants adamant neighborhood fewer crimes. What are you hearing. Lapd figures hard to believe. So we're going to talk to riley montgomerie. Who's resident of echo park lake. We had him on during a supported. What was done there. Yeah during the big controversy. Because there's a there's a really nasty activist group that was trying to stop the park from being cleaned up by riley. How are you can hear me. Okay yeah how is life in a park lake these days. Well it's very interesting like you guys. Said shockingly after Transitioning the people from the encampment into housing at the la grand hotel crime has gone down significantly. Which is Who could have thought such a thing could be possible. Yeah i'm stunned myself. Yeah hotel far away no no. It's not far away The the elegant hotels in downtown la. And it's one of the many places that mitchell farrell housed. Everyone who was at the lake house people at the the nest which is a project funded project home key. Forty run rooms there. And he's got his thirty eight rooms at the tiny home projects and alvarado street that he's working on and seventy three spaces at a safe sleep pilot site that he just opened up these Doing the the terrible terrible work of housing. Everyone and could imagine such a thing. Yeah it's it's pretty shocking. How many people are still wandering around the neighborhood who didn't take up to take up. You'll farrell's various offers. Well there's definitely a lot of people a lot of homeless people around. But i think it's very insignificant compared to what it was before it That what we're talking about was the Easter article that just came out talking about the crime has gone down. Listen to this this is from mitchell. Farrell's office directly after they cleaned out the lake. The city staff identified thirty pounds of sharks including hypodermic needles. Four hundred pounds of biological waste and forty three tonnes of solid ways. That's it that's the garbage. Just what they found so far at echo park lake. Forty three tonnes. Yep that's right from actual farrell's office himself. Forty three eighty six thousand pounds of garbage holy. Yeah so to anyone. That's claiming that it's safer for homeless people to stay at the lake. I think they're living pretty good at the la grain hotel right now and it's deeper for house dan on house. That's the way now. That's an environmental disaster. Exactly in environmental disaster. And that's what it was. This report says that in the month of march alone. There were three assault with a deadly weapon. Rob bring a burglary within a quarter mile of a boat house there and now things have largely calmed down. That seems to be. How do people feel around there. Yeah i think how citizens That live around. The laker are gratified and relieved that the crime has gone down. You know the lapd is actually ship patrol cars to other areas with higher crime for the first time in the last ten years simply because there's less crime happening at the park and i think everyone is relief for that. We're those annoying activists Down well they come around once a week put up signs on the fence. They don't really do too much other than trying to get people fired from their jobs for standing out and talking about this. They're still doing that. They're still doing it. Wow the timelines for the park. do we know. Now it's going to stay. We don't have months to. We don't have an idea yet. obviously there's a lot of damage that has to be repaired. You know there's half a million dollars in damage to the lake because of being kampman damaged under the grass the trees to all the wildlife that lives there and we can only hope there will only cost half a million dollars and that it won't continue to go up in price. I mean you can imagine when it finally reopens gotta hope these people. Don't try to come back. Yeah that's what we're worried about because obviously getting enforcement it's tough because groups like the dsa ground game l. a.'s. Rewatch la oppose it. You know even though announced people die on the street they die in our encampments in our lakes. Live era here Parties use the park right now either because are still working on repairing it. So you're hoping when it reopens. It'll be like it was in the old days. You just gotta work in your head that these people are coming back right. I know there's a large A very significant Elderly population that lives in a senior center of the park and they had become paralyzed with fear for going from going outside their own complex. This is what makes me crazy. Most people don't want this if not all all the people in town get together this thing that end in five minutes. Nobody's saying hell hostage by a bunch of crazy. People advocating for another bunch of crazy people. It says tackle goes to show is if people get together and they say hey. We're not okay with this. Tell the city to do their job. That's what we didn't echo park. What we got together through my petition over five thousand people signed it and we said we're not okay with this when we first the politicians in our area to do something. Yeah i mean what is it about. This situation compare is in every council district and a lot of neighborhood groups exist and they're signing petitions and they're demanding meeting and nothing happens like. Why do you think mitchell farrell. Listen to you when nobody else's what was their thinking especially the moment or a specific person that somebody really powerful finally weighed in. Yeah that's not the case. There's no one really powerful and echo park. we're just a group of middle class citizens. I think mitchell feral just has Limit well he has more. I don't wanna say He has more balls than mike. Bonnin does that is willing to do what it tastes like riley for the very good absolutely hope is continues for the residents of echo park absolutely. That's riley montgomerie was on our show a couple of months ago about the terror of echo park lake two hundred homeless campers. They're finally the la city council for the district mitchell. Farrell said. we're gonna go in there and clear it out. Fence it off. Clean it up and what are you know. Crime has gone down. Significantly will turn our attention to not far away. Los feeless when we come back. We spent some time on this story to with this homeless encampment in the neighborhood has been taken over by drug dealing gang members coming up john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six forty five everywhere on the iheartradio app now. We were busy month and in march talking about these homeless encampments. We just talked about echo. Park lake where remarkably crime is down more than a month after they removed all the vagrants from inside the park and closed off. And here's the thing that that has to be remembered for those of you that fight your stupid councilman stupid politicians. These idiot activists the amount of garbage and filth. They took out of echo park lake. I looked up that mitch. O'farrell press release from a few weeks ago. They found in echo park lake after they cleared out the homeless four hundred pounds of poop. Four hundred pounds of human poop and eighty six thousand pounds of garbage eighty six thousand pounds of garbage and thirty pounds of needles and other sharp objects and and that's a beautiful park with a lake. A gorgeous setting. That's what that crowd did. It and crime is for that park. That means you have a bunch of criminals who who who left four hundred pounds of their feces in that beautiful park and dragged in eighty six thousand pounds of what their possessions good fertilizer though or eventually yeah you can gross. Yeah you go over to the most students. We spent some time on this story a few weeks ago. In fact we through a city councilwoman in the dumpster nydia rahman because she was not responding to community concerns about a homeless encampment. In a neighborhood in los feeless which this is berendo street in. Hollywood are very dangerous because people are claiming it's full of drugs and gang members. Here's the story from. Abc sevens rob hayes berendo street in hollywood boulevard. When we visited the las villas intersection little more than two weeks ago. It looked like this tents tarps and trash city officials promised to clean it up. I believe as if this morning almost the entire encampment has gone. Every ten has been removed. I believe there's one ten still standing but only councilmember nitya rahman though there are clearly fewer tents the encampment is far from don and the residents. Who live on the block. Say they are far from safe. Operable going to work knowing that their street and my broken into four times now. Residents here are so scared. They won't show their faces on camera and we had the disguised their voices. That's because lapd says this encampment is actually a street gang. Run drug dealing hub. We have made just in the last thirty days arrests for guns narcotics Narcotics felony warrants senior lead officer lee. A racist one gang member has been holed up here since late last summer. Selling drugs during the day sleeping at a nearby motel at night and what's frustrating to some people is how the city is dealing with that accused. Drug dealer not only. Did they replace his own tent with this brand new shelter but they also provide a restroom right over there. It is cleaned every day. Monday through friday as a police officer i. I've never encountered anything like this. In my twenty five year history meantime residents of the block our afraid to go near the corner and they watch gang members tag their properties. What the same security cameras catching gunshots. When drug deals scope residents frustrated that the city doesn't realize the people behind the lawlessness. Here are not innocent. Une housed victims looking homeless councilmember rahman acknowledges that a criminal element exists within this encampment. It says her office has to let lapd handle that aspect as for the true homeless here. Rama's he just can't move them without a place to move them to be able to transition people into interim and long term housing solutions that are really going to be effective at keeping people out of homelessness on long term basis. Just don't have those resources available to us. And i'm literally clawing them from the system. So why are drug dealers behind bars. Officer ray says because of the pandemic people charged with non violent crimes are released the same day and believe it or not police can't just barge into a tent or a tarp or a box even start seizing drugs. We need a search warrant to answer one of these home. It's a structure. A structure paid for by tax. Public sidewalk allegedly used to sell drugs. We as from channel seven. That's unbelievable you pay for a new tent and bathroom for a drug dealer. We painted the search warrant at when he's lying there on. Public property sleeps in a motel and a tarp attend. He sleeps in a motel at night and during the day is day job as he's running a drug den out of the tent. We paid for the tent. We paid for his bathroom across the street. We can't go into the tent that we paid for where he's selling drugs without a search warrant are an iffy rahman says that. There's no place to send the homeless mitch. Mitchell farah found a place for them he here two hundred of them you. She's lying she's a liar. She's disgrace what they'll say. This is the gaining of that story where she lied to the reporter. She told raw pace. Oh i believe that's gone that's been cleared out. But he goes no real here. It's been downsized a little bit. But there's still a significant number of encampments. Play that beginning line again. We're here's an outright lie. She is he's just trying to get rid of them with that boy she awful and he goes no councilwoman. Rahman that's not nice. Nice live nitya rahman. Oh my god and every everybody's in everybody's scared inside their homes and there's a school across the street that again ready to hear her. Why grieve as if this morning. Almost the entire encampment has is gone. Every ten has been removed. I believe there's one tenth still standing but what a stinking liar gusting. Honestly we got more coming at you. Get out of the dumpster. John and ken. Kfi really welcome you to the rest. Home of old joe. Welcome to bite and ville everyone all created by go. You know the thing you know. We have to come together. That's why running. I'm running as a proud democrat for the senate terrorists took. It took hers today. For the same reason i was a democratic caucus alaister effective strategy to mobilize sure oppressor. Donald trump seeks rock. And i think it's a right for people have atika terms dog dogfish pony shows by the way jill. I've always enjoyed chiasson. I should stay together on the trail for secretary of health and education. I nominated hobby are career president harrison. I took a virtual tour vaccination center in arizona. My my guy who runs and outfit over here now to give you a tour of biden village before your extended stay ears. Johnny jackson belts. Ken shimpo here in the minnow. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. It's a pleasant day on the bench. You know every time we visit biden villas looks like we can just add more sound to that desk. Yeah because it seems every time he goes out there even if he's reading from the teleprompter he has trouble. This was yesterday and this was his announcement that by july fourth. We're going to get seventy percent of adults with at least one shot in the arm. That was his big goal. Hundred sixty million americans to be fully vaccinated by july fourth and seventy percent to have one shot in the arm and he was trying to promote how easy it is now get a vaccine no appointments etcetera etcetera pharmacies participating all over the country. We'll play this clip. Where apparently gets a little trouble with websites and with other things he tried to say. That's why i'm asking people to continue to fall. Ccd guy cdc guidelines as we work to get more more people vaccinated. I'm most americans have a vaccination site about as close as houses near to a neighborhood school. We're also going to slip vaccines directly to to pediatricians ship. Them to pediatrician during the following weeks. We're gonna make it easier than ever to get vaccinated visit vaccines dot com dot gov vaccines dot com or text to text your zip code. Two four three eight to nine now. There's a lot of misinformation out there. But there's one fact people who are not fully vaccinated can still die every day from covid nineteen because the folks in your community have gotten vaccinated getting back to living their lives for such energy trouble with dot gov dot people were joking. There's vaccine gum. You can take the vaccine in a gum. Now he said debt dot com twice. He did and then he was giving recommendations from the ccd the ass and then he said we slipped vaccines to pediatricians instead shipped slips them made it sound like it in their pocket to something illegal. He you know what i've noticed too. He is is a very closed. He squint salat. I think some ninety two cents trouble. Picking the words on the teleprompter. Because he's always squinting staying awake. I'm i look at them sometimes. Like open your eyes. They're always like you know. Well maybe should be wearing glasses. I seventy eight. Most people's eyes go to hell when you're seventy eight. Yeah do you think he has contacts. Or i don't know he should be squinting clearly should be getting lasix. Dr anger call their steps screening. So much exactly. Yeah well. there's old joe with another announcement. One of my other favorite stories dealing with the same kinds of topic deals with the governor of new york. Our friend andrew cuomo andrew cuomo of course is facing an investigation into sex harassment. He's also and has been long in trouble. Because of the deaths in the nursing homes and the nursing home policy last year that led to the deaths. I think was thousands right of elderly. Oh yeah resident. Many many of this policy he sent nine thousand infected patients into the nursing homes nine thousand and it was it was a written directive that he had up on the website and then he covered it up and raced it from the website and he covered it up because he didn't want to get in the way of his book that he was selling where he proclaimed himself the great Covert fighter and they gave me a leave it to the daily caller to come up with this thought that andrew komos nursing home equity cost new york state house of representatives seat. Do you know when they were finally done tallying. The census new york missed by eighty-nine people. Yes i saw. Thousands died in the nursing home so put two and two together there and they could've held onto the seat if he hadn't killed those nursing residents not only killed all those nursing home residents he'd killed a congressional seat all by himself and did you. Did you see what he said today. He actually had the nerve today. He was yelling at people for not getting vaccinated. Saying you might go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother like you did times thousands. How many grandma's did you kill cuomo. He doesn't shut up does he. He just pretends that nothing happened. You already killed a bunch of grandma's cuomo you did yourself. I know i. You might kill your grandma with a kiss. You might kill a lots of grandma's by setting infected covid patients their homes. They're still pressing that message. Even though a very significant number of people over sixty five of vaccinated. That's the one good thing that's come out of this and why it is. Death rates have dropped so dramatically like you said before it doesn't matter that much with the young people are doing when it comes to hospitalizations and deaths it matters. What the old folks or the people with all these underlying conditions right. There's those are the two classes that account for nearly all the deaths the elderly and people with certain health conditions and they which conditions like diabetes obesity heart disease on and on so those are the two categories those are the two categories of people to protect and everybody else should have been allowed to live. But we're run by dumb clocks talks. And they're still doing stupid things del. We got more coming up. John and ken. Kfi and john. And ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Oh pack four o'clock hour coming. We'll start by finding out more about this appeal by derek chauvin. The police officer convicted in fact several murder counts and the death of george floyd in minneapolis. And it does deal with the jury. We know one juror in particular. We'll be under scrutiny. For saying he did not go to any rallies or marches. What he was photographed with well wearing a tee shirt looking like he was part of a big event. We'll get to that with marmalade. Abc news for kfi after kfi news. At four o'clock. Well this story. You know how some people will donate their dead body to science. Yes you think. It's so they can analyze the brain. Right maybe look at the organs may be something could come of it for science in the future. What if you did that all they did instead was. Lay your body down and measured your penis against your nose. Japanese researchers claim that men who have large noses do tend to pack bigger male organs. Great i knew this all along. They examined the bodies of one hundred and twenty six recently deceased middle aged men measuring from the cadavers height and weight to the circumference and length of their flaccid members. My nose is a little big as i know. Rather smarter pants and proven to kick. Ken is always mocked me for having largesse have yes. Oh i drop them. Let's see dribbling aggressive. Geez doing the name of science ugly dead yet. That's the operative word for you. Were shy i am. I'm over here. You're over there a window dividing us. This bizarre for the study. Scientists approximated the measurements of the subjects manhood when at full attention full staff by laying each of the bodies down in extending the penis up as high as it would go then. They compared the results to the length of their noses. They found that men with two point. Two inch snouts packed larger penises that clocked in an approximately five point three inches long so they let rigor mortis set in and meanwhile corpses that had smaller noses. Let's say one point eight inches. Generally their manhood was at four point one inches so big nose big. That's saying there seems to be so it's got nothing to do with the hand on this consistent with all hundred twenty six dead bodies remember. Trump was showing off his hands. Jerem one other thing that was supposed to be the hands for that. That's the nose. Yeah two myths over the years hands does. It's not your big toe no well. It's no myth. They found no link between the size of the man's nose and the length of his flaccid member but when they launched it out that's when they found now. Well i'm not donating my body to science. That's what they're doing saying. What are these guys. Men are growers. Were show this was the big pressing medical issue. After somebody's donated their body. Japanese researchers had to know right jab these researches. Okay it's an odd little fetish. They had there and because it was only limited to dead japanese males. They may have to do more research in more countries. I see too yeah. you're right. Penis previous studies have linked pena sized everything from a person salary to the to the size discrepancy between the index. And ring fingers. I remember that one to remember that one. yes. I remember measuring that as well. Oh you're into all of these studies i remember. We were measuring our is on the air at that. There was something about whether or not they're close in size versus figure. Yeah okay. I think that turned out well to if i remember right. You're very proud of yourself. Obviously when we go back mark remillard will be here. Tell us more about the appeal from derek. Chauvin legal team in minneapolis requesting a new trial. That's the man that was convicted of murdering george. Floyd drop them. John and ken show. Debra mark has the news. kfi am six sporty.

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