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You can go outside and just getting ten or twenty minutes of Sun. Exposure can significantly increase your testosterone levels. Having sex can increase your testosterone levels. Getting enough sleep. Sleep is really important. That's where a lot of your hormones are made and those of us who have disrupted sleep are not making things like Testosterone and Growth Hormones Missionary Kiani founder of mine the school for Human Transplantation. You're listening to the minor league. podcast where we'll be bringing you. The greatest teachers and thought leaders on the planet is the world's most powerful ideas the personal growth of a mind body have won walked in the mind body. Today's topic is really interesting. I'm here with Dr Amy killing he has been featured in the mind body documentary with DNA films longevity. She has been on stage at A. What makes any so incredible in the world? Today is is that. She's really a leader in the field of sexual regenerative medicine. Now what this means. If you think about many men and women today after at the age of forty we often believe that sex is no longer going to be as pleasurable so many men over forty believe that they need supplements like Viagra just to be able to enjoy the sex that they had during your younger years women have similar beliefs but the proof is very different. The truth is with the the right solutions. You can be fifty or sixty and you can have the sex of a twenty something or seventy or actions were eighty really here is on a quest to basically disrupt the bad mitts on sex and aging and homework is helping people. Even eighties rediscovered the power of sex reignite relationships to bring joy into the alive and to keep them feeling younger and healthier as they age. So we're going to be looking at for massive mitts. That really will slow you down and disrupt your sex life if you believe these mitts. We're going to attempt to dismantle these nets and then you're GonNa Learn six strategies that you can be looking into to ensure that even in your later years sex is still one of the most incredible aspects of your life for by the way we are filming here in Park City Utah at does Sarah Clinic. This is an incredible facility. Dave asprey popularized this in his books. And this is where you guys actually actually do really advanced treatments reverse agents such as full-body stem cell makeovers flick. You're going to get here in a little while we're talking about to do after we shoot this episode. So first let's talk about the truth behind sex in later years so the truth is that sex actually can continue to be just as good or even better as you get older if you approach it in the right way. I feel like a lot of our sexual education that we get in fifth grade and we learned about sexually transmitted illnesses and how to avoid pregnancy. And that's kind out of it and then after that like no one ever talks about it anymore. I think if people learn actually about how to be sexually healthy and how take care of their sexual systems there actually actually is the possibility of having amazing sex well into your seventies eighties and beyond as we sat down before this interview. Amy Blew my mind because she explained for believes that we have in society not just American society but society all around the world that really caused a sex likes to diminish as we get older. Let's not with the first the big myth so I think were the first big misses that every guy over the age of thirty five or forty needs Viagra to have good erections. This is something that pharmaceutical for companies would love for you to believe but it's something that's not actually true. There are a lot of other things that men can do to actually repair generate the tissue of the penis that will allow them to have have great erections without Viagra. If they want that these side effects to using BIOGRA- there are some side effects for sure. Dizziness flushing. Headaches is a big one. There can be some other other problems with heart. Medications and things in general vigers pretty healthy but a lot of men don't like haven't take a pill thirty minutes or an hour before sex and having to plan it out psychological but you gotta impact of that exact tells you that something about you is no longer work. Actually and people can become psychologically reliant on it to get used to taking it and they don't even even need it they take it because they're like what if I don't take them this time it's not gonNA work. There's a whole thing goes wrong so I think if you can repair and regenerate and stay on top of it. It's actually a better way to go although I'm not opposed to buy those medications at all so that's the first big myth. Have you seen patients in their sixty seventies and eighties. Who have remarkable directions? Without out by Agra yes what is it that the differently. So what are you talking about some of those sort of six solutions that come up. Basically a whole body approach that we can muse to help people no matter what age have great sex. And we'll talk about that so we'll be coming up to that now. What is the second big women? Don't have any options men have biogra- but women don't have anything and I think that that is true on some levels. There's not a lot of pharmaceutical agents that are actually all that effective for women. But they're actually quite a few things now now outside of pharmaceuticals they can be affected. The help women also have great sex. I see outside of Pharmaceuticals almost seems. Like pharmaceutical industry has grilled into. What's that we need to pop a pill? They have great sex but what you about to suggest that they are complete the alternative ways that do not require pill at all yes the the third it is that a rebellious function is irreversible. That once you have it you have it. I think that a lot of men that have stuck with it forever. But this is something that we've been able to reverse now. And the and the fourth myth is that just in general you sex deteriorates with age that have becomes boring that it becomes something the thing that we do because we felt like we have to. But it's not actually enjoyable or fine and that things are GonNa get worse as we get older. Well if you look at this a lot of this has been marketed to us. Yes yes the first idea. Is that men. If you can't get it up something is wrong with you. You need to dish out money to big Pharma and get pill and these bills definitely have their advantages in in some ways but the psychological impact of taking that bill which says that you're broken and the pill also causes us to ignore actual oh solutions that can get our body functioning in its full capacity than the second myth is that woman believed that they have no options. which in fact they do you heard Mitt is that erectile dysfunction is permanent when in fact it can be reversed and the fourth myth is that sex gets worse and no longer as amazing as you get older reality? It can be the exact opposite as you get older. Sex can get better and better yes. So let's talk about the solutions. Okay so there are solutions that I think that if you know these solutions and you can actually make a big impact on sex so we start with number one the firstly as mind your mind so mind your mind is basically just be aware that your brain is actually your largest and most important sex organ that everything that happens down below starts up in your brain and so do you really want to be in the right mindset the biggest sex killer that I see out there is actually stress and sort of the abundance of stress that we have and our inability to deal with that in a way that makes able to have sex properly so stress is going to affect our hormones are sex hormones since went to decrease your ability to make things like testosterone which you need to be able corrections it's going to affect women's Jones's wealth testosterone estrogen things like that stress is also going to put you in this fight or flight state here this would a sympathetic state where where your blood vessels are diverting blood to your brain and your heart and the key organs but then diverting blood away from your sexual organs so if you're in that fight or flight state eight you're actually not physically capable most of the time of having sex because evolution standpoint if you're running from a tiger in your scare super stressed out you're also not having that same time so it's important to put yourself in the right mindset to deal with stress and emotional things and things in your mind to able to get to a place place where sex is actually really good. That's fascinating so disciplined woman as well and women but women especially need to get the right sort of head space in order to have satisfying sexual experience. Let's be that's one of the first things is myself. I've noticed that when I'm having a really stressful time sexist much harder as as a man. I'm forty three years old. I've noticed that they've been going through extreme stress. It's harder to get it up right and so I can imagine that women go through the same problem now. How you look look at this? One of the things to remember is to have practices in your life to make us more resilient to stress. This includes supplements I've found for example that five. HDP makes me most resilient in elevates nudes and of course caught. Everyone has to be doing. is meditation if you haven't yet looked at six days meditation. I can definitely get on that if you have mine valley all access checkout a program on the six face meditation and also listened to. Emily Fletcher's M word. The M what program is a thirty day program that will make you immune to stress by teaching you the right meditation practice all of this has been scientifically validated. Now you also mentioned testosterone in our program. There's an episode with Dr John Gray whom I know you had with a client. Our John Away. Something really interesting in this episode. He's addressing men. There's a lesson here for women as well he says. Do you know how men or become stress and I go. Don't tell me and he goes well. They need to sit in front of a television and watch sports and even maybe drink a beer and women overcome stressing different ways. They get together with other the woman and they have conversations and he said that there's a biochemical reaction happening in the brain of men when you give them space to get in the identity by themselves stops to watch their favorite show on Netflix or sports without treasuring them making them feel guilty for being away from their woman now he says when a man does justice it creates an increase testosterone. Which means that the very next day the men is able to be more resilient at work to do better on his job but guess what and here he addresses the woman? He says those men are now gonNa WanNa fuck you so much longer so he says give your men's face to just sit in front of the TV. What what thoughts thought isn't that amazing? Now another really worth by lesson here. This is for men and women comes from Brazil. Ska BBB resolve. Scott is the director of wellness at been nomad wellness facility into loom. So I recently saw her speak on sexual health and one of the things she said is that it is very common. Sometimes when you're over forty for a man to not be able to have a full erection she said women firstly. Don't make them feel guilty in men do not feel guilty. It's perfectly normal. Ambient election said that even if you have a semi erection if the woman can gently except that semi erect penis inside her the energy Offer the woman can cause the beans to become fully erect while the penis is inside her. So she said it's very important about the woman to not feel that Hermanas it's not turned on and it's normal for the man to not feel that anything is wrong but know that by coming together the energies of each other can cause a semi erect penis to become Foley Iraq inside those two ideas from John. Gray in Bieber's Oscar might add some value to your sex life. Let's go on to the second big tip. One is basically just be the healthy and this is something that we know is true. The sexual health relies very heavily on blood flow blood flow getting down to your sexual organs and as we get older especially. If we're less healthy the we have more inflammation. Those arteries that supply. The blood are going to be filled with plaque with operas. FLUOROSIS and Atherosclerosis is a big killer of blood flow. So basically you have narrowing arteries so you know things we all know about cutting out sugar getting your blood pressure down working on your cholesterol exercising. All of these things are really important to decrease inflammation inflammation on a whole body level but specifically so that we can optimize blood flow into the aires very want them into the Genitalia. I see what are some of the practices that you recommend that men and women look into some of the most common sense things are going to give you the most bang for your buck so exercising. Every day on most days is going to be really important. Meditation and having 'em Mindful Oh practice is actually really important for inflammation as well a diet. That's low in sugar and sort of low glycemic diet. There are lots of diets out there and certainly I won't argue about the best one but I will. We'll say that sugar is one of the worst things that you can do for your body for your blood vessels for all kinds of things. It causes a Lotta inflammation making sure that you're active avoiding obesity. Obesity did he can extra weight gain. He's GonNa Cause even more inflammation and who's going to cause even more increase actress closes in those blood vessels and smoking is awful for your blood vessels goals. I always talk to patients and I tell them. I think that if cigarette boxes had a picture of a penis on the front of them then people would understand what smoking actually does for you because it's horrible for sexual function okay. So here's options. Here's some options that you guys can look at I. I'm not a big fan of diets because the Diet industry typically it is an instrument where the average American has to be five dives across their lifetime you tend to many dives actually do not have much of a long term impact on weight loss while fit however. Berg is an exception to this not a diet. It's a way of retraining. The brain in terms of your approach to food as a result of the ninety days. You tend to lose a lot of weight so you guys are on my daddy check out while fit. It was so transformative on my health but I got a license to bring the full program onto a nine belly platform. Now if you have mine all access you'll see that we also have a program by the quit up weapon called seven days to giving up sugar. Try that program. It is much easier than you think to give up sugar. The pain is typically for a day or two in your body adapts to it if you can tolerate one or two days of discomfort you can give up sugar for good. I no longer take sugar coffee. I no longer take sugar with just about anything and the health results have been transformative so again remember. It's not necessarily a diet but no that contract the mark hyman on me. Eighty percent of your body's shape is what you eat. It is not contrary to popular belief exercise. You WanNA get some exercise in but you want to watch what you put in your body and just like big Pharma trained to believe we need pills to be sexually healthy. They food trains us to eat stuff. That is poisonous poisonous for our body. Folks you need to get off Coca Cola. You need to get off so much of the stuff that you see advertised on. TV and mass and the solutions are there and it's much easier than and you think to make a shift. The average person who joins mind body right now loses about ten kilograms in their first year just because of wild fit and the fact that we don't even offer sugar in our office anymore and newbies who come well-stocked on sugar especially from developing countries. Where Coca Cola is widely pushed in health? Consciousness hasn't risen yet they get upset for like a week and then they realize how much better they and their transform for life. So don't forget. These changes are doable. The A lot easier than you. I think we spoke about giving up. Should we spoke about exercise. What are your favorite practices? I do those things I also really liked to do. Yoga and that sort of a mindfulness in combination with exercise. And you're also getting the heat. So there's heat shock protein activation which can be really good for general longevity. We know putting your body and stressful situations whether it's heat or cold or fasting or some of these things are really good for kicking up your longevity gene. So I'd like to do all of those kinds of things make your body thinks that a needs some adverse. A Yoga is definitely. You should be having a yoga practice. Yes that's one of my favorite. Let's go to number three. So number. Three is increased. Nitric oxide so nitric. Oxide is the main chemical Michael Messenger that opens up your blood vessels and tells your body to sin blood into those blood vessels and as we get older. You're actually making less and less nitric oxide. So by the time you're forty years old you're making about half as much nitric oxide as your twenty year old friends with metric oxide coming perfect question so a lot of it's made inside the blood vessels so the actual cells that line. The blood vessels are called endothelial cells. And they make nitric oxide but as you get older you inflammation in those cells you get plaque building up in those cells and the cells become dysfunctional so they can't make nitric oxide so things like l.. arginine which are in a lot of supplements are supposed to boost nitric oxide. Those stop working very well after the age of forty so what you can do after age of forty or so is eat foods that are high in nitrates those are things like green leafy vegetables beets ruble okay. All those kind of things. Pomegranate dark chocolate even is high in nitrates the trick to this though there are two other processes that have to be intact to be able to make nitric oxide from those nitrate trait rich foods. So one of them is you have to have healthy bacteria in your mouth. That will do that. And when you are consuming a lot of mouthwash it's killing those bacteria. You actually are not able to make nitric oxide on that pathway. That's amazing so are you saying we should get rid of mouthwash. I'm saying that you should get rid of the antiseptic mouthwashes. The ones that are really killing bacteria or at least. Don't use them yeah. There are studies that show even a week of mouthwash. Use will raise your blood pressure and that's all nitric oxide independent because you can't make your own side. Are you making a statement right now. Dump Listerine Anti Listerine but I would say that daily daily antiseptic mouthwash. You use it a really bad smelling out but is that better. Gum is fine because it's not killing bacteria area. That's phenomenal okay. So let's talk about because as you guys know. I like to call out the bullshit of big American companies primarily American companies because they're so genius Ed Marketing and might not listen American companies. While right so I'm talking about my peers here. Let's let's just say if you study the annals of marketing this clean created one of the most perfect marketing campaigns in history several decades ago the marketing campaign essentially said. Do you have this disease that your friends sounds notice that you will never notice and it's bad breath and in the marketing campaign. They would basically show people whispering about you behind your back horrible horrible. You're now everyone was wondering. Do I have that Britain. My friends are afraid to tell me what solution is. Let's trim and even get this bet breath thing it's called they emphasized the name they labeled it positioned as a disease in reality. It's quite normal in so let's between became a thing another useless awful product that we spend money on that does absolutely nothing for us except what Prophet into the pockets of the company that manufactures and funds the whole advertising system. That gets us to buy more stuff that we don't need anyway. Stop using this tree. Stop worrying about your back breath if you're going on a date. Chewing gum is responding. Honestly if you're making out with someone they're going to accept you even if you have a little bit of light after taste in your mouth kissing awesome stress over it. Okay so the mouthwashes the first thing you need to nitric oxide. We got that the second thing is you actually need stomach acid and a lot of people. Millions of people across the world take medications is to decrease their stomach acid as things like protonics Zantac and over the counter medications as well as prescriptions that decrease stomach acid because they get heartburn but those medications vacations are actually decreasing here nitric oxide production and again. It's really hard to make ENTEROCOCCI if you're older in the other way. So avoid those medications them or at Lisa careful with them. Talk to your doctor first. Those are things that if you can get rid of them. It's much better for many things but especially for nitric oxide. Can we change things about behavior. A an eating to avoid those medications in the first place. Yes and no unfortunately our food supply depending on where you are. Regionally in the world is going to have different amounts of nitrate trait in there and they've actually taken samples of say spinach in one part of the US or the other part of the US and there are vastly different amounts of nitrates in the same spinach so a lot lot of it has to do with no soil conditions and things like that and actually even organic spinach Justin. How many more or less than non organic nitrates so obviously get the best quality food that you can but you still have to have things in your body to be able to break that foods down? So what are some of the foods. We should be focused on so the things like a ruge lot. Hail Spinach. Spinach beets are great for nitric. Oxide those are some of the big heavy hitters for this spes amazing amazing now other any supplements that would suggest yeah. There are several out there. My favorite which I know association with and then called Neo forty by Dr Nathan Brian. He's at nitric oxide researcher. And it's the laws that you take in. You just put it in your mount twice a day and you can actually measure your salivary nitric oxide levels during the day and see them go up and you'll see this is a direct correlation with your sexual help exactly awesome. Let's go onto the next item number four four optimization or getting your hormones at the levels you want them to be wanting that happens we older hormone levels like our testosterone estrogen progesterone around. They all start to decline. That's true for men and for women but we actually know that if you have more normal or at least high normal levels of those hormones you can have a lot of of health benefits down the road and you can do these through various sort of natural ways to boost your hormones or you can do it with foreman supplementation with other nearby identical hormones and things like that but from it for instance after the age of forty you know you're losing testosterone about one percent per year so it's just gonNA continue to go down and we also know that men's testosterone now is quite a bit lower than it was fifty years ago on a global level testosterone is going down. What's the cost for that? I think it's multifold but I think it's a combination of lifestyle. We have more men who are overweight and obese which has decreased testosterone or men who have diabetes is also going to decrease s Ostra on a lot of environmental toxins into crane disruptors at there are also influencing Lewinsky our body's ability to make testosterone. It's a matter of what's happening to us. And also the choices they were making every day and other any corrective action that men can take to increase testosterone. Yeah absolutely there are a lot of things getting workouts. In making sure you're lifting heavy weights and going to the gym frequently. It can help getting enough branched chain acids getting enough vitamin D. In fact you know you you can go outside and just getting like ten or twenty minutes Sun. Exposure can significantly increase your testosterone levels having sex increase your testosterone levels. Getting enough sleep is really important. I don't have that as one of my six solutions probably should but sleeping. That's where a lot of your hormones are made. Those of us who have disrupted sleep are not making things like testosterone and growth hormones on some of those things as well so sleeping is really important. Doesn't anything's exercising sleeping. Getting some sign was to get exercise and sleep so when it comes to sleep the the best program on sleep in the world is stop. The Michael Bruce Sleep optimization program here remind valley if you have mine value all access you can take a thirty day program adopted. Michael Bruce that will completely -pletely changed the way you sleep. This will not just boost. Toss strong but give you all the good chemicals you need to function incredibly in the world and of course as a direct correlation with your sex. It's like now when it comes to strength training you definitely want to look into super slow stripe printing. I'm a big Fan of the work of Dr Doug mcgonigal's because he really grits down exercising size and tells you what to do what not to do and superstar strength. Training is remarkable. You will find in one thousand nine hundred training on on this program called ten x check it out before for your next visit and then for women we see when women starting at about age thirty or so we see some changes in progesterone. It starts to go down to start to go down which is also important for women and certainly after menopause. Estrogen goes way down and can really affect sex. That can make more painful. It can affect sexual organs so just being aware of those hormones and getting those check with your doctor and then maybe either doing lifestyle changes or getting on medication can be really helpful. Amazing all right now. What is the fifth? The fifth one is utilizing. Light competes and sound. This is kind of a broad category. But they're actually a number of therapies out there that you would do most of them with physician that are very safe. That have kind of revolutionized is sexual health. There's shock therapy which uses sound waves so uses high intensity sound waves that he'd most often men but also useful and women but basically send sound waves into the peanuts which sort of begins his whole cascade of events that leads to improve blood flow new blood vessel formation stem cell recruitment better nitric oxide and essentially essentially after a series of treatments about sixty five to ninety percent of men will have significant improvements in erections. These are like thirty minute noninvasive in and out super safe us go in and you get sound therapy and super easy and it's great from an end. How would we find those facilities so if you look up? Low intensity shock wave. Therapy is actually called a low intensity. Extra corporeal shock therapy or shock therapy. It seemed that all over the world is actually pioneered in Europe. Ten or so years ago right how does function and now. We're starting are in use for women as well because to me is a little different but it's actually a fairly long process it see. What did you about six treatments each treatments about thirty minutes? And you do it over the like three MS visit. You go in for thirty minutes. You're gonNA treatment go home. You gotTA lunch. Go have sex for the gym. Would ever do that for three weeks. And then it's good for about a year so you'll continue to have aging but if you can stay on top of it and get these treatments occasionally then it'll significantly increased shockwaves doing so. It's just sending these sound waves almost like these high vibrational sound waves into the tissue and bet disruption actually send out a bunch of prepare signals. So it's not actually doing significant damage. But it's almost tricking your body into thinking it was the damage. And so you send out this growth factors repair signals. You bring in stem cells. You bring in new blood vessels new blood flow and you increase local nitric got. So what are some of the physical changes to the man or woman might notice of the street and so for man very commonly increased strength of erections bill last longer decreased refractory period in between erections improved sensitivity improved pleasure. Those are the things I see. Every single day and women again not studied quite as much better sensation John. More pleasure a better orgasm better blood flow to that area. There are a couple of other things that we can use as well we can use heat and lasers radiofrequency. These are all again treatments treatments. That you do a doctor's office but like for women. For instance there are laser vaginal radiofrequency treatments. Even take home. Red Light therapy battle devices based on the same. Fury's fury's Yes we're essentially we're basically causing some kind of harm. It's not real hard kind of injury and that injury tricks your body into thinking that you need to repair it an in an repairing it. You're actually creating newer healthier more youthful tissue. I see so if we were googling. This what would be a google search time we should put in vaginal regeneration or rejuvenation the nation. There's some great take home devices that you can actually get online that you get it and send it to your house and you just do it in your own house like the beef. It plus is a great one for that or or you can go to your doctors and you can get actual treatments where you're there for thirty minutes or so you have a preference between heat sound or light. I like to use them in combination but it really depends on the person what they're looking for for men it's mostly the sound is most of the shock. Wave Therapy for women. There are a number of other things that they never even heard of that. All right the sixth one is themselves in regenerative medicine so using regenerative medicine as a way to again to regenerate that tissue and heal ourselves and revitalize tissue okay. So let's talk about that because I'm about to be having that procedure tomorrow. Yes themselves of your body's master cells and every cell in your body. They're responsible for the upkeep of those organs and as you get older yourselves become less active and you also have less of them in all parts of your body so some of these himself procedures essentially we're using either growth factors actors or some cells themselves. Were taking them from somewhere either from you or from somewhere else injecting it into say your penis and that's telling your cells that are already. There are to become more active to increase blood flow to increase the health of the cells that are there to increase nerve regeneration. Essentially repairing that tissue using using your own body's abilities and what type of changes do people see so same kinds of things from Mannino improvements in erection strength staying power sensation pleasure and insane things for women's more pleasure easier orgasms lubrication tightness those kinds of things. So they break who was also treated by. Dr Amy Killen right here. The same center spoke about how his wife. What in the fifties had this sort of therapy on their sexual organs and the incredible impact it made on their sex life? Yeah Lana his wife. I treated her as well and afterwards the big bulletproof comics she got up on the stage in front of all of these people and told everyone about how now having these toe-curling Orgasm uh-huh mid fifties I think so that's incredible scientists amazing and there's so many incredible solutions you can look at if you you want to improve the quality of your sex life anything else to add the keys are that you actually do have power. You can do a lot to make yourself better without the help of anyone else else as long as you have education and if you WANNA go an extra step and get some help from your doctor we have a lot of resources for you. Amazing thank you guys teaming. Thank you I'm Bishen Kiani. And this is the Mine Valley podcasts.

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