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Seventh Visit GEICO DOT COM to learn more. podcast one cents off the vine grave therapy. Kaitlyn Bristowe. To answer your questions drink to your concessions and here. But you have to say about anything bachelor. Let's shake it up some more years Caitlyn. Welcome to great therapy on your host. Kaitlyn Bristowe session is now starting to the on the pod I've got two sisters that I really really loved talking to their behind the popular podcast called Okay Sis they dive into all things business lifestyle, pop culture, the two sisters they interview female entrepreneurs each week to talk about their current obsessions whatever's going on in their lives whether it's silly informative or both in addition to interviewing women entrepreneurs, they're actually too bad ass entrepreneurs themselves we talk about pretty much everything from mental health to with China Punches Q. Sharing our deepest darkest secrets in Arkansas. we even throw in. Kanye not for you guys. So I'm so excited for you guys to hear this podcast as please welcome Maddie and scout of okay. SIS, you're sharing your headset. That's the cutest thing ever will. Yeah because we are professional podcasters over here got out for that's amazing Okay. We'll like right off the. Bat. Text from my therapist. We're we text? He said. Let me go go out to this is the text I just got before. I came on here God she said is everything okay and yeah why and she goes will you're supposed to be here five to six thirty? Oh Shit. Yeah about that I. Didn't even have it in my calendar usually that's like priority on my list. And I didn't even have it written down and I just feel like that's just so me right now in life I am up hot mess dude we'd been there I have missed therapy appointments and my therapist called me thinking there was an emergency and I was like Nope, just implement my Google know when you miss their be. It's a red flag bearer. Think they're like because I. know the last set I usually don't miss therapy in the last time I did I was not a good place in this was years ago and so I feel like she was like, are you? Okay Same Therapist for that. Wrong. Good for you. I feel like I've had like seven. Okay. You know what? I've gone through a couple before I found her and she was incredible and she's always been so amazing. But now I feel like I've outgrown her a little bit because. I hope she doesn't listen to this because I love her so dearly and I just you'll like she really helped me through getting out of my last relationship in like helped me be like have more self love and all these now let cab young have been a really good place. Now there's other things I could work on, but it's nothing that she specializes it. Find move on anything like a new perspective. You know you know it's just like a new frame of mind I had been through I think six it's just hard to the only reason. I wouldn't wanNA switches because then I would have to talk like give her the whole context all over again that is what I like to the year to get to like her really understanding who I am and then you have to. Redo all that shit like that's where I have a little so much to unpack, and you're like have to start over earn relive all these dramatic moments in my life. You eater like. Graph and I'm like Oh this is the drama. This is the limiting beliefs. Disease are the moments that defined my up this house when we move on Yeah I walk in with like my eight gram number. All my past dramas and I'm like, okay. Where do I start of? Okay let's go here but I've learned that I do this because so you don't have to stop hitting. You need to diagnose me there I. got you not the jewels here. It's did you go through six because you grew them or because like my first therapist literally diagnosed me clinical chronic depressed but yet he talked about himself the entire time he was like a reality TV show therapists and we'll talk about all of the cast members that he was needing. I was like sixteen. So I was like, Oh, this is there being John. We'll around the law and that insurance changes and whatever, and now I don't even do life coach like. On Call Twenty, four, seven, that's actually a genius idea. I should probably do that a light like you can call them up any time so I have unlimited texts. which is highly beneficial because when you're like inner city moment, I can send her a voicemail like crying like here's what's going on. You know she doesn't get back community that second you release it more on demand and then. If I really need her, she'll call me in an emergency, but only have like once a week meetings like their. Fabulous. Fabulous, are you both obviously big advocates for therapy and all that right? Yeah. Yeah. So Scalp has bipolar disorder and what is it chronic depression? We don't know they'll just added to the list you know. Disorder and bipolar disorder great and I mattie I grew up kind of opposed therapy because I thought it was like something for her like only people who have largely value the or depression issues have to go to therapy and like I'm not, why am I wasting time like my issues are not as? Grandiose. Lo. You know. The whole we're all. Up. So, it's just like it. It Surmount Senate is you know I went to therapy for one specific issue and then I was like, Oh, a child of divorce this of drama a heartbreak and it's just like you realize so much. It's not just for people with mental illness I think it should be a prerequisite for every single human being you learn so much about yourself and the self awareness the cultivates from it. It's it's amazing. And you learn how to navigate so many things of how you react and how why you react the way you do. It just saves you in relationships or workplace environments or with your family like it. Even if you know like you said, you don't have a diagnosed something. You can find and learn so much about who you are and why that it's like fascinating for yourself. Go to grow as a human being knowing this kind of information and yet for some reason, they're still teaching us how to make an Isosceles triangle of like. Is. That about okay. Why are they not teaching us about a mortgages debt paying taxes mental health like why do you think that's to change because it should by now I also am is goal one day when I retire is to just funnel money into a year like college it's just a year and you go to after high school in between college and it's all about learning how to manage your mental health in your emotional side and you're like emotional intelligence and I just WANNA to teach people 'cause I mean so many people go through late constipated their emotions don't aren't in touch with. Them and they go their whole lives without understanding what's going on in their body in there has to be something that we offer on a public service level I. agree that's I mean there's so many like tools and resources like you know you can text whenever find the talk space and there has podcast. But why are they not teaching it in schools is such a great question but that's that's a fantastic idea. I. Think so many people who have like I I I can't even diagnose my anxiety depression but I think it's Ramon all because without fail that's when it me in the face like. Hundred Mile Crowley Ma'am I'm like Oh. Why did I wake up so depressed in such dark place and it's always that time of the month for me but like so many years of my life and I think a lot of women can feel this way because of what they go through hormones and guys just I guess are more quiet about it but you feel crazy and you feel accepting wrong with you and for so long I think I ruined relationships over Mike Hormone anxiety because I wasn't. Paying enough attention to it and I was letting myself spiral get out of control and it was like an out of body experience for me until I realized what it was until I went to a doctor until I got on medication that I was like, oh no, I'm not crazy. I just have some sort of imbalance in me that would be the same if I had diabetes, I would take something. So it was you know until I was in my thirties to figure that out there. So many young girls who go through. Puberty at the age of twelve or whatever age they are. Could be feeling like they're crazy and they don't know how to express how they're feeling like now it should just be something everyone. Has To do and we need to de stigmatize taking medication I mean I haven't but I know scout does I mean she won't be walking a lot. She's on medication so but it's I. You have you read untamed by Glenn Doyle. It's so funny that you say that it's in my list of books to get because. Many people. Told me about the night tonight tonight like you now. Amazon. Next day order. Do It on your frigging IPAD. It's data words. It it is. So there's a chapter where she says like here's A. Prescription Number One, take your meds number to keep taking your bags when they start working. Don't think like, okay. Like why did I ever need to take meds like cave? Yeah. Stigmatizing W. Yes the one with the pretty cover says bestseller. Yeah. Yes. You're right. You're going to. Be Lay. Your life is going to be changed. Slide. Thank US later like Oh my God want it by now. Order Boom Sham let it Really dangerous in quarantine light but like I was. Daily on offi online anything 'cause it's right at your fingertips. You know like let's do this. Okay. It's going to change my life I'm so excited. So we all have something we're working on perhaps a career change finding a partner procrastinating less. The hard part is an identifying these goals. It's taking action to accomplish those goals. Thanks to talk space online therapy finding a licensed therapist is easier than ever. 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The bottom line is that we all need somebody to talk to and talks wants to give the licensed support. We deserve at a price we can afford. As. A listener of this podcast, you can get one hundred dollars off your first month on talks base to match with your perfect therapists. Go to talks face dot com or download the APP. Make sure you use the code vine to get one hundred dollars off your first month and show your support for the show that's fine and talks base dot com. Are you guys having white one lead directly are L. I only drink white wine I only drink sauvignon blonde and she's A. SNOB over here over there with your white wine. That's okay. Whenever you enjoy, you gotta drink that like your wine glasses they look similar but I was gonna say we have like the exact same I copied the blogger. Neyla. I copied my girlfriend. Gather good I like that but now I want like more like antique like vintage ones. So I think I'm GonNA online purchase that. Was On all standby if you WANNA do it right now. I wanted to jump back to the medication for a second. I I mean I guess I've always been open about my life and my feelings that it seems so. Normal for me to share that kind of thing because I'm weirdly proud of being on something. Because it has changed my life and I always want to say like I don't I'm not going to sit here and say I'm on selects so you should like. People need to understand that they need to try different ones or not doing at all sometimes yoga can work for people. It depends on where you're at with stress but I've always just been so open like. I'm proud to say that it just changed me as a human being to go on something and I I probably would have felt a lot shaven that before therapy but now I'm like. I'm awesome. I mean you and me both girl Manto makes fun of me because we'll be ordering coffee in breeze still be doing like one bipolar. So I'm really depressed today like I say like I don't care like if I was had Iran I would tell you. I had a Migraine like and it's not that I, want the world to know it's just that I, don't want it to be this weird thing when someone says it like just say Stay on bipolar. Say depressed. You're on medication. We just gotTa like normal identity to the point where it's not a big deal in there for people can help themselves so much sooner than because they feel like it's okay. I mean I've been on every medication under the moon and I've had some traumatizing experiences with medications. So for a while, I was super anti because. I'm super sensitive like big advent one hand every day every day because it like knocked me out so much anyway. But then I bought on one year ago after Israel Israel and I have been what is it called I'm I'm I'm on the Tuta for an PROZAC yes. Yeah, and that helps that that to you. That's your. That's your down because yeah. Took me a couple of the first one I tried was still. And I it made me worse. I had the darkest thoughts in the middle of the night I get nightime sweats, outfield, GonNa Puke, and then that. So discouraging to people as well to be like, why would I try other things if it made me feel that way. But Luckily, the next one I tried was the one that we can I say one thing real quick if someone's listening. To this, because this is a really good psi if someone's listening to this and they want WanNa, go on medication do not go into psychiatrist office and just take what they tell you. Please do all of your research because they're ask what the withdrawal symptoms are asked what the red flags are. You can get off it immediately asked how long it takes because sometimes psychiatrist dislike try this. You Up. So really really comment with a list of ten questions because one medication of to withdraw from and I was crying narrowly remind my husband's like what's going on with you. Just. Make sure that you have to advocate for yourself in a psychiatrist's office. That's a really good point. When did you Will you die out by full? I if I president. So when I was fourteen and then I was diagnosed when I was twenty because. Club, Catalonia and said Co says so when I was twenty, I was diagnosed I'm about to twenty nine now. So and fifteen fifteen years. Yeah. It's been a long. It's just I. Mean I think the biggest thing I've learned is that what she has is a disease I think in the beginning I thought it was a phase or thought it was because she was at, she was lazy or something I think a lot of people have that stigma and it's something that you're were conditions to believe when we see. Someone with a mental illness and it really took her being like mad. It's a disease like I can't. I can't control this like it's like I think the biggest thing that help that helped me understand it as she went to college and loved college like had the most amazing experience. Then she couldn't get out of bed couldn't rusher chief like literal literal. Mundane things and I was like you love College I, remember I love it but like I literally depressed I. was like, oh And then I understood that it's something external to what is going on in your environment et something really really inside you that you cannot control. So it's still got so much. Let me tell you I have a coup rate. Lifelike everything on paper is just great. Thing I liked ruining it. And how much? How much has it helped you just to be aware of it and do your research and get on medication and like. Talk about it out. Loud. It took a really long time. I had to drop out a call age. I had to quit jobs anthony back in with my parents and so for a long time I was called on functioning like I cut it hold any responsibility and it wasn't until I met my husband who comes from the recovery background he's actually tenure sober name. Sorry from. And, he introduced me to support early said like really taking ownership over your healing in your recovery, and so that was when I was twenty wine and I started really taking it seriously but it took years before I was able to go back to school and start working and you know now I run my own business in so I'm highly functioning now I just know that when these moments visit me that I'm saying that I'm okay that I can let them pass just a human emotion that I'm experiencing in. There's no reason to like. Call everyone in screen nine, one, one at the top of my lungs know I'll be be okay. Yeah. That's that's incredible that you've gotten to that place and. It's so hard for people to understand obviously who don't suffer from. You know that even even depression like. When I met Jason and told him about like a go through these times every month key couldn't really wrap his head around because of the same things he's hugh so much to be great for there's sin as you said, a help Bernie, just wants to remind me of how great I'm doing and I'm like, no, I understand all that. A pretty happy person and I'm pretty confident and I do have all these things going on. But I'm just telling you that there is something that comes over me every month and it's like I'll talk through it with you if you're open to that and he was so right but it took him a little while to learn because again, it's so hard to explain to someone who doesn't experience it I know that you guys have your podcast and do talk a lot about mental health or you kind of talk about a lot of different things, right? Yeah say what we talked about how do we do? We have a lot of things that we talk about. Well, the biggest thing with us was. We believe that women are. Diverse and can have multiple interests, which is why we have a section on our podcast called current fixations where we each kind of talk about something that we're currently obsessed with, and it's only because we're so faizy and we're just so we're so interested in a lot of different aspects of the world and I don't think we need to be tied down. And like a niche and what have you I think that's a really cliche thing for people say like your knees it's like what are don't have one and what am I like a lot of things so that's kind of where we promised our podcast and we always have a female guest on which Caitlin you're going to have to come on. Okay, assist. And you know we bring on women, girl crushes that are either products that we love and female founded brands and companies. But then also influencers and obviously were huge bachelor fans. We bring on a lot of bachelor people and we just don't think that one type of woman is superior than the other I think we can have like obsessed with the bachelor, but then talk about by war disorder like it doesn't have to be one or the other. So that's kind of where as has been founded. I think because we are sisters we kind of bring this energy of Your your honestly with your sister, we kinda make people feel comfortable. So it's not like a PR stunt and I think a lot of especially if the words that come on to our like other was so easy I was like ready to like same bullet points and we're like, no, we don't. Like your your media training before coming. Just like you're you're like a cool rod shaken by owns a business leg and let's talk about. Let's talk about your skincare routine like. That's a all of the breadth of things you talk about was born. I've love where it was born. It was born at the Ohio Valley in spot we were a little drunk on Resnais and possibly had just had massages I had podcast before this and I was like don't have an episode and so we went into the business are recorded on our phone eight travel chips all the time we were a little tipsy and this is really fun and so we start head not really knowing where it would take us. It's been Super Fun. That's awesome. So how long have you guys for doing it for? Years coming up on So you had the podcast two years ago, and then that's how it. Okay. I. Don't do math. But I want it now. But that's cool because you guys are probably just proven like you can ask so many different topics and conversations with so many different women in different. Places in their life and things that they're passionate about and it's all over the map. Let's take a second. It is without a doubt that summer will look a bit different this year festivals weddings just brushing with friends. 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Right now in the world so right now we're in San Diego we reward raisins in Yego. I live in San Diego and bad lives in l. a. but she's staying with my dad for a few weeks because of quarantine south were able to be together but I drive up to La pre quarantine every other league for business for the podcast and then our mom lives up there to so. So do you guys do you ever do podcast like remotely or you guys always make sure your car while? while. We made our rule before quarantine. We would never do remote recordings because we ate technology. We don't feel like there is this energy and the similar energy, and we also just we love having the person in front of us in meeting that. So we actually swore off remote recordings that when you know Kobe hit we obviously transition like everyone. We did solo episodes I. Can't handle vote recording the guest. Yeah. So that and then we kind of eased because we knew that this is going to be on for a long time and and I know you said this on your last podcast and he said also that you've been saying a lot of ties but I will say it for you. It has opened us up to so many different guests that we would've never had the opportunity to have on because we typically only do people in Los Angeles so. From New York now we've kind of like, oh, all the floodgates will always female girl crushes eleven in York like come on. So it's actually been a blessing I mean obviously we prefer in her send because it just like it creates more of a relationship we're not the type of podcasts where you like come in also we don't do it in a studio we do at our mom's house so it's very comfortable. You're still funny more or less her county Lauren Elizabeth came over she was like I didn't even ask you like what this address could've been kidnapped now here in your home and like I'm dying like this amazing I'm in your couch I'm on a Link. And that's that's. In the studio just it feels a little. Stale and a little sterile in even end I don't know. It's just more of a fun a fun vibe for us I think people just feel so much comfortable in a home or with a blanket Orlando like. I always go back to the things that I like put myself in the picture on like yeah like at my therapist I, love cuddling up on the couch with my blanket and I bring a warm tea. Cosy in that helps me and I feel like that's the same thing with podcasting. Like just being in my Home Office having my dogs at like will this one's on my lap and not my feet like it's just there's something about it. That makes you feel more comfortable. Which I think makes you have better conversation. And it is best when he can have guests over to your home to do that. But that's yeah I mean different you guys for you. You've been just doing so great and I think it's cool that your sisters because I love my sister to death. But I know we both go crazy. If we tried to work together, meet here this all the time it's because master make real nuts before we started the podcast and we actually think we've gone into one fate in two years since the on the podcast together like. This girl I I mean I, she would do this for me but. It for her I would like literally at I'm dead serious. When I say this I would jump in front of a gun for Mexican sterlite. He ends sound like I am also older. So I have like the maternal over she would probably right away and sacrifice media. We've always been close our lives at this were only three years apart. So it's not a difference, but honestly doing the podcast together has has so close like she's my number one girl that's that's really cool. Now, I'm like we should I applaud cousin, my sister and my terrible sister I mean it's a risk. It's really a race like we and we don't. We don't advise this like don't go into a business knowing who you're going into business with and who your going to be but we really didn't think about because we didn't think it was gonna be as big as it is and influencers like nothing like we go forward. Great. That's so cool though it made your data listen. All, excited like all these people are coming on the podcast and we had a live event with calcium shell randolph in all these girls showed up like. I mean, it's weird. Nobody it's it's just you know when you're going to business with someone you really vet them and with a us a kind of just fell into place and it was we're really really fortunate that it worked out like it could have gone very solid. I think both of us were very, very different in our demeanor worked at the like we're very intense with. Work, but it's in a different way and I think kind of like the responsibilities of having a podcast just just fell into into either send I. Think we both are on the same page of who we WANNA bring on the type of women that were inspired by. So it just worked out that way I. Love that you guys have inspiring women from all. Parts of what is that same from all? Well, it's all walks of life but. But. But that means that said no but that means like. Have you. Have like people were like homeless. Risky. Maybe. I'm not. That's not a bad idea. Industries. All all in history. Mysteries but but I'm sure it's you met really inspiring homeless person you'd have them onto you. Hundred percent. Know. been through in their. Life. But I'm sure with with podcasting with or need sisters in general comes with some Kanye. Can you not oh. I think. These I want to see if they can like relate with my sister but let's do some sister edition. Can you knots? Okay let's get the first one because you already talked about. It's funny. Okay Can you not mentioned your bipolar on every episode? Scott. Mad Can you not kick no wait. We're not discussed each what are we going to say that we can discuss? Yes, she's we have a drinking game. One opening says that every time I say bipolar, you're shy. It's caused it. Just gets really ship based. Okay, Scout. Can you not kick me off the joint? Okay. CYSTIC tough. I got kicked off pickup. because an old and can't duty dances correctly, and I make rear-facing says that's not why right upon century wasn't delivering. The Gen Z. content that Mattie was so looking for. Okay. Let me speak please. Let me defend myself. Discovered TIKTOK and I was like okay like. With everything else going to be on social media I'm going to do with okay. Says Battle be the brand name and then I just kind of saw myself devoting show much time and really no no no return no return. There is no one third and I was like scout you're ruining it because like one day. I'M GONNA go viral like it's just a manifestation I, write down every day and it's just like it will happen for me and I don't want you to get any credit because I worked. So tirelessly on these stupid dances so I could. And now it is adding. Mayo, on shameless plug everyone go. Off. The Password now, your name. Talking because we're like filming like instagram thing or whatever together like I'm just wondering if I could talk to you. And I'm like. Yeah. Like humor by lake takeover the cases Tiktok in rerun me think. Change the password like there's no way for me to get in the. Created my own but I you know like I duNNo. I'm twenty and twenty nine like just not relating and I can't do the dancing like the wo- isn't working for me. Look like an idiot you know like it's just a bear. All. I think the war was already a passing trend like I, think it's gone. It's What maybe I have a chance now. You need to you need to follow the right accounts on Tiktok because I'm thirty five, and I two was feeling like I wasn't relating to anything else also what is happening? I just like I can't get down and then I start following comedians and really funny accounts and cooking accounts and like one that I actually are impressed by enter. Now my algorithm is set up that I find like the best Tiktok from it. I know I was telling her she was what does she talk brand be and I was like you should say you should do like empowering messages scalise like really spiritual and I'd bring up Salinas is in her definitely. Wonder Join Talknet, Jones lunatics off how excited. excited. Much? She is literally an old grandma. So it's like you should say like inspired things and then I don't know I don't think it took off it just it just didn't really work for you. You know what ticked up not everybody. I've seen some really terrible ones be viral. So don't be too hard on yourself because. It you or you could just keep going because sometimes the terrible ones. Terrible, but sometimes, the terrible ones go viral. So who knows, Yup, one of mine went like semi viral and it was one of my wheat lake dumbest wines I was so pissed myself because I was just like forgot to put the sixty seconds on and you put no it wasn't that when he was the one where I was speaking to the camera but. It was good but it was call me scouts. So four videos. Key. Now, don't well Kalemie on instagram. Let please don't look a metric. Yards. Definitely checking out. Okay. I signed up for basis little the big whatever whatever I'm gonNA. Get a little Yeah. I had orientation today and they were like part of the thing is that we do a google search and I'm like. Oh. Oh like by Bikini Picture. Okay. Is My podcast not? Okay. Like is lead. I came up from by Roller and I'm doing pretty well, I've wanted offer to a seven year old. You'd buy maybe I talk about sex too much like navy AL encourage the kids to masturbate without a guy like I don't know if I'm the right person for this but I believe in my heart I am. You know what? That's I don't know how those systems worker with. That is the kind of big sister we. were. You know just like somebody that does have that honesty and isn't afraid to those things and I think that's a role model if you ask me yeah apparent has to bet me do. Fine if If, they don't approve you. Then they're not for you. Are you have so much to offer scall-? You'll find the right little girl that you are meant to me with an should undertake talk star she's like on like the. It'll be like, help me help you. You'll. You'll be there for each other in me famous on. tectonics God. She's going to be the thing that makes you go viral they're. Good. All right I have to tell you something. So the other day I was wearing the cutest new white shirt feeling. Great about it. Next thing you know spilled on myself way to go caitlyn but seriously, I had to throw this white shirt in the trash because I couldn't get the stain out of it. No matter what I tried that is until I tried oxy clean white revive oxy clean white revive. Dingy whites bringing them back to brilliant and bright, and it's safe on colors to this is a serious game changer. It has forty percent more whitening power than chlorine bleach per load without any of the negatives that come along with using chlorine bleach. It can save those items you thought were ruined and heading for the trash had happened to me on more than one. You gotTa Try oxy clean white revived laundry whitener and stain remover for yourself to work your magic with oxy clean go to oxy clean dot com slash try me and order a free sample that's oxy clean dot com slash t. r. y. m. e. for a free stain fighting sample while supplies last. One, can you not have? Yeah, we need to Oh. This is my other one. Can you not get your wallet every time we go to dinner together. Classic sister. That's a classic sister metals that's for. Universal thing. If you have a sister you have and if you're a little sister like, may you've done this I did that to my sister all the time like when when when I lived at home or like anytime we did something it was my mom's birthday. Dad's father's Day whatever it was my sister's like, do you want me to just put your name on it? Because we all know I'm going to buy it and I was like, yes, knees. It's it's what little little sisters are four. Yeah. We're there to have t rex arms and not. I'm that's incredible. Yeah. You know it's not the best for me but will. You know she'll get you back sometime. Sometimes she asked me asked her to come to wind down the road like only come if you buy me a barefoot blanket shit as what you're worth a hundred and thirty dollars an hour. Therefore? Dreams. What is that? It's hard. Cash Ian Blinking. No No. No it's the display that everyone. Actually it's like buried there but they're like three dollars or Elizabeth place and you gotTa like Scouts GonNa buy that one day. Why don't know three hundred dollars for the blanket apparently, it's like life changing. Three hundred dollars an hour have wine. She knows her work. I'm. Okay, my next one is, can you not only drink sobbing on block? So scouse a little snob as we interested in the beginning in the beginning of this episode and I've actually been getting into natural wines and my boyfriend hasn't been a big wine drinker but then lately, exciter. Let's. Contradictory but natural winds tastes like. You're not taking the right wives. anyways. So he the ones that said. The other ones you give me taste like outsider I've been giving her own wines, which is this in love orange wines. On. Scou- weirdly always that's what I'm saying can you not only drinks? Like it's Giving her these really nice bottles of wine like me and my boyfriend have been we're we're like drinking up a storm you're in quarantine and trying all these amazing winemakers are like dairy like Batikhi and It's really cool to discover all these new people and it's very trendy I don't know. I. Feel like your national, right? Yeah. Yes. I feel like I feel like I'm going to try yours. Yes. You have to try mine what we have. Of course we've try ever try. But I see it everywhere and if I'm sending some white and you have to pretend you love it. Not. have. Avenue Blank. But I. Order but I've been doing some bowls in everybody wants to sack on. So I think we're GONNA do it next. Meeting. I will be the first person to try that out. On customer sold. As. You can give it a few more than I will be glad to be for his scripture. We'll be right back with more off the vine rate therapy. I'm Bella Benson. Welcome to another episode with me on to be. Answered all of us saliva into my mouth. Swallow trying to swallow it as his tongue is just like doing its thing like all the way down my throat mortified. Like I wasn't scared anymore. Admit when I need and tasks what I need and I just feel like it's like a whole new dating chopped for me. Honestly. I type in you and instead of going to youtube a went to you port. Check out too tired to be crazy on apple podcasts spotify and podcast more. This is off the vine grapes. which is a real problem for me. It's it's It's a trauma. Can you not punch me in the Vagina Oh is that a thing? Oh, you've no idea. Yeah. Hate. My bone pubic following right just like her. I, screaming my dad and. He's punching in the giant again, nobody comes to my rescue is this when your kids are now now been last week I can near me and I flinched. So let me. Explain. Yourself I'M GONNA questions so Scout is very vulnerable and a brings me the utmost joy to catch her at the most raw moments when she is just standing in the corner of the room with. Lhasa why? And I go over there. Thinking that you know she thinks I'm GonNa. Talk to her I. Don't know. I. Just I I just surprise are with a big punch to the. Vagina. Badge right in the badge and she deserves it. Bone like the Badge Bom. Like. Inside going at the top like. Landing Strip would be like where he's going now that I just weirdly touched that you just to see. The video level and that's gotTa hurt if. It's a ball. The moral of the story is that I would take a bullet for my sister poetry in the vagina. You know what? That's what we're calling. PP wack release. Next to make. I like. So we're that WANNA try it. On my sister. Right on Jason but I would like babies. Like very sad. That these. Young a man it's a little different for a man with us we don't have. As much only do it to your sister, right? To this random women on the street. Trend the new, challenge. RBC. Gosh what have we started. Oh Non spritzing. She may be tweeting on the AC off because we didn't want it to interfere with every day I actually just went on and I was like, Oh, I wonder if they could hear that. Again we're good. Gut. I think those are all the can you not right I love it I. Love the sister. Can you not like the did with sister a long time ago Which is always fun. It's always I I ran out of Kenya, not ideas, and it was really exciting for me to bring that with you guys. So thank you for doing that with me. And also just thank you for being on the podcast and thank you for your openness to everything you talk about and and just normalizing what should be normalized and being open and funny about you know just real life shit I absolutely love it and I would like to be on your podcast will definitely set that up. Until everybody where they can listen to your podcast and finding guys especially onto dot. Com matty's at ninety man like you don't need to Butler if anything go to ask okay. Since podcast on the all the places you listen to podcasts. That's okay. A. Y. Saints Sis in you could find on Instagram at Oak podcast and if you like me more than not, you'll follow me at scouts sobel on Tiktok. Off Thank the Yuki Live for having us this is such a dream among giving away that easily I just realized that I didn't get you guys to confess. End A podcast without. A we've been thinking long and hard about. Interviewed wastes you thought about something for re and I favorite part of the podcast. So I might confession. Scout only never like discern treatment I think we figured it out and Scout. When I was in high school with my cousin actually we broke up we were together in school. We broke up after you together and then he broke up and then you're you're married. We was Amalgamated Age, but I was in high school and we were shopping which we still do like I love that you know door I love that when we driving through the mansions of San Diego and we saw a mansion and we said that's the house we're GonNa live together. When we're older, we love everything about it I mean we're talking like a seven five to ten million dollar house like it's a huge mansion and my husband being the mischievous man that he has said Hey I don't think any that house right now. So we go to the door and it's completely under construction like totally renovated like totally dusty boards everywhere like no catch Jim nothing's. So. We break into the House and we're walking around this huge mansion, and then we find one room with one bed her victory made and I lost my virginity that right? And and the alarm went off in the middle of the sexual intercourse and we had to throw our clothes on and run very far away. Oh, wait. Where did the alarm come from like just notice did not moment you're. The Sex? Yes it was crazy. I was like what the hell is happening and so that's how I lost my virginity. That's great. Loss of virginity loss story. Yes. Yeah. That's it's to my now husband which really brings it full circle naturally sweet. That's actually quite romantic yet. Sparks novel yet you really are what would really like been full circles if you guys actually did buy that house. After. Give me a few. Thousand. Dollars. One day we well, I'M GONNA knock. Aibo aside about if they knocked on their door. You. Know. Fat. Married. Now because of this, House I that's so cute. Yeah. I like that one. All right, everyone. Let's take a second talk about self care and comfort. You know I'm all about comfort when it's that time of the month, you know Cairns in town comfort can often go out the window but you've probably heard me talk about carefree breeze lately, which has made my periods so much easier and well more carefree. Carefree breathe offers a line of skin friendly pads, panty liners that go beyond leak protection to keep your skin dry and irritation free. Carefree. Breathe provides irritation free protection for your most sensitive area and is clinically tested by Paula. Just to meet sensitive skin standards, it's free from fragrances, dyes, and harsh irritants for light days reach for the panty liners and when you need more protection, don't worry they've got you covered with their super and overnight absorbent. Sometimes in the past like sleeping with a pad could be uncomfortable. You didn't get a great night's sleep, which is definitely not ideal especially when you have to deal with other symptoms being on your period. Cramps everything that goes with it. The carefree breathe pads are actually comfortable and help you get through the night, which is very important. They're not. You're tasting at all and keeps things dry and breathable down there and I love that when I use these products I don't have to worry about my period, which let's me focus more on important things and helps me get to get through that week pretty much pretty much stress-free. For more information to buy check out on Amazon, or WALMART DOT COM or you may find it at your local grocery store or CVs arenas with yours. Okay. So my confession it's actually very it's very in tune with the current times of the zoom recordings. So. My fulltime job. I work at a Tech Company and we. We work with developers in the Middle East. These are men in the Middle East and we have early morning calls with them because they're in the Middle East and usually I just need to listen in on these calls. I don't really need to participate and it's you know it's like seven thirty in the morning. So I'm getting out of my shower and just you know like. The zoom is programmed so that the video does not come on any other time that I've ever been on this call. And I was coming out of the shower and like, Oh, I got to turn it on. And I, turn it on and a Lo and behold out baby this tits were off. Zoo Shit. On your thank God I go the Middle Eastern men were not on the on the call yet only one woman colleague was odd and I realized obviously very quickly got. freaked out and. So in couldn't God really really bad but. It did have a little discussion in our team like, Hey, let's. Let's Fisher that we don't answer the zoo with our kids hanging out and Yeah. It was a nightmare but I learned my lesson with a group like email like subject not on. No tits on zoom meetings please. Respectful of the People Oh, my God, it was a nightmare. So thank God. It wasn't as bad as it could have been but still like I'm traumatized every time I turn on zoom now. Am I am I covered like am I okay nightmares you know when you sleep naked and then you have nightmares at your naked in front of people you by Zoom titties out. Incredible those are great confessions I was asking. One of my. Girls on my team. She always pre listened to the podcast and I said, have I talked about my period panties on my confession and she was like I don't think so. But I, really feel like I did. So this might be a repeat and if it is I'm sorry to everybody but. I've never gotten to a point in my relationships where my significant other will do my laundry It's I just like to keep it separate. You know women in their undies and stuff happening down there and IT'S Guys who don't grow sisters like they don't understand and so. I guess he was just being kind and like through in my colors with. Everything else and he looked at me like out of the laundry room like. Babe and I was like what and he was like. You have brown spots on your panties. My reaction was my period panties. My God. Somewhat mortified an I don't get embarrassed easily especially in front of him like everything's. On the table with US except for period fans thing is I feel like men think. Is like red and blood, and what's actually like a red stain where it is not as frown is real yeah. Yeah lagging. Yeah it was I was like, yes. My period pennies like not a thing I was like it was. Really, is do minor basically like I'm like to explain it like you know when adult have their blankie still a child and it's like threads and shreds. and. It's like embarrassing. That's my period panties. They're literally like just entangled threads in strings hanging out and I'm like just hanging onto the I I'm like well, not getting sexy right now so I should have a separate door of this. It's such a tree talking to you ladies. You're both just my kind of people and I really enjoyed this conversation of thank you for being on the Bod and. Chat and figure at a time for me to come on yours. Hopefully I would I don't know you're recording schedule but. I'm trying to do everything I need to do before I go out to La. So the dancing with a straw. Find. I I think I cried when I saw my. Gosh it was so emotional and I think I heard me say something about manifesting. So I'm like okay if you could just please manifest the miracle for me, that will be right up I mean we were like a dancer, your dancer in. Is Your though going into a dancer I think that's a lot of pressure on me and ballroom dancing is a completely the ball room dancing game a by ballroom. Meet, rooting for you. One hundred percent kager got everybody needs to get their voting. Thumbs ready and. Make. Sure make. Our the we how are they doing that with with quarantine is? Just testing you ever E.. S.. Team. I'm assuming no live audience, but they haven't said anything yet. I think they're just going week by week right now what's going on in the world? So I still don't know many details. You know who your partner is probably won't can't say you don't. Not Know until we walk in, I think really get the reaction on cameras at the I don't think we find out a while. How do you feel I mean we can ask you our podcast. We'll. We'll ask you on our I wanted to ask you about entering another reality TV show if that nervous yet it I, have our conversation about this I will definitely tell you. Awesome. Maybe, so much and Let's take like somehow picture y'all GonNa say let's do a quake night here. Good Lord. How did he just screen shot from do is GonNa do sell out or no Wait Elizabeth but Elizabeth. Well. No. You're going to be listening to be half. Level, is. Perfect. On. Our. INSTAGRAM. Take me I'm going to creepy is right now do. We Love You Thank you so much by. On Kaitlyn Bristowe your session is now. Thanks for listening to often vine rape therapy tune into hear new mini stowed every Thursday and checkout new full length episodes every Tuesday exclusively on podcast one, dot com podcasts, one APP and subscribe on Apple podcasts. Without TV.

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