CBS 2 NEWS AM Update 07-12-20


I'm Suzanne lemonade here are the stories making news at this hour? The latest daily total of new covid nineteen cases in Illinois is just under twelve hundred confirmed cases. Now twenty four people have died. We've had three days in a row with more than a thousand new cases. Police arrested a man suspected of shooting another man in the heart of the loop. Police say the two got into a fight last night at state, street and Monroe the victim, a twenty five year, old man was found laying on state street with a bullet wound in the leg. Officers also found a gun near the scene. Three Chicago police officers are recovering now after crash in Lonsdale police say an unmarked police suv hit a building, then hit another car at thirteenth and home in the officers were taken to the hospital. They're expected to be okay. Today's weather partly sunny skies with a high near eighty one degrees. Join US ON CBS to or CBS CHICAGO DOT COM for news updates around the clock I'm Suzanne, La Monroe.

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