Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe, Baseball Hall of Fame, GameStop Stock And The Origin Story Of Billy Football


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Okay let's go shin part of my take presented by the cash app. Download it right now. Use code bar so you get ten dollars for free ten dollars. Aspca today is wednesday january twenty seventh and the weight of history in your hands is heavy. Who said that quote was at winston churchill fighting nazis or was it. Tom verduci filling out a baseball hall of fame ballot and leaving the greatest baseball player of all time barry bonds off of it that was. Jfk's inaugural address. Wait asked not what the writers can do for you. Ask ask not what baseball can do for you. Ask what you can do for baseball. And in this case leaving off four of the greatest players of all time so it is baseball hall of fame Season when the writers get their shine when the writers get to tell you how important their job is to decide the fates of the players. We love to watch which just an aside. I don't know why it's up to the writers. It should be the players. it should be players voting peers. Like hey who was the hardest guy to ever get out. How about barry bonds. He should go in either way. Tom verduci we had to a few few different things that happened. They top ritchie released a video. That i'm saying i'm gonna throw it out. There is going to be unintentionally the funniest video of twenty twenty one. It started it. Was tom verduci sitting in his beautiful sunlit office or study in his house and some pro. I don't know probably like suburban connecticut began. I guarantee you. He just calls his voting room. He uses here to sit. Sits down he. He's got like a specially engraved letter opener that he uses to up the ballot and then he sits down with the one with like a quilt pin and he does every year the same way and so the video started We'll put a couple of clips but it started. The weight of history in your hands is heavy. The baseball hall of fame. Vote is a triumph in minimalism. Weight of history in your hands is heavy even what it is but one sheet of paper. The baseball hall of fame ballot is a triumph of minimalism. It's a fucking piece of paper dude. And then he went. This is the best part about the baseball hall of fame. These stupid fucking reporters. That think they're the most important people in the world. He essentially doing a love letter to a piece of paper. In the simplicity of voting via mail one page no logos. Nope pictures received and returned by mail. And it's like. Hey that's us something. We should applaud in today's day and age. When you could fucking email your vote in and not have this entire process. Essentially it was like yeah. Look baseball. hall of fame sends me this. They don't even stamp it because they're cheap and i got to send it back and isn't that just so fucking pretty. It's like day baseball games in the world series. It's like i think he's a hot dog in the bleachers. It's like none of those things tom. Verduci you are you suck your own dick for fucking six minutes with this video and i still loved it. Well it's perfect because day games in the world series is like back when nobody could watch baseball on television. People missed world series games because they were at work like daytime world series games series no batting gloves and a hotdog in the bleachers. There is a timeless beauty in simplicity. It's been this way since voting began in nineteen thirty six. Now you can watch it on. Tv everyone can watch you. Tell me which is better to him. It's like yeah. It was only when a select few could partake in this activity. That's when it was great. The video was it was like the celebs singing imagine video. It's that video of twenty one where it's that self important. They should just have shut. Baseball writers would like you to bruce springsteen in the background doing their own version of the imagine video. And it's it's ridiculous. Because barry bonds is a fucking hall of famer. He's making a promotional video showing about you know like how great this process is while we're leaving off one of the biggest players one of the biggest part of baseball history that's ever existed. It's it's ridiculous and i'd like to ask The writers how many of you used substances and tools that weren't around for the for the old days of baseball right to use the internet. Guess what day. They had to file it using a typewriter. Sounds like it's easier for you to do. You should be judged against the people that you compete against not against number basically. They're saying. I'm not going to vote these guys end because i don't think they're better than math. Yes readily available espresso shots. I can guarantee you. They didn't have that. Nineteen forty to die like occas footnote diet cokes. Right exactly i mean. Don't even get me started with with the adderall usage of baseball writers. It ends though. Tom verduci he goes this whole video and at the end he has the line. I mean the fact that he's narrating his own video is just so funny. He doesn't even realize that part but he says that's so he's talking about the baseball hall of fame in this very important thing. The most important thing in the entire world is filling out your baseball hall of fame vote which by the way fourteen voters just left it completely Blink yet which credit them that is that is true activism that is true standing up against the man but he ends it with this whole thing. About how the baseball famous so important. And he says that's when you truly understand the weight of what you hold in your hands and then he gets up out of his boating room and he walks in his sun drenched boating room and walks off without even mailing. The fucking thing in your. I like that. The guys that did not file guys are girls that did not put a ballot in the mail back in. They probably just don't care they probably just check the mail and they're going to see it in there like a month and be like oh shit. Yeah here's my fan vote. Meanwhile tom verduci is creating like a jerk off instruction porn for himself. And i love that. He's he essentially made this video because it's something a he would have wanted to watch a baseball writer do when he was growing up right. It's really market to himself mark. It's it's it's future. Tom produce congratulating little. Tom verduci on growing up and getting about for the baseball hall of fame. And i have to take my hat off to the baseball writers because there were very smart when they started the hall of fame. Because if you get in on the ground floor. It's like any awards. Show out there if you just declare that this award show that you're presenting. Guess what you have. The power moving forward for all eternity and so then people just have to market themselves to you and kiss your ass over the course of years so that you're the one that gets a gatekeeper institution. That really has nothing to do with writing about baseball. They think writing about baseball is more of a sport than playing baseball correct. And jake make sure you put this in there. Get a reminder that we need to make a video sucking our own dick's before the turkey awards this year and how important it is. The weight of history is in our hands. Every time we give out a fleet made up award The other story. I saw mark. Craig who writes for the athletic wrote a column that was titled. I wanted to know why felt so crummy about my 2021 hall of fame ballot so i asked a neuroscientist this israel i cannot believe these people exist. I actually am so happy. They exist because they make our jobs so easy the fact that no baseball writers have even like a one percent of self-awareness makes our jobs easier because we can sit back and watch tom verduci. Write a love letter to himself and jerk off his boating room and then we can have a good laugh and be like what the fuck is baseball doing. Leave it up to the fans laying fans vote cat. You buried it. What did the neuroscience say he. I didn't have was. Is there a brain reason. Why feels bad. But maybe because you convinced yourself over the years that you're so important that everybody should look up to you because you get to check a piece of paper. Do they even get a sticker. I don't even seasoned worker. That says i voted on it. Do you know what it is. I could tell you. I didn't read the article. But i guarantee the neuroscientist. Hey you know why you're you're having so much trouble with this is because you all made so much money writing about barry bonds and how baseball was back when sammy sosa and mark mcgwire. We're hitting home runs. And now you're playing holier than thou yea that probably feels like you're really shady person because you are. Yeah exactly. You're slapping the people in the face that made you all your money that got us to this point. Because if you're at if you're at that point in your career where you're able to make a self documentary about your courageous votes. Then you're definitely a guy that was on the come up in the nineties that was cashing the checks and everybody knew that they were using steroids. This why they should make the asterik shaped wing of the hall of fame. There should be if you want to say like okay. Everybody that played in the nineties and early two. Thousands there is there's looming doubt over whether or not you were on the juice. Just make a room in the hall of fame that shaped like an asterix and then put all the stuff in there that you have with these guys let them in and then see which room gets more attendance. The one where it's like in the deadball era. I'm gonna go see three fingers. Mordechai exhibit again are no. I'm gonna go watch. barry bonds. Hit a home run. Seven hundred feet. They should actually instead of making it. The asterix room. It should just say a big sign above it and say these guys fucking ruled and you know it parentheses. Fuck baseball writers. Yeah i mike greenberg rules. We should give more power to baseball writers. We should actually give them the opportunity to vote people out of the hall of fame. We should actually make them. We should pack the court and it should just be only the supreme court should just be the baseball writers. Well i. I'm just saying like what if we made like five thousand more baseball if you've ever written the word baseball on the internet boom you're a hall of fame voter. I have a question for jake. Are darling jake jake. I know deep down There's been a point in your life where you aspired to be a chroma. Ginny baseball writer. Who decided who is making the hall of fame. Do you still hold those feelings. I mean yes you're right. I my first. My first step into the business was as a writer. I was the sports editor for the cyberspace circuit high school but not really anymore because i've position my stance to wanting to be a broadcaster so i don't really envy The people who are voting. I envy the people who are calling the big games. Okay okay right fair jay circuit if you were offered a vote in the hall of fame you take. It would be an honor. It'd be an honor. it would be. I think what they should do. They should have this. Be like an in-person ceremony. Where but it's only like the most unathletic baseball writers so the real heavy sweaty. Like four hundred pound guys with suspenders and comb overs. I want them in a room sitting like a jury and they bring the players up one by one like they're on trial and then just these fat slobs explain to bury bonds or or to. Alex rodriguez like. Here's why i'm not voting into the hall of fame and just see that dynamic in the real world at play. Yeah actually you know what it should be is tom. Verduci has to strike barry bonds out to keep him out of the hall of fame. Yeah or on the field. About what if what if you give tom vertucci and knife right. We're big into knives and guns in terms of her new rules this week. Give tom verduci knife. And then put him like on. In acre of land with barry bonds and barry bonds doesn't get any food or water and see if tom verduci can kill barry bonds within a week. I like the most dangerous game. Jake tell me this. I just wanna make sure that our future is secure. You know and not naming names but you know at least a couple people from your life is a big j journalist that watch that tom verduci video and they're like dow was awesome. Yes okay good line. Yeah yeah. I just wanna make sure their kids still out there. That are watching like mitch. Albom and bob costas and tom verduci be super self-important and be like that is what i wanna be. Bob costas is super important so forgot toward self employed. Donate money to the radio station. I got a lot of opportunities at. Oh wow so. You're he pays you off no he. That's what happens. They pay off the future broadcasters so they won't say anything bad about him. I do idea that there should be a tight. Not like a height limit in terms of your short. There should be a height limit in terms of your talk to vote for the hall of fame. so i only one like ken. Rosenthal bob kasich. You have to be under five six to vote for the hall of fame. That was actually a good foreshadow. Because jake did get paid off listened to after the micro interview we did get to donation to the barstool. Fun for jada on the podcast. So makes you turn tune in for that all right other things. We've got to talk about aaron rodgers. of course is staying packer. That was all for not on sunday night. Everyone melting down. Everyone saying oh my god. It sounds like he's singing about it. Actually proves how ridiculous like twitter and the internet could be which will get you in a second with game stop but one tweet a couple of tweets of people watching that zoom being like sure felt like he's saying goodbye and then it's an entire story and then he was like no. I'm not going anywhere. I was talking about other free agents on the team. I knew deep down. He wasn't going anywhere. Because i think it's destiny for aaron rodgers to torture my soul for another decade. But what i mean. Wh you know you you don't think he's going anywhere right. Pf i want to believe that. He's going to pretend like he might be going somewhere for this entire offseason and probably for years after that too. Because it's fun to talk about. I i like the fact that aaron rodgers knows that. He's stirring up drama so when he when he did the interview after the game he knew exactly how people are going to react. He was like. I'm gonna be despondent. I'm going to act. I'm gonna treat him like my family. Essentially we're all one big family here in green bay so i'm gonna act like i'm very disrespected. And like i might be on the outs and might split after this and then come back. Clean it up later. I'll get another week in the in the news cycle where i'll be able to clarify what i meant. And then you have to think like the packers would aaron rodgers be able to force his way out of town. Probably i think if he was thinking enough dick about he probably would be able to. You're right. I don't think he's going anywhere but i'm still i'm gonna pretend like i don't actually believe that and like yeah might go somewhere because it's more fun i think he'll just be there forever and every time that i start to think he's getting old he'll be like oh here's another mvp. I noticed we did not. He did not say that he was not going to become the fulltime host. Jeopardy did not deny that tat strew. That's true we have. Yeah i mean the other anything else from championships sunday. I saw that video of josh allen. Being a leader and hugging every bill in the sideline made me a little sad. And yeah i mean. We're we're gonna get going for the super bowl here soon. Yeah i mean. I think that's about the only big story that came out of it. Besides the fact that people love to remind us that we were wrong about the chiefs and credit. We were the first to say that we were wrong about the chiefs. We broke that story. There's mind me. I said it of a quarter in half into the gate when i realized how wrong i was about the chiefs so we own up to our mistakes. We were very wrong about the cheese. And i'm going to bet on the chiefs. Although i did kind of have a moment or did the problem with the super bowl is with the weeks. You just have so many moments where you can second guess yourself and be like oh actually maybe i like this bet instead of this bet but i need someone to just hold me to it. I'm going to bet on the chiefs. Yeah what's up. hey. I don't think he should. Why thank wants to bid on tom. Brady i was thinking about making the biggest bet. My life ontario tom ready before we left detroit and i was like. I'm going to wait two weeks and think it out. But i think that's where i'm end up okay. I like that if you do it. Yeah they'll be givers. Three good reasons to bet on the books on friday show are okay all right before we do hotseat cool throng game stop. We gotta talk about game stop. It is the story that is sweeping the internet right. Now if you are on the internet or familiar with with what's going on here's a very shortened version of it. As far as i understand. Because i asked everyone to explain to me like six year old and i got some good responses but essentially game stop is like a nothing stock. We all know came stop. It's it's a brick and mortar place that sells video games. It's basically a dinosaur and this one guy on it has been like. hey all. These hedge funds have shorts on game. Stop for to go down. I'm going to start pumping it. We're all gonna pump it and every time it goes up. The rich guys have to buy more of it to cover their short which then makes it go up even more and essentially. It's a perfect storm where this stock that is. Essentially obsolete stock is now gone up from four dollars to two hundred dollars in the span of five days. Yes and the big guys are losing all the money and the little guys on radio and the internet are are robbing them blind. Which if you don't love this story you have no soul it's awesome. I love it a lot and what's happening is they're finding out the message. Boards and common sections. Are there like the new factories and coal mines. The twenty first century so wall street is wall street just now figuring out what athletic directors in lane kiffin of known for years. Which is that like you. You cannot write any sort of federal regulation. That's more powerful than just a group of people who love to post a message board and they're they're getting fucked over by it which is perfect for game. Stop because game. Stop actually the king of oh. Yeah your your copy of donkey. Kong country is worth fifty cents. Now so i know you paid graph. Yes yeah so. I i love it i love. Buying people are buying stocks as a joke. And it's actually fucking over entrenched wall street billionaires and distributing all. They're taking money from the very rich and giving it to the poor so basically like the libertarians of read. It have invented taxes taxing people. And i fucking you. How can you root against the people on reddit. Right now is there a is there. Renault are your heroes. I know i'm not the only thing. The only thing that makes me nervous your stock. I'm cynical on guy. I think it's just stands. Yeah i'm cynical about all this. So i assume that eventually the hedge fund guys will have so much money that they can wait everyone out and fuck everyone over like i feel like they always went no matter what even if this is a win. The battle lose the war type of situation. I don't know enough about finance. But that's my. That's what i'm nervous about that. The little guys winning right now but the big guy always wins. But maybe i'm wrong and maybe they'll just take this fucking place down and it will be incredible. It's it's like the end of your favorite book though big cat the bay bridge when they're like i read it in the movie. I don't know if you've seen the movie. They did a movie about it at the end of the movie. They're like and all the people that were involved in. This got arrested and they did time and they changed the entire way that like the financial should is structure in something. Like just kidding. Nothing really happened. I feel like that's it's the same type of thing where it's like. It should change things but it. Just they're gonna figure out a way to just pay so. I saw that there was one dude that has so much exposure to it. That if there's like a pretty big hedge fund that if it gets no there's different one worthy gets up to like a hundred fifty dollars a share two hundred. What's up was melvyn. Melvin if he gets up to one hundred fifty dollars per share this entire hedge fund is out of business which is our did after hours or so far exposed. Yes oh what will probably happen. Is there's going to be one hedge fund that goes out of business like bear stearns or whatever and then they're going to come back rewrite the laws so going to be illegal to talk about stocks online and now they're fucking you again for the next hundred years but make you feel like you've won this one. But even that. Melvin hedge fund. I saw that steve cohen and another guy put in a bunch of money into it to try to save it so they essentially now own. Melvin and that's all it's going to happen it's like the guys are going to come over the top and they're going to win more than anyone but the only thing to be said is that ilan tweeted out the wall street bets like he's the richest guy and he's kinda. He's kinda siding with the with the rebel. He is an internet college elon. Musk is deferred. he's become a billionaire. Yeah yeah he's got some poll he's got some so i i kind of hope that it keeps going up. I mean i love this. Can we do this with another stock. I guess if we say it then we can't no no no not as on mc no. Stop billy abilities. Like billy of course saw. This didn't understand what was going on in. Hey let's just by blockbuster. But shorted billy block is cheaper. Nobre levers you'll you're you're missing the where someone shorted it right there. So when are you telling me that. Someone has shorted blockbuster. That's worth forty cents. Yeah way more who somebody. That's that's how that's what it's damage when ted still revive it. I mean who out there is actually buying stocks of blockbuster. Not shorting it. I'm pretty sure that exactly. Yeah i i don't know i listened billions not a financial adviser despite what you might think about them I think that Maybe there's a lot of people that have started under armor. I still have a lot of under armour stock from when i bought. I bought a shitload underarm stock. Just because they came out with ugly shoes for steph curry back in two thousand and sixteen so many get that rumor going out there like very heavily leveraged on the short side and under armor. Be real jumped off. I just i. Yeah when i ask people to explain it to be like i was six. Someone told me. I think we kind of invented this idea. Well we didn't because it happened before but someone said to me. Espn tweets that mitch. Trubisky's bad bears fans tweet. He's good to change the narrative and make. Espn look bad. The more people that tweet your bisky is good. The more pressure. Espn faces tweet. He's good at the end of the day. Espn is forced to tweet. Good about trubisky. That's the mvp. Yeah yeah you're right exactly what we did. We didn't see we force them to give an award to it and we squeeze we squeeze out drew brees and his forty second birthday or something like that. Yeah that's exactly you're right. That's actually a very good comparison for this. Whatever whatever happens. I we have to get in on one side or the other. I can't just sit here on the sidelines of history and not pick a side where and put my money. I think i think i have to buy. I think they're forcing me to buy game. Stop do we we twelve right now. Gone beyond the side of the fucking hedge fund. These guys are the worst. I'm going to buy. They're saying the red i. I was reading a lot in the wall street. Pets read it today and like they're all like you know. Get two thousand. Hold tila thousand. Yeah you know that there's like some old saying where this the second that Like my dentist start. Asking me about a stock is the time that i know i'm supposed to sell it or like the cavs. Start asking you about a stock or something like that. The second sports podcast start talking about a stock. Probably the right time to sell. But you know what fuck it. I'm in but when i asked him point. Yeah when i asked on. Twitter explains me like a six year old. A lot of people explained it to me and about half the other people were like. Well now. it's over. We've reached if big cat tweeted out it. It's the dow. Yeah it is. It is officially over. You're like five days late dude. The party's over. Thanks i am. I am the marker on the closing bell of when the party is over. I tweeted about it. I think. I am i because i thought about buying some and i know it's gonna go down right away. I think that once magic johnson recaps. Today's news on twitter at that point. It's time to unload all right. Let's do some hotseat cool thrown brought to you by our friends at coors light. The big games right around the corner and everyone's pumped now only for football but for commercials cores wanted to create the most refreshing out of all time so the bring it to a place. No big game commercials ever gone before. 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That's when the like we rate dogs and the racism dog got into a big online dispute over who is more racist well These dog beefs are back in a big way. So somebody started a twitter account called the oval populace get it and said office and They tweet out statements from joe. Biden's dogs like referring to their humans as their humans and other like fun little dog slang like that seems like it's fun right. Well guess what they're gonna be right now with rival twitter account at the first dogs and at the first dogs. Their account is dedicated to the first dogs of america. Champion major biden are humans portis and florida's are heck an awesome right. So you might wonder. Hey these two accounts should be on the same side here right. Like rising tide lifts all boats. Not the case. The oval office had to issue a safety announcement about their rival account. Actually excuse me a safety. Pau nouncement friends. The first dogs pretends to be a white house affiliated. Paul count our account. They have a white house. Dot gov lincoln their bio and made it. Look all very serious. We notified twitter safety and other relevant white house humans. We have never been mean canines before but this is impersonating a official institution. It's wrong doing humans like that is wrong. We know from trusted sources. They're not in any way shape or form. Poss- opiates with the white house So there's it's it's real here on the streets. This is going to get ugly. I think that i stand on the side of the account that is pretending to be the official account because at least they have balls enough to be like saying yeah. We're the official count of these fucking dogs and the other is like saying. We're just here to have fun pretending to be dogs. It ruins the mysticism of it for me. If you're going to try to be the dog be the fucking dog tweet like the dog all the time you have to do that i. It's up there with the baseball. Writers are infatuation with first dogs. Yeah stewardship their hacking goodwill offers and my cool thrown is dead. Zoo animals Oh that's who soon way to now. No because we've got print we've been waiting. We've been waiting for somebody to fill the gorilla size hole where a heart seats possible ever since. Two thousand sixteen harambee was taken from this way too soon and i think we have. No i think we have at hank. It's move faucet. The lion loss of the lion. He died right. R.i.p foster singapore's zoo right saving children. No chano even better than that. So we know seasonal did yeah. They're best friends pause and they. They announced his death yesterday. By nounce the birth of son simba. They say they turned it into a life announcement being like. We have a new cub. Simba named after disney's the lion king and it was conceived with semen from the father. Move fossa then. They added on that move. Fossett died during the ejaculation procedure when he was accidentally electrocuted by the product. They stuck up his ass to make him come. So lhasa died getting his prostate zapped and his his sperm was it was maintained and they gave birth to his son just the other day. There's any justice in this world. This son will just mall all the fucking he'll he'll grow up to just mall all know he'll know he'll boo cocky. Everyone yeah the trainer. So yeah he'll he's just gonna not all over so symbol is it's it's the continuity of fossils seed and. I think that we should respect for faucet. He went out the ultimate high like. They're definitely be some people that try to chase this high. That's gonna be the new Auto erotic fixation like instead of being david carey and hanging from a noose while you crank off. It's like just stick. Stick this electric fence wrapped around a baseball bat. Up your ass while you come and just let it go from there. So yeah our foster. We're thinking about you buddy that is that's a pretty valid. Yeah vowed replacement. i know. We should sell t-shirts baby. Trojan jakov sleep. Well i'm just. I'm i'm more to try and keep up on simba. He's the chose. Yes yes but does we got to buy some baseball cards of simba. It is funny. It's hot in the streets. It is funny that move foster died got thrown to his death and then simba's the lion king. That's exactly what's going to happen. Simba's either just come all over them all the time or he's gonna kill all the traders yes absolutely. That's that's some angry jisr. Yeah he was made out of. Yeah what if what if this is like the new x. Men that's born. He's got electrity in his body. Yes yes Hank you're hot seat. Hot seat is billy's boy. Jose can saco so caleb caleb presley are. Coworker went out there to a sunday conversation. And they sent a camera guy to film. Because we're trying to get footage for video and he tweeted yesterday. We had a camera guy in vegas for five days now. Waiting for jose can go train. Because jose can just isn't training so i think think he's on the hot seat. Oh listen to that billy. That's rat poison billy. He's training so i talked to. I talked to caleb. Yesterday billy i. He's training he's just duckie. He doesn't want to be filmed training. I think he's just added to lot different. No i think he's. I think he's just so slow billy that like you're going to have to beat him with speed because the scouting report to kill gave me was. He is very very big and he was scared about his size. But there's no chance that he has the speed to take down. Yeah so i knew. I was going to outlaw. Sloan if you know if anything. So i've just been training speed punch output. That sort of stuff. You know foot move. Yeah like movement. So i'm right going into the fight. Our reveal too much. But i had a plan going into the fight. I got so is stuff. That first video that i released me fighting was legitimately for my first week of sparring okay. There's gotta plan until they get punched in the face to face several times. You need to let one of us punch you in the face. Just let me ask you this. Billie so rough. And rowdy billy verse. Jose could say goes coming up next friday right before the super bowl. We're going to be in west virginia. I've been thinking about this. You are my champion. So i obviously rooting for you with all my heart if you were to lose because we have to just throw these things if you get knocked out. Would you be upset if i laughed because i think my reaction will be to laugh if the thing is i'm not gonna i've been punched in the face biological war athletic stronger guys than they can saco at this point of his life and i didn't get knocked out. I got knocked down get knocked out but if i lose it's going to be by i'm not going to get out in the first thirty seconds like you know there's no no i don't think that's either. I don't i don't think that that either. I was just trying to play it out my head because like i'm gonna be announcing the fight so my reaction is going to be very natural. Whatever was thinking about it. I was thinking about it and i think if you got knocked out i would be very. I would be worried for you and feel bad. After the fact but in the moment i'd laugh and be like whoops. Now's a bad idea. It's still gonna fight yeah. Of course he's not going to recuse yourself. no i have to. I fuck. I'm gonna call and just call jose scumbag look raid now. I've been funny business. Like totally hyper focused on this fight. And it's sort of cloud. I had no idea what was going on in the rest. Because i was also in quarantine so i was just super hyper focused on this and i am going to kill this guy. I've like been an isolation punching stuff in working out and just like have you come. I'm two hundred and ten. Come on two hundred ten pounds in five pounds of seem. are you coming. Oh you are. you're dot com. Not coming back i. I'm real backed up. We're what if. What if i think actually urban myth billy. I look this up before my no. No it's not really we talked. We talked to teddy atlas. He said that the best price fighters he's ever been around. They save it up and then they drink it right before they go. Yeah so what we what we gotta do what. I've actually been studying it Tyson fury he spoke at seven times a day but you seven times a day until the last week. Then you stop so you you accurate your body. Your body no. I'm not saying this is what the science says your body to high emissions in then you have zero emissions in a builds up all inside of you and then you like get angry at everybody around you and try to punch things dick's wrong. That's why he pissed off. I mean look what happened to move. Fossa he came in he instantly. I can't have that happening. You i cannot have nothing is going near my prostate at all ever. So that's out of the question would equipment. I think what we should do is we should. We should make a title belt for this and it should be called. Like jose canseco is a swollen rat and then even if he wins he asked to hold up. The jose canseco was a swollen rat built. Yes i liked that. I liked that Wait where are we. Thank you do your cruel trump on my couture on his florida. Why they know you know what. That's good enough. Great all right. My hot seat is they They want to host the two thousand twenty one olympics. This summer of tokyo bows out. Sheriff plus just give tell florida. They're getting everything. My seat is the nba security. You guys see the the bam kyri jersey swap that went down which is highly illegal in today's nba. It was very funny. They they essentially had to do it. Like it was a truck deal and The nba security is now on the hot seat because jersey swaps are not allowed but guys are finding a way to jersey swap. So we need to figure out how we can stop these players from playing forty eight minutes against each other sweating all over each other breathing over each other and then doing the absolutely ridiculous thing of swapping jerseys which is that's how you spread corona virus. Yeah he he put it under a shirt. He's walking off the court he's like i don't have anything that's a tough look for the nba in the protocol. Yeah yes very tough and then my cool is hard body. Twenty twenty one. Because we've delayed it. I just want to let everyone know. People were trying to get in shape the sheer heart body. It's going after the super bowl. I've been stuck in a casino for six days. I mean eating candy. I've been living inside of a casino. It does not. It's not conducive hard bodies. So i'm delaying it. So if you haven't started don't worry you haven't missed anything february. What's the super bowl. February seventh february seventh is super bowl. Yeah i'm being the gym february eighth and you won't. You won't see me out of the gym until my body is hard. There's there's a gym in the old age q that is going to get extensive use. Okay not not by me. I will not be going to that gym. But because i'd have to walk there. Yeah i i feel like hard bodies our shower. I'm not about the hard body lifestyle. No but we should just stack up shit dude wipes manua be having a hard body. I don't think goes with the rest of this. You know. well it's it's more. It's i mean. Let's be honest not going to be hard. It's going to be just less soft so less. Soft body twenty twenty one. I wanna maintain my hug ability though you got to be a little bit soft. Yeah i gonna My hot seat is ben aspirin. He's officially fighting. Jake paul in a boxing match Ben aspirins not striker. He's a ncaa wrestling champion. So if he gets knocked out by jake paul. It's gonna be really disappointing. Jake paul is going to continue to have a fraud. Boxing career billion jake. Paul is a new win. It's they're exactly. It's an eclipse. but jake paul picks guys who have zero reached by the way. I a hundred percent. Beat the shit. Out of jake paul. He wouldn't touch me. But jake save that for after the after. Yeah cut the laker. Even if i i'm the only way lose two consecutive no fucked up really really billy you got us. What you're saying is when you beat. Jose can saco if you lose will laugh whatever but when you when you beat him. That's when you say. I'm calling out paul brothers that they'll never fight me actually would beat them. They only choose guys. They know they can roy. The that's the only reason they wouldn't fight you. Floyd mayweather only reason. They're fighting billions. Because billy's to via was if i was if i was five to zero reach but like jack and looked athletic. I probably still wouldn't fight. Be like we could totally wouldn't fight. You know they would be like. You're you're the part of my take intern right. I'm not getting to be totally fucking do. Never i do love how looks online and bill. You even have to admit this that when you see a headline on tmz being like jose canseco to fight. Sports intern yikes. That's a tough. Look for jose canseco. You should never be. You should always like. Will you know eventually when you graduate college. You have a full-time job. Whenever you want it. But i think part of your contracts should be that you have to be referred to as an intern forever. Just so he can sunning people with this shit. We're like this turn a hell. it's like a. it's like eighth. Graders held back five. This is are you registered and gray shirt it okay is it a cool thrown is celebrate so i had another one doesn't sound like you have one all right. Let's get chickens yet yes. I've caught all them several times. It's actually quite easy. When you like corner them okay psycho dot. That sounds so bad. Before we get to micro ziprecruiter ziprecruiter dot com slash. 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That's where you can find the best jobs. That's where you need to be posting the best jobs if you want to find the best people for your job. Ziprecruiter dot com slash. Pmt four free ziprecruiter dot com slash pmt ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire okay here. He is micro. Okay we now. Welcome on a very special guest. You know him from dirty jobs you know him from being the voice of discovery many many years you know him from shark week about fifteen years ago from qvc you also should be watching his new show. It is micro. he has new show out. It's called six degrees with micro now streaming on discovery plus so i was Watching some of the previews and the show as far as i understand is very daunting you basically like everything is connected in the world. I'm going to go back in history and figure out that connection. Do you think that's kind of an overachiever. Move like what made you do this. Because that seems daunting yeah. We were swinging for the fences. You know from the promotional side of things but in reality i needed something to do during the lockdown and and i thought you know dirty jobs was a rumination on work. Somebody's gotta do it on hobbies returning the favor on decency. I wanted to do something around history really for people who would never watch a history show. So i thought well what if we just identified two seemingly disparate points in the context of a really ridiculous question like can a horseshoe find your soul mate or can a mouse trap cure your hangover. Or how did a volcano redeem eminem's career right the more preposterous the better and then taken our to take a deep dive down the youtube rabbit holes and find at least six links that can actually get us from point a. to point b. the thing about the show that made it fun for me anyway. Was we throw everything at the screen. Right animation archival footage puppets we recreate the launch of the hubble as well as the san francisco earthquake with puppets. Just because we can Actors and re-enactors. Some of whom aren't all that talented wearing costumes. That aren't very convincing sometimes in wigs. That don't really fit doesn't matter hired my My my old buddy chuck who. I went to high school with great actor who portrays thirty five or forty historical figures. I love at orly. so we just. It's a hot mess of stuff designed to illustrate the incontrovertible fact that all the information in the world is now available to everybody online but never before has it been grouped in a chronology. That is so seemingly insane. That's really interesting. It's strange because until you just kinda pitched that that show. I hadn't really thought of it but a few years ago. I think we were speaking with somebody Maybe at the history channel about doing a wikipedia wormhole thing for a wikipedia club along the same lines where you just follow the links around the internet. It is fascinating how everything's kind of tied together Can you go back. Real quick kin a mousetrap cure hangover. That's the one i'm interested in. Sure i mean spoiler alert the only way to really explain how this thing spills out is to sort of. Just tell it to you but you know higher. Amac's created the first repeating mouse trap about two hundred fifty years ago. He also created the light ball a thousand other things including the maxim machine gun and the maxim machine gun changed the course of the the first world war. It killed somebody people so quickly and made so much noise and was so easy to conceal the allies to know how to deal with it so they took a tuba a giant war tube about twenty feet long and they pointed it at the ground and it identified the sound waves of this gun as well as from artillery and by using sound ranging they were able to identify where these guns were. Well they also learned that would sound ranging you could identify where oil deposits were and now suddenly a guy named karcher comes along and winds up using this technology to create texas instruments. And the next thing you know we're creating the germanium and silicon valley comes along in the whole race for making things. Small gets big. And at the same time that's happening over it's stanford but guys were working on. It are experimenting with lysergic acid. Which of course as lsd and we take a whole side trip on what happened lsd. And how that fueled the counterculture which ultimately impacted our decision to leave vietnam while we left vietnam. A guy named david tran happened to be on one of the boats and david tran went on to create saracho. The hot sauce that makes any bloody mary taste a whole lot better than otherwise would. And so when you have a bloody mary with sarah sauce and at the odds of getting rid of your hangover exponentially better but of course it wouldn't have happened if higher maxim had in created the first repeating mouse trap swell. So he did it. Is there a part of you when you pitch this show. You're like it almost as calling your shot. Like grow my. I'm so successful. People like me so much. I can pitch this that. I'm just thinking if anyone else pitched this they'd be like all right. Dude i'll get the hell out of here. Maybe get a little bit of focus before you come back with your pitch. But you're like. I'm mike rowe i'm gonna pitch this and they're gonna love it and it's going to be a great show and you don't even have to make the show you just like. Yeah they accepted. This isn't that crazy you know. I love to say based on my incredible wit charm and persuasive ability. I sold it in the room. But i didn't. What what i mean. All that happened but the pandemic also happened and suddenly networks for like we don't even know how to make a tv show anymore and i had a sponsor who was willing to help absorb some of the risk so i put in some money. Sponsor picked up the slack. I was able to make the show before it found a home. And that changed everything And so then you know. I went back into the room and showed it around and rather than having to pitch it the way i just did to you. I just said you just watch it right done right. If you dig it you know. I got five more. If don't i'll find somebody else. So yeah i wasn't really calling my shot. Although i like the way i felt when you said that it's more about i mean and this was part of the pitch to not to be earnest about it but dirty jobs was attributed to my grandfather a guy who could build a house without a blueprint right And it became a rumination on work. This is a tribute to my dad. A guy who taught american history to high school junior high school kids for thirty years and he said to me years ago. He's like look. My job is not to present the facts. My job is not to inform my students. My job is to make them give a damn about topics they otherwise wouldn't and ultimately that never changes you know when it comes to history today. Everybody's got a different version of how they like to believe it. And so i do too but i don't make any pretense about it. I just say these things happen. Charles newbold invented the iron plough that led to the agricultural revolution that impacted by boban. All we go So i'm doing is taking facts. That aren't in dispute and putting them in a chronology that nobody's done before and then saying well there you go six degrees. It's tv show it. I mean it's also genius because it's it's a comment on where we are as a country where you're like you know what people probably aren't going to be reading history books. Let's make a tv show out of it. You're smart you're ahead of the curve. Well i'm also looking around and seeing people today convinced they can change our present by altering the past You know you can pull down all the statues you want. It's not going to change the facts of what happened. We can't improve the future by you know shining up the past it is what it is and how we let it impact us today that matters like if you if you look at history the wrong way. Where if you look at look at it through an angry lens. Well you're gonna have people knocking lincoln off mount rushmore but if you provide some sort of context and force people to see what happened. Not in the context of Some historical time line but rather in a way that impacts your neighbor and everybody else then it becomes relevant and then maybe as a fait coast. I get a little bit more permission to go a little bit further than i otherwise would To me it sounds like you sat down. You're like i'm mike rowe. I have the best voice. In america i can. I can literally read the encyclopedia and people will tune in and listen to me. Read the encyclopedia and it worked. That's the great part about it. And honestly i think i would probably listen to you read. Yeah probably the dictionary. You've got a very soothing voice. I read that you are an opera singer. I don't know if you still if you credit that for your narration voice or if the narration voice came first and then worked under singing voice afterwards but it seems to work very very crooked road. You know i add. I had a stutter. When i was a kid but my voice also changed early when i was young. I sound pretty much at eleven years old. Like i do now so once i in its own right like an eleven year old while everybody want with a deep vote. It was weird man. I mean we went from a guy who talked like this guy was like. Hey how are you you know it. Just it was very strange But yeah you know the opera was the thing if you want to see something really weird. I'm sure you have access to the internet right now. Google micro reads phonebook. Okay and This is like ten years ago. Somebody said i'll give your foundation a cheque right now for twenty thousand dollars. If you read the phone book. Because i think it will help me go to sleep so i i recorded the phone book and i put a chunk of it on youtube. And it gets it still gets passed around once in a while and I mean a lot of weird things but sitting there for a few hours recording a phone book you know at some point you gotta look at yourself in the mirror and dude what what happened to you. Yeah you're you're basically like the only fans accounts with feet pictures but it's your voice. Everyone's getting turned on your by. Your voice should start an onlyfans where you just record things behind a paywall. You could retire everything. So you mentioned your fa- foundation. Your foundation micro works foundation. I love the idea of this. So people don't know i. I think most people have seen dirty jobs but dirty jobs wasn't just a tv. Show something you kind of enacted in real life. The idea that blue collar work Trade school these things are important. Not everyone is built. You know or wants to go to college you know. These are important jobs that need to be done my question for you of all the jobs. So you've done you know three hundred plus dirty jobs. Have you ever thought about podcasting. Have you ever thought about the trade or are we a dirty job because me. Just throw this out there right. We come into here on a sunday. We watch twelve hours of football straight. We gamble on every game. We eat disgusting Food that probably isn't great for you. And then we record a podcasts. At midnight i would contend. That's not much different than being like I think one time you you were like Reindeer dentist like what's the difference. This is a dirty job. This is a hard job. Wouldn't just say i look you'll get no argument from me. I think all jobs have the potential to become dirty depending on how broadly you define the term. But it's the it's the sameness of job that in many ways can ultimately make it dirty. If you that thing you just described that twelve hour day you sit there watch football you cold pizza. You forget to take a shower do that. Three four five ten days in a row twenty days hundred days. That's when you know that's when your brain starts to change. And that's why. I don't care how glamorous it is. In fact i know glamorous. I know fashion models it's disgusting. Their job is disgusting but the the things they wind up having to do over time that you would never think about our our gr- opera singing is disgusting. The costumes you have to wear the sweet. Did they smell like a hockey outfit. You never know it. You're sitting there watching the opera. Some guys up there whaling away. He smells like ass man. I'm telling you. I've never encountered a professional opera singer in the midst of a performance who smelled any better than an athlete at the end of the fourth quarter. I mean we had to watch sixteen jets games this year and i challenge you to. The bears often a more difficult job in america than that. Yeah hey man. I still remember the day. Mid march nineteen eighty four. I guess it was was at eighty six when the colts left. Baltimore That that for me. I mean since it's still you know you guys are basically a sports thing. I'll tell you that that changed my relationship with organized sports forever. You know what watching those mayflower vans. Leave baltimore in the middle of the night headed for indianapolis i. I've never been able to watch a football game or any organized sport the same way since so sounds like this is the dirtiest job you need to come in in shadow us first sunday and see how it ranks against all these other dirty jobs. You've done like. I'm i'm actually fascinated by your your podcast and your job. I i do. A podcast is very different from yours. But i'd say smart you can say smart yours a smart ours. I was going to go with precedent. Important lightning well obviously important but also a game changing. Yeah and apocryphal. But also short. You do like short-form podcast. Which i think you know like we essentially do like twenty of your podcasts. Every week so we work harder. You work smarter which goes against your whole thing which is work smart. Yeah here white collar exactly so we're really down here in the kid. Yeah but that's it. This is the only thing you guys do you know. We read a lot of mock drafts. Yeah yeah. I also watch college basketball. Come on must be exhausted. Yes i am. We're going to get back to my corona second. Before we do jack jack jack pocket. You know what tonight is. 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Yeah well there were three hundred you know and honestly i mean i get that question a fair amount and i normally just spin thirty. Those three hundred ten percent that are on a wheel of filth in my mind. And when i spent it it doesn't matter which one it lands on their all honest answers that question because you can't compare chick sexing to castrating a baby lambs with your teeth and you can't compare the at to hanging upside down on the mackinac bridge six hundred feet in the air welding and you can't compare that really to opal mining in coober. Pedy australia where you're lowered on a boatswain's chair into a sixty foot shaft. That's about the width of a manhole cover. And you can't really describe the claustrophobia that washes over you as you look up and see that little tiny dot of blue get smaller and smaller and smaller. You can't compare collecting semen from a turkey really to anything in fact that's it right there. You have all of turkey. come. I have a poster would do wanna hear honestly what that job entails yeah. I'll tell you jacking off a turkey. Yeah that's it but jacking off a turkey. That's that's child's play. I mean i. I don't know what's in your mind's eye but the first thing you have to remember is that the turkeys penis is inside. It's asshole oh right. It's called a clay cup and typical of most. Avian and by the way. The process i'm about to describe is the reason. Everybody gets a turkey on thanksgiving. There would never be enough turkeys in the country right there. Bradford right that's right. They can't get together to actually do it the old fashioned way because they're full of steroids so they're chester big so they can't mate so what you do. Is you take like that and you put it upside down between your thighs and you and you squeeze it a little bit and then somebody hands you ajar like it's just a little jar. Looks like a baby food jar and the lid on the jar has two holes in it and inside of each hole is a straw so you hold the straw in your free hand and then you direct your attention to the clo ak- on the upside down turkey between your thighs. And then with your you start to stimulate the clo- ak- in the time honored tradition that all males are no doubt familiar with his high. If you do it right. The orgasm that runs through the turkey will allow the semen to collect in. Its rectum to do is. He comes into his own ass jar. What a mask. No he comes into his own ass. Oh said you wear masks yes jack. You're he's upside down. Ejaculates and the seam and then puddles like a disappointing bill of mill in its in its asshole swoop in nature. How does does he then have to open his asshole up and then go to ask with the female with the hen. Well a they actually face each other in nature and then they roll back and the lady parts smashed into the asshole of the male bird and all the Gelo cody gets transferred through some miraculously way. It's very difficult. I mean it's it's kind of a miracle that there's ever been a baby turkey born when you consider the fact that they can't actually you know it's it's not the typical in and out thank for a very imperfect german pornography thing. We're talking about here. Yeah this this hits a little too close to home when you're like yeah. Their breasts are too big in their dick is in their asshole that you look directly at me when you said that so i was like ship. Okay ought to sit on your lap with a little baby food. That's basically what it is. You play the cards you get so you know. The odds are against it in the first place but anyway you gotta turkey upside down. Between your thighs. His rectum is full of spunk. You'd take jar with two straws and what you do is you. Put one straw into the rectum right into the sperm and they put the other straw in your mouth. And you start sucking. Did you get real quick. Did you think while you're doing this. There's got to be a better way to my mouth. Yeah the thought went through my mind. You know it's the twenty first century guys. Maybe there's a tool that is a bit more sophisticated than a jar with two straws in it but what you do. Is you create a vacuum in the jar by stuck in on one straw right and then you even late. The other straw into the turkeys rectum and as that vacuum intensifies. The sperm will come through the first straw and collect in your jar. And when you get all the sperm out of the rectum. You spread your thighs. And the bird falls to the ground and flies off to boast and brag with the boys and then they bring you another one and then you do the same thing again the thumb yep straw rights and this goes on for awhile. You know until you're jars is full of Sperm and then you take the sperm from the jar and put it in these little pipe pets. And then you put that into a An injector gun. And then they bring you the hands and you go ahead and put that through their which called the vulva and you pull the trigger and bo. You got pregnant turkey. So all right so i would imagine that one was one where you're like. I couldn't imagine myself doing this every day. Is there has been a dirty job where you think back and you're like you know what i actually really enjoyed that and i could do that for a living. Sure i remember. You've been in new york. Surely we were sitting right now. Yeah now yeah you're in new york right now. Your act did no have you noticed the Wooden water towers yom top of virtually every building over five stories. You know if you haven't once you look for that's all you see. They're everywhere and a those wooden water tanks. Hold all the water for the building. They're on the roof right. 'cause gravity gets it to a whole lot faster than if you have to pump it up but the tanks a basically been built by the same company for the last one hundred. Twenty years called rosen wick and they need to be replaced. You know every twenty thirty years or so and these guys have the contracts on all of these tanks so what will happen is at nine o'clock you know the apartment empties people go to work. These guys climbed to the roof and they one piece at a time disassemble tanks. Now some of these are thirty forty stories right and you're at the very very top standing on a wooden platform that you're ultimately dissembling. And then they build a new one in the same day and the the teamwork and the The speed with which these tanks are replaced day in and day out is is a mix of like construction one oh one and cirque du soleil. These guys are just death defying doing man's work in a in a real team oriented fashion. It's it's a marvel to watch. And i had a ball doing it And was glad to go home with all my fingers attached because they're swinging axes and malls. You know hundred fifty feet in the air balancing on one foot. I mean it's it's incredible to city. And i really had a good time doing that. One of those are the those are the coolest because those are you. Think of you know where we're at as a Civilization and you just take all these things for granted and you don't realize you know someone's fucking a turkey someone's building an entire water holder on top of my building while i'm at work and that's where the emmy comes in. Whoa look at that. That turkey change my career That turkey still calls. Yeah gay man wait. Wait you coming back to minnesota. I miss your fancy opposable thumb. The best way i ever had did you. Did you request a picture that turkey just so you could always like you know. Remember your day with it. That turkey is seared into my retina picture but a friend of mine did blow that one up and so yeah i i keep it on the wall to remind me that no matter how weird my baguettes you know i could be jerking off at there. It could be stranger getting an itch for that stuff when you're not working on a new project when you're not out there doing something like your new show. Are you like man. I really wanna get out there and and get my hands dirty. You know it's funny. I just got off the phone with the network. Actually and they're they're open to rebooting the whole thing. And i'm i'm really of two minds you know i. I don't think i'd. I don't think i could do the same show the same way. And nor nor would i want to. But i do feel like it's a good time right now to get out there and and do another show about essential work. Whatever that means right. Because i don't think it means what we think it means and i think people would welcome a new look at what people do in the course of making a living But the thing that i miss most and and the thing i've been able to do in this new show so i guess really i don't miss it but the important thing Wasn't the specifics of the job. It was the way we shot it and it was having a behind the scenes camera. That never stopped rolling. We never did a second take on on dirty jobs. You know what you saw for. Better or worse was what i saw as it happened and That's the trick in my world. You know nonfiction. If i can if i can shoot a show in a way that makes the feel like they were there with me rubbing out little turkey heine right there with me. Then that's what matters right. It doesn't matter if it's a history show. It doesn't matter if it's squishy facebook show like the one i'm doing now called returning. The favor doesn't matter if the viewer feels like they're with you then you get you get permission to do damn near anything. You want yeah. There's always something that. I really enjoyed about dirty jobs. Which was you're taking sometimes outrages subject matter like jacking off turkey and you're but you're treating the work that's being done with a lot of dignity ultimately and shining a light on on people that you know sometimes might be looked down upon because maybe they didn't go to the same school somebody else or maybe it's not the job that everybody dreams of growing up. What was what what was the. Are i guess. What i'm asking is like when you were getting ready to do the show How were you making sure that the Spotlight was was on the right places. And it wasn't turning it into like a cartoonish sideshow at some times. Yeah that's a great question honestly and Make great i mean. I don't mean to suggest that like all your questions aren't great. It's just that of questions you've asked so far. That is top twenty. Thank you It the lesson is isn't where to shine the light. The lesson is where not to shine it and in my world i had been impersonating a show host for twenty years at one hundred different jobs. I've worked every network doing every kind of show and all that was bullshit. All of was to me hitting the mark saying line and trying to convince people. I know more than i do by talking like this right. I mean that's what a host does. And i was happy doing it and i'd probably still be doing it because i did. Okay but in a sewer in san francisco in two thousand two I had an encounter. I had been hosting a show called evening magazine and my mother. My mother called me that morning and said michael your grandfather. Who was my my idol by the way a guy who built a house without a blueprint like the one i was born in. She said a. Your grandfather is ninety. One he's not going to be around forever. Wouldn't it be great if when he turned on the tv before he died he saw doing something that looked like work rate line. So my mother right. So i said well. It's a good point so that night. On evening magazine i went into the sewers of san francisco to host the show. Just to get my mother off my back and When i was down there. I ran into a sewer inspector. A guy named crews whose job was really just to kind of keep an eye on me and show me around. But while i was down there we were attacked by thousands of thumb size roaches more rats than i've ever seen in my life and i fell face first and a river a shit and long story short. I couldn't do my job. But i could help him. And my cameraman wound up filming me working as an apprentice with sewer inspector who was replacing the rotten old bricks in the sewers of san francisco with no bricks backbreaking difficult unspeakably disgusting work but really really really important because if that guy calls in sick for a few weeks and everybody else who does what he does. Those sewers collapse and all of san francisco is covered in shit which is funny because it kind of is now today anyway. But that's another story. The point is when i looked at the footage that my cameraman got that day of me working not hosting but working with an actual expert. It became obvious to me that that's something. I would wanna watch as a viewer. Because i i had been Humbled i mean the sewer didn't let me do my job. The way i wanted to the only thing i could do down there was helped the sky and so when the spotlight shifted from me as a host pretending to no more than he did to the actual dude who was doing the actual work then. All kinds of great information came out. Vis-a-vis our conversation and along the way the viewer got to see some giant condoms floating by on a river of crap. And you know all sorts of other weird things you would ever expect to see on show and so that was the footage that sold dirty jobs ultimately and that was the phone call from my mom that sent me into the sewer and that's the reason. The show is dedicated to my grandfather. Who just wanted to see me doing something on tv. That looked like work before he died. And so you know. None of that was on my mind when it was happening. But looking back yeah. I wouldn't be talking to you right now. If it weren't for rat the size of a loaf of bread that jumped on my shoulder drove me into the sludge and ultimately convinced me to work with the sewer inspector instead of host to show. Well it also sounds like your mom was trying to convince her dad that she did a good job as a mom by raising a son who wasn't totally worthless Well look it's kind of like being the son of a of a great athlete or the daughter of a great athlete. Like the pressure. The pressure on that kid. you know. Cal ripken junior. Junior or whatever's in like how how in the world right my grandfather really could build a house without a blueprint. He could he could take this watch apart and put it back together blindfolded. Never read the instructions. Anything in his life right. I was sure. I was going to follow in his footsteps now up until i was seventeen and The truth is just because you're passionate about something doesn't mean you can't suck at it and and the handy gene like like the athletic gene in many cases is recessive. And i get it the things my grandfather could do with a construction mindset. I just didn't get it. you know. And so he told me when i was seventeen. Yeah get a. you can be a tradesman. He said just got a different toolbox. Because you're never going to be able to do what i'm able to do. And that was a big lesson in a hard lesson. But that's why i got in the opera. That's why i got in show business. And that's why twenty years later. Twenty five years later when my mother called me it was like yeah for my grandfather had do whatever i could so he saw me. Before he died in the sewers. He saw me on the golden gate bridge. He saw me do all sorts of things and That's all it was supposed to be three one hour specials to get my mother off my back but people watched and they wrote billy matt they wrote in there was like it wasn't just we like the show it. It wasn't like we like you. It wasn't about that it was. You've got to see what my uncle does. From any way you see what my sister brother uncle has cut right all these letters from people who wanted to share But they do for a living and that ultimately is what made me think. Oh okay this is something more than a smart aleck crawling through river. A crap making the occasional joke. So i you're smarter than us I think it's safe to say but you realize you did just right you another episode for six degrees like you need to six degrees of your own life with how your your grandfather became handy and how your mom was Ashamed of of the beta son that she raised and how it ended up with you doing thirty jobs. Everybody has a story man and you know five six ten degrees. I'll show you. This will freak you out more than turkey off. That was that was. What is this genealogy of michael gregory okay and so latest thing damn. This was put together by a fan of dirty jobs. Couple years ago. I was on a small private plane and we landed in maine and when i landed. I took a selfie of me in front of the plane and the tail number was on in on the tail number. Some guy tracked me down to where i was. And this guy's name was jesse hagen and he put together it taken a year. He's genealogist and he put together the entire story of my whole life going back ten twelve fourteen generations cheese unrelated to lord. Baltimore right guy. Shows up at a private airport and gives this to den so lucrative they say was not to be a creep here but I've been studying is completely freaked out. Because i've had like stalking issues and stuff like that over the years you had the dronut show. Yeah it's pretty. Oh yeah the drive. Is there many many many many weird and strange stories but having a waiting for you at dark next to your little tiny plane with a giant book saying micro. I have something for you. It's the story of your life and your family's life yes but that. Yeah it's crazy. That is crazy. My last question was american chopper. You did the voice for that now. Was that your easiest job because basically every week. You could be like big paul's mad at little paul. Little paul's mad at big paul bike gets made. How did that like did you just submit it one for every season. Narration is is my favorite thing to do Well that's not true. My favorite thing to do is everything. Right it's gotta be a mix of everything but narration is is awesome and that story actually is is funny because i went in. Read the copy like you always what. I had no idea what the show was to know anything about it. And i got the booth. And i sat down and the engineer said gimme a quick mike test so i i read it poorly on purpose like i was just imitating a bad. Dj meets car salesman so it was like a father. A son the drama. The deadline american chopper. Right just that well. In my headphones i hear the producer guy named hank cap shaun. He's like hey mike. On hank i'm like oh. Hey hank how are you doing mike test because all of that that that was great. I love that. I thought he was kidding. So i said let me do it once more the way i wanna do it and so i did it the way i wanna duty said. Oh yeah that's terrific grape. While he uses the mic test. The joke and he puts into american chopper. Not only do i wind up doing one hundred fifty episodes of that with that same ridiculous voice. They go on to produce american hot rod young american casino. Ufc ultimate fighter. Twenty other shows out of the same shop. And i did the video for all of them and every show that hank was on. He's like you know what i want. Drama mike voice. Oh that's perfect. That makes me that makes me so happy because i love that show and i love. That's the story behind it. God and now on deadliest catch you're right. It's the same thing when seasons seventeen vast bering sea. I never meant to do that all right. Well let's let you go. Everyone go checkout six degrees on with micro on streaming now on discovery plus your now Recurring guests you have to come on. Next time we ask or for voice over work voiceover. Can you just say. I'm mike rowe handover your man card. I'm mike rowe. Handover your man card on par. You're watching pardon. My take that those guys again. I sorry i interrupted shit dude again. You're watching pardon my take with those two guys. I love it perfect mike. Thank you so much and we do expect you to to show us for an nfl sunday for whenever dirty jobs comes back. I don't think you can handle not man. And you're going to be begging to mass. Lose her shoes issued accepted. Okay shelby done all right. Thanks appreciate to meet you. Mike rowe is brought to you by. We love three as the industry leader in delta t h c products. I three ci hard when i got home from detroit. Put me to bed. Had a real good night sleep. I has slipped lake seven and a half hours non. Stop all to the three chief for that one. All the products are formulated by biochemist in made in the usa grown hemp three cheese. Delta eight is a federally legal version of thc. More functional alternative. Marijuana gives an amazing buzz. 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Someone donated a thousand dollars to the barstool fund. And you're going to swear correct. Yes shot to awol jack. Aws how did he stipulate on which cuss word now. Okay so what i was gonna say is i think we should keep this going if you donate a thousand dollars and you show it proof. It has to be from this point forward so you can't have already donated it. You get to decide you get to decide what's swear or racial slur. That jacob say on her pocket no can make lists but say the seaward. Yeah i i went to talk. I think we gotta take. I think we gotta start it out properly and just have jake drop a hard f- bomb i think that's a that's a good way to like play our flag and be like yes. We're really going to do this. Jake yes jake. Yeah what i was gonna say. I fucking love helping small businesses. All right good job. Good job sorry. Sorry to young listeners. By the way you know if if this blocks me from calling a game one day. Because i'm helping good 'cause i'm not going to lose sleep over that. Oh here we go to left field. That'll make to nothing ballgame so now what. I'm definitely going to donate by the way. I i'm to get you to say something really bad but okay so we'll get going forward donate thousand dollars. Get to decide what cheek is going to say on the podcast but we needed proof and some words are off limits. What words off limits. Yes say them you to say. I'm otherwise i'm going to be like well. He'll say i can't even spell. There's a phone line now okay. You can't even spell it a bubba. Can you take jake saying fucking and just have that like looped over and over again and the take on me autry. thank you Yeah and actually like we should make i. I'd like to figure out way for it to be my my my phone call my ringtone Maybe we should make necklaces in the in the barstool sports store that just play jake sing fucking over instead of the intros where it's like. Hey guys it's big cat. It can just be jake sang. Fucking fuck fuck. Fuck swearing in the beginning of all these podcast. It'd be very funny. If that's what eventually got us the explicit tag on itunes yes yes all right Let's do a couple of guys on chicks senate everyone on hughes this week. Not guys on checks but we can you sub guys may come off as weird. But how would you describe the smell of the pmt studio lavender. It's mostly old jeans. That's the best way. I can describe it. I it anything this. The smell goes back and forth. The smell was back and forth because there was a time. When i think someone exploded pumpkin in there that it smelled godawful. There was a time when we we had like. We're trying to do like knives out. Mystery situation where there's if you look at the ceiling above me. There's all this red juice and for a while we all were accusing each other and then bubba just walked in days. That was me my bad. Yeah i it smells like everything is beer coffee like for some reason right now. I don't know why does a little bit. Like mountain dew and dip piss. Did you piss walked into the studio pissing. There's corner into bottle. I don will pick him. Yes that's pretty much what it smells like. Yeah a little bit like and it's funny. You bring up like the pumpkin because it's almost like The carpet and here's a little time capsule so sometimes. If we cleaned the carpet it brings out the stench that pumpkin that exploded in two years ago and then the whole studio smells like rotten pumpkin again for a week. Yes like the rings of a tree. Yep why didn't they can t half to do soggy sorrows when their team lost in the playoffs. Why didn't we because hypnosis to and also we totally expected our teams to lose. So i don't it wasn't really sorrowful. Yeah we were just for. I did it. For cody parkey. That was one that i didn't see coming in that. I thought the bears actually had a really good team that year this year the bears got in from a fucking technicality letting in seven teams. Awol's smear on disagree awol here when we have people back in for in person interviews also. Honk what's the latest you're bubble have stayed up producing a show. I think once this vaccine gets wrong. i'm ready doing. I'm ready to hit the road again. Like i don't. I don't know if we're going to happen again. But i i really hope that it does. Yeah i mean. Currently i'm not because i again. I'm living in a casino. But i i am ready for in person interviews again. Would you over under fourth of july over probably realistic. Yeah we gotta get we gotta get more of the the special interviews and remember that that. Lee that cuddly. Yeah yeah that was good. Yes by way breaking news real quick breaking news breaking news bringing news details. John hayman just tweeted. Ema just tweeted gladys torii hunter mark. Burleigh tim hudson poll above five percent. Indus- remain on the ballot. Well i didn't vote for them. The five percent rule is dumb and too many great players have been knocked out early by it. i love it fucking. Brick has as a not torey hundred fan. I'm just glad to see him still around. That's essentially just up to the puerto right in their face. They're like your just see. no. I didn't invite you to this party. But it's cool that you're here. I'm going to give this guy. Grit corn real quick win. Are the car sticks. Coming back in stock. I was too naive to see the value earlier. And now i'm kicking myself. Please advise That's it we do. A special run ran into production issues Yeah making sticks anymore. Covid his blame ever. No you know what we'll do is we'll do. We will absolutely once we get to a few more states for the barstool sports book. We will do a car stick. Bet yeah and we will. We will have car sticks giving away because that will be a fantastic bet. Hey big cat and pf t what are the things. You are most proud of in regards to the show. Michael i think just keeping billy alive for the last years has got to be way up there. Well you keeping. Billy live me trying to kill. Yeah he might die next week but up to this point like they can't take away those years has somehow i mean billy's lifespan. After joining the show. I think everybody was. Betting would be basically like larry threes. Yes what am i most proud of. I'm honestly most proud of that. We're like going on year five in. It's it's crazy that we've had this audience for this long and it just everyday kind of feels like not even real. I remember at the beginning like week. This many people are listening and then it just kept kept happening. And i guess it's cool that everyone just like chill out and stuck around how. Yeah cool guys way to just hang out with you guys are you. Guys are good hang. We appreciate it. Yeah right right exactly what we thought the party would have ended by now but everyone still here so guess what. Beer still flowing. Let's have some fun. How'd you guys find. Billy and will you guys be betting against him against jose can take away. And where can you bet on this fight. I will also lead. Not betting against billy wait wait. Fps to use you. See what he just is a class hake where hake where they've been on it. I know i'm reading the question. I might have added something in the end that i was curious of obviously now. It's clear where aware hank i'll play. Barzal app actually. There were you can bet on five of the twenty five thousand dollars. That's incredible but there's a question first. How did you guys find. Billy billy billy applied as it was actually so great because hank wrangled up all the video or intern interns like there's twenty people. I think we interviewed that day and he said to. Pf he's like. I know who you guys are gonna pick. But i'm not gonna tell you. Who and then billy showed up out of breath with a five page resume stapled that had like i dunno seventeen georgia leary's fucking resume and We were like hey this him in the and he was like yep art your heart the thing that also that that made me say that in the first place was that there was like twenty interns as doing interviews and i had lost my tv remote from my apartment and my roommates guide and gotta get a new one. And so i interviewed billy. I was like this kid kind of character. And then i was like. Can you run to best. Buy for me to get me this remote. Or whatever and i legitimately walked upstairs. Came back downstairs five minutes later and he's come back here. It is and it was like so fast. I was like. How did you even come back this fast. And then from there. I was like you know this kid got it. Also i it actually is a good lesson to with our two interns that we've ever hired or three county julie football but the yet but not being super super fans actually was big in their favorite like jake showed up thinking that he was going to be a columnist for barstool sports. Billy showed up pretending that he listened when it was very clear he had never listened. I eat someone is high school. Classes like broke ourselves kind of cool. He's like yeah. You know what. I'm gonna try and get a job there. I think there was one line on his resume that was just typed out url to his huddle highlight film. Because i'm trying to click on this perspective. What i'm you present us. What happened so i listened to show every day. Drive me to school and high school because we're only three times week right. Well well it takes me three times. Yeah like sometimes the show like was long commute so then one day i followed hang on twitter and looking for new york city based interns. It was late my senior year of high school and Like my high school had had to go. Get an internship like to like. So you have to go to class like after a ps redone. So you can just fuck around for your senior streep so. I like applied to the internship. At bar still like. I send my resume to hank. And i was like oh man this would be like so cool of. This happened to never happen like i like. Why would they choose me out of like for no reason and then i went to the interview i was sitting in the waiting room with all these dudes one guy was dressed. Like the ridler or something. If you don't remember that like there's all these guys like these like sunday. July had like tons of stories but like i've seen him out on thirty seconds ago but i have no idea what he's talking to keep us now. It's like there's no way. I'm going to get this job my side. I just explained everyone who's sitting in the room with me and we don't care hard and he was like party like relieved that i wasn't going to get it because like i can just go tell my buddies about this. It'll be hilarious tonight in the interview last came back with you guys. Other words keeps getting the worst story of anything job that hey you've got the job and i was like why can't do it also pay. You made it a lot easier. I think we're like we're gonna tell you like the table. Yeah what was your first impression of hank. Big cat remember the remote. Yeah i remember the remote really mentioned that in your like twenty five minutes story. They will because it sucks did. Don't give that tone billy. The story sucked. I know but i was like you. Know like legitimately. I had no idea like why you guys wisely. You're telling the story again anyway. So but i so i went back. Then you guys were like ally younger no but like you guys had higher muscle mass and you can see in your face like yours heads. We're like this big back. Remember that that's your takeaway was lights in your way. So you're saying that their heads have gone way bigger since then. They've actually gotten smaller. Believe i met you. Oh my god all right well in the show on that. You can't even better than that. I love you billy. We're going to kick the she out of jose. All right what's number. There's one stuck in ninety. Nine draw have to redraw ramped. We drop thousand route. Frogs can freeze about two. It was about to pick eighteen and defrost themselves eighteen. Seventy three ninety nine would frogs can defrost themselves and frees himself to around derek. Jeter i know that hall of fame heading that billy. What are you know that. I watched nature document that yeah very well acquainted with the fact that last year that frogs can warm up from the inside number one player number one god in vote is to two to twelve. I love you you ever on friday. Guess talk what what allan poe's a day report prop up up up helping small business suits.

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