Federal Government Adjusts 2020 Budget to N10.52tn, Adopts $25 Oil Benchmark


You're listening to. The news are in Africa. Business radio the federal government and Wednesday adjusted a twenty twenty budgets downward from the original ten point five nine trillion. Naira two point five two trillion. Naira the budget deficits is an excess of five point three trillion naira. The approval was made in the Buddha by the Federal Executive Council. Meeting presided over by President. Muhammadu Buhari at the Senate House. The new Figo's we are captured in the revised twenty twenty medium term expenditure framework submitted to the council by the Minister of Finance budgets. National Planning Mrs. Sinnott amid permits is adjusted in the budgets. Include the crude oil bench McConnell for the court to twenty five dollars from thirty dollars the F. E. C. However took another five dollars of the benchmark on Wednesday and the latest caught to settle at twenty five dollars amid who spoke with statehouse. Correspondents after the meeting said daily. Crude oil production was not one point. Nine four million barrels per day while the non metallics change rates was put at three hundred and sixty naira per dollar and that was the news. At this time in Africa Business Radio you can continue to listen live online at. Www AFRICA BUSINESS RADIO DOT com. Or if I am unable. Thank you for listening.

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