Previews galore El Trafico & Chris Mueller on Skills Challenge vs Joao Felix


You're listening to extra time driven by continental my goodness I mean what are we doing here. It's then everyone can give the team. You're absolutely ridiculous. Five me take me. I don't care anymore to drain my bank account everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. Try to cook them some great stuff you guys that's why he's here and welcome everybody to extra time driven by continental from the A._T.. And T. Studios in New York City David Goss Bobby warshaw joining you for this on. We've been left alone Andrew on vacation Kaelin car. I assume is on vacation mattdoyle. Toil I assume is sick. Susannah Collins I assume is doing cooler things. I know none of that is actually true besides the Andrew Part but I'm probably close on the other three they feel they feel right. They normally feel right in that talent. Normally goes so myself and bobby with you today for what's going to be a fantastic show. We had some great mid week action in major league soccer or coming up to the All Star game. There's going to be some really cool elements in this all star game that we've never seen before like a skills challenge between three sets of teams. The Orlando City team is going to be led by who else <music> who Noni okay fair but also Chris Mueller. He's GonNa come on the show to talk to us about what he's looking forward to from that competition and what's going on with Orlando City because they're having a pretty good run right now we were down there just a week and a half ago for Open Cup and they already made history going to that semi-final so we'll talk to them about that and then this weekend there's a few soccer games in major league soccer. One of them is called L. Traffic. Oh that's kind of a big one L._A.. Verse L. A. L. A._F._C. finally only trying to get over the Hump and get a win that one so we'll talk about that as well as your mouth bag but I will but first David what we're doing the show together. We don't get as much quality time together as we would like. We get a lot of quality time we traveled. We basically have traveled six for the last eight weeks. I just I want to know what's going on in your life right now. So it's been an eventful week I have to say Monday. I hosted extratime radio because Andrews not here which is fantastic. Then I went out and played for my co Ed soccer team and I got punched in the face in my co ED soccer occur game wasn't my fault. Is it bad that the first thing that comes to mind is you deserved it. Yeah it is so it's not my fault so here's what happened. I know everyone loves when we talk about the league's playing and what we do. There's a very andrew. We'd be moment but I'm GonNa tell you anyway so obviously we're losing zero. I'm high pressing the center back on the other team. This is seventy seven Co ed so it's as intense as it can possibly get. I'm high pressing guy turns the ball over facing his own goal. I try and get around him and he's much taller than me so he puts his leg in front of me and then he raises his arms like you see very often hits me in the face with an elbow so I grabbed his jersey a little and start pulling to get around him already yelled foul ref doesn't call the foul we start scrapping with each other little ref blows the whistle calls. The foul in my favor guy turns around. Probably three or four inches ptolemy goes do it again I dare you. I genuinely didn't know what I'd done wrong but either way it didn't matter so I stepped to him and I say what and boom he just open hand hits me in the face. The first thing is that this is every single cliche about what people say about coed Professor Yeah Adult Co Ed sports for sure you are that person so he has to be in the face. The saddest part of the whole situation was our friend and one of our producers Richard and was in goal all for us which means he had to make a full field sprint because you know he has to get involved and escalate the situation worse so I appreciate rich but I do apologize for doing it so far from his goal that he had to run that no other teammates come to your denies someone else's in there oh my girlfriend when was the first to be like stop it and I was like didn't do anything wrong. She met your she met the other one hundred percent always on me so that was that was Monday Tuesday I played in a men's REC league game which was pretty uneventful those little physical and I picked up this little beauty and if you're not watching on Youtube go to youtube right there you see that's that's scraps that scar coming down the left side of my I think you could call that my bicep a lot of muscle going on right now. I don't even know how it happened. I didn't even see the play M._I._T.. One five one I'm unfortunately very competitive adult league player. It's been an eventful week to say the least so at any point throughout this show if I say someone else's mentality or demeanor is wrong in major league soccer you can know that I'm a hypocrite and you can feel free to live with that. If anyone else has any cool stories let us know if anyone else plays in New York City and you're part of one of the two teams that has created me as a victim I would take your apology you can send it to extra time and M._l._S. soccer dot com or extra time on social social media if you want everyone to know and appreciate after the game by the way the guy who hit me in the face comes up and does what like you know it just happens type thing and it's like no. I don't think it does Larry Only GonNa go there with you but I don't know you know bobby that's going out here on these streets is just physical. It's just intense moving onto off the streets but on the field to major league soccer it was a interesting Wednesday night of action a ton of action across the League. It's been so fun now that we're back from this international summer MEBRATU getting hot and heavy action all mid week as well as on the weekends and let's start off with Chicago Verse Columbus it ended to Columbus gets a late goal to equalise but we don't want to talk about this game specifically. We mentioned it on Monday. We WanNa talk about these clubs a little bit more and we want to talk about Chicago specifically because I think bobby we were in a meeting yesterday talking about all star game coming up and I think back two years to going to Chicago for the All Star game right after shrine seiger comes in Matt Pulsa and Brandon Vincent are in the starting lineup. They're doing well nick. Pneumonia Nicholas is scoring a ton of goals Chicago fire with the story in major league soccer at that time they played pretty soccer. They were fun to watch. They were successful and it was all going to continue to trend upwards. What what has happened since then who man remember was to two months ago on the show? I said that I felt the Chicago fire one of the three best teams in the League. I feel that was right then. I feel that it's actually not that far from being right now David because they are still a good team he plays soccer does a lot of good things but there too inconsistent and the reason they are too inconsistent is by design that they continue to try different things over and over. They try to be flexible flexible team what happens though is they'd become a you see average team at about five different things without being in a in any single thing and if there's one truth and soccer there's probably many troops but one of the truth is is that if you're not an a at least one thing before you try and be flexible you will lose and I look back to that two thousand seventeen season and I know it's become a bit on the show to talk about David Akam but that's Chicago fire team had a calm on the left. They were incredible possession team that had incredibly individually talented player who could do lightning in a bottle on any moment he could stretch the field he could be players One v one and then allow told them to go all in on the possession because they had this natural variation built into that they lose David aecom to Philadelphia and the big trade they got what was the largest haul of Tam and allocation money in league history at the time and since then they have not gone all in on any single angle thing to build a true identity built built within all of this is a decision move bashing Swinestein's Centreback David. Can you think of another personnel lineup decision that has just gone as poorly but even in the moment felt as logically flawed what s taking away one of the a maybe one of the one a center midfielders in the league and moving him out of the position that was the central Metronome to what gave you your one eight tactical philosophy to centreback centreback where he is probably a searcy- minus centreback in the League. I don't disagree with you on his quality at centerback. Do you think after two and a half years playing in the summer the travel his age that bashing Swinestein could still cover ground in midfield to be that one eight. If you'RE GONNA play center back back in two thousand nine hundred ground all centrebacks they can both step into the midfield just as well as they can drop turn their hips and cover into the channel they can win balls in the box. There are so few centrebacks right now who also aren't elite athletes that I'm not sure covers up that problem to move back so David it's those two things moving transmitters centreback and it's this lack of a tried any of actually being good at anything that is crushed his team in the last so the the identity you mentioned comes up when I watched them in that Frankowski the first first few weeks. I'm like this is a guy who can initiate his own offense can beat guys one V one can change the game and then you look at guys like Niko Guyton who can do that as well and Qatar Berbers and I've never seen a game where all of them do it at the same time and I think it comes down to there are game styles. That power plays that fit Frankowski skill set. I think Tom's probably been the most consistent because I think he's the biggest alpha dog of all of them but all the other guys. There are games where you're like YEP that C._J.. Song Yup that's Frankowski Yeah. That's that's a guy who can help power team and then you watch four weeks in a row and you don't see them engaged the same level or affecting the game in the same way well. We talk about tactics right. We talk about continuity. What tactics do is they give you answers and when you have answers you have conviction when you have conviction you have something to fall back on so David the fact that they appear to lack confidence that they appear to lack the word? I always like to use his conviction in what they're doing. That's because they don't legitimately have preset answers to what they're doing. This all comes back together and the reason you can't get five or six six players on the same page. Feeling confident is if you don't have those preset answers. You're rolling dice man. That's what you're doing. You're saying we have talented players. Hopefully they hit at the same time and maybe you can do that. If you pick. I think back to the Houston Dynamo Right. I don't think dom kinnear gave a ton of preset answers but he. I knew how to pick players. He knew how to pick a team. He knew how to give just the exact he brought it into the club. <hes> there was a clear way he was going to play exactly. We're locking it on way back. It was it was a natural fit. It was a natural fit between player and manager adjourned player and player. The Chicago team doesn't have that so you are legitimately just rolling dice hoping these talented players have a good performance in this is not just Chicago you go through other teams other teams around the world that do this but this is what separates is Chicago fire from L. A._F._C.. who have a ton of preset answers and you're not rolling dice? You have answers to fall back on that provide conviction that then provide confidence that then provide joy when these players step on the field so for Chicago they drop late that result they are still outside the playoff places. Nothing really changes on that front lot of question marks about what's going on. Nelson Rodriguez did an interesting interview yesterday so I advise you to go online and look at that where he basically said everything's up for options. The infrastructure of this club is not where we want it to be in in terms of player roster Mr everyone's on the table because it's not going well. PNEUMONIA NIKOLIC isn't starting. You've got that front attacking few rotating in and out there seem to be and I don't know if this is just natural just players being frustrated but it looks like Francisco Calvo was having a heated discussion at the end of that game. I believe it was with guitar but I wasn't exactly sure where they were frustrated with. What's going on first of all if you're another M._l._S. team? Are you looking at this and saying these are guys that I can go and get because there's clearly talent on this roster. Well let me ask it this way. The New England Revolution under Bruce Arena have turned things around because there was talent on this roster. Is that possible for the Chicago Fire Team and yes. I would never say it's not possible right you would never in a million years thought it was possible to San Jose this quickly with the roster as constructed you would never probably in a thousand years ten thousand years New England could do this. It's always possible Cincinnati and this is the thing I say over and over coaching matters. A ton of this is not to save Al Capone of it is a bad coat. It's clearly the wrong fit but yeah. I don't know how to answer your question to say yeah. It's possible but if I may if I may another team I don't think I would take any of those attackers right now. Just because the confidence is too low really you wouldn't go out and say I could get probably for cheaper than when I would get especially outside the League in Frankowski even Bobby Herbert's I mean they're highly which isn't going anywhere that's clear and so that's probably a starting spot checks. McCartney's probably a guy who's a started. There's extra numbers in that area which I think think if I'm another major league soccer team. I'm looking to go out and get if possible. That's just how I see it. When you look at this club now we know they're going to move from bridgeview after this season? How long does it take them? What's the process to starting to? I don't know if it's reset because we said the talents there but move forward. Oh that's a really good question. I'm really fascinated by this infrastructure statement because people don't realize how much there is below the surface within these clubs and use L. A._F._C.. As the example right they get Diego Rosie they get to grow and they hit on both of them. That doesn't come by accident right. They went out. They found a scout instructor. In South America they found people they trust they found liaisons and they found contract. Negotiators was that French or Spanish were liaison. It's and there's a lot of accent on that but when you talk about infrastructure there's a continued. There's a reason that the that the best clubs continued do well in part of its money spent but it's infrastructure so it's interesting when you hear the the fire who have not been good over the last. What does it really been? Ah Six seven years yeah I'd say Dennis Hamlets Years. They were in the conference finals back to back years than it was a dry spell then you have twenty seventeen now was where they lost to the rebels in the first round of the postseason which I think was an upset you you see a team. Consistently underperform consistently underperformed the talent. There's usually something deeper. There's usually something below the tip of that iceberg and if I'm afire fan it's nice to hear that confront confronting say art. It's actually the infrastructure and we need to really rethink the foundation into what we provide the player and then you have the situations with Brandon Vincent with Andrew Gutman as well as Matt Pulsa which I think a little bit less strong which is local guys are non local guys but choosing to leave and that was a very odd way that this off season went about so it'll be interesting to see what the next few weeks like the Chicago fire in this transfer window as they try reset themselves especially the next year or two where they'll be playing their games and what this club will look like on the flip side for Columbus they are in a tough spell as well. We will get to that more later on in the show but Louis St as their young DP that they signed Costa Rica made his debut in this game and a guy that you like a little bit of water associate got the start at the number ten spot. I do like order says I also like Mario Williams. You just think about these players who are just under performing. They're not there you feel like their talent has yet to come out and I think both Romario Williams and order. Sosa are both those players. I'm not sure there are actually get the opportunity but I wouldn't mind Jordan Hamilton Reminder Williams you gotta think Columbus brought them in and said there's. There's things we like about this year but there's things we don't take a flyer on these guys we think have talent and we'll see what happens with them. I mentioned the New England revolution because of their ability to turn it around. They've been phenomenal under Bruce Arena. They've yet to lose a game under their new manager manager actually stretching before he took over we talked about them making a record signing coming into this transfer window to open it up to make this statement to say we're GONNA go and set a record fee on a striker where ready to win now and for the future chair and it worked out pretty well for them both scores on his debut a four zero win against Vancouver mid-week game. Maybe hard one four Vancouver to travel for but at the same time this was a ref seemed that was pretty much flying throughout this they were awesome. They were really fun to watch. Basically they set up. I was texting with doyle before the game about this trying to figure out how they would formulate that lineup and the basically turned into being to centrebacks one defensive midfielder one center striker four other players who founded around around Teal Bunbury Gustavo Carla's he'll and WanNa Godollo and then to outside backs who basically functioned as wingers providing the width as the other four attackers roamed around the middle finding the ball tremendous to watch just so interesting how calm these guys are on the ball uh-huh when you used to watch this team even Carlos Il Dago for goon does Wanna Gabella used to feel like a hot potato on them like they got it like I don't want this gives us off me. All of a sudden Bruce Arena comes in and it's like yeah give it to me. I'll take it you go there. I'll get you the ball no worries. We'll get we'll figure it out. It's been incredible able to watch what do you make of Juan Fernando say starting in this game because in my mind Teal Bunbury played some of the best soccer I've ever seen him play as a centre forward Gustavo Ken Play Center forward he did play started out on the left in this game and basically was a free roaming attacker coming off the wing Carlos heels of free roaming attacker coming from the center as well and they've found their space. What do you make of still being in that starting line if it doesn't feel like we're getting a little bit stuck into the Sporting Kansas City question of talent versus system because his team? I did win four to nothing. There's a question of whether one zero two was good enough but his team in the game that we're bringing this up for one or two nothing in played very very. You don't like my question I it's apparently fair question this. I'm going to answer it right. If you'RE GONNA put your most talent on the field for what they yeah then maybe move Teal Bunbury to striker you bring Christian Penny on you find a way to get Diego Fernandez on the field but at the same time going back to that structure I just said to centrebacks one defensive midfield are one center striker that other players the ton of freedom. Maybe you do just need a senator striker who can occupy centreback who can stretch the field so does continue to play keep that in mind. It's like the old the old who played Kyri Shelton right very shelton started on a team that had the most points of the regular season in the West you he went out of loved watching him. You might not have been as talented as you want Casey Fan but they had the most points in the West so I'm GonNa keep an eye on that with the rows of just that's fulfills. The function that Bruce Arena's looking for a lot of special things going on in New England right now want Delos converging version into that number eight fantastic. It's been a and then Charlie Davis said on the show before Louis. They'll just being told don't worry about possession like your job is to win tackles in front of the centrebacks and he looks very comfortable doing that also I love talk haze. Almost Samuel Piette levels talks with Luis Caicedo which is such a defensive midfielder move. Why God let the wrath know that they're pulling my jersey? Queue the call ref. I get no respect Julian deguzman before that Julian Deguzman G._M.. Of Ottawa fury now Assam on the other day yeah yeah so this revs team. They're performing well. They're fun to watch they'll face F._C.. Cincinnati in their next game pretty good opportunity to keep this streak Oh and Gustavo Bo a phenomenal goal by the way to start doing. We're GONNA talk about him for a second hits all of his performance I made you've watched more of him than I have so this is i. He seems good at a lot of things I don't know what he's great at and that might be fine because if he's good at everything that could be enough for this team. Cling control control has a little bit of speed but isn't lightning. You saw the backheel in the box at one moment different ideas than what other guys have and clearly can strike a ball as well when he gets put into that situation so that's what I saw from him was just a high level player across the board. I don't know if you need a guy like obviously Carlos. FELLAS great right but a guy who can do one thing amazing to kind of build everything around or if that's enough for this team in terms of getting him because there is other talent on this roster but he was it was definitely all positive I saw no negatives from his performance just an all around really good soccer player crafty sneaky whatever you WANNA call it. He's just a clever player who can beat you in a lot of ways. It looked to me if you were to describe his position or his role in the team. It was a pseudo free role that started on the left more often than not maybe started behind the striker but it really looked to me like Bruce Arena gave Hill Godollo Bunbury and bow just the instruction to say play off each. Each other you all know the space is unique. Take up right left next to the striker off the striker figure it out with a specific instruction to nowhere Bo is and figure it out based off that when you watch he'll play I think you notice him. He likes to get outside aside and I think because it's less physical pressure demand on him to get touches without getting hit and knocked and stuff and so it will fit perfectly because more is inverted winger that he comes in with the ball and does something but I think Bo might occupy space more that he'll leave and you really talk about going back to the original point about the Houston Dynamo and players who fit together feels like this group is fitting together Saito sits. You already said he tackles. He moves the ball. I know there's not a thinker on the field right. He's giving me the ball. I'M GONNA run. I'm GonNa Chase. He's never been a cerebral libro player. He's been skilled. He's energetic and that's playing now right. He covers Ground Hillary's off him beaut read off that Hillary's off bow right. It feels like the pieces are coming together and this is the exact type of team that Bruce Arena once. It's going to be exciting to watch the rams jobs over the next few weeks. They are still out of the playoff spots but right now the bottom of the eastern conference just feels like it's all over the place another team right there on the bottom of the eastern conference which is starting to feel pretty confident is Toronto F._C.. They started off against the New York Red Bulls with one of the best goals of the I did. The vowel radius thing on Monday and you guys all knocked down. I'm Josie back in on this on the one touch backheel goal off a hard cross from I'd say twelve to fourteen yards out in off the post office for jailed out from their own. Now you're going to soccer narrowly and not just it was a great finish but it was also a great goal starting with the center back the whole first five minutes they dominated that game and then josie caps it off Tim Parker right on his back. Nothing Lewis row bliss can do and then and Chris Armas said I thought we made them uncomfortable. Enforce them out of their game plan at times but four A._F._c. four-man backline now with Omar Gonzalez coming in Josie back and healthy which allows pus well. I think into a more comfortable position Kaelin Eland said I think on this show on Monday he sees this as one of the teams that can rise up these conference. They're basically three points out of sack and that's how this whole thing kind of works out. How do you see this Toronto team now with these additions so here's what I wrote wrote in the column this morning? I said Jason Davis on Sirius X._M.. Yesterday and double down on this morning okay so it was just no bobby Senate everywhere else while I talk about Toronto F._C.. And The New York Red Bulls are the two teams most likely to who come out of the East and the playoffs M._l._S. Cup interesting because the Red Bulls do with the Red Bulls do right and even last night they pushed onto out of passing right Tronto tried to pass the Times Red Bulls ran the mover as Chris Armas said they had to adjust Toronto one this on but it felt like red was probably would have won this if this game would be played over the same way right so red bulls have there and if you don't adjust they will do very well against you but Toronto you look at that spine. They didn't play well read was might have been the better team but they're still still so good at staying confident on the ball breaking lines running the patterns they've rehearsed and then they have to incredibly talented players to make plays so when I think about the eastern conference or as much as I like Philadelphia they need to win a big game before I would say they're the team to come out of the playoffs N._Y._C.. In Atlanta need to show more consistent consistency about the way they do their patterns on the field the way they defend and attack a unit but then these two teams Toronto and Red Wolves already have an they've already proven they can ride that it through the the playoffs there my top two teams right now interesting. I the other thing I'm curious which one okay so Toronto F._C.. You want to do as well as you can in the regular season to be home for Red Bulls and this is coming off things like this. Do you WANNA would be a home team for this playoff where now it's one like they have been so good at times on the road when teams feel the need to play great point but we'll teams feel that way in a one game not too great point a great point. I don't have a good answer to it. I mean I would have said yes until what Atlanta United did last year right but that also comes off a I like that they lost on the road right that changed the way the series got played out against the New York Red Bulls. Well Atlanta was always going to smash the ball long. Yeah that's true right home away. They had their a game plan. They were not going to get red bull by the rules so it's interesting to see obviously these changes will see for the first time ever in the postseason. We don't want to get there already. There's a lot of soccer left to play for Toronto though a win against Montreal a weird game but a ton of energy in that game and then you come home you get a performance from Josie. Michael Bradley looked more like himself in that one and you start to see for Toronto see what it could look like of course they brought an attain winger who didn't make his debut yet is it. We talked. He'll weeks ago about needing to manage Diego chargers minutes. If we think that the Portland Timbers are GonNa make the playoffs and make sure H._R.'s peaking with the years he has on his legs. We say the same thing Michael Bradley I mean is he a thirty four game starter now or see someone. You need to say all right Michael. The sample size is big enough. You don't have it in your legs to play at the proper level manager minutes. I would love to get a camera in the room while you have that conversation with Michael Bradley. This is a guy who has said I WANNA be on the field in every single game. We've seen him play Canadian Championship deanship Games Midweek when his team already has a lead in the series when they're at their peak competing on all fronts who've seen them play early CONCACAF Champions League Games and freezing Cold Colorado that is Michael Bradley Two A.. T. and I don't think there's anything wrong with that amazing what you want from professional. I don't know if he is at the point yet where he saying yeah I'm different. My Body has changed. My abilities have changed and come out. Jonathan Massaro didn't get a start in this game. Marquis Delgado did so it'll be interesting to see how sorry fits into all of this us as a formation changes as they bring in these new players in the final one. We WanNA mention from Wednesday night Atlanta United knocking off the Houston Dynamo five zero yes that sounds epic and it was but Albert the least getting a red card in the sixth minute kind of change things a little at Mercedes Benz so Atlanta United did what they had to do. Took care of Business Emerson Hyman gets on the field for a solid. I think it was about seventy seventy five minutes in that one looked very comfortable for them. which is positive and Joseph Martinez scored so all of the good things for Atlanta rebounding rebounded from that loss against Seattle on the flip side for Houston? It's been a tough run but off the field a little bit of News James Harden's been announced as a minority owner for the Houston Dynamo. He'll pick up about five percent of that club. Oscar de la Hoya also already a celebrity pretty minority owner of that team so now Houston Dynamo pure isolation soccer one V one soft just three indeed just get off of James Harden and bad but it's not not the soccer. They've been playing yeah absolutely true that is very true but you could see them. Maybe backload some crazy Albert police roster contract forty million dollars thirteen years and then try and use the draft picks to get off of it. Lots of Houston Rockets jokes. I could make right now but the beard is in the League James Harden one of the I guess you could say one of the top hop iconic wise top ten fifteen athletes in the world you and say that it's a pretty impressive stretch feels like a stretch but I get what you're saying to snow. You know always in M._v._p.. Voting so now he is involved with major league soccer which is exciting to see from him. We've got more excitement coming up in a major league soccer. The All Star game is on the way it's happening in Orlando this year the game coming up at the end of the month but first we will have the skills challenge on July thirtieth eight P._M.. Eastern time you could watch it on the M._l._S. L. APP you can watch it on twitch you can watch it on twitter as well where you can interact as they will be three sets of teams with three players each and M._l._s. all star group with Wayne Rooney Carlos Vela and John Dos Santos and Orlando team with Nani Chris Mueller Mendez and Athletico Madrid team with Coca Achebe and one of the most expensive signings in World History Zhao Felix who was on his way to being the next great Portuguese superstar they will face off in three challenges a shooting accuracy one from the penalty spot a passing accuracy one where they will hit targets from different distances and a touch and volley one. We get more points based on how you hit it first time half volley all that type of stuff and these guys will go at it at the E._S._p._N.. Wide World of sports you can go out you can get tickets for that to double header with homegrown game so you can just like jam it all in Bobby now that I've done that gotten all those rules down. How do you feel about this? I'm excited man. I love this type of stuff. I look is this what players do after practice for practice like most of the players that you see see in this competition. The stars are this talented because they are the ones to go up before training. put down a ball and say ten dollars. If I hit crossbar maybe it's more for these and then they say after new P._K.. Challenges we've had a little more or they have the youth player the homegrown cross balls for finish. I'm excited to see them actually put this new real competition with some fans and stakes on the line. It's going to be fun. It's GonNa be a great environment other. All Stars are going to be coming out Athletico Madrid players other celebrities. They'll be a judges panel that will be picking style points for these things you can vote on that on twitch and on twitter so you can be engaged but there'll be a couple celebrity judges there. Maybe some musicians maybe some former Brazilian great players who are familiar to the area. You know who I'm talking about here right uptight of course guys like that's you never know who's going to be in the building. It's going to be a ton of fun. We're very excited about this and it's a little historic the first time this happened but she's talking about James Harden. You talk about the dunk contest and like that is the peak of what everyone wants want. This is something that could be really cool because of the culture like you said around soccer. This is what players do this is. What we all do we go to the park? Play the will pick up and then it's like just hit me crosses. I just WanNa hit Molly's as volley till the rest of my life and when you hit it clean there's no better feeling healing and now we're going to get to watch some of the best players in the world do that and one of those players who will be serving up balls on this stage. He's our A._T.. And T. Call to the field for the day Mr Chris Miller Chris. Thanks so much for joining us. Thanks for having me so I heard. Heard your P._R.. Guy Matt who's alongside you in this beautiful hotel right now. Call you cash. Is that your nickname yeah. It seems to be trending a little bit <hes> throughout the squad. Some of the guys call me cash but some of the guys can't show up took up the price of common cash cash and that's the way so it's a new nickname. This is an M._l._S. base nickname not like growing up in Illinois nickname. No no yeah it started actually after <hes> a scored my first goal against Portland and dumb had started <hes> some live video after the game and just called cash and from there. That's how shut off respect to dwyer. That's the guy builds brands. This is what he does. That's how you get the commercials Dagley so cash. I think I might have to call you that for the rest of the interview. You're going to part of the skills challenge the first time ever. How did you find out about this? How did you know you were going to be involved? <hes> it was actually just before training session and one of the day's <hes> someone who came in and just Kinda told me that I had been selected. They read it in an article somewhere. I was Kinda shocked but also super excited after reading what it was about that I'd be able to compete in do some <hes> showcase my skills against some of the world's best. I thought that that was really exciting. I'm still even right Alexander to be a part of it. Coming up Wayne Rooney's Zhao how Felix j some of the biggest names in the world and Chris meal. You're going to be a part of this. Have you ever done anything like this. No I mean horsed around with my friends. Maybe in the backyard doing some scores started skills challenge cross by a little things like that but none to this degree so <hes>. I'm really excited to see how it goes down in how it takes place which category which event you most confident in going into this thing. I'm honestly confident. All free asked why he's cash. Maybe the shooting okay looks like fun so you've got Sebah Mendez Noni on your team. What do you expect to see shooting touch in volume passing which you see them being the best that <hes> maybe as a squad? Maybe the touch in Bali because I'm pretty sure what are they guy says to serve Wallin so <hes> in a way that we can all combined in trying to make something happen in that sense I think I think that that will be a fun drill. I think that <hes> the passing obviously suit several and is range of passing that he has on the pension <hes> ninety shouldn't have a problem with any of them should be good so I don't know if you know this. Coca is a known the listener and watcher of extra time watching right now so look into that screen and give coca what he needs to know going into this toxin trash well. I guess I know K. Pretty Pretty Pretty well from Washington the lot but it's time for some of these guys to learn cash GLATZ might leave now. I'd be the peak of this show. That is the moment I was waiting for. Chris Healers in the House Athletico Madrid Wayne Rooney Carlos Vela L. A. sit down. You're going to be part of this home. Side is the wall gonNA show up like should we have a skills challenge wall. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Wall came came down and wanted to check it out. It's going to be a pretty cool nine especially taking place in Orlando. I wouldn't be surprised if we had some members from the wall there and the whole week in general what do you think about the fact that in just your second year you're going to be part of what is the host team for an M._l._s. all star game. Yeah I think it's I think it's incredible I. I honestly didn't know that the skills challenge was happening until <hes> I got selected forward in once I was selected in seeing all this hype. It's coming in around the All Star game. That's come into Orlando. City are exploits stadium. Excuse me <hes>. I think it's it's just amazing. I think it's really good for the League. I think it's a great <hes> it'll be a great event and obviously when you include world renowned players in world class players. I think that it's going to draw a lot of attention to it so I'm really excited to be a part of it in can't wait to get out there. Do you get nervous going into these types of events will. Will you be nervous for this stage with some big names. How do how do you react in these type of moments <hes>? I think that I would be fine. I think that <hes> anything about it. You could see where some nurse come in just 'cause you're with so many like I said just world class players even <hes> you know the all stars non even took me a while to get used to playing with him because I grew up watching him play like my whole life so <hes> but I think that in the sense that this is going to be like a <hes> of a fun event. I think that from that standpoint it's not we're obviously all competing but <hes> we're or all out there obviously to to have fun so I think that I'll be able to handle the pressure pretty well and they situations and the big moments. It's for things like this. We think dunk contest you think about the celebrities on the sidelines the other players losing it freaking out when you do stuff. Is there anyone you're excited to see show up no actually to we expect a good haircut for this yeah I would say so. I'd have to spice it up a little bit sprinkle some cash on their Chris. David mentioned the wall earlier. I want to go back to a moment home. What happened a couple of weeks ago U._S.? Open Cup. You guys beat N._Y._C.. A._F._C. in penalty kicks before those penalty kicks the wall ran from their side of the field behind the goal. You're shooting on. It's become known as the running of the wall. What was that like for you? How did you experience variance from the field? I thought it was honestly an incredible moment just when they had selected to have the the penalties on the opposite side of the wall seeing the people kind of run through the stadium and pylon onto the other side of the pitch were at first as she regards weren't going to let them through and <hes> we've gotten some people down there to give them the go-ahead and they swarm behind the goal and I think that going into that that gave us a massive advantage to have fans behind our goalie and on the side that we were shooting. I think that <hes> definitely help us get the win. We saw will Johnson turn around and start waving more fans over to the other side of the field more you guys saying each other. What were you thinking wallet was going down? I was also trying to wave people took the job I was telling everybody to get over there on that side of the on that side of the goal so that they can help our guys you know in those situations I think didn't penalties. I think that <hes> if you got people screaming behind the goal and given the goalkeeper a little bit of confidence. It's a little bit of motivation. I think that those those little things might give a little edge when when you sit down and look at it you're just in your second year as a pro player drafted sixth overall last year by Orlando City but you've played away games and you've played home games. What's the experience like playing in front of the wall playing in front of home fans in Orlando weaken and week out? It's amazing. Honestly I think the <hes> our fan base has been amazing. They've treated me so well since I got drafted last year. <hes> and I'm really thankful thankful that get to play in front of people like that. I think that's one of the things as a as a young kid that you dream of his playing in stadiums playing in front of people and ought to be embraced the way that I have by the Orlando fans it. It gives me so much motivation every week when I step out onto the pitch to be playing in front of them so yeah they're awesome besides the trademark running of the wall. Is there any other one moment that sticks out to you in your time playing at explore your stadium. We've had so many good comeback wins honestly that I had just been so so profound like in my career so far that I think that to pick one it would be an insult to the others. I think that alternative in have been great. I WanNa talk about your progression as a player because when I look at someone like you with your ability on the ball I ask myself. Why did he spend four years in college but then I go back through your numbers and they weren't great their your first two years at Wisconsin and then they really ramped up junior and senior year what has been your progression like as a player and you may be being considered a late bloomer yeah? I think that you know my first two years in school. Were kind of tough because I hadn't I hadn't played as much as I would have liked thought. The team was <hes> not performing at our our potential. Obviously we weren't playing too well but <hes> as started to blossom here in an I'm trying to continue to learn. I think that <hes> it's just been a matter of learning all the little things that it takes to to be a good player in it comes in confidence. It comes in <hes> mentally. I think that that was a huge piece that I had to to add to my game and learn about what was the mental side of the game and I think that as I continue to grow here it's just going to be something that <hes> it's important is just going to keep getting bigger fill fill in the blank for me here. Chris Mueller will be a member of the US men's national team if he gets better at crispy there will be a member of the US men's national team if he gets better at no one's ever monitoring and with bobby what I'll always I guess I should have told you up Chris because we talk on this show that you have the technical ability you have. There's no other way to put it. The sauce that this men's national team pull needs but maybe your game so needs to grow so what are you working on route training or maybe when training ends and you stay out there by yourself I mean I'm honestly just to work in a little bit of my technical aspects after after training every day and that's that's shooting that's one hodge and and <hes> I touch in the pocket in half turns little things like that but I think that it's just GonNa have to come down to consistency in production. I think that that's something that I just want to continue to build on a continue to put up good numbers. I think that that's <hes> that's something that's really important in. Is something something that could hopefully push me into the pool Sunday. You talk about consistency last year. You came out with a bang scored. Goals early got that wall up on their feet as you said those great comebacks and then from goals point of view from stats point of view it went into a lull later on in the season is the. Rookie Wall a real thing. Did you find that how much harder it was physically or mentally to be consistent in professional soccer yeah the under the last year especially it was tough with the season that we had and it being my first year in the league. I thought that the way that I came out like you said and scored three goals in three games or something like that I kind of may be too high and I think that <hes> of learned that this game is all about staying consistent through your through the lows in through through the Times where things are good so you don't WanNa you don't WanNa upbeat up in the peaks and you don't want to be on the valley. I think that <hes> finding that consistent level of just trying to take a game by game day by day trying to take something out of every training sessions trying to make those little small improvements so that in the long term <hes> you could see some big improvements and then as a team team for Orlando City. This is one of the best run since you've been a part of the group we mentioned going to the semi-finals of the Open Cup for the first time ever a few points out of a playoff spot right now. What's the feeling in the group about the way you're trending yeah? We have a lot of believe I think the <hes> we've ingrained a pretty good identity culture into what we got going on here and I think that <hes> if you look back at a lot of the game so far this year. I think that we should even have more points than we do right now. So I'm seeing where we are right now on the table. It doesn't give us too much too much to worry about but it also it. It's a reminder that you know with the Games that we've been playing. We know we've been playing good football. We know that we have <hes> been doing all the things that we want to try and do. I think that <hes> I think that the belief in the group is there Erin A as we continue to get going here. I don't know how many fifteen games left or something like that. I think that there's a lot to play for with where we're at right now on the table to huge questions to close out on first. We've seen some quality goal celebrations from you. How much work is going into knows? How much is Dom Dwyer? Non Helping Develop your goal celebration game that I'm trying to develop my own celebration and trying to continue to steal 'cause I've always done Rinaldo celebration. Even when I was back in school it Wisconsin Wisconsin and ninety told me after the last game that tell this kid is doing his job. You must've been so no. I mean yeah. The work has to be done for sure because is <hes> I think that coming up with my own cash celebration would be a good thing. We're looking forward to that. I will drop that castle British on this show every time you score if you come through I got a close up on a big one. Mr Ben Bear Who's part of soccer dot com comes on the show quite often. He is a University of Wisconsin alum. He is forever forward trying to push the game. You Tom Barlow drew connor basically the three best players ever from your school soccer program one. Is Tom Barlow the greatest goalscorer of all time in the world and to what happened then all all of a sudden you guys came together as a class and now you're a soccer school. <hes> I don't know I think that it was just kind of a desire to to push the program in a in a different way. I think that even guys like Mark said Burson <hes> Mike Catalano who who hasn't gotten his shot through through it all yet. I think that just having a group of core guys who who believed in something bigger than than what was there trying to see a big picture in the future I think that once we all put that vision in hand and just went for something I think it turned out to be great and you can see it now. Tom <hes> scored even yesterday. He's he's a good goal score. He's fast strong. He gets him behind <unk>. He's got a good finish on <hes> you know on us for that for that being said I like to play with Tommy and <hes> none of the university versus Wisconsin is definitely on the Komo there you go cast set it himself. He's GonNa get to show off for the all star Skills Challenge in Orlando coming up at the end of the month in front of Madrid unless all stars and everyone else in the world has it'll be on twitter and and twitch streaming the entire time of course you can catch him against the Portland Timbers later tonight and throughout the season four Orlando City Chris. Thanks so much for taking the time to join us. We really appreciate it. Thanks for having me on guys. I appreciate it all right cash in the building. That was a lot of fun Bobby Chris Mueller coming up as a star. You were serious though when you ask them the national team thing like you think he's on the border of being able to push that light yeah. I'd like to see him in the national team already what kind of what do we have any other players who play like him running the players that much comfort that much confidence and we might doesn't have the it factor of Jordan Morris or Jonathan Lewis with their pace but I'd like to see Chris Mueller. Get a call up. It's it's been fun to watch him for Orlando C._D.. It'll be fun to watch him in that Skills Challenge July thirtieth eight P._M.. Eastern time on twitch on twitter you can watch it on the M._l._S. APP and then of course the All Star game coming up the next day Athletico Madrid against the all stars coming from Explorer Stadium July thirty four and Bobby. You know how big Diego Simeone a fan. I am pretty big. Athletico Madrid aged fan as well. I'm extremely excited for this one. It's going to be awesome. I might wear my jersey. Is that okay. Is that unprofessional. You're going to wear the Athletico Madrid Jersey. I have a prewar Athletico Madrid Jersey. There's like pre nineteen forties. It's obviously not the real one from then otherwise. I put it in a box. We'll see what happens when you look up this weekend and what's going on in major league soccer starts on Friday night and it's probably the first thing we've talked about anyway but it's going to get kicked off ten P._M.. Eastern time on E._S._P._N.. The Big One L. Traffic Chico L. A._F._C. Hosting the galaxy out in California Bobby L. A._F._C. basically right now the best team in major league soccer history before we get into that how much better they can get because they have an open DP spot. Andrea did not work out for them. What what would you do if you had this open spot and you were putting it together over remind myself of the line? Don't let perfect be the enemy of amazing because they're amazing right. What growth could you have by signing new player over what they already have compared to the idea that we know how hard it is for big name players that come to this league sometimes and yes? Maybe you get a Brian Fernandez atop. Maybe you get an Andre Horta. Maybe get a P._d.. Martinez this is to say don't try an upgrade your team this year. Get a player that used for the long-term finally EP. That's young song that you can help grow the Bilo on to hopefully sell a little bit higher so I'd be surprised if they use that DP spot to improve right now but they should use it thinking down the road because Latif Blessings GonNa want his money Mark Anthony K Edward Cuesta Eddie see all these players have played. Don't go to Europe or are on contract. I mean got extended this year. Latif got extended but just the one year because that stops athletes from asking for more moisture absolutely although everything you just described his Andre Horta so they tried that and it didn't go so well the hope on Horta would make his way into the team quick I did but the point was they didn't need him right. He had the flexibility to take his time find. You eat develop when you actually look at this club and it's ridiculous to say they actually haven't always spent high numbers well. When you look at like the big numbers they have? It's Diamante Christian Ramirez. It's Li win and then obviously the two G._p.'s have the other ones and then under that it's out to us the and then it's Walker Zimmerman Eddie sicker I think about two hundred thousand dollars they have crushed it on their other moves so it's almost to the point where it's like. Don't use it. That's not their best that why use it <hes> that's complicated. We talked about investment because I don't know the exact numbers and we talked about earlier in the show with them setting it up so you could say on the back end. They didn't spend a ton on transfer fees. They didn't spend a ton on wages but maybe on the front end though scouts we talked about that scouting structure the agents. Maybe they spend more on that. We don't exactly know what they spent on these players but whatever they're doing is working so then one more specific you say by Yang someone who can develop blah blah blah. Is there a position in mind. I think the obvious one would be center forward <hes> but it's tough because you have to spend normally higher numbers to get quality quality at that position. I don't know that I would say a position. I think I would find the right player for the right price with the with the right amount of potential that you can help grow and then he turned into a star. It's interesting to see for L. A._F._C.. What position would you get? I think it has to V. Center forward one because when you're talking about selling later that's where you're going to get the most money you'll get more mino- toss get auto pain. It's literally Minolta's. This is the dream scenario. Their Scouts in Colombia have been fantastic already with cigar not to Estes so they've done well there you can it also maybe look at young Americans around the world and see if there's any potential they're similar to what they did with Mark Anthony K. I don't know who I'm talking about in that scenario. Maybe it's just sergeant but that would probably not happen. <hes> it'll be interesting to see for L._A.. Of See I mentioned it. They're cruising there arguably the best team in major league soccer right now. They've never beaten Allah galaxy. How big is this one for them as a club the last one if we're talking about the future of L. A._F._C.? We also have to note that the under fifteen level they have one of the two undisputed best teams in the academy freight those kids you're going to be turning sixteen seventeen. We see players major league soccer playing at that age including for Alvarez across L._A.. Playing for the galaxy just keep that in mind as you think about where you're going next what Bob Bradley wants to do. They have a leap prospects coming through that system. Ask Your question okay. How much does this game into this club? They're probably going to win. Supporters Shield this year. They're arguably the greatest season in major league soccer history. They've never beaten the galaxy. Can I phrase that answer by saying it matters more to the galaxy. No you can not that's not a proper answer you can but you'd be wrong yeah. You're gonNA tell me this game matters more to L. A._F._C.. Who are trotting they could go into a slow walk and still win supporter shield? I can tell you this because as someone who's a sports sports fan the last thing you want to have any club in the bag for your rival to come at you with and there will be like a cliche that sports people use actually if if if L. A._F._C. doesn't win this game they'll be like hey the galaxy your joke doc where the top team in the League Carlos fellows the best player in the League slots on has some very interesting comments about that as well and galaxy fans will come back and just say you've never beaten us it won't be right. It may not be the trump card but they can say it and that hurt says. Defense I'm GonNa tell you that hurts you. Don't agree with a lot of pain in my life. Is I know all about these things. I've never seen one of my sports teams win anything but beating your rival is what you want that you another moment. I get what you're saying but he was L.. A._F._C. are so far ahead. I mean everything they've done the quality of their soccer one game doesn't diminish that yeah maybe if it was close maybe if they were only up by. What are they right now or in stir? Maybe they're only up by nine points. They're up foil Levin Point exactly that part is done. What's next and for them? What's next is winning in this rivalry or winning the entire you know two legs over the course of the separation points but not only the separation the quality of soccer David L. A._F._C.? You're doing compared to the galaxy. Yes they have is Latin. They've got decent defensive shape. John Dos Santos has been excellent at times but the quality and soccer right if you if you truly love the sport the product that these teams are putting on the field is also an ocean apart and even if the galaxy win wants and it's almost hard to imagine they don't just win but also out plan is that is there any percentage that you would put on the table for the galaxy not just winning but actually out planning looking like the better team I would say no because the way the team is structured. We've agreed on this in the past wits lots on the field is not free flowing dominating possession types games. I think they've gotten better at that in two thousand nine hundred and they were at twenty eighteen. They've probably gotten better at everything since two the eighteen as a club because last year was pretty bad for them but that's not the way they play and it's not going to be the way they play. I think if they're successful I think for them. It's going to be getting an early goal getting something. Whatever comes out of nowhere you could say what's lots Tom and then sitting as a group and defending number? I hope the galaxy is an organization. My guess is they do right. 'CAUSE SCARLATA smart Chris Klein played some good soccer and major league soccer. You have the stars on your chest Bruce for the galaxy yeah. They won cups yeah. They had great players that were fun to watch. I appreciate you know I appreciate this distinction. I appreciate this so so much but no they still played it was eleven thirteen thirteen fourteen three years they still played attractive soccer okay and it wasn't in the same way that Pep Guardiola does Bruce Rain isn't pappy has his own little secret sauce of talking to players and giving the right balance of instruction but lazy fair but it was still attractive and is like this galaxy team with the stars from the past with the sash with the trophies I it just the quality of soccer isn't there. It's a team of moments. It's a team that rides on the shoulders of a star player which when you put it comparison what L. A._F._C. are doing it has to drive people in Carson nuts. Do you WanNa talk about thought. Don's comments about valor. Should we move on I. They actually don't interest me at all. You want to read them. I don't even have them with me so I can't but paraphrase a basically said I'm a better player than Carlos fellow because when I was in my prime which is in now I was doing better things in Europe and villas not don't know how that argument works because the question was currently and Lonzo answer was to why he was currently a better player logically flawed. We both agree logically which is shocking considering the ways law was about you understand the point we liked the flex logically flawed. I'm sure I'll see fans will enjoy it if Crossville gets in on his left foot at some point over the course of this game. It's GonNa be a great way to start the weekend Saturday a ton of action across major league soccer and then finishing up Sunday with three National T._V. Games Atlanta Hosting D._C.. United Four P._M.. Eastern time on E._S._P._N.. And then that will be followed up after a little bit of a break with seven thirty P._M.. Eastern time on F S One Orlando Hosting Red Bulls and double header Cascadia Cup Seattle host Portland that one also on F S One. It's going to be a great weekend of soccer. It's going to be a lot of fun to watch and then it's followed up mid week games again next week. The League's Cup kicking off for the first time ever L. A. Galaxy will be one of the teams hosting they will host on Tuesday night against Club Tijuana Eleven P._M.. On E._S._P._N.. That's coming right after Chicago fire crews Zule and then on Wednesday Houston hosting club America America and our S. L. Hosting Tigris that one those two on U._p._N.. As well as on E._S._P._N.. Plus all of these Games available in Spanish on U._P._N.. There'll be a show here to talk about that. One the Leaks Cup will double its size already next year just being announced the tournament expanding more. M._L._S. teams more league teams in it that coming up next year we will talk about that on Monday. We'll preview these games so let us know what you think at extra time. M._l._S. soccer dot com sorry extra time Tamila soccer dot com and add extra time on twitter. What do you think about the leaks cup expanding? We heard Don garber comments when the final was being announced in Las Vegas to Hercules Gomez alongside the President of League maxine. We want this partnership to grow. We Want S.. Two Leagues to grow closer together going forward bobby. These feel like historic moments when you look back in ten years and you see what this has become or what soccer and North America has become. It feels like these few moments. We're going to be key when you look back. It's going to be pretty cool to watch. Let's move on to the mail bag and we didn't talk about the crew when we talked mid week so we're going to talk about them here because we have gotten a couple emails from crew fans especially Dan in Columbus and he said crew is officially in the worst fifteen game streak week in club history. Some in the fan base are angry with Caleb Porter. I think this is a mistake given the circumstances injury Valenzuela out for the season Igwe out for the season Harrison awful missing six weeks carl up call ups or international artists trap and Mensa the sale sale of Zach Stephan as well as the transition of the front office which didn't allow them to shop in the winter transfer and so basically crew lost their entire spine of the team midway through the season having said that being historically bad is not so good so the manager has to take some blame and he says says I say porter has been better than he looks. Statistically the team performance has been trending up despite not getting results some agreement there. Do you disagree no. It's definitely been a bit unfortunate the crew right if you come into the season and you have the competitive advantage of your to outside backs maybe the best Hannemann and molest and they both get hurt. There goes not just start starter quality players but the backbone of what you're trying to build but it's also fair to say that killer border hasn't done a great job with that right. He was has dealt a tough hand this year. He hasn't played that ham particularly well it somewhere in the middle but I mean this is a guy who has one eye Mosca. He's won championships in college. He's played really fun soccer along the way he deserves to be given the chance and he will be given the chance to find a way to make it better and I it was stated here but when you look at crew and you say well why why is it going to get better literally three of their four starters along their backline have missed almost all of the season when you look at the rotation at centre-back alongside those fullbacks and Zach Stephan leaving thing as well you look moving forward you know they have one of the most competitive central midfield in the League when they have those options behind them and then you talk about a young DP making his debut in India as you talk about what you have in Sosa maybe here there but you've got a little what about talent coming through and then czar already locked in top. There's there's cornerstones to say going forward. This is how we'll get better for. Columbus also think we'd is undervalued or underestimated the difference in systems right Greg Berhalter's strict structure. I'm not surprised by this. Okay that's good but to go from having a detail oriented positioning ideas and what you do in the ball to kill a port or a little bit more free a little bit more figure it out on the fly. It's hard to go from eight A. B. and when you talked about with Porno like and the Houston Dynamo example they were using right. I think there's an element for players of being good because you go into a system but also having the confidence no a coach came and got me for a specific reason and I fit this well and Gregg Berhalter at times we talked about you know maybe not having the big money d._p.'s but getting more talent more production out of players that was I think because of the environment he built and guys coming in knowing exactly what they meant to Gregg Berhalter and exactly how he wants to play the game and then you just switched coaches. It doesn't just change that way right. Kale Porta can't say by the way you're so important to me because he wasn't the one who sat in a room and said hey sign with us and come to Columbus scouted you for six months and I think you see the mental drop off their right. Let's a transition there to question. It wasn't submitted but I'm GONNA ask David Okay so so who are the final two spots in the eastern conference and it feels like the Columbus crew aren't GonNa make it. Are you talking about the postseason now yes. You're just jumping that jumping me out that at where are you already locking in the top five in Philadelphia Atlanta New York work at N._Y._C. A._F._C. Not D._C.. I will put on the bubble interesting so you're saying who are the final three then sure I will give you. I will say Toronto. I will say Montreal because Nacho P._R.. is going to return it sounds like in about a a week and I think he's going to play as a man on a mission his last year and having that guy can change the shape of the field is a huge on so the two Canadian sides in there so that leaves D._C.. United that leaves the New England Revolution Orlando and Chicago. That's a really tough question so I asked yeah. I'm GonNa Say D._C.. Right now what are you. I'm GonNa Keep D._C.. In I'M GONNA keep Toronto win. I bumped Montreal. It comes down to New England Orlando. I Have Orlando because I think knowing one got two good would too quick and teams will now play them like a good team whereas they will not start to play Orlando like a good team and they just kind of chip away points fascinating. It's going to be a lot of fun to watch. It's a great weekend of action coming up starting with traffic. Oh Ten PM eastern time on E._S._P._N.. On Friday night and we're looking forward to all star. WE'LL BE DOWN IN ORLANDO so if you're in the area if you're going to the All Star Game Let us know Leagues Cup coming up next week. We'll have all your previews on Monday and review of the weekend. I think Andrew will be will be back. Although you never know maybe he fell off a boat.

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