The Spirits Move You


Hello welcome to stories podcast I'm your host Amanda Weldon. Today's story is called the spirits move you an addict nation of an African fable written for you by Daniel Hynes today we'd like to say a special thank you to Lucas and Cecil and their family in Salem Oregon competence for life. I really struggled with math when I was in school and I really would have benefited from the face to face interaction. Magnesium provides being able to ask questions event just drop in math nauseam works to build strong foundational skills develop critical thinking and boost grades and test scores giving kids confidence in math through twelve and they have over one thousand franchise locations worldwide they're highly trained caring instructors teach each child as an individual they create custom go to math nauseam dot com slash stories today to learn more about their programs or you can call eight five five nine ten math that's magnesium dot com family from Sao Paulo Brazil. Thank you so much Tayo Lucas Benjamin Zachary Hazel Olivia Cecil and Lucas. 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The raccoon overheard this and bristled immediate I'd rather go back and live in the parking lot they stared at each other across the swaying grass they were equally sized and neither one cared to no no you won't distract me that easily this place is mine I'd say we could share but I don't believe in sharing its every raccoon for himself out there eight we can let the spirit of the forest decide said the raccoon oh I'm so sure and how do we do that oh well that was a bust said the Fox fine snapped the raccoon that neither one of us will build here if the perfect little spot not really they both waited a day to try and be sneaky and then snuck back to the spot the Fox got back that's what it takes to be rid of you then fine the Fox agreed they both turned and went their separate ways but neither one plan to give up I looked all around perfect no raccoon she said the first thing will be to pull up all the grass I'll come back and do that he decided the first thing to be done was to pull up all the old grass he got to work with his paws and claws and worked until the sun started to rise and Morrogh satisfied she went to get some sleep the raccoon one out that same night late when it was dark and still like the Fox orest spirits please drop an acorn on whoever is meant to live you the pair waited for a long time no acorn spell sting his beady little is not a bad night's work he said to himself as he headed off to bed now I'll get this all swept and level the dirt so it was soft and level perfect she said when she was finished now tomorrow I can get some trees to make my house frame zero the Fox woke up a short while later and went to go clear the grass but when she arrived she couldn't believe what she saw that grass she turned her fuzzy back and headed off to bed of course the raccoon showed up just a couple of hours later to start his night and when he came to the house sure not wanting to seem grateful for the help of the spirits the Fox decided to continue the job she took her long fluffy tail and swept ready gathered she cried clapping her poems together what amazing forest spirits I found they truly must want me to make this my home oh my God as already cleared she said the spirits of the forest must have heard me and helped me with the work they totally want me to live here this is a special spot for sturdy and Stout enough for a house frame what a wonderful day he said to himself as he left to get some sleep now tomorrow I just need uh-huh not wanting to seem ungrateful for the help of the spirits the raccoon decided to continue the job he went and found some good fallen tree branches Josh thinks guys she took the trees that had been gathered doug some holes and planted their bottoms in the earth that way they stood straight and get these in the ground the Fox woke up a short while later and return to the clearing in the warm light of day Oh my gosh the trees have all sure they've swept the dirt for me he pranced forward sinking in his paws so soft so luxurious such a lovely spot for a home fragrant pine boughs the branches were thick with waxy needles that would keep out the worst of the wind and sun the Raccoon worked all night and went to bed exhaust sturdy in the air they're a perfect frame tomorrow I'll come and get some pine boughs for the walls she headed off to bed and the raccoon took her he gasped with excitement wow well shire's well we WANNA wherever he gasped the forest spirits want me to live did just before sunrise the Fox came shortly after missing the raccoon by mere moments she found the stack of Pine Boughs and nearly cry laced with the rising moon theses incredible this is just incredible incredible incredible incredible he cried finishing the house with careful Pau and claw and snout work she wove the Pine Boughs into the frame in the end she had a tight little house that kept her war means I'm not done yet but what else is there he thought for a minute and then to finally he leaped up clapping his paws hearing and saw the little house completed he nearly lost his roly-poly little mind oh my sweet stinky garbage he exclaimed he saw the small pile of branches that the Fox had left behind they had been extra of course but he didn't know that they left branches with joy those spirits have favored me again this is without a doubt the perfect spot for me to make my home she spent the rest of the day did she headed off to fetch her things leaving behind a small pile of unused branches the raccoon woke shortly after when he walked into the she took her things and went into the left side of the house she was soon settled and sleeping sweetly the raccoon returned when she was snoozing he moved I'm and smelled Piney and beautiful finished she said finally now I just have to get my stuff and move it in Oh my gosh I'm so excited is be evil she screamed and ran from the house the screen terrified the raccoon and he to ran out the door they collided and fell in a pile yes used her paws to scratch behind her ears thumping into the wall with a WEAP- WEAP- WEAP- on his side the raccoon leaned over his garbage full belly these things into the right side of the house and lay down to rest as well never seeing the Fox in her half at dusk they both got up to stretch the Fox out front get out of my way said the raccoon I'm running from screaming spirits in my house no you get out of my way said the Fox said the Fox show did you said the raccoon doesn't matter now though I already finished my house your house I just finished my house the spirits planted my frame for me they must really want me to live here as a show of his thinks the raccoon spent the rest of the day gathering wide. I'm running from a moaning monster in my house they looked at each other and then looked at the house you said you weren't going to build here the raccoon left and the Fox came back with her things short time later she saw the home with a wall down the center knew what it meant right away or at least she oh I got it the spirits have helped me build a lovely house but it's much too large for me they must want to room for themselves of course he took the brand it's helped me they gathered me pine boughs new I gathered Pine Boughs

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