GSMC MMA Podcast Episode 74: Recap of Khabib vs McGregor (10-07-2018)


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We've got you covered here on Golden State media concepts, MMA podcast. All right. Now, thank you for tune into the GS m. Emma MMA podcasts. The UFC two twenty nine post fight addition. I am your host Tate. And with me is Hermilio you doing her Millo don't you take? I am. I don't know how I don't even know how to tell you what I how I am with this. You have c. two twenty nine, which was a spectacular event ended with a massive, massive black. And when I when I look at this and I step back and take a look at the situation, I'm going to start off by when I say, give you my take on this. I originally picked could be to win the fight and could be did win to fight. But the day of the fight I changed the day before the fight. I changed my prediction to Connor just because I knew how bad could be getting into Connor had gotten into could be head. But what transpired after the fight in my opinion was just disgusting. It was. It was my, it was a event. It was. It was a great event that ended in such a way that I thought it was. The biggest black is that the UFC has ever received event reminded me a lot of the Holyfield Mike. Tyson fight. Now that was a mutt that one that was an absolute crazy event. I was actually posed to be at that event, but I didn't go. But. When you look at what, what transpired, where after could be stopping Connor, and we're going to touch on the fight could be started to yell at at Connor. And then he turns around, he takes his my peas out and he throws it at the fence, and he starts yelling outside the ring, and he's yelling at Connors corner. Then out of nowhere, he jumps over the cage and he actually attacks a member of Conner's camp. Then another crazy thing happened where one member of Conner's camp came while Connor was on the ground and kinda recovering one. Connor one of the members came at Connor Connor, and and you know, approach Connor in a aggressive way like he was going to hit him. Another member jumped over the cage and came from behind and tried to hit Connor from behind the other. Member through a punt ended up being a Malay in the ring while could be was attacking the members outside the ring. I thought it was discussing I personally think, and I Camilo I'll let you talk in just a second. I personally think I'm gonna go out right on the line. I'm a fan of Connor. I'm a fan of could be could be is one of my absolute favorite people. To watch in a UFC, but I personally think could be should be suspended, could be should be fined. And here's the big one I think could be should be stripped of the title with that. I'm gonna throw it over the u. her mellow. What do you think about what I just said? And do you agree? Disagree. Tell me what you think we have not had a chance to talk about this whatsoever. So I'm very curious to see what your take is on this. Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. I mean was it took me by surprise completely. I mean, after he choked out McGregor and then that happened, I was so surprised. And one of the first things that I thought it was this is sculpting, the should not be happening. I get it McGregor with his antics, guiding your head and salted him, so it could be, but this should not have happened. He should have been able to control himself and I do agree. I think it should be stripped. And should be fine. Now, there's one more thing that's probably going to happen. Not only is he going to have to deal with Nevada commission and possibly the some sort of sanction from the, but even Dana was saying that he might not be allowed to the country. Again, fight, you know his his, his. His passport and things like that could be in serious danger. I don't know if it will be when you have when you have lawyers involved, you can stop a lot of things. A lot of that was brought up when Connor attacked the bus and they were talking about, they were worried that Connor will not be able to get a passport to the fight back in the u comeback into the US again. But when you have when you if you have quality lawyers, I don't think that will happen, but it is a possibility. I think there's a big difference even though I thought Connor should have been suspended for what he did with the bus situation. What happened at this fight? Went way beyond what Connor did when you're at a sporting event and a fan and a fighter literally jumps over the cage and attacks. Another guy, even though he was part of team, he literally when he won, he turned, he threw his mouthpiece, started yelling at his corner, his corner Yale back could be jumped over the fence and attack them step right onto the press, press area, knocked over table. And the Malay started. The second reason you have so you have you have the fighter jumping into the audience. Then you also have one guy coming in the door and confronting Connor when he's just, you know, trying to get, he's trying to recover from being been tapping out and then to get a clear shot from behind as another guy climbs the cage comes in and hits him from behind all three guys ended up getting arrested and and the big thing is, is all three guys were arrested. They went to Connor for statement and Connor refused, the press charges on those guys. So they were later released. What are you going to add them? We're gonna go to some of the some of the comments from Dana white as well. Yeah. I mean, so I was watching the video and what happened was that? Yeah, like you said, I mean, this shouldn't have happened in terms of you see a man recovering from just being choked out or a neck, rank, whatever you wanna call it. That's something you don't do an only that. I mean, the fact that could be stepped out once you step out of that octagon and then somebody else, for example, somebody from the crowd on this case could be seen jumps in. That's a criminal act. Yes, it is. It's very much. Yes, it is. And that's where I had the biggest problem because if you're there and you see him and he comes crashing across press row, crashing into the audience, and he just and he starts pushing in throwing punches. And the melee strikes it's it's a dangerous situation because that stuff spread and it starts off with could be audience, then the guy defended himself. Then another guy defend himself, and then it just grows. I've been many fights where that has grown to a level where it's very dangerous. Dana talks about, you know, his concerns of trying to take care of the audience. Also, one of the things that I will say. And I think Tony Ferguson said at Bess. And that is a lot of things are said, and there's a lot of beef that go on before the fight. No matter what is said, no matter what the beef is. It's settled in the ring. That's the point. That's one of the points of combat fighting prize fighting is I say, what I say, you say what you say, but we meet in the ring. We have it out and then it squashed, we shake hands. I may not like you. You may not like me, but we squashed that beef and, but it never spills out into the audience and two more and to a dangerous situation like this, what's your thoughts? I mean. Agree. Obviously, I agree that this should not go and don't agree with me if you don't agree with that. Why? Because I really want to hear your thoughts. I totally agree with that. I mean, I think you know, for example, could people saying we're not gonna shake hands and that's fine. You don't have to shake hands, not even require. Shake hands. You don't have to be best friends if the beef is still there after the fight. That's fine. If you have those feelings towards Connor, but you should have never acted in the way you did. Now. I'm not trying to justify what could be date or condone, but at the same time, it's a little difficult or I'm trying to understand where he's coming from because I mean, Connor was insulting a lot of things that are very important or sacred to could be. Yes and that's, and that's gamesmanship and some the any cross the line. And and there's a lot of things that happen where he crossed the line as where I understand you're talking about spiritually token, 'bout his faith in this country and things like that. So I do understand why he was heated. Just the whole concept going in in the states. I want you to finish your statement. Yeah. No, it's just going to say the, you know, for example, having I'm not a religious person, but having studied a little bit of religion, I just understand how important that it can be to people. So if you're talking about someone's religion, someone. People, nationalities, race that can really strike court. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. A can. So I think in that sense, Connor wind went, like you said across the line. So maybe just maybe even though it's just words, you know, you can say whatever you want, but maybe the UCS would be a little bit more. Has a say in terms of like what people can't say cannot. I mean it's a little bit difficult because you have all that. Yes, it each and whatnot. Right? But it's just as a person, you know what line not to cross in that. I think that that was just something that Connor sharing of done. No, that's that's a great point Connors, not one hundred percent innocent in this, but when you I was looking at more of the actions of diving into the stands you, I kind of look at it. They're two different issues, which I do agree to u. of c. may have to start doing something to taper. Some of the comments that are made. But as a fighter, you should never clam over a fence and dive into the stands and start throwing haymakers, nor should you ever allow anyone. I don't care who it is to climb over the fence and and to strike one of your fighters. That's. That's where I was the most disgusted by this whole situation. Right. And it's like I said, I want to repeat once again. We're not justifying or I'm not justifying with could be bid or his team. I'm just, yes, you are totally token. There. Pat people understand how this this happened yet. Okay. 'cause I understand. 'cause you, it's it's one of those things where you have to be fair and balanced, and you have to look at the whole picture and how things happen. Now we're going to take a quick break. When we come back, we're going to hear what Dana white had to say about this. So stay tuned and we'll be right back. Out this show built around the women of MMA from the UFC to the extreme cage fighting, we got the fights cover is saying it's the Golden State media concepts women's MMA podcast. The latest news of upcoming flights discussions reviews matches join us as we talked to in about the biggest names women's mixed martial arts past present and future would it's the women's fright game. You know, we're to listen to Golden State media concepts, women's MMA podcast. Listen being in there in the middle of this thing when it was going on, I felt that. I have to start worrying about the fans and people that are inside the arena media. The guys that are, you know. That are there watching the fight. And I felt that if we put the belt on him in the middle of the octagon, it was going to rain. And I thought that people would throw whatever they had into the octagon and I thought it would be a dangerous situation so I didn't do it. I said, we're going to be lucky just getting him out of here without him getting pelted. So that's what we try to do. All right. That was that was Dana white talking about why he did not put the belt on could be after tapping out Conor McGregor because could be was in the ring, and he was very upset and he really wanted Dana to put the belt around his ways and announce him as the new champ. The question came up is is could be champion. And so Dana is explaining why he did not put the belt around could be, what's your thoughts about what Dana said? And this whole transaction here? I mean, it makes sense. I mean, just look at how. The crowd was reacting. I think it was actually a pro McGregor. Crowds. I think if that would have happened, mayhem would Rocca for sure kind of already did, but may I was gonna say that ship itself mayhem was already and affect the UFC, did a really, really good job on making sure security was there or t. mobile thima woo arena. But they did a really good job. So this because this thing could have really grown to a to, like I said that Tyson Holyfield level. But you know, I really agree with Dana, Dana at the press conference. I thought he was. He was very informative. He wasn't. He like Dinah gets used being a hothead sometimes and I and I'm one of those people, but you could tell he was taking this thing very, very serious and and was addressing all the questions. Here's another part of some other statements from Dana said, put put my belt on me and I said, no, we're not going to put the belt on you because I think that the fans are gonna go crazy and they're gonna throw stuff in here. He says, I don't care. I'm ready for this. I'm ready for this. I said, yeah, we'll the other twenty thousand people that are sitting here and paid for tickets already. For this you're not. I mean. And he said, if if I have to be arrested, then I have to be arrested, but I want my belt put on the and then finally, cormier and Rocco did a great job of. Helping contain, you know the situation and get him out of there. Now, do you agree what Dana Dana did because I personally thought it was a smart smart decision to cool things down because I think he's right if if when you're an arena, and if he gives, if he put said boat around their first off, there's a lot of upset Irish fans, and that arena was packed with Irish fans. There's going to be there's a lot of upset people, but there's also a lot of upset people and a lot of tempers flaring because could be had gone into the stands. And so I kind of looked at a dual one because of the fact that there's a lot of things that's going to happen. You know, not kinda not as not rewarding him by giving him to build in the ring, but also taken into account how there's a lot of people in the stands that you have to Dana white and UFC is responsible for and making sure that they get out of that arena and people in in the casino and around that area get out of that area without any harm happening. Because when I go back and I keep going back to that, that the Tyson Holyfield fight it literally, it's it went through with through the stands into the Raina out on the streets, and that's where I praise the UFC for making sure that that didn't happen. What's your thoughts on about the fact that Dana did not put the belt on Khabib and actually and how they cleared the ring and then announce the outcome. It was a wise move. I mean, I. You know when when the Fibro cout inside the octagon and then a little bit on the outside, I really thought the crowd was going to go, you know, like fans against fans, I, I was truly worried about that. I would just waiting for it at that Jesus was going to happen. But no, I think they situation really well given the time that they had. I mean, that was a wise move for him. And I mean, I think even Dana mentioned in one in some video that even the mayor of New York had a run out governor, the governor, the governor of Nevada was there. And if you, if you have a situation where to governor Nevada is they're getting the governor out of the out of the Raina because they're worried that it's going to turn into a full fledged of riot. You have a situation on your hands and it's it's the UFC in primarily Dana White's responsibility to the fans at this point more than even the fighters because they come to the Rena. To watching the vent and be safe, not to be part of a full on brawl and you know, and because of, like you said, some of the things that Connor said it was it was countryman versus countrymen race versus other countrymen. It became very personal thing, and that's what Connor. That's how that's what Connor does to get in your head that mental warfare. But this is when mental warfare has gone wrong. What do you say about that year? And I mean, even sitter afterwards that he that he just didn't like the way the sport was functioning in terms of the showmanship and in terms of like the promotion of sport, and he said that impart the media was to blame because they're all about trash talking and insulting people or fires in each other. And he's not about that. He said he wanna bring sport back to what it should be, which is fighter for spec each other fighters, respect a sport. And of course, when they get into the ring, they do what they have to do to each other, but don't you feel the trash pas about politics, cutting you off? Don't you feel like trash talk is a part of the game of of combat sports, whether you are a kickboxer MUI ties specialists a boxer or an MA fighter getting into the game and the mental warfare. Air before that is, you know, that's how you sell the fight. That's how that's how the reason why your could be making more money than he's ever made in his life off of this fight is because he's benefiting from the trash talk that Connor is, has made the trash talk that he's done over. Over the years with other fighters as how he built his name. That's how that's the reason why we're trying to see was a two million pay per view buys was three million paper view buys could be didn't sell to three million pay per view buys, which I personally think he's worth seeing me. You know, could be a must see fighter, but the trash talk the provide. Oh, that is Connor McGregor. Is the reason why this is going to be the biggest pay day of your life. You gotta take that into account. I forget who I was get someone. I was watching an interview with and they were talking about fighting Michael Busemann and Michael was talking all kinds of trash and things. And then they went to the bathroom and he went to the bathroom, and then door open and another guy walks in the bathroom and goes into the the urinal next to him, and he looks. Over and it's Michael business who just been talking all kinds of trash. The Michael doesn't say one word to me just goes head and does his business. Finishes up washes, his hands turns the him and said, okay, back back to the show and he walks out and then he starts talking smack about him. Again, you talk about going back to the seventies in Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali had been hit been stripped of the title because he didn't want to. He didn't want to go to the Vietnam war and and he was trying to get a fight with Joe Frazier back and but my Hamadeh was kinda low on money, and Joe came to check on them and to see how he's doing offered him. You know, do you need anything or anything like that? And they were super nice the minute that they stepped out of the building. Muhammad was saying, Joe Frazier of bum, I'm gonna whip 'em up and all this stuff. It's the selling of the, it's the selling of the fight. You can't have. You can't get the good without the without the bad. Does. That make sense at all. It does make sense. But I think I mean, I agree and there's not. I do omit being that crossing racial lines in crossing ethnic lines, you know, are the same thing but or racial racial religious lines is a very fine thing and in a slippery slope. So I do agree with you. I don't think I agree with you. For example, if you, let's go with boxing wrestling, spend talking boxing, there's a fight between fury while they're coming up and you can tell the met before and you know they, they're really cool with each other just hanging out. But once they go out to the media, then they start talking trash around Nacchio your bum, but I don't think Conor and could be had that pre agreed. No, it's never. You know it would be. It would come off very fake if it was pre agreed. Part of, I think part of Connor's game is is getting in your head in the mental Warfield to take you out of your game. That's the reason why changed my opinion on who I thought was going to win. I, I have been saying since this fight was announced. I have been consistently saying I thought could be was gonna win, and I thought he was gonna win in dominating fashion. But the reason why I changed my answer is because I could tell how much Connor had gotten into his head and just like Jose out. Oh, he Connor getting really in Jose Altos head and it allowed cozy out, oh, to make a massive mistake. And so I changed my decision because of the exact same thing I was worried that could be was going to make a massive mistake because of the anger that he did is not only. Connors provide O'Connor's statements. It's not just to sell the fight, but it's also to win the fight his provider before the fight is just as important as a as a lead kick or t kick or push kick or jab. It's one of the weapons in his arsenal that he uses to win a fight. And so that's the reason why I was saying that right now, but trying to go back a little bit to the February. Okay, you know the whole trash off and it's just part of part of this competition. You know, one man against one man or woman rates going one woman ready believe you're gonna beat them. There's a lot of, you know exactly. There's a lot of much more bravado, but I think could be a way of somewhat right. He's like, but the media really likes to make bigger than what they really are. Yes. Very much. So it's almost like they pressure you to go even above and beyond. Just the normal level of trash talking should be given because you're a competitor and you truly believe you're going to beat your opponent. That's fine. But I think he is right. The media's really pushing, no, you gotta give me more like way more than than what it really needs to be. And it's the the, the world world of world star. Now it's, it's it's bigger better. You have to in order to catch the media attention. You have to sell it and catch the media's attention. So you have to get bigger and bigger and more personal and more personal. And that's kind of what has happened. And this is the reason why could be was so upset, wonder things. You know, as you know when you having something like this, this is the danger of it. I think we still have. We have another some little bit more from what Dana was saying last night as well. The way that that works is Connor was one of the guys who was attacked and things like that. Connor refused to press charges. So the guys that they did have they've released there were there were three guys from Habib's team arrest. I think they were from Habib's team. I don't know that were arrested and they were released because Conard and wanna press charges. All right. And that's in Dana, Dana talking about the fact that Connor did not press charges. And the reason why this clip is perfect clip here is goes back to kind of what I said. Connor kinda gets that he is. He is selling. He was selling the fight, it's part of his game, but he knows that has gotten personal and the fact that he he didn't press charges. I think it was the right decision because he knows as as as you're selling fights as your as you're, you're talking and things you, you're saying very personal thing. He knows that he's crossed the line. So you understand why things get heated. Also, I think Conor knows that you everything was settled in the ring. Connor actually put up a couple of couple of tweets where he talks about, you know, good, good, knockout, good stoppage or and he looks forward to the rematch and then he had another tweet where he talks about how this is not the end of the notorious one that he's, you know, he's looking forward to come in back and and getting that rematch. What do you? What do you think about the Tena whites statement about the fact the CONNER didn't press charges and fact that in his tweets, he talked about how he still wants that rematch, which just shows what McGregor was talking about even before the fight habit right at the press conference that he's back. I mean he has all the money in the world, but he's still doing it because he truly enjoys and he loves the game. He loves the sport. So I mean, we'll see what I mean the rematch. I don't. Well, you know, we'll stop it right there because what we're gonna do, we're gonna take a quick break, but when we come back, we're actually going to break down this fight and we're gonna talk about the fight. Because right now everything we've been talking about is actually what happened after the fight. Now we're going to talk about the actual fate stay tune and we will be right back to using an energy company raises many questions. You can make electricity and natural gas works smarter working. I find a company that's easy to business with knows the market best has options to fit my needs millions of homes and businesses. There's one answer constellation decades of market intelligence and Freeman solutions, trusty energy, energy, efficient, simple, inciteful, and flexible. That's what makes constellation America's energy choice. Learn more constellation dot com slash energy. This is your alternate stop for everything sports, the Golden State media concepts, sports podcast, should I say more from the NFL MLB the NBA MMA. It's all in here, Golden State media, concepts, sports, but cast listen. All right, and we're back. And. For Mula and I have been talking about the Conor McGregor could be no Maga men off or Habib. No Maga made off and the outcome of all the craziness that happened after the fight and also some Dana White's comments from the press conference afterwards as well. Now we're going to actually go back and we're going to talk about the fight and what we saw and and just can give our breakdown. So. When you watch when you were watching this fight, and we're watching this fight here. The first thing that I the big thing I was expecting was because could be kinda had gotten into be head I wanted to see was could be going to either be cautious because of of the comments and things of the Connor has done he'd gotten in his head or what's he gonna come out guns blazing. And when I looked at this fight, the thing that I was apprised on is that could be got that takedown early. He gotta take down early and he was able to ride it out. And I thought that gave that took all the butterflies away and put could be in a comfortable place as that point. That's when I knew that Connor was in trouble because I thought Connors, biggest thing was catching could be while he's tight and finishing him, and that never happened. Could be able to settle in and get a takedown, get into a comfortable zone, and then you could see his confidence starting to grow and grow and grow. What did you see meal? I was very surprised. You know, one of the first things that I noticed they walk into the radio, the go, get close to each other, but then mcgregor's. How can I say pace? He was like very slow most like just trying to take a very easy like he was not doing what he was doing with elder which is in and out being moving a little bit more. It's almost I was thinking as he tried to make it easy to take them down. I mean, and then as soon as could be took him down, it's more like, okay, he's just going to try to whether it so he won't waste his energy. It's like, what are you doing? I mean, I had I looked at it differently. One of the things about Connor is Connor is very, very efficient, and he's a very smart. We're fighting ring. So when I looked at Connor as not coming out guns blazing, but I thought he came out with a tactical approach where if he comes, if if aggression would been, I thought personally, the worst thing that could have happened for CONNER. If CONNER comes costs a ring firing shots, it makes it easier for Khabib to hit him with a double leg, take him down and put him in a place where he didn't want to go. So. I felt kinda was trying to be very measured in waiting trying to bake Khabib in to fire shot so that he could catch him. So that's the way I saw it. We're just for me, it was more like he wasn't using because usually what he likes to use his distance, you know, movies legs so he can use distance, but he wasn't moving his legs. I won't sexually squared when he was, and he was actually really close to could be. He wasn't actually moving back and forth trying to keep that distance to avoid the ticking. Okay. And so I looked at it as you know, I 'cause I understand. I remembered that parliament square it, but if you a lot of times, we get scared squared. He will move his hands, his hands, his right hand and left hand back and forth as a as a range finder. So that's I thought he was. I thought he was being measured, but. The thing I was most surprised on was the Connor Connor is one of the most explosive fighters you have when it comes to going backwards and catching you with that left hand, and he didn't do that. He actually became a very aggressive as far as not Nessie overaggressive, but he he became the guy who was pressing the fight and making Khabib go backwards. And I think that was their game plan going into this. I think their game plan was to make be go backwards, which would kind of take him off balance. But I thought it I thought it was the wrong decision because I thought it should have been could beat making be chase him so that he could catch him with that left hand, kind of like the way steep a when he was fighting for Brita. What river doom for for Braschi owes started. Following steep arou-. The ring and then was was for breach show eventually got caught because he was following. So I, I was kinda thinking that would have been the better approach, especially because you you have so much power even when you're bagging away as Connor did. So I thought it was a better decisions is really surprised that Connor became the Gress of move forward guy. Exactly, exactly. That's. That's what I was thinking. Like that's what I mean. But he really wasn't using his in and out. Motion to bait could be coming in so and he landed a few shots, but I never saw in the entire fight that like any worry in could eaves I about MacGregor's offense or is punching power. I thought I watched it was like watching a motorcycle. Go up a ramp. The most nervous I thought could be was was when they were in the ring and they were getting a noun. And as things went on as he got more and more comfortable with Connor, it became it grew and grew and grew. And when he got that take down. Conor, the. The catching catching could be before he. Before he loosened up, went out the window. Connor, did I, you know, I will tell you this. Connor did a lot better on the ground than I ever thought he would. I thought that CONNER would just get mode and annihilated on the ground in the first round, but he actually had a very smart game plan. I like how Connor kept making sure he grabbed on Kabibi hand. I liked how he kept grabbing kind of the the tricep bicep area and up under the armpit of could be that the reason why you do that is so that it really takes away the option of that ground and pound that hook. It takes a lot off of it makes it harder for a fighter to fire shots. So so it was very obvious that Connor had really worked on how to if you end up on your back, how to not get pounded like some of the other fighters did when you were watching that ground and pound. When you were watching? I Brown and going into the second round. Did you notice how Connor was using the hands to kind of protect themselves? Oh, yeah. I did, but also noticing their think he did really, really well was on that I take down could be was trying to which what he does trying to grab or how do you say like trap Connors, legs with his legs and Connor was really good about, okay, he got from trap and he would be able to sneak them out. That was the one that now see, that was the one thing that I don't think Conor was really prepared for, and I have yet to see anyone be prepared for that. He could be once he gets you down, he's like an Anaconda with your legs. He wraps his legs. He wraps his legs around your legs so that you no longer have control of both of your legs. And if you can't get your, if you can't get your base, then you can't get up. And so did you notice how he kept wrapping those legs throughout and. And with him wrapping up the legs, kinder had to spill a lot more energy to get up. So that was one of the things that everyone who was face can be runs into that same issue. And I thought ingenious just ingenious. And so he was making Connor, even though could be maybe in the first round wasn't destroying Connor on the ground and even into the second round, he wasn't destroying Connor. He made Connor tired. Could you see it as that he was getting tired? I was just gonna say that. I mean the first round. Like I said, it was obvious that Connor was okay. He just dropped me breath yet. You can see it in his face, but then yet by the middle of the second round. Okay. This is taking a toll on on Connor and a little bit of Kabeba not so much. Yes, but there's a big difference when you're on top. Even if you get a little winded, you're still using momentum and and his power to to really start to clock clock Connor midway through, you could tell Connor had gotten tired, Connor was in trouble when once Connor, I was never worried about Connor up against the the ring up against the cage. It's win. Connor had his back on the ground. That's when he seemed like he was in the biggest trouble. And I don't know even when you look at it was just it was Knighton day once Connor became flat on on the ground on the canvas. Connor had no answer for could be at that point as long as he could keep his back on the cage. He was okay. One of the things I did think was funny that herb thing did not catch is as and could be. I think it was in the second end of the second round. Connor was grabbing his gloves in the inside that is clearly clearly illegal, and he did that like three or four different times for long periods of time in herb. They never caught that. That's that crafty veteran move that he was doing to try to save himself from getting pounded and could be getting very upset with that. But it was a smart move because it saved Connor some some serious beating which is shows that even though Connor. What thirty? Yeah, he's long tooth. Yeah, he's been. He's been doing this a while. Now when you win the finish came, I looked at it as this Connor had gotten tired, could be starting to break his will. At the end of the second round, they he had a Comoro on and I'd like Ogun if could be could be Comoro on it's over and I don't know if he's going to let him out, but kind of was able to get out of that 'camorra. But at the end when when could be one of the things. Is when a fighter turns and gives her back. It's one of those things where it's like it's either one desperation or to the really ready to give up or three both. And I kind of felt like. When Connor gave his backup. It was kind of both. I thought he was. He was pulling out a hail Mary, but if it didn't work, he was ready to give because the rear naked choke was on the Chen. And so he was in no danger of going out. You can't put a person out. With a rear naked choke across across the chin. It has to be up under the neck to be in serious danger. The one thing, but I from someone who has been in a rear naked choke across the chin. It does hurt like crazy. But I think if Connor truly thought he had an answer for could be ground game. I don't think that rear naked choke would have gotten him. I think he at that point he realized that he was in big trouble and just decided it was time to give up. What do you agree? Disagree? No, I agree. I just wanted to add that when I saw that that McGregor gave his back. I got a flashback into the Nate years McGregor. Yes, very much the same thing. And you know, I don't think it is. I don't look at it as a coward's way out or anything like that. I, it goes to me. I looked at Connor as that consummate. Professional that always that cerebral fighter where I think Conor knew it was time to live to fight another day. The better man was could be, and I know I need to go back to drunk bored, sticking this out. There's nothing good can come out of this. Maybe it's time it's time to give it up. And so that's kind of the way I took it as like he was. He was calling it a day mostly just wanted to bring something back before we. Okay second. But did you notice in the third round because I figured, okay, he's on the ground that's recovery abyss king. That's where he dominates putting the third round. There was solid minute minute and a half where they were actually standing in. That's what I thought, okay. This way mcgurk and actually show what he can do. Start lending. Let left, you know, set him up and that never happened. If anything I think could be. I don't know if it was in the third or second hand that a huge right hand that dropped a McGregor. Great point. Okay. When I looked at this, the first thing is that I huge shot that was in the second round. I think it was. I believe it was the second round is the first or second round the the big shot that landed. I looked at it as Connor, and if you go back and you watch it and I watched a couple of times Connor is clearly concentrating on making sure because he's in fine. Hazing could be firing range, and I think Connor was more concerned about, I'm in his range, make sure he doesn't hit me what a double leg and take me down. And I felt like he was concentrating so much on the double-leg that that that wowed looping overhand. Right. Just connect- that flush and Khabib nailed him and rocked them. Yes. Now in the in the third, what you're talking about. At that point. This is one of the things that I've learned over the years by watching watching him and may fighting fighting boxing, and you know, you've boxes well. When you take a big guy, a big strong guy with a lot of power. One of the best ways to negate a fighters power is to drag them, the deepwater start drowning him, make him tired, the more tired you get, the less power you have. The biggest pop Connor has is in the first round the second round when it roll to the third round in the and could be had been riding on him for so long. I thought he took a lot of starch out Connor. And at that point could be was able to operate because he was no longer as dangerous as he would be at first or second round here, instead of him worrying about the Cobra striking you, you could actually settle in and take more chances, and that's when could be got super comfortable. And, and that's when I said at that point, you could see the starch was out of Connor. Connor stamina who. Who has been known for having stamina issues. His stamina had betrayed him by sapping power. He didn't get. He didn't get tired and weak and sloppy like he did with the dias fight, but it showed his stamina showed as in that he has stamina issues because he lost a lot of power. And that's exactly why we're supposed to price. Like I was saying earlier that he did not come out a little bit more active. Yes, for a second round. That's why I was like, you might get tired, especially when when the wrestling because it was a matter of time before they went on the ground. Right? And so I thought he did that. That's why said I, that's why I thought he came in early on a measured pace because he he wanted to. He didn't wanna make the mistake that he did in the d. as one fight where he came out guns blazing and then guests got tired, and then his stamina betrayed him. But this time I personally think kind of like with you, I think Conor should have taken the d. as one. One approach which is come out firing. He should've came out firing with intention of finishing could be off in the first early second round because all the experts everyone that that was what the leading up to this new, that if it get past the route around around in a half two rounds, the Connor was in big trouble. So why not just put it all out there and just go firing. So I think the strategy of trying to put pressure on could be the strategy of kind of pacing yourself you. It was clear that had a game plan. I just don't know if they had the right game plan. Right? I agree with you and I'm actually surprised that less at as long as less because after the first round, I thought it's probably going to be over in one more around the fourth. Okay. So we're going to wrap things up. But before we wrap things up with the fact that Connor tweeted that. That he does want a rematch and he does want this fight again from what you saw this time. Do you think Conor can make the jesmyn to make this a closer fight? I think so. I mean, he's a very smart fighter. He's got, it's always working. He's never. How do you say he's never? He's never content you. You can just tell he just wants to get better and better and better. But I just think if there was to be a rematch the first two rounds just take full advantage and try to end or try to finish compete because other than that, I don't think it's stamina it's going to improve in that say, they fight. The stamina has benefactor and the Mayweather fight both Diaz fights that's his and this fight his last four fights. Stamina has been a major issue. So when I look at this and I say. I think this could be an even dangerous even scarier fight for Connor because now that could be has gone through this situation. The mental warfare won't be in Conner's favor. This time he's been there. He's he's. He's walked through the the fire and he he's ready. He'll be ready for Connor, which makes it a much tougher fight. And has Connors ground game improved. It has improved but could be has done. You know what he's done to Connor to world class wrestlers. I don't think Conor can get his rustling game to another level where he can be can negate could be ground game. He could be trains on a daily basis with Olympic champions. When aka Olympic champions. He has Daniel Cormie Luke raw code Cain Velasquez. He has some of the best wrestlers ever ever to lace him up there. So could be wrestling is always going to be far superior. And I just don't see how he can close the gap there as far as how they're going to be able to handle the grappling. And so. Could be stand up game could get better, but I don't think could be mean that Connors wrestling game. So I think of it as a very tough mountain to climb, but no question. So based on how dominant be was, would you wanna see a second fight too? Okay, but that's a great question. My answer, if if if the person that was across the ring was not Conor McGregor, the answer would be no matter of fact. I think the u. of c. would say no, but it's Conor McGregor and Conor McGregor is the biggest box office draw there is. And because of that, Connor gets what he wants encounters, not afraid of anyone. He will take that fight. All right. All right with that. This concludes our recap of the main event of UFC two twenty nine tomorrow. We're going to touch on some of the ramifications of what comes out in the news about this fight, but then we're also going to break down some of the other fights on this card. So stay tuned and we'll be back tomorrow. Out to build around the women. From the UFC Invicta f, c tour championship, we got the fights cover. It's the Golden State media Kurtz women's MMA podcast. The latest news of coming flights discussions of previous matches join us as we talked to about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future. When it's the women's fright game, you know, to listen to the Golden State media concepts, women's MMA podcast. Choosing an energy company raises many questions. Plus elation can answer all with energy solutions which needs energy, efficient, simple, inciteful, inflexible. 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