The Total Spa Takeover #580


hey what about a total spawn take up that he feels binary struggling to be relevant and and struggling the standout how about this how about a spot takeover a little bit like i spoke about when we talked about the pop ups bob a permanent pop pop but what we could actually do he's get a brand the come in and take over the entire highest spot totally rebranded just for a week and see what happens ideally it could be a brand is somewhat associated aspiring wellness maybe a healthy food brand or fitness clothing brand but just imagine for a second vote but with a smile look like if nike built that spa what would it look like what would it feel like what would you offer what would be different about it alternatively what would a spy look like if snapchat built that spa we tend to think about sponsor very singular leans but if another brand came in another product another service and david over from scratch and say this is what spa would look like if it was run by us then maybe they could actually be an interesting

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